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湖州身上长痘痘湖州麦格假体隆胸多少钱People's choice of the Top 10 Best-Dressed Women of 2009 are 《人物》杂志年度“十大最佳穿着女性榜”如下:Kate Winslet - Best Red Carpet 凯特·温丝莱特:最佳红毯着装Vanessa Hudgens - Best Hippie Chic 凡妮莎·哈金斯:最佳嬉皮风Reese Witherspoon - Best Short Dresses 瑞茜·威瑟斯彭:最佳短裙Cameron Diaz - Best Jeans 卡梅隆·迪亚兹:最佳牛仔装Michelle Obama - Best Accessible Glamour 米歇尔·奥巴马:最具亲和力着装Freida Pinto - Best Use of Color 芙蕾达·平托:最佳色搭配Taylor Swift - Best Sparkle 泰勒·斯威夫特:最闪亮穿着Nicole Richie - Best Maternity 妮可·里奇:最具母性Beyonce - Best Street Chic 碧昂斯:最佳街头风Kim Kardashian - Best Bikinis 金·卡戴珊:最佳比基尼装British actress Kate Winslet lead the pack of People magazine's 10 best-dressed women of 2009, with US first lady Michelle Obama chosen for "best accessible glamour."《人物》杂志日前公布2009年度“十大最佳穿着女性榜”,英国女影星凯特·温丝莱特荣登榜首,美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马获“最具亲和力穿着奖”。Although the list, released Wednesday, does not have numerical ranking, Winslet, 33, who won an Oscar in February for playing a dour Nazi in "The Reader," was deemed to be the best-dressed woman on the red carpet on 2009 "with her unique brand of sexy sophistication, modern Hollywood glamour and those enviable curves."虽然这份于本周三公布的榜单并没有具体的排名,但凯特·温丝莱特则“凭借其特有的成熟性感气质,现代好莱坞的魅力以及令人艳羡的曲线身材”获评2009年度“最佳红毯穿着女性”。33岁的温丝莱特凭借其在《生死朗读》中饰演的冷酷的纳粹分子一角于今年二月斩获奥斯卡大奖。People named Reese Witherspoon as having the "best short dresses," "High School Musical" actress Vanessa Hudgens as best hippie chic, and Freida Pinto, the Indian star of Oscar-winning movie "Slumdog Millionaire," for having the best use of color.此外,瑞茜·威瑟斯彭获评“最佳短裙奖”,《歌舞青春》女星凡妮莎·哈金斯获评“最佳嬉皮风奖”,出演奥斯卡获奖影片《贫民窟的百万富翁》的印度女星芙蕾达·平托则获“最佳色搭配奖”。Brad Pitt, "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson, and Bradley Cooper of "The Hangover" and "Nip/Tuck" fame were among the best-dressed men of the year. People said their attention to details like a scarf, pin or skinny tie "took their looks beyond basic."布拉德·皮特、《暮光之城》男星罗伯特·帕丁森、出演《宿醉》和《整容室》的男演员布莱德利·库珀获评年度最佳穿着男性。《人物》杂志称,他们对于围巾、胸针以及窄领带等细节的关注让他们“看起来与众不同”。Teen country singer Taylor Swift was dubbed "best sparkle."十几岁的乡村女歌手泰勒·斯威夫特获评“最闪亮衣着”奖。The annual best- and worst-dressed double issue, on newsstands Friday, also acknowledged the impact on fashion of the Emmy-award winning TV series "Mad Men," set in the 1960s, whose cigarette pants and sheath dresses have inspired new designs by Michael Kors and Tory Burch.《人物》杂志的年度“最佳着装”和“最差着装”合刊于本周五上架。杂志还肯定了以上世纪60年代为背景的艾美奖获奖电视剧《广告狂人》对于时尚的影响,剧中演员所穿的烟管裤和无袖紧身裙激发了迈克·柯尔和托里·伯奇的设计灵感。The People magazine special issue also looked at some of the fashion flops of 2009. Former "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul and actress Renee Zellweger were cited as having the worst red carpet dresses.本期《人物》特刊还回顾了2009年的一些时尚败笔。前“美国偶像”评委宝拉·阿布杜和女星芮妮·齐薇格被评为最差红毯着装明星。Singer Jessica Simpson's January appearance in unflattering high-waisted "mom jeans," which triggering a heated debate about weight issues in Hollywood, was among the "most memorable moments of the year," People said.