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Former US Fed Chief Somber on Economic Prospects格林斯潘:美国似乎难免经济衰退   Amid continued upheaval among America's biggest financial firms, a former head of the U.S. Federal Reserve says even more institutions could face insolvency, and that the ed States appears unlikely to avoid an economic recession. 前美联储主席格林斯潘说,在美国最大的一些金融公司持续动荡之际,可能会有更多的机构面临破产,而且美国似乎不大可能避免经济衰退。After leading the U.S. central bank from 1987 until two years ago, Alan Greenspan remains one of America's influential voices on economic matters. 格林斯潘从1978年开始一直担任美国央行行长,直到两年前。但是他仍然是对美国经济问题最有影响力的人之一。Greenspan says America's current financial climate, in which the Federal government has felt compelled to seize control of two mortgage giants and engineer the takeover of a major investment firm, is unlike anything he has ever seen before.  格林斯潘说,联邦政府最近感到不得不接管两大房贷公司并策划接收一家大的投资公司,这种金融气候是他以前所从未见过的。Appearing on A's This Week program, Greenspan said the near-collapse of another well-known investment firm, Lehman Brothers, only adds to his consternation. 格林斯潘在美国全国广播公司“本周”节目上说,另外一家知名的投资公司“雷曼兄弟”即将破产的,这使他更为震惊。"This is a once in a half century, probably once in a century, type of event. There is no question that this is in the process of outstripping anything I have seen. And it still is not resolved and it still has a way to go," he said. 他说:“这是50年,或者100年不遇的重大事件。毫无疑问,事情的发展将比他所见过的任何情况更加严重,而且问题还远远没有解决。”Greenspan tied the upheaval in financial firms to turmoil in America's housing market, saying the current picture will not improve until falling home prices stabilize in the ed States. 格林斯潘将金融公司的动荡归咎于美国房市的混乱。他说,在美国持续下跌的房价稳定之前,目前这种局势不会改善。Earlier this year, the Federal government provided an emergency loan to investment giant Bear Stearns, and helped engineer the selling of the firm to a rival corporation. Last week, the Bush administration took over two government-sponsored private mortgage firms, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to rescue them from insolvency. 今年早些时候,联邦政府向大投资公司贝尔斯登提供紧急贷款,并帮助策划了将贝尔斯登出售给一个竞争对手公司。上星期,布什政府接管了两个政府担保的私人房贷公司,房地美和房利美,避免了这两家公司破产。Greenspan said endless government rescues are not a good idea. 格林斯潘说,政府没完没了的救助,并非上策。"We should not try to protect every single institution. The ordinary cost of financial change has winners and losers, to the extent that bailouts are draws on our scarce savings supply, you undermine the growth of the economy, and ultimately you get stagnation," said Greenspan. 他说:“我们不应设法保护每个公司。金融机构更迭一般的代价就是既有赢家,也有输家,因为救助行动需动用我们本已匮乏的储蓄,将损害我们的经济增长,最终导致经济停滞。”But the former fed chief did say that some firms and institutions warrant assistance. 不过,这位前美联储主席强调,一些公司和机构有正当的理由得到政府的救助。"There are certain types of institutions which are so fundamental to the functioning of the movement of savings into the real investment in an economy that on very rare occasions - and this is one of them - it is desirable to prevent them from liquidating in a sharply disruptive manner," continued Greenspan. 他说:“有某类机构对储蓄流通进入一个经济体实际投资运作具有根本的作用,房利美和房地美就是其中一例,在罕见的情况下,最好防止他们以剧烈破坏性的方式倒闭。”Despite a housing crisis, wild fluctuations in energy prices, and a jump in unemployment, the U.S. economy has continued to expand, albeit at a slow pace. Greenspan indicated he is pessimistic as to whether the ed States and the larger world economy can avert a recession altogether, saying the chances are, in his words, "less than 50 percent." 虽然房市危机,能源价格剧烈动荡,失业率上升,但美国经济仍在扩张,尽管速度缓慢。格林斯潘指出,他对美国和整个世界经济是否能完全避免一次经济衰退,颇感悲观。他说,避免经济衰退的机率不到50%。"I cannot believe we could have a once in a century type of financial crisis without a significant impact on the real economy, globally," he said. "And I think that is, indeed, what is in the process of what is occurring." 