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I think it is often easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams.I know that sounds completely nuts.But, since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition.In fact, there are so few people this crazy that I feel like I know them all by first name.They all travel as if they are pack dogs and stick to each other like glue. The best people want to work on the big challenges.That is what happened with Google.Our mission is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful.How can that not get you excited?But we almost didnt start Google actually because my co-founder Sergey and I were too worried about dropping out of our Ph.D. program.None of you have that issue it seems.You are probably on the right track, if you feel like a sidewalk worm during a rainstorm!That is about how we felt after we maxed out three credit cards buying hard disks off the back of a truck.That was actually the first hardware for Google.我认为,自古精英出狂人。这话听起来挺没溜,但正因为别人没你疯狂。你的对手就很少。事实上,狂人屈指可数。碰巧我都认识,他们比仔队还忙,比亲戚还走得近,乐于接受一个又一个挑战。谷歌就有这样一帮人,我们的任务是整合全世界的信息,使其随手可得,随时可用。碉堡吧?但谷歌差一点夭折,因为我和我的搭档Sergey担心丢了士学位。好在你们已经毕业。当时我们坚信自己是一只暴风雨里的小小鸟,总有一天会飞得很高。即使刷爆了三张信用卡,买来谷歌的第一批硬盘,也不曾后悔。Parents and friends:more credit cards always help.What is the one sentence summary of how you change the world?Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting!As a Ph.D. student, I actually had three projects I wanted to work on.Thank goodness my advisor said,;why dont you work on the web for a while;.He gave me some seriously good advicebecause the web was growing with people and activity, even in 1995!Technology and especially the Internet can really help you be lazy.Lazy? What I mean is a group of three people can write software that millions can use and enjoy. Can three people answer the phone a million times?Find the leverage in the world,so you can be truly lazy!Overall, I know it seems like the world is crumblingout there,but it is actually a great time in your life to get a little crazy, follow your curiosity, and be ambitious about it.Dont give up on your dreams. The world needs you all!家长们,同学们。事实明:多几张信用卡总是有用的,如果用一句话总结:如何改变世界。为了迷狂般的梦想而奋斗终生!其实在读期间,我想参加三个项目。还好导师建议道:;为什么不先研究网络呢?;这个建议实在太好了,因为1995年网络就开始了迅猛发展。科技,尤其是网络确实能让人顺利变;懒;。你看三个人做的软件,能解决上百万人的需求问题,你让三个接线员回答上百万人的问题试试?只找到能撬起地球的杠杆,才能让人成功变懒。世界正在瞬息万变,但对你而言,这是个绝佳的时机!你可以不顾一切地追寻奇思,实现妙想,不要放弃梦想,世界需要你们!201307/249138Third, our network-y PCs enable people to transmit information to friends around the world or to share it with people they dont even know by posting it on a Web site. And, of course, were providing the capabilities to print and duplicate that information. In fact, our all-in-one products do more than that. They print. They scan. They copy. They send and receive information via fax. This is just what the home user or small-business requires, because they dont have room for lots of different pieces of equipment. An E-Commerce competency is becoming a critical success factor for financial institutions around the world. HP has been working closely with Chinese financial institutions for several years to pioneer best E-Commerce practices in China. Let me highlight some of HPs contributions in this area. In 1995 we began to work with the China Construction Bank to develop a fund clearing system run on HPs UNIX platform. Today, HPs servers, PCs and support services are used throughout the banks 44 branches across the country, helping to reduce typical transaction clearance times from up to 10 days to now less than 24 hours. This month, we are launching a trial solution with the Bank of China to enable their corporate customers to perform their standard banking transactions on-line. This marks a first for China. HPs VirtualVault solution was chosen over other solutions for its superior security and reliability, as well as service support. HP, together with our VeriFone subsidiary, is continuing to work with Bank of China to build on this platform, so that by the end of the year a full range of E-Commerce services will be available on line, again marking a first for China.第三,我们的网络型PC机可使人们向世界各地的朋友发送信息或通过把信息貼到网上与陌生人分享信息。当然,我们也提供了打印和复制该信息的功能。实际上,我们的一体化产品涉及的功能更广。它们可以打印、扫描和复制信息,可通过传真发送和接收信息。这就是家庭用户或小型企业所需的产品,因为它们没有太多的空间安置不同的设备。如今,具备电子商务的能力已经成为全世界金融 机构成功的关键因素。惠普公司开始与中国的金融机构密切合作,在中国率先开创最佳电子商务。请允许我概述一下惠普公司在这一领域所做的贡献。1995年,我们开始与中国建设合作,在惠普的UNIX 平台开发了资金清算系统。如今,惠普的务器,PC机和持务用于该行在全国的44家分行,帮助它们缩短了交易清算的射间,从原先的10天缩短为现在的不到24小时。本月,我们将与中国试行一个解决方案,使其公司客户在线进行标准的交易。在中国,这是首次进行此类项目。在所有方案中,惠普虚拟保险箱(Virtual Vault)方案因其卓越的安全性和可靠性,以及其务持而入选。目前,惠普与分机构VeriFone正与中国继续合作,建立这一平台,以便在年底之前确保在线提供电子商务务,从而在中国再拔头筹。 201411/340183

