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定南县妇幼保健人民医院做去疤手术多少钱赣州市中医院去痣多少钱What if robots could evolve?如果机器人可以自主进化的话,那么这将会是一幅怎样的场景呢?It#39;s the question asked by a group of scientists in Amsterdam, whose radical new project aims to create smarter, more advanced robots through a process similar to sexual reproduction.这一问题由阿姆斯特丹的科学家们提出,他们创立一项不同凡响的新项目,旨在通过类似有性生殖的过程创造出更智能、更先进的机器人。While the idea may sound far-fetched, they#39;ve aly demonstrated a proof of concept – in February, two robot parents came together to #39;mate,#39; and the first #39;robot baby#39; was born.虽然这一想法听起来有些难以置信,但是他们却已明其确实可行:二月,一对机器人父母通过“交配”,生下了首个“机器人宝宝”。In the Robot Baby Project at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, scientists have developed a way for robots to have #39;sex#39; and pass on their DNA to offspring.在阿姆斯特丹自由大学的“机器人婴儿项目”中,科学家已经研发出一种使机器人通过“性交”而将DNA传递给后代的办法。Doing this can allow them to #39;develop their bodies through evolution,#39; making for successive generations that have more advanced physical and behavioural capabilities.这一做法可使机器人实现自我进化发展,从而使其后代能拥有更高级先进的身体机能和行为能力。As the process continues, the researchers say robots can become more suitable for use in unknown environments that could be hazardous to humans, like deep sea mines or even other planets.随着研究推进,研究人员认为这些机器人更适合用在对人类有害的未知领域中,比如深海矿井甚至是其它星球。#39;We have two robots that meet and mate, and just as in the animal kingdom, this results in a baby,#39; says Guszti Eiben, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at VU, in a explaining the concept.阿姆斯特丹自由大学的人工智能教授Guszti Eiben在一段视频中对这一概念解释道:“就像在动物界里一样,两个机器人相见交配,然后就有了宝宝。”The robots live, work, and reproduce in an #39;Arena,#39; where they are able to select a suitable mating partner.这些机器人在实验室的“人生舞台”上生活、工作和繁殖,在那里它们可以选择适合交配的另一半。When the two robots come together, they are then able to communicate and even mate.当两个机器人邂逅相遇,它们可以相互交流甚至交配。#39;When they evaluate each other favourably, they send their genomes through the Wi-Fi network,#39; says Milan Jelisavcic, a PhD student at the university.该大学的士生Milan Jelisavcic说:“当它们评估对方为积极良性时,会通过Wi-Fi发送各自的基因组。”#39;A sexual reproduction mechanism then creates the new genome. Code of this genome is sent to the 3D printer then, for printing new components.#39;“这种有性繁殖机制能创造出新的基因组,然后这一基因组代码会被发送至3D打印机上,进而打印出机器人宝宝的组成部件。”During a year-and-a-half development period, the researchers were able to achieve the implementation of a full life cycle.在一年半的研发进程中,研究人员实现了一个完整的生命周期测试。When the parent robots #39;reproduce,#39; their features are randomly recombined.当机器人父母“繁衍后代”时,他们的特征是随意组合的。This includes the brain – software – and the hardware.这其中包括大脑(软件)和硬件。#39;With evolutionary techniques, we evolve the neural networks of the robots,#39; explains Jacqueline Heinerman, PhD student at VU, in the .视频中,学校里的另一个士生杰奎琳#8226;海纳曼解释道:“随着技术发展,我们能够开发机器人的神经网络。”These neural networks are responsible for their behaviours.这些神经网络主控机器人的行为。The lab also contains a #39;Birth Clinic#39; and a #39;Nursery#39; for the robotic child, and once born, each must undergo a learning process.研究实验室中还为机器人宝宝设立了“产房”和“育儿室”,出生后,每个机器人宝宝都必须进行学习。