歌手杰西卡·辛普森于今年一月身穿一条不讨巧的高腰“老妈裤”亮相,在好莱坞引起了一阵有关体重问题的热议。《人物》杂志称她当时的形象堪被列入“全年最难忘瞬间”。 /200909/85475南浔区botox除皱多少钱一支 When you're building your beauty kit at home, it's nice to have options, especially when it comes to color. Some women stick to the standard smoky eye palette and others are only comfortable with brown and beige, but there are some colors that look great on everyone. If you take a good look at your skin you'll be able to pull off any of these colors no matter your skin's shade or undertones.  在家化妆的时候,可以有所选择是很开心的事情,尤其是选颜色。不同的女性有不同的标准和坚持,选烟熏妆标准颜色还是深浅棕色?有些颜色每个人涂看起来都很不错。仔细看看你的皮肤,不管你是深色还是浅色皮肤,这些颜色都会衬得你美貌如花:  1. 紫色眼妆 Purple Eyes  For some reason, purple tones work fabulously with almost every skin tone and eye color. A lilac or lavender tone works perfectly to highlight brown or hazel eyes where as darker eggplant tones can draw attention to blue or green eyes. Adding a splash of violet to a standard smoky eye is the perfect way to brighten up an evening look without looking too outrageous.  因为某种原因,紫色调几乎跟所有的肤色和眼珠颜色都超级搭。紫丁香或薰衣草色调会完美突出棕色和褐色的眼睛,而更深一些的茄子紫则会让蓝色或绿色的眼睛更引人注意。标准的烟熏妆色再加一点紫罗兰色的闪粉,是不动声色提亮晚妆的最佳方法。  2. 烈焰红唇 Red Lips No matter what you think, there is a red lipstick for any woman. But if you're unsure, orangey-reds look good on most skin tones. Blue-reds, while much richer, can be harder to pull off as they have a stronger pigment. Stick to a tone that won't draw attention to any redness on the rest of your face.  无论你怎么想,任何女人都可以拥有红唇妆。不过要是觉得不太确定的话就选橙红色吧,这种红色适合大部分肤色。蓝红色颜色要更浓,属于更厚重的色调,所以比较难驾驭。记住一点:你要选一个红色调,让脸上其他的红色都黯然失色。  3. 娇俏粉色腮红 Pink Cheeks  When you’re thinking of tones that will work for everyone, you have to think of natural colors that occur around the body. A flushed pink cheek will never look out of place because the color occurs naturally in your body. Even if you have very dark or olive skin that doesn’t show a natural blush, the tone will add warmth and definition to the apple of your cheek, just remember to blend well.  想到人人都适合的颜色,你会想到身体的自然色。粉红色的腮红妆永远不会不合适,因为粉红色是我们身体的自然色调。就算你的皮肤是不会显示出自然粉色的黑色或橄榄色也没关系,粉色会为双颊的酒窝增加一抹暖色,也给你的笑容增添更多的内容,不过注意颜色要混合均匀。  4. 透明珊瑚色唇妆 Sheer Coral Lips Warm coral colors can be a perfect accent to a look for day or night. If you have very dark or bronze skin, opt for a coral with gold undertones and it will really make your skin glow. If you have porcelain or medium toned skin, opt for a pinker coral that will accent your natural flush.  不论日妆还是晚妆,温暖的珊瑚色都会是完美的强调色。如果你的皮肤呈黑色或是古铜色,选珊瑚色搭配浅金色,绝对会让你肌肤焕发迷人光。要是你的肤色呈陶瓷白或中色调,选偏粉色系的珊瑚色打造唇妆会完美突出你的自然腮红。  5. 自然肌肤色 Flesh Tones  When we say flesh, we're not talking about the color most brands call ‘nude’ but instead the actual range of flesh toned colors. Naturally occurring skin colors accent each other perfect no matter your skin tone. Try pairing bone eye shadow with a deep cocoa liner or a beige lipstick with warm bronzed cheeks. When in doubt, draw inspiration from nature as natural tones very rarely clash.  肌肤色并不是很多人以为的 “裸色”,而是指肌肤自然色调的实际范围。不管你是什么肤色,自然的肌肤色都会彼此突出强调。试试这样的妆组合:眉骨眼影搭配深可可色眼线,或者浅褐色唇妆配合暖色调的古铜色腮红。要是觉得不确定,就从大自然中找点灵感,因为自然的颜色很少会不协调。 /201111/160606Then there was the preacher who decided to sell his horse. A prospective buyer was impressed with the animal, but the preacher said, " I must warn you-he only responds to 'church talk'. Go is 'Praise the Lord', and stop is 'Hallelujah"'.  "I've worked with horses all my life," said the buyer, "and I've never heard of anything like this." Mounting the horse, he said skeptically, " Praise the Lord." The horse began to trot. He repeated "Praise the Lord" and the horse broke into a gallop. Suddenly the buyer saw a cliff dead ahead. Frantic, he yelled "Hallelujah", and they came to a stop a foot from the edge.  Wiping the sweat from his brow, the buyer said, "Praise the Lord!" 欲买马之人  传教士决定卖掉他的马。一位欲买马之人看中了这匹马,但传教士说:“我必须警告你----他只懂‘教堂语言’。走是‘感谢上帝’,停是‘哈里路亚’。”  “我一生都在同马打交道,”买马之人说,“这样的事我还是头一次听到。”他跨上马,将信将疑地说:“感谢上帝。”马开始小跑。他重复说“感谢上帝”,马开始飞奔起来。突然买马者看到前面是一个悬崖。他吓坏了,匆忙喊道:“哈里路亚。”他们在离悬崖只有一英尺的地方停了下来。  买马之人擦了擦额头上的汗珠,说道:“感谢上帝!” /201107/146302湖州曙光整形美容医院吸脂怎么样

安吉县妇幼保健院打瘦脸针多少钱冬天在户外跑步?不是疯了吧?尽管寒冷天气和假期能真正完全打乱你的跑步规律,但冬天对跑步者而言还是最好的季节之一。天气寒冷,路人稀少,再加上迷人的运动装备!冬季跑步比你想象的容易得多。你只需掌握少数几个关键策略并确定一个坚定的目标,这样就能在任何天气下跑起来。Set a specific goal: There is nothing more motivating than to train for a race or goal. Set a goal to run a 5K, half marathon or reach a number of miles every month! You'll have instant motivation in knowing you have to train for the race or hit your target mileage. Reward yourself with a treat when you reach your goals and set another one.制订一个特别目标:没有比为了竞赛或是目标而训练更能起到激励作用的了。把目标定在5千、半程马拉松或每月达到一定数量的英里数!知道自己必须为了比赛而训练或是实现自己的目标里程,你将立刻获得动力。达到目标后犒赏下自己,接着再制订下一个。Run With a Buddy or Group: Make it safe and social. Run with a buddy or join a group. You'll have a built in motivational source, a friend to chat with along the way and it is safer to run in numbers. It is a great time of year to run. If that's not enough motivation, reward yourself with a fun race destination like Arizona, Florida or even Mexico! 和同伴或是一群人一起跑:这样安全而且大众化。找个同伴或者加入一个群体一起跑步。你将有一个现成的激励源、一个可以沿路交谈的朋友,大家一起跑步还很安全。这是一年里跑步的好时候。如果没有足够的动力,用一个愉快的目的地激励自己,比如亚利桑那、佛罗里达,甚至是墨西哥!Accessorize: The best part of winter running is the shopping! Having the right apparel makes all the difference in the world. Layering is the key to avoiding over or under dressing. A layer that blocks the wind, pants/tights and top that wick the moisture away from your skin and for the coldest of days a mid-layer that fits more loosely like fleece that insulates and moves the moisture from your base layer away from your skin. Your winter running wardrobe should include a running jacket, hat or headband, gloves, tights and a few long sleeve shirts. Your body temperature increases as you run, so you don't need many layers in most winter conditions. 装备:冬季跑步的大头是采购装备!准备正确的装关系重大。要避免过于臃肿或是过于单薄,多层衣物是关键。一件单层外套能抵挡风寒,紧身衣/裤和上衣能带走皮肤上的汗水,在最冷的天气,一件中厚的穿着更舒适的羊毛外套能保温,并把皮肤上的汗水从贴身内衣上带走。你的全套冬季跑步装应该包括一件运动夹克,帽子或束发带、手套、紧身内衣和几件长袖衬衣。当你跑步的时候你的体温会上升,所以冬天在大多数情况下你无须穿太多层。