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赣县区除晒斑多少钱赣州哪家医院隆胸较好赣州俪人整形美容医院做处女膜修复怎么样 商务英语必备1000字 16 demestic economy  annual revenue  歲入  The annual revenue growth of 2006 will reach 4%.  二○○六年的歲入成長率將達 4%。  budget bill  預算案  The Legislative Yuan approved the budget bill yesterday morning.  立法院昨天早上通過了這項預算案。  budget deficit  預算赤字  The American federal budget deficit could exceed 0 billion.  美國聯邦預算赤字可能會超過四千兩百億美元。  economic policy  經濟政策  The government should not follow an economic policy that will not satisfy citizens.  政府不該遵循會讓人民不滿的經濟政策。  economic reform  經濟改革  After 10 years of economic reform, India has become the second largest exporter of software worldwide.  經過十年的經濟改革,印度已躍升為全球第二大軟體出口國。  electricity  n. 電力  When compared to Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea, Taiwan has the lowest energy costs.  相較於新加坡、香港和南韓,台灣的電價是最低的。  infrastructure  n. 基礎建設  The country's infrastructure is in need of heavy investment.  該國需大量投資基礎建設。  investment environment  投資環境  Vietnam pledged to improve its investment environment.  越南誓言改善其投資環境。  monetary policy  貨幣政策  The government tightened its monetary policy to reduce inflation.  政府緊縮其貨幣政策以降低通膨。  real estate  房地產  Real estate prices have increased this year.  今年房地產價格上漲。  subsidy  n. 補助;補貼  The Indonesian government decided to cap subsidy spending and increase the cost of gas.  印尼政府決定限制補貼上限並調高油價。  unemployment rate  失業率  The unemployment rate remained at 4.5%.  失業率維持在 4.5%。 /200708/16489赣州俪人整形美容医院去痘印多少钱

赣州哪家整形医院比较好testy 爱发火的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Belligerent; quick to become argumentative or aggressively sarcastic.例句When he was younger, my son was always a very nice boy, but when he became an adolescent, he became testy and annoying.我的儿子小时候一直是个好孩子,但进入青春期后,他变得爱发火和惹人烦。 /201409/326989赣州双眼皮埋线 赣州脸部激光脱腋毛哪家医院好

兴国县美白针多少钱Id like to discuss the problem of packing.我想就包装问题讨论一下。Would you like to know something about the packing of the products?您想了解产品的包装情况吗?Please make an offer showing the packing.连同商品的包装,请对产品报个价。Wed like to hear your proposal concerning the matter of packing.我很想听听你们就包装问题的意见。Your opinions on packing are worthy.你们对包装的意见是有价值的。It is necessary to improve the packaging.改进包装方法十分必要。We will have the products packed in the way you like.我们将按你们的要求包装。Packing effects the reputation of our products.包装影响产品的声誉。A packing that catches the customers attention will help us push the sales.醒目的包装有助于我们推销产品。Packing has a close bearing on sales.包装直接关系到产品的销售。Customers always pay great attention to packing.消费者很注意包装的情况。Different articles require different packing.不同商品需要不同的包装。Generally speaking,buyers bear the charges of packing.包装费用一般由买方负担。How much does packing charge account for the total cost of the goods?包装费用占货物总值的多少呢?The new packing will be to your clients satisfaction.新包装定会使您的客户满意。The machines must be well protected against dampness,moisture,rust and shock.机器包装必须防湿、防潮、防锈、防震。We have no objection to the packing way.我们同意这种包装方式。Normally,packing charge is included in the contract price.一般说来,合同价格中已经包括了包装费用。We can not afford to change the packing,because it is of high cost.我们不能更换包装,因为成本高。 /201501/355115 1.From and To 发送者和接收者 A:What do you put on the fax cover page other than From and To? B:The title, total pages including the cover page, and telephone and fax numbers of each party. A:传真首页上除了发送者和接收者还写些什么?B:标题,页数包括扉页、双方的电话号和传真号。 2. Fax it to me 传真给我A: Mike, the contract is signed by our GM. Do you want me to send it overnight?B: Yes, please. Could you also fax it to me now?A:迈克,我们总经理在合同上签字了,我要用特快专递发给你吗?B:是的,请发给我。你能不能现在就传真一份给我?3.Fax template 传真格式A: Do we have a fax template of the company?B: We do. Ask Lisa to get an electronic copy.A:我们公司有统一的传真格式吗?B:有,去找丽莎要一个电子文档。4.Followed by originals (contract) 续发原件(合同)A: Linda, I will fax the letter to you, followed by express mail of the originals.B: Thank you so much.A:琳达,我会传真一封信给你,再把原件快递续发给你。B:非常感谢你。5.Legally acceptable 法律承认的 A: Can we use the faxed contract?B: It may not be legally acceptable. You can use it temporarily, but you need to get the originals ASAP.A: Why?B:' Cause faxed copy can have forged signatures. A:我们能使用传真的合同吗?B:法律上是无效的,你可以临时使用,但你应该尽快拿到原件。A:为什么?B:因为传真件上的签名可以伪造。注:ASAP is short for as soon as possible. /200808/45591于都县妇幼保健院做隆胸手术多少钱赣州做注射隆丰唇要价格



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