If it is deemed satisfactory, the child then becomes an adult, and potentially, a parent.一旦它们符合条件要求,便可步入成人阶段,还有可能为生育下一代做准备。Researchers say this marks the start of a new era – the Industrial Evolution.研究人员认为,这标志着“工业进化”新时代的开始。In this state, machines could autonomously operate and reproduce.依此看来,机器人可以自主操作与繁殖。One day, they say, this new form of evolution could even play a critical role in the colonization of Mars.他们表示,终有一天,这一全新的进化方式将在殖民火星的过程中扮演举足轻重的作用。 /201606/448007赣州腋下脱毛哪家医院好 More than a hundred thousand women diagnosed with breast cancer in Europe and the US each year could avoid chemotherapy by taking a gene test made by Agendia, a Dutch biotech group, which can attempt to predict whether the disease is likely to return.通过接受一家荷兰生物科技集团Agendia开发的一项基因测试,每年确诊患有乳腺癌的逾10万名欧美女性可能不必接受化疗。Agendia可以尝试预测癌症有无复发可能。Women with early-stage breast cancer are often given chemotherapy after surgery if their tumours are over a certain size or have started to sp to the lymph nodes, factors which suggest they have a high clinical risk of suffering a recurrence.被确诊患有早期乳腺癌的女性,如果肿瘤尺寸超过一定范围或者开始扩散到淋巴结(这些因素暗示,癌症复发的临床风险非常高),那么通常会在手术之后接受化疗。But many of them are believed to gain little benefit from undergoing the punishing therapy.但据信她们中许多人接受这种折磨人的治疗之后,几乎没有收到任何疗效。According to the results of a large clinical study, to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) on Thursday, 根据周四发表于《新英格兰医学杂志》(NEJM)上的一项大型临床研究的结果,patients who were deemed by the test to have a low genomic risk of recurrent cancer — and who subsequently did not receive chemotherapy — had a similar chance of surviving compared with those who were given the toxic treatment.测试后被认为从基因组角度衡量癌症复发风险很低——并且随后没有接受化疗——的患者,其生存概率跟那些接受了这种有毒性的疗法的患者差不多。Agendia said that of the roughly 445,000 women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer each year in Europe and the US, around 102,000 of them could be able to forego chemotherapy after taking the so-called MammaPrint test.Agendia表示,在大约44.5万名每年被确认患有早期乳腺癌的欧美女性中,10.2万人在经过所谓MammaPrint测试之后,可能有能力放弃化疗。The MammaPrint test costs roughly ,000, but could result in a net reduction in healthcare costs given that a round of chemotherapy costs about ,000 per patient.MammaPrint测试的费用约为3000美元,但鉴于每名患者的一轮化疗费用约为2.6万美元,该测试可能实现医疗费用的净减少。The five-year clinical study of more than 5,000 women found that 94.7 per cent of patients who were categorised as lower-risk by the test survived without their cancer returning and sping to other parts of the body, about 1.5 per cent lower than those who did receive chemotherapy.针对逾5000名女性、为期5年的临床研究发现,在被MammaPrint测试认为复发风险更低的患者中,94.7%的人活了下来,癌症并未复发或者扩散到身体其他部位,相比确实接受过化疗的患者低了1.5%。The MammaPrint test scans biopsies of tumours for 70 genes that govern whether cancerous cells are likely to multiply or invade healthy tissues to determine if there is a high chance of the disease returning even after patients have undergone surgery.MammaPrint测试对肿瘤的活体组织切片进行扫描,查找掌管癌细胞是否可能会繁殖或入侵健康组织的70种基因,从而判定在患者即便经历手术之后,癌症复发的可能性是否很高。The findings come as oncologists try to find treatment plans that are less burdensome, especially for women suffering from breast cancer, who sometimes undergo major surgery such as a double mastectomy even when there is a low risk of their disease recurring.这一研究结果公布之时,肿瘤学家们正尝试寻找负担更小(尤其是对乳腺癌女患者而言)的治疗方案。即使癌症复发的风险很低,这些女患者有时也会进行双侧乳腺切除等大手术。 /201608/462861赣南附属医院祛痣多少钱

