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赣州俪人整形美容医院垫鼻子怎么样赣南医学院第一附属医院减肥手术多少钱Have pillow fights with your friends, camp on the roof of a villa, dress up like a pirate and hunt treasures, or put on clown face paint to fight against Batman. Sounds interesting, doesn#39;t it?和朋友来场“枕头大战”、露宿别墅屋顶、扮成海盗去寻宝,或是扮“小丑”大战蝙蝠侠。这些听上去是不是很有意思?In a blunt challenge to the warning in American Dreams in China, which says “never start a business with your best friends”, Ouyang Sidi, a graduate from Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering, and Wang Jingsheng, a graduate from South China Normal University, who are best friends, are offering these fun activities through their company. According to them, they#39;re “on the right track”.为了挑战《中国合伙人》中王阳的那句“千万不要和最好的朋友合伙开公司”,广东仲恺农业工程学院毕业生欧阳斯迪(音译)和华南师范大学的毕业生王京生(音译)这对好友合伙开了家公司,专门提供以上这些有趣的活动。在他们眼中,这条路算是走对了。The pair met while working for a local department store in Guangzhou after graduating in 2008. They were bored with the daily routine of their work.2008年毕业后,二人在广州一家百货商场工作时相识。日复一日的日常工作令他们感到厌烦。“There aren#39;t many interactive activities in China for adults,” says Ouyang. “So we thought, why not set up a company ourselves to offer more interactive events? It could be a good idea for a startup.”“国内还没有多少家专门为成年人提供互动活动的公司,”欧阳斯迪说。“所以我们想,为何不自己开家公司,来提供更多的互动活动呢?这或许是个创业的好点子。”So they set up a company that offers young professionals a platform to socialize and have fun. They make money by organizing the activities and getting sponsored. They figured that young professionals are an attractive target for advertising companies.于是他们创立了一家公司,专门为年轻白领们提供一个交友和的平台。他们的公司通过组织活动和拉赞助来盈利。他们发现,对于广告公司而言,年轻白领是一个极具吸引力的目标群体。But ideas are always a step away from reality. After founding the company in 2009, Ouyang had many ideas that he thought were interesting, but no clients picked up on them.但理想与现实间总是有一步之遥。自2009年公司成立以来,欧阳想出了许多他自认为很有趣的点子,但没有客户愿意采纳。For his pillow fight idea, Ouyang#39;s calculation was as follows: Inviting 300 people and charging them 200 yuan each equals 60,000 yuan in income.关于“枕头大战”这个想法,欧阳斯迪的预估是这样的:邀请300人前来参加、每人收取200元,这样就能赚到6万元。That#39;s a lot of money, but it didn#39;t turn out as expected. “Only 30 people signed up, so we reduced the price several times,” says Ouyang. “Finally it was a free event.”尽管这是笔不小的数目,但结果却差强人意。“只有30人报名参加,所以我们不得不多次降价,”欧阳斯迪说。“最后成了一次免费活动。”They discussed the problem of not having enough publicity for their company and the activities they offered. So they set up event pages on Douban.com to attract young people, handed out flyers on university campuses, and recruited student volunteers to help organize and promote the events.针对公司及活动宣传力度不足的问题,他们展开一番讨论。之后,他们便在豆瓣网上设立活动网页来吸引年轻人关注、在大学校园里发传单并招募学生志愿者来帮忙进行活动组织和推广工作。Ouyang and Wang found that the passionate and energetic student volunteers were full of inspiration and made a good team. So they invested more money in training them and communicating with students.欧阳斯迪和王京生发现这群充满热情与活力的学生志愿者经常会灵感迸发,善于团队协作。所以他们在培训志愿者和与学生交流这两个方面投入了更多的资金。But creativity doesn#39;t guarantee commercial success.但是创造力无法保商业上的成功。In the first two years, the company didn#39;t win any sponsors and lost money on nearly every event.刚开始的两年,公司没有拉到任何赞助,几乎每个活动都亏本。“The sky was gray for us. We couldn#39;t find a way out. It was very frustrating,” says Ouyang.欧阳斯迪说:“我们眼中的天是灰色的,找不到任何出路,十分沮丧。”