What are your top five favorite songs right now?你现在最喜欢的五个歌曲是什么All right, well first of all, Imma say,可以了,我们首先的,我在说,you know what Im saying, Im the only dude up here right now.你知道我在说的,我是唯一的站在这儿的男人。My name is Rashid,我的名字叫拉希德。and I never been at TED before,我从没来过TED,you know what Im saying.你知道我说的。I think, Sarah Jones, maybe she didnt want me to come out last time.我以为,莎拉.琼斯,也许她上次不想让我出来I dont know why. You know what Im saying.我不知道为什么。你知道我说的。Obviously I would be like a perfect fit for TED.很明显我就像TED的完美契合。You know what Im saying.你知道我说的。First of all, that Im in hip hop, you know what Im saying.首先,我喜欢嘻哈乐,你知道我的意思。I know some of yall may be not really我知道你们中间的某些人也许并不是真的as much into the music,那么喜欢音乐,but the first way yall can always know,但是你总会知道第一件事,you know what Im saying, that Im in hip hop,你知道我说的,就是我喜欢嘻哈乐,is cos I hold the microphone是因为我拿着麦克风in an official emcee posture.以一个司仪的姿态Yall can see that right there.你可以看见就在这儿Thats how you hold it.你就这样拿着它All right, so you get your little tutorial right there.好吧,你在这儿得到小小的教程But when Sarah Jones told me we was gonna come up here,但是当莎拉.琼斯告诉我,我们一定要来这儿,I was like, betch, you know what Im saying,我好像是,公狼,你知道我说的,TED is real fly, I got a whole lot of dope,TED是真的像飞起来一样,给我吃了很多毒品you know what Im saying, shit going on and everything,你知道我说的,每件事上都是琐碎,but she was like, yeah,但是她就像,是的,were going to have to answer, like, some random questions,我们将要回答,就像一些杂乱无章的问题,just like, and I was like, what the hell is that?就像,我就像,这是什么的地狱?You know what Im saying, just stand up there你知道我说的,只是站在这儿and answer some random questions?回答那么多乱七八糟的问题?I dont want to,我不想,I mean, its like an intellectual stop-and-frisk.我是说,像是知识上的停止和搜身。You know what Im saying? (Laughter)你知道我说的是什么(笑声)I dont want to be standing up there just我不想仅仅是站在这儿all getting interrogated and whatnot.弄得像审讯和诸如此类的。Thats what Im trying to leave behind那是我努力去忘却的in New York. You know what Im saying?在纽约发生的。你知道我说的什么吗?So anyway, I would have to say my top five songs right now不管怎么说,我已经说出了我最爱的五首歌is all out of my own personal catalogue,全是从我自己的目录选出来的you know what I mean?你知道我的意思吗?So if you want to know more about that,如果你想知道更多一点儿you know what Im saying,你知道我说的,we could talk about the anti-piracy and all that,我们可以谈论反对隐私以及那所有的but as far as Im concerned,但目前我关心的you know, I believe in creative commons,你知道,我相信创造的共通处and I think its really important that, you know,而且我认为非常重要,你知道that needs to be sustainable and everything,那需要可持续的发展并且每件事,and I mean, as far as Im concerned,我的意思是,到目前我所关心的,I mean, this right here,我意味着,就在这时this environment, I would like to sustain.这个环境,我想要扶持的You know what I mean?你知道我的意思吗?But Im just saying, if yall are interested但是我只是说,如果你们都感兴趣的话in the top five songs, you need to holler at me.在五个最喜欢的歌曲里,你们应该对我发牢骚。You know what Im saying?你知道我说的吗?Aight? In the future or the present. Yeah.好了,在将来或现在。耶。Enjoy the rest of it.享受余下的一切。Okay, next question.好吧,下一个问题。What do you got?你得到了什么?;How many of your organs have been 3D printed?;“你有多少器官已经3D影印过了?”(Laughter)笑声Well I have to say that I dont know about好吧我不得不说我不知道how many of my organs我有多少器官have been 3-D printed as such,像这样被3D影印了but I can tell you that it is so challenging to me,但是我能告诉你那对我是一个那样的挑战201410/335623

If I hadnt owned to my mistake and confronted failure fast 如果我没有快速承认和改正错误instead of ignoring it, I would not be here today 如果我忽略了这个错误 就不会有今天的我So maybe another possible thing for you guys to remember 也许你们可以记住另外一点see, Im trying to help you guys 看到了吗 我是想帮助大家when you fail 在你失败时face your failure, face it head on, admit it, grow from it 直面失败 承认失败 并从它获得成长When the world spins so fast, it means no one knows what the right answer is 世界发展日新月异 没人知道正确是什么and everyone will face failure 所有人都会遭遇失败Ideas that were once cant miss missed 一度认为不可能失败的想法可能会失败Companies that were surefire 觉得肯定能成的公司went down in flames 也可能会轰然崩塌Its what you do when that happens that determinates 在遭遇失败时怎么做决定了who ultimately succeeds and who does not 你最终是否能够取得成功Failure is part of the process 失败只是过程中的一部分Its where we learn the most 失败能够让人得到最大进步And its what makes us who we are 是成就我们的必经之路Now as I look out at all of you, Im reminded of my own graduation 看到你们 让我想到了我自己的毕业I remember there were an awful lot of question marks for me 我记得 当时我心中有很多疑问Graduating meant leaving behind my friends, my college life 毕业意味着我要离开朋友 离开大学生活It meant Id have to figure out what to do with my real, my ;real; life 意味着我需要去面对;真正的;生活And I had no idea what I was going to do 我对自己要做什么 心里没底I had no job lined up, no prospects 我没有太多工作计划和展望My big plan was to go home 我只想回家live with my parents, and share the family car with my little sister 同父母住在一起 同共用家里的车Now to some of you, that might sound like a strange fear 我的这种恐惧或许会让你们觉得有些陌生Hopkins is a unique place 霍普金斯是一个独特的地方and that some of you have known exactly what youve wanted to do 从踏上这所学校的那一天起since you set foot on this campus 有些人就很明确自己想做什么Many of you have useful degrees 你们很多人都拿到了有用的学位biomedical engineering 生物医学工程public health 公共卫生economics 经济学applied math 应用数学computer science 计算机科学201512/414387

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