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赣州做狐臭有哪些医院赣州注射玻尿酸原液多少钱中国女留学生巴黎地铁上被打,无人伸出援手 -- :5:39 来源: 一名中国女留学生月8日在巴黎地铁上被三名年轻人口头侮辱并殴打,却并没有得到旁观者或者之后到来的警察的任何帮助A Chinese female student was verbally and later physically attacked by three young people in Paris Metro train on April 8, and received no immediate help from either onlookers or later the police, fawan.com, a Chinese newspaperrsquo;s website reported. The incident has got lots of attention on Chinese social media the victim claimed she was attacked by those strangers simply because shersquo;s Chinese.根据中国一家新闻网站法制晚报网报道,一名中国女留学生月8日在巴黎地铁上被三名年轻人口头侮辱并殴打,却并没有得到旁观者或者之后到来的警察的任何帮助这起事件已经在中国的社交媒体中引起了众多关注,受害者称自己被陌生人殴打仅仅因为自己是中国人The girl attacked, under the pseudonym of Fangfang, is a student attending college preparatory school in a public French university. She said she encountered one of the attackers a day bee the incident. When she was bypassing three young strangers outside a Metro station, she heard repeating whisper of ;Chinetoque;. The girl told fawan.com that she did reply ;you guys are rude, go away; in English at the time, but it didnrsquo;t work.被殴打的女孩,化名芳芳,她在一所法国公立大学就读预科她说她在遇袭前一天曾经遇见过其中一个施暴者当她在地铁站外经过那三个年轻的陌生人时,她听到他们不断在小声重复;中国佬;这名女孩告诉法制晚报网,她当时用英语回应了他们;你们很粗鲁,走开;,但是并没有什么用A day after the verbal insult, the girl met a group of young strangers on Paris Meacute;tro Line , one of which was the young woman verbally assaulted her a day bee. She was then physically attacked twice in the coach no reason, between Gare de Ch?telet - Les Halles Station and ?tienne Marcel Station. The girl said she tried to fight back and shouted ;help! I donrsquo;t know these people; and asked other passengers in the coach to call the police her. Only one elder lady responded to her outcry and tried to stop the fist and kick fell on her.在口头侮辱之后那天,这名女孩在巴黎地铁号线地铁里遇到了一群年轻陌生人,其中一个就是头一天辱骂她的那个人她在车厢里无缘由地被打了两次,就在夏特莱站,也就是Les Halles酒店站和艾蒂安马塞尔站之间女孩说她试图反击并大叫;救命!我不认识这些人;,还请求车厢里的其他乘客帮她报警但是只有一个老妇人对她的哭喊做出了回应并尝试阻止那些人的拳脚相向The victim described to fawan.com that she tried to snap a photo of the attackers but her phone was snatched by one of the attackers until a Chinese man helped her to retrieve it.受害人向法制晚报网讲道,她试图拍下打人者的照片但是她的手机被其中一个打人者抢走了,知道有一个中国男人帮她抢回来The police did provide a report to the victim after she walked to the police station to report the attack, on which it stated the victim got bruises all over her body, yet no follow-up on this case was provided by the police afterwards.她去警局报案之后警方给她开具了伤情报告,写着受害人浑身上下遍布淤青,但是之后警方就此案再也没有任何进展赣州打瘦脸针的医院 贵州老师酒量给学生打成绩:喝满杯0分 -- ::1 来源: 贵州一名老师让学生比赛喝酒,酒量给考试打成绩这一做法到底对与不对,各方网友展开激烈争论A teacher in southwestern Chinarsquo;s Guizhou has been suspended after he reportedly rated studentsrsquo; drinking capacity.据称,贵州一名老师因学生酒量给考试打分而被停职Gu Ming, who teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manufacturing at Guizhou Anshun Vocational Institute, has been removed from his teaching position after he asked students to down liquor shots at his office.顾明(音)曾在贵州安顺职业学院教授中医药制造,据称他曾让学生到他办公室饮酒并拍摄视频,学校将其停职;Those who rsquo;ganbeiedrsquo; [finish] a full glass of liquor get a full 0 mark their exam, half glass gets 90 marks, and a sip gets 60. Those who do not drink at all will fail,; one student posted on Weibo.