赣州整形美容医院祛胎记Meet Chihira Junco, a tourist greeter at a shopping mall in Tokyo. 来见见地平Junco(Chihira Junco)吧,她是东京一个购物中心的游客迎宾员。In her crisp blue button-down shirt, white blazer and pinstripe skirt, she stands in sensible pumps behind a counter in Aqua City Odaiba on Tokyo Bay, dispensing directions to local sites and shops in Japanese, Chinese and English.她身穿湛蓝色前系扣衬衫、白色上衣和细条纹半身裙,脚踩实用的轻便鞋,站在东京湾台场海洋城(Aqua City Odaiba)的一个柜台后面,用日语、中文和英语分发当地景点和商店的指南。She is not, however, human. 不过,她不是人。Ms. Junco — if you can use an honorific for a machine — joins an incipient group of androids springing up around Japan. Junco——如果可以把敬语用在一个机器身上的话——是日本各地涌现的初代机器人中的一员。There are also Yumeko, a receptionist at the Hen-na Hotel, a robot-operated boutique in Nagasaki, and Matsukoloid, who appears in a popular television variety show with her human doppelg#228;nger, Matsuko Deluxe.其他的机器人还有前台接待员梦子(Yumeko)和松子机器人(Matsukoloid)。梦子在位于长崎的精品酒店奇特酒店(Hen-na Hotel)工作,这家酒店由机器人运营;而松子机器人和她的人类分身松子Deluxe(Matsuko Deluxe)一起出现在一个热门电视综艺节目上。Toshiba, the electronics company, developed Chihira Junco in collaboration with technology labs at several Japanese universities. 电子公司东芝(Toshiba)与日本几所大学的技术实验室合作开发了地平Junco。She and four other androids cost ¥10 million (about ,000) to produce, but only Ms. Junco — Chihira? — is currently out in public, while the others remain with their maker. 她和另外四名机器人的总造价为1000万日元(约合9.3万美元),不过目前只有Junco——还是该叫她地平?——公开亮相,其他机器人依然和制造者在一起。The company said it planned to develop 1,000 more androids in 2017. 该公司表示,计划于2017年再开发1000个机器人。By 2020, it hopes to make 10,000 a year.到2020年时,希望每年制造1万个机器人。At Aqua City, which is popular with tourists and where a small replica of the Statue of Liberty stands in a park near the mall entrance, visitors can tap on a screen to ask Chihira questions like Where are you from? (I was born in Mizuho-machi, Nishitama-gun in Tokyo. 在海洋城——这个购物中心很受游客欢迎,入口附近的公园里有一个自由女神像(Statue of Liberty)的小型复制品——游客们可以点击屏幕,向地平提问,比如你来自哪里?(我出生于东京西多郡瑞穗町。I now live alone in the Minato ward) and What’s your favorite food? (I especially like watermelons and Japanese pears).现在我独自住在港区)和你最喜欢的食物是什么?(我特别喜欢西瓜和日本梨)。Up close, Chihara’s robotic arm movements give her away, as do her eyes, which blink only halfway. 从近处看,地平的机械臂的动作出卖了她,她的眼睛也让她露馅——她眨眼时,眼睛只闭一半。When she talks, she looks more like someone chewing gum than speaking. 她说话的样子更像在嚼口香糖。During a recent rendition of My Heart Will Go On, from the movie Titanic, her mouth barely moved and her gestures suggested a crossing guard directing traffic.前不久她演唱《泰坦尼克号》(Titanic)的主题曲《我心依旧》(My Heart Will Go On)时,嘴巴几乎没动,手势像是一个交警在指挥交通。For those visitors who still long for genuine human contact, two actual human greeters stand at an information counter about 20 feet away.对于那些依然渴望与真正的人类交流的游客来说,约20英尺外的咨询台站着两名真正的人类迎宾员。 /201609/465403赣州俪人整形美容医院褐青色痣怎么样 会昌县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛痘手术多少钱

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