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As the audience sat quietly in the dark, the lights came on and music started playing. Then Xu Tianqi, 22, appeared on the catwalk in his fantasy world of modeling.观众们静静地坐在黑暗中,灯光亮了起来,音乐随之响起,22岁的胥添麒出现在他梦寐以求的走秀T台上。The junior student is majoring in fashion performance and marketing at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. Last month, the 1.90-meter-tall student flew to Los Angeles for a competition organized by the International Modeling and Talent Association. He came second.胥添麒是来自浙江理工大学时装表演与营销专业大三学生。上个月,这位身高1.9米的大学生飞往洛杉矶参加了一场由国际模特达人协会举办的比赛,并获得了亚军。Ever since winning his first prize at the Shanghai International Model Competition in October, Xu’s life has not been the same.自从在上海国际模特大赛中获得冠军之后,胥添麒的生活就变得不再寻常了。“I had worked very hard for three years to become a model,” said Xu. “When I saw the shyness in the other competitors’ eyes, I felt confident in my heart because I had practiced for a long time for that moment.”胥添麒说:“三年时间里,我努力想要成为一名模特。当看到其他参赛者眼中的羞怯时,我心中就充满了自信,因为我为了那一刻已经训练了很长时间。”People see him as a green hand in the modeling industry, but Xu knows exactly how much he has devoted to the trade.在人们眼中,胥添麒是模特界的新人,但是他清楚自己为了这份事业倾注了多少汗水。Xu first began to attend training courses to become a professional model in the last year of senior high school. Before that he studied the piano, but he struggled with music theory.胥添麒从高三便开始参加专业模特培训课程,此前他一直主修钢琴,但是他总是同那些乐理知识格格不入。“I had to develop a special skill. Since I was over 1.85 meters in height, I decided to learn modeling,” said Xu.胥添麒说:“我必须拥有一技之长,因为那时我身高已经超过1.85米,于是我决定学习模特课程。”He once attended a training school in Harbin for three months, where he learned how to walk, stand and even dance. After enrolling into his university, Xu was in no hurry to attend competitions, but he still practiced the most basic modeling skills.他曾在哈尔滨的一家培训学校训练了3个月的时间,在那里他学会了台步、站姿甚至还有舞蹈。升入大学后,胥添麒并不急于参加比赛,而是仍坚持训练一些最基本的模特技能。“To make my legs straight, I stood against a wall with a piece of paper between my legs and the wall for at least one hour every day,” said Xu. “If the paper fell down, I kept standing for an extra 15 minutes.”“为了让腿挺直,我每天都会练习‘靠墙功’,在腿和墙之间夹上一张纸,至少要站上一个小时。如果纸掉了,就得多站一刻钟。”He also did body building four days a week and practiced walking on the dormitory roof.每周胥添麒还会进行四天的形体训练,在宿舍楼顶练习走台步。In order to keep fit, Xu didn’t allow himself to eat big meals. “To maintain a balanced diet, I avoided any greasy, fried and high-starch foods. My list of banned foods included meat, noodles, steamed buns and potato chips,” said Xu.为保持体形,胥添麒不允许自己吃得太多。他说:“为了保持平衡膳食,我不吃油腻、油炸或者淀粉含量高的食物。我的食物黑名单上包括:肉、面条、馒头和薯条。”He learned how the models for top brands moved by watching clips of fashion shows. But he also practiced by taking part-time jobs. So far, Xu has modeled in shopping malls and shot advertisements for small stores on Taobao, an online shopping website. Sometimes he even did so for free to gain experience.他通过观看时装秀的视频剪辑,来学习大牌秀场上的模特是如何走秀的。但是他还是会利用做兼职的机会来训练自己。到目前为止,胥添麒在商场里走过秀,为淘宝小店拍过广告。有时候他甚至为积累经验而免费走秀。Now, two of the world’s top 10 model agencies have contacted Xu, but he’s still considering which one to pick.目前,已经有两家排名世界前10的模特经济公司向胥添麒抛出橄榄枝,至于选择哪家,他还尚在考虑之中。“When I make my decision, I hope the agency will help me audition for the coming New York Fashion Week. That is what I desire most in the short term,” said Xu.胥添麒说:“当我最后做出决定时,我希望我的经纪公司能帮我安排接下来纽约时装周的试镜。