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崇义县做鼻尖整形多少钱After how many dates would you kiss someone, send them a Facebook friend request or spend the night with them?约会几次后你会亲吻对方,发出脸谱网的好友请求或与其一起过夜?According to a new study exploring the dos and don#39;ts of dating, you shouldn#39;t lock lips until the second date or connect on Facebook until at least the third. And don#39;t even dream of jumping into bed with them before the fourth rendezvous.根据一项对人们约会守则的新调查,直到第二次约会你才能与对方亲吻、至少第三次约会才能在脸谱网上联系。甚至在第四次约会之前都不要梦想着与之同床共枕。The research, commissioned by TLC’s new dating show Undressed, also suggests that men should be the first text after a successful date and women should respond within a quarter of an hour if keen.该研究由旅游生活频道(TLC)的新相亲节目《脱光》委托进行,研究结果也表明,在一次成功的约会后男方应该首先给对方发短信,而如果女方对其很感兴趣应该在15分钟内回复。When it comes to messaging, a maximum of two kisses is all that is required as an end note.说到发短信,作为结束聊天的信号最多是两个吻。Any more might be too #39;over the top#39;, while any less could apparently come across as ‘cold’. A definite no-no is waiting for the other person to text first.两个以上可能会“太过”,而少于两个则可能给人明显“冷淡”的印象。明确的禁忌是等待对方先发短信。Half of the 1,500 Brits quizzed in the study said it was important for their potential love interest to make contact first - which means the other half of daters will be left disappointed.受访的1500名英国人中有一半表示,潜在的恋爱对象先联系自己很重要——这意味着另外一半的约会对象会感到失望。It seems that #39;playing it cool#39; isn#39;t in vogue anymore either. A third of respondents said they would text back within a quarter of an hour, with only five percent saying they’d wait as long as two hours.看来“装酷”也不时尚了。三分之一的受访者表示,他们会在15分钟内回复短信,只有5%的人说他们会等长达两个小时后再回复。Just 23 percent of people think that texting back straight away is a sign of being #39;too keen#39; with the majority of Brits saying they are happy to get right back in contact with a love interest.仅23%的人认为立即回复短信是“太急切”的信号,大多数英国人表示他们很高兴立即收到爱慕对象的回复。However, when it comes to communicating online it becomes even stickier territory.然而,当涉及到网上交流时,这就变成更加棘手的领域。On average, the survey recommends that it#39;s best to wait until some point between the third and fourth dates before sending a Facebook friend request or following a beau on Twitter.该调查建议,平均而言,最好是等到第三次与第四次约会之间的某个时间发送脸谱网的好友请求,或在推特上关注情郎。RULES OF DATING约会守则Send first text message: After one date发送第一个短信:一次约会之后Go for first kiss: After two dates第一次亲吻:两次约会之后Send Facebook friend request: After three dates发送脸谱网好友请求:三次约会之后Spend the night: After four dates一起过夜:四次约会之后Allow your partner to undress you: After five dates让你的伴侣为你宽衣解带:五次约会之后Introduce partner to friends: After five dates把伴侣介绍给朋友:五次约会之后Jo Hemmings, behavioral Psychologist for TLC’s Undressed, says that dating has become increasingly difficult in the technological era, with people having to #39;carefully orchestrate#39; what they want to say.旅游生活频道《脱光》节目邀请的行为心理学家乔-荷明斯说,在技术时代约会已经变得越来越困难,人们不得不“精心策划”自己想说的话。She continued: #39;The advance of smartphones has made dating both easier, and more difficult.她接着说:“智能手机的发展使约会变得更容易也更困难。”#39;Our parents may have had nothing more complicated to worry about than when to ring a date up on the landline, but these days there are dozens of methods of communication that all have to be carefully orchestrated.#39;“我们的父母辈需要担心的最复杂的问题不过是用固定电话定下约会日期,但如今许多沟通手段都需要精心策划。”Half of the survey participants said they#39;d looked up a potential date online before meeting in person, to get a feel for their personality and see more pictures - and 15 percent revealed they’d cancelled a date after seeing something on social media they didn’t like.调查参与者中的一半表示,见面之前他们会在网上搜索未来的约会对象,来感受对方的个性,以及查看对方更多的照片——15%的人透露,在社交媒体上看到自己不喜欢的东西后,他们会取消约会。