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赣州膨体隆鼻赣州注射去皱费用Good afternoon, everyone. It is my privilege to welcome you to this landmark gathering – the first U.S.-ASEAN Summit hosted by the ed States. This reflects my personal commitment, and the national commitment of the ed States, to a strong and enduring partnership with your 10 nations individually and to Southeast Asia as one region, as one community – ASEAN.I want to thank my co-chair, President Choummaly of Laos; Secretary General Minh; and leaders from all 10 ASEAN nations for being here.As everyone knows, I first came to know the people and the beauty and the strength of Southeast Asia as a boy when I lived in Indonesia for several years with my mother. As President, Ive had the opportunity to visit most of your countries. You and the people of ASEAN have always shown me extraordinary hospitality, and I hope we can reciprocate with the warmth today and tomorrow – which is why I did not hold this summit in Washington. It is cold there. Its snowing. So, welcome to beautiful, warm Sunnylands. As President, Ive insisted that even as the ed States confronts urgent threats around the world, our foreign policy also has to seize on new opportunities. And few regions present more opportunity to the 21st century than the Asia Pacific. Thats why, early in my presidency, I decided that the ed States, as a Pacific nation, would rebalance our foreign policy and play a larger and long-term role in the Asia Pacific. And this has included engagement with Southeast Asia and ASEAN, which is central to the regions peace and prosperity, and to our shared goal of building a regional order where all nations play by the same rules.As part of our deeper engagement, Im proud to be the first U.S. President to meet with leaders of all 10 ASEAN countries. This summit marks our seventh meeting. At your invitation, the ed States joined the East Asia Summit, and together weve made it the regions leading forum for addressing political and security challenges. Ive made now seven visits to the ASEAN region – more than any previous American President. At our last meeting in Kuala Lumpur, we forged a new Strategic Partnership. And our sustained engagement is delivering concrete results that benefit all of us – momentum that we can build on here at this summit.Together, we can continue to increase the trade and economic partnerships that create jobs and opportunity for our people. Since I took office, weve boosted trade between the ed States and ASEAN by 55 percent. The region is now our fourth largest goods trading partner, including U.S. exports that support more than 500,000 American jobs. U.S companies have been the largest source of foreign investment in ASEAN – one of the many reasons that the regions GDP has surged in recent years, lifting people from poverty into the middle class.201603/428725赣州祛疤 And yet, in spite of that, artificial life support has been successful. Barely a year after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, financial markets have stabilized, stock markets have rebounded, and the economy is showing signs recovery. People want to return to business as usual and think of the Crash of 2008 as a bad dream.而尽管如此,人工生命保障系统还是成功地起了作用。在雷曼兄弟破产仅一年时间后,金融市场就稳定下来。股市反弹,经济开始出现复苏迹象。人们想恢复到正常的经济生活中,而把2008年经济崩溃看成是一场噩梦。I regret to tell you that the recovery is liable to out of steam and may even be followed by a ;double dip; although I am not sure whether it will be in 2010 or 2011.很遗憾地告诉大家,经济复苏的进程可能会减缓,甚至可能出现“再次衰退”,尽管我还不确定它会发生在2010年还是 2011 年。My views are far from unique but they are at variance with the prevailing mood. The longer the turnaround lasts the more people will come to believe in it, but in my judgment, the prevailing mood is far removed from reality. This is characteristic of far-from-equilibrium situations when perceptions tend to lag behind reality. To complicate matters, the lag works in both directions. Most people have not yet realized that this crisis is different from previous ones — that we are at the end of an era. Others including me failed to anticipate the extent of the rebound. The confusion is not confined to the financial sphere; it extends to the entire international arena.我的观点绝不是异端,但的确与众不同。周期持续的时间越长,相信它的人就越多。但是,在我看来,大众的想法与现实还是有很大差距的。这正是“远离平衡状态”的典型特征,即认知滞后于现实。更为复杂的是,滞后体现在两个方向。大多数人还没有意识到这次危机不同于以往,没有认识到我们处于一个时代的尾声;而其他人,包括我在内,未能预见到经济反弹的程度。这种混乱状况不仅局限于金融领域,而且还波及整个国际舞台。201409/326443Class of !届的同学们,I dont think I hurt you.我不认为这伤害了你们。First I’d like you to stand up, and wave and cheer your supportive family and friends!首先我希望大家都站起来,向持你们的亲朋好友挥手致意!I’m sure you can find them out there.我相信你们都能在人群中找到他们。Show your love!把你们的爱表现出来吧!It is a great honor for me to be here today.今天来到这里我很荣幸。Now wait a second.请稍等一下。I know: that’s such a cliche.我知道,对于刚才那句陈词滥调,You’re thinking: every graduation speaker says that — It’s a great honor.大家可能会想:每一位毕业典礼的演讲者都会说——很荣幸。But, in my case, it really is so deeply true--being here is more special and more personal for me than most of you know.但就我而言,的确字真意深——我来到这里发言有着你们诸位并不知道的更特殊、更个人的意义。I’d like to tell you why.我愿意告诉你们这背后的故事。A long time ago, in the cold September of 1962,很久以前,1962年的寒冷9月,there was a Steven’s co-op at this very university.这座校园里有一家史蒂文消费合作社。That co-op had a kitchen with a ceiling that had been cleaned by student volunteers probably every decade or so.此合作社有一间厨房,那里的天花板由学生志愿者打扫,大概每十来年才一次吧。Picture a college girl named Gloria, climbing up high on a ladder, struggling to clean that filthy ceiling.想象一下,画面上有位名叫格洛里亚的女大学生爬上了高高的梯子努力地打扫那脏兮兮的天花板。Standing on the floor, a young boarder named Carl was admiring the view.一位名叫卡尔的寄宿生站在地上,为该情景钦佩不已。And that’s how they met.这就是他俩的初次邂逅。They were my parents,他俩就是我的父母亲,so I suppose you could say I’m a direct result of that kitchen chemistry experiment, right here at Michigan.所以我想你们会说,我就是这里——密歇根大学那个“厨房化学实验”的直接成果。My Mom is here with us today,我的母亲今天也来到了这里,and we should probably go find the spot ,也许我们应该去找到他们相遇之处,and put plaque up on the ceiling that says:;Thanks Mom and Dad!;并在天花板上镶嵌一块铭牌,刻上“谢谢爸爸、妈妈!;201308/251944赣州皮肤医院去痣多少钱

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