据一名学生在微上透露:;一口干掉一杯酒的人考试成绩可以得0分,干掉半杯的能得90分,只能抿一口的就只能得60分,而不喝酒的人就要挂科了;Fu Guisheng, deputy director of the institute, told Xinhua that Gu may had meant it as a joke, but clearly his remarks did not go down well with netizens.该校副校长付桂生(音)告诉新华社,说顾明本意是开一个玩笑,但很显然,网民对他的话并不买账Several students were seen intoxicated on campus, he said.甚至有几名学生因为饮酒过量而醉倒在校园里The incident has drawn intense debate online, with many lambasting the teacher, while others sympathized, saying the teacher was only helping students get used to a usual social practice.这起事件在网上引起了激烈的争论尽管有许多网友对顾明的行为给与谴责,但也有人同情他、为他辩护,说他只不过是在帮助学生习惯社会上常见的应酬Many of students may go to sales meetings, and how much one can drink may decide how many deals he can seal, said Lapingjun, another Weibo user.一名微主;拉平均;说道,许多学生以后都有可能参加销售会议,而一个人的酒量往往能够决定他的销售业绩;There is a culture of gaining other peoplersquo;s trust and recognition through drinking, which is sad but true,; he said.他说道:;在中国,人们习惯于通过喝酒来取得别人的信任和认同尽管很可悲,但这就是现实;上海迪士尼试营业 票价太高遭吐槽 -- ::57 来源: 上海迪士尼乐园门票价格一直是公众关心的话题,上周开始运营测试,果然被;吐槽;价格贵Shanghai Disneyland held an invite-only soft opening last week bee officially opening its doors to the eager masses on June .上周,上海迪士尼进行了试营业今年6月日,它将正式向期待已久的公众开放The China Youth Daily reported that unnamed attendees to the soft opening complained their day trip to the park - including food and souvenirs - cost ,600 yuan (为什么我是单身? -- ::50 来源:chinadaily Are you single? Are you confused as to how this state of affairs has come about? Our experts may be able to explain. 你是单身?你对为什么自己单身感到困惑吗?我们的专家也许能为你解答Your social media你的社交媒体The Inner Circle founder, David Vermeulen, says your social media channels may be the reason you are single.Inner Circle创始人大卫?韦尔默朗说,你的社交媒体可能是你单身的原因'Try to refrain from posting your political stance on controversial topics such as Brexit and immigration online.“试着不要发帖表明你对英国脱欧和移民问题等争议性话题的政治立场”'Broadcasting your political views on your social media channels can successfully eliminate any potential suitors with opposing views from making an approach bee you have even met, meaning that you may never meet the manwoman of your dreams, all due to one off the cuff remark,' he suggests.他建议说:“在社交媒体上传播你的政治观点很可能会赶走潜在的追求者,因为还没见面你就发表了与他们相反的意见这意味着你可能永远不会见到你的梦中情人,全都因一个即兴的”He also warns against posting cryptic statuses, such as: 'my life is like a black hole, everything good gets swallowed up'.他还警告说不要发一些隐晦的状态,比如:“我的人生就像一个黑洞,一切美好的东西都会被吞噬”He explains: 'Of course, as empathetic human beings, we care if something bad is happening to you. But, a cryptic status like this serves us in no way whatsoever. All the er gets out of this self-indulgent status is a sense that you would be a nightmare to be in a relationship with.'他解释说:“当然,作为感同身受的人类,如果在你身上发生了坏事我们会很关心但这种隐晦的状态让我们无从关心所有读者从这样一个任性的状态得到的感觉是:与你交往会是一个噩梦”David also says posting too many selfies can put off potential suitors, explaining that they may think that you are self-absorbed or very narcissistic and refrain from approaching you. 'Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who cares more about the selfie lighting situation on a date, than the date itself, I doubt it?', he asks.戴维还说,发太多的自拍可能让潜在的追求者反感,他解释说他们可能会认为你很自私或很自恋,不想接近你他问道:“你想跟那些更在乎约会时的自拍光线情况而非约会本身的人交往么?