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One is the giant business, whose software powers more than 90% of the world's computers. The other is the firm, which has revolutionised the way many communicate. Now Skype is being swallowed up by Microsoft.微软,一个商业巨头,它占有世界上90%的计算机软件权力,另外这一公司已经革命性地改变了许多交流方式,现在Skype正在被它收购。 It’s just eight years since Skype started helping people to make calls over the internet for nothing,and this the third time it’s been bought and sold.这仅仅是八年自从Skype开始没有任何利益的帮助人们能通过网络进行交流。这已经是第三次它被卖和收购。Microsoft has been struggling to prove it can compete with the likes of Google and Apple.Now as it tries to make an impact on the mobile-phone world,it wants Skype to help it become a bigger force.微软一直在努力地明自己是可以与谷歌和苹果进行竞争的,就象现在微软正试着在手机世界造成一定的影响,它要Skype帮助它成为更强大的一个集团。Skype is now used by 170 million people around the world(each month),not just on their computers,but on the move-on their mobile phones and even on their tablet devices.Skype现在每个月的客户流量达到170万,他们不仅仅在自己的电脑上使用,还把这个用到了他们的手机,甚至移到他们的平板电脑上。Microsoft wants to tap in to this connected community,but it's paying a huge price for a business that isn't even profitable.微软要进入这个网络连接的团体,但它为这一甚至没有利益的商业投入很大的资金。201110/156205。

Oh, we have too many these guys, and you gotta hate this one. This guy is particularly hateable. Right now, we got a very special guest here in the studio. With “this” I do mean special.Some idiots advanced their skills with music or numbers. Twelve-year-old James Kimura’s skill is spelling. Like a real life Rain Man. That’s right, Tracy. Here’s him winning the New Jersey State Spelling Bee. He did such a good job there that he gets to represent the state in the National's. And he joined us live right here in the Today Now Studios. James, good morning.Good morning to you. James, we’re both so proud of you. Yeah, when I won, I would like ‘Yes’!But James, tell us how do you get to be able to spell like that. My brain works normally, so I don’t, I can’t even find it.I study like two or three hours a day.What is going on in your brain right now? I think you can probably understand everything we’re saying but is it all jumbled up and maybe you see random colors and flashes and stuff like that.Oh, I don’t. I’m just…I’m fine. I understand your school has actually put you into a specialized institution… the gifted and talented program?Well, those are accelerated learning classes.Ah, is that what they’re calling now?Yeah.Well let’s take another look at you up on that big high stage.e-u-d-a-e-m-o-n-i-c, eudaemonic.That’s correct.Tracy, look at him in there. He may not be able to feed himself but he can spell the word I cannot even pronounce. Woo…I can feed myself. I am just fine. James, the other kids must be so cruel to you, aren't they?No, they treat me fine.Do they call your names? No, I’m fine. No, I bet they do.I bet they've really hurt your feelings.They never called my names.Well, James, do you know if your mother did a lot of drinking or had a drug problem while she was pregnant with you.No, she didn’t. She was fine.I really admire her strength in raising you. I mean I would have just tossed you in the gutter to end your agony. There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just smart. Right. James , if you want to howl or pound your head against something, you just go ahead and do it.There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just smart. You just do whatever you have to do.No, I’m just…I’m just smart.05/71035。

As the number of swine flu cases in Australia soars past 4,500, new research indicates that indigenous people may be more susceptible to the contagious virus, compounding an array of existing health conditions. The findings have been detailed in the medical journal The Lancet. The authors have warned of a looming international public health catastrophe.07/76954。