这是我短期内最期待的事情了。”Few models have such a good educational background as Xu and he believes that his studies will not go to waste. In fact, Xu s a lot in his spare time. When he flew back from Los Angeles, there was a copy of Steve Jobs’ autobiography in his luggage.很少有模特能拥有像胥添麒一样良好的教育背景,他坚信自己不会荒废学业。实际上,胥添麒在业余时间经常读书。当他从洛杉矶飞回国时,行李箱里还放着一本乔布斯自传。“People always think that models make a living only with their face and body, but being cultivated is very important,” said Xu. “You need to know about fashion, history, society as well as people’s emotions. So when a photographer asks you for a historic pose, you can easily reproduce it.”“人们总是认为模特光靠脸蛋和身材吃饭,但是个人修养也很关键。你需要了解时尚、历史、社会以及情感。只有这样,当摄影师要求你来摆出一个历史感极强的姿势时,你才能够轻而易举地重现出来。” /201302/226130When it#39;s time to make a big purchase, most of us rush to the internet in search of reviews and comparisons, so we can spend our money wisely...but then we rush out and buy one without actually trying it. Here#39;s what I#39;ve started doing instead.需要购买贵重物品时,为了能够理性消费,很多人都会直接跑到网上去查商品评价或比较。随后,往往试也不试就直接买下来。我却不是这么做的。My Experience: Last year, I was on the hunt for a nice pair of headphones. I wanted something in the 0 price range with a good amount of bass, so I started hunting online. I found a lot of good contenders, but it seemed like the entire internet was enamored with the Audio Technica ATH-M50, and everything I led me to believe I didn#39;t need to look any further.我的经历:去年,我想买一幅好耳机,重低音,200刀以内。于是我开始在网上搜罗信息。网上有很多不错的耳机,但似乎铁三角ATH-m50这款特别火。在看了它所有的详情和评价之后,我坚信自己不用费神再找了,就买它了。Instead of just picking up that pair, though, I actually bought three different pairs of headphones and tried them all out. I found that despite their rave reviews, I couldn#39;t stand the ATH-M50—it just didn#39;t fit with my personal preferences and music taste, and I ended up with a much lesser-known pair that I absolutely adore (the Shure SRH750DJ, for those curious). That#39;s not to say the M50 isn#39;t a great headphone—it is—I just couldn#39;t have known what it would sound like just by ing reviews, especially since I#39;d never owned a good pair of headphones and had no reference point.但是,我并没有只买这一款,而是同时买了三款不同的耳机一起试用。结果我发现尽管这三款都好评如潮,但ATH-M50跟我的个人喜好和音乐口味完全不搭,于是我最终买了一款相对来说很不出名但我自己完全中意的耳机。The Lesson: Online reviews can be great, but they#39;re only step one if you really want to get the best product out there for you. The best way to get the right product is to try them for yourself, at home, and compare them to one another. This is what I do now:教训:浏览网上的评价固然不错,但如果你真的想买到最适合自己的宝贝,那评价只是第一步。最佳方式是自己先在家试用一番,并与其他类似产品相比较。我是这么做的:I start by looking at reviews, comparisons, polls (like our Hive Five series), and forum posts and compile a list of two or three items that might fit my needs.首先,我会浏览商品评价、同类比较、推荐打分、论坛帖子等等,最后列出两三款符合需求的产品。I then buy all the products on my list, focusing on stores with good return policies. For headphones, HeadRoom is a great choice, and a lot of manufacturers (like Audioengine) have a 30-day guarantee that is just perfect for this. Shop around and return policies. Clothing stores like Zappos are also really good about this.然后,在那些提供无障碍退换货的商家买下列出的所有产品。例如,买耳机的话HeadRoom是个不错的选择,其他还有很多厂商(如Audioengine)都提供30天试用期。你要做的就是多逛逛,多了解退货流程。美捷步购鞋网站这点做得也相当不错。Once all the items have arrived, I give them each a short trial period. In the case of things like headphones, I try to compare them side-by-side as well, so I can really hear the differences between each model.