我对此持怀疑态度”Your attitude你的态度Jack Knowles, founder of dating app Temptr, says that many single people that he encounters seem to carry a typical ‘woe is me attitude’ when it comes to explaining to friends and family members the reason behind why they haven’t yet found ‘the one’ to settle down with, especially once they have reached a certain age.杰克?诺尔斯是约会应用Temptr的创始人,他说自己遇到的很多单身人士,他们在向朋友和家人解释为什么还没找到一个人“安定”下来的背后原因时,似乎持一种典型的“我好命苦啊”的态度当他们已经到了一定年龄时尤其如此'Sadly, this method of feeling sorry oneself can very much exacerbate a situation and gives potential suitors a reason to stay away,' he said. 'Basically, it’s hard to find a partner when you reek of desperation.'他说:“可悲的是,这种垂头丧气的方法非常可能使情况恶化,并让潜在的追求者远离你如果你散发着绝望的气息,基本上很难找到伴侣”You're too picky你太挑剔了Lucy Jones, relationship expert at ToyboyWarehouse.com, says the internet is to blame us being too picky.露西?琼斯是toyboywarehouse.com网站的恋情专家,她说我们太挑剔都怪互联网She said: 'Bee the explosion of internet dating and social media, you had just a handful of potential partners. You either ended up dating a friend of a friend, a coworker, or someone you bumped into at the coffee shop. How many potential partners do we have now? Hundreds of thousands!她说:“在网上约会和社交媒体激增之前,你只有几个的潜在伴侣你要么与朋友的朋友、同事约会,要么跟你在咖啡店偶遇的某个人约会我们现在有多少潜在的伴侣?成千上万!”'You get chatting to a guy online, you’re thinking of taking things to the next level and meeting up. He seems great and all, but with so many other profiles out there how can you commit? There are scores of other guys just a few taps away, maths tell us one of them is almost certainly a better fit you.“你和一个人网上聊天,你想让关系更进一步,见个面他似乎很棒,但还有这么多其他人,你怎么能做出承诺?只需聊几次就能认识几十个其他男士,数学告诉我们,其中一个几乎肯定更适合你'How do you get over this? By being less picky? Well sort of. You might have access to tens of thousands of single potential partners, but it’s going to take an entire lifetime to judge them all.'“你怎么克这个问题?变得不那么挑剔?这是不错的方法你可能有机会与成千上万单身的潜在伴侣聊天,但要对所有人进行判断得花一辈子”She recommends changing your mindset and stopping concentrating on future lost chances, instead focusing on what will make you content today.她建议改变心态,别再关注未来失去的机会,而是关注今天让你满意的人'I have a type'“我有喜欢的类型”Lucy Jones says that dating is a buffet - the best way to build your preferences is to sample everything on offer.露西?琼斯说,约会是一种自助餐——建立喜好的最好方法是尝试一切提供给你的类型She explains: 'The issue is when we judge someone on whether they are our type or not, we do so on surface level appearances and personality traits. But when we date someone, it’s the characteristics under the surface level which dictate whether or not they’re a fit us.'她解释说:“问题是当我们判断一个人是否是我们喜欢的类型时,我们只评价了外貌和个性特征但是当我们与某人约会时,更深层次的品质决定了他们是否适合我们”So, she recommends branching out and dating guys who you usually wouldn’t date. 'Get to know a personality you’ve never experienced bee. Maybe you won’t find your dream guy, maybe you will. What you’re bound to gain, however, is a better understanding of what you want in a partner.'所以,她建议扩大范围,与你通常不会约会的男士约会“去了解一种你从未经历过的个性也许你不会找到梦想中的人,也许你会但你肯定能对你想要什么样的伴侣有更好的理解”You haven't let go of an ex你还没对前任放手Your future relationships are affected by a wide range of things, your connection to your ex is one of the most impactful, says Lucy.