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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for this family sharing it with their pet camel is a no-brainer.人们都说早餐是一天中最重要的一餐。对这家人来说,和家里的骆驼共进早餐是每天的惯例。Joe, a six-year-old Bactrian camel visits the Anderson-Dixon family#39;s home every morning, and enjoys munching his way through carrots and bananas on the breakfast table.乔是一只六岁的巴克特里亚骆驼。他每天早上都会拜访安德森-迪克逊一家,津津有味的吃完这家人放在早餐桌上的胡萝卜和香蕉。While Nathan, 34 and wife Charlotte, 31, who live on a farm in Staffordshire attempt to have a nice civilised breakfast with their two sons, Reuben, 3 and Beau, 2, the family barely have the chance to sit down before Joe pokes his head through the window and helps himself.这家人住在斯塔福德郡,家中成员:34岁的爸爸南森、31岁的妈妈夏洛特和两个儿子3岁的鲁宾和2岁的宝儿。每当这家人想吃一顿文雅的早饭时,还不等他们入座,乔就从窗口探进脑袋开始吃起来。Joe, who stands at 5.83 feet is not particularly picky and will happily chow down on b, cereal and fruit, but does turn his nose up at cheese.大个子乔站起来有5.83英尺高(约1.77米),它并不挑食。无论是面包、麦片粥还是水果,它都会高兴的大快朵颐。但它唯独不喜欢奶酪。Although Joe lives with three other female camels, he is the only one lucky enough to share breakfast w ith his owners.虽然乔并不是家里圈养的唯一一只骆驼,他和另两只雌骆驼住在一起,但他却是唯一一只有幸与主人共进早餐的骆驼。The others have to eat hay, barley, straw and corn mix in their stable.另两只骆驼只能吃到牲畜棚里用干草、大麦、稻草和玉米混杂的饲料。Mr Anderson-Dixon, said: #39;The first time Joe joined us for breakfast he was uninvited.#39;He leaned in and rudely helped himself to the fruit bowl. But I wasn’t surprised because he’s very good at persuading all the other animals to give him their food too.’安德森-迪克逊先生说,“乔第一次和我们一起吃早饭是自己不请自来的。他伸进脑袋,不讲礼貌的吃着水果盘里的水果。但对此我并不惊讶,因为乔也非常擅长从其他动物那里要到食物。”#39;Now he comes over whenever he feels like it and hovers around in anticipation.He is eating us out of house and home, but we can’t get angry at him. He is like a big soft giant teddy bear and has become part of the family.#39;“现在它随时想来就来,充满期待的在窗口等着。它几乎把家里的东西都吃光了,但我们无法对它生气。它就像一只柔软的、超大号的泰迪熊。它已经是我们家的一个家庭成员。”Although the family have gotten used to Joe’s freeloading, the family were initially frustrated at first with his lack of table manners.虽然这家人对乔的不请自来已经习惯了,但一开始乔粗鲁的餐桌礼仪还是让一家人充满了挫败感。Luckily for the family, Joe is the best behaved animal on the farm.对这家人堪称幸事的是,乔在牧场上表现的非常听话。 /201312/266852

小贝新西兰掉根薯条 球迷网上拍卖Fans of football superstar David Beckham are cashing in on his recent visit to New Zealand by trying to sell his food scraps and dirty dishes on the Internet.Among the items put up for sale on New Zealand website Trade Me are a half eaten corn cob, a nearly empty bottle of Coca-Cola and a single French fry, which the seller said Beckham had dropped during a stroll around Wellington.The chewed corn cob and soft drink came from a chicken restaurant where Beckham ate on Thursday night. The seller was also auctioning the plate and knife and fork he had used at the restaurant.The seller vouches for the items' authenticity and suggests they are ideal for anyone "who actually cares about David Beckham."The French fry attracted an initial bid of one dollar (75 US cents), rising to three dollars by late afternoon Wednesday.Beckham was in the New Zealand capital for three days last week with his LA Galaxy football team to play an exhibition match against local team Wellington Phoenix.He left on Sunday to rejoin wife Victoria as her reformed group The Spice Girls played a concert in Vancouver. 足球巨星大卫·贝克汉姆近日在新西兰逗留期间吃剩的东西和用过的餐具竟被球迷当成“宝贝”在网上贩卖。这些在新西兰“易我”网上拍卖的“宝贝”包括,啃了一半的玉米棒、一瓶快喝完的可乐和一根薯条等。据卖家介绍,这根薯条是小贝在惠灵顿闲逛时掉的。而啃了一半的玉米棒和快喝完的可乐是上周四晚小贝在一家炸鸡店进餐时吃剩下的。小贝在这家餐厅用的盘子和刀叉也被卖家拿到了网上拍卖。卖家保东西绝对是“真品”,还称这些东西对于“真正在乎小贝”的人来说是很理想的纪念品。那根薯条的起拍价为1新元(相当于75美分),到了昨天下午晚些时候,已经被拍到了3美元。上周,小贝与他的洛杉矶队在新西兰首都惠灵顿逗留了三天,与当地的惠灵顿凤凰队踢了一场友谊赛。小贝于上周日离开惠灵顿,前往温哥华去见妻子维多利亚,为她的辣回归演唱会助兴。 /200803/32068