他说:“我无法相信在我们遇到百年一次的那种金融危机时,不会对全球的实体经济产生重大影响。我认为这的确就是目前正在发生的一切。”Greenspan noted some economic positives: recent declines in oil prices and as well as in U.S inflation. He said he would be delighted if the ed States managed to stave off a recession, but added he would not bet on such an outcome. 格林斯潘提到一些经济的积极因素,最近油价下跌,以及美国通货膨胀在下降。他说,如果美国能设法度过衰退,他将非常高兴。但是他说,他不会对这样的结果打赌。200809/48644US Says It Won't Accept Faulty Nuclear Declaration from North Korea 美重申拒绝北韩未履行承诺核申报 The Bush administration said Wednesday it will not accept a North Korean nuclear declaration that does not fulfill Pyongyang's obligations under the six-party disarmament accord. U.S. intelligence officials are preparing to brief congressional leaders on North Korean proliferation activity. 美国官员在汇报平壤的核扩散活动之前正在强调布什政府在北韩核问题上的强硬立场。汇报会可能加强国会对六方会谈协议的反对意见。Officials here are underscoring the administration's firm line on the declaration in advance of a briefing on Pyongyang's proliferation activity that could harden congressional opposition to the six-party accord. 根据中国主持的六方会谈达成的协议,平壤要全面公布其核项目,其中包括任何核扩散活动。Pyongyang is more than three months overdue in making a full declaration of its nuclear program, including any proliferation activity, under the Chinese-sponsored six-party accord, in which it is to scrap its program in exchange for aid and diplomatic benefits. 根据这项协定,平壤要拆除它的核项目,换取援助和外交利益。但是,平壤已经拖了3个多月还没有公布。News accounts say U.S. intelligence officials will brief key members of Congress Thursday on what the ed States knows about North Korean proliferation, including a nuclear site Pyongyang was building for Syria that was reportedly bombed by Israel last September. 据报导,美国情报官员星期四将向国会主要议员汇报美国所了解的北韩核扩散活动,包括平壤为叙利亚修建的一个核设施。这个设施在去年9月被以色列炸毁。Senior U.S. and North Korean diplomats were said to have reached an understanding in Singapore earlier this month under which Pyongyang would declare its physical nuclear assets, including 30 kilograms of bomb-grade plutonium, but only tacitly admit involvement in proliferation. 美国和北韩高级外交人员据说这个月初已经在新加坡达成一项谅解。根据这个谅解,平壤将申报它的实际核资产,包括30公斤炸弹级钸元素,而平壤只是默认参与过核扩散。But in a talk with reporters Wednesday, State Department Spokesman Sean McCormack said nothing was finalized in Singapore, as evidenced by the administration's dispatch of senior State Department Korea expert Sung Kim to Pyongyang this week for more talks on the declaration. 美国国务院发言人麦科马克星期三对记者说,在新加坡什么都没有最后敲定。布什政府派国务院韩国事务高级专家金成这个星期前往平壤就核申报问题举行更多会谈,明了这一点。McCormack said ending the North Korean nuclear program, which included a weapons test in 2006, is a "compelling" U.S. national security interest. But he said the Bush administration won't accept a North Korean declaration that is inconsistent with the six-party accord: 麦科马克说,停止北韩包括2006年武器试验在内的核项目是美国的“紧迫”国家安全利益。但是他说,布什政府不会接受北韩与六方会谈协议不相符的申报。"Our view was that there was more work to do, as evidenced by Sung Kim's travel to Pyongyang, and we'll see what the North Koreans come up with," he said. "The onus is on them to come up with a declaration that satisfies the other members of the six-party talks. If it doesn't, we're not going to accept some declaration that we don't feel is consistent with their obligations." 他说:“我们认为,还有更多事情要做,比如金成前往平壤,而且我们会看北韩人拿出什么来。他们有义务提出让六方会谈的其他成员国都满意的申报。如果没有,我们将不会接受某种我们觉得与他们义务不相符的申报。”McCormack said Sung Kim, a Korean-American who heads the State Department's office of Korean affairs, is expected to leave Pyongyang Thursday after two days of meetings on the declaration. 麦科马克说,国务院韩国事务办公室主任、韩裔美国人金成在结束有关北韩核申报问题的两天会议之后,预计在星期四离开平壤。