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Bike commuting keeps you in shape, saves money, and helps the environment. Get the best bike for a hassle-free ride.骑自行车去上班可以让你保持身材,节约金钱,保护环境。购买最好的自行车,没有烦扰地上路。You Will Need你需要Consideration of terrain考虑地形Comfortable seat and handlebars舒适的座位和把手Storage and safety add-ons储物箱和安全的附加装置Reputable bike store有信誉的自行车售卖商店Test ride试驾Brake extensions (optional)刹车延长线(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Consider terrain1.考虑地形Consider the terrain you#39;ll be riding on. Look for extra gears for hill climbing and good suspension for bumpy rides. Opt for road tires instead of mountain bike tires unless you#39;re commuting on dirt roads or trails.考虑骑自行车的地形。如果是在山地爬坡,添加额外装置,如果地面崎岖不平,安装良好的减震装置。选择道路轮胎而不是山地车轮胎,除非上班的路途是泥泞的羊肠小道。Step 2 Think about chainless2.考虑无链自行车Think about buying a chainless bike if you ride in snow or slush. You#39;ll have less chain maintenance.如果你是在雪地或融雪上骑行,考虑购买无链自行车。这样就不需要经常维修链子。Step 3 Opt for a folding bike3.选择折叠自行车Opt for a folding bike if you need portability or combine riding with other mass transit options.如果你需要携带方便,或者需要和其他交通方式结合,选择折叠自行车。Step 4 Get a comfy seat and handlebars4.舒适的车座和把手Get a comfy seat with plenty of padding and shock absorbency, and dropped handlebars that allow you to drop down in windy conditions.选择有充足的气垫和减震的舒适的车座,安装可以下调的车把手,这样遇到刮风的天气身体可以趴下去。Step 5 Add extras5.安装其他装置Add a cargo rack and removable baskets for storage. Install lights in the front and back and consider a bell for safety.添加货物架和可移动储物篮。前后都装上车灯,为了安全起见,考虑安装车铃。Step 6 Go to a reputable bike store6.在有信誉的商店购买Shop for your bike at a reputable bike store in order to get the right size bike and personal adjustments.为了购买最合适的款型和最个性化的配置,选择有信誉的商店。Step 7 Test ride7.试驾Take your bike on a test ride to make sure you#39;re comfortable on it and to ensure you get the proper fit.上路试驾一下,确保比较舒适,设置合理。Only 1.67 percent of Americans commute to work by bicycle, compared to 15 percent in Japan. 美国只有1.67%的人骑自行车去上班,而日本有15%。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/237532

They say you’ll always remember your first kiss—so try to make it a good one.人们都说初吻是永远难忘的,所以,尽量让你的初吻美好一点。You Will Need你需要A willing partner两情相悦的情侣A suave technique柔和的技巧A mirror镜子Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose wisely1.明智地选择Choose the recipient of your first kiss carefully. Ideally, you’d like it to be someone you might enjoy a nice romance with, not someone who’s going to make you feel bad right afterward by blowing you off.认真选择初吻对象。最理想的是,选择你希望和他发展一段美好的恋情的人,而不是随后拼命打击你,让你觉得很糟糕的人。STEP 2 Flirt2.调情Invest some time flirting with the object of your affection beforehand. If the person is interested in you, it will build sexual tension. And if they’re not, you’ll know it before you embarrass yourself by trying to kiss them.提前投入一些时间,与倾心对象调情调节气氛。如果对方对你感兴趣,就会营造出比较暧昧的气氛。如果他们对你没有感觉,你就可以提前发现,以免主动献吻的时候让自己尴尬。STEP 3 Just do it3.大胆主动Once you’re fairly certain that your kiss will be welcomed, just do it. There’s nothing that ruins a romantic moment more than a wimpy, #39;May I kiss you?#39;一旦你非常确信他们会喜欢你的吻,大胆地去做吧。没有什么比懦弱地问“我可以吻你吗?”更破坏浪漫气氛的了。STEP 4 Proceed cautiously4.谨慎进展Gauge how aggressive you should be by your partner’s response to you. If they’re holding back—their lips firmly planted shut, their hands rigidly by their side—proceed cautiously. But if they’re panting like a dog in August, bring on the tongue.根据对方的反应来衡量力度。如果他们退缩,嘴唇紧闭,双手僵硬地垂在两侧——那就谨慎一点。但是如果他们非常热情,甚至可以尝试舌吻。STEP 5 Break up the action5.结束动作Don’t remain lip-locked until the other person is bored or gasping for breath. Break up the action by nuzzling their neck, kissing their earlobes, or gently biting their lip.不要一直亲吻对方的嘴唇直到对方厌烦或者喘不过气。可以轻吻一下他们的脖子,耳垂,或者轻咬一下对方的嘴唇来结束亲吻。STEP 6 Check a mirror6.照镜子When you’re done, check a mirror. You don’t want to spend the rest of the night with lipstick smeared all over your face.结束亲吻后,照一下镜子。你不想剩下的整个晚上脸上都晕染着口红。The transfer of germs that occurs when you French kiss boosts your immune system.法式热吻时细菌的转移有助于增强免疫系统。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/305429