  Signs of sun damage to the skin include wrinkles, brown spots, an uneven complexion and a tough, leathery skin texture.晒伤的迹象包括皮肤的皱纹、色斑、肤色不均以及粗糙的皮肤纹理。Sun-damaged skin is the result of overexposure to ultraviolet, or UV, sunlight, which also can cause skin cancer.晒伤的皮肤是皮肤过度暴露在紫外线或阳光下的结果,这样的紫外线和阳光也会导致皮肤癌。If you have signs of sun-damaged skin, there are some things you can do to repair and even reverse the effects of too much sun.如果你有皮肤晒伤的迹象,你可以做一些补救措施来修护甚至是逆转阳光带来的伤害。Instructions操作指南1. Cleanse skin daily with a gentle cleaner and exfoliate at least twice a week with a gentle skin scrub.每天用温和的洁面用品净化你的皮肤,一周至少用温和的去角质霜去角质。Removing the dead cells on the outermost layer of the skin on a regular basis lets the skin underneath regenerate itself.在定期去除皮肤表层死细胞的基础上让底层的皮肤再生。2. Use sunscreen daily with an SPF of at least 15.每天用防辐射至少15+以上的防晒霜。According to Skin Cancer.org, daily use of sunscreen can lower your long-term risk of skin cancer.根据皮肤癌网显示,每天都使用防晒霜能够长期降低你患皮肤癌的风险。Using sunscreen prevents additional sun damage, while it allows your skin to repair and reverse some of the damage that#39;s aly been done.使用防晒霜不但能防止额外的晒伤,而且还修复和逆转了一些其他的皮肤伤害3. Stay hydrated.保持水分。Drink plenty of water to moisturize skin from within.喝大量的水让你的肌肤从内而外的充满滋润。Use a moisturizer on the outside of your skin to hydrate, plump up skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen.在皮肤表层涂一些乳液保湿,膨胀皮肤细胞以及促进胶原蛋白的产生。 /201307/250115


  日前有传闻称好莱坞当红玉女杰西卡·阿芭与男友卡什·沃伦感情不稳。近日,杰西卡又吐露心声,称自己的“王室情结”使两人的感情受到了影响,并坦白自己爱上了威廉王子。Hollywood siren Jessica Alba reveals that she has a crush on Prince William.Hollywood siren Jessica Alba has fuelled speculation that her relationship with boyfriend Cash Warren is in 'royal' trouble by revealing that she has a crush on Prince William.The 26-year-old actress, who shot to fame after her film "Sin City" became a runaway hit, said she was still searching for a perfect father for her future children, contactmusic.com website reported.Alba, who has been dating Warren from January 2005, said: "I always felt I had been born into the wrong family. I felt I should have been a royal."Jessica Alba also expressed her confusion that she could't understand why actresses choose to haveplastic surgery.Alba has vowed that she will never go under the knife because she wants to age gracefully and retain the expressive nature of her face for acting roles."As an actress, you express emotion with your face. And if you have plastic surgery, you lose that spark," Alba explained. "People usually look better without surgery - my grandmother aged very gracefully."Vocabulary:plastic surgery:整形手术 /200805/39974


