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Let#39;s face it, the majority of people who are single are not single because they honestly and truly choose to be that way. Yes, there are people out there who are single and love it and wouldn#39;t change it for the world but these people are in the minority。让我们面对现实吧:大部分单身的人之所以还单着,并不是因为他们发自内心地愿意选择这种生活方式。当然的确有些单身的人喜欢这样,而且不想做出改变。但这些人毕竟是少数。So, if most people who are still single would rather be in a relationship (of some kind), why are there so many single people out there?那么,如果大多数单身的人或多或少是想开始一段感情的,为什么还有那么多单身的人呢?I happen to be single myself and believe that there are some pretty good reasons to explain why single people like myself seem to stay single。我自己刚好也是单身,我相信有一些原因可以很好地解释为什么像我这样的单身人士依然孤家寡人。If you#39;re one of the single people, keep on ing to see if one of these ;top 5 reasons why you#39;re alone; can explain why you#39;re still single。如果你也是单身,接着往下读,看看“五大单身理由” 里有没有哪一条符合你的情况。  1. You were in a long-term relationship:你曾经有一段长期的恋情Being in a long-term relationship is much different than dating. If your long-term relationship ends, there is a lot more to deal with than if you#39;d only been dating for a few months. Take a 10-year relationship that#39;s ended, for example: there#39;s 10 years of good memories, bad memories, lost commitments, joy, hurt - you name it - to try to deal with.长期的恋情和短暂的约会大不相同。如果你结束了一段长期的恋情,你需要解决的问题比约会了几个月的人多得多。比如说一段10年的恋情结束了,留下了10年的美好回忆、糟糕回忆、未兑现的承诺、各种喜悦和痛苦,凡是你能数出来的都需要去应对。Assumedly, if you were in a 10-year relationship, the person you were with knew you well - your likes, dislikes, your quirks, your friends, family, hopes, dreams, etc. You probably knew each other so well that it was like you had your own secret language. Even if the relationship ended badly, that#39;s a lot to try to replace!通常情况下,如果你们曾经在一起10年,那个人会非常了解你:你的好恶、你的怪癖、你的朋友、你的家人、你的希望、你的梦想等等。你们大概非常了解对方,就好像他/她是你专属的秘密语言一样。即便这段恋情以糟糕的方式结束了,想要找人取代他/她的位置依然不容易。It#39;s no wonder that single people with long-term relationships in their past seem to stay single. Whether it makes sense to them or not, they just can#39;t seem to find someone who can replace what they once had whether what they had was good or not. The key here is that they will never be able to find a direct replacement but they can find someone new who is equally if not more worthwhile and hopefully a better match. It takes time, openness and commitment to build another long-term relationship from scratch and it can be scary and overwhelming。所以那些过去有过长期恋情的人保持单身就不足为奇了。不管有没有道理,他们似乎就是找不到人来替代曾经那个人的位置,不管那个人究竟是不是那么好。关键在于他们永远不可能找到一个直接的替代者,但是他们可以找到一个新的人,即便不比原来那个人更值得,但至少也是个不错的另一半。结束一段伤痛、再次建立一段 长期的感情需要时间、坦然和承诺。最初可能会让人提心吊胆、喘不过气。2. You#39;re shy and/or not very outgoing:你比较害羞,或者不够外向Whether we like it or not, people who are outgoing tend to get noticed and that includes getting noticed by the opposite sex. Where does that leave shy single people? We#39;re just not that likely to get noticed if we don#39;t make eye contact with others and make a point of trying to get to know them. It#39;s a sad fact, but true。不管我们是否认同,外向活泼的人更容易引人注意,包括吸引异性的注意。那些害羞的单身人士可难办了。如果我们不和别人进行眼神的交流,也不表现出我们渴望了解他们,我们就不太可能引起他人的注意。听起来挺叫人难过,不过这是事实。Being shy is at least 50% genetic so there#39;s only so much we can do to overcome this. The good news is that there are lots of shy single people out there -- admittedly, the hard part is hooking up, but it happens, so don#39;t despair。