For four years, the Africa team searched the continent4年以来 《非洲》摄制组寻遍非洲大陆for new and surprising stories.只为找到新鲜奇特的故事Not only of strange and unfamiliar creatures,不仅是那些未知的陌生生物but also of some we think we know.也包括那些我们自以为很了解的生物Veteran wildlife cameraman Martyn Colbeck took on the challenge资深野生动物摄影师马丁·科伯克接受挑战of shedding new light意图以全新视角on the life of Namibia#39;s desert giraffe.展现纳米比亚沙漠长颈鹿的生活I jumped at the opportunity我迫不及待地抓住此次机会of working with an animal that I hadn#39;t really spent much time with.去和平时很少能接触的动物共同工作Straight away, they proved to be quite an eye-opener.很快 他们的表现就令人大开眼界They#39;re very bizarre looking animals.他们是长相十分古怪的动物We just kept looking at them from different angles我们从不同角度不停注视他们and they looked even weirder.他们看起来就更古怪了The combination of the sort of weird close-ups,他们奇怪样貌的大特写the beautiful landscape that they#39;re in.和优美的风景组合到一起They#39;re amusing.非常有趣I got really attached to them, actually.事实上我被他们深深迷住了Overlying all this, we were always waiting for a fight.但我们最期待的 却是拍到他们打斗的场景But to see a full-blooded fight is very rare.但头破血流的打斗却很少见So, the only way that we were going to see it所以我们能见识到的唯一方法is if we stuck at it, day after day, every day for 30 days.就是坚持不懈 总共坚持了30天 Article/201312/267353


  He was kind of an electronic hobbyist他可以说是个电子狂or amateur enthusiast或者业余的爱好者and he liked to buy used stereo equipment他很喜欢买些旧的立体声设备and fix it up and sell for a profit.自己修理好之后再拿去卖来赚钱The story about how Steve Jobs went to college,乔布斯怎样入读大学的故事I think s a fascinating story.我觉得非常有趣Steve decided that he wanted to go乔布斯决定了入读to Reed College in Oregon俄勒岗州的里德学院which was an outstanding liberal arts college这是一间很好的美术大学and be was accepted.他成功被取录But his parents couldn#39;t afford to send him there.但他的父母没有能力供他入读and the University found out very quickly大学也很快发现他that no one had paid the bills.没有缴交学费But, Steve wound up befriending the Dean of Students.不过乔布斯最终And Steve was so persuasive that he convinced the Dean和校长交上朋友to let him stay there at college而且他还说校长and to take the classes让他作为旁听生上课and live in the dormitory for free.而且还可以免费在宿舍留宿After a short time at Reed College,在里德学院入读一小段时间后Steve Jobs returned to San Francisco乔布斯回到三藩市where be began attending meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club还开始参加由一班电脑爱好者a group for computer hobbyists.组成的“家酿电脑学会”的聚会At one meeting,在一个聚会裹his friend Steve Wozniak showed off他的朋友沃兹尼瓦克展示了the homemade computer he made.一部自制的电脑It had a typewriter keyboard instead of lights and switches,电脑用打字机键盘代替灯和按键a television instead of a monitor用电视机做屏幕and a cheap computer chip.以及有块价值20美元的芯片Steve Jobs was a visionary, he did see, early on,乔布斯非常有远见,他早就along with a small group of people who would go to和志同道合的电脑小组成员一起the homebrew computer club that看见这东西this was going to change the world.将会改变这个世界 /201310/260445。