  The list of electronic aids available on new cars today resembles the for a Chinese restaurant. There are devices to help drivers steer, brake, see, change lanes, avoid collisions, and parallel park. The self-driving autonomous car may become reality by 2020, as experts believe, but no one need wait for its GPS systems and laser radar to become commercialized until it gets here. Some high-end new models practically drive themselves.现如今新车的选装配置清单就像中餐馆的菜单,很容易让人挑花了眼。有各种设备可以辅助司机行车、刹车、并线、避免碰撞、并排停车等。有专家相信,到2020年自动驾驶汽车将成为现实,但是现实中没有人想等到自动驾驶汽车的GPS系统和激光雷达完全成熟了再买车。目前某些高端新车从某种程度上说已经是在自动驾驶了。I#39;m in favor of anything that makes driving safer, easier, and more efficient. But danger can lurk in unexpected places. What happens if you exchange your Starship Enterprise for an older model or one that is less well-equipped? Expect the cruise control to automatically keep you from colliding with the vehicle in front of you the way your Acura RLX does? Sorry, the car you#39;re driving doesn#39;t have an adaptive system that applies the brakes. CRASH!我喜欢任何能让驾驶变得更安全、更简单和更有效率的东西。但是危险可能潜伏在我们意想不到的地方。如果你把新买的一辆极为先进的新车换成一款旧车,或是配置不那么齐全的车会怎样?旧车能像讴歌(Acura)RLX的自适应巡航控制系统那样帮你避开路上的其它车辆吗?对不起,这辆旧车没有能够控制刹车的自适应巡航系统,所以追尾是难免的。With that in mind, I#39;ve composed an admittedly very personal list of essential assists that should be in every car. Some are for safety, others provide data, and still others make the ride more comfortable and entertaining. Their common denominator is that I miss them when they aren#39;t there. Your own choices may differ, but here are mine:考虑到这一点,我列出了一份重要的行车配置清单,我认为这些配置应该安装在每一辆汽车上。不可否认这份清单带有浓厚的个人观点。其中有些配置是安全性配置,有一些配置能提供数据,还有一些配置能提高行车的舒适性和性。它们共同的特点是,如果一辆车里没有清单里的某些配置,我就会很想念它们。你自己的选择可能和我有出入,不过以下就是我的建议。1. Push-button ignition/keyless start(1)一键启动/无钥匙启动I love walking up to a car that unlocks and lights up by itself and then starts without pulling the key out of your pocket or purse. Yes, there is always the danger of forgetting to hand the key over to the parking valet, but that is a small price to pay for the convenience -- especially on a cold day.我喜欢当我走近一辆汽车里时,它能自动解锁亮灯,而且不用从口袋或钱包里往外掏钥匙。当然,总有人在使用代客泊车务的时候忘了把车钥匙交给泊车司机,不过考虑到它的便利性,这点小代价是值得的——尤其是在大冷天里。2. Rearview camera/backup warning system(2)后视摄像头/倒车警告系统Several times, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has delayed rules for rear visibility that would require backup cameras since Congress required them in 2007, but they can#39;t come fast enough for me. It is much safer to watch a screen on your dashboard that has helpful yellow guide lines than to twist your neck over the back of your seat, look around for blind spots, and then try to back up. And don#39;t omit those helpful beep beep beeps that let you know when you#39;ve gotten too close.美国国会早在2007年就要求私家车必须安装倒车摄像头,不过美国国家公路交通安全(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)已然数次推迟了强制安装倒车摄像头的法规。但是倒车摄像头对我来说太必要了。有了它之后,你只需要对着中控台上的屏幕以及屏幕上的黄色倒车线进行操作就行了,这比扭着脖子朝后看有没有盲点要安全得多,另外还有非常有用的“滴滴滴”的声音,提示你是否离后面的东西太近了。3. Adaptive cruise control(3)自适应巡航控制It#39;s real helpful in traffic when you have it; real dangerous if you think it is there -- and it isn#39;t. Partial versions slow you down while others bring you to a complete stop. Though Lexus brought the first system to the U.S. in 2000, many domestic models didn#39;t begin offering it until a decade later.如果你的车上有自适应巡航控制系统,你就会发现它在行车时实在太有用了。不过如果你以为你的车上有这个系统,而事实上却没有的话,那你就非常危险了。如果你的车和前车距离小于安全车距,有些版本的自适应巡航控制系统会控制制动单元进行减速,还有些版本会让你的车子完全停下来。虽然雷克萨斯早在2000年就把第一款自适应巡航控制系统引入了美国,但许多美国本土车型直到2010年前后才开始提供这一系统。4. Blind spot detection(4)盲点检测It#39;s a radar-based system that detects vehicles travelling in parallel lanes and uses blinking lights in rear-view mirrors to warn when one is in the blind spot. It#39;s very helpful in preventing you from veering into occupied space, along with the attendant horn-honking and name-calling. More advanced intervention systems apply the brakes to nudge the car out of danger.