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On the first night during his visit to China, German President Joachim Gauck tasted the famed local dish, Peking duck, along with other delicacies in a traditional Chinese courtyard.在访问北京的第一个晚上,德国总统约阿希姆·高克在一个中国传统四合院里品尝了当地名菜北京烤鸭和一些其他的美味。The restaurant is located in Guijie, a popular food street in Beijing famed for midnight dining and spicy crayfish.该餐厅位于簋街,是北京非常热闹的美食一条街,以宵夜和麻辣小龙虾闻名。The dinner for Gauck was composed of dishes such as fried lion#39;s mane mushroom, sweet and sour ribs, and smoked sausage, reported Beijing Youth Daily on its public account on social networking platform WeChat. Crayfish was not served for reasons of etiquette.据北京青年报微信公众号爆料,高克总统一行所品尝的菜品包括满汉全席云腿猴头、糖醋小排、北京特色熏肠等。出于餐桌礼仪并没有上小龙虾。The 76-year-old and his entourage finished all the food with forks and knives rather than chopsticks. Gauck seemed to be happy with the meal, saying ;tastes good; to the waitress.76岁的德国总统高克和他的同僚们是用刀叉吃完这顿中餐的,没有使用筷子。看起来高克对这顿饭特别满意,连连对务员表示“味道好极了”。The dinner cost more than 200 yuan () per person, an upper middle level of consumption for the street.据悉,这顿饭人均消费200多元(约31美元),在簋街属于中档以上消费。In fact, before Gauck#39;s visit, this restaurant had received other foreign leaders such as Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, former President of the Swiss Confederation Ueli Maurer, and Willem-Alexander, the King of the Netherlands.事实上,在高克来访之前,已经有其他外国政要光临过这家餐厅了,比如意大利总理马泰奥·伦齐,瑞士联邦前主席于利·毛雷尔和荷兰国王威廉·亚历山大。Unlike these heads of state, US Vice-President Joe Biden preferred more ordinary food. In a 2011 visit to China, Biden and his men dropped by a snack store in Beijing and ate noodles with soybean paste, a local delicacy, spending a total of 79 yuan.与这些政要不同,美国副总统拜登更青睐平价小吃。2011年访华时,拜登带着随从去了北京的一家小吃店,点了当地风味小吃炸酱面,一共才花费了79元。Gauck is the first German President to visit China in six years. His next stop is Shanghai where he will visit a Jewish refugee memorial and Tongji University, a school established by a German physician more than a century ago.高克是六年来第一个访问中国的德国总统。他的下一站是上海,在那里他将参观犹太难民纪念馆和同济大学。同济大学是100多年前由一个德国医生创办的。After that, he will go to Xi#39;an in Northwest China#39;s Shaanxi province, where he will visit churches and mosques in order to understand the integration of different ethnic groups.之后,他将前往中国西北部的陕西省西安市,参观教堂和清真寺,了解不同民族的融合。 /201603/434550

Florida, the southernmost state in the US mainland, has bestowed many gifts upon the world. It’s the birthplace of the modern air conditioner, site of the largest Disney World and home to a rotating cast of eccentrics, who supply endless amusement to observers the world over. 佛罗里达州位于美国本土最南端,这里是全世界自然物产最丰富的地区之一。它是现代空调的诞生地,全球最大迪士尼乐园所在地,这里还有形形色色特立独行的“奇葩”,他们为观察我们这个世界提供了源源不绝的乐趣。 Remember that guy arrested last year for beating one of his employees with a real, live lizard? Yup, that was Florida. And the pilot who illegally flew a gyrocopter to the US Capitol? You can thank Florida for that gem too. 还记得去年有人因为用一只活生生的蜥蜴咬自己的雇员而被捕的新闻吗?是的,这发生在佛罗里达。还记得一名飞行员曾非法驾驶旋翼机冲到美国国会大厦么?这也是佛罗里达的一大“功绩”。 Yes, the Sunshine State has done a lot for humanity, including tickling its collective funny bone. But as many American college students can tell you, its biggest contribution may be the phenomenon known as “spring break”. 确实,阳光州为人类做了不少贡献,包括它的全民幽默感。不过正如一些美国大学生会告诉你的,它最大的贡献要数创造了一种叫“春假”的现象。 It’s that special time each year when college students are liberated from class for one full week, to rest and prepare for the exam season ahead. Or not. Nowadays, it’s a tradition for students to abandon their dorm rooms for Florida’s white-sand beaches–and, en route, abandon most of their clothes and common sense too. 