Conservative critics of the administration's approach to North Korea have pointed to alleged North Korean nuclear help for Syria as grounds for opposing the six-party deal. 批评布什政府北韩政策的保守派人士指出,北韩据说向叙利亚提供的核援助是保守派人士反对六方会谈协议的理由。Spokesman McCormack said the pending intelligence briefing is unlikely to change the opinion of the six party accord's most ardent critics. 发言人麦科马克说,马上举行的情报汇报不可能会改变对六方会谈协议批评最强烈人士的意见。Among them is former Bush administration U.N. ambassador John Bolton, who wrote last week that the administration's handling of the declaration amounts to "surrender" to Pyongyang. 这些人包括布什政府的前驻联合国大使尔顿。他上个星期写文章说布什政府处理核申报的方式等于是向平壤“投降”。 200804/36465

ineffable ——— 说不出的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Unspeakable, incapable of being expressed through words.例句 The travelers were charmed by the ineffable beauty of the mountain lake at dawn.旅行者被这座山间湖泊在黎明时分难以表达的美丽陶醉了。 /201607/453205

Irish Prime Minister Announces Resignation爱尔兰总理埃亨宣布将下月辞职 Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern says he will resign on May 6, because of growing pressure on him from a tribunal probing alleged financial irregularities.  爱尔兰总理埃亨说,他将于5月6号辞职,因为一家特别法庭调查他有关财务违规的传言给他造成的压力越来越大。In an address to the nation from outside parliament in Dublin, Bertie Ahern said he had done nothing wrong, but he said continued speculation about his finances is taking the parliament's focus away from running the country. 埃亨在都柏林议会外面向全国发表的讲话中说,他没有做错任何事,但是他说,人们继续对他的个人财务进行猜测使议会偏离了管理国家的中心工作。"It is a matter of real concern to me that the important work of government and party is now being overshadowed by issues relating to me at the tribunal of inquiry into certain planning matters and payments," Mr. Ahern said. "The constant barrage of commentary of tribunal related matters has, and I believe will continue to dominate the political agenda at an important point for our country." 埃亨说:“政府和党的重要工作现在因为特别法庭调查与我有关的某些计划中的事宜和付款问题而变得次要,这才是我真正担心的问题。与特别法庭调查有关的事宜引起的连篇累牍的已经、而且我相信它们将会继续在我们国家的一个重要时刻主导我们的政治议程。”The tribunal is investigating allegations - strongly denied by Mr. Ahern - that he received improper payments from a property developer between 1989 and 1992. He has also been dogged by allegations about his personal finances involving loans in British pounds and dollars from private supporters in the Irish business community. 特别法庭正在调查一些埃亨坚决否认的指控。这些指控说,在1989年到1992年期间,埃亨接受了一家房地产开发商不适当的付款。埃亨还在个人财务方面面临许多指控,这涉及他从爱尔兰企业界他的民间持者那里借贷英镑和美元。Bertie Ahern is a veteran politician. He became prime minister in 1997 and won international acclaim for his role in the Northern Ireland peace process.  埃亨是一个资深的政界人士。他在1997年成为总理,并且因为在北爱尔兰的和平进程中发挥的作用受到国际社会的赞许。Britain's minister responsible for Northern Ireland, Shaun Woodward, told British TV the peace deal will be Mr. Ahern's legacy. 英国负责北爱尔兰事务的大臣伍德沃德在英国的电视节目中说,和平协定将是埃亨的政治遗产。"His legacy here is that peace process, and that peace process is here to stay," he noted. "He was determined to change the lives for the people in Northern Ireland, just as Tony Blair was, and as a result of that determination it was possible to have that transformation." 伍德沃德说:“他的政治遗产是和平进程,和平进程将会继续下去。埃亨决心改变北爱尔兰人民的生活,就像布莱尔一样,这种决心使北爱尔兰可能发生变化。”Mr. Ahern had previously said this would be his last term in office, but that he did not intend to go until it ended in 2012. Finance Minister Brian Cowen is favored to take over as Irish prime minister until new elections are held. 埃亨先前曾表示,这将是他最后一届总理任期,但是他并没有打算在2012年年底前离职。爱尔兰财政部长科恩被看好接任爱尔兰总理,直到举行新选举为止。200804/33226Here we are again at Tip Top Trading, where Annas interview for a sales job has been suddenly interrupted.我们又到了Tip Top Trading,在这里安娜的销售面试又突然中断了。Office assistant Denise has entered the room, looking very worried.