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赣州自然隆鼻赣州假体隆鼻术价格Informal Language 美语中的非正式用语 Ever go jogging in a business suit? What about going to a job interview in pajamas? Dressing appropriately is a lot like using a foreign language in the right way. It all depends on the situation. People in America use formal English for making speeches and writing business letters. But they prefer informal language when they talk to friends. Americans are fairly laid-back, both in styles of dress and in language. So to understand their culture, it pays to know something about informal language-in other words, English in blue jeans and a T-shirt. 你曾经穿著办公的西装慢跑吗?或者穿著睡衣去应征工作?得体的穿著很像正确地使用外国语言,都得视情境而变化。美国人使用正式的英文作演说和写商务信件;但是当他们和朋友谈话的时候,则较喜欢使用非正式的语言。美国人不论是在穿著的风格或是语言上,都是非常轻松自在的。所以要了解他们的文化,就得认识他们的非正式用语,换句话说,就像穿著牛仔裤和T恤的英文。 English, like every language, is always changing. New slang terms are created all the time. Often they're here today, gone tomorrow. For instance, if you wanted to call something exciting in the 1960s, you would say it was groovy or far out. Today you might describe it as cool or even bad. Each sub-group of American society-from teenagers to soldiers to thieves to ethnic groups-has its own slang. People who aren't a part of the "in-group" can't understand the meaning, even though the words are "English." So it's not easy for outsiders to use slang correctly. 英语就像每一种语言一样是一直在变。新的俚语不断地出现,常常今天还在使用的,明天就被淘汰了。例如,在一九六O年代你若要形容一件很兴奋的事,你会说很「groovy」美好的,或是「far out」走在时代尖端的。而今天会形容为「cool」很酷,甚至「bad」好菜喔。从青少年、军人、小偷、到少数民族,美国社会中每一种附属团体都有自己的俚语。即使它们确实是英语,但是不属于那个团体的人就不会明白它的意思。因此局外人要正确地使用俚语实在不容易。 Like many languages, American English has numerous idioms that paint word pictures. These colorful expressions come from everyday life and add spice to language. When Americans want to make a good first impression on someone, they try to put their best foot forward. That way, they won't get off on the wrong foot in their relationship. Learning about idioms in a language and culture can be difficult, but don't get cold feet. Just be careful when using these expressions. Otherwise, you might put your foot in your mouth. 就像许多的语言一样,美语中也有许多的成语,刻画出文字的图像。这些多样化的表达方式来自于每天的生活,并为语言增添了许多风味。当美国人想要给某人良好的第一印象时,他们会先「伸出最好的那一只脚」(表现较好的一面);如此,在他们的关系上就不会「下错脚」(搞砸)了。学习一个语言和文化中的成语可能相当困难,但是也不要「让脚发寒了」(恐惧、受挫),只要在用的时候小心一点就是了。否则你可能会「把脚放进嘴巴里去了」(说错话)。 Americans enjoy making things easy on themselves. Even their pronunciation is relaxed. Sounds or syllables that are not stressed are shortened or combined with other sounds. As a result, "What do you want to do?" becomes "Whaddaya wanna do?" And "I don't know" sounds like "I dunno." See if you can understand the following conversation: Gene: Jeet yet? Tim: No, ju? Gene: Skoeet! Now let's translate it into regular English: Gene: Did you eat yet? Tim: No, did you? Gene: Let's go eat! School teachers probably cringe at this kind of pronunciation. But the fact is, that's how Americans often talk in real-life situations. /200803/32555One of China’s internet giants, Tencent, is near a deal to buy control of Supercell, the maker of the popular Clash of Clans game, in a transaction that would value the Finnish game company at more than billion, a person briefed on the matter said on Wednesday.知情人士周三透露,中国网络巨头腾讯接近达成收购芬兰手游公司Supercell多数股权的协议,后者是热门游戏《部落冲突》(Clash of Clans)的开发商。在该项收购中,Supercell的估值将超过90亿美元。If completed, the deal would show the growing might of China’s online behemoths. Tencent, along with Alibaba and Baidu, has become a sprawling empire of internet businesses. With a market value of about 1 billion, Tencent controls WeChat, the popular messaging service in China, as well as a number of online multiplayer games hosted through its QQ portal.这项交易一旦达成,将会展示出中国网络巨头日益增长的实力。腾讯同阿里巴巴和百度一起,已经成为了一个庞大的互联网商业王国。腾讯控股目前市值约为2110亿美元,旗下包括在中国颇受欢迎的即时通讯务微信,以及在QQ平台上发布的数款网络多人游戏。A deal for Supercell would be the biggest takeover by any of China’s so-called BAT trio of Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, according to data from Standard amp; Poor’s Global Market Intelligence.据标准普尔全球市场情报(Samp;P Global Market Intelligence)的数据,这项购买Supercell的交易,将会成为百度、阿里巴巴和腾讯——中国所谓的BAT——所完成的最大的一笔收购交易。Buying Supercell, which has produced a string of mobile game hits with Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Clash Royale, would further bolster Tencent’s presence in the mobile game market. Tencent is aly China’s dominant online game company, accounting for about 32 percent of revenue from the country’s online game market in 2015, according to Niko Partners, a research firm. The company also owns Riot Games, the maker of League of Legends, a blockbuster PC battle game with an estimated 98.4 million players and 0 million a month in revenue, according to SuperData Research.