  Anti-gov#39;t forces shoot down military fighter jet in E. Ukraine反政府军队击落乌克兰战机A Ukrainian military spokesman says rebels have shot down a Mig-29 fighter jet in the Luhansk region of eastern Ukraine.乌克兰军队发言人表示叛军已经在乌克兰东部卢甘斯克地区击落一架米格-29战机。The spokesman also revealed that the pilot managed to eject, and was found after a search.这位发言人还表示飞行员成功弹出驾驶舱,而且经搜索后已经被发现。 Article/201408/321626

  Bruce Lee has been endlessly referenced in Hong Kong movies, Chinese movies, Japanese movies even, Canadian movies.But he#39;s also been endlessly referenced in Hollywood movies.香港电影 大陆电影 日本电影 甚至是加拿大电影都一直都模仿着李小龙,好莱坞电影也一直模仿他。Aah... You#39;ve got him in the yellow tracksuit from the Game of Death.You#39;ve got him right there in Kill Bill,Quentin Tarantino#39;s film with Uma Thurman.啊... 经常有人用他在;死亡游戏;里的黄色战衣,而在Quentin Tarantino电影;杀死比尔;里,Uma Thurman就是女版李小龙。In Rush Hour you have uses of his yells, and his cries just over there.在;尖峰时刻;里大家就套用了他的吼叫 大喊Anytime someone gets a yell in western movie, it#39;s a Bruce Lee thing.Whoo! Runnin#39; for your lives.西方电影里一旦有吼叫 就是套用了李小龙。呜! 逃亡吧!Filmmakers and actors across the globe cite Bruce Lee as their guiding influence to want to make movies.全球电影制作人和演员视李小龙,为他们拍电影的主导者。And despite only making four action films, his influence has been felt to this day.His profound legacy is that he created on the worldwide stage, emm... Asian action cinema.尽管只拍了4部动作片 他的影响迄今仍能感受到他留下的深远影响是在世界电影界 呃... 开辟了亚洲动作电影市场And in the wake of that, you have the success of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Matrix and Jacky Chen movies and Jet Li movies and all that you#39;ve had.动作电影市场开启后 我们看到了;卧虎藏龙;;骇客帝国; 成龙电影 李连杰电影和许多成功影片And you would not have that without Bruce Lee.没有李小龙 观众就不会看到这些电影Bruce Lee changed the worlds of film, philosophy, martial arts and physical fitness,but he also has profound effect on the creative arts,influcencing music and musicians around the world.李小龙不仅改变了大家对电影 哲学 武术和健美的认识,还深深地影响了创造性艺术,包括世界范围内的音乐和音乐制作人、 Article/201403/278934Having zits, pimples and spots isn#39;t easy and even the most confident of people can become self-conscious and upset. Whether you suffer from a lot of spots or just the occasional breakout, follow our advice to help you cover up even the most noticable of acne.面部有痘痘,粉刺和斑点是让人难以轻松的事情,即使最自信的人也会自惭形秽。无论你的面部有许多斑点还是偶尔出现,遵循我们的建议,帮助你遮掩最明显的粉刺。Step 1: Prepare1.准备Before you even contemplate techniques to cover spots it is important to prepare correctly. This means always washing your face thoroughly before going to bed. Also make sure you moisturise any blemishes as it will be easier to cover red skin than to cover dry skin.在你苦思冥想遮掩斑点的技巧之前,正确的准备是非常重要的。上床睡觉之前彻底洁面。确保任何部位充分保湿,因为遮掩红肿的皮肤比遮掩干燥皮肤更加容易。Step 2: Foundation2.粉底霜Depending on what suits your skin, you could use either a foundation or a tinted moisturiser on your face, and for smaller blemishes and spots this can sometimes be enough. This isn#39;t a neccessity but if you normally use these products then they should be applied before any concealer is used.取决于皮肤的类型,你可以选择使用粉底或者浅色保湿霜,对于较小的瑕疵或斑点来说,有时这样就足够了。这并不是必须的,但是如果你平时使用这些护肤品,应该在遮瑕膏之前使用。Step 3: Concealer3.遮瑕膏Warm a small amount of concealer on the back of your hand, and using a small brush or cotton bud apply it directly onto the spot. You can get medicated concealer#39;s which will help to heal blemishes and decrease their redness.在手背上挤上少量遮瑕膏,用小刷子或棉签直接涂在斑点上。药用遮瑕膏可以治愈斑点,减少红肿。Step 4: Blend4.调和Finally, using a small brush, blend the concealer at the edges of the spot onto the rest of the skin to give a more even finish.最后,使用小刷子在斑点周围的皮肤涂抹一点遮瑕膏,使肤色看上去更加均匀。Thanks for watching How To Cover A Spot.感谢收看“怎样遮盖面部斑点”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/245574你要怎么制造一台低于200美元而且可以穿越沙土泥地的轮椅? 麻雀理工学院工程师 Amos Winter 谈论这台廉价,容易制造,无障碍的全地形轮椅。Amos 分享了他的机械构造以及在开发过程中所学到的事。 Article/201403/280442

