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1.I have no cash on me. May I pay by check?  我没带现款,我可以用票付款吗?  重点词语:cash n.现金  商务用语:cash administration 现金管理  cash liquidity 现金流动情况  available cash 可用现金  free cash 活动现金  2.The shops are in a central position in the city.  商店都开设在城市的中心。  重点词语:central adj.中心的 n.总公司  商务用语:central task 中心任务  the central office of the corporation  集团的核心办公室  3.A chain is no stranger than its weakest link.  (谚)一环薄弱而全局跨。  重点词语:chain n.链(条);联营商店;分 vt.拴住  商务用语:bank chain 连锁  production chain 生产线,流水(作业)线  4.Please change a five-pound note into gold.  请把一张五镑钞票换成金币。  重点词语:change vt.改变,兑换 n.零钱,交易所  商务用语:odd change 零钱  net change 净变(交易所当日与前一日收盘价之差)  5. Do the charge for the use of the telephone?  打电话收不收费?  重点词语:charge n.费用 vt.要(价),收(费);记账 vi.收费  商务用语:free of charge 免费 /200811/55246。

第一句:Can you cut the price down?可以降价吗?A: We offer you firm 2,000 tons of chemical fertilizer at 0 per ton CIF Vietnam delivered in April.我们的实盘是2000吨化肥,150美元一吨,越南到岸价,4月发货。B: Can you price down?可以降价吗?A: Our average wholesale price is 0/ton.我们的一般批发价是180美元一吨。第二句:Can you offer a discount?能打个折扣吗?A: Can you offer a discount?能打个折扣吗?B: We can prepare to give 5% discount for an offer to buy the complete stuff.如果能够购买全部的货物,我么可以考虑打9.5折。A: Thats attractive.这很吸引人。B: Yes.是的。对于特大型、垄断型的客户建议直接将底盘报给对方。对于中小客户、民营企业、外资企业建议留有足够的余地,适度让步。其他表达法:As prices are steady rising, we have lost some clients, so we ask for a certain discount.由于价格不断上涨,我们已经失去一些客户,所以请求贵方打一定的折扣。The market is influenced by the economic crisis, so a discount would be appreciated.由于市场受经济危机的影响,我们希望贵方能够打折扣。 /201207/191780。

Narrator: 欢迎回到《白领英语》节目。 今天是非常重要的一天,国际塑料大会就是今天举行,这也是 Tip Top 贸易公司好好自我标榜、自我推荐的一个机会。 等等!这是谁啊?哎呀,原来是美国大老板 Mr Socrates…Mr Socrates: Hey, you guys, where have you been?Paul: Ah, Mr Socrates… nice to see you again. Id heard you were in town.Anna/Tom: Hello Mr Socrates.Mr Socrates: I’ve been looking for you everywhere. I need to catch up with you and see how business is going.Paul: Oh very, very well. We’re selling Imperial Lemons to France and Anna is developing plastic vegetables.Mr Socrates: Ah Anna! My favourite girl. Still doing a good job?Anna: I’m doing my best.Paul: In fact she’s been doing my job for a few days… I had a bit of a biscuit accident…Mr Socrates: Yeah, well that’s not hard for you, Paul. Listen, listen I need to talk you - shouldn’t the others be doing some networking now?Paul: Of course – that’s why we’re here. Right Tom, I need you to catch up with some of existing customers – do some schmoozing – and Anna, could you talk to some potential new customers. I need to speak to Mr Socrates.Anna: Right. Erm, networking… what exactly am I supposed to do?Narrator: Networking 搭建人际关系,就是和行内其他人士相互沟通,保持联系。 需要和不同的人见面、交谈、交流信息,相互帮助。Anna: So I have to talk to strangers?Narrator: Well yes. 介绍自己, 告诉别人你在哪个公司工作。问问他们的公司是什么,做哪方面的业务。然后介绍一下你的工作、产品、客户群等。如果合适的话,看看有没有合作的机会。 保持友好的态度,跟大家多聊聊。Anna: Thanks. I’ll give it a try. (Talking to someone) Excuse me, hello, I’m Anna. I work as a Sales Executive at Tip Top Trading… and you are?Woman: Jane. Jane from Nice’n’Cheesy. It’s very busy here today isn’t it?Anna: It is. It’s my first time here but it’s very exciting. I really didn’t know what to wear.Narrator: Anna! 这就可以了,别忘了主要目的是工作。Anna: Oh yes, of course. So can you tell me about your company – Nice’n’Cheesy?Woman: Well, we sell cheese to London’s top cheese shops - we like to say we’re a wedge above the rest – a wedge of cheese, get it?!Anna: Err right. Well, can I briefly tell you about what our company does? Our company – Tip Top Trading – makes plastic fruit mainly for the catering and food industry. We’re up for an award today for one of our designs.Woman: Smashing. That’s quite interesting actually. We have an issue with the fresh grapes we provide with our cheeses – they keep going mouldy.Anna: Oh dear.Woman: Yes – sour grapes you could say! A good quality plastic grape would be useful to put with our cheese displays.Anna: Well, I think we might be able to help you.Narrator: 当然可以!