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广告意义:越是创新类的公司,越注重工作形式的灵活性与自由化,我觉得很适合用形容散文的精髓的句子来体现这样的现象:“形散而神不散”,对于实习生来说,也许他们本身都没有把自己看得很重,但是只有真正的被重视,人的积极性以及创新性才能更好地被激发,信心很重要!广告双语文本内容:The first time I saw the campus was...it was incredible. There#39;s volleyball nets and colorful umbrellas, and you see people walking their dogs. It feels kind of like a playground, a big playground. The atmosphere around Google is definitely very eccentric but also very academic.我初次见到园区是...它很不可思议。有排球网和五缤纷的阳伞,然后你看到人们在遛。它感觉有点像个游乐场,一个大游乐场。环绕著Google的气氛绝对是非常古怪的,但也非常地有学术气息。At Google, we actually do have the ability to make more of an impact on people and more of a change in one year than many people do in their lifetimes. It#39;s an environment in which very few limitations are placed on where your mind can be during the day.在Google,比起许多人终其一生所为,我们实际上真有能力在一年之内对人们产生更大的影响、做出更大的改变。它是个很少限制被加诸在你白天工作心思能放在哪里的环境。You#39;re all starting your teams this week, and some great advice is to not be afraid to fail. But we wanna flip that around a little bit and say don#39;t be afraid to succeed.你们这个星期将通通开始创建你们的队伍,有个好建议是别害怕失败。但我们想把那给颠覆一下,我们说别害怕成功。My name is Matt Malone. I#39;m a graduate intern here at Google in Consumer Operations this summer. I have a background as an Infantry Officer in the Army. I thought leading people directly on the ground as a combat leader would provide the greatest leadership challenge. And then I switched over to working in Intelligence. That#39;s where I really started to fall in love with technology.我的名字叫Matt Malone。我这个暑假在Google的消费者管理部门这裡是个研究所实习生。我的背景是个陆军步兵军官。我认为作为战斗指挥官直接在地面上带人会对领导能力提供最棒的挑战。然后我转换到在情报单位工作。那就是我真的开始爱上科技的地方。My name is Paola Correa. I go to the University of Miami, and I study advertising and marketing. When I was little, I used to collect ads. I used to get a kick out of going to different places and seeing how the same message would impact differently and would look differently.我的名字叫Paola Correa。我上迈阿密大学,我学广告行销。当我小的时候,曾收集过广告。我以前曾非常热衷于去不同的地方,看看相同的讯息会如何地带来不同影响,会如何地看起来有所不同。My name is Kim Day. I#39;m from Melbourne, Florida. I#39;m studying physics and computer science at the Florida Institute of Technology. I grew up on the ;space coast; of Florida, and I always grew up watching the shuttles take off from the Kennedy Space Center. And I knew that I really wanted to work with technology and be able to be on the cutting edge.我的名字叫Kim Day。我从佛罗里达地Melbourne市来的。我在佛罗里达理工学院读物理和资工。我在佛罗里达的「太空海岸(注一)」长大,我成长时总是看著太空梭从甘迺迪太空中心起飞。而我知道我真的想从事科技业而且能够走在时代的尖端。My name is Florian Koenigsberger, and I#39;m from New York City. Google as a company was attractive to me because they are a tech company that#39;s been so much more than that. There isn#39;t a place that Google is not.我的名字是Florian Koenigsberger,我从纽约市来的。Google这公司吸引着我,因为他们是间科技公司,一直以来远远超过只是间科技公司。Google无所不在。I#39;m Grant Oakley. I#39;m from Spokane, Washington. Just the process of coding is actually surprisingly fun. You kind of get like this epic win at the end of the day. You#39;re gonna, you know, throw up the arms in celebration. It#39;s exciting to work at Google because unlike a lot of software companies, I use Google products every day. That#39;s pretty exciting.我是Grant Oakley。我从华盛顿州的Spokane市来的。光是写程式的过程其实就是出乎意料的有趣。你有点像是最终得到这史诗般的胜利。你会,你知道,高举双臂庆祝。在Google工作很令人兴奋,因为不像是其他很多的软体公司,我每天使用Google的产品。那真的很令人兴奋。So we#39;re headed upstairs.所以我们被领向楼上。I#39;ve always thought of work as just...as work.我总是把工作看成就是...是工作。This is going to be your desk right here.这里这个将会是你的桌子。