收购Supercell这样一家曾出产过《部落冲突》、《Hay Day》和《部落冲突:皇室战争》(Clash Royale)等多个手游的公司,将会进一步扩大腾讯目前在手机游戏市场中所占的份额。腾讯目前已经是在中国占主导地位的网络游戏公司。市场研究公司Niko Partners称,2015年,腾讯从中国的网络游戏市场中获得的收益份额约占32%。除此之外,腾讯还持有Riot Games ——热门电脑游戏《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)的开发商——的控股权。据研究公司SuperData,《英雄联盟》约有9840万玩家,每月收益1.5亿美元。Supercell is one of a handful of standout successes in the mobile game business, where it has proved difficult for many companies to make money — or at least to hold on to their prosperity. Clash of Clans, Supercell’s best-known game, was introduced nearly four years ago and has remained one of the most popular apps for smartphones and tablets.Supercell是少数几家在手游业务上取得成功的公司之一。很多公司都难以从手机游戏上赚钱——或者至少坚持到繁荣发展的时刻。《部落冲突》作为Supercell最著名的游戏,在近四年前被引入市场,此后一直都是在智能手机和平板电脑上最受欢迎的游戏应用之一。On Apple’s App Store, Clash of Clans is currently the fourth-highest-grossing app in the ed States, while Clash Royale is No. 7. Both games are free, but like nearly all of the most lucrative mobile titles today, they generate revenue through microtransactions — purchases of virtual currency that help players advance more quickly.在苹果的应用商店里,《部落冲突》目前在美国的下载总量排行榜上名列第四,《部落冲突:皇室战争》排列第七。两款游戏都是免费下载,但像如今几乎所有最赚钱的移动应用一样,他们的盈利都是通过微型交易获得的——玩家通过购买虚拟货币,来帮助自己在游戏中更快升级。And players buy a lot of virtual goodies from Supercell. In March, the company reported revenue of .33 billion for 2015, up from .78 billion the previous year, and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization of 4 million, up from 2 million. It said at the time that it had only 180 employees, relatively few for a company of its financial scale.玩家会从Supercell中购买许多虚拟的货币和装备。今年3月份,公司报告称2015年盈利23.3亿美元,比上一年17.8亿美元的营收有所增加。将利息、税、折旧和摊销等包含在内,总共的收益是9.64亿美元,多于去年的5.92亿美元。而且公司表示当时只有180名雇员,以其资金规模来看人数相当精简。In April, Supercell was making just under million a day in revenue from Clash of Clans, SuperData Research estimates. In 2015, Supercell introduced Clash of Clans in China.4月份,据研究公司SuperData估计,Supercell每天从《部落冲突》游戏中获得的收入不到400万美元。2015年,Supercell将这款游戏引入了中国。Under terms of the proposed deal, Tencent would buy the roughly 73 percent stake in Supercell that is currently held by SoftBank, the Japanese telecommunications provider, said the person who was briefed and who spoke on condition of anonymity. Supercell’s founders would remain at the company.一位不愿透露姓名的消息人士称,根据草拟的协议规定,腾讯会收购日本电信运营商软银(SoftBank)旗下的Supercell约73%的股份。Supercell的创始团队将继续留在公司。A representative for Supercell declined to comment. Representatives for Tencent and SoftBank could not be reached.Supercell的代表拒绝对此置评,同时也无法联系到腾讯和软银的代表。 /201606/449684赣州整形美容医院做双眼皮手术多少钱

赣州乳晕整形价格赣州去除川字纹手术多少钱You Can Rent Movies Online, but Should You? 从网上租借电影光盘的主意现在看起来比两年前要现实得多,当时一个名为“Movielink”的电影光盘租借网站刚刚创建。现在,随着互联网传输速度越来越快,用户已经习惯于在网上租借电影光盘在家庭影院系统中播放,“Movielink”也不再是一枝独秀,其有了一个竞争对手“CinemaNow”。  更重要的是,诸如苹果公司的iTunes和Roxio公司的Napster等网络音乐务的发展已经显示,用户愿意在网上购买价格优惠的电影。但是,电影租赁网站本身并没有像iTunes发展得那样快,尽管他们现在提供的下载速度要比以前快得多。分析人士称,原因是网上租赁业务销售的光盘内容和种类有限,而且与离线零售店相比价格上仍然略高,这使得他们在竞争当中对用户的吸引力不足。另外,虽然现在用户可以在没有下载完整部电影之前就开始观看,但下载的时间仍然较长,如果连接速度不快有时需要等待一个小时。  CinemaNow的下载速度不错,但用户需要拥有足够的带宽才能确保电影的画面质量不打折扣。另外,两家租赁网站的务计费均是从用户开始浏览就计算上了,而不是从下载完成之后才开始计算,这意味着表面的务费比实际上的务费要低很多。  最后,用户还不能将下载下来的电影复制到CD或是DVD光盘上在机器上播放或是将它们转移到另外一台计算机上,除非你拥有一个与电视机匹配的连接器,可以在电视上观看,否则你无法将下载内容转移到其他硬盘上。The idea of renting movies online seems a lot less silly than it did two years ago, when a site called Movielink debuted.Internet connections have gotten a little faster, we've had time to get used to the idea of the computer as home theater and Movielink has been joined by a competitor, CinemaNowMost important, music services like Apple's iTunes and Roxio's Napster have shown that people will buy fairly priced downloads, even when the same stuff is available for free on file-sharing systems.But the movie-rental sites themselves haven't improved nearly as much, to judge from a week of trying out each. CinemaNow and Movielink now offer better downloading options that reduce or eliminate the lengthy wait to transfer a movie to a computer.But they still carry too few titles at too high a price. There's very little here to lure anybody from ordinary movie-rental stores, DVD-by-mail services like Netflix, or cable and satellite pay-per-view options.Both CinemaNow and Movielink look and work alike in some respects. You must run