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THOSE Latin Americans who can afford one are just as wedded to the car as their counterparts north of the Rio Grande. And thanks to the region’s long boom, more and more have bought vehicles. That is leading both to terrible traffic jams in many of the region’s cities—and to the swift sp of efforts to promote urban cycling.拉美洲人和与他们对等的 Rio Grande 人一样,都爱车如命。由于拉丁美洲经济的持续增长,越来越多的人拥有车,这也导致了该地区许多城市都有严重的交通堵塞问题,进而人们开始广泛提倡在城市以自行车代步。Following in the tyre-tracks of Bogotá and Mexico City, the regional pioneers, the latest capital to boost the bike is Buenos Aires. In January, while sitting on one of the city’s bright-yellow public bicycles the mayor, Mauricio Macri, announced the completion of the 100th kilometre (62nd mile) of protected bike lanes. Launched barely two years ago, the city’s Mejor en Bici (Better by Bike) scheme has also involved interest-free loans to promote cycle-buying, as well as the lanes and 1,000 free public bikes at 28 stations.继波哥大和墨西哥城带头之后,布宜诺斯艾利斯也效仿开始了首都的自行车推行活动。1月,骑在亮黄色的城市公共自行车上的市长宣布长第100公里的自行车专用车道完工。两年前推出的”骑车更好计划”还包括无利率贷款以促进自行车购买以及分放在28个站的1000辆免费公共自行车和自行车道。At first this was unpopular, especially among car drivers. “Bikes were seen solely as tools for exercise and recreation, and people thought we were completely mad to encourage them as a means of commuting,” says Guillermo Dietrich, the official in charge of the scheme.一开始这一活动几乎无人问津,开车的人尤其没有兴趣。“自行车一向被当作健身和的工具,人们认为我们提倡把自行车当做交通工具简直就是疯了。”负责项目的官员 Guillermo Dietrich如是说。Public opinion now seems to be warming to the idea, partly because cycling is a quicker way to get about Argentina’s capital, or at least its inner core, which Mr Macri governs. La Nación, a newspaper, found that a 7km journey to or from the city centre at rush hour took nearly twice as long by bus or car as by bike. Mr Dietrich has allayed fears about safety by erecting barriers between most cycle lanes and the traffic.公众开始渐渐接受这个想法,一部分原因是在阿根廷的首都骑车去哪儿更快,至少在 Macri领导的中心城区是这样的。 当地报纸La Nación报道从市中心出发或者到市中心的七公里在高峰时段骑车比公交或者开车要快几乎两倍。 Dietrich先生通过在绝大多数自行车道和机动车道之间建立隔离栏杆让人们减少对骑车安全的担心。Cyclists are still a tiny minority of commuters, accounting for just 2% of journeys, but that proportion has quintupled since the scheme began. This year the city plans to add 30km of cycle lanes, to double the number of public bikes and add another 72 docking stations. In relation to its size, Buenos Aires will by then have the densest cycling infrastructure in the region. Even less excuse for porte#241;os, as the city’s residents are called, not to get on their bikes.骑自行车上下班的仍只是极少数人,占总数的2%,但这一数字自项目开始已经翻了五倍。今年,项目打算增加30千米的自行车道,再增加一倍的公共自行车和72个存车点。从大小上来讲,布宜诺斯艾利斯将会在完工时拥有区域内最密集的自行车基础设施。对于被称作港口人( porte#241;os)的当地居民来说,就更没有理由不骑自行车了。 /201303/229125

Let#39;s face it, the majority of people who are single are not single because they honestly and truly choose to be that way. Yes, there are people out there who are single and love it and wouldn#39;t change it for the world but these people are in the minority.让我们面对现实吧:大部分单身的人之所以还单着,并不是因为他们发自内心地愿意选择这种生活方式。当然的确有些单身的人喜欢这样,而且不想做出改变。但这些人毕竟是少数。So, if most people who are still single would rather be in a relationship (of some kind), why are there so many single people out there?那么,如果大多数单身的人或多或少是想开始一段感情的,为什么还有那么多单身的人呢?I happen to be single myself and believe that there are some pretty good reasons to explain why single people like myself seem to stay single。我自己刚好也是单身,我相信有一些原因可以很好地解释为什么像我这样的单身人士依然孤家寡人。If you#39;re one of the single people, keep on ing to see if one of these “top 5 reasons why you#39;re alone” can explain why you#39;re still single。如果你也是单身,接着往下读,看看“五大单身理由” 里有没有哪一条符合你的情况。 /201308/254088