At Google, it#39;s completely different. At Google, I was extremely excited to start at work. I can barely sleep the first night.在Google,这完全不一样。在Google,我对于要开始工作感到极为兴奋。我第一晚几乎睡不着觉。Yeah, my inbox are like aly exploding.对,我的信箱好像已经爆满了。How many you#39;ve got? Forty-five! You know, forty-five emails for your first day#39;s pretty good.你收到几封信?四十五!你知道,四十五封信对你的第一天来说还不错。I#39;m working in the Online Help Center. And my project is part of an effort that will completely change the way Google is reaching out to consumers and helping them with Google products.我在线上中心工作。而我的项目是艰难尝试的一部分,它会完全改变Google触及消费者的方式并在Google产品方面协助他们。Our help centers are not just the US, but we have them in forty plus languages. So you have to think about how we#39;re gonna manage that complexity.我们的中心不只是美国,我们有四十种以上语言的中心。所以你得想想我们要如何管理那样的复杂性。From your first day as a Google intern, you#39;re treated as a regular employee.从你身为一位Google实习生的第一天,你就被当作一位正式职员般对待。Don#39;t presume that just because you#39;re an intern as such that you#39;re not a member of the team.别假定只因为你是个实习生,因为这样你便不是这团队的成员。One usually expects, as a new person, to be at the bottom of the knowledge totem pole, and the fact that I#39;m not is an illustration of how much responsibility is given to us as interns across the board.身为新人,一个人通常预计在知识方面会是最微不足道的,然而我并非微不足道的事实是个有多少责任被赋予给我们全体实习生的活生生例子。Paola. How are you? Doing good. I#39;m Chris. Nice to meet you.Paola。你好吗?还不错。我是Chris。很高兴认识你。I worked with a couple of interns last year, and every intern that I#39;ve seen in common has...just exuded Googliness.我去年和几位实习生合作,而我所已见过的每位实习生共通都有...就是散发出Google味。I#39;ll get the hang of it eventually. You#39;ll get the hang of it. Don#39;t be afraid to ask. Okay.我最终会抓到诀窍。你会抓到诀窍的。别害怕发问。好的。Is their work gonna be challenging? Yeah, because the most important work is challenging.他们的工作将会充满挑战性吗?是的,因为最重要的工作是充满挑战性的。This summer, I#39;m working on an email notification for Google Accounts. And it#39;s gonna be sent out to thousands of users, and it#39;s gonna make their accounts more secure.这个暑假,我在帮Google帐户处理一项邮件通知。它将被发送给数千名用户,而且这将使他们的帐户更安全。My code helps developers test their code very efficiently. And that way they can write good, stable code for the products.我的程式码帮助程式设计师们非常有效地测试他们的程式码。那样他们可以为产品写出好的、稳定的程式码。You wanna be working on something that not only your team, but the entire Google will see.你要处理的东西不只你的团队,而是整个Google都会看见。Basically, internship is like a good experience towards becoming a full-time hire, right?基本上,实习像是个有助于成为全职员工的好经验,对吧?The one thing that all the interns definitely have in common is passion and motivation to get these things done, because you don#39;t necessarily have to know everything, but you have to be willing to learn.所有的实习生共同拥有的一个东西是把这些事情给完成的热情和动机,因为你不一定需要了解每件事,但你得愿意学习。Is this your first time in Google?这是你们第一次到Google吗?Yeah!!!是!!!The week has been unstoppable, restless: a bunch of activities. There#39;s always something new. And the next activity or the next person that we meet is more exciting than the last.这个星期一直是无法停歇、无法休息的:一堆活动。总是有某些新的东西。而下一个活动或我们所见到的下一个人比上一个更刺激。They do a really, really good job of making you understand the way this place thinks, I think, specifically, of an exercise we did that gave a completely new perspective on how to brainstorm.他们在让你了解这个地方的思考模式上做得非常、非常好,我认为,特别是,在一个我们所做的练习方面,那在如何去大脑风暴上提供了一个崭新的观点。What is brainstorming to you? Tell me what you guys say.大脑风暴对你来说是什么?告诉我你们怎么说。It#39;s focused on learning to put aside your judgments right away and avoid criticizing new ideas that may seem strange to you.它致力于学习立刻将你的评判抛诸一旁并避免批评对你来说也许似乎很奇怪的新点子。