盲点检测系统是一个基于雷达的系统,当有车辆和你并行时,如果它进入了你的视线盲点,后视镜上的闪灯就会闪烁,提醒你注意安全。这是个十分有用的配置,可以避免你变线时进入已经被占用的车道,也能使你免遭被人狂按喇叭和破口大骂之苦。更先进的干预系统还可以通过控制刹车使你的车子脱离危险。5. Navigation system(5)导航系统Manufacturer-installed or aftermarket, they save lots of hassle (except for those odd times when they lead you astray). Even if you know where you#39;re going, you can program the navi to find out what time you are expected to arrive -- and then try to beat the clock.不管是原厂的还是在汽配城加装的,它们都让我们省了很多事(除了有些时候它们也会莫名其妙地让我们绕弯路)。即使你知道你想去哪里,你也可以在导航上看看你大概到达的时间——然后可以努力在那个时间之内到达。6. Power tailgate close(6)电动关闭后备箱Nobody needs to be spared the less-than-onerous task of pulling down the tailgate of an SUV, but it is way more convenient, clean, and quick to push a button -- especially when your arms are full.虽然大家都不在乎费点力气把SUV的后备箱盖按下去,但是如果只按一个按钮就能关闭后备箱的话,那实在是方便多了,也干净多了——尤其是在你手里抱满东西的时候。On the instrument panel仪表盘上7. Manual gear selection indicator.(7)手动档档位指示Ever find yourself in fourth gear when you thought you were in sixth? The gear selection indicator keeps your revs from bumping into high.你是否曾经以为自己挂的是六档,后来才发现挂了四档?档位指示可以让你避免挂错档导致发动机转速过高。8. Range.(8)续航里程Even if your car isn#39;t electric, knowing the range-to-empty helps you plan your fill-ups while you hunt for the discount gas station.就算你的车不是电动车,知道你的车离下次加油还能跑多远,也可以让你对下次加油的时间和地点心里有谱,尤其是当你在找打折的加油站的时候。9. Outside Temperature.(9)车外气温Even in an era of phones that also act as thermometers, seeing the ambient temperature on your dash in the morning allows you to calibrate.这个时代虽然连手机都能当温度计用了,但是如果能够在车里了解到车外的气温,还是有助于让你根据温度调整着装。10. Satellite radio(10)卫星收音机Several hundred channels, impeccable reception, and no commercials. A must for long commutes and road trips. your day.有好几百个频道,在信号接收上也无可挑剔,而且没有商业广告,是居家旅行、长距离通勤的必备神器。11. Heated seats(11)电加热座椅They make cold starts in frigid weather bearable, but only if they warm up quickly -- say, in less than a mile. A heated steering wheel is often available as a package deal.它让寒冷冬天的冷车启动变得不那么难熬——但前提条件是它们能很快热起来——比如在一英里之内。它一般会和电加热方向盘放在同一个套餐里供你选择。 /201305/241903

  Demand for foreign-made baby milk in China is strong after contaminated baby formula killed six infants in 2008. Retailers in the UK are rationing sales of powdered baby milk because of a surge in demand in China.2008年中国出现问题婴幼儿配方奶粉后,中国市场对国外奶粉的需求量越来越大。由于中国对奶粉的需求快速增长,英国的零售商对奶粉实行限购。Danone, the manufacturer of Aptamil and Cow and Gate baby milk powder, said most supermarkets were introducing a restriction of two cans per customer. It said the limit was to prevent some individuals from bulk-buying baby milk for ;unofficial exports;.爱他美和牛栏婴儿奶粉的制造商达能集团透露,大多数超市正进行奶粉限售,一位顾客只能买两罐奶粉。该集团称,奶粉限购是为了防止一些人为了非法出口而大量购买奶粉。Retailers were also capping sales of Nestle#39;s SMA milk, despite the company saying there were no stock shortages.零售商也对雀巢的惠氏奶粉设置了销售上限,尽管雀巢公司声称不存在库存短缺的情况。Danone said in a statement: ;We understand that the increased demand is being fuelled by unofficial exports to China to satisfy the needs of parents who want Western brands for their babies.;达能集团曾发表声明说:“我们了解到,非法向中国出口奶粉是为了满足中国父母对西方品牌奶粉的需求,这激起需求量的不断上升。”Chinese thirst中国人的热望 ;We would like to apologise to parents for any inconvenience caused by this limit. We know that most parents only buy one pack at a time, so we hope that the impact of this limit on UK parents will be minimal,; it added.“对于限购给家长们带来的任何不便,我们表示很抱歉。我们知道大多数的父母一次只买一盒奶粉,所以我们希望这次限购对英国父母产生的影响能降到最低。”达能集团补充道。