But after constantly trying, an idea for throwing a Halloween party finally paid off. They got a call from Coca-Cola Co, who agreed to sponsor the event, and for the first time they made money.但是在一次次的尝试过后,举办万圣节派对的提案终于大获成功。可口可乐公司打来电话表示愿意对此次活动提供赞助,他们第一次尝到了赚钱的滋味。“I almost cried. From then on, everything became better,” says Ouyang.欧阳斯迪说:“我几乎快哭出来了。从那以后,一切都变得越来越好。”More and more companies started asking them to organize activities, including Pearl River Beer, Ricoh and Star Cruises.越来越多想要组织活动的公司找上门来,其中包括珠江啤酒、日本理光以及丽星邮轮。Last week the two best friends bought a BMW sedan and they think it#39;s now time to expand the business.上周,这对死党买了辆宝马汽车,因为他们觉得是时候要扩大业务了。“Others have begun copying our business model and we#39;re about to launch some new projects,” says Ouyang.欧阳斯迪说:“其他人开始效仿我们的经营模式,而我们也将推出一些新项目。”Fingers crossed.祝他们好运! /201306/243272赣州治疗腋臭多少钱 Tian Yuan Yuan is China`s top Internet model, a title she earned by promoting products from skin-tight leggings to rabbit fur bags through online shopping site Taobao Marketplace.田媛媛是中国第一网络名模。她在淘宝上为商家推广从紧身打底裤到兔毛手袋等商品,从而获得了这一称呼。Tian is one of 35,000 models who pose for virtual storefronts on Alibaba Group`s Taobao.田媛媛是3.5万名为阿里巴巴集团旗下的淘宝网店工作的模特之一。With little to differentiate between more than 6 million electronic storefronts, models like Tian have become the main attraction. Taobao ranks the girls based on sales of the products they pitch, as well as their popularity among vendors and fans who can vote on the website. Sellers can then make an online booking to hire a girl to pose with their product.淘宝逾600万家网店几乎大同小异,所以像田媛媛这样的模特自然成为主要卖点。淘宝依据她们所推广商品的销量,以及她们在商铺和粉丝中的人气对她们进行排名。随后商家便可以在线预约聘请一位“淘女郎”来推销自家产品。;A good model is important for sales,; said 22-year-old Tian. ;Both your facial expression and body language should match the style of clothing. For example, I will move and pose gently with office dresses, while I act cool in American style clothes.;22岁的田媛媛表示:“好模特对于提高销量很重要。你的面部表情和肢体语言都应该与衣款式搭配。比如,如果穿的是职业装,我的动作和造型都会十分优雅,而如果换做是一身美式装,我就要表现得酷劲十足。”The leggings she modelled sold some 14,000 units in a single month. She also helped shift more than 6,000 rabbit fur bags.经她推广的打底裤月销量达到约1.4万条。她还帮助商家卖出了6,000多个兔毛手袋。The models can make as much as 10,000 yuan a day, a far cry from the five-figure payouts top supermodels bank for a photo shoot, but a healthy sum considering average per capita full-year income for urban Chinese was just 21,810 yuan in 2011.这些网模一天的收入可高达一万,虽然跟日进斗金的超级名模没法儿比,但相比普通民众的人均年收入,这一数字已经非常可观了。2011年,中国城镇居民人均年收入仅为2.18万元。Alibaba is not alone in offering logistical support to small online businesses. EBay Inc, for example, owns online payment service PayPal that helps small vendors accept credit card payments. But Alibaba`s models-for-hire service is unusual in that it does back-end jobs such as photography as well as being a platform that supplies the models themselves.阿里巴巴并非是唯一一家向电子商家提供后勤持的平台。比如,易趣拥有在线付务贝宝(PayPal),这项务使得小商户可以接受信用卡付。但像阿里巴巴这种提供待聘模特的务不太常见,因为它不仅提供拍照之类的后台工作,也是一个提供模特的平台。A Taobao store owner can use the free platform to search for models by price or look, or even by specific body part such as hands or legs. Models classified as ;Japanese; or ;Korean; tend to look younger while ;European; and ;American; models have more Caucasian features.淘宝店主可利用这个免费平台,根据模特的价格或外形,甚至是手或腿等身体的特定部分,寻找相应的模特。