害羞至少有一半原因来自遗传,所以我们仍然可以去克它。好消息是还有很多害羞的单身人士。不过不得不承认,难点在于你们如何跟他们搭上腔,但成功的例子也确实会发生,所以别绝望。 3. You live in a small town or village你住在小镇或者小村子里Let#39;s just play the numbers game here. Imagine you live in a small town of 3000 people and you#39;re a woman. You#39;re looking for a man, so you#39;re down to 1500 to choose from except that 75% of them are taken so that leaves you with 375. Out of those 375, let#39;s say 15% of them fall within an appropriate age range of you which brings you down to about 57. Out of those 57, you#39;re sure not going to be compatible with all of them; there may be a few you#39;re compatible with but how are you going to find them?我们来玩个数字游戏。假设你是女性,住在一个只有3000人的小镇里。你在寻找一个男人,那么你的选择范围就降到了1500人,其中可能有75%的人已经有所属,那么留给你的还有375人。这375人中大概有15%的人符合你的年龄范围,所以还剩57人。而这57人当然不是每个都适合你;其中也许有一些和你般配的,但是你要怎样找到他们呢?Just because you live in the same town doesn#39;t mean that you#39;re going to bump into each other on the sidewalk or at the grocery store. Of course, these are completely made up statistics but are generally what you#39;re dealing with in small towns. If you want more dating options, you#39;ll have to move to the big city。你们住在一个镇上不代表你们会在路边或者杂货店里偶遇。当然,这些只是假设的数据,但通常来讲你在小镇上的情况就是这样。如果你想要更多的约会机会,恐怕得搬去大城市。4. You#39;ve been single a long time and are set in your ways你单身太久,已经习惯了自己的生活方式The longer you live as a single person, the more independent and self-sufficient you#39;re forced to become. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, if taken to the extreme, it can hinder your efforts to find a mate. If you#39;re used to doing everything yourself and for yourself only, it may be very difficult to let someone else into your life even though you may crave that closeness。你单身的时间越久,你就迫使自己变得越独立、越靠自己。这并不是坏事,但如果走向极端,会阻碍你找到另一半。如果你习惯了凡事亲力亲为,而且只为自己而做,也许就很难让另一个人走进你的生活,哪怕你也许渴望这种亲密。Unfortunately, this becomes more and more true as we get older. I#39;m pretty set in my ways myself and all I can hope for is that if the right one does come along, that I will let him break through my wall of independence that I have created。不幸的是,随着我们渐渐长大,事情就越是如此。我已经非常习惯按自己的方式生活,我唯一能期望的是,如果那个对的人真的出现了,我会允许他打破我已经建立起来的这座独立的墙。5. You#39;re just too picky你太挑剔了Yes, we all want to have a Brad Pitt or Megan Fox type hanging off our arms but it#39;s just not going to happen. Even if we don#39;t want that, we have a list in our minds of traits that our future soulmate must possess and sometimes that list can be rather long, perhaps too long。是的,我们都想要一个布拉德·皮特这样的帅哥或是梅根·福克斯那样的性感美女挽着我们的胳膊,但这太不现实了。哪怕我们期望没这么高,我们心里都列出了未来的灵魂伴侣必须符合的条件,有时这些条件还不少,也许太多了。While nobody wants to ;settle;, you might want to ask yourself if everything on your list is really that important. Does it matter that much how tall the person is? How much money they make? What color hair they have? It might be worth relaxing some of your standards and seeing what kind of results you get. Remember, nobody is perfect。没有人想被他人的条件“框定”,你也许应该问问自己,这些条件真的都这么重要吗?这个人的身高很重要吗?他赚多少钱很重要吗?他/她的头发是什么颜色很重要吗?你也许应该把自己的标准放宽一些,然后来看看结果如何。记住:完美的人不存在。 /201308/251689