办公室助理丹尼斯进来了,她看起来忧心忡忡。Whats wrong? And will Anna have any suggestions that might help?出什么事了?安娜的建议能有帮助吗?I dont know what to do!我不知道怎么办了!So whats the matter Denise?出什么事了,丹尼斯?You know the PowerPoint presentation?你知道演示文稿吗?The one weve been preparing for the last two months? Yes.我们准备了两个月的那个吗?是的。The one thats very, very important and that we need this afternoon? That one.非常重要,并且我们下午要用的那个吗?是它。Weve lost everything! No!全都丢了!不!I had it on a USB stick, to transfer it, but the stick has vanished!我带着一个U盘用来转存,但是U盘不见了!Right Anna, now is your chance to help them find solutions to the problem.好的,安娜,现在是你帮他们找到问题解决办法的机会。Youll need phrases like: Can I make a suggestion?你需要像这样表达:我能提个建议吗?Why dont you...? Have you tried...?为什么你不……?你有没有试过……?Maybe we could...? How about...?也许我们可以……?……怎么样? /201612/479866Egypt Strike Fizzles Amid Tight Security埃及工人罢工一天 当局强力压制   In Egypt, a one-day labor strike calling for higher wages has had mixed results amid a security crackdown.  埃及工人罢工一天,要求提高工资。随着罢工被保安人员镇压,罢工也产生了不同的结果。Some people refused to go to work out of solidarity with the calls for higher wages, but others said they stayed home because they were simply afraid of trouble. 一些人呼吁,如果得不到更高的工资,他们就拒绝工作。但是另外一些人说,他们呆在家里是只是因为他们害怕惹上麻烦。Protests planned for several locations failed to materialize after the Interior Ministry threatened on Saturday to prosecute anyone who took part in any sort of public demonstration. Amid heavy police deployments around Cairo, only one small rally took place. 抗议者们计划在几个不同地点举行示威游行,但是他们却无法实施这些计划,因为在这之前,埃及内政部星期六威胁说要处罚任何参加任何形式公开示威游行的人。在开罗周围部署着大量警察的情况下,抗议者们只举行了一个小型的集会。Surrounded by a thick cordon of riot police, a few hundred protesters stood on the front steps and roof of the Lawyer's Syndicate in downtown Cairo, waving Egyptian flags and chanting slogans about economic justice.  在开罗市中心,几百名抗议示威者被大量防暴警察组成的警戒圈包围,他们站在律师联合会的前门阶梯和房顶上,挥舞着埃及国旗,呼喊着经济正义的口号。Shoe store employee Mustafa Shaaban held up a sign calling for more rights. 一家鞋店的雇员沙班举着一块标语牌,他呼吁要赋予他们更多的权利。He said he did not go to work because food and other things have become so expensive that he can no longer afford them. He said he had to go on strike, asking "What is next?"  沙班说,他没有去工作是因为食品和其他物品的价格贵得买不起。他说,他不得不继续罢工,他的问题是“下一步该做些什么?”But across town in the impoverished Imbaba neighborhood, most shops were open as usual. The narrow streets of the marketplace may have been less crowded than usual, but most workers and business owners there said going on strike was a luxury they simply could not afford. 但是,在城市另一边的贫穷的印巴巴镇的附近地区,大部分商店像往常一样开门营业。市场上狭窄的街道可能不像往常那么拥挤了,但是那里的大部分工人和商人说,继续进行罢工是一件奢侈的事情,因为他们罢不起工。A clothing store employee said some people had warned him to keep his shop closed because there could be trouble, but he decided to open it up and work because he needs the money. 一家装店的雇员说,一些人警告他停止营业,不然可能会有一些麻烦,但是他决定继续开门营业,因为他需要钱。Another shop worker agreed that food prices were too high and wages too low, but he saw little point in striking.He said, "We are all sick and tired of the situation, but what can we do?"The strike call originated in the Nile Delta town of Mahalla, north of Cairo, where 25,000 factory workers had planned a strike for higher wages and other demands. 这次罢工最初在开罗北部尼罗河三角洲的迈哈莱城镇爆发。在那里,2万5千名工人计划举行罢工,他们提出得到更高的工资和其他一些要求。But that was called off - partly because one faction of workers said the government had met their demands, and partly because security forces descended on the factory overnight to ensure the machines kept running. 但是,这次罢工却被取消了,部分原因是一些工人说政府已经满足了他们的要求,还有部分原因是保安部队连夜占领了工厂,以确保机器的继续运转。By then, the call had gone out to make the work stoppage nationwide, although nobody is entirely sure who was behind it.  