“日韩系”模特往往比较年轻,而“欧美系”模特则具备更多的白人特征。;I used to rely on models provided by modelling agencies but because each agency has only a limited number of models, it couldn`t meet my business needs,; said Huang Shanlei, who sells lingerie on Taobao Mall.出售女式内衣的淘宝店店主黄珊蕾(音)说:“我过去靠的是模特经纪公司介绍模特,但由于每家公司的模特数量有限,无法满足我的业务需求。”Working the ;office lady; look“职业女性”范儿Working with Taobao models was easier because most of them were free agents with fewer restrictions on the types of assignments they could accept or on how the photographs from a shoot could be used, Huang said.黄珊蕾表示,与淘宝模特们的合作相对更容易,因为她们中的大多数都是自由从业者,有关她们接拍任务的类型以及所拍摄照片用途的限制较少。Model Li Qiqi poses for different stores back to back on most days, sometimes in more than 200 outfits a day. With big doll eyes, she describes her look as ;Korean office lady;.模特李琦琦(音译)大多数日子都会连续为不同店铺拍照,有时一天需要试穿200多套衣。长着一双洋娃娃般大眼睛的她称自己的外形像“韩国职业女性”。;If you model on Taobao, you focus on the specialties of the outfit and the features of the outfit. You make sure you don`t block it when posing,; said 24-year-old Li, a Shanghai native.作为土生土长的上海人,24岁的李琦琦说:“做淘宝网模,你需要注意装的特色。要确保你在拍摄时不会喧宾夺主。” /201302/225606Over the last few months, during the endurance-athletics offseason, something extraordinary happened: The line began to blur between the health effects of running marathons and eating cheeseburgers.过去几个月耐力赛事的淡季中,发生了一件很不寻常的事情:跑马拉松和吃芝士汉堡,这两件事对人体健康的影响的区别开始变得模糊起来。#39;I#39;m not worried, #39; says veteran running coach Mark Sullivan, who has run more than 150 marathons, joking that #39;there are guys who live to be 100 smoking cigarettes and eating cheeseburgers.#39;参加过150余场马拉松赛的资深跑步教练马克苏利凡(Mark Sullivan)说:“我一点儿也不担心。”他还开玩笑称:“有人又抽烟又吃芝士汉堡还能活到100岁呢。”Endurance athletes have long enjoyed a made-of-iron image. But amid mounting evidence that extraordinary doses of exercise may diminish the benefits of modest amounts, that image is being smudged. That extra six years of longevity running has been shown to confer? That benefit may disappear beyond 30 miles of running a week, suggests recent research.长期以来,耐力运动员在世人心目中都是铁人的形象。但随着越来越多的据表明,运动量过大的话,可能会减少适量运动所带来的益处。这给运动员的铁人形象蒙上了阴影。不是说跑步能让人多活六年吗?新近的研究表明,一周跑步超过30英里(约合48公里),这一好处可能就会消失殆尽。The improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels and robust cardiac health that exercise has been proven to bestow? Among extreme exercisers, those blessings may be offset partially by an increased vulnerability to atrial fibrillation and coronary-artery plaque, suggests other recent studies.如果上述说法成立,那跑马拉松能改善人的血压、胆固醇水平,并让心脏变得更为强健,这些已被实的事又该作何解释?近来另一些研究表明,对于过度锻炼者而言,由于他们更易患上心房颤动和冠状动脉斑块的病症,所以跑马拉松带来的一部分好处可能会被抵消掉。In the face of this research, long-standing skepticism about the possibility of #39;exercise overdose#39; is softening among many sports physicians. #39;The lesson I#39;ve learned from 40 years of cardiology is that when there#39;s this much smoke, there#39;s often some fire, #39; said Paul Thompson, a sports-medicine specialist and veteran marathoner who is chief of cardiology at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut.许多体育运动医学家一直都对存在“运动过量”这种可能性的说法表示质疑,但面对上述研究,他们中的很多人态度都在软化。康涅狄格州哈特福德医院(Hartford Hospital)心脏病学负责人、运动医学专家及马拉松老将保罗汤普森(Paul Thompson)说:“四十年的心脏病学职业生涯教给我一点:无中不能生有,事出总是有因。”