Impossible is not a word that#39;s thrown around very often. I think it helps you imagine. I certainly did not associate imagination with productivity before coming here. But I think this place makes that real.「不可能」不是个常常蹦出来的字。我认为它帮助你想像。我毫无疑问地在来到这里之前没有将想像力和生产力联想在一起。但我想這地方讓那成真。For the rest of it, I know that there will be a lot of work involved: maybe some work that I don#39;t know how to do. But a little bit of fear is good.对于剩下的实习,我知道将会有很多工作牵扯在内:也许有些我不知道该如何做的工作。但一点点恐惧是好的。I do feel a lot different after being here for my first week. I guess I#39;ve always identified myself very much with the military. I was in the military for five years. But I#39;m starting to see myself as a Googler. I see myself as someone who fits in here. I don#39;t feel like an outsider. I feel Googley.我在这里待了第一个星期之后,的确感到非常不同。我猜我总是将我自己视为军人。我在部队待了五年。但我正开始将自己看做一位Google人。我将自己视为一个适合这里的人。我不觉得像个局外人。我感觉很Google。I would say meeting Sergey was definitely one of the highlights of my week, month, maybe year. You know, he was fine just like stopped and shook my hand, and then he rode off on his elliptical bike. It#39;s pretty great.我会说认识Sergey(Google共同创办人)绝对是我一周、一个月、也许一年最精的事之一。你知道,他很好、就像是停了下来并握握我的手,然后他骑上他的椭圆机离开。那很棒。Maybe it is a little early to say that after I#39;ve only been here a week or so, but I just feel like there#39;s always gonna be something new, and you#39;re gonna learn every day. And that#39;s really the best part about being an engineer.也许在我只来到这裡一个星期左右说这个有点早,但我就是感觉好像将总会有某些新东西,而你将会每天学习。那真的是关于身为一名工程师最棒的部分。If this is what being an intern feels like, I#39;d love to be an intern for the rest of my life.如果这是身为实习生的感受,我愿意余生都做一位实习生。注一:Space Coast指的是佛罗里达的东岸,由于位居NASA甘迺迪指挥中心旁边,很多人在这边看太空船升空景象。 Article/201409/325035

Andy Hobsbawm 和我们分享一个最新的关于环保的广告以及一些附加利益。 Article/201304/232901On Wednesday afternoon, the ministry officially issued 4G licences to three of China#39;s biggest telecom operators: China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. That means these operators now have official permission to develop commercial 4G services.周三下午,政府部门正式将4G执照颁发给中国的三大通讯运营商:中国移动,中国联通和中国电信。这也意味着该三大运营商目前被正式允许进行商业4G务开发。In hopes of taking a lead in the 4G era, China Mobile has spent more than 40 billion yuan or about 6.6 billion US dollars this year alone, building infrastructure and widening coverage. But it doesn#39;t mean customers can call from a 4G phone tomorrow, as it will take time for telecom operators to roll out phone options, call plans and ensure enough coverage.为在4G领域占领领军地位,中国移动就今年已耗资400亿元,约合66亿美元,进行基础设施建设和覆盖范围扩大。但是,这并不代表用户明天就可以使用4G手机拨打电话,因为电信运营商需要时间来进行电话设置,推出自费标准以及确保覆盖范围。 Article/201312/267314Royal Mail Sale To Begin Within Weeks More than 100,000 postal workers may strike next month as the Government pushes ahead with its privatisation of the service.The most ambitious government privatization in a generation. After a 500 years in business, shares in the Royal Mail could be in the hands of investors within weeks, and the company suddenly worth 3 billion pounds. The chancellor says that’s good for growth. “This is all about attracting more investments into the Royal Mail, so we will have a brilliant service for public people across the country and businesses that rely on the Royal Mail.”“This British Gas sheds. Did you know that will be published and expected on November the 25th?”Back in the heady days of the 1980s, the conservatives sold off big companies like British Gas bit by bit. But even then, M said the Royal Mail was off limits. Our increasing demands for parcel deliveries means Royal Mail needs more investment to compete, so free from state control it will raise money in the financial markets. It will also cut costs. It worries some workers that depend on the business.