  What makes a women sexy? Is it her body? Is it the clothes she wears? Is it her voice? Well guess what, the secret that makes a woman sexy is out here. Here are 8 simple things that will make you sexy.是什么让女人性感?是性感的衣还是性感的声音?你知道么,这些都是肤浅的性感。现在教你8招,做到真正性感。1. Give your tongue some rest1. 让你的舌头休息一下吧!Women are believed to be jabber mouths. This is one trait that most men dislike about them. Talking non-stop will only make you seem like a total bimbo. If you can actually listen sometimes instead of only going on talking, you will be such a breath of fresh air to any man. And as sexy as it seems, you not talking so much will actually want every man to know more about you.大家对女人的印象总是“叽叽喳喳”,这一点是大多数男人不喜欢的。说个不停只能让你显得不够档次。如果你能倾听,而不是总要说个不停,你对大数男人来说就像一缕清新的空气。这会让你性感,因为你越是不说话就越会让男人有想要了解你的欲望。2. Be a little mysterious2. 保持神秘感Predictable is so damn boring. Don’t just be like any other woman out there. Don’t be so open about yourself and you will find others more interested in getting to know you. You will become a hot topic that men talk about. A mysterious woman is very sexy.可预见性会让人感到无聊。不要和其他女样一样,不要轻易将自己的一切都暴露于人前,这样你会发现越来越多的人想要了解你。你会成为男人之间最常聊到的话题。有神秘感的女人总是很性感。3. Give out a nice laugh3. 笑是女人的秘密武器Laughter is the best medicine. Not only will it increase your face value, but it will also make you look so sexy. We’re not talking about a fake laughter with lots of grunting in the middle. We’re talking about a smooth nice laughter, the way they show in movies. This doesn’t mean that you use your sexy laugh for any and everything. Use it at the right time, and it will drive all the men crazy.笑是一剂良药。它不仅仅会让你的脸更美丽,更会让你变得性感。我不是指那些夹杂着咕噜声的假笑,而是美好优雅的笑。这也并不意味着任何事情任何场合下都要笑,而是在合适的时间使用性感的笑,这会让男人们为你疯狂。4. Be hard-to-get4. 不要轻易投降An independent woman who is able to look after herself, is like a challenge for every man. Also a woman, who is strong and not easily driven by sweet talks, appears smart. If you are too easy-to-get, men will find you boring. Men prefer women who pose like a challenge.一个能够照顾自己的独立女人对任何一个男人来说都是一个挑战。同时,不容易被花言巧语迷惑的强势女人是智慧的体现。如果你太容易被得到,男人就会觉得无聊。男人都喜欢征。5. Focus on your gait5. 注意你走路时的仪态Gait refers to the way a women walks. The manner in which a woman makes her grand entrance can make a man fall in love with her. Drooping shoulders and stomping feet furiously while walking looks very bad. However a woman who maintains the right posture and is able to carry her body beautifully as she walks, can make herself look really sexy.Gait是指女人走路时的仪态。女人走进来时的宏大气势会让一个男人拜倒她的石榴裙下。走路时双肩下垂,用力跺脚是非常不好看的。然而,如果一个女人走路时可以保持正确的仪态,优雅协调着身体可以让她看起来非常性感。6. Maintain eye contact6. 眼神接触Maintaining good eye contact is very important. It shows confidence. Again maintaining eye contact doesn’t mean staring. Don’t scare a man off by staring at him as if you are some kind of a psycho. Maintain eye contact when he’s talking to you. With that dreamy look on your eyes, it will make him want to take you somewhere away with him.良好的眼神接触是非常重要的。这彰显了你的自信。但眼神接触并不是要你盯着他看。不要因为盯着他看,让让他误认为你心里有问题而落荒而逃。当他与你说话的时候保持目光接触。用轻柔的目光看着他, 这会让他无论走到哪里都想带着你。7. Flaunt your confidence7. 彰显你的自信A woman who is comfortable in her own skin and gives a damn about the whole world, is sexy. Confidence is shown by the way a woman talks, smiles and maintains an eye contact. However also make sure that you understand the difference between confidence and overconfidence. A confident woman appears sexy, while an overconfident woman may appear stupid. So make sure that you know where to draw the line.一个对自己皮肤感觉良好,完全不在乎整个世界的想法的女人是性感的。自信无处不显,微笑、说话、保持目光接触。然后,你必须要了解自信和过分自己的区别。一个自信的女人显得性感,而一个过度自信的女人显得愚蠢。因此,不要逾越那条线。8. Show your intelligence8. 彰显你的才智It is said that sexiness starts in the mind. The person with the correct set of mind can be really very sexy. This doesn’t mean that you behave like a total wonk. You don’t have to show-off your intelligence all the time. Just show it when the time is right and he will surely notice it.有人说性感始于头脑。一个拥有正确思维的人是可以非常性感的。这并不意味你要表现的像一个书呆子。也不要总是炫耀你的智慧,只要在适当的时候适当的展示,他就一定会注意到。Last but not the least don’t be so obsessed about your looks and you will find yourself looking sexier than ever.最后但并非最不重要的一点,不要总是纠结你的外表,这样你会发现你比任何时候都性感。 /201305/239628