露西说,你未来的恋情关系受到多种因素的影响,你与前任的联系是最有影响力的事情之一'You might notice the conscious changes your ex has caused (e.g. staying away from guys that remind you of your ex, not going to locations that hold some kind of significance), but there are so many unconscious changes that you’re probably unaware of.“你可能会注意到你因为前任而引起的明显变化(例如,远离那些让你想起前任的人,不去那些有某种特殊意义的地方),但你可能不知道还有这么多无意识的改变”'Don’t worry, we are a product of our experiences so this is perfectly normal. However, where it becomes dangerous is when these unconscious changes stop us from starting new relationships and ming new connections. “别担心,我们是自身经验的产物,所以这是完全正常的然而,当这些无意识的改变阻碍我们开始新的恋情、建立新的联系时,它就变得危险了”'If you think you’re a victim of this, it’s important to concentrate on breaking off your feelings your past relationships bee ever starting a new one. certain occasions a new love will make the break-up easier, but it’s rare and it’s hardly fair on your new partner. Break-ups are between two people, don’t endanger something special by starting a relationship bee you’re totally unconnected.'“如果你认为自己是这一问题的受害者,在开始一段新的恋情之前,集中精力打破你对过去感情的感觉很重要某些情况下,一份新的爱情会使分手变得没那么难过,但这很少见,而且对你的新伴侣不公平分手是两人之间的事情,在与前任完全结束之前,不要建立新的关系,以免伤害对你来说很特殊的人”So how can you find the one? As Lucy explains, when Prince Charming was trying to find Cinderella he visited every house in the kingdom, trying that glass slipper on every foot he could; he didn’t just keep his fingers crossed hoping she’d show up.那么你怎么能找到那个命中注定的人呢?正如露西解释的,当白马王子试图找到灰姑娘时,他访问了王国的每一个家庭,尽量让每个人试穿那双水晶鞋;他没有只是手指交叉祈祷她出现'I’m not saying you need to travel the country knocking on every man’s door,' she said. 'Just try being open to new experiences and meeting new people. Expand your experiences and escape your comt zone. By saying yes to the world you’re improving your chances of bumping into Prince Charming. Untunately he’s not going to turn up at your door while you’re watching Netflix in bed.她说:“我并不是说你需要在这个国家旅行,每个男人的门都敲试着接纳新的体验,结交新的朋友扩充你的经历,逃离你的舒适区通过对这个世界说Yes,你会提高遇见白马王子的机会不幸的是,你在床上看片儿的时候,他不会出现在你的门口”'Learn to enjoy rolling the dice more often, eventually you’ll hit the jackpot.'“学会享受掷更多次骰子,最终你会中头”Vocabularyoff the cuff:即兴地bump into:无意中遇到,偶然碰到英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning) per person.中国青年报报道称,参加试营业的游客吐槽他们的一日游;;包含就餐和购买纪念品,人均消费600元(00美元)The average monthly income service industry workers in Shanghai is ,1 yuan, according to a report by the Shanghai Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security.据上海人力资源和社会保障局年的一份报告,上海务行业的人均月薪为1元According to the parkrsquo;s official website, weekday tickets adults run 370 yuan () and weekend tickets 99 () yuan. This means a family of two parents and a child visiting on a Saturday would spend 1,373 yuan ($) bee entering the gate, media reported.媒体报道,上海迪士尼官网显示,工作日成人票价为370元(57美元),周末票价为99元(76美元)这意味着一家三口两个大人带一个小孩星期六来游玩的话,仅门票价格就要花73元Chinese media reports reflected opinions on social media that Disneyland Shanghai was not afdably priced.中国媒体报道了公众在社交平台上的观点,认为上海迪士尼消费太高人们承受不起 context, ticket fees in Shanghai are comparable with other Disney parks in the region. example, an adult one-day pass to Disneyland Tokyo is 7,00 yen (), their third price increase in three years, reported qq.com.综合来说,上海迪士尼的消费完全可以与其他区域的迪士尼媲美比如,东京迪士尼成人一日游的票价是700日元(68美元),这已经是三年来他们第三次上调高价的结果据腾讯网报道Chinese media also focused on complaints about prices in the park, such as a ;deluxe edition; souvenir doll selling yuan () and food costing an average 75 yuan ($) per person.对园内消费的吐槽也受到了中国媒体的关注比如,;豪华版;纪念品公仔价格为元个(33美元),就餐价格平均约75元人(美元)赣县区妙桃隆胸假体多少钱

