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Right,listen up, you lot.好的,听着,小子们。This is Santiago Munez.Hes from Mexico.这是圣迪亚哥·蒙尼兹,从墨西哥来的。No.Los Angeles.不,是洛杉矶。Los Angeles, Whatever.洛杉矶,哪儿都成。Before this days done,I want you to let him know who you are.今天训练结束前,我希望你们能够彼此熟悉起来。重点词汇: whatever 不管怎样例句:Whatever nonsense the papers print, some people always believe it.不管报纸胡说什么,总有一些人信以为真。 201405/295473

The first day of school can be intimidating. Be prepared and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits that school brings.开学第一天可能非常吓人。做好准备,你将充分享受学校带来的益处。You Will Need你需要Outfit全套装Backpack背包School supplies学校物品Sleep睡眠Breakfast早餐Healthy lunch健康的午餐Positive attitude积极的态度Map (optional)地图(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Learn the school1.了解学校Avoid first-day jitters by visiting your school and becoming familiar with the area before the first day.开学之前提前参观学校,了解周围环境,避免慌乱。Get a map and carry it with you until you become comfortable with your surroundings.买一份地图,直到你对周围环境了如指掌。STEP 2 Find an outfit2.准备好装Lay out the perfect first day outfit the night before your first day. Waiting until morning can add stress to your day.开学前一天晚上准备好最完美的装。等到第二天早上再找会导致压力重重。STEP 3 Pack your backpack3.装好背包Pack your backpack the night before. Make sure you have all the supplies you need.前一天晚上装好背包。确保所有物品准备妥当。STEP 4 Get a good nights rest4.好好休息Get a good nights sleep the night before your first day.开学前一天晚上好好睡觉。STEP 5 Eat breakfast5.吃早餐Eat breakfast. It will keep you alert and focused.吃早餐。这样可以帮助你保持警醒,集中精力。STEP 6 Pack your lunch6.打包午餐Pack a healthy lunch.打包健康的午餐。STEP 7 Think positive7.积极思考Think positive and introduce yourself to others. Theyre probably just as nervous as you and would welcome someone to talk to.积极思考,向他人做自我介绍。他们可能也像你一样紧张,希望有人和他们聊天。More than 19 million American adults are affected by anxiety disorders each year.每年超过1900万名美国成年人受焦虑性障碍影响。视频听力译文由。201408/322247

  ANNOUNCER: It‘s time for ;The Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What is the world‘s most visited theme park? 世界上游客最多的主题公园是哪里?So, is this Universal Studios Japan, Disneyland Park, California, SeaWorld, California or Disney‘s Magic Kingdom, Florida. You‘ve got three seconds, go.是日本的环球影城,加州的迪士尼乐园,加州的海洋世界还是佛罗里达的迪士尼魔幻王国?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The Magic Kingdom tops the list and Disneyland Park in California comes in second. That‘s your answer and that‘s your shoutout.魔法王国在名单上排第一,加州的迪士尼乐园排第二。那就是你的,那就是你的大喊。AZUZ: Some of the people heading to those two parks will face a new policy starting next month: visitors with disabilities won‘t get instant access to rides at Disneyland or Walt Disney World. 到这两个公园的一些游客会面临从下月开始的一项新政策:有残疾的游客不能得到迪士尼乐园或者沃尔特·迪斯尼世界快速卡。The current policy lets disabled visitors get a guest assistance card for quicker access to rides, they can bypass the lines, but there were reports of people abusing that policy. 现行的政策让残疾游客可以得到客人帮助卡(GAC)来快速排队,他们能绕过长队,耽忧人们滥用这项政策的报告。Under the new policy, which starts October 9th, disabled guests will get a ticket with the time to enter an attraction, that way they won‘t have to physically wait in line. 在新政策下,也就是性十月九日开始,残疾顾客会得到一张带有进入游戏区时间表的票,这样一来,他们实际上就不用排队了。One parent of a disabled child says she‘s worried the new rule could make things more complicated.一位残疾孩子的家长表示,她担心新规会让事情更复杂。She pointed out that some people‘s conditions require certain medical procedures at certain times.她指出有些人的情况要求在某些时间需要特定的医疗手续。 /201310/258865

