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赣州那里医院打瘦脸针好宁都县中医院修眉手术多少钱bodyguard保镖,pistol手,evaluate评估Hire A BodygaurdWhen my new job required me to transport valuables, I decided I needed a gun protection. Since I knew next to nothing about firearms, I joined a pistol club. After watching and evaluating my technique a few weeks, the instructor pulled me aside.“Are you open to a suggestion?” he asked.“Absolutely,” I replied.“Hire a bodyguard,” he said.雇一个保镖吧我的新工作需要我运送一些贵重物品我觉得我应该有一来保护自己由于我对武器几乎一窍不通,就参加了一个手俱乐部教员对我的技能观察和评价了几个星期之后,把我叫到一边他问我:“你愿意听听我的建议吗?”我说:“当然”他说:“雇一个保镖吧”1.bodyguard保镖a bodyguard to sb.某人的保镖The president was surrounded by a small bodyguard.总统由一小队保卫人员团团围住还可以作及物动词使用:bodyguard sb. all the way to the gate 一路护送某人到大门口.transport运输goods transported to India运往印度的货物还有“使欣喜若狂”的意思:He was transported with joy.他喜不自胜“把…带入特定境地”:Alone in her hotel room, a fever of longing transported her to her bedroom at home.她独自一人在旅馆房间里,一阵思家之情似乎把她带到了家中的卧室3.next to几乎We had next to nothing to say to one another.我们之间几乎么有什么话好说还可以指“贴近”:The hotel is next to the church.旅馆就在教堂隔壁“居于…之后”:My sister is the next to oldest.我排行老二.pistol手Pistol shooting events include free pistol, rapid fire pistol, standard pistol, air pistol, and sport pistol.手射击包括: 自选手射击,手速射,标准手射击,气手射击和运动手射击5.evaluvate评估He evaluated the horses at thirty-five dollars a head.他将这些马定价为每匹35美元How would you evaluate yourself?你对自己将如何评价? 也可以作不及物动词:We come as critics, to scrutinize and to evaluate.我们是来挑刺的,来细细查看并给予评估的6.instructor教员搭配上不同的词,可以表示各种教员,比如:fitness instructor 健美师;technical instructor 技术指导讲师; an assistant instructor 助教赣州哪家整形医院正规 Part 3. Bulls and bears.Keywords. stock exchange, brokers, companies, investors, value, the big board,a bull market, a bear market, prices, profit, go belly up, windfall.Vocabulary. broker, decrease, duck, dispute, belly, windfall.A. Now you are going to hear a passage about some American expressions that are commonly used in business.Listen carefully and explain in norm m the following words and expressions with the inmation you get from the story.Today we tell about some American expressions that commonly used in business.Bell sound, lighted messages appear, men and women work at computers, they talk on the telephone, at times they shout and run around, this noisy place is a stock exchange.Here experts salespeople called brokers, buy and sell shares of companies.The shares are known as stocks.People who own stock in a company own part of that company.People pay brokers to buy and sell stocks them.If a company earns money, its stock increases in value.If the company does not earn money, this stock decrease in value.Brokers and investors carefully watch any changes on the big board.That is the name given to a list of stocks sold on the New York Stock Exchange.The first written use of the word with that meaning was in the newspaper in Illinois in 1837.It said ;the sales on the board were 00 dollars in American gold.;Investors and brokers watch the big board to see if the stock market is a bull market or a bear market.In a bear market, prices go down. In a bull market, prices go up.Investors in a bear market promise to sell a stock in the future at a set price, but the investors does not own the stock yet.He or she waits to buy it when the price ducks.The meaning of a bear market is thought to come from an old story about a man who sold the skin of a bear bee he caught the bear.At English Dictionary of the 00 said ;to sell a bear is to sell what one has not.;Word experts dispute the beginning of the word ;bull; in the stock market.But some say it came from the long connection of the two animals ;bulls; and ;bears; in sports that were popular years ago in England.Investors are always concerned about the possibility of a company falling.In the modern world, a company that does not earn enough profit is said to go belly up.A company that goes belly up dies like a fish.Fish turn over on their backs when they die, so theyre stomach or belly up.Stock market investors do not want that to happen to a company, they want the company whose stock they own to earn more profit than expected.This would sharply increase the value of the stock.Investors are hoping a windfall.The word ;windfall; comes from England of centuries ago, there poor people were banned from cutting trees in ests owned by rich landowners.But if the wind blew down a tree, the poor person could take the wood fuel.So a windfall is something wonderful that happens unexpectedly.B. Now listen to the passage again, then briefly answer the questions. 38赣州整形美容医院激光除皱手术好吗

赣州歪鼻整形费用赣州隆鼻尖 Anthony Andrady: Plastics have been around perhaps, less than 0 years. So in the short time span, there hasn’t been a group of microorganisms who have evolved who are capable of biodegrading plastics. You are listeningAnthony Andrady, he is a plastics researcher at RTI International, which offers research and technical expertise to governments and businesses. Anthony Andrady: This is my concern, in a sense, you are placing all these plastics in the ocean, and eventually they will reach the deep ocean environment.Dr. Andrady’s special interest is the increasing quantity of plastic now known to be in the oceans. He said plastic lasts a long time there, because cold sea water slows down the chemical reactions that cause a plastic bottle lying on a beach example, to break down. Anthony Andrady: If you define biodegradation as the complete conversion of plastics into carbon dioxide and water, all the plastics that we ever put into the ocean – which is over the last 50 to 60 years – would still be there in the ocean. And we keep adding more and more to it. And we do not know what the ecological consequences of this are. They might be very serious. 8崇义县妇幼保健人民医院去胎记多少钱

赣州注射隆鼻的价格 Part . The Panama Canal handover.Keyword. The Panama Canal, 19th century, hard labor, cut off, engineering marvels, relinquish control of.Vocabulary. swamp, jungle, malaria, deposit, lock, toll, marvel, relinquish, coincide.A. Listen to three short paragraphs about Panama Canal, draw lines to match the paragraph number with its main idea.During the first half of the 19th century, much thought was given to building the Panama Canal.The discovery of gold in Calinia in 188 brought an increased demand a transporation link across Panama.A railroad line was completed after 6 years of hard labor in swamps and jungles.Over ,000 workmen died yellow fever and malaria. years workmen struggled against heat and disease.The canal cuts thousand of miles off sea journeys between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, raising ships from one ocean and depositing them in the other through a system of water locks and a man-made lake.Some ,000 ships pass through the canal every year, and pay 50 million dollars in tolls.The canal remains one of the engineering marvels of the world.It played a critical role in the development of global commerce.This month, the ed States relinquished control of the Panama Canal.Panamanian President and mal U.S President Jimmy Carter signed a document turning over the canal and the land surrounding it to Palama.It was in 1977 during Mr. Carter administration, that the U.S and the Palama made the initial agreement:The canal comes under Panamanian control on December 31.B. Listen to the following news item, complete the summary and details.And Panama takes ownership of the Panama Canal from the ed States at noon Friday, ending more than 90 years of the U.S control of the waterway.Panamanians are planing the day of celebrations to mark the event, which coincide with New Year Eve festivities.ed States later Thursday lowered its flag over the Palama Canal the last time with the brief ceremony attended by the Panamanian President. 1寻乌县人民医院祛眼袋多少钱赣州俪人整形医院做双眼皮好不好




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