Anecdotal concerns about endurance athletics have been building for years. Cardiac conditions that required surgery have forced into retirement two winners of the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. In 2011, Ironman winner Normann Stadler underwent emergency surgery to repair an enormous aortic aneurysm, a condition not caused but very possibly aggravated by endurance athletics. Research shows an association between endurance athletics and enlarged aortic roots.坊间关于耐力运动的担忧由来已久。铁人三项世界锦标赛(Ironman Triathlon World Championship)的两位冠军得主就因为心脏病需要动手术而被迫退役。2011年,该赛事冠军得主诺曼施泰德(Normann Stadler)就接受了一场治疗主动脉巨瘤的急诊手术。这种病虽然不是由耐力运动造成的,但后者很可能会加剧病情。研究表明,耐力运动和主动脉根部扩张二者之间存在着某种关联。Other recent studies suggest the significant mortality benefits of running may diminish or disappear at mileage exceeding 30 miles a week and other, very small studies have shown elevated levels of coronary plaque in serial marathoners─a problem that rigorous exercise theoretically could cause.近来另一些研究指出,虽然跑步显著地降低了死亡率,但如果一周跑步的总里程超过了30英里(约合48公里),这项运动带来的益处可能就会减少或消失。而其他一些小规模的研究已表明,长期跑马拉松的人其冠状动脉斑块含量升高──这一问题理论上说是有可能由于严格的训练造成的。#39;Heart disease comes from inflammation and if you#39;re constantly, chronically inflaming yourself, never letting your body heal, why wouldn#39;t there be a relationship between over exercise and heart disease?#39; said John Mandrola, a cardiac electrophysiologist and columnist for TheHeart.org.心脏电生理学家、TheHeart.org的专栏作者约翰曼德罗拉(John Mandrola)说:“心脏病源自炎症,如果你长期受慢性炎症困扰,从不让自己的身体痊愈,那么,过度锻炼和心脏病之间怎么可能会没有关系呢?”Yet sports-medicine specialists are sharply divided over whether any warning is warranted. For every American who exercises to extremes, after all, there are thousands who don#39;t exercise at all─and who might embrace any exercise-related warnings as cause for staying sedentary. Moreover, the evidence for extreme-exercise hazards is far from conclusive─and is contradicted by other studies suggesting the health benefits of exercise may accrue to infinity.然而,在是否有必要就此发出警告的问题上,运动医学专家们的分歧很大。毕竟,按美国的人口比例来算,与每一名运动强度直逼极限的人相对应的是成千上万名根本不运动的人──任何与运动相关的警告都有可能成为他们继续坐着不动的理由。此外,“过度锻炼是危险的”这一说法还缺少据,远未形成定论──而且与其他的研究结果也相矛盾,后者认为无止境的锻炼会有益于身体健康。#39;It#39;s true that the majority of cardiovascular protection comes from exercise at more moderate levels, but there is compelling evidence that there#39;s no upper limit, #39; said Benjamin Levine, director of the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine in Dallas and professor of medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.达拉斯运动和环境医学研究所(Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine)负责人、得克萨斯大学西南医学中心(University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)医学教授本杰明莱文(Benjamin Levine)说:“有一点是确凿可信的,那就是大多对心血管的保护源自更适度的锻炼。但也有令人信的据表明,锻炼并没有上限。”#39;I don#39;t want anyone to that exercise can be bad for you. added Mandrola, a passionate cyclist. #39;Some folks do tons of exercise and are protected. Some folks probably have some individual susceptibility to it. I#39;m a big believer in short intervals of high intensity.#39;爱好自行车运动的曼德罗拉补充说:“我不希望任何人将其解读为锻炼可能对人有害。有些人运动量巨大却仍受其裨益,有些人易感不适可能是由于个人原因所致。我本人就坚信,应该进行短时间隔休息的高强度锻炼。”Sports medicine has a history of ignoring warning signs. Long after evidence emerged that over-hydrating could prove fatal to marathoners, experts continued encouraging runners to drink as much as possible─leading to utterly preventable tragedies such as the death of a 43-year-old mother of three in the 1998 Chicago Marathon. #39;Why did it take 20 years before the original evidence was accepted?