  No-one has ever before followed the whole process...从来没有人拍摄过of a Komodo dragon hunting a buffalo.科多龙猎食水牛的完整过程So, cameraman Kevin Flay and researcher Matt Swarbrick...所以摄影师凯文弗雷 和研究员麦特史瓦布里克didn#39;t know what to expect.无法预料会发生什么事They thought it would be a physical challenge...他们知道这趟旅程可能会很辛苦but they hadn#39;t bargained for emotional turmoil as well.但是没料到 过程竟如此惊心动魄They reached Komodo after a four day journey.他们花了四天时间 才抵达科多岛Kevin, an expert at filming reptiles, knows they#39;re in dragon territory.凯文是拍摄爬虫类的专家 他知道两人已踏入科多龙的领域Look how wide that is.你看,看间距有多宽Look at that. Yes.你看 -真的Their only protection is these rangers, armed with sticks.唯一能保护他们的是这些 身上配有木棍的园林管理员These big ones look really scary, actually.这些大家伙看起来非常可怕And not until you get, till they come really in close and when they#39;re by the camera,等到它们很靠近的时候 它们来到摄影机旁边then you tend to question your faith in our friends with the sticks.你会开始怀疑,我们拿着木棍的朋友 究竟帮不帮得上忙 Article/201307/249293Our journey starts in the far south west,我们的旅程始自遥远的非洲西南部in the oldest and strangest corner of the continent.是非洲大陆上最古老最人迹罕至的角落Here, the thirsty land is covered在这里 干涸的大地with thousands upon thousands of circles.被成千上万个神秘怪圈所覆盖We still don#39;t know their origins.我们至今未知它们的成因Poisonous plants, foraging insects有毒植物 觅食昆虫and even magnetism have all been suggested,甚至磁场都曾被列为假设原因but each ruled out.但最终均被排除The circles don#39;t move, and their shape never varies.那些圆圈不会移动 亦不会变化They#39;re unchanging, much like this part of Africa itself.如同非洲这一片地区一样 亘古不变Ancient and arid, it almost never rains on this land,古老而又干旱 这片土地几乎从不降雨yet there is water here, hidden away.但却有水源存在 只是深深隐藏了To survive here, life must use every trick in the book.想要在这里生存 所有生灵都必须使出各门绝活 Article/201311/266421

  大卫.拜恩德是一名百老汇著名制作人,但去年夏天他来到一个澳大利亚的偏远小城,看当地人在自家草坪上跳舞,表演,享受这种感觉。他向我们展示了艺术节的新面貌,打破了观众和演员的界限,让城市更好地进行自我表达。 Article/201405/294893