“The Royal Mail privatize will become commercial company or commercial interests which will cost them, may cost them state work away from post offices, which will cost the solute money and make a couple of services unavailable.” As a deal sweetener, 125,000 Royal Mail staff will receive free shares with 10% for business. That was about 2,000 pounds each. And for just 750 pounds members of the public can also subscribe for shares. Still, unions are angry about cuts to pay and pensions. They plan to push for a nation-wide strike. “We will be bulleting for a short action within the next 2 weeks, over the impacts of privatization on our members’ job securities, sums and conditions, like the paying pensions. We absolutely clear that it’s not being done, this government plan to privatize the Royal Mail in the interest of customers.”TNT is a private postal service and a rival to Royal Mail. It doesn’t deliver universal service, and the worry is Royal Mail won’t either. “Those services should be provided as the right for all of us to receive postal deliveries wherever we live. Those should be provided, but if those losses should be given to whoever has to provide that service. But that doesn’t mean the market should be state-owned, that doesn’t mean the market shouldn’t be competitive. It just means those services should be identified and whoever has to provide those it should be recompensed for the loss of providing them.”So while the words all the postal service is said to be sold as a separate brand, the post office stays under government’s control for now.P, Sky News. /201309/257475

Stop the itch in its tracks by mixing a few simple ingredients.将几种简单的成分混合,瘙痒将无影无踪。You Will Need你需要Antihistamine tablets抗组织胺药片3/4 cup hot water3/4杯热水Packet instant oatmeal袋装即食燕麦片Baking soda小苏打Washcloths毛巾Aloe vera plant芦荟1/2 oz. dried basil1/2盎司干罗勒2 oz. witch hazel2盎司北美金缕梅15 drops tea tree oil15滴茶树油Spray bottle喷瓶1/2 oz. cloves (optional)1/2盎司丁香(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Use antihistamines1.使用抗组织胺药片Crush several antihistamine tablets and add a few drops of water to make a paste. Sp the paste on the itchy area.将几片抗组织胺药片压碎,加入几滴水,混合成膏状。将膏体涂抹在瘙痒部位。Antihistamines contain diphenhydramine, which numbs skin.抗组织胺药中含有可他敏,可以麻木皮肤。Step 2 Use oatmeal2.使用燕麦Mix the hot water with a 1.5 ounce packet of instant oatmeal. Let it cool and sp it on the itch. Oatmeal has anti-itch properties and is effective for large areas, such as those affected by chicken pox, poison oak and poison ivy.将热水与1.5盎司即食燕麦片混合。冷却后涂抹在瘙痒处。燕麦中含有止痒成分,对于大片区域止痒有效,例如感染了水痘,毒葛和三叶毒藤的部位。Step 3 Mix baking soda and water3.小苏打Mix three parts baking soda with one part water and apply the resulting paste to the itchy area. The paste will harden into a crust and soothe irritated skin.将三份小苏打和一份水混合,将膏体涂抹在瘙痒部位。膏体会变硬成为粉末,舒缓过敏皮肤。You can also make a solution of 4 tablespoons baking soda dissolved in a quart of water and apply it with a washcloth.你也可以将4汤匙小苏打溶解在水中制成溶液,用毛巾涂抹。Step 4 Use aloe vera4.使用芦荟Snap off an aloe vera leaf, split it down the middle, and squeeze the gel onto the itch.折断一片芦荟叶子,从中间撕开,将芦荟胶挤到瘙痒处。Step 5 Use basil5.使用干罗勒Make a tea with 1/2 ounce dried basil and 1 pint of water. Cover the tea until it cools and then apply it to irritated skin with a washcloth. Basil contains a natural anesthetic called eugenol.