  What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?如果知道没有人在旁边指指点点,你会以一种的不同方式来做事吗?Truth be told, no one has the right to judge you. People may have heard your stories, but they can’t feel what you are going through; they aren’t living YOUR life. So forget what they say about you. Focus on how you feel about yourself, and do what you know in your heart is right.事实上,没有人有指责你的权利。人们或许听过你的故事,但他们却不能感同身受,因为你的生活只属于你自己。所以忘掉他们对你的指责。相信自己的感觉,做自己认为正确的事。1. Take care of yourself.1. 照顾好自己。Your relationship with yourself is the closest and most important relationship you will ever have. If you don’t take good care of yourself, then you can’t take good care of others either; which is why taking care of yourself is the best selfish thing you can do.你和自己最亲近,是你所有关系中的重心。如果照顾不好自己,也就谈不上照顾好别人,这就是为什么说照顾好自己是你能做的最好的利己之事。2. Do what you know is right, for YOU.2. 为了自己,去做自己认为正确的事情。Don’t be scared to walk alone, and don’t be scared to like it. Don’t let anyone’s ignorance, drama, or negativity stop you from being the best you can be. Keep doing what you know in your heart is right, for you. Because when you are totally at peace within yourself, nothing can shake you.不要害怕独行,不要因喜欢独行而害怕。不要让任何人的无知、恶搞或消极成为你达到巅峰的障碍。为了自己,坚持做你内心深处认为正确的事情。因为当你内心完全处于平和状态时,没有什么能让你动摇。3. Follow your own unique path.3. 沿自己独特的路走下去。Every new day is a chance to change your life. Work on making life all that you want it to be. Work hard for what you believe, and keep your dreams big and your worries small. You never need to carry more than you can hold; just take it one day at a time. And while you’re out there making decisions instead of excuses, learning new things, and getting closer and closer to your goals, you should know that there are others out there, like me, who admire your efforts and are striving for greatness too.新一天的到来为改变你的生活提供了契机。努力让生活之路朝着你所希望的方向延伸。为信仰辛勤工作,梦想远大思想放松。你永远不需要超负载工作,每天只需做力所能及的事。当你下定决心,而不是找借口时,当你学习新事物,且离目标越来越近时,你要知道,像我一样敬重你、并同样在追求卓越的人大有人在。4. Lock yourself away from the world and work on your goals.4. 远离外界的喧嚣,锁定既定目标。Dream big dreams, but realize that short term, realistic goals are the key to success. Success is directly connected with daily action. The way we spend our time defines who we are. Successful people keep moving, by doing small things every day that bring them a couple steps closer to their dream. They make mistakes along the way, but they don’t quit – they learn and press on.拥有很大的梦想,但要意识到切合实际的短期目标才是通向成功的关键。成功与日常工作密切相关。我们利用时间的方式也就决定了我们的未来。不积跬步无以至千里,成功的人不断前行,一步一步成就他们的梦想。他们犯了错误不退却,而是总结经验鞭策自己。5. Adjust your goals and dreams as life changes.5. 随时调整目标与梦想来适应生活。A great deal of pain in life comes from having a specific dream that you’ve fallen in love with, and when it doesn’t work out exactly as planned, you become angry that you now have to pursue a different path. If you want to tame your inner demons and make the most of life, you must not become rigidly attached to just one specific dream, and remain open to there being an even better, equally as happy path ahead. Life is unpredictable, but it provides plenty of opportunities to make dreams come true. Just don’t forget that sometimes taking a positive step forward requires you to slightly adjust your dreams, or plan new ones – it’s OK to change your mind or have more than one dream.