Capricorn 羯座 (12月22日~1月20日)Capricorn is the leader of the Earth signs. Here is a stabilizing force, one of the hardest-working signs of the Zodiac.魔羯座是土相星座的领头人。是黄道12宫里最稳定最努力工作的星座。TIPS: Patience and caution are your advantages.学习相 你的优点是坚持不懈和谨慎。When we get super-busy, some friendships fall by the wayside. But that doesn#39;t mean you can#39;t revive the relationship. Even if a lot of time has elapsed, it#39;s worth saving those nurturing friends who know you deep down and whom you can confide in and call in a crisis. Wanting to rekindle a friendship isn#39;t enough, though. You have to find a way to reconnect, which can be difficult after months or years of sporadic-or zero-contact. Here are the best first moves to make to get your friend back in your life.我们的生活越来越忙碌,朋友间的交情渐渐变淡了,但这并不代表友情就此终止。即使已很久没联系,也要留住那些真正和你心灵相通、关键时刻值得信赖的益友。然而光想不做可没用。在长久不联系、彼此都已疏远的情况下,你得突破万难敌找出一个重拾联系的方法。以下是给你的几点小建议,让你的老朋友重新回到你的生活中:1. Write Her a Facebook Message1. 去她的社交网络页面上留言Getting in touch electronically is one of the easiest ways to catch up. But what do you say in that first note? Start with some information about how busy you#39;ve been and then add in details about what you#39;ve been doing. Sharing updates about your life can encourage your friend to reply with the same openness. Once you#39;ve reconnected, make plans to see each other in person. You can#39;t substitute Facebook or other forms of social media for real relationships.网络时代,用电子方式联络是最简便不过的了。不过第一句该说什么呢?说说自己最近很忙,并可以具体说说自己到底在忙些啥。因为主动分享自己的生活能鼓励你的朋友也反馈同样的信息。一旦连络上后,可以约着出来见个面。毕竟社交网络上的交情并不能代表真正的感情。2. Reconnect Over a Favorite Pastime2. 找回旧日共处时光An activity that you used to do together can rev up a stalled friendship. Since that drew you together in the past, it should reignite positive memories and bring you closer again Start by emailing your friend with a list of shared favorite activities and suggest doing one of those. Anything from going shopping to visiting that coffee shop you both love can rebuild your bond.通过重温曾经一起做过的事可以很好地重塑友情。过往的经历会重燃你们美好的回忆,并因此让人变得更为亲密。不如给老朋友发封邮件,列上一串以前曾经一起做过的事,向TA建议再去做一次。只要能让你们重拾旧关系,无论是外出购物、或去喜欢的咖啡馆小坐,都很好。3. Send a Handwritten Card3. 寄张手写贺卡A note in the mail can be a welcome surprise for a friend you haven#39;t spoken to in a while. And there#39;s no need to wait until a holiday for an excuse to send it; a ;just because; card can restart your relationship anytime. Women are busy and don#39;t want to feel that the friendship comes with too many strings attached. So avoid mentioning the past or specific dates when you#39;re available to meet up. Instead, leave the message open-ended, explaining that you#39;re available for lunch or drinks in the next couple of weeks, she says. And remind her of the best way to contact you.对许久不联系的朋友来说,一封突如其来的信绝对是个惊喜。并非只有假期才能寄卡片,因为一张“问候卡”能立即拉近你们的关系。女人身上的负担很繁重,她们不喜欢压力太大的友情。因此,不要在卡片里跟对方约某月某日某时的具体见面事项,而应该婉转地提出自己未来几周都有空、想约她出来吃顿饭或者喝杯咖啡,并顺便附上自己的联系方式。这样更好。4. Set a Phone Date4. 