#39; asked a 2006 article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.运动医学界有着对警告信号熟视无睹的历史。有据表明,补水过度可能会对马拉松选手造成致命伤害。这一发现提出很久以后,专家们还是继续鼓励跑步者尽可能多地喝水──这就导致了一些原本完全可以避免的悲剧的上演,比如1998年在芝加哥马拉松赛(Chicago Marathon)中丧生的那位选手,她当时43岁,是三个孩子的母亲。2006年,《英国运动医学杂志》(British Journal of Sports Medicine)发表的一篇文章提出了这样一个问题:“为什么这个原始据在二十年之后才被人接受?”Following the recent emergence of studies finding high levels of coronary plaque in marathon runners, sports medicine is debunking the myth that distance running confers near-absolute protection against heart disease. #39;The thinking used to be, if you#39;re a marathoner, you#39;re protected, #39; said Thompson. While taking seriously the growing evidence for potential risks of endurance exercise, Thompson said he isn#39;t advising his patients against it. #39;As a former marathoner, I have a sympathetic bent toward large amounts of exercise.#39;新近诸多研究发现马拉松选手的冠状动脉斑块水平偏高后,运动医学界正在打破这样一种误解:长跑会对心脏病起到一种近乎绝对的防护作用。汤普森说:“过去有这样一种看法:如果你是一名马拉松运动员,你就得到了保护。”然而,越来越多的据表明耐力运动存在潜在风险。尽管很看重这些据,但汤普森说他并不建议自己的患者放弃耐力运动,“作为一名曾经的马拉松选手,我也偏爱大量的锻炼”。Publicizing the potential dangers of endurance exercise could give recreational athletes an argument for resisting pressure to go longer and harder. Within the running and triathlon communities, glory is often reserved for those who go extreme distances. #39;The longer you go, the more attention people pay to you, #39; said Aaron Baggish, a triathlete, marathoner and Massachusetts General Hospital cardiologist.向公众宣传耐力运动的潜在危险可能会给业余运动员一个浅尝辄止的理由,在面临需要他们跑得更远、付出更多努力的压力时会产生抗拒。在跑步和铁人三项的圈子里,荣誉总是留给那些愿意挑战里程极限的人。波士顿麻省总医院(Massachusetts General Hospital)心脏病专家、铁人三项和马拉松选手亚伦巴吉胥(Aaron Baggish)说:“你跑得的路越长,得到的关注也就越多。”The loudest voice warning about the dangers of endurance exercise may be that of James O#39;Keefe, a sports cardiologist and former elite triathlete. In his late forties, O#39;Keefe started experiencing heart palpitations following heavy workouts. He now believes the culprit was unrelenting exercise. An article he co-wrote last year in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings said: #39;Long-term excessive endurance exercise may induce pathological structural remodeling of the heart and large arteries.#39;在关于耐力运动有危险的警告声中,最响亮的声音可能来自詹姆斯欧基夫(James O#39;Keefe)。身为运动心脏病专家的欧基夫曾是一名铁人三项精英赛选手,但临近50岁时,欧基夫在进行高强度锻炼后开始出现心悸。他现在认为无休止的运动是这一切的罪魁祸首。去年,《梅奥诊所学报》(Mayo Clinic Proceedings)发表了欧基夫与他人合着的一篇文章,其中写道:“长期过度的耐力运动可能会诱发心脏和大动脉产生病理结构性重建。”As director of a decades-long project called the National Runners#39; Health Study, Paul Williams has published dozens of scientific articles showing that running─the more the better─confers a variety of robust health benefits. But along with Hartford#39;s Thompson, Williams just completed a study of 2, 377 runners and walkers who had survived heart attacks. Over 10.4 years, 526 of them died, 71.5% of them from cardiovascular disease. What Williams found is that the more they ran or walked after a heart attack, the less likely they were to die of heart disease─until they exceeded 7.1 kilometers of running or 10.7 kilometers of walking daily.全美跑步者健康研究(National Runners#39; Health Study)是一个持续了数十年的项目,该项目负责人保罗威廉姆斯(Paul Williams)已发表了几十篇科学论文,文章均表明跑步──越多越好──给人的健康带来了种种好处。但威廉姆斯也与哈特福德医院的汤普森一起完成了针对2,377名在心脏病后存活了下来的跑步者和步行者的一项研究。在10.4年的时间里,共有526名参与者去世,其中71.5%的人死于心血管疾病。威廉姆斯发现,他们在心脏病发后跑得越多或走得越多,其死于心脏病的风险就越小,前提是他们的运动里程不能超过临界点──一天跑步超过7.1公里或走路超过10.7公里。 /201306/244605赣州哪家医院隆鼻较好