生活中的很多痛苦来自于拥有一个明确的、让你无法自拔的梦想,当梦想不能如期实现时,你会感到气恼,不得不再去寻求另一种途径以期实现梦想。如果想让自己心平气和地过好每一天,你绝对不能固守一个特定的梦想,要向更美好的梦想敞开胸怀,正可谓幸福之路就在脚下。生活不可预知,但它却提供各种机遇,使你梦想成真。别忘记,有时对梦想略做些调整或构思一些新梦想,是向前迈出积极一步的必要条件——改变想法或拥有不只一个梦想不是件坏事情。6. Forgive those who have wronged you.6. 宽恕曾误解你的人。Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong and wise. Forgiveness allows you to focus on the future without combating the past. To understand the potential of everything going forward is to forgive everything aly behind you. Without forgiveness, wounds can never be healed, and moving on can never be accomplished. What happened in the past is just one chapter. Don’t close the book, just turn the page.宽恕是自己为自己送上的礼物。宽恕是强者和智者的品质。宽恕让你放手过去着眼未来。要理解正在发生发展的事物的潜力,就不要纠缠于过去。没有宽恕,伤口永远无法愈合,前进就是空谈。发生过的事仅是书中的一个章节。不要把书合上,请把它翻到。7. Show everyone your love and kindness.7. 向大家表示你的友爱和友善。If you are reserving your love only for those who you have decided are worthy of it – all strangers excluded – it may come as a surprise to learn that this is not love at all, it is called judgment. Judgment is selective, love is all embracing. Just as the sunlight and the wind do not discriminate, true love does not make any such distinctions either. Love and kindness is a way of living. Where there is love, there is no judgment. Where there is judgment, there is no love.如果你只把爱留给那些你认为值得去爱的人,把所有陌生人被拒之门外,你可能会惊奇地发现,这根本不是爱,而是评判。评判是选择,爱是拥抱。真爱如阳光和风一样没有偏颇。爱与友善是一种生活方式,评判与爱不能共存。8. Stand up for others, even if it’s the unpopular thing to do.8. 即使不被理解,也要为他人挺身而出。Sometimes you will say something really small and simple, but it will fit right into an empty space in someone’s heart. Dare to reach into the darkness, to pull someone else into the light. Remember, strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others too, and lend a hand when they’re able.有时一些实际上小而简单的华语,却会触动某个人的心灵。要敢于走入黑暗,将身处其中的人引向光明。记住,强者为自己挺身而出,但强者中强者会为他人挺身而出,而且在他们有能力时会向你伸出援手。9. Fight through your failures.9. 不输。When you are feeling down or dealing with failure, don’t be ashamed. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are going through a difficult time, and you are still pushing forward. That’s something to be proud of – that you are fighting through it and slowly rising above it. Let everyone know that today you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday, and you will be.当你感到沮丧或面对失败时,不要感到羞愧。没有什么好羞愧的。你正在经历艰辛,你仍在前行。这是值得你骄傲的——你在努力战胜失败,一步步走出困境。让大家知道,今天的你比昨天更坚强,而且会越来越坚强。10. Keep your head held high and keep on smiling.10. 昂首挺胸,笑对人生。Every day of your life is a page of your history. The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them. Don’t cry over the past, cry to get over the past. Don’t smile to hide the pain, smile to heal the pain. Don’t think of all the sadness in the world, think of all the beauty that still remains around you.生活的每一天都会成为你历史的一页。当你停止捕捉机会时,机会弃你而去。不要为过去哭泣,含泪挥别过去。不要用微笑隐藏痛苦,要用微笑治愈痛苦。不要思虑世界的悲哀,要沉浸于身边的美好。 /201212/212163