  The Parthenon sculptures set out to present an Athenian universe made up of gods, heroes and mortals, woven together in complex scenes drawn from myth and daily life.帕台农雕像表现了一个由神、英雄与凡人组成的雅典,日常生活与神话传说中的场景穿插在一起,They are, I think, some of the most moving and uplifting sculptures ever made.我认为这是世上最动人、最振奋人心的一组雕刻。Theyve become so familiar, and have shaped so much of European thinking, that its hard now to recover their original impact.它们早已深人人心,极大地塑造了欧洲人的思维,因此很难再去了解它们最初产生的影响。But at the time of their making they were a quite new vision of what it meant, intellectually and physically, to be human and, indeed, Athenian.但在制作之初,它们对人类,尤其是对雅典人来说,不管从生理上还是心理上,一定都是种全新的意义阐释。Theyre the first, and supreme, achievements of a new visual language.它们是空前的新型视觉语言,是至高无上的成就。Heres Olga Palagia, Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Athens:雅典大学古典考古学教授奥尔加帕拉吉亚教授描述道:;The idea of the new style was to create a new equilibrium between the human body, and the human movement and the garments.这种新风格是要在人物形体、动作与装之间创造出新的平衡…The effort was to achieve the perfect proportions of the human body which were not there before.它创造了完美的人体比例。The key word for the new classical style is harmony and balance其关键点在于和谐与平衡。that is why the sculptures of the Parthenon are so timeless, because the figures they created are indeed timeless.;这是帕台农雕像魅力永恒的原因,因为由此创造出的人物形象确实是不朽的。The sculptures were of course made at a very particular time and with a very particular purpose.但事实上,雕像制作于一个特定的时期,目的也很明确。The Parthenon was a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena Parthenos, meaning Athena the Virgin.它们概括表现了当时社会的自我认知。帕台农是一座献给雅典娜帕台农女神(意为雅典娜处女神)的神庙。201409/327446。

  This is how the world works. The sun shines. The grass grows. Kobe Bryant arrives to practice at three...the other three.这是世界如何运作的方式。太阳照耀。青草生长。Kobe Bryant三点抵达开始练习...凌晨三点。Chickens bock, bock, bock. Broccoli can fight cancer. Rice provides energy. Kobe eats rice, broccoli, chicken, and the world turns.鸡群咕咕、咕咕、咕咕叫。花椰菜能够抗癌。稻米提供能量。Kobe吃米饭、花椰菜、鸡肉,而世界运转着。Earthquakes shake. Bakers bake. Kobe Bryant shakes and bakes defenders.地震摇晃着。糕点师傅烘培着。Kobe Bryant左右晃动“料理”防守者(注一)。Philosophers ponder existence. Scholars . Kobe Bryant takes everyone to school.哲学家仔细思索着生活。学者阅读。Kobe Bryant给大家上了一课。Rain falls. Waterfalls dump water. Kobe owns the bucket...that bucket.雨水降落。瀑布倾泻流水。Kobe拥有那桶子...是掌握那球框。Snakes are light, low and fast. Kobes shoes are like snakes.蛇轻巧灵动、重心低沉且迅速敏捷。Kobe的鞋子就如同灵蛇。Bees sting when threatened. Kobe Bryant is never threatened.蜜蜂受到威胁时便螫人。Kobe Bryant不曾受到威胁。Best is ahead of better. The basket is ahead of the ball. Kobe is light years ahead of them all.顶尖球员领先较好球员。篮框位在球的前方。Kobe遥遥领先所有其他球员。This is the way it was. This is the way it is. This is the way it will be.这是过去的状况。这是现在的状况。这是未来的趋势。Note1:Shakes and Bakes注一:篮球场上的一种华丽过人动作,是当前NBA球星Jamal Crawford的招牌动作,利用背后运球换手重心的转变,搭配垫步上篮,往往把防守者骗得团团转。这里利用这个move将Kobe华丽的过人技巧给形容得绘声绘影。201411/341231