找时间煲电话粥Hearing a friend#39;s voice can be a great way to reconnect. But with hectic schedules, you may wind up playing phone tag for a while before you catch each other. That#39;s why it#39;s best to schedule a chat. Leave a voicemail with times you#39;re available. It may feel weird to call out of the blue, but people understand. Once you#39;ve got your friend on the phone, be sure to set up time for another phone date or an in-person meeting, she adds.用真实的声音交流是极赞的老友联系方式。不过人人都有自己的安排,电话畅聊也许需要点运气。这就是为啥我们建议你先预约一次“电话聊天” 时间。给她留条语音信息,告诉她你什么时候有空。你可能会觉得没头没脑突然邀约挺奇怪的,但一般人们都能够理解。只要你们电话通了,那就赶紧约下一次煲电话粥的时间吧,面对面聊天也行。5. Do Something Unexpected and Kind5. 做件出其不意又充满温情的事Whether it#39;s sending a handmade present or her favorite type of cookies, preparing a small surprise can go a long way in rekindling a friendship, especially with someone you once considered a good pal. This will open your friend#39;s heart to you, which will further the friendship. Just don#39;t go overboard with a nice gesture; mailing something affordable rather than showing up at your buddy#39;s doorstep is your best bet.无论是送件手工制作的礼物还是送她最喜欢的点心,一个小礼物能大大帮助你们重拾旧日友情。这招对那种以前就是你死党的人来讲,尤其有用。它会让朋友打开心扉,从而和你继续这份友情。只别做得太过火就行,比如突然出现在TA家门口之类的……寄一个不太贵重的小礼物是最好的选择。6. Throw a Dinner Party6. 办一次晚宴派对Chances are there#39;s more than one friend you#39;ve been meaning to catch up with, so inviting over a group can restart multiple friendships at once. Let your buddies know how much they mean to you with a girlfriend gratitude dinner. Consider inviting women who all know each other, such as a few former coworkers, to simplify planning and keep the dinner conversation flowing.想同时和好几个老友保持联系?不如把她们都请到家里来。举办一场“感恩晚餐”,这会让你的朋友们明白她们对你来讲是那么的重要。最好邀请那些互相都认识的人,比如前同事之类的,这样气氛自在舒适,排队自然能大获成功。7. Invite Her Along to an Event7. 邀请朋友一起参加活动Have an extra ticket to a concert, party or book ing? Bringing your friend to a gathering can be more casual-and less intimidating-than meeting one on one. This takes the pressure off and lets both of you relax in a group environment. Rather than jumping into a serious discussion of why you drifted apart, you#39;ll be socializing with other people or enjoying some entertainment, which can make your reunion less awkward.手头有张演唱会、派对或读书会多余的票?带朋友出去参加活动,这会比单独相约见面要更轻松愉快。这样能卸下你俩身上的包袱,让你们彻底放松在团体的氛围中。与其面对面谈话时,冷不丁突然跳到“当初我为啥疏远你”之类的不愉快话题,还不如跟大伙一起出去玩,这能让你们跟别人自由互动,从而减轻尴尬的情绪。8. Try Out a New Experience8. 一起尝试新经历Creating fun memories together is a sure way to rekindle a friendship, says Chua. Email your friend about meeting up and suggest a list of activities you#39;ve been meaning to try for your get-together. Some ideas: playing paintball, going rock climbing, taking dance lessons and going trekking, says Chua. ;This is a great way to learn new things about your friend and find fresh commonalities to bond over.;一直制造欢乐回忆,绝对可以让你们重拾友情。你可以给她写封邮件,提议一起去试试最近流行的新鲜玩意儿,比如弹实战、攀岩、舞蹈课、负重徒步等等。这些新事物能让你了解到她的另一面,并让你们再度找到相通之处,从而恢复友谊。 /201301/219689THE world is definitely not coming to an end today, the winter solstice.世界绝对不是在今天冬至日走向终结。Jesús Galindo Trejo, a Mexican researcher in astro-archeology, plasma astrophysics and solar physics, answers questions about the end-of-the-world prediction and the Mayan calendar, which ends today. He recently addressed a conference last month at Shanghai Tonji University.Jesús Galindo Trejo,一个研究天文考古学、等离子体物理、天体物理学的墨西哥人,回答关于世界末日预言和玛雅历法的问题,即今天是末日。他上个月最近的一次会议发言是在上海同济大学。Q: Are there any threats to Earth in 2012?