Dress for 15-20 degrees Warmer: Over-dressing is easy to do in winter running. Dressing for 15-20 degrees warmer than it is will allow for your body temperature to increase and reduce the risk of overheating and excessive sweat. You should feel chilled when you walk out the door. If you are toasty warm, remove a layer. Less is more.穿衣保温至高出15-20度:冬季跑步很容易穿得过多。衣物只需保温至高出15-20度,这样既可以保你的体温正常上升,又可以减少过热和大量出汗的风险。当你走到户外的时候你应该感到微冷,如果有点儿暖烘烘的就脱掉一件。刚刚好最好。Run During Light and Warmer Times of Day: If possible, run during the light hours so absorb that needed sunshine we rarely get in the winter. You'll get your miles in during the warmest time of day and come back with a smile on your face.在光线充足和一天最温暖的时候跑步:如果可能,在有光照的时候跑步,以吸收在冬季难以获得却又是必需的阳光。你将能在一天最温暖的时候跑完你的里程数,并带着微笑回家。 /201010/116428湖州曙光整形美容医院文唇手术怎么样 Negotiate Before you sign a lease or renew your lease, take the time to talk to your landlord and try negotiating. Oftentimes if you are willing to sign a longer lease, your landlord may be willing to reduce your monthly rent. If he or she doesn't seem receptive to lowering your monthly rent, try getting him or her to include utilities or parking in your rent. 与房主协商在你签下合约或续签合约之前,花点时间跟你的房主协商一下。通常情况下如果你愿意签较长的租约,你的房主可能会给你减一些月租。如果他/她不太愿意给你减月租,那你可以试试让他/她包水电费或停车费。Have Roommates A foolproof way to save money on rent is to have a roommate or two. Take advantage of Craigslist or Roommates.com and find a couple roommates. Living with roommates is much cheaper than renting your own studio or one bedroom apartment.找一个合租人要省钱的可靠方式还是找一个或两个合租的室友。可以上Craigslist或Roommates.com找两个合租伙伴。和两个人一起合租比独自租下一个工作室或一室公寓便宜多了。DIY Decorating Make your apartment feel like a home by decorating frugally. If you enjoy photography, grab your camera and go take some pictures. Then use them as decorations around your apartment. Or, if you enjoy pottery, showcase your creations in your apartment.自己装饰房屋你可以自己简装一下公寓使之看起来更有家的感觉。如果你喜欢摄影,不妨带着你的相机去拍一些照片。然后用它们来装饰你的房间。或者,要是你喜欢陶艺,就在房间里摆上你的作品。Share Food With Your RoommateWith the price of groceries rising, a great way to save money is to share food with your roommate. Invest in a membership to Sam's Club or Costco, set up shopping days with your roommates, and buy in bulk. Then, just split the bill. Or, switch off cooking dinner every night. Cooking in bulk tends to be less expensive than just making one meal at a time. 和室友共享食物随着日用品费用的不断上涨,和室友共享食物是省钱的一大绝招。加入Sam' Club或Costco,设立“购物日”与室友一起购物,买大分量的食物。然后分摊账单。或者每晚轮流做饭。一次做几人份的饭比只做一人份的饭要省钱一些。Watch Your UtilitiesUtilities can add up quickly and be a total budget drainer. When leaving a room, turn off the lights. Don't leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth. Invest in energy efficient lighting. By making small changes to your utility usage, you can save big time.注意你的水电费不注意的话,水电这些费用会让你的花销直线上升直至破产。离开房间的时候,把灯关掉。刷牙的时候关掉水龙头。买个节能灯。花些心思在水电使用上,你可以节省一大笔钱。 /201105/135413湖州市妇幼保健院整形美容科