每年的某个特定时期,大学生都能有一整周的假期,他们养精蓄锐,为接下来的考试季做准备,或者就是玩玩玩。现如今的春假,这样的生活已经变成了一项传统:学生们撇下宿舍,蜂拥到佛州的白色沙滩,尽情脱掉外衣,忘乎所以。 Spring break evolution 春假的进化史 In springtime, Florida becomes the host of a beachside bacchanal for college students, but not so long ago, it was a relatively low-key tourist destination. The rise of the modern spring break and the rise of Florida as a tourist destination went largely hand-in-hand. 春天的佛罗里达成了大学生狂欢的海滨胜地,不过不久之前,这儿还是个人气不怎么高的旅游景点。现代春假的兴起几乎和佛罗里达成为旅游胜地相伴相生。 According to research from the University of New Orleans, college swim teams discovered Florida’s vacation potential back in the 1930s. But other destinations, like Bermuda, remained more popular for college getaways. World War II changed that. With German U-boats patrolling offshore, American students were less inclined to go overseas for spring vacations. Florida’s time had arrived. 据美国新奥尔良大学的研究显示,早在20世纪三十年代,大学游泳队们就发现了佛罗里达作为热门度假地的潜力。不过当时像百慕大群岛这样的景点,作为逃离学校的旅游胜地则更受欢迎。二战改变了这种状况。由于德国U形潜水艇在近海巡逻,美国学生不倾向于出国度春假了。佛罗里达时代就此开启。 By the 1950s, novels like Where the Boys Are and articles like Time magazine’s “Beer amp; The Beach” had established spring break as an excuse to party, and Florida as its capital. 直到20世纪五十年代,《男孩在哪里》这样的小说和《时代周刊》刊登的如《啤酒amp;沙滩》这类文章为春假聚会找到了理由,佛罗里达顺势成了派对之都。 With that anarchic spring break spirit comes an iconic spring break style, one that reflects Florida’s own eccentricities. It’s messy and wild and borderline tasteless–fashion’s rebellious answer to prim-and-proper college attire. 和无法无天的春假精神相伴而生的是春假的标志性风格,它反应了佛州的独特性。它凌乱、狂野,居于无品味的临界点上——是时尚对一本正经的大学生装束的反击。 /201604/436063

Chinese Hong Kong Film History中国香港电影史At the end of 1895, foreign films came into Hong Kong where there were the public films shown in 1903 and a fair number of cinemas were set up in 1907. The number offilms and their time of being shovsm were bigger than before.1895年底,外国电影进人香港。1903年,香港开始有公映。1907年开 1始,不少电影院纷纷在香港开办,而且放映的次数和数量都比以往多。Accordingly, the year of 1907 was seen as the first peak year of Hong Kong film industry.因此,1907年被视为香港电影业的第一个髙峰年代。In 1909, LiangShaopo directed and starred a quite simple humorous film Stealing a Roasted Duck, its producer worked together with Li Minwei to make the first Hong Kong feature filmZhuang Zi Tests His Wife in 1913, which hastened Hong Kong Film industry and Li Minwei was praised as a “Father of Hong Kong film”.1909年,梁少坡导演并主演了一部十分简单的诙谐剧《偷烧鸭》。1913年,它的出品人布拉斯基后来和黎民伟合作制作了香港的第一部故事片《庄子试妻》,并因而促进了香港电影业,而黎民伟更被誉为“香港电影之父”。The appearance of this filmsymbolized the beginning of Hong Kong film in fancy.这部电影的出现,象征着香港电影萌芽期开始。In 1922, Li Minwei and his elder brother Haishan and Li Beihai originated the first Hong Kong film company—Minxin Film Company which greatly promoted Hong Kong filmindustry.1922年,黎民伟及其兄长海山、北海创办了香港第一家全由香港人投资创办的电影制片公司——民新电影公司。It not only produced the first Hong Kong newsreel documentary in 1923 and set up the first actor training institute to train the people who have talents foracting and also made the first long feature film Rouge, Hong Kong film industry had been gradually grown during 1924 and 1925 but interrupted by the strike in June,1925. A year later, the film show industry began to revive.民新的成立为香港电影业带来很大的推动作用,它不仅在1923年出品了香港第一部新闻纪录片,在1924年成立了第一个演员培训所以培养有演戏潜质的人,还摄制了香港出产的第一部故事长片《胭脂》。1924年至1925年,香港电影事业已渐渐成长,但因1925年6月大罢工的影响被迫中止了。一年后,电影放映业开始复苏。At the beginning of 1930, Li Beihai established Hong Kong Film Company with other people, and produced itspioneering work The Witty Sorcerer, It was Uanhua Film Company united by Minxin and other several film companies that made Hong Kong film industry developed steadily.1930年初,黎北海等创办了香港影片公司,制作出其创业作《左慈戏曹》。