A resurgent Republican Party is basking in the afterglow of its best midterm electoral showing in 16 years. Republicans scored a huge majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, pared the Democratic majority in the Senate, and captured a slew of governorships across the nation.美国共和党16年来最好的一次中期选举结果让他们备受鼓舞。共和党在众议院以巨大优势赢得多数,削弱了民主党在参议院的多数派势力,并夺取了全国各地大量的州长职位。Two years after American voters gave Democrats the White House and the party's biggest legislative majorities in a generation, they forcefully reversed course and handed a significant chunk of power back to Republicans. With the nation mired in economic doldrums, high unemployment, and soaring national debt, an angry and anxious electorate dealt Democrats a stern rebuke.两年前,美国选民一手帮助民主党人入主白宫,并使他们获得20多年以来在立法机构中多数党优势最为显著的一次胜利。如今他们奋力扭转了这一格局,把相当大的一部分权力重新交回共和党人手中。随着全国经济陷入低迷、失业率居高不下以及国债不断飙升,愤怒和焦虑的选民们对民主党人给予严苛的责难。House Republican Leader John Boehner is expected to become the chamber's next speaker -- and the man President Barack Obama will have to work with to get legislation passed beginning next year. Addressing jubilant supporters, Boehner took stock of America's new governing reality. 众议院共和党领袖纳预期将成为众议院下一任议长,也是奥巴马总统自明年伊始推动立法通过时不得不与之合作的人物。纳在对欢欣鼓舞的持者们发表讲话时,审视了美国新的执政现实。"While our new majority will serve as your voice in our people's house, we must remember, it's the president who sets the agenda for our government," Boehner said. "The American people have sent an unmistakable message to him tonight, and that message is, 'change course.'"纳说:“在属于全美国人民的众议院中,我们作为新的多数派将代表你们的声音。同时,我们也必须铭记,设定政府议程的人是总统。全美国人民今晚已经向他发出了明确无误的讯息。这个讯息就是:改变现有的政策方向。”Republicans will have a commanding House majority of well over 40 seats.共和党人将在众议院掌握远远超过40个席位的绝对优势。201011/117294。

HP’s grand vision惠普的远见Aping IBM效仿IBMHP needs to transform itself if it is to avoid becoming obsolete要想不被淘汰,惠普需要改变自己Aug 27th 2011 | from the print edition WHEN the board of HP, the world’s largest computer-maker, unveiled plans to restructure, it expected the company’s shares to suffer; but not to crash by 20%. HP’s bosses thought investors would love their plan to spin off the firm’s low-margin personal-computer (PC) business, but be wary of their plan to buy Autonomy, a British software-maker, for a handsome .3 billion. In fact, they hated both ideas. On August 19th, the day after the announcement, they wiped billion off HP’s market value.惠普这个世界上最大的电脑制造商,在其董事会公布重组计划时,就曾预料其股价将会下跌,但没想到会跌20%。惠普老板本以为,他们准备放弃营利较低的个人电脑业务的计划,会得到投资者的持;但对于以天价收购英国软件公司Autonomy的计划,投资者会表示出担忧。事实上,投资者对这两项计划都不买账。8月19日,就在他们发出声明的第二天,惠普的市值便狂跌了112亿美元。One problem was that the announcement left unclear what HP wanted to do with its PC unit and why exactly it intends to pay so much for Autonomy. Another factor was that many of the firm’s shareholders are short-termists, who were scared away by lowered revenue and profit forecasts. But the big problem is that Léo Apotheker, HP’s newish boss, is taking a huge gamble. He is trying to follow the example of IBM, by reducing HP’s dependence on hardware and pushing up into software and services.一个问题是,在声明中,惠普对于如何处理其个人电脑业务问题,态度不明朗;对于计划高价收购Autonomy的理由,也没能说得清楚。另一个因素是,很多股东看重的是短期利益,惠普的营业额和利润数预测数双双减少,吓跑了不少投资者。但最大的问题是,惠普上任不久的总裁里奥#8226;阿普赛克所冒的风险实在有点大,他试图效仿IBM,降低惠普对计算机硬件的依赖,转而主攻计算机软件和务。To grasp what HP has in mind, one has to understand the two main currents in the IT industry. First, nearly any new technology quickly becomes a commodity that is easily copied and hence not very profitable. This is why IT firms are always trying to move “up the stack” into software and services, where margins are higher. Second, the biggest IT firms typically control what is known as a “platform”: a digital foundation on which others build their products, such as Microsoft’s Windows. This allows them to capture a disproportionate share of the industry’s profits.要想了解惠普的意图,必须先要弄清IT行业的两个主要趋势。第一,几乎所有快速被商品化的新技术都很容易被对手模仿,因此利润不多。这也是IT公司总是想着要上移堆栈,进入营利较高的计算机软件和务领域的原因。第二,所谓的计算机平台往往由最大的IT公司独自控制,“平台”是其他公司产品的电子基础,微软视窗就是一个例子。这些大公司因此能够获得行业利润的较大份额。201108/151381。