浙江湖州市祛痘要多少钱They are among the most academically gifted in the country and are destined for glittering futures.剑桥大学的学生堪称天之骄子,注定前程大好。However, the police and paramedics were forced to intervene following the “stupidity or misguidedness” of more than 2,000 Cambridge University students who caused carnage during a riotous party in a public park where they stripped off, vomited and drank themselves unconscious.但在两千多名剑桥大学学生在一个公园里举办狂欢派对,喝得酩酊大醉,上演了一出“愚蠢或被误导的闹剧”之后,警察和医护人员不得不出手干预。这些学生在公园里脱裤喧哗、到处呕吐、烂醉如泥。Twice as many revellers took part in the May bank holiday party than last year, defying police warnings to reign themselves in and curb their behaviour.此次参加五月公共假日派对的学生人数是去年的两倍,他们公然反抗警察让他们管好自己,约束好行为的警告。In 2010, officers vowed that anti-social behaviour would not be tolerated and told the infamous drinking societies which organise all-day binges that they risked breaking the law.在2010年,有关官员曾表示不能容忍这种反社会的行为,并告诉这一声名狼藉的组织全天狂欢活动的饮酒社团,他们有可能会触犯法律。But the number attending the now notorious Caesarian Sunday reached new levels this weekend, causing predicable havoc and a volley of complaints.但在上周末,参加这一臭名昭著的“凯撒星期日”狂欢活动的人数又达到了新高,这必然导致混乱,招致非议。Families said they were disgusted to see rowdy students downing so much alcohol that they urinated in park flower beds and cavorted with their trousers around their ankles.来公园游玩的家人们说,吵闹的学生喝了太多酒,有些人在公园的花坛小便,还把裤子脱到脚踝处,这让人感到恶心。However, the university dismissed the antics as “just a bit of fun” and said it had no power to prevent such events from taking place.但校方为这一丑态辩护说“只是为了一把”,并表示无权阻止类似事件发生。A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said they were obliged to step in and deal with the fall out from such irresponsible behaviour.剑桥郡警方的一名发言人说,他们必须插手处理这起事件,学生的行为太不负责任了。The party marks the start of the summer term and historically takes place on Jesus Green.狂欢活动标志着夏季学期的开始,按照惯例会在“耶稣绿地”草坪举行。Participants began arriving at around 11.30am, many wearing university blazers and pushing trolley loads of alcohol. They then spent the afternoon getting recklessly drunk whilst taking part in bizarre initiation ceremonies.参加者在大约中午11点半来到这里,很多人穿着大学的运动衫,用手推车推来大堆的酒。之后的整个下午,他们大肆饮酒作乐,同时参加怪诞的入会仪式。Girls were seen drinking port through condoms, while others were held upside down as alcohol was poured into their mouths and some acted out sexual positions.一些女生用避套喝葡萄酒,另一些女生被倒提起来灌酒。还有一些女生摆出性感姿势。At 3pm, hundreds shouted and cheered as more than 20 male students with ;war paint; on their faces engaged in a vicious fight during which blood was shed.下午3点,20多名男生脸上涂着颜料,开始搏斗,有些人还挂了,数百名学生为此大呼小叫。The annual fight is held between the drinking societies of Jesus College and Girton, known respectively as the Caesarians and the Green Giants.这场每年一次的搏斗是在耶稣学院和格登学院的饮酒社团之间举行的,分别名为“凯撒”和“绿色巨人”。 /201205/181450 The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunarmonth, usually in February or March in the Gregorian calendar. As early as the Western Han Dynasty (206 -AD 25), it had become a festival with great significance.元宵节是在阴历的元月15号,通常在阳历的二月或者三月。早在西汉时期(公元前206年-公元25年)元宵节就已经成为具有重要意义的节日。