  The Dutch swept the podium for a third time in Sochi, taking the top four places in the womens 1,500 meter speed skating event. The gold went to short track specialist, Jorien ter Mors.荷兰在索契冬奥会上第三次垄断领奖台,拿下了女子1500米速滑赛的前四名。短道速滑专家—Jorien ter Mors摘得金牌。Meanwhile, Sweden successfully defended its Olympic title in the mens 4-by-10-kilometer cross-country relay. It becomes the first country in 42 years to win both the mens and womens team events in the same Winter Games.同时,瑞典成功卫冕男子4*10越野接力赛奥运冠军头衔。瑞典成为42年来在同一冬奥会上同时摘得男女团队比赛的首个国家。In mens super-G skiing, Norways Kjetil Jansrud won the countrys fourth straight Olympic title in the event.在男子大曲道滑雪赛上, 来自挪威的选手Kjetil Jansrud 为挪威赢得了该赛事上的第四块奥运金牌。And in womens snowboarding cross, the Czech Republics Eva Samkova won her countrys first gold medal in the Sochi Olympics.在女子交叉滑雪赛上,捷克选手Eva Samkova 为自己的国家摘得首个索契冬奥会金牌。201402/276289We can even look at what we can regard as the spin of the records of the battle of Qadesh in his year five, which was a draw.例如,在他统治第五年进行的卡迭石战役, 一般认为是他篡改历史的据之一。He fought the Hittites, it was a draw.与赫梯人战斗打成平局。He came back to Egypt and had the record of this battle inscribed on seven temples, and it was presented as an extraordinary success, that he alone had defeated the Hittites.但他回到埃及之后,将这场战争在七座神庙分别记录下来,并把它描述为伟大的胜利,称自己独自战胜了赫梯人。So it was all spin, and he completely understood how to use that.;这一切都是编造出来的,他极擅利用谎言。This king would not only convince his people of his greatness, but would fix the image of imperial Egypt for the whole world.这位国王不仅让国民臣于他的伟大,也为世界固化了埃及帝国的强大形象。Later Europeans were mesmerised.他让欧洲人深深着迷。Around 1800, the new aggressive powers in the Middle East, now the French and the British, competed to acquire the image of Ramesses.十九世纪初,英法相继侵入中东,竞相争夺拉美西斯的雕像。Napoleons men tried to remove the statue from the Ramesseum in 1798, but failed.一七九八年,拿破仑的部下试图搬走拉美西斯神殿的这座雕像,但没有成功。There is a hole about the size of a tennis ball drilled into the torso, just above the right breast, which experts think came from this attempt, and by 1799 the statue was broken.雕像的右胸上部有一个网球大小的孔, 专家们认为正是这次不成功的尝试造成的。一七九九年,雕像遭到毁坏。In 1816 the bust was successfully removed, rather appropriately, by a circus-strong-man-turned-antiquities-dealer named Giovanni Battista Belzoni.一八一六年,一个叫乔瓦尼巴蒂斯塔贝尔佐尼的人找到了合适的方法,成功搬运了半身像。Using a specially designed system of hydraulics, Belzoni organised hundreds of workmen to pull the bust on wooden rollers, by ropes, to the banks of the Nile, almost exactly the method used to bring it there in the first place.贝尔佐尼曾是马戏团里的大力士,后改行做了古董商。他使用了一套设计独特的水力系统,组织了数百工人,用木制滚轮与绳索将雕像运到了尼罗河岸。这几乎与当年雕像被运到拉美西斯神殿所用的法完全一致。It is a powerful demonstration of Ramesses achievement, that just moving half the statue was considered a great technical feat three thousand years later.在三千年后,运送半截雕像仍可算作巨大的技术成就,由此每见拉美西斯当年的威力。Belzoni then loaded the bust onto a boat and the dramatic cargo went from there to Cairo, to Alexandria, and then finally to London.贝尔佐尼把雕像运到船上,这一巨大货物途经开罗和亚历山大港,最后抵达伦敦。201408/319122But what do we know of the people captured in this lovers embrace? Well, the maker or should we say the sculptor? of the lovers, belonged to a people that we now call the Natufians, who lived in a region that straddled what is today Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and our sculpture came from the area south-east of Jerusalem. In 1933 the great French archaeologist Abbé Henri Breuil and a French diplomat, René Neuville, visited a small museum in Bethlehem. Neuville wrote:但我们还可以知道关于这对拥抱中恋人的什么东西呢?这件恋人作品的工匠,也许我们应该称之为雕塑家,来自于我们今天称之为Natufian人,大概定居在现今以色列、巴勒斯坦,黎巴嫩及叙利亚那个地域上,而我们这位雕塑家来自于取路撒冷东南部的某处。1933年杰出的法国考古学家兼神甫亚布·享利·布勒伊与一名法国外交官诺伊维尔参观在伯利恒地区的一座小型物馆。诺伊维尔记录道:Towards the end of our visit, I was shown a wooden casket containing various items from the surrounding areas, of which none, apart from this statuette, was of any value. I realised immediately the particular significance of the design involved and asked the source of these objects. I was told that they had been brought by a Bedouin who was returning from Bethlehem towards the Dead Sea. “随着我们行程接近尾声,有人向我展示了一个长木盒,装有附近地区收集来的形形色色的物品,但除了这件雕像,其他都是一些毫无价值的物什。我立即意识到这件物品的特殊重要性,并询间它的出处。人家告诉我这盒物什是一个途径死海,从伯利恒回来的贝都因人带来的。”Intrigued by the figure, Neuville wanted to know more about its discovery and he sought out the Bedouin hed been told about. He managed to track down the man responsible for the find, who took him to the very cave - in the Judean desert not far from Bethlehem - in which the sculpture of the lovers had been discovered. The cave was called Ain Sakhri, and so these sculpted lovers that had so captivated Neuville are still known as the Ain Sakhri lovers. 对着物品浓厚的兴趣,驱使诺伊维尔去了解更多关于它的发现过程,于是他开始去打探人们所说的那位贝都因人的下落。最后他设法找到了最初发现这恋人雕塑的那个人。那人把他带到了当初雕塑出土的那个洞穴,位于伯利恒不远的朱迪亚沙漠。那个洞穴被称之为Ain Sakhri,所以那对让诺伊维尔着迷不已的拥抱中的恋人也便称之为Ain Sakhri恋人了。Crucially, the sculpture had been found with objects which made it clear that the cave had been a dwelling rather than a grave, and so our sculpture must have played some kind of role in domestic everyday life.更重要的是,出土这对恋人雕像的同一洞穴里还发现了其他的物品,明确显示了这洞穴曾经是处日常居住场所,而不是一处墓葬。因此我们这件雕像作品在当时人们的日常生活中肯定起到某种作用。We dont know exactly what that role might have been, but we do know that this dwelling belonged to people who were living at the dawn of agriculture. Their new way of life involved the collecting and storing of food.我们不知道它究竟曾经充当了什么实际角色,但我们知道这洞穴的主人生活的时代正值农业的曙光。他们崭新的生活方式包括了惧与储存食物。Wild grass seeds fall off the plant and are sp easily by the wind or eaten by the birds, but these people selected seeds which stayed on the stalk , a very important characteristic if a grass is ever going to be worth cultivating. They stripped these seeds, removed the husks and ground the grains to flour. Later, they would go on to sow the surplus seeds. Farming had begun and ever since, together weve been breaking b.野草种子通常从植物上脱落一来,然后轻易地通过风力传播,或者被鸟类吃掉,但是这些人类偏偏选择那些保留在谷物秆上的种子,这是决定某种农作物是否值得培育的重要一点。人类把这些种子采集、剥壳,然后把谷物碾磨成面粉。再后来,他们开始学会了把剩余的种子拿去播种。农业诞生了——并从那刻起,直到今天,我们仍然在烘烤面包。201404/284332