The Republican nomination共和党党内提名It's showtime表演正当时The Republicans are, at last, seriously getting on with choosing a candidate to take on Barack Obama next year 共和党终于认真物色候选人参加明年大选,与奥巴马一决高下Jun 9th 2011 | WASHINGTON, DC | from the print edition IT HAS been said so often that it has come to look self-evident. But is the Republican field in the race for next year’s presidential election really so weak? Democrats said much the same about their own candidates in 1991, only to see Bill Clinton capture the White House. 选局再明显不过了。然而共和党阵营在明年的总统大选中真的不堪一击吗?1991年民主党也认为自己的候选人没有胜算,但最终比尔克林顿赢得了大选,入主白宫。True, Americans take a dim view of the field so far, if recent surveys by the Pew Research Centre and the Washington Post are to believed. Only 25% had a good impression of the likely candidates. Many stars have decided to sit this race out. But this week brought a surprise. Less than a week after announcing that he was running again, Mitt Romney, who came second to John McCain in 2008, found himself head-to-head, at 47% each, against Barack Obama in a Washington Post/A poll. Maybe the president is not unassailable after all. 事实上,要是皮尤研究中心和华盛顿邮报近期所做的调查属实的话,美国人对共和党参选阵营持悲观态度。只有25%的人对共和党大选候选人持好印象。许多政治明星人物都决定独善其身,隔岸观火。然而本周爆出了一个惊人的消息。根据华盛顿邮报和美国广播公司进行的调查,在米特罗姆尼宣布第二次参选的几天后,就与巴拉克奥巴马各获得47%的持率。也许总统之位并非遥不可及。2008年米特罗姆尼曾和同为共和党籍的约翰麦凯恩一起参加党内提名选举,后宣布退出。201106/140893。