用1/2盎司干罗勒和1品脱水泡茶。用盖子盖上,直到冷却,然后用毛巾涂抹在过敏皮肤上。罗勒中含有天然的麻醉成分丁香油酚。You can substitute cloves for basil. Cloves are also high in eugenol.也可以用丁香代替罗勒。丁香中也含有很多丁香油酚。Step 6 Mix solution6.混合溶液Mix a solution of 2 ounces witch hazel, 2 ounces aloe vera gel, and 15 drops tea tree oil. Put it in a spray bottle and spray your itch.用2盎司北美金缕梅,2盎司芦荟胶和15滴茶树油混合成溶液。放入喷瓶中,喷洒在瘙痒部位。Depending on the species, most mosquitoes have a very short life span, from one week to a month.根据品种不同,大部分蚊子的寿命都非常短暂,从1周到1个月。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/237640Today in History:Tuesday, June18, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月18日,星期二June 18th 1940 In London, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill tells his people to prepare for their struggle against Nazi Germany during WWII.;The history of British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years. Man will still say, this was their finest hour.;1815 France#39;s Napoleon Bonaparte meets his final defeat on the battlefield. He and his forces are beaten by British and Prussian troops at the Battle of Waterloo in Belgium. The defeat forces Napoleon into exile for the second and last time.1812 The ed States declares war on Britain just decades after winning its independence from London. What becomes known as the War of 1812 lasts more than two and a half years.1928 Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. The aviator completes a non-solo flight from Newfoundland, Canada to Wales in about 21 hours.1983 Astronaut Sally Ride becomes America#39;s first woman in space blasting off aboard the space shuttle Challenger.And 1942 Yesterday, all my troules seem so far awaySinger-songwriter Paul McCartney, former member of the rock band The Beatles is born in Liverpool, England.Today in History, June 18th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/244530

After rolling down the hill or sliding into second base, it#39;s time to tackle those grass stains.亲密接触大自然之后,是时候处理一下青草在衣上留下的污渍了。You Will Need你需要A sponge一块海绵Denatured alcohol, also known as methylated spirit变性酒精,也叫变质酒精Eucalyptus oil桉树油Steps步骤Step 1 Sponge with spirits1.海绵沾酒精For a fresh stain, sponge it with denatured alcohol, also known as methylated spirit, which is available at hardware stores.Rinse with cold water, and launder as usual.如果是新沾上的污渍,用浸泡了变性酒精的海绵擦拭。变性酒精在五金商店可以买到。然后用冷水清洗,像往常一样洗涤。If the fabric has any rayon in it, test an inconspicuous spot first.如果布料中有任何人造纤维成分,先在不太显眼的地方试验一下。Step 2 Soak in eucalyptus oil2.用变性酒精浸泡If it#39;s a heavy-duty stain, soak the item in eucalyptus oil for about an hour before washing as usual.如果污染的很严重,洗涤之前先用变性酒精浸泡一个小时左右。Step 3 Soak it3.浸泡If the stain has set in for a day or two, saturate it with the alcohol. Then rinse it out well immediately and launder as usual. Repeat if necessary, and don#39;t put the item in the dryer until the stain has disappeared.如果污渍已经染了一两天,用酒精浸泡。然后立即漂洗,像往常一样洗涤。如果必要的话重复以上步骤。在污渍消失之前千万不要把衣物放入烘干机中。The uniforms of professional ball players are often auctioned with dirt and grass stains.职业球员的装经常带着污垢和青草痕迹拍卖。 Article/201303/227693Nigerian official: Abducted girls located, but force can#39;t be used to free them尼日利亚军方获知被绑架女孩下落 排除武力解救方案Nigeria#39;s Chief of Defence says the military has located the nearly 300 school girls who were abducted by Islamic extremists last month. But he cautioned using force to free them could get them killed.尼日利亚国防参谋长日表示军方已获知上个月被极端组织绑架的约300名女学生的下落,但排除武力解救的方案。 Article/201405/301186

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