在那之前,号召罢工的消息开始外传,使罢工在全国范围内发生,尽管没有人能够完全确定是谁在幕后操纵了罢工活动。A group dedicated to the strike on the Facebook social networking Web site attracted more than 66.000 members, and activists were sending out cellphone text messages and e-mails urging people to stay at home. 一群决心举行罢工的人在社交网站脸谱(Facebook)上吸引了6万6千多名成员加入该组织,活动人士发送手机短信和电子邮件,敦促人们呆在家里不去上班。The national strike was backed by several minor political parties, but the leaders of the influential Muslim Brotherhood issued conflicting statements that left many confused about where the group stood on the issue. 一些少数派政党持这次全国性的罢工,但是具有影响力的穆斯林兄弟会的领导人们发表了一些相互矛盾的声明,致使许多人对该党派在罢工问题上的立场产生困惑。American University of Cairo Professor Joel Beinin, a historian who studies labor movements, said calling for a strike is a politically risky move."If you call for a general strike and not much happens, it reduces your credibility and I think the Mahalla workers understood that and backed away from it for that reason," said Joel Beinin.Earlier, police arrested a number of activists for handing out flyers urging people to strike. Beinin said the lack of organization is nothing new for the Egyptian opposition and is partly a symptom of the political environment here."Because the repressive apparatus of the state is so pervasive and people, many people, are so intimidated by it that it is very difficult to stand up openly and say we are organizing this for this place and this time, and consequently there is a lot of rumors, a lot of un-clarity, and as has happened a number of times in the past, the result is not very much of anything," he said.The general strike follows more than a year of intense labor action in Egypt, but this is the first time political parties have tried to turn the workers' movements into a wider political protest. It also comes two days before Egyptians vote in local elections where most opposition candidates have been kept off the ballots. 200804/33771

Kenyan Parliament Passes Power-Sharing Amendment 肯尼亚议会就分享权力通过修正案Kenya's Parliament has unanimously approved a bill to amend the constitution to allow for a power-sharing agreement between the country's two main parties. Both sides have expressed strong support for the deal, but the bigger test will be to see how well the parties cooperate in a coalition government. 肯尼亚议会一致通过一项议案,修改宪法,附加承认两个主要政党签署的权力分享协议。双方表示坚决持这项协定,但是,更大的考验是,两党在联合政府如何更好的合作。The power-sharing agreement signed late last month by President Mwai Kibaki and his challenger in December's disputed elections, Raila Odinga, calls for the creation of the position of prime minister - which would go to Odinga. The Cabinet would be split evenly between the two sides. 齐贝吉总统和他在去年12月有争议的选举中的挑战者奥廷加上月底签署的权力分享协议呼吁设立一个总理职位,这个职位将由奥廷加担任。内阁职位将由两党平分。Kenya's constitution needs to be amended to accommodate such changes. After finalizing the amendment, the parliament will take up another bill to put in place the power-sharing arrangement. 需要修改肯尼亚宪法以适应这样的变化。在最后确定这个修正案之后,议会将审议另一个法案,实施权力分享安排。Both leaders had strongly urged support for the necessary amendment and debate in parliament was marked by conciliation and optimism. Odinga called for Kenyans to unite behind the agreement.  双方领导人强烈敦促持对宪法进行这种必要的修改,议会举行的辩论显现出和解与乐观的气氛。奥廷加呼吁肯尼亚人团结一致持新协议。"Let us not look at each other, Mr. Speaker, as PNU, ODM-K, ODM and so on," he said. "Let us now fuse together now as one people who want to do something for the people of Kenya. Let us strengthen the foundation of multiparty democracy in our country." 奥廷加说:“议长先生,我们不要把对方看成是民族团结党、肯尼亚橙色民主运动或者橙色民主运动等等。现在让我们融汇在一起,团结起来,就像希望为肯尼亚人民作一些事情的同一个人,让我们一起巩固我国多党民主制的基础。”