When actually on the date, there are countless faux pas to avoid - the worst of the lot being talking about an ex too much, followed by poor personal hygiene.在实际约会时,要避免无数种失礼——最糟糕的是过多谈论前任,其次是个人卫生太差。One in ten said they would cancel a date with someone if they talked about themselves too much in messages.十分之一的人表示,如果对方在短信聊天时过多谈论自己,他们就会取消与对方的约会。The reasons for going cold after a date range from the banal to the bizarre, with one respondent admitting that he couldn’t stop staring at a date’s mole, and another saying simply, ‘They punched my cat.’在一次约会之后关系变冷的原因各种各样,有的老套,有的离奇。其中一位受访者承认他情不自禁地盯着约会对象的痣,而另一个则说:“他们用拳头揍了我的猫。”Although the study shows that three is the magic number when it comes to the number of dates needed before an overnight stay, one in ten said they need more than ten meetings to get to that point.虽然这项研究显示,当说到一起过夜之前需要几次约会时,这个神奇的数字是三,但十分之一的人表示,要达到过夜的程度他们需要十次以上的约会。Clare Laycock, head of channels at TLC amp; Investigation Discovery, said she hopes the survey results will help singletons successfully navigate the dating scene.克莱尔#8226;莱科克是旅游生活频道以及调查探索频道的主管,她说希望调查结果能帮助单身人士成功驾驭约会现场。 /201607/455280宁都县去色素痣多少钱 兴国臀部吸脂多少钱

赣州玻尿酸丰脸颊要多少钱No judgement 不作评判People are more open with automated toolsbecause they believe computers don’t judge and thatthey’re more ethical, studies show.研究显示,人们更容易对自动化工具吐露心声,因为他们认为电脑不会对自己作出评判,并且认为电脑比人类更有道德。 26% of Canadian adults believed an unbiasedcomputer program would be more trustworthy and ethical than their workplaceleaders and mangers.加拿大温哥华的市场研究公司Intensions Consulting今年3月发布的一项研究显示,26%的加拿大成年人认为,没有偏见的电脑程序比职场领导者和管理者更值得信任,也更有道德。而在20至39岁的年轻群体中,这一比例更是高达31%。A study, released in March by Vancouver,Canada-based market research firm Intensions Consulting found that 26% ofCanadian adults believed an unbiased computer program would be more trustworthyand ethical than their workplace leaders and mangers. That number was evenhigher with younger adults —those aged 20 to 39 —at 31%.该研究还发现,26%的加拿大人更愿意让没有偏见的电脑程序负责筛选、招募以及评估他们的工作表现。该研究的联合作者、未来学家尼克·拜德明顿(Nick Badminton)在新闻稿中表示:“人们正在对人类管理人员失去信任,其实理应如此。你应该信任谁?是有个人偏见和观点的人类,还是充满理性且不偏不倚的(人工智能)?”The study also found that 26% of Canadianswould rather be screened, hired and have their job performance assessed by anunbiased computer program. Nick Badminton, a futurist and a co-author of thestudy, said in a release that “people are losing faith in human management, andrightly so. Who would you trust, a human with personal biases and opinions or arational and balanced (artificial intelligence)?”26%的加拿大成年人认为,没有偏见的电脑程序比职场领导者和管理者更值得信任,也更有道德。 Lucas’s research asks that same question, butin a mental health context. She’s examined whether or not people with post-traumaticstress disorder disclose more personal information to a robot – in her case avirtual bot that looks human – than an actual doctor.卢卡斯的研究也提出了相同的问题,但却是从心理健康的背景出发。她希望了解,与医生相比,创伤后应激障碍症患者是否会向机器人透露更多个人信息——她在研究中使用了像人类一样的虚拟机器人。The “virtual agent” that she helped createasks personal and probing questions, such as “Do you have any regrets?” and “Isthere anything you wish you didn’t remember?” In her study, participants weretold that they would either be talking to a computer or a human behind the scenes.这些由她参与设计的“虚拟代理”会询问一些探索性的个人问题,例如:“你有没有遗憾?”“有没有什么事情是你想要忘记的?”在她的研究中,有的参与者被告知其沟通对象是电脑,其他人则被告知在与人类沟通。In nearly every case, the people who weretold that they were taking to a computer revealed more details than the peoplewho thought they were talking to a human, Lucas said. She then asked theparticipants if they felt judged or if they were afraid that the human or thecomputer was going to negatively evaluate them. Those who thought they weretalking to a computer said no, the others said yes.