这就是你交换名片的机会。Anna: Well, if I could have your contact details I’ll send you one of our brochures and then give you a call about prices. And here’s my business card should you want to call me.Woman: That’s fantastic. So nice to have met you – and I think what you’re wearing for the conference is perfect.Anna: Thanks!Narrator: Bingo! Anna 好像找到了一个潜在客户。她保持了友好的态度,但没忘了工作。她用到以下一些表达:Excuse me, hello, I’m Anna. I work as a Sales Executive at Tip Top Trading 您好,我是Anna. 我是 Tip Top 贸易公司的销售经理。Can you tell me about your company? 您能告诉我您的公司是做什么的吗?Can I briefly tell you about what our company does? 我可以简单介绍一下我们公司的业务吗?I think we might be able to help you. 我想我们能帮到您。Here’s my business card should you want to call. 如果您有什么需要,这是我的名片,可以随时打电话给我。Narrator: Anna 已经开始了她的人际网络联系,干得还真是不错。像展览会或大型会议这些场合,都是最适合发展人际关系的地方。Paul 和 Mr Socrates 也都在场,不知道他们俩那儿怎样了。Mr Socrates: …it’s a tough economic climate, Paul. We’re aly cutting out cookies inmanagement meetings.Paul: Oh, gosh.Mr Socrates: And now we’re cutting staff. We’ve aly lost Rachel – my favouriteSales Executive.Paul: Ah yes, well, she was stealing the pens.Mr Socrates: Pens can be replaced but not people like her.Paul: Well…Mr Socrates: But now it’s time to reduce your team Paul – share the pain.Paul: Are you sure?Mr Socrates: Absolutely. By my calculations, you need to get rid of one member ofstaff.Paul: Oh… well let’s not tell the team until we’ve had the awards ceremony.Mr Socrates: OK Paul, but its in your hands to sort this out.Paul: Crumbs!Narrator: Ah yes, Tip Top 贸易公司即将在展会上拿到一个大奖, 可是裁员的消息会对团队产生什么样的影响呢?Paul 会做些什么?看样子我们要等下期节目再继续了。 听力挑战:Anna 在展会上碰到的那位女士是在哪家公司工作?上期:听力挑战Tip Top 贸易公司被提名哪个奖?the best plastic innovation /201302/227030。

应聘电脑工程师应聘电脑工程师,主要考察你的技术能力,以及对最新软件的掌握和了解。计算机行业发展很快,所以一个人的学习和接受能力很重要。正如电脑分硬件和软件,电脑工程师也分硬件工程师和软件工程师。硬件和软件有很大的区别,所以面试前要为自己定位。本单元对硬件和软件工程师的面试分别举了例子。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) Why don抰 you begin by telling me something about yourself?你就从谈谈你自己开始吧!2) What made you decide to get into computers?什么使你决定搞计算机这一行?3) After I did my engineering degree, I began to specialize in computer technology.读完工程学位后,我就开始专攻计算机技术。4) I抎 like to start this interview with some questions.我们开始面试吧,首先问你几个问题。5) I think my background meets the requirement of this position.我想我的背景符合这份工作的要求。6) Yes, can you tell me what抯 my responsibility in this position?有,你能告诉我这份工作我的职责是什么吗?7) You would be responsible for the development of software products.你将负责软件产品的开发。8) I have worked on about every system that is out right now.我用过目前市面上的所有系统。9) I have hands-on experience in system development including system analysis and design.我有系统开发的实际操作经验,包括系统分析和设计。CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Why don抰 you begin by telling me something about yourself?A: What do you want to know?I: The usual, you know, something about your background and experience and anything personal that you feel is pertinent.A: Well, I was born in Shanghai and went to school there, right up through college. My father is a lawyer, and my mother is a teacher.I: Sounds as if you come from a professional family.A: That抯 right. One of my sisters is a doctor and the other one teaches at a university.I: What made you decide to get into computers?A: Oh,nothing in particular, I guess. I always liked mathematics and tinkering with machines.I: Now what about your experience? How long have you been working with computers?A: More than five years now. After I did my engineering degree, I began to specialize in computer technology and I even had my own company for a while.I: It certainly sounds impressive. Why don抰 you have your credentials sent to me and I抣l show them to the board? We抣l probably get back to you in a week. A: Thanks very much. I: 你就从谈谈你自己开始吧!A: 你想知道些什么?I: 一般的情况,你的背景啦、经历和你觉得任何与此有关的个人情况。