赣州丽人打溶脂针多少钱英国金融业高管不多聘女性将被减薪 -- 3:: 来源:chinadaily Finance bosses have agreed to hire more female executives -- or face cuts to their pay.金融业的老板们同意聘用更多女性高管,否则他们将面临减薪The UK biggest banks and insurers -- as well as some leading US banks and investment firms -- have signed up to a British government initiative designed to bring more women into top positions. 英国最大的和保险公司们,以及一些大型美国和投资公司,签署了英国政府的一项提案其宗旨是让更多女性任职高层Among other commitments, they agreed to link the bonuses of their senior executive teams to the appointment of women to leadership positions.其中一项承诺是,同意将公司高层管理团队的奖金与女性领导者的聘用挂钩The companies include big UK banks like Barclays (LYF) and HS (HS), as well as Deutsche Bank (DB), Morgan Stanley (MS) and BlackRock (BLK).这些公司包括英国大型如巴克莱(LYF)和汇丰(HS),还有德国最大德意志(DB),美国金融务公司根士丹利(MS)和最大投资管理集团贝莱德(BLK)Together, the 7 firms employ over 500,000 people across the UK.所有7家公司在英国的雇员数超50万人The firms agreed to set internal targets gender diversity in their senior management, publish progress reports every year, and appoint a senior executive responsible gender diversity and inclusion.这些公司同意制定高级管理层性别多样化的内部目标,每年发布进度报告,并任命一位高级主管负责性别多样与包容的工作"A growing number of chief executives and boards within the sector are taking the issue seriously and recognize the strong link between greater gender balance and improved productivity and permance," said Jayne-Anne Gadhia, the chief executive of Virgin Money.维珍理财的首席执行官杰恩-安妮?加迪亚说:“行业内越来越多的首席执行官和董事会都在认真对待这个问题,并且意识到更好的性别平衡与生产率和绩效提高之间的强有力联系”Gadhia was in charge of a government-backed review into the representation of women in financial services in the UK. She found that while almost a quarter of board members in UK financial services are female, only % of executive committees positions are held by women.加迪亚负责一项针对英国金融务业女性占比的政府调查报告她发现该行业的董事会成员中,女性约占四分之一,而执行委员会中的女性成员只有%Around 60% of the financial services industry's million employees are women. But they occupy only 5% of middle management positions and 19% of senior level positions.金融务业的0万从业者里,约60%是女性但她们在中层管理岗位中只占5%,在高层岗位中只占19%The review showed that big banks had the highest proportion of women in leading positions, while hedge funds and private equity funds trailed at the bottom.报告显示,大型的女性领导者比例最高,而对冲基金和私募股权基金公司的比例最低In a separate move, London's new mayor Sadiq Khan has ordered London's transport, police and fire departments to produce gender pay audits and draw up plans on how to close the gaps.此外,伦敦新市长萨迪克?卡恩已要求伦敦的交通、警察和消防部门进行性别薪资审计,并起草缩小男女薪资差距的计划Big British companies are aly being required to come clean about how much they pay their male and female employees. Starting 18, they will have to publish detailed inmation about gaps in salaries and bonuses. The plan is part of the government's strategy to put an end to gender pay discrimination.