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在2008业年会(译者注:Entertainment Gathering Conference是一年一度的产业创造力大会,各类人士在此展示,交流他们在媒体,技术以及方面的成果)上,知名益智游戏设计师斯科特;金(Scott Kim)带领我们进入他的设计世界。 展示了自己的作品,介绍了几类成功作品,也分享了他是如何源源不断地获取灵感而不断推陈出新。 Article/201112/166582If you can solve your problem, then what is the need of worrying?如果你能解决问题,那何虑之有?If you cannot solve it, then what is the use of worrying?如果你不能解决问题,那忧虑又有什么用呢?And if you look at this logically not being calm will only work to your disadvantage in many situations:如果你从逻辑的角度来看,不冷静只会起反效果,在很多情况下都一样:There is an important exam coming up and you are freaking out. Panicking might confuse you, inhibit your learning and as a result you might perform worse on the exam.(比如)你正面临一场重要的考试,而你慌得不得了。你的惊慌只会让你思维混乱,它会妨碍你的学习,其结果就是你会在考试中发挥得更糟。Someone is robbing you and you start to panic. You might get the robber nervous, and he might do something impulsive (like stab you) obviously worsening your position.(再比如)一个人正在抢劫你,而你开始慌了。你可能会让抢劫者变得紧张,而他可能就会做出些过激的事情(比如捅你一刀),显然这回让你的处境更糟。You lead a group of people at work and are facing a heavy problem, or an impossible deadline. Well this is the time to inspire people and get the most out of them as possible. That should increase your chances of solving the problem. If you panic you might discourage them, and not only you, but your whole team shall underperform.(再比如)你正带领着一组人一起工作,并且正面临着一个严峻的问题,或者是一个不可能赶上的截止日期。好嘛,你现在需要做的是启发这些人,尽可能让他们做出成果;这会让你解决问题的概率更大一些。如果你慌了,你可能会打击到他们,于是不只是你,你的整个团队都会发挥不佳。While you panic, your mind is having a hard time finding a solution to the problem. Even if the solution is only to stay calm and wait for the problem to pass.当你慌张的时候,你的大脑会很难找到解决问题的方法。而解决问题的方法很有可能只是冷静下来并等着问题自己过去。Answer from @Faith Paul来自@Faith Paul的回答Intelligent people think before they speak.聪明的人先想再说。Intelligent people also think rationally.而且,聪明人的思维是理性的。Instead of freaking out over every little thing, finding drama, or becoming a victim, intelligent people rationalize their problems.聪明人会理性地去分析问题,而不是在每个细枝末节上的慌神、制造情况、或怨天尤人。Intelligent people don#39;t prolong their problems. They end their suffering by doing what needs to be done in order for that problem to go away.聪明人不会让问题遗留下来。他们会做那些必要的事以解决问题。Additionally, I#39;ve noticed that intelligent people who are stressed find an outlet or take a nap. Bottling up anxiety or pointing fingers like many people do is just going to evoke more stress.还有,我发现聪明人在不堪重负的时候会找个发泄方式,或者小憩一下。很多其他人或把焦虑压制下来,或者在别人身上出气,而这只会让压力更重。Obviously not all problems can be solved, but my point is that intelligent people handle stress differently.显然,并不是所有的问题都能被解决,我想表达的是:聪明人处理压力的方式时不一样的。Answer from @Humberto Rada来自@Humberto Rada的回答This could be for several reasons, but one thing I noticed from highly intelligent friends who are calm is that they are able to entertain themselves.原因有很多,而我从我那些冷静的聪明朋友身上发现的一点是:他们有办法自娱自乐。Yes that is right, they always got something to think about.对,就是这样,他们总有什么东西可以想。Its like they enjoy their thoughts more than interacting with other people.好像他们觉得自己的思维比和人交流更有吸引力。They are always elaborating on thoughts so they are busy with themselves.他们总是在细细揣自己的想法,所以他们自己一个人忙着呢。 /201706/515478Eating foods that are good for your eyes is also good for the rest of your body. Learn the list of recommendations to improve your eyesight and your overall health.食用对眼睛有益的食品对身体其他部位也同样有益。了解一下对视力和身体健康都有益的食品清单吧。Step 1 Choose fish1.选择鱼类Eat fatty fish, such as tuna, sardines, salmon, and cod. They include DHA, which gives structural support to cell membranes and essential omega-3 fatty acids. Grains are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.选择脂肪较多的鱼,例如金鱼,沙丁鱼,鲑鱼和鳕鱼。这些鱼含有丰富的可以撑细胞膜的DHA和必需的欧米伽3脂肪酸。谷物也是欧米伽3脂肪酸的优质来源。Broil or poach the fish or cook it in olive oil to avoid adding unhealthy saturated fats.把鱼烘烤或者用橄榄油烹饪可以避免产生不健康的饱和脂肪酸。Step 2 Add green leafy vegetables2.加入绿色蔬菜Eat green leafy vegetables, like spinach and kale, which may protect your eyes from sun damage and blue light.食用绿叶蔬菜,例如菠菜和甘蓝,可以保护眼睛免受阳光和蓝光损害。