  SagittariusThe Archer has bth of vision, a thoughtful mind and an enthusiastic way of putting their arguments and information across. The sheer momentum of their vitality is often their most persuasive trick. They sweep all doubts to one side, motivating and encouraging as they go. They may not always be realistic, but they certainly inspire.射手座射手座的人思维广泛,灵活,对工作充满热情。 /201210/202836


  Let#39;s say you recently turned someone down for a raise or a promotion, and he has now retaliated -- for instance, by quitting in a huff and taking a valuable client list with him。假设你最近拒绝给某人涨工资或者升职,现在他开始实施报复——比如,愤然辞职并且带走了一份重要的客户名单。According to a new study of the role of testosterone in business negotiations, you might have foreseen that, and maybe even prevented it, if you had checked out his right hand before making (or refusing) an offer. Specifically, if someone#39;s ring finger and his index finger are the same length, look out。一项关于睾丸激素在商业谈判中所起作用的最新研究表明,如果你在提出(或者拒绝)一项提议之前,能够检查一下对方的右手,你就有可能预料到会发生上述事件,甚至还有可能避免出现这种事。具体说来就是,如果某人右手的无名指和食指一样长的话,那你就得小心了。Little or no difference in the size of those digits is an indicator of high prenatal testosterone, which tells you two things. First, this is a person who is preoccupied with preserving his status and saving face. Unless you handle his ego with kid gloves, he will be quick to take offense. And second, if you cross him, he will get even。如果这两只手指的长度一样或者非常接近,则说明手的主人出生前体内睾丸激素含量就很高,这又进一步说明两点。首先,此人会不惜一切保全自己的地位,维护自己的面子。除非你时时照顾他的自尊,否则他很容易怀恨在心。其次,你跟他作对,他就会实施报复。That#39;s the conclusion of an intriguing study called ;Lex talionis: Testosterone and the law of retaliation,; to be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology。上述是一项名为《Lex talionis:睾丸激素与报复定律》的研究得出的结论。该研究将会发布在下一期的《实验社会心理学杂志》上。Lex talionis is Latin for ;retributive justice,; and here#39;s how the experiment went down: Researchers from Columbia Business School and the Kellogg School at Northwestern put 48 randomly selected volunteers through two rounds of negotiations. Lex talionis是拉丁文,意为“因果应报”。该项实验是这样进行的:哥伦比亚商学院[微]和西北大学[微]凯洛格商学院的研究人员从志愿者中随机抽取48人,让其参加两轮议价。The first bargaining session was rigged so that the test subjects were, in effect, cheated out of they had thought they could win. In the second round, which the subjects were not told about ahead of time, the researchers turned the tables so that, this time, the volunteers controlled the bidding process for a second pot。首轮谈判阶段的设计,目的在于要让测试对象完全上当,拿不到他们以为自己能赢得的40美元。研究对象事先未被告知有第二轮谈判;这一轮,局面被设计成与第一轮相反,志愿者得以控制竞价过程,以赢取第二份40美元奖励。Some people played fair during the second round, swallowing their disappointment at ;losing; the first time and making reasonable efforts to reach an evenhanded outcome. Other subjects, however, responded quite differently. They aggressively lowballed the researchers, clearly determined to get payback。有些人在第二轮中能够光明磊落,行事公允,他们忍气吞声,将“输掉”首轮的扫兴咽到肚子里,凭着自己的努力,赢得公平的结果。但是,其他的研究对象反应则完全不同。他们胆大包天,向研究人员虚报低价,很明显是要借此挽回首轮失利的损失。After it was all over, the researchers used a flatbed scanner to measure everyone#39;s right-hand index and ring fingers (;from the ventral proximal crease of the digit to the tip of the finger;). In every case, they found a direct correlation between ;digit ratio; and vengefulness: The less of a difference between the two fingers, the greater the urge to get even。试验结束之后,研究人员用平板扫描仪测量每个研究对象的右手食指和无名指(从手指内侧掌指关节到指尖)。他们发现,“手指比例”与报复心之间存在直接关系,无一例外:上述两只手指长度差别越小,报复心越强。Many other studies have established ;digit ratio; as an indicator of prenatal testosterone -- that is, how much testosterone someone was exposed to before birth, often as a result of birth order (older children in a family tend to have more than younger ones) or a mother#39;s genes。