英国的大型公司已被要求彻底坦白男女职员的薪水付情况从18年起,他们必须公布薪水和奖金差距的详细信息该计划是政府消除性别薪资歧视的举措之一英文来源:CNN翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮兴国激光祛黄褐斑要多少钱 吴建民-真正的全球主义者 -- ::56 来源: 作为第一批常驻联合国的工作人员,吴建民大使历任外交部发言人、驻外大使、全国政协外事委员会主任和外交学院院长,为中国外交事业做出卓越贡献 I was in Vietnam on Friday, and had a chance to meet a senior Filipino diplomat. Talking about how China and the Philippines should improve their strained ties under incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, he suggested inviting one prominent and open-minded Chinese diplomat to give a lecture in Manila later this year.周五,我在越南有机会会见一位菲律宾高级外交官当谈论到如何在新任总统Rodrigo Duterte的领导下加强中越紧密关系时,他建议年后邀请一位重要并且开明的中国外交官在马尼拉发表演说"Who do you think would be the right one?" I asked.我问道:“你觉得哪个人合适呢?”"Ambassador Wu Jianmin," the Filipino replied, without any hesitation.菲律宾外交官不假思索低说:“吴建民大使”"He is a truly respectful diplomat his exceptional manner, decency, and global view. I’m sure he will be welcomed."“由于他别具一格的处事方式,耿直和全球视野,他是一位真正获得尊敬的外交官我确信他会受到欢迎”He then asked if I could help. I accepted the request and said I would contact the 77-year-old mer Chinese ambassador to France once I was back in the office on Monday.他之后问我是否可以帮到忙我接受了这个请求并称,一旦我周一回到办公室,就联系这位77岁的前中国驻法国大使But a huge shock came on Saturday morning, when Wu tragically passed away in a fatal car accident in Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei province, that morning. He was on his way to give a lecture at Wuhan University to share his views of the current international situation.但是,噩耗却在周六传来,那天清晨,吴大使悲剧般地在中国中部湖北省武汉的一场致命车祸中逝世那天,他正在前往武汉大学的路上,想分享一些他关于当前国际形势的观点I was devastated I have been a longtime supporter of Wu’s thoughts and views. His sudden death would be a huge loss to China’s diplomacy and the academia of international relations.很长时间以来,我都是吴的思想和观点的持者,我崩溃了他的猝然离世是中国外交和国际关系学界的最大损失In China, Wu was known as a hardcore "pigeon", who advocated always using peaceful and diplomatic means, like dialogue, to resolve differences between countries, instead of resorting to hardline ways, like showing muscle.在中国,吴因铁“鸽子”而闻名,他总是宣扬使用诸如对话的和平和外交手段来解决国家间的差异,而不是诉诸强硬手段,比如展示武力He famously argued that "anyone who resorts to war will fall in the current era of peaceand development".他的著名论断是“任何诉诸战争的人都会落伍于目前和平发展的年代”He was even involved in a recent intense debate with Major General Luo Yuan, a researcher at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Military Science Academy. The latter,a known hawk, is a solid proponent of hardline diplomacy.他甚至被卷入了最近和罗援大将的一场激烈争论当中,罗援大将是中国解放军军事科学院的一名研究院作为鹰牌人物,后者是强硬外交的坚实拥护者Wu’s viewpoints left him open to fierce attack by hawkish pundits. Some ultra-nationalists,including many Chinese netizens, even labeled him as a "traitor" to the country.But I would say that Wu’s views should be cherished and appreciated in today’s worldwhen we see the slowdown, even retreat, of globalization.吴的观点受到鹰派学者的强烈攻击包括许多中国网民在内的极端民族主义分子甚至称他为“叛徒”但是我想说,在今日世界里,当我们看到全球化下滑甚至后退时,我们应该珍惜和欣赏吴的观点,赣州美容祛色斑哪家医院好