  The tortoise too will head for shade.陆龟也要找个阴凉的地方It spends much of its day cooling off under trees它们白天多半在树下乘凉where its sure to leave undigested seeds in its dung.顺便随着粪便排出 没有消化的种子Now the seeds wait for the rains to come.种子静静地等着下雨Of the 40 million or so seeds a cactus produces in its lifetime,仙人掌终其一生 可以制造四千多万颗种子the chances are that only one will develop into a plant但多半只有一颗会长成that outlives its parent.寿命超过亲代的子代If it was lucky enough to find shade,就算幸运地找到遮荫的种子a seed will still take ten years to become a five centimetre tall cactus.还是得花上十年才能长成 一棵五公分高的仙人掌To reach the size of its parents, possibly ten metres,要长成像亲代 那样的十公尺仙人掌will take at least 100 years.至少得花一百年Plants can survive in the most unlikely and inhospitable places on Earth.植物能在世上 最严酷恶劣的环境生存Here on Socotra, a remote island in the Arabian Sea,阿拉伯海偏远岛屿 索科特拉的旱季the dry season is brutal.让人吃不消But this strange tree has a strategy to survive it.但这种奇特的树木有生存妙招201311/264054路易斯弗朗斯科向我们展示我们为什么应该去庆祝大规模,超市化的白面包。她说到,从环境需要上来讲,大规模的生产会解决粮食问题,但同时我们也应该给小规模作坊和传统方法留给它们自己的位置。201311/266107


