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中国安全部副部长张新风周五表示泰国警方已经抓获月初在湄公河金三角劫杀名中国船员的9名犯罪嫌疑人大提琴演奏家秦立巍专访 :55:19 大提琴演奏家秦立巍专访And now joining us in the studio is cellist LiWei Qin (秦立巍), who’s playing at Beijing’s National Center the Perming Arts on Saturday night. those of you who may not be familiar with this brilliant cellist, here’s a short sample of his talent.Q1. Thanks joining us here at the studio...First up, some critics have put you in the third spot behind YoYo Ma and Wang Jian among the world’s best Chinese cellists. How would you respond to that comment, and how would you introduce yourself as an artist?Q. We know you’re playing Dvorak on Saturday. Tell us more about your understanding of the composer The cello concerto in B minor is a famous piece, and you must have been playing his cello concerto since you were young...Q3. You’re a regular permer at the NCPA, not only with orchestras, but also chamber music projects like Major Trio. Can you talk about your sideprojects?And now joining us in the studio is cellist LiWei Qin (秦立巍), who’s playing at Beijing’s National Center the Perming Arts on Saturday night.Q. How often do you and your fellow musicians take on these pop tunes? Is it a means of recreation you, or do you have other motives?Q5. You’re planning to release a new recording of the music of Elgar, Britten and William Walton. In what way did you want this album to be made?Q6. So not only all the composers are English, but you’re also collaborating with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Can you explain the "Britishness"?Q7. Previously you have done full Beethoven Sonatas and a Rachmaninov album on Decca Records, so it seems you are tackling the classics one by one... What does the new recording mean to your career path?Thank you very much joining us today and best of luck on your concert at the NCPA:0:7 :

朝韩延坪岛附近交火英文报道 3 ::36 朝韩延坪岛附近交火英文报道韩国指控朝鲜没有参与周四延坪岛附近的交火是在撒谎韩国国防部称平壤的声明简直是个笑话South Korea has accused the DPRK of lying after the DPRK said in a statement that it was not involved in Thursday’s exchange of fire in waters near Yeonpyeong Island. The South Korean Defense Ministry says Pyongyang's claim is a joke.Spokesman of the South’s Unification Ministry Kim Euido says the DPRK’s moves create interKorean tension and should be immediately halted. South Korea said one of its navy ships was carrying out a routine patrol near the countries’ disputed maritime boundary in the Yellow Sea on Thursday when a DPRK navy ship fired two artillery shells. South Korea fired several rounds back. The DPRK army released a statement on the Central News Agency accusing the South Korean military of fabricating the story.

With the political turmoil hammering Ukraine's economy, the central bank said it would no longer intervene to shield the hryvnia currency, which tumbled percent on Wednesday and is now down a fifth since January 1. Wednesday's abrupt abandonment of Ukraine's currency peg sent ripples to Russia where the rouble fell to fiveyear lows and bank shares fell.Chinese people should no longer purchase Gucci products, said a netizen who used the name "an angry bird".bad…不幸地是,尽管英国人多么想“进口”一位外国总统,但是政治体制不是那样运作的我们可能不会看到奥巴马出现在唐宁街号了这真伤感……

Only governments or large organisations would have the resources and manpower to “find the needle in a haystack”, he said.习近平德国看望中国足球少年 30 :6: 习近平德国看望中国足球少年BERLIN, March 9 (Xinhua) Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday watched a football game between Chinese kids and their German peers, encouraging more Chinese young people to play the sport.Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan pose a group photo with Chinese kid footballers and their German peers from the Wolfsburgclub in Berlin, Germany, March 9, . (XinhuaLan Hongguang)"I have confidence in you, in your generation," Xi told the Chinese players at the halftime break of a friendship match with local kids from the Wolfsburg club."I hope you will become outstanding football players in the future," said Xi.The Chinese president encouraged the Chinese players to, through their current training in Germany, set an example other young players in China.He added that he hoped more Chinese young people would devote themselves to football.The Chinese team played a fierce game at the Olympic Stadium of Berlin while Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan, along with some highranking Chinese officials, sat on the bleachers.The Chinese kids, all of them from Zhidan county in China's northwestern province of Shaanxi, are being trained in Berlin by their German coaches.Xi arrived in the German capital on Friday morning, kicking off his state visit to the European country, the third leg of his ongoing Europe tour, which had taken him to the Netherlands and France. After Germany, he will travel to Belgium.That determination would not change or waver, said Xi, adding that full support would be given to Lam and the HKSAR government to carry out their duties in accordance with the law.

news site guancha.cn reported on Monday, which added that Wei’s action wasSouth Koreans protest deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)At least five of the survivors were in critical condition, RIA news agency ed hospital officials as saying in Tyumen, some 1,7 km (1,0 miles) east of Moscow.

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