瑞金市激光祛痘多少钱沉迷上网影响免疫力更易感冒 -- :39:5 来源: 沉迷上网影响免疫力更易感冒How being addicted to the internet could make you sick: Too much time online weakens the immune system, increasing the risk of colds and fluSpending too much time online can increase your risk of catching a cold or the flu, scientists have warned.科学家近日警告,上网时间过长会增加患感冒和流感的几率Those with greater levels of internet addiction are more likely to succumb to illness, than those who spend fewer hours online.那些网瘾更严重的人要比上网时间较短的人更易生病Researchers at the universities of Swansea and Milan believe the reason lies in the fact people with an internet addiction are more secluded, and as a result have weakened immune systems.斯旺西大学和米兰大学的研究人员认为造成这一结果的原因是沉溺于网络的人更喜欢足不出户,因而导致免疫系统下降They said the lack of interaction with other people and less time spent outside exposing themselves to germs played a role.研究人员表示,缺乏与他人的互动以及在户外接触细菌的时间较短也是一方面原因Past studies have also found people who spend more time online experience greater sleep deprivation, have worse eating habits, engage in less exercise and tend to smoke and drink more alcohol.以往的研究还发现上网时间较长的人往往睡眠不足更严重,饮食习惯较差,锻炼得更少,并且更可能吸烟酗酒These behaviours can harm their immune system and increase vulnerability to diseases.这些不良行为都会破坏人体免疫系统,增加得病几率Professor Phil Read, from Swansea University, said: "We found that the impact of the internet on people's health was independent of a range of other factors, like depression, sleep deprivation, and loneliness, which are associated with high levels of internet use and also with poor health.'斯旺西大学的费尔?里德教授(Phil Read)说:“我们发现网络对人类健康的影响与抑郁、睡眠不足、孤独等一系列其他因素并不相关这些问题被认为与高频度的上网和健康状况差有关”Researchers evaluated 500 people aged 18 to 1 years old.研究人员针对18岁到1岁间的500人进行了评估They found that those who reported problems with excessive use of the internet also suffered more cold and flu symptoms than those who spent less time online.他们发现,那些有过度上网问题的人比上网时间较短的人出现了更多的感冒和流感症状Around 0 per cent of the sample reported mild or worse levels of internet addiction - a figure which did not differ between males and females.0%左右的被研究人员称自己有轻微或更严重的网瘾,这一数字在男性和女性群体间并无差异People who have greater levels of internet addiction had around 30 per cent more cold and flu symptoms than those with less problematic internet usage.重度网瘾患者出现的感冒和流感症状比网络依赖度较低的人多30%左右And researchers found people who are addicted to the internet may suffer from great stress when they are disconnected from the net.研究人员还发现沉溺于网络的人在网络无法连接时可能感受到巨大的压力This cycle of stress and relief associated with internet addiction may lead to altered levels of cortisol, a hormone that impacts on the immune system, Professor Read and his team noted.里德教授以及他的团队指出,这种因网瘾而产生的压力与解压的循环会导致皮质醇水平的改变,皮质醇是一种会对免疫系统造成影响的荷尔蒙Professor Read said: 'It may also be that those who spend a long time alone on the internet experience reduced immune function as a result of simply not having enough contact with others and their germs.'里德教授说:“也可能是独自上网时间较长的人同他人以及他人身上的病菌接触较少,导致免疫系统功能下降”The team found most people reported using the internet on average six hours a day.该研究团队发现大多被研究人员平均每天上网6个小时Meanwhile, a minority admitted to being online more than hours a day - usually using social media sites.少部分人则承认自己每天上网超过个小时,通常用来浏览社交媒体网站And researchers noted differences between the way men and women use the internet.研究人员还指出了男性和女性在使用网络上的不同Women showed a propensity to use social media sites and shop online, while men were more likely than women to use the internet gaming and pornography.女性倾向于浏览社交媒体网站和网购,而男性则更可能上网打游戏和浏览色情作品Vocabularysuccumb :屈cortisol:皮质醇propensity:倾向,嗜好pornography:色情作品英文来源:每日邮报译者:白洁 <牛人_句子>赣州市祛除胎记要多少钱赣州整形美容医院鼻头缩小怎么样



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