President Kibaki made an unusual appearance before parliament, expressing hope that the political and ethnic violence that killed over 1,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands following the election, can be left behind. 齐贝吉总统不同寻常地出现在议会。他表示,希望这些政治暴力和民族间的暴力能够被抛在脑后。选举后发生的这些暴力事件夺去一千多人的生命,数10万人流离失所。"We were developing apart earlier on. And now we are going together," said President Kibaki. "That we are going together is a joy, for the reason that we shall succeed. Where we were headed a little while ago it was terrible. And I am quite sure myself that we have found an answer." 齐贝吉说:“早些时候,我们走向分裂,但是现在我们正走到一起。走到一起是一件让人高兴的事情。因为我们将获得成功。不久前我们到了一个危险阶段,太可怕了。现在我自己十分肯定,我们找到了。”While politicians have united behind the power-sharing agreement, there remains some uncertainty over how the coalition will function in practice. A statement by the head of the country's civil service last week, which seemed to imply a lesser role for the prime minister and less sharing of government jobs than the opposition had expected, prompted criticism from Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement. 虽然政界人士一致持权力分享协议,但是就联合政府如何在实践中运行,仍然存在一些不确定因素。上个星期,国家行政事务部负责人发表的声明似乎暗示,总理发挥的作用较小,反对党分享政府职位的数量比原先预期的要少,声明引起奥廷加的橙色民主运动的批评。The coalition government will also oversee a year-long overhaul of Kenya's constitution, which critics charge now grants the president too many powers.  联合政府还将监督对宪法进行的为期一年的修改,批评人士指控现有的宪法给予总统过多的权力。In parliament, there was widesp support for the need to change the document. But discussion on the details of reforms - including curtailing the president's powers, decentralizing the government, and changing laws of land ownership - is likely to prove far more contentious.  在议会,议员广泛持对宪法进行必要的修改,但是,就具体的修改进行的讨论很可能会引发更多的争议,具体修改包括:减少总统权力、政府权力下放、修改土地所有权法等。200803/31228UN Warns Burma's Food Security at Risk联合国警告缅甸面临食品短缺威胁 ed Nations agencies warn that Burma's food shortages and escalating prices pose a threat to its food security. Aid agencies also say Burma may need food assistance for at least a year to support communities devastated by Cyclone Nargis. 联合国机构警告说,缅甸食品短缺和不断上涨的食品价格对该国的食品安全构成了威胁。国际援助机构同时表示,缅甸可能至少在未来一年,都需要食品援助,来救助那些在纳尔吉斯风暴中受灾的民众。In its latest assessment, the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization says hundreds of thousands of people in remote regions of the Irrawaddy Delta have yet to receive food aid, nearly a month after the cyclone. Up to 75 percent of the population most in need is not receiving regular food assistance. 联合国粮农组织在最新的评估报告中表示,强热带风暴已经过去将近一个月了,但是缅甸伊洛瓦底江三角洲的偏远地区,成千上万的民众至今还没有收到任何救援食品。在那些最急需援助的民众当中,有多达75%的人都没有得到常规的食品援助。Aid agencies estimate more than two million people need food, shelter and medical care as a result of Cyclone Nargis, which came ashore the night of May 2. The storm killed 78,000 people and left 56,000 missing. 国际援助机构估计,在缅甸5月2号晚间受到风暴袭击之后,有多达两百万人需要食品、住所和医疗设施。在那次风暴中丧生的人数多达七万八千人,而且至今还有五万六千人失踪。The FAO says food shortages along with escalating prices "posed a risk to national security". Rice prices in Rangoon have doubled this month while prices of staples such as eggs had risen sharply. 联合国粮农组织表示,食品短缺、价格飙升“对缅甸的国家安全构成了威胁”。在仰光,大米的价格仅这个月就翻了一番,而鸡蛋等其他主要食品的价格也都大幅度上涨。The cyclone destroyed crops just before the main rice harvest. The loss is compounded by the deaths of 150,000 water buffalo, needed to plow paddies.  5月2号那场风暴来临之际,正逢大米即将收割的季节。庄稼被风暴彻底摧毁,不仅如此,十五万头耕牛也在风暴中丧生。Paul Risley, the World Food Program's Asia spokesman, says Burma may need aid for a year.  联合国世界粮食计划署亚洲项目发言人保罗.莱斯利说,缅甸可能一整年都需要援助。"It's quiet clear that there will be needs for continued food assistance in all of these communities - not only over the next three months, (or) six months, but possibly until the next proper good harvest and that's going to be literally a year away," Risley said. 