A: 好吧。我出生在上海,在那儿上学,一直到大学毕业。我父亲是个律师,母亲是个教师。I: 这么说你出自于一个职业家庭。A: 是的。我是医生,另一个在大学任教。I: 是什么让你决定搞计算机这一行的?A: 我想没什么特殊的原因。我一向喜欢数学和摆弄机器。I: 那再谈谈你的经历吧。你干计算机这行有多久了?A: 五年多了。读完工程学位后,我就开始专攻计算机技术,甚至有段时间我还建立了自己的公司。I: 这真不错。你何不把你的件寄给我,我拿给董事会看看?一个星期之内,我们可能会和你联系。A: 非常感谢。Dialogue 2A: Excuse me. I have an appointment with Mr. Li at nine. May I come in?I: Yes, come in please. I am Mr. Li. You must be Mz Liu, right?A: Yes, I am Mz liu. Thanks.I: I抎 like to start this interview with some questions. Why do you think you are qualified for this position?A: According to your advertisement, you want an experienced software engineer. I think my background meets the requirement of this position.I: Then tell me something about your background.A: My major was computer science when I was at college, and I am quite familiar with Visual C++ and Java language.I: Well, what do you think about the development in computers?A: The developments in software are going ahead very quickly and more and more problems are resolved by software. In some regions, the hardware is completely replaced by software. So I think the software industry has a great future.I: Have you ever designed any programs concerning network?A: Yes, I have designed some programs for the network with Visual C++ and I have passed the test for programmers - MCSE.I: Have you got anything to ask me?A: Yes, can you tell me what抯 my responsibility in this position?I: Yes, of course. You would be responsible for the development of software products.A: I see. This is my advantage.I: Good. Have you got any other questions?A: No.I: Ok, I will contact you in a week. See you.A: Thank you, bye-bye.A: 打扰一下,我和李先生九点钟有个约会,我可以进来吗?I: 请进,我就是李先生,你肯定是刘吧?A: 对,谢谢。I: 我们开始面试吧,首先问你几个问题。你为什么认为你能胜任这份工作?A: 从你们的广告上得知,你们需要一位有经验的软件工程师。我想我的背景符合这份工作的要求。I: 那说说你的背景吧。A: 我大学时的专业是计算机科学。我精通VC++和Java语言。I: 那你认为计算机行业将来的发展如何?A: 软件将会发展很快,而且越来越多的问题依靠软件解决。在某些领域,硬件会完全被软件所取代,所以我认为软件前景可观。I: 你设计过有关网络方面的程序吗?A: 是的,我用过VC++设计过一些网络程序,而且我还通过了一个程序员考试——MCSE。I: 你有什么问题要问吗?A: 有,你能告诉我这份工作我的职责是什么吗?I: 当然可以了,你将负责软件产品的开发。A: 哦,那是我的优势。I: 太好了。还有别的问题吗?A: 没有了。I: 那好,我们会在一周内和你联系的。再见。A: 谢谢你。再见。Dialogue 3I: Tell me something about your work experience.A: Well, I have been in the computer engineering field for 6 years now. I am familiar with both hardware and software and with hands-on experience in system development including system analysis and design. I: What systems have you worked on?A: I have worked on about every system that is out right now.I: Do you feel comfortable with the new system by MicroCom?A: I am not as familiar with it as I am with some of the older systems. But I am a fast learner and I can master it in a short time.I: What do you consider your strenghts?A: I am knowledgeable and levelheaded.I: 说说你的工作经验吧。A: 好的,我到现在为止已经在计算机工程行业工作6年了。我对硬件和软件都很熟悉,并具有系统开发的实际操作经验,包括系统分析和设计。I: 你用过什么系统?A: 我用过目前市面上的所有系统。I: 那你觉得Microcom公司的新系统如何?A: 我对它并不像对其他老系统那样熟悉,但我学得很快,我能短时间内掌握它。I: 那你认为你有什么长处?A: 我知识丰富、头脑冷静。 /200602/4213。