问:2012年会有什么威胁到地球吗?A: The only real threat to Earth is the irresponsible conduct of man in the contamination of our planet. The probability of an impact of a meteorite or comet on Earth is so low that the most dangerous situation comes from our own star, the sun billions of years hence. According to the stellar evolution theory, in approximately 4.5 billion years, the sun will become a giant red star, its distance to Earth will shrink, all liquids will evaporate, and possibly the sun will absorb Earth. Then we will return to our origin. In 2012 there is nothing dangerous for Earth.答:唯一真正威胁地球的是在污染我们星球方面人类不负责任的行为。陨石和彗星影响地球的概率是如此之低,以至于最危险的处境来自我们自己的星球,在太阳几十亿年之后。根据恒星演化理论,在大约45亿年之后,太阳将变成一个巨大的红色星球,它和地球的距离会缩小,所有的液体会蒸发掉,可能太阳会吞噬地球。然后我们将返回到我们的起源。2012年对地球来说没什么危险。Q: What#39;s the origin of the prediction that the world will end in 2012?问:什么是2012年世界末日预言的起源?A: The so-called Mayan predictions are simply a rough extrapolation of a cultural theme from this prehispanic people. The origin of this assertion is a characteristic of the Mayan calendar, for which the date of this winter solstice could be written as Some enthusiastic people in the ed States think that this striking date must necessarily imply a mysterious message. They invented some prophecies that from the point of view of Mayan astronomy and culture are simply nonsense.答:所谓的玛雅预言只是来自史前人类的一个文化主题的粗略推断。这种说法的起源是玛雅历法的特点,冬至的日期可以写成13.。一些好奇的美国人认为这个引人注目的日期必须必然意味着一个神秘的消息。他们从玛雅天文学和文化的角度创造的一些预言根本是无稽之谈。Q: Does the Mayan calendar end in December 2012?问:玛雅历法是在2012年12月结束吗?A: The Mayan calendar is an endless system. This situation is very similar to that in the year 2000. The next day after the winter solstice, the Mayans would have written the date as, and so on.答:玛雅历法是一个无尽的系统。这种情况非常类似于2000年。冬至后第二天,玛雅人将会把日期写成13 0 0 0 1,等等。Q: Why does the Mayan calendar indicate a world end in 2012? Mayan astronomers were accurate in other planetary predictions.问:为什么玛雅日历会暗示世界在2012年终结呢?玛雅天文学家在其他行星方面都是预测准确的。A: Mayan astronomy made significant achievements. For example, the determination of the synodic period of Venus, the computation of solar eclipses and the commensurability of the Venusian and solar observational periods. However, the Mayans did not say anything about the end of the world. This assertion is a foolish modern over-interpretation, which shows ignorance of the Mayan culture.答:玛雅天文学取得显著成就。例如,确定金星的会和周期,计算日食和金星的公度以及太阳的观测周期。然而,玛雅人没有说任何关于世界末日的事。这种断言是一种愚蠢的现代深意,它显示了对玛雅文化的无知。Q: How do you, as a senior researcher in cultural astronomy, feel about claims of the world ending in 2012?问: 作为一个文化天文学的高级研究员,你如何看待2012年世界末日的断言呢?A: This global social and media phenomenon is typical sign of the times. People are tired of crises, religion and so on, and they look for new emotions. What triggers emotion in people? Phantoms, the end of the world, and other mysterious or catastrophic events.答:这个全球社会和媒体的现象是典型的时代征兆。人们已经厌倦了危机、宗教等等,他们寻求新的情感寄托。是什么触发了人们的情感呢?幻影,世界末日,以及其他神秘的或灾难性的事件。Jesús Galindo Trejo has been a researcher for 20 years at the Astronomical Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. He specializes in the archeo-astronomy of prehispanic Mexico and studies the influence of astronomy in ancient and contemporary cultures.Jesús Galindo Trejo已经在墨西哥城的墨西哥国立自治大学天文研究所做了20年的研究员。他专于墨西哥特奥蒂瓦坎古城的考古天文学,以及研究天文学在古代和当代文化中的影响。 /201212/215889