Economic Outlook Slides in Europe and Asia欧洲和亚洲的经济前景黯淡 European stock markets fell Friday after a mixed performance in Asia. A weak outlook for oil prices depressed global markets as share of crude hits its lowest level in five years. 欧洲股市星期五下跌。亚洲股市有升有降。油价前景看空使原油类股跌落到五年来的最低点,全球股市也受此拖累。European stocks are generally down again as energy shares made investors skittish. 能源类股让投资人感到不安。欧洲股市再次整体下滑。Earlier in Asia, Japan's central bank slashed its key interest rate down to just a tenth of one percent. The Japanese government predicts the nation's economy will experience negative growth through 2010. 在亚洲方面,日本央行把基准利率削减到0.1%。日本政府预测,日本经济的负增长局面将会持续到2010年。The economic storm there is badly affecting exports. Various media reports out of Japan say Toyota, the country's top-ranked automaker, will announce its first-ever operating loss next week. 这场经济风暴严重影响到出口。日本多家媒体的报导都说,日本头号汽车制造商丰田公司将在下个星期公布首次运营亏损的消息。Toyota sales have nosedived due to the soaring value of the yen, which makes Japanese products more expensive overseas. 由于日元大幅度升值推高了日本产品在海外的价格,所以丰田汽车的销售急剧下滑。Here in Britain, Prime Minister Gordon Brown held his final monthly news conference of the year. While not ignoring the tough times ahead, he underlined that getting out of this downturn will only be accomplished through coordinated, global action. 在英国方面,布朗首相举行了今年最后一次的月度记者招待会。他对今后的困难直言不讳,同时也强调,只有通过全球协调行动经济才能够走出这次的衰退。"So if 2008 was the year we confronted the global downturn, must be the year that the world comes together to invest and build a prosperous future while giving real help to families and businesses now. And the countries that continue to invest for the future through the downturn, will be the countries that emerge stronger in the future," he said. “所以,如果2008年是我们遭遇全球衰退的一年,那么,年就一定是全世界行动一致,投资建设未来繁荣的一年。我们现在就要给家庭和企业提供实质性帮助。那些在衰退时期投资未来的国家将来会变得更加强大。”Mr. Brown says in Britain and elsewhere, the right things are being done right now to combat this difficult recession but he stressed it will take time to see results work through the system. 布朗在英国和世界其它地方多次表示,为了跟这一阶段的衰退进行战斗,有关方面正在采取各种可能的措施。但是,布朗强调,这些措施要在经济体系中产生效果还需要一些时日。"Yes, it is unfortunate that we have been the victim of a global downturn. It is unfortunate that it sp from being a financial crisis into affecting all the sectors of our economy. But we are in a strong position to deal with this because we have cut interest rates, we have injected money into the economy, we are a competitive economy and over the next few months you will see for many people a result of the fall in oil prices and the fall also in food prices that peoples' standards of living, for many, many people will go up," said Brown. “是的,很不幸,我们已经成为这次全球衰退的受害者。很不幸,这次衰退正在从一次金融危机扩大到整个经济的各个领域。不过,我们现在所处的位置相当坚实,原因是:我们已经削减了利率,给经济注入了资金,我们的经济富有竞争力,在今后几个月,人们会看到油价的下滑和食品价格的下滑对人们的生活产生了效果,许多、许多人的生活水平将会提高。”Although oil prices have tumbled from nearly 0 to a barrel in the past six months, Mr. Brown warns that price volatility will remain a pressing challenge. 虽然油价在过去的六个月里已经从将近150美元一桶下降到30多美元一桶,布朗还是提醒人们,价格的波动依然是严峻的挑战。Adding to the gloom was a prediction by a top banking association that said the worst has yet to come for the world economy. 一家有名望的金融业机构的预测加重了前景的暗淡程度。这个机构认为,世界经济最糟糕的时候还在后面。The Institute of International Finance (IIF), which represents more than 375 of the world's major banks and financial institutions, said the global economy would shrink by 0.4 percent in after two-percent growth this year. 国际金融协会表示,全球经济明年将会收缩0.4%。这个机构认为,今年的增长为2%。国际金融协会代表着全球至少375家大和大的金融机构。Charles Dallara, managing director of the IIF, called the current situation "the most severe, globally synchronized recession in modern economic history" as he presented the report at a news conference in Washington on Thursday. 国际金融协会的执行主任查尔斯.达拉拉(Charles Dallara)星期四在华盛顿举行记者招待会公布了该协会的一份研究报告。达拉拉称目前的形势是“当代经济史上最严重的全球同步衰退。”Powerhouse economies - including the ed States, the 15-nation eurozone and Japan - that are now in recession were forecast to contract a hefty 1.4 percent amid the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. 世界主要的经济体美国、欧元区15国和日本等现在都已经陷入衰退。经济预测说,在未来一年中,这些经济体将会在大萧条以来出现的最严重的金融危机中收缩1.4%。200812/59300。