赣州整形医院祛斑效果好赣州上腹部吸脂多少钱 Coach, the maker of luxury handbags and other sundry accessories, has been having a rough year. Poor sales prompted a leadership shuffle in July, and after a particularly bad earnings report Tuesday, the stock took its biggest dive in years. Which is odd, because the luxury market has been doing really well overall, fed by a global elite with assets that seem to have fully recovered from the recessionary dumps. So what#39;s the problem?蔻驰(Coach)是世界著名奢侈品品牌,主营男女精品配饰,尤以手袋闻名,但今年业绩欠佳。7月,因销量惨淡,蔻驰高层发生了变动,再加上本周二,蔻驰公布了令人失望的收益报告,双重打击之下,蔻驰股票大跌,跌幅创历史新高。然而,在富有的精英阶层似乎完全从经济危机中恢复过来,并带动整个奢侈品消费市场走向繁荣之时,蔻驰糟糕的销售业绩实在令人觉得费解。那么,蔻驰究竟出了什么问题?Part of it is certainly hard-charging competition from newer brands, like Kate Spade and Michael Kors, that appeal to a younger audience. For them, Coach is their rich auntie#39;s label, more 5th Avenue than Mission District.攻势猛烈的新兴品牌自然是挑战之一,如凯特·思蓓(Kate Spade)和迈克·科尔斯(Michael Kors),这些品牌更得年轻消费者青睐。他们认为蔻驰是富有阿姨辈的专属,打个比方说,新兴品牌就像是纽约年轻时尚的教会区(Mission District),而蔻驰则像是第五大道(5th Avenue),更为奢侈古板。But the bigger problem may have been growing too fast in the first place. Coach, under pressure from investors to boost revenue, added line after line of merchandise and dozens of factory outlet stores over the past few years, fueling a dramatic run-up in earnings -- to the point where Coach isn#39;t really Coach anymore.但更大的问题可能来自于产品初期的过速发展。投资者急于追求利润的增长,蔻驰因此不得不在过去的几年间不断扩大生产规模并增开几十家工厂直销店,这样做的确使其利润有了飞跃,但这时蔻驰已不再是原来的蔻驰。;If you#39;re a luxury brand with outlet stores, maybe you#39;re not a luxury brand,; mused Tim Hanson of Motley Fool Funds on a podcast Tuesday. ;They took a growth-at-any-costs attitude that has done brand damage that they are paying for, but at the time that they were doing [it], it fielded stock price gains because it allowed them to put up very heady revenue numbers.;蒂姆·汉森是美国著名投资论坛“衣傻瓜”(Motley Fool Funds)的全球收益顾问,本周二,他在自己的播客中沉思自问:“一个奢侈品牌如果有了工厂店,那还能叫奢侈品吗?为了追求利润而不择手段,品牌形象会受损,他们将自食恶果,但收益表上的数字确实让人飘飘然,也带动了股价增长。”It#39;s a problem all luxury brands face, especially public ones: How can you both sell enough on a quarterly basis to make Wall Street happy while at the same time maintaining the aura of exclusivity that got you where you were in the first place?不仅是蔻驰,全球所有奢侈品牌,尤其是公众品牌,都在面临这样一个问题:如何在保持一个令华尔街满意的季度销量的同时维持产品独有的格调而不违背其品牌初衷。Mark Cohen, a professor of retail at the Columbia University Business School, ticks off the companies that have fallen into the ubiquity trap. Bill Blass ;never met a licensee he didn#39;t do a deal with,; he says. Neiman Marcus ;has opened stores in the last seven, eight years that they wish they could take back.; Saks Fifth Avenue ;took developer deals 25 years ago that gave them the immediate appearance of growth, which was false.; Martha Stewart, Ralph Lauren, and Barney#39;s haven#39;t done themselves any favors either by going mass market either.哥伦比亚大学商学院零售学教授马克·科恩列举了几个陷入“普遍性陷阱”的公司实例。比如比尔·布拉斯(Bill Blass),它从来不会拒绝任何一个授权方的交易请求;尼曼(Neiman Marcus)在过去的七八年间开了好几家分店,而现在他们却后悔了;萨克斯第五大道精品百货店(Saks Fifth Avenue)25年前接受了开发商的协议,并因此带来了繁荣的假象;玛莎·司徒沃特(Marsha Stewart),拉尔夫·劳伦(Ralph Lauren)和巴尼斯纽约精品店(Barney#39;s)此类品牌也未从扩大的市场中获得任何优势。