6、询问婚姻与家庭请说说你家里的情况。Please say something about your family.Would you tell me something about your family?Could you please tell me something about your family?跟我谈谈你的父母。Tell me about your parents.你结婚了吗?Are you married?Have you got married?For example:A:Are you married?你结婚了吗?B:No,I am still single.没有,我还是单身。Yes,Im married.是的,我结婚了。你什么时候结婚的?When did you get married?For example:A: When did you get married?你什么时候结婚的?B: I got married in 2004.我于 2004 年结婚。get married表示动作,如果要表示结婚的状态则必须用be married。你的婚姻状况如何?Whats your marital status?For example:A:Whats your marital status?你的婚姻状况如何?B:Im unmarried./Im not married.我没有结婚。marital (adj.)婚姻的你结婚多久了?How long have you been married?For example:A:How long have you been married?你结婚多久了?B:I have been married for three years.我已经结婚 3 年了。家里有多少人?How many are there in your family?How many people are there in your family?How many persons are there in your family?How big is your family?How many family members do you have?For example:A:How many are there in your family?家里有多少人?B:We are only three in all. I have a five-year old son.我们总共只有3 口人。我有一个5岁的儿子。谁是家里的经济柱?Who supports your family?For example:A:Who support your family?谁是家里的经济柱?B:Both my father and mother do.由爸爸和妈妈共同维持家庭生活。我是家中的老二,我还有个哥哥。Im the second child. I have one brother older than me.我的弟弟比我小两岁。My brother is two years younger than me.我是独生子(独生女)。Im the only child.我的和我相差了12岁。My sister and I are 12 years apart.我的们彼此之间只差3岁。Therere only three years between my sisters.我们总共有7 口人。There are seven of us altogether.你们有几个小孩?How many children do you have?For example:A: How many children do you have?你们有几个小孩?B: We have two children,a boy and a girl.我们有两个小孩,一男一女。你太太工作吗?Is your wife working?For example:A: Is your wife/husband working?你太太/先生工作吗?B: No,she/he isnt.不,她/他不工作。我们要把你爱人和孩子安排过来吗?Do we have to transfer your wife and children here?For example:A: Do we have to transfer your wife and children here?我们要把你爱人和孩子安排过来吗?B: Yes,l hope so. Its inconvenient to live apart.是的,我希望如此。分居很不方便。transfer somebody to a new place 把某人调到一个新单位你的太太在哪里,做什么工作?Where and what kind of work does your wife do?你们有孩子吗?Do you have children?For example:A: Do you have children?你们有孩子吗?B: Yes,I have a girl.是的,我有一个女儿。除了爸妈和我以外,我还有哥哥和。Besides my parents and me,there are my brother and my sister.besides除……之外(尚有......)。你的父亲是做什么的?What does your father do?What is your fathers occupation?What is your fathers profession?For example:A: What does your father do?你的父亲是做什么的?B: My father works for the railway company.我的爸爸在铁路局工作。你父亲多大年纪了?How old is your father?For example:A: How old is your father?你父亲多大年纪了?B: He is sixty years old.他 60 岁了。我的父亲去年过世了。My father passed away last year.pass away 去世你和家人一起住吗?Do you live with your family?For example:A: Do you live with your family?你和家人一起住吗?B: Yes,I live with my parents.是的,我同父母一起住。你有没有兄弟?Do you have any brothers and sisters?Any brothers and sisters?For example:A: Do you have any brothers and sisters?你有没有兄弟?B: No,I am the only son.不,我是家中的独生子。你是家中年龄最大的孩子吗?Are you the oldest child in your family?For example:A: Are you the oldest child in your family?你是家中年龄最大的孩子吗?B: Yes,I am.是的,我是。你花很多时间和家人交谈吗?Do you spend much time talking with your family?For example:A: Do you spend much time talking with your family?你花很多时间和家人交谈吗?B: Oh,yes. We all work at taking time to talk with each other.哦,是的。我们都努力花时间互相交谈。spend some time doing sth.花费时间去做某事。我通常在周末和家人聚会。I usually get together my family on weekends.你和你弟弟相处得怎样?How do you get along with your brother?For example:A: How do you get along with your brother?你和你弟弟相处得怎样?B: We get along very well.我们相处得很好。get along with 与......相处 /201501/351986。

2 衣试穿3句英文任你选Can I try it on?我可以试试吗?I want try it on.我想、试试这件。Where is the fitting room?试衣间在哪里?半个句型要记牢try on (试穿)Tip:买衣试穿是必须的,一些特价品或特殊衣物不让试。 /201503/364074。

第一句:You can pay on arrival.货到付款。A: Then how should we pay? 我们怎么付款呢?B: You can pay on arrival.货到付款。A: Joe, you said it.乔,你说得对。第二句:Oh, this shopper doesnt accept payment on arrival.噢,这个店家不接受货到付款。A: Oh, this shopper doesnt accept payment on arrival. 噢,这个店家不接受货到付款。B: Why not change the supplier?那为什么不换一个供应商呢? A: They offer the best price.他们价格最低背诵句型:Then what should I care about while shopping online?网上购物时我应该注意什么?Choose the website of high credit.选择信用好的网站。 /201309/254968。