Step 3 Avoid sugary foods3.避免含糖食品Avoid foods high in sugar. Eating a high-sugar diet increases your risk for diabetes and bad circulation, which can lead to cataracts and glaucoma.避免含糖量高的食品。高糖饮食会增加患糖尿病和血液循环受阻的风险,血液循环问题会引发白内障和青光眼。Step 4 Eat foods high in sulfur4.食用含硫食品Eat food high in sulfur to protect the eye#39;s lenses.食用含硫黄较高的食品来保护眼球的晶体。High-sulfur foods include eggs, onions, and garlic.含硫较高的食品包括鸡蛋,洋葱和大蒜。Step 5 Drink red wine5.喝红酒Drink red wine. It contains many nutrients that help your eyes as well as your heart, but remember to drink in moderation.One glass a day is all it takes.喝红酒。红酒中含有很多保护眼睛和心脏的营养成分,但是记住,饮酒要适量。The retina has 130 million light-sensitive cells.视网膜拥有1.3亿个对光敏感的细胞。 /201302/225645

Z)j#4x_LPkV^7*r#4P[W^g%pQ9MPcX^Wd;6V9lExwiW)R[Y7silFrom sleep habits to diet, this short VideoJug film shows you some great tips on how to avoid catching a cold.8c#GvymMc-Ke2v从睡眠习惯到饮食,这个视频将展现给你一些如何预防感冒的小窍门pxq_)kA3+k~Jl。d2oRI)~jB8hNb7Ez89sHyA(+1(WH#XO]11+n^# Article/201205/182490

How can I stand out when applying for an internship?申请实习资格的时候怎样才能脱颖而出呢?The best thing that you can do is to get a Rabi. Get somebody who will help you pull your application to the top because especially when it comes to summer internships a lot of people are applying. And so you have to stand out in some way, and by standing out that does not mean like putting your resume in perfume or having it bright pink. That means having someone who can bring it to the person and say hey this is a super star, you got to hire this kid. That#39;s great, you got to have someone or you don#39;t have to have someone but it helps to have someone who can flag you.最好找人为你推荐。找到可以帮你把申请交给高层管理者的人。因为尤其在夏季实习期间,许多人会递交申请。所以你一定要在某些方面别出心裁,脱颖而出。别出心裁并不是说把简历喷上香水或把简历印成粉红色。而是说要有人把你的简历交上去,并且介绍说,这是个很出色的申请者,你应该雇佣他。这样就很好,你必须要有人为你递上简历,介绍你的优点。Thanks for watching How To Stand Out When Applying For An Internship.感谢收看“申请实习时怎样脱颖而出”视频节目。 Article/201212/216800The Beijing Spring Book Market has attracted nearly 400,000 ers over the past 10 days. Publishers are using discounts to promote sales, and ers say they like the combined shopping and ing atmosphere. The market is held annually in Beijing's Ditan Park for two weeks. The organizer predicts the total sales will exceed 40 million yuan this year, a significant rise from last year's event. The best selling books are on health and wellbeing. China has been promoting book-ing among the public as the per-capita consumption of books in the country remains at low levels compared with the rest of the world. Article/200905/69416

Over watering is the primary cause of house plant death, and of course under watering can be just as risky. Getting the balance of watering your plants just right is absolutely key to success, so Tom Cole shows exactly how we should water house plants.浇水过多是导致盆栽植物死亡的首要原因,当然,浇水不足对植物来说也很危险。正确地平衡植物水分是种植成功的关键,所以,汤姆·科尔向我们展示怎样为盆栽植物浇水。Step 1: When to water1.何时浇水Insert your finger into the soil at the pots edge. If the soil feels dry then water the plant, if it is damp then wait a little longer. This is only a general rule, and the need for watering can vary greatly from plant to plant.向花盆边缘的土壤中插入一根手指。如果土壤感觉很干燥就要浇水,如果土壤比较湿润,就多等待一段时间再浇水。这只是一个普遍的原则,各种植物对水分的需求有所不同。You can also tap the pot, and if your hear a hollow sound it may well need watering.还可以轻轻敲打花盆,如果听到比较空洞的声音,说明你的植物已经需要浇水了。Plants can sense the natural shortening of daylight hours and may go dormant, so water less in the winter months.植物可以感觉到日照时间的缩短而进入休眠状态,所以,冬季少浇一点水。Step 2: Watering2.浇水Allow your water to reach room temperature by leaving to stand for a few hours. This avoids shocking the plants.把水放置几个小时,让水的温度达到室温。这样可以防止对植株造成刺激。House plants with tough foliage and strong stems require watering from above. Use a watering can without a rose attachment,and apply directly to the soils surface. Leave for a few minutes and water again until the water drains out of the bottom of the pot. Avoid watering on the plants folliage as this can cause limescale.