This day#39;s important activity is watching lanterns. Throughout the Han Dynasty (206 -AD 220), Buddhism flourished in China. One emperor heard that Buddhist monks would watch sarira, or remains from the cremation of Buddha#39;s body, and light lanterns to worship Buddha on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month, so he ordered to light lanterns in the imperial palace and temples to show respect to Buddha on this day. Later, the Buddhist rite developed into a grandfestival among common people and its influence expanded from the Central Plains to the whole of China.这一天重要的活动就是看灯啦。早在公元前206年至公元220年的汉代,佛教就在中国盛行。有一位帝王听说僧侣可以看到舍利,也就是佛被火化后留存在体内的东西,在阴历的正月十五这一天点灯敬拜佛祖,于是这位帝王就命令这一天在他的宫殿和庙宇里点灯以表现他对佛祖的尊敬。此后,这项佛教仪式发展成为普通民众的盛大节日,它的影响力从中原地区一直蔓延到整个中国。Till today, the lantern festival is still held each year around the country. Lanterns of various shapes and sizes are hung in the streets, attracting countless visitors. Children will hold self-made or bought lanterns to stroll with on the streets, extremely excited.直到今天,全国上下每年都会过元宵节。不同形状和大小的灯笼会悬挂在街上,吸引无数的游人。孩子们会拿着自制的或买来的灯笼在街上闲逛,十分开心。;Guessing lantern riddles;is an essential part of the Festival. Lantern owners write riddleson a piece of paper and post them on the lanterns. If visitors have solutions to the riddles, they can pull the paper out and go to the lantern owners to check their answer. If they are right, they will get a little gift. The activity emerged during people#39;s enjoyment of lanterns in the Song Dynasty (960-1279). As riddle guessing is interesting and full of wisdom, it has become popular among all social strata. ;猜灯谜;是节日的核心部分。灯笼的主人会将谜语写在一张纸条上并贴在灯笼上。如果游客能解开灯谜,他们就能将纸条拿下来去灯笼的主人那看是否正确。如果是对的,他们将会得到一份小礼物。这项活动最早在宋朝(公元960-1279)出现,当人们在赏灯的时候开始。由于猜灯谜极具趣味性,又需要动脑筋,所以后来在全社会各阶层中收到普遍欢迎。People will eat yuanxiao, or rice dumplings, on this day, so it is also called the ;Yuanxiao Festival.;Yuanxiao also has another name, tangyuan. It is small dumpling balls made of glutinousrice flour with rose petals, sesame, bean paste, jujube paste, walnut meat, dried fruit, sugar and edible oil as filling. Tangyuan can be boiled, fried or steamed. It tastes sweet and delicious. What#39;s more, tangyuan in Chinese has a similar pronunciation with ;tuanyuan;, meaning reunion. So people eat them to denote union, harmony and happiness for the family.人们在元宵节的时候会吃元宵,因此这个节日也就叫做元宵节。;元宵;还有另外一个名字;汤圆,用糯米粉做皮,玫瑰花瓣、芝麻、豆酱、枣泥、胡桃肉、干果、糖和食用油做馅,做成的小面球团。汤圆可以煮、炸或者蒸来吃。吃起来甜甜的,很美味。而且,汤圆在中国和;团圆;这个词的发音相似,代表着团团圆圆。因此人们吃汤圆会象征着家庭的团圆、和谐和快乐。In the daytime of the Festival, performances such as a dragon lantern dance, a lion dance, a land boat dance, a yangge dance, walking on stilts and beating drums while dancing will be staged. On the night, except for magnificent lanterns, fireworks form a beautiful scene. Most families spare some fireworks from the Spring Festival and let them off in the Lantern Festival. Some local governments will even organize a fireworks party. On the night when the first full moon enters the New Year, people become really intoxicated by the imposing fireworks and bright moon in the sky.在元宵节的白天里,会有很多表演节目,例如,舞龙灯、舞狮、采莲船、扭秧歌、踩高跷和打鼓。到了晚上,除了华丽的灯笼,烟火也是另一道美丽的风景。很多家庭从春节开始就在放烟火,并且延续到了元宵节。一些本地政府还会组织烟火晚会。在晚上,当新年的第一轮满月出来后,人们就会被天空中华丽的烟火和明月所陶醉。 /201202/170103湖州长兴县切双眼皮多少钱湖州整形医院激光祛痘多少钱



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