其他许多研究也发现,“手指比例”能显示出生前睾丸激素含量。出生前睾丸激素含量指的是某人出生前从父母处接受的睾丸激素的多少,往往与出生顺序(家庭中年长的孩子的睾丸激素含量通常高于年幼的孩子)或者母亲的基因有关。But until now, the behavioral implications for negotiation strategy have not been clear。但是,迄今,对谈判策略的行为解释尚未明朗化。;Testosterone is a hormone associated with status-seeking and a need to save face,; notes Adam Galinsky, the Kellogg professor who co-wrote the study. ;It makes a powerful difference in how people respond to situations.[/en]“睾丸激素是与追求地位和挽回面子的需求有关的荷尔蒙。”该研究报告的联合作者、凯洛格商学院的教授亚当-加林斯基指出。“人们对各种处境的反应方式也因而有天壤之别。”;People with low testosterone -- that is, with a noticeable difference in the length of their second and fourth digits -- may perceive that they#39;re being treated unfairly, but they#39;re likely to go sulk in a corner.;“睾丸激素少的人,也就是其食指与无名指长度有明显差异的那些人,虽然也会认识到自己遭受了不公平待遇,但他们很可能只会生闷气,而不会采取报复行为。”However, Galinsky says, ;If you#39;re looking across a bargaining table at someone who has a slight difference, or no difference, between the second and fourth digits, be careful.; Make an extra effort to mollify that person and stroke his ego, because doing otherwise is ;like slapping a sleeping tiger.;但是,加林斯基表示:“如果你放眼望去,看到谈判桌对面的人食指与无名指长短差不多或者根本就一样长,那你就得当心了。”你得多花点心思安抚他,并迎合其自尊心,因为如果不这样的话,就“等于去摸老虎的屁股”。 /201307/248326。


  3SB,uH@qNvxOeNMtX~wh6From mastering the doggy paddle to hanging out of car windows, Leonardo DiCaprio, Taylor Lautner and others tap into their animal instincts从掌握爬式到把头伸出窗外,莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥,泰勒#8226;洛特纳以及其他人都展现了他们的动物本能u3+LN8^8y(0O^aTAIR OUT THERELeave it to our furry friends to teach Leonardo DiCaprio one of life#39;s simple pleasures: the feel of the summer sun on your face.外面有空气让我们毛茸茸的朋友来教莱昂纳多#8226;迪卡普里奥一招生活中的简单快乐:夏日阳光打在你脸上的感觉|_iZuKy6Ho5D|d。0M2Qt3eO3gsQ~j!EBR+MJiGid9TfkNID|w%~~M[d]y[nh_ /201305/239970

  They had planned on marrying as soon as they graduated from high school but“Uncle Sam”had other ideas.他们计划高中一毕业就结婚,但“山姆大叔”却另有主意。  Most of us know the“Uncle Sam”means the government of ed States. But suppose we don#39;t know it,we will got misunderstanded.  Here the“Uncle Sam”comes from:  “Uncle Sam”是美国人的绰号。它源自1812-1814年间美英战争时期的一个历史传说。相传在纽约州的特洛伊城(Troy)有位年长的肉类加工商,名叫山缪尔·威尔逊(Samuel Wilson)。他勤劳、诚实、能干,很有威信,人们亲切地叫他“山姆大叔(Uncle Sam)”(注:Sam为Samuel的昵称)。这位山姆大叔也是一位爱国者,他与父兄曾参加过美国独立战争。在1812年的美英战争中,他的工厂与政府签了一份为军队生产桶装牛肉的合同,美国政府每当收到他交来的经其亲自检验合格的牛肉,就将肉装入特制的木桶,并在桶上盖上US的记号。由于Uncle Sam的首字母是US,而美国(The ed States)的缩写也是U.S.,于是人们便把这两个名称合二为一了,意即那些经“山姆大叔”之手的牛肉,成了“美国”的财产。于是当地的人们就把“山姆大叔”当成美国的绰号,并逐渐流传开来。  19世纪30年代,美国漫画家根据历史传说,赋予“山姆大叔”形象,于是出现了一个蓄着胡子的高瘦老头形象。他头戴饰星高顶帽,身穿红、白、蓝三色燕尾和条纹裤(美国星条旗的图案)。虽白发苍髯,却精神矍铄,一派威仪。从此,这一形象就成了美国的象征。“山姆大叔”勤劳开朗的性格和爱国热忱,体现了美国人民的天性和精神。因此,1961年,美国国会正式承认“山姆大叔”为美国的民族象征和代表。  美国人的绰号,除了“Uncle Sam”外,还有“Brother Jonathan”和“Yankee”。“Brother Jonathan”代表美国人,源自华盛顿的好友,美国民族英雄、革命志士“Jonathan Trumbull”(1710-1785)。据说,华盛顿经常向他请教问题,而且亲切地唤他作“Brother Jonathan(乔纳森兄弟)”。至于“Yankee”,最初是指在美国东北部新英格兰地区定居的殖民者。在美国南北战争(1861-1865)期间,“Yankee”的含义扩大了。南方军人把北方各州的士兵都叫作“Yankee(北方佬)”。在第一次世界大战(1914-1918)期间,“Yankee”简化成“Yank”。一唱起“The Yanks Are Coming(扬克来了)”这歌,欧洲那些处境艰难的协约国人民无不欢欣流泪。从那时起,“Yankee”对于欧洲人来说,就成了美国兵或美国人的代称了。在拉丁美洲,Yankee拼作Yanqui,在民族独立运动风起云涌的五十年代,长期遭受美国剥削和压迫的拉丁美洲人民发出了Yanqui go home!(美国佬滚回老家去!)的吼声,对美国的经济利益和政治影响可说是一个巨大的打击。 /201304/234139

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