Analysts see big euro rate cuts? Eurozone inflation plunges and unemployment rises, sparking speculation of a 50 basis point cut from the ECB next week. Interest rates refocus on the speculations is that European Central Bank's rate cuts expected next week would be sizeable. Fresh data shows November's euro zone inflation plunge to 2.1% and unemployment rose faster than expected. Most analysts now predict a 50 basis point cut when the ECB meets next week. Euros may market open down 0.3% after seen arise to 11.6% earlier this week. Oil was also down dipping below a barrel on a roundup to OPEC this weekend.Meanwhile, shares in Germany's Commerz Bank surged as it sealed its takeover with Dresdner now ahead of time. Commerz Bank will pay just over 5 billion euros or 6.6 billion US dollars. The move is expected to see 9 thousand jobs go, the combined group would become Germany's biggest bank in terms of customer numbers, although it will still be second to Deutsch in terms of assets. In London, the government will own 58% of Royal Bank of Scotland of the shareholder shunned the rescue plan, investors only signed up for tiny portion of the offering, leaving the government with the remaining 22.8 billion shares. On Friday morning, shares in London fell by 1.27%. In India, markets reopened after being closed on Thursday, following attacks in the financial capital of Mumbai. After what analysts called a ‘knee-jerk reaction’, the market settled back with Mumbai's Sensex Index ending Friday slightly up. The attacks on two luxury hotels and elsewhere have left scores dead and hundreds wounded. The fear now with foreigner investors would start withdrawing from an aly shaky market. Hayley Platt, Reuters.参考中文翻译:欧洲地区通胀率降低,失业率上升,预计下周欧洲中央会降息50个基点。根据预期,欧洲中央下周例利率下调幅度将会很大。最新数据显示,11月份欧洲地区通胀率下跌到2.1%,而失业率升幅超过预期。大部分分析家预测下周欧洲中央将会下调利率大概50个基点。本周初,欧元上升到11.6%,而再度开市将下跌0.3%。根据OPEC的数据,本周末石油价格每桶也下跌到54美元以下。同时,德国Commerz在提前接管Dresdner之后,股价迅速上升。Commerz仅会付50亿欧元或者66亿美元。该举动预期会使9000人失去工作,该联合集团按照客户量来计算将会成为德国最大的,但是按照资产来计算,排在Deutsch之后,屈居第二。在伦敦,政府拥有苏格兰皇家58%的股份,规避救市方案,但是投资者仅签署了很少的一部分,政府还持有生育的228亿股。周五早上,伦敦的股价下跌了1.27%。在印度,周三由于孟买恐怖袭击关闭后重新开市。在分析家所称的“自动反应效应”周五收盘时Sensex Index 指数轻微上涨。发生在两个奢华大酒店的恐怖袭击使几十人丧命,数百人受伤。外国投资者可能会退出已经摇摆不定的市场。 200812/57573。

Here we are on the Serengeti Plain in Africa, where an ostrich has abandoned an egg and a hungry jackal means to make a meal out of it. What we’ve got here is a highly motivated animal trying and failing to figure out this culinary conundrum. It’s just a little too big, a little too slippery, a little too everything for the jackal. There’s three pounds of food in there, and it’s gonna stay in there, right? Not if this Egyptian vulture has anything to do with it. These birds are always on the lookout for edible orbs in jackal-proof packaging. Ostrich eggs are an important source of protein, and this vulture has a strategy to get at its contents. The Egyptian vulture is one of the few birds in the world that figure out how to use a stone as a tool. Some scientists feel that this isn’t intelligence so much as highly evolved instinct. Whatever it is, it works. The vulture finally cracks a hole big enough for its beak. The vulture is one step closer to mealtime than the jackal, but it’s not home free yet. You see, here on the Serengeti, the sound of a cracked eggshell is like a newsflash. The word is out, and other diners are y to line up. A tawny eagle shows up to share in the bounty. But an even bigger customer is about to appear. Check out this lappet-faced vulture. Would you wanna mess with this bird? At nearly four feet tall, it’s the largest, most aggressive vulture on the Serengeti. When it comes to a food find like this, pecking order is strictly observed. The biggest bird gets the booty.07/79211。

This is extreme sky-diving. Nils is an extreme sport enthusiast. Jumping from a plane is no longer enough to satisfy him. With his friend Hans, he plans to scale a 100-meter-high rock face in Voss, and then jump off it. He turns his sky-diving skills to base jumping. It's a nice wall because it's a little bit 1 . So we have good space. The special thing about this spot is that we have to land on the road, so we have to take care of the cars. Assessing the traffic so that they can land safely requires precise timing, adding an extra layer of risk for these thrill-seekers. The climbing up the rock face was painful,all that hard work for a jump that will be over in seconds. When the extreme sport elites from across the world meet in Voss,a lot of parachutists deliberately land directly on the 2 in front of the Fleischer's hotel, for a beer. The hotel was built in 1889. Famous guests even included the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm. The hotel's changed a lot since then. But the Kaiser's old toilet has been preserved.注释:①enthusiast: n. 狂热者,热心家例句:Each article is by an enthusiast in the relevant field, for no pay, and edited by fellow volunteers.每篇内容都由某相关领域的热心人士撰写,没有稿酬,编辑者也同样是志愿人士。②parachutist: n. 伞兵;跳伞人例句:The parachutist dived from the plane. 那名伞兵从飞机上跳伞。③jump off: 跳下来;开始,开始进攻例句:The attack will jump off at midnight. 午夜一到,进攻就开始了。 课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156194。