  Like Brett Ratner, Quentin Tarantino was another high-profile Hollywood director that has been inspired by Bruce Lee.跟Brett Ratner一样 Quentin Tarantino是好莱坞另一位受到李小龙启发的大腕导演。When he wanted someone to do the sound track for the movie Kill Bill,he approached Rza to draw on his vast knowledge of Bruce Lee films.当想找人给;杀死比尔;配乐时,他找到Rza 对李小龙电影的了解滔滔不绝。Doing music for Kill Bill was something that was a great opportunity for me.为;杀死比尔;配乐是个很好的机会Im... Im a hip-hop producer,and Tarantino was a Wu-Tang fan,asked me to become the first composer he ever hired.我是... 我是嘻哈音乐制作人,而Tarantino是;武当派;迷,邀我作为他第一个聘用的作曲家。And we actually met like two guys throwing out baseball cards, naming kungfu films,who knew the most films, and we became friends.我们的碰面就像俩炫耀棒球卡的小孩 当然说的是功夫片,谁知道的电影更多 我们成为了朋友。Like Rza, Damon Albarn from the British band Gorillaz saw Bruce Lee at an early age and was blown away.跟Rza一样 英国街头顽童乐队的Damon Albarn,在很小的时候就看过李小龙的电影并为之折。His band has sold over 15 million albums, and their latest project,a circus opera called Monkey Journey To The West has been staged around the world.他们的专辑卖出了超过1千5百万张 最近的作品,名为;西游记;的音乐剧已经开始全球巡回上演。When creating the music for the opera,Damon Albarn drew on the soundtrack to Enter The Dragon.为音乐剧作曲时,Damon Albarn参看了;龙争虎斗;的配乐。I definitely thought about that when I was doing the music for...当为... 为这出猴戏配乐时 我立马想到了这个for the monkey opera, the strong use of orchestra,and its just really exciting.It never became dull, you know?强烈的管弦乐,激荡人心。绝不无聊 知道吗?Bruce Lees influence has been apparent in much of the Gorillazs work since they launched in 1998 as the worlds first virtual band.从1998年 这个世界上首个虚拟乐队诞生之日起,街头顽童作品就明显带有李小龙气息。You always say that too.They created their own Game of Death animation and dressed monkey in Bruce Lees signature yellow tracksuit.你也常这么说,他们创作了自己的;死亡游戏;动画,让猴子穿上李小龙标志性的黄色战衣。You put me monkey in a Bruce Lee...Yeah, well, exactly, monkey has a Bruce Lee tracksuit.Yeah, you cant really... its so iconic.你让猴子穿李小龙的...是 没错 猴子穿李小龙的连体衫,是的 你没法... 太深入人心了。The Gorillaz arent the only artists to capitalize on Bruce Lees image.街头顽童不是唯一利用李小龙形象的艺术家The international appeal and strong brand identity is something advertisers and marketers have also been keen to exploit,creating a wave of Bruce Lee inspired commercials, comics,and games around the world.国际影响力和品牌形象是广告商和市场营销者追逐的焦点,他们在世界各地掀起了一股李小龙广告 动画,电玩的风潮。201403/280071。


  Never an easy team to beat,Chelsea.切尔西可是一劲旅。Well-coached,well-drilled.教练有方,训练有素。They certainly are.确实是。重点词汇: drill 训练例句:Listen to the first paragraph, then let them drill in teams.听第一段,然后分组练习。 201405/299953


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