Windows to watch anything at either site. Both require loading their own download-management software as well, but Movielink is more annoying to use -- the site can't even be viewed in any browser but Internet Explorer and was agonizingly slow.Forget using either site without a broadband Internet account -- these movies weigh in at 500 or more megabytes apiece. Although you can start watching movies before they've finished downloading, that still involves a wait of at least a few minutes and as much as an hour, depending on your connection. (Over a 608-kbps digital subscriber line, "Finding Nemo" took 2 hours and 22 minutes to finish downloading.)CinemaNow's streaming-media options permit almost immediate viewing, but to avoid sacrificing quality you'll need enough bandwidth to accommodate its full 700-kbps feed.These sites' rental rates start at .99 for up to 48 hours of viewing -- the clock starts ticking when you first begin watching, not when the download completes -- but all the flicks I rented cost .99 or .99 and allowed 24 hours of use.CinemaNow offers a few other pricing choices. You can sign up for .95 or .95 "Premium Pass" monthly subscriptions that include unlimited rentals; the more expensive plan adds access to an "After Dark" collection of adult movies. The site also sells 30 rather obscure titles as so-called permanent downloads -- "Manilow Live!" can be yours for .99 if you have a hankering for the syrupy singer's work.You can't copy any of these downloads to a CD or DVD for viewing on a DVD player or move them to another computer. If you own a laptop with a TV-compatible connector, such as a composite- or S-Video jack, you can plug it into your set for viewing on a bigger screen, but otherwise each rental stays welded to your hard drive.Movielink offers its titles in RealVideo and Windows Media formats; CinemaNow only provides Windows Media downloads. Picture quality varies but never comes close to DVD; for instance, Movielink's wide-screen-formatted titles have a resolution of 512 by 288 pixels per frame, or less than half that of a wide-screen-enhanced DVD.To my eyes, these services' downloads come closest to regular cable TV, aside from occasional outbreaks of pixilation or blurring in busy or cluttered scenes.Both CinemaNow and Movielink suffer from a pathetically thin selection -- 854 and 747 titles as of Friday afternoon. Since many movies are made available to these sites only for limited periods before moving to cable and satellite TV (for example, "Finding Nemo" was no longer available after Saturday from either service) those numbers fluctuate over time.Unless you're looking for a movie from the past few years, the odds weigh heavily against you finding it on either site. Half of the titles I considered renting -- for instance, "Heathers," "Glengarry Glen Ross" and "Office Space" -- weren't available.The older the flick, the worse your chances: Of the top 10 titles on the American Film Institute's "greatest American movies" list, Movielink provides only one ("Lawrence of Arabia") and CinemaNow offers none.Movielink's chief executive, Jim Ramo, explained that until the late '90s, studios didn't buy Internet distribution rights, which means the site must negotiate with individual copyright holders for each movie. Ramo noted that he can't provide "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," because the rights to the song "Twist and Shout," which plays in one scene, would cost too much to obtain.Who would want to put up with services as dysfunctional as this? It's hard to imagine.College students who have broadband Internet but lack TVs in their dorm rooms might appreciate not having to return a DVD to the store. Then again, most college students don't have money either and will probably stick to the free file-sharing services.And I suppose that After Dark library at CinemaNow could also draw customers who are tired of hearing snarky comments from -store clerks.Otherwise, though, the only people these sites seem to have been designed for are movie-studio executives. (Movielink is owned by the five largest studios; a smaller studio, Lions Gate Entertainment, owns CinemaNow.)Until they learn from the example of the music industry -- offer their content at a discount online, but at a quality comparable to what you'd get in the store -- this online -rental business isn't going anywhere. /200804/33394赣州市立医院双眼皮多少钱赣州丽人整形美容激光祛痘手术多少钱

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