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Damage 货物损失A: I regret to tell you that quite a number of the records and tapes were damaged.很遗憾告诉你,许多唱片和磁带都损坏了B: Im sorry to hear that. But the goods left here were in perfect condition. It was possibly caused by rough handling.听到这事深感遗憾,可是货运走时是完好的,可能是野蛮装卸造成的A: Most of the records were either split or wrapped, and many of them were smashed. Besides, I can assure you that there was no rough handling when the goods were unloaded.大多数唱片或是裂了,或是折弯了,还有很多都碎了我可以向你保卸货时绝对没有野蛮装卸行为B: Well, as you made the arrangement delivery. I am afraid I cant help you.既然是你安排的装运,恐怕这事我没法帮你A: Yes, we did make the arrangement delivery. But we instructed you to wrap each piece individually and pack no more than pieces into a crate to allow easy and safe handling. But this was obviously not done with the consignment.是的,使我们安排的装运,可是为了搬运方便安全,我们要求你们把货品单件包装,每一版条箱不能多于件,很显然你们这批货没有这么做B: Have you any idea about the damage?你知道这批货损失多少?A: We estimate that about 3 of the goods were damaged. And the shipping charges cost us a lot. We would like either replacements or a % reduction in price.我们估计有大约30%的货损坏了,我们还花了不少运输费用我们要求换货,或者在价格上减少%B: I admit that we were partially responsible the damage. So let meet each other half-way and compromise on a % reduction in price on the consignment.我承认我们对损失负有部分责任,那么咱们各让一半,货价减少% 吧 7A: I have a question about extra people living with me in my apartment.B: You may have one roommate, but they need to have an approved application on file with us.A: What about overnight guests?B: An occasional overnight guest is not a problem.A: How many days could I have an extra guest?B: We usually consider any guest who stays over a week to be a possible problem.A: Will I have to pay extra roommates or visitors?B: If you are given permission extended visitors, you may be charged extra.A: Can my guests use the pool and laundry room?B: Your guests may use the pool and laundry facilities, but you must be with them at all times. 773

A: I need to purchase some business cards.我需要买一些名片B: No problem. How many are you thinking about?没问题,你想卖多少?A: I think ,000 would be fine.我想00张就可以了B: If youll just fill out this m, please.请先填一下这张表格A: I want the new cards to be exactly like this card.我希望新的名片的样子和这张一样B: We can do that very easily.这个对我们来说很容易A: ...Okay, Im done. Here the m and my old card. ;;好的,我填完了给你表格和我之前的名片B: Great. Your order will take only one week.很好你的名片一周就可以完成A: You know, I think it would be better if I could pick it up in three days.嗯,我想如果能在三天后能拿到,那样最好了B: We can do that. Itll just cost you extra.这个我们可以做到,但是这样做名片会贵些 8191

巧嘴英语做导游Chapter3(景点介绍) 6 Tours to Folk Festivals 民间节日游文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 653

A: Hello, I have to see the doctor right now!B: What makes you feel this is an emergency?A: I feel like I can’t breathe well.B: How long has this been going on?A: It started last night.B: In the event of a real emergency, please dial 9.A: I know that I can dial 9, but I just want to go to the doctor now.B: In that case, can you come to our Urgent Care facility on Sunset Blvd.?A: My family can bring me to Urgent Care.B: Come in right away, and they will see you as soon as possible. 5557

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