真正令香港电影业稳步发展的是1930年由民新与其他几家电影公司合并而成的联华影业公司。Lianhua brought great influence on Hong Kong film industry and it was one of the greatest film studios prewar in China.联华为香港电影带来了很大的影响力,是战前中国最大的电影厂之一。When gods and spirits#39; swordsmen films prevailed over the country, Lianhua produced many films with the health theme and freshstyle,including Conscienceness, whichwas the first Chinese film entering American film market, and1 Song of the Fisherman, which was the first Chinese film winning the international award,etc. They notonly changed the foreigners’ opinion about Chinese film,but also created its new wave.当全国盛行拍神怪武侠片时,联华推出了许多主题健康、风格清新的电影,包括第一部打进美国电影市场的中国电影《人道》及第一部在国际上获奖的《渔光曲》等,不但改变了外国人对中国电影的看法,更创造了中国电影的新浪潮。In 1934, Lianhua in Hong Kong was disunited and Li Beihai founded the firstHong Kong sound film studio—Zhonghua Film Studio and made a partially sound film Conscience and the first sound film The Silly Youth Enter Bridal Chamber, At the sametime, the film companies produced many silent films like Dai Lao Bai Shou, etc. according to the tradition. Therefore silent films and sound ones coexisted during 1933and 1934.1934年,联华香港分厂解体,黎北海创建了香港第一家有声电影制片厂——中华电影制片厂,并制作了一部局部有声片《良心》及第一部有声片《傻仔洞房》。与此同时,电影公司还依着传统,拍摄了不少默片,如《呆佬拜寿》等。故此,1933年至1934年间,可说是默片与有声片共存的时期。1935年,香港电影步进有声时代。In 1935, Hong Kong stepped into its sound film age. Since 1935 the number of Cantonese films made in Hong Kong was increased yearly. Influenced by the anti-Japanese movement, a number of patriotic films were made. Among them,the Life Line was directed by the early famous Hongkong director Guan Wenqing.从1935年开始,香港的粤语片产量每年递增。受抗日热潮的影响,香港生产了多部爱国电影,其中包括香港早期著名电影导演关文清导演的《生命线》。In 1936,socialeducation films became the mainstream in Hong Kong films like A Woman of Guangzhou by Shao Zuiweng.1936年,社会教育片成了香港电影的主流,如邵醉翁执导的《广州一妇人》。In 1937, “July 7 Incident” happened, which resulted in Hong Kong’s high spirit of resistance against Japan and film workers started to make anti-Japanese andpatriotic films one after another.Among 85 feature films in 1937, there were 25 anti-Japanese and patriotic films, of which Last Minute by Zhao Shushen could beabsolutely regarded as the classic work.1937年,由于“七七事变”的发生,香港抗日气氛高昂,因此电影工作者也纷纷开拍抗日爱国片,在1937年出产的85部故事片之中就有25部抗日爱国片。其中,由赵树燊于1937拍摄的《最后关头》绝对可以称得上是经典之作。Next year, patriotic films continued to prevail. In the same year, the first Hong Kong color film A Woman of Guangzhou (II),the first swordsmen film, the adventures oi Fong Sai - yuk and the first Chinese language film Diao Chan,A Beauty were produced in succession With the appearance ofDiao Chan,A Beauty Hong Kong entered the coexistence period of Cantonese films and Chinese language films and the number of the latter was increasing1938年,“爱国片”继续盛行。同年,香港第一部色电影《广州一妇人续集》、第一部功夫片《方世玉打擂台》及第一部国语片《貂蝉》亦相继出现。随着《貂蝉》的出现,香港进人了粤语片与国语片并存的时期,国语片的产量渐多。 /201605/443357

Reputable Areas of Manufacturing Woodcut New Year Picture木刻年画的著名产地Reputable woodcut New Year picture manufacturing and printing shopswere rampant across the country,namely,Yang Liuqing in Tianjin;TaohuaWu in Suzhou ; Minazhu in Sichuan ; Linfen and Xinjiang in Shanxi ; ZhuXianzhen in Henan;Long Hui Tan Tou in Hunan;and Pingdu,Liaocheng and Wei County in Shangdong; Wuqiang, Hebei; Zhangzhou, Fujian; Fushan, Guangdong;and Fengxiang,Shaanxi. With unique styles and features,they each held a place of its own in the forest of folk New Year picture.信誉良好的木刻年画的生产和印刷厂猖獗全国各地,分别是天津的杨柳青;苏州桃花吴;四川米娜朱;临汾和山西新绛,河南朱仙镇;湖南龙辉潭头;和平度,山东聊城潍县;河北武强,福建漳州;广东福山,以及陕西凤翔。凭借独特的风格和特点,他们各自在民间年画林举办中有自己的一席之地。 /201608/461635

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