A NEW REPORT, examining mortality statistics for almost three million people, has determined that people who would officially be deemed ‘overweight’ by modern classification live slightly longer than those whose weights are considered ‘healthy’.最新消息,专家对3万人的死亡数据做评估,得出结论,微胖的人比正常体重的人的寿命更长一点。The report from academics at the US National Center for Health Statistics found that those which would be statistically classified as overweight are 6 per cent less likely to die prematurely than those who are of ‘normal’ weight.这份报告出自美国国家健康统计中心,报告指出,微胖的人早亡的几率比正常体重的人早亡的几率要小百分之六。The Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated by converting a person’s weight into kilograms, and dividing it by their height in metres. The resulting number is then divided by the height in metres again to give the BMI.身体质量指数的计算方式是体重(公斤)除以身高(米),得出的结果再除以身高(米)就得到身体质量指数的数值。A BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered ‘normal’, while an index of between 25 and 29.9 is classified as ‘overweight’. An index of 30 or over is statistically determined to indicate obesity.The study’s authors have stressed that their findings should not be interpreted as a warning against pursuing a New Year’s any health regime – but merely want to indicate that the Body Mass Index is an imperfect way of measuring someone’s health, relative to their weight, or their mortality.身体质量指数在18.5——24.9之间为正常范围;身体质量指数在25——29.9被认为是微微超重;身体质量指数超过30就被认定为肥胖。专家宣称,他们的研究发现说明身体质量指数标准并不能为成为人们未来健康计划调整的主要依据,然而,身体质量指数却是观察人们健康状况以及生命长短的指标重要参照。“We wouldn#39;t want people to think, ‘Well, I can take a pass and gain more weight’,” the New York Times es Dr George Blackburn of the Harvard Medical School’s nutrition division as saying.Instead, factors such as levels of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol should also be taken into account.“当然,我们并不是鼓励人们认为‘哦,那我多吃点,长胖点。’”纽约时报引用哈弗医学院营养学专家士乔治.布莱登伯恩士的建议。在考虑身体质量指数的同时,还要考虑血压、血糖、胆固醇等身体指标。The findings also do not hold true for those considered obese: those with a BMI of over 30 are 18 per cent more likely to die prematurely, though when removing those with a BMI over 35, the risk of premature death is 5 per cent lower than the average.这个研究发现也不能普遍套用:当身体质量指数超过30,低于35时,这一类人群早亡的几率比正常体重的人早亡的几率要小百分之十八。然而,当身体质量指数大于35时,这一类人群早亡的几率比平均寿命死亡率却要高出百分之五。 /201307/247660Charles Cutler, an internist near Philadelphia, says women with recurring urinary-tract infections frequently request broad-spectrum drugs like ciprofloxacin because it is what they know. But the overprescription of such drugs has created a lot of resistant infections, he says. It can take 48 hours for a test to determine what is causing a urinary-tract infection and #39;doctors and patients don#39;t want to wait 48 hours,#39; says Dr. Cutler, who is chairman of the American College of Physicians#39; Board of Regents. 费城附近的内科医生卡特勒(Charles Cutler)说,反复出现尿路感染的妇女经常要求环丙沙星之类的广谱药物,因为这是她们知道的药。但过量使用这类药物导致出现了众多抗药感染。卡特勒说,检测确定尿路感染的原因需要48小时,但医生和病人不愿意等上48小时。卡特勒是美国医师协会评议委员会(American College of Physicians#39; Board of Regents)主席。 Bronchitis is another illness for which antibiotics are often overused, says Lauri Hicks, medical director for the CDC#39;s #39;Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work#39; program. Eighty percent of the time patients come into a doctor#39;s office with acute bronchitis they will be prescribed an antibiotic, and usually a broad-spectrum one, she says. #39;Bronchitis in someone who#39;s otherwise healthy typically gets better on its own,#39; she says. 