;It#39;s the designer toilet seat problem,; Cohen says. ;The luxury business is entirely contingent on limited availability, limited supply, and limited exposure.;科恩说:“这关乎设计上的供求问题,奢侈品需要做到供不应求,要知道这个行业完全是依靠限量生产、限量供应和限量发行来运作的。”In recent years, big luxury retailers have found a way around the problem by pivoting to Asia, leveraging their iconic status in places like Japan and China to achieve huge sales without tarnishing their image at home. Coach hasn#39;t had as much success there, perhaps because it doesn#39;t have the same kind of world-wide super-appeal of a Prada or Gucci. Hermes and Tiffany#39;s are typically seen as the gold standard in maintaining brand purity -- compensating for small sales volume with really, really high margins. Privately-held Godiva has managed to operate on two tracks, selling pricey chocolates both in convenience stores and its own, super-luxe retail spaces.近年来,一些奢侈品零售巨头找到了两全其美的办法,即以亚洲为销售重心,利用自身“品牌效应”在中国、日本等国取得巨额销量,而丝毫不影响在国内的形象。但是蔻驰没有像普拉达(Prada)和古奇(Gucci)那样的国际产品知名度,所以并未在亚洲市场上取得多大的成功。爱马仕(Hermes)和蒂凡尼(Tiffany)则是业内严守产品高贵血统这一黄金准则的楷模,它们用高利润来填补销量的不足。私人企业歌蒂凡(Godiva)则采用了两种营销模式:将公司生产的昂贵巧克力同时在便利店和自己的奢侈专卖店中出售。Coach is also at a disadvantage because it#39;s not part of a large umbrella corporation that can compensate for slow growth in one of its portfolio companies with fast growth in another. A lot of the luxury marketplace falls into a few big spheres of influence: LVMH owns Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clic, Dom Perignon, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Christian Dior, Belvedere, Thomas Pink, Donna Karan, Sephora, and many more. Richemont owns Montblanc, Cartier, Piaget, and Van Cleef amp; Arpels. Kering owns Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, etc. Because they#39;re diversified, they can invest in new designers, much like a big record label can -- or could, in better days -- take chances on minor artists on the off chance they take off.蔻驰的另一个劣势在于它不隶属于任何一个大公司,因此也不存在销售业绩较好与较差的投资组合公司之间的互补。许多奢侈品公司旗下都有多个颇具影响力的品牌,如法国酩悦·轩尼诗-路易·威登集团(LVMH),该公司旗下拥有如下品牌:轩尼诗(Hennessy)、路易·威登(Louis Vuitton)、凯歌香槟(VeuveClic)、唐培里侬香槟(Dom Perignon)、纪梵希(Givenchy)、马克·雅各布(Marc Jacobs)、芬迪(Fendi)、克里斯汀·迪奥(Christian Dior)、雪树伏特加(Belvedere)、托马斯·品客(Thomas Pink)、唐纳·卡兰(Donna Karan)、丝芙兰(Sephora)等等;历峰集团(Richemont)旗下拥有:万宝龙(Montblanc)、卡地亚(Cartier)、伯爵表(Piaget)以及梵克雅宝(Van Cleefamp;Arpels);开云集团(Kering)所属品牌有:古奇(Gucci)、巴黎世家(Balenciaga)、亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)、斯特拉·麦卡特尼(Stella McCartney)等。就像规模较大的唱片公司现在或景况好时,会在二流艺术家身上试试运气,即使成功的希望渺茫。;Between the moment they invest in them and the moment they will get their return will be five to seven years,; says Ketty Maisonrouge, a luxury branding consultant. ;If you look at most brands, what#39;s successful today, they all try to understand what it is to make sure you don#39;t grow too fast.;奢侈品顾问凯蒂·梅森卢兹称:“投资者从投入资金到收回成本大概需要5到7年的时间。你看那些现在很成功的品牌,他们中大部分都试图找到规律,来确保自身发展速度不过快。”If Coach is to recover, Wall Street is going to need to let it ease off the gas pedal, make like Burberry, and realize that a sterling brand and massive sales are a contradiction in terms.蔻驰要想重振旗鼓,华尔街就应该适当放手,效仿巴宝莉(Burberry)的做法,并意识到品牌的高贵形象与巨大的销量是不可兼得的。 /201312/268701赣州玻尿酸祛眉间纹费用

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