他说:“显然所有这些地区都会一直需要食品援助,不光是今后三个月、六个月,很有可能一直要到下一个收获季节,也就是一年以后了。”Aid agencies say a new crop of rice needs to be planted within weeks to avoid a prolonged food crisis. But Risley says it is unlikely the planting will be done.  国际援助机构表示,为了避免长时期的食品危机,缅甸必须在今后几个星期内,播种下一季稻谷。但是保罗.莱斯利担心,这恐怕很难做到。"The last thing these farmers are prepared to do right now is to re-seed these fields and plow them and get them back into shape and plant the rice that needs to be planted within the three to four weeks, or we really risk seeing no harvest at all for the next year. And that's an incredibly dangerous situation," Risley said. 他说:“农民现在根本没有心思去重新播种稻谷,修整农田、在今后三、四个星期里播种稻谷,但是要不这样的话,那么明年一年,就有可能得不到任何收成,那就太危险了。”Debbie Stothardt, the spokeswoman for rights group the Alternative ASEAN Network, says Burma's economy is so fragile that it could force many in the country to migrate looking for work. 斯多特哈尔德女士是东盟替代网络权益组织的发言人。她认为,缅甸脆弱的经济状况可能迫使很多人到别的地方去寻找工作。"Even before Cyclone Nargis struck last year Burma experienced an inflation rate of 50 percent," she noted. "If this disaster is not addressed comprehensively and quickly and effectively you are going to send millions of people from Burma out into the rest of the region as migrants simply because they can no longer survive in their own country, which ironically used to be considered "the rice bowl of Asia". 她说:“在纳尔吉斯风暴来临之前,缅甸去年经历了50%的通货膨胀。假如这场灾难不能全面、及时、有效地得以处理的话,我们将会看到千百万缅甸人大批迁徙到亚太地区其他地方,因为他们在自己的国家已经生存不下去了。非常令人感叹的是,缅甸历来以‘亚洲的米仓’著称。”Burma's military government last week agreed to allow more foreign aid workers in to the hardest hit areas. Aid agencies say the flow of supplies is growing, but workers still must give authorities 48 hours notice before they can go to the delta region. 缅甸军政府上星期同意允许外国救援人员到受灾最重的地方去展开工作。国际救援机构表示,进入缅甸的物资目前的确在不断增加,但是救援人员还必须在48小时之前通知政府部门,才能进入伊洛瓦底江三角洲地带。 200805/40519

Senator Barack Obama won the Wisconsin state Democratic presidential primary, Tuesday, the ninth win in a row for the charismatic junior senator from Illinois. On the Republican side, Senator John McCain was the winner. The two frontrunners are targeting each other in anticipation of the fight they see coming in November. 奥巴马参议员星期二赢得了威斯康辛州的民主党初选胜利。这是这位魅力十足、但资历并不深的参议员自伊利诺伊州初选以来的连续第九次获胜。在共和党这边,麦凯恩参议员再次赢得胜利。这两名领先者相互把矛头指向对方,为11月总统大选作准备。Voters in Wisconsin handed Barack Obama another big win, accelerating his momentum as he heads into the delegate-rich primaries here in Texas and Ohio on March 4.  威斯康辛州的选民给予奥巴马又一次大胜,为他向代表人数众多的德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州初选进军加添了动力。Speaking to supporters in a stadium in downtown Houston, Barack Obama hailed his victory in Wisconsin. 奥巴马在休斯敦市中心的一个体育馆向持者发表讲话,欢呼自己在威斯康辛取得的胜利:"I am grateful to the people of Wisconsin for their friendship and support and their extraordinary civic pride. You know, in Wisconsin, when you go to vote it is five degrees outside," he said. “我感谢威斯康辛人民的友情和持以及他们杰出的公民自豪感。要知道,在威斯康辛投票意味着要走向室外华氏5度的寒冷中。”Obama urged his supporters here in Texas to get out and vote before the March 4 primary. Early voting began here Tuesday and volunteers from both the Obama campaign and from Hillary Clinton's campaign were aly on the streets today urging people to get to the polls. 奥巴马敦促他在德克萨斯州的持者参加3月4号的初选投票。德克萨斯州星期二开始提前投票,奥巴马阵营和克林顿阵营的志愿工作人员已经上街敦促人们前往投票站。The other big winner on Tuesday was John McCain, whose win moved him closer to locking up the Republican nomination. Speaking in Columbus, Ohio, McCain thanked his supporters and praised his last viable challenger, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who, in spite of a string of losses, has refused to drop out of the race.  