一旦入手,就把每一款产品都小小试用一下。再比如耳机,我甚至会把每一款的左右声道分别比较,这样一来我才能真正辨识出每幅耳机的区别。When I#39;m done, I return the ones I don#39;t like. Simple as that.试用过后我就把不喜欢的几款退掉。就这么简单。So far, this has worked really well: I#39;ve gotten headphones, a mechanical keyboard, and even shoes this way.迄今为止,这个方法还挺奏效:我用它买了一幅耳机,一个机械式键盘,还有几双鞋子。Obviously this strategy isn#39;t foolproof. If you#39;re buying really expensive items (like laptops), things get a bit dicier, and if you live outside the US, shipping costs make this much less feasible, for example. But the bottom line is that online reviews are great—but ing them isn#39;t the only step to making a big purchase. When you can, try things out for yourself, and you#39;re much more likely to be happy with the final product.但显然这个方法也并非万无一失。假如你要买的东西真的很贵(像笔记本),那就有点风险了。再假如你不住在美国,运费又会很贵。不过有一个底线:网上的评价虽好,但对于购买贵重物品来说只是第一步。如果可能,一定要亲自试用,这样最终入手的才可能是你最最满意的。 /201307/248602A man called a lawyer and asked, “How much would you charge me to answer three questions?”有个人打电话给律师,问道:“你回答三个问题的收费是多少钱?”律师回答说:“四百美元。”The lawyer said, “0 dollars!”And the man said, “That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?”The lawyer said, “I guess so. What’s your third question?”这个人说:“这要不少钱,不是吗?”律师回答说:“我想是吧!你的第三个问题是什么?” /201305/239328

Mr.Chairman,  Ladies and gentlemen,  董事长先生:  女士们、先生们:   Happy New Year to you all!  各位新年快乐!  On behalf of all the members of my group, I'd like to thank you, Mr. Chairman, for your gracious invitation for us to attend such an enjoyable New Year party in such a magnificently decorated hall.  我谨代表我们一行的全体成员,感谢董事长的盛情邀请,使我们来到装饰得如此华丽的大厅,参加如此快乐的新年晚会。  The New Year's Day is a very happy and joyous occasion. It is really a wonderful time of the year. There is something in this holiday which appeals to everyone. That is, warmth, love, care, union, harmony and dedication of mankind. This is the spirit of the New Year holiday.  元旦是一个十分欢愉的节日,这的确是一年中的良辰佳时。元旦对我们所有人都有其引人之处,那就是人间的温暖、爱恋、关怀、团聚、融洽和奉献。这就是元旦的精神所在。  Of course, we really enjoy the delicious wine and excellent food served here. Yes, the roast turkey is simply delicious. Also, the music is superb. If I were a better dancer, I could have enjoyed the party more. I like everything here, but more important, I enjoyed meeting and talking to you, getting to know you, and sharing the memorable time together.  当然,我们很喜欢这里的美酒佳肴。是的,烤火鸡的味道好极了。音乐也非常优美。要是我会跳舞的话,想必会过得更加快乐。我喜欢这里的一切,而更为重要的是,我喜欢同你们聚会,同你们交谈,增进了解,共度难忘的时光。  I am deeply grateful for this nice arrangement. The party was perfectly organized and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm sure I will remember this great occation for many years to come.  对于这次美好的安排,我感激不尽。晚会组织得完美无缺,令人尽兴尽致。我日后一定还会记得这次美好的聚会。  It has been a great year for all of us in terms of our harmonious business relationship. Our joint venture has had a remarkable sales growth. I hope we will be able to maintain this practical cooperative relationship and make the coming new year a more fruitful year.  就我们融洽的商务关系而言,今年对我们所有人来说都是一个好年度。我们合资企业的销售额显著增长。我希望我们能保持这种务实的合作关系,使明年的业绩更加辉煌。  I would like to toast with you to this happy occation at the end of the year.  让我们在这年终岁末之际,共同举杯,祝贺这喜庆佳节。  Thank you very much again for this wonderful party. We had a great evening.  我为有幸参加这次精的聚会,再次向您深表谢意。我们度过了一个美好的夜晚。  Happy New Year once again to all of you!   我再一次祝各位新年快乐! /200803/28899

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