枝叶比较坚硬,茎秆比较强壮的盆栽植物需要从上面浇水。使用没有莲蓬式喷嘴的喷壶,直接向土壤表面浇水。等待几分钟后再次浇水,直到花盆底部有水分排走。不要从枝叶上方浇水,否则会形成水垢。Step 3: Watering from below3.从下面浇水Soft sappy plants such as Cape Primrose, Begonias, and most succulents should be watered from below. Simply pour the water in to the dish that the pot is set in. If it is absorbed quickly, then top up by half.比较柔软的植物例如秋海棠等,和大部分肉质植物需要从下面浇水。只要把水倒在放置花盆的盘子里就可以了。如果吸收的比较快,可以加一半的水。Step 4: Urn plants4.凤梨科植物Urn plants such as Bromeliads should be watered directly into the crown of the plant. Pour water into each crown so that it pools in the urn, only a small amount of water being needed for each. If you were to water at the base of the plant it would simply rot.凤梨科植物等需要直接向植株顶部浇水。向每一个植株的顶部浇水,这样水就会直接流到花盆中,每一株植物只需少量水。如果在植株根部浇水会造成植株腐烂。Thanks for watching How To Water House Plants.感谢收看“怎样为盆栽植物浇水”视频节目。 Article/201211/210653You may be bored, but do you have the healthy type of boredom? Or the type that may harm or even kill you?你可能会无聊,但是你的无聊健康吗?或者说你的无聊会对身体有害、甚至会要了你的命吗?Boredom is increasingly being linked to a range of health problems. And psychologists have come to believe there is more than one type — some suggest that there may be as many as five.无聊越来越多地和一系列健康问题联系在一起。而心理学家们也开始相信,不止有一种无聊--有些人甚至认为无聊的种类多达五种。Emerging research shows experiencing the #39;wrong#39; sort of boredom can make us obese, self-destructive, and sexually impotent. It may also lead us to earlier death.一项研究表示,“错误”的无聊会使我们发胖、自我毁灭和性无能。它还有可能会导致我们早死。But the right type can foster positive traits such as creativity, resilience and happiness.但是正确的无聊可以培养我们的诸如创造力、抗压性和幸福等积极的特质。Oddly, it seems that the way to get #39;healthily bored#39; is to embrace tedium. But most of us would rather electrocute ourselves than suffer boredom, according to a study published in the journal Psychological Research last year.不过奇怪的是,“健康地无聊”似乎看起来单调乏味。但是根据去年《心理学研究》期刊上的一篇研究表示,大多数人都宁愿死也不愿无聊。Sixty-nine volunteers were placed in a lab environment where nothing happened for 15 minutes at a stretch. But the volunteers could use lab equipment to give themselves electric shocks.69名志愿者被关在实验室中,在15分钟长的时间内什么事儿都不会发生。但是这些志愿者们可以选择用实验室的设备电击自己。The more bored they were, the more likely they were to give themselves shocks — increasingly intense ones at that, say the Maastricht University investigators.据马斯特里赫特大学的研究人员表示,他们越无聊就越有可能电击自己--而且程度会逐渐加强。More commonly, when bored, we are prone to gorge on fattening snacks, according to a study involving the universities of Kent and Southampton.据肯特和南安普顿大学的一项研究表明,更为常见的是,我们无聊时就会很容易吃上令人发胖的零食。Psychologists asked 140 people to record their food intake and moods, and do lab tests to monitor their eating.心理学家要求140人记录下他们的情绪和进食量,并且在实验室做了测试来监测他们的饮食。They not only ate more calories when bored, but were most likely to eat junk food high in fats, carbs and protein, reported the journal Frontiers In Psychology, in 2015.据《心理学前沿》于2015年报道称,他们在无聊时不仅会摄入更多热量,还会吃一些高脂肪、高碳水化合物和高蛋白质的垃圾食品。 /201706/514018【视频欣赏】【听力文本】How To Open Beer With A NapkinAll is revealed. Use this trick to impress the girls. This trick is perfect to perform at a bar. Fast to learn. Find the materials anywhere. Great reactions: Wow that is a glorious trick!. Have fun learning new tricks at www.FunPartyTricks.comStep 1: Prepare(准备工作)All you need is a beer and a napkin. I bet you that I can open this beer with this napkin. Now I will show you how to do it.You fold the napkin and roll it up really tight. Be sure to make the middle very tight. This is the part that we are going to use to open the bottle with. You fold it in half, this will make it very hard at the end.Step 2: Perform(好好表演)Now we take the napkin and press it hard against the bottle cap and pull upwards and there we go, just like that. And that's how you open a beer with a napkin.Okay, we now have the rolled up napkin, we press it hard against the bottle cap and try to catch one or two of the. . . Article/201003/98132

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