星期二的另一位是麦凯恩,他的胜利把他进一步推向接近于锁定共和党提名的地位。麦凯恩在俄亥俄州的哥伦布讲话时感谢他的持者,并且赞扬了仅存的竞争者、前阿肯色州州长哈克比。尽管哈克比经历了一连串的失败,但是他依然拒绝退出竞选。McCain looked beyond the nomination contest and directed his political fire at the presumed Democratic nominee. In a thinly veiled reference to Barack Obama, he said he would fight to make sure "Americans are not deceived by an eloquent, but empty call for change." 麦凯恩的目光已超越了提名竞争,他把火力对准假定会得到民主党提名的总统侯选人。他毫不掩饰地针对奥巴马说,要展开斗争,让美国人不被慷慨激昂却空洞无物的变革言词所蒙骗。McCain also made reference to comments Obama had made in a debate last year and suggested he would make dangerously naive decisions if he were to become president. 麦凯恩也提到奥巴马去年在辩论中所作的,说奥巴马一旦当选总统,会做出危险的决定。He said "We will risk the confused leadership of an inexperienced candidate who once suggested bombing our ally, Pakistan, and suggested sitting down without preconditions or clear purpose with enemies who support terrorists and who are intent on destabilizing the world by acquiring nuclear weapons…" 他说:“一名缺乏经验和困惑糊涂的侯选人将给我们带来风险,这个人曾提出要轰炸我们的盟友巴基斯坦,并建议在不加任何先决条件和没有任何明确目标的情况下,与持恐怖分子并努力获得核武器以扰乱世界稳定的敌人谈判。”In Houston, Obama also targeted McCain, saying that he represents failed policies of the past. Obama criticized McCain for supporting the war in Iraq, which he said has diverted attention from the real enemy, the Al Qaeda terrorists who attacked the ed States in September, 2001. 奥巴马在休斯敦也把矛头指向麦凯恩,他说麦凯恩代表过去的失败了的方针。奥巴马批评麦凯恩持伊拉克战争。他说,这场战争转移了对真正敌人的注意力,美国的真正敌人是2001年9月11号袭击美国的基地组织恐怖分子。Hillary Clinton has also questioned Obama's iness to be president. She continued in that vein speaking to supporters in Youngstown, Ohio, Tuesday night, saying Americans cannot afford someone who needs what she called "on the job training." 希拉里.克林顿也质疑奥巴马是否做好了担任总统的准备。星期二晚间,她在俄亥俄州的扬斯敦对持者的讲话中继续提出这个问题。她说,美国人不能让一个需要“在职培训”的人担任总统:"They need a president y on day one to be commander in chief, y to manage our economy and y to defeat the Republicans in November," she said. “美国人需要一名就任总统第一天就有充分准备的总指挥,这个人马上就能管理起经济,并能在11月击败共和党人。”Clinton used similar statements in her campaigning in Wisconsin, but it appears to have little effect. Obama won in almost every demographic group, cutting into her strongest blocs of support, including women voters, which split about evenly between the two candidates.  克林顿在威斯康辛的竞选中也使用了类似的声明,但是看来收效甚微。奥巴马几乎在所有族群中获胜,包括克林顿的最坚强的持阵营,包括妇女选民,克林顿和奥巴马在妇女选民中平分秋色。200802/27663The standard of service is not good enough.务的水平不够好。The room I booked did not meet my expectations. Good luck Anna!我订的房间无法满足我的预期。好运,安娜!OK.Here goes.好的,就这样。Hello. Royal Imperial Hotel.你好。皇家酒店。Erm...hello… I want to… I want to complain.你好,我想要……投诉。Really? About what exactly?真的吗?具体关于什么?Your hotel… Well, I mean, a room I booked for my boss. Room 101.你的酒店,我的意思是我为我的老板订的房间,101房。I’m very disappointed with your service.我对你们的务很失望。And why’s that then?为什么?Well, the room isn’t like the one I booked. It’s just not good enough.这不是我订的房间,它不够好。Let’s have a look at the booking… well your boss got a bed… and breakfast too… a continental breakfast in fact.让我们看看预定,你的老板需要有床和早餐,事实上是欧式早餐。But the room just didn’t meet his expectations… hello?但房间没有满足他的预期……你好?Give me the phone Anna, I’ll deal with this.安娜,把电话给我,我来处理。Now hello Miss…? Miss Fit.你好,贵姓? 菲特。Miss Fit? This is the office assis I mean Manager here.菲特?我是办公室助……我是说经理。This isn’t good enough.这还不够好。My colleague has made it quite clear that the room did not meet our requirements我的同事已经说得很清楚了,房间无法满足我们的预期,and I would like you to resolve this matter as quickly as possible or I will have to cancel our reservation.我希望你能尽快解决,否则我们要取消预定。 /201702/491114

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