卢卡斯表示,几乎在所有情况下,被告知与电脑沟通的参与者都会披露更多信息。她随后询问参与者,他们是否感觉自己被对方评判,或者是否担心屏幕后面的人或电脑会对自己作出负面评价。被告知与电脑沟通的人给出了否定回答,其他人则给出了肯定回答。 /201605/440830 1.Letting the party go on a little too long1.吃喝玩乐的时间略长Sure, your 20s is usually a life period where you#39;re pretty free of responsibilities, and many of us use that time to enjoy life and go a little wild. But take this too far and you will regret it, warn a number of Quora users.确实,20多岁通常是人的一生中最无拘无束的时期,而且很多同龄人都会选择在这段时期享受生活甚至干点疯狂的事情。但是时间长了你就会后悔了,Quora上许多答主都这么提出警告。2.Living the life your parents want for you, not the one you want2.过着父母希望你过的生活,而不是你自己想过的生活One of the top regrets of seniors is following others#39; expectations for their life rather than their own dreams and preferences. Apparently, there#39;s a particular flavor of this problem that#39;s common as early as your 20s--living out your parents#39; aspirations, not your own.对于年纪稍长的人来说,他们后悔的其中一件事情就是活在他人的期待之中而不是自己的梦想和喜好。很明显,这种特别的现象对于20多岁的年轻人来说是也同样常见——活出父母的愿望,而不是自己的梦想。3.Working on a relationship before you work on yourself3.在能够独立自理前就经营一段感情According to both everyday wisdom and reams of research, love is central to happiness. But you can#39;t really form a quality relationship with someone else until you have your own self sorted, caution several Quora respondents. Rush things and you#39;ll just end up in a regrettable muddle.根据每日智慧与大量的研究表明,幸福最为重要的因素就是爱。但是,只有当你能够完全独立,你才能与他人建立一段良好的关系,许多Quora答主是这么回答的。冲动鲁莽只会使你陷入后悔的泥潭。4.Confusing a job and a career4.混淆职业与事业的概念Your 20s are almost always a decade of professional growth. Several respondents cautioned that you can slow that process if you#39;re not clear with yourself about the value of any particular gig. For some folks that means investing too much in a rent-paying gig they aren#39;t passionate about. For others it means failing to see to it that their current job or interest could and should be built into a real career.每个人的20多岁事情几乎都是事业发展的关键时期。许多Quora答主都认为,如果你无法认清自己的某项职业行动的价值,你大可以缓一缓。对于有些人来说这就意味着过度投资于付清租房费用,但他们却并不为之感到振奋。对于别人来说则意味着无法保他们当前的职业或兴趣能否或应否培养起一份真正的事业。You can regret either under- or overinvesting in your work, the lesson seems to be. What you won#39;t regret is being clear-eyed about your longer-term professional trajectory and whether today#39;s effort is serving your goals, whatever they may be.你可以后悔自己对工作的投入不足或过度,但你会学到其中的经验。但你不会后悔的是能够看清自己的长期职业发展轨道,以及今天的努力能否为你的目标务,无论是什么目标。5.Not exercising5.缺少运动Your body is at its peak when you#39;re young. Keep it healthy, or you#39;ll soon regret it.你的身体在你年轻的时候处于鼎盛时期。所以你得保持身体健康,否则以后你就会后悔了。Bonus tip:Letting fear of regret hold you back额外贴士:惧怕后悔使自己却步As an end note, it#39;s also worth pointing out that while plenty of Quora members had regrets from their 20s to share, many others stressed that being too concerned about not making mistakes can paralyze you, keeping you from necessary experimentation and learning in your youth. Don#39;t let fear of regret keep you from trying and failing constructively, this group stresses.作为结束的提示,值得一提的是,虽然许多Quora答主都有在20多岁时后悔的事情,但是也有很多人强调过度拘泥不让自己犯错会麻痹你的神经,让你远离必要的实验研究以及年轻时期的经验吸收。千万不要让后悔的恐惧感使自己在尝试和建设性失败面前却步,这个群体的答主强调。It#39;s a healthy dose of perspective--keep these regrets in mind to try to avoid them, but don#39;t be held back by your fear of screwing up. Inevitably you will. Most of the time not only will you survive your misstep, but you#39;ll also come out a better person. What#39;s your top regret from your 20s?这是一个适当的视角——把这些让人后悔的事情谨记于心并尽量避免遇到它们,但不能让害怕失败的恐惧感征你。当然你会遇到这种情况。很多情况下你不仅能从这些失误中幸免于难,还能使自己变得更优秀。那么你在20多岁时最后悔的事情是什么呢? /201605/445805赣州俪人整形美容医院打保妥适怎么样赣州俪人医院去双下巴多少钱



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