  Mozilla基金会的首席运营官Ryan Merkley认为,网络视频应该像网络本身一样工作:拥有动态内容、链接、地图,以及可实时编辑更新的信息。在这期TED演讲中,他介绍了Popcorn Maker—一一款可轻松实现视频混编的工具(你可以用Popcorn Maker观看一场混编的TED演讲,并自己尝试再混编)。 Article/201403/280441。

  There#39;s no buttons, really.一个按键都没有 真的You --you know it was like a touch and something miraculous happen. You scroll.好像只要轻轻一碰 神奇的音乐即现 只要一转I feel like Steve Jobs should have a gang sign.我觉得史蒂夫·乔布斯应该有一个帮标Like this is gang sign.这个就是乔帮的帮标The headphones became a style icon.耳机 变成了一种潮物You would wear them on the street在大街上戴着耳机and you#39;re immediately an Apple person.你就是一个果粉And you wear them on the subway,在地铁里戴着耳机you#39;re immediately little bit cooler than everybody else at first,就立刻比别人更酷一些cause you#39;re a Apple person.因为你是个果粉The once communal medium of music is transformed into an almost exclusively private experience.曾经的音乐分享形式是公开的 现在变成私密的听觉体验I grew up in the #39;50s.我成长于五十年代I was a member of the juke box generation.我们那一代人还听点唱机This is my juke box. Thanks to Steve.现在这就是我的点唱机 多亏了史蒂夫But the iPod come upons a growing problem.但iPod也带来一个日益突出的问题Fans turn to a illegal file sharing websites like Napster果粉们逐渐通过像Napster之类的where they can download songs for free.非法分享网站 免费下载音乐And that spells trouble.问题由此而生Not only for the music industry不仅是整个音乐产业but for the artist who want exposure while protecting their livelihood.还有那些既要赚认知度 又要捍卫收入的音乐人There was someone saying ,look,有人曾经说 拜托by downloading music for free we#39;re doing you a favor.让人们免费下载歌曲其实是在帮你们These people are knowing about you.这样可以让人们认识你And that#39;s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life.而这是我这辈子听过的最荒唐的事情Everyone#39;s scrambling and trying to figuring out what do we do.所有人都一筹莫展想知道该如何应对Do we sue everybody?要把所有人都告上法庭吗Do we sue the 14-year-old kid on his mom#39;s computer stealing your music?难道要告那些从妈妈的电脑上非法下载音乐的14岁孩子吗Music travels by word of mouth and word of heart,音乐通过口口相传 通过心灵交流and it#39;s impossible to hold it back.想收回是不可能的When you have people making millions and millions of dollars off of something当有人用你赖以营生的劳动成果赚得盆满钵满that is your livelihood and you#39;re getting nothing out of it that#39;s just unfair.而你则连一个子都没有得到 这实在是太不公平了What the music industry needs is a touch of genius.音乐产业需要的是一个天才的想法There almost needed to be an outside perspective that could come in and shake things up.现在他们需要一个局外人帮他们走出困境The business would become to so stagnant.整个产业变得死气沉沉It really needed to jump forward like light years.需要一个跳跃性的进步 /201305/240632

  Today in History: Saturday, May 25, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月25日,星期六May 25th, 1961.President John F. Kennedy challenges the ed States to aim high in its Cold War Space Race with the Soviet Union.“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal before this decade is out of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth.”More than 8 years later, America reaches the moon when Apollo XI’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface.1977. Star Wars, the classic sci-fi movie written and directed by George Lucas premieres. The story of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader reshapes how Hollywood makes movies and spawns a wave of sequels.2006. Former Enron execs Ken Lay and Jeffery Skilling are convicted of conspiracy and fraud for the energy giant’s downfall. Lay dies from heart disease a few months later, and his convictions are vacated. Skilling is sentenced to 24 years in prison.And 1992. When I heard the new pope was German, I thought, Oh my god. Arnold can#39;t be stopped. First governor.. Now, as you thought I can#39;t believe it, I can#39;t believe it#39;s amazing.; Comedian Jay Leno begins his run as host of N’s the Tonight Show, taking over from Johnny Carson.Today in History, May 25th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201305/241444


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