疾控中心的“常识:何时使用抗生素”(Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work)项目医学总监希克斯(Lauri Hicks)说,气管炎是另一种常常滥用抗生素的疾病。她说,患有急性气管炎的患者去看医生时,八成会被开具抗生素,而且通常是广谱药。她说,如果在其他方面都很健康,气管炎通常会自己好转。 Doctors say it can be difficult to tell a bacterial infection from a viral one. A general rule of thumb with sinus infections is to hold off on the early use of antibiotics but consider using them if symptoms persist. Infections like bronchitis, which is mostly caused by a virus, and pneumonia are usually diagnosed by listening to lungs with a stethoscope. If there is doubt, X-rays can often tell the difference. 医生说,细菌感染和病毒感染可能很难分辨。鼻窦炎的一个简单的经验法则是,不要过早使用抗生素,但如果症状持续则可以考虑使用。主要由病毒引起的气管炎和肺炎感染通常是用听诊器听肺音来诊断。如果有疑问,通常可以用X光检查来辨别。 Experts say patients should question their doctors about the use of antibiotics-both whether they are warranted and why a particular type is chosen. 专家说,患者应当向医生追问抗生素的使用,包括是否必要以及为何选择某种类型的抗生素。 The American Academy of Pediatrics has emphasized the importance of judicious use of antibiotics. The group this year updated guidelines for treating sinusitis and ear infections to help physicians determine which illnesses will respond to antibiotics and which type of antibiotic to prescribe. Both updates recommended the narrow-spectrum amoxicillin as a first-line treatment when antibiotics are warranted. 美国儿科学会强调了明智使用抗生素的重要性。该组织今年更新了治疗鼻窦炎和耳部感染的指导方针,帮助医生确定抗生素对哪些疾病见效以及该开具何种抗生素。这些更新后的指导方针都推荐在有必要使用抗生素时将窄谱的阿莫西林作为首要治疗选择。 Resistant bacteria are often present in the body in small numbers to begin with but are crowded out by other bacteria that are more susceptible to antibiotics. When a person takes an antibiotic, it kills off the susceptible bacteria, allowing the resistant bacteria to grow more easily, says Dr. Hersh. 赫什说,抗药菌一开始只是少量存在于身体内,但受到其他对抗生素更敏感的细菌排挤。用抗生素之后,抗生素会杀灭易感细菌,从而让抗药菌更容易繁殖。 Jeffrey Gerber, a pediatric infectious-disease specialist at the Children#39;s Hospital of Philadelphia, recently led a research team exploring whether doctors#39; prescribing habits could change. The researchers looked at 18 primary-care pediatric offices. In half of the offices, doctors received on-site education about prescribing guidelines for some common infections: pneumonia, strep throat and sinus infections. Narrow-spectrum antibiotics were recommended for all three conditions. The other offices didn#39;t receive any guidance. 费城儿童医院(Children#39;s Hospital of Philadelphia)儿科感染疾病专家格伯(Jeffrey Gerber)不久前带领一个研究小组考察能否改变医生们开具处方的习惯。研究人员考察了18所初诊儿科诊所。一半诊所的医生们接受了一些常见感染处方指导方针的现场培训,包括肺炎、脓毒性咽喉炎和鼻窦炎。这三种病症都被推荐使用窄谱抗生素。剩下的诊所没有接受任何指导。 #39;After 12 months we saw overall a nearly 50% reduction in broad spectrum or off-guideline prescribing for these conditions#39; in the intervention group of offices compared with the control group, Dr. Gerber said. The study appeared in the June issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. He said the researchers are currently examining what effect the change in prescribing habits had on illness control, cost and other outcomes. 格伯说,12个月后,我们看到相比对照组,干预组诊所针对这些病症开具广谱抗生素或脱离指导方针开药的情况整体上减少了近50%。该研究发表在今年6月出版的《美国医学会杂志》(Journal of the American Medical Association)上。他说,研究人员正在考察处方习惯的变化给疾病控制、成本和其他结果带来的影响。 /201308/253355

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