Supermarkets Asda, Sainsbury#39;s, Tesco and Morrisons said the purchase of certain brands would be limited to two units per customer per day.阿斯达、塞恩斯伯里、乐购以及莫里森等大超市都表示,购买某些品牌的奶粉会限制为每位顾客一天只能买两罐。Foreign-made baby formula are popular in China, especially since a locally manufactured formula laced with the industrial chemical melamine killed six infants in 2008 and caused another 300,000 to fall ill.国外婴幼儿配方奶粉在中国很受欢迎,尤其2008年以后,当时中国本土生产的某些品牌奶粉被曝光掺有工业化学物质三聚氰胺。Earlier this year, shops in Australia were forced to restrict sales of infant formula, as Chinese customers and tourists bought them in bulk to send them home or to sell them online.今年早些时候,澳大利亚的商店也限制了婴幼儿配方奶粉的销售数量,原因是来自中国的消费者和旅客们大量购买当地的奶粉,然后把奶粉发往中国或者拿到网上销售。Authorities in Hong Kong also introduced restrictions in February to prevent shortages, banning travellers from leaving the territory with more than 1.8 kg (4lb) of formula. Last month, 10 people were arrested there for trying to smuggle more than the allowed amount into Chinese mainland.香港当局也在2013年2月份实行限购,防止出现奶粉短缺的情况,同时携带超过1.8公斤奶粉的游客都将被禁止离开香港本土。三月份,有10人因试图偷运1.8公斤以上奶粉到大陆而遭到逮捕。Danone said it was taking action to respond to the shortfall in the UK, including increasing production of milk, which means extra supplies of all its brands are arriving every week, according to B business correspondent Emma Simpson.据B商业通讯记者艾玛-辛普森报道,达能集团表示,该公司会采取一定措施来填补英国的供应短缺现象,其中包括提高奶粉的产量,而这意味着它旗下的品牌产品每周都会有额外的供应。Boosting production刺激生产Danone is also increasing production and supplies of its brands that are aly available in China, in order to meet demand there.为了满足中国市场的需求,达能集团同时提高了旗下产品的产量与供应量,并且已经向中国供货。But it added: ;If parents are unable to find their baby#39;s usual brand of milk, we recommend they try another local store or revisit the store on another occasion.;但该集团也补充道:“如果父母们不能在我们店找到他们的孩子常喝的奶粉,我们建议他们去其他商店购买,或者下次再来购买。”Richard Dodd, head of media and campaigns at the British Retail Consortium, said: ;A number of retailers are limiting the amount of baby milk that can be bought by any one customer.英国零售协商会的媒体和销售活动负责人理查德#8226;多德说道:“很多零售商在限售一些儿童奶粉数量,以便让每个想买奶粉的人如愿。零售商正在采取未雨绸缪的措施,确保库存供应,使所有希望购买奶粉的人能买得到。” /201304/234415



  最恶搞的圣诞祝福If one night a big fat man jumps in at your window,grabs you and puts you in a sackdon#39;t worry I told SantaI wanted you for CHRISTMAS.HAPPY CHRISTMAS如果某天晚上一个胖子跳进你的窗户、抓起你往麻袋里塞,别担心。那是我告诉圣诞老人,我要你做我的圣诞礼物。圣诞快乐!最内涵的圣诞祝福An urgent help please. One of my close friends has come. I have directed him to you. Kindly arrange a room for him and take care of him. He is little childish. Kindly bear with him. His name is Jesus. Merry xmas.紧急求助!我一个好朋友来了,我让他去找你。麻烦你安排一个房间、好好照顾他。他有点孩子气,耐心点啦。他的名字叫“耶稣”。圣诞快乐!最有爱的圣诞祝福May the magic of love twinkle in your lives throughout the holidays and the upcoming new year.愿爱的奇迹在你生命中闪耀,掠过圣诞、掠过来年。最诗意的圣诞祝福Through a looking glass of a thousand stars,heavenly angels watch over us and bless us unaware.May health happiness and good times greet you each day of the new year.透过千万颗星星,天上的天使在默默看着我们、并无声地守护我们。愿健康安乐及美好时光伴你在新年的每一天。最“无赖”的圣诞祝福No Greeting Card To Give.No Sweet Flowers To Send.No Cute Graphics To Forward.JustA LOVING HEARTSayingHAPPY X’MAS!没卡寄你、没花送你、连张可爱的简讯图片都没有。我只有一颗爱你的心,说着“圣诞快乐”!最吃货的圣诞祝福Have an icy-icy CHRISTMAS, with BUTTERING MSGs, CHOCALATY CALLS, CREAMY THOUGHTS, FRUITY FUNS. MERRY CHRISTMAS.愿你有一个清清爽爽的圣诞节:多收黄油般的讯息、多打巧克力味的电话、多些奶油似的的想法、玩得像水果般甜蜜!圣诞快乐! /201312/268592


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