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湖州假体隆胸多少钱湖州去痣的医院湖州那家医院脱毛好 Hi, Im Representative Gordon Hintz with this weeks Democratic Radio Address. The Republicans have made their priorities clear. They have consistently prioritized massive tax giveaways to the rich over ways to increase economic opportunity for all Wisconsinites. Most of our roads and bridges are in serious disrepair, and taxpayers continue to foot the bill for the increasing costs of fixing our transportation system. Yet, what is the Assembly Republican solution? A plan that will raise taxes for nearly one in four people while giving a massive tax break of over one billion dollars to the richest in our state. Republican politicians are so focused on lining the pockets of special interests that they have neglected the investments in infrastructure and education that create opportunity for families across the state. We need a policy that addresses the needs of every Wisconsinite, not just the top one percent. We need real solutions for our workers and families.201705/511147Lets take a final example thats prominent in contemporary political debate: same-sex marriage.最后再举一个例子,一个当代政治的热点话题:同性婚姻There are those who favor state recognition only of traditional marriage between one man and one woman,有些人只持传统婚姻,一男一女and there are those who favor state recognition of same-sex marriage.有些人同时持同性婚姻How many here favor the first policy:在座有多少人属于前者?the state should recognize traditional marriage only?各州应该只允许传统式婚姻?And how many favor the second, same-sex marriage?有多少人持后者,同性婚姻?Now, put it this way:这么说吧,What ways of thinking about justice and morality underlie the arguments we have over marriage?我们对于婚姻形式的争论体现了哪些关于公正伦理的价值观呢?The opponents of same-sex marriage say that the purpose of marriage, fundamentally, is procreation,反对同性婚姻的人说,婚姻的根本目的是传宗接代and thats whats worthy of honoring and recognizing and encouraging.传宗接代才是值得尊重、认可和鼓励的价值本质And the defenders of same-sex marriage say no,赞成同性婚姻的人说procreation is not the only purpose of marriage;繁衍后代并非婚姻的唯一目的what about a lifelong, mutual, loving commitment?大家都忘了长相厮守、白头偕老、相濡以沫了吗?Thats really what marriage is about.那才是婚姻的真谛So with flutes, with golf carts,所以,无论是分配笛子,高尔夫球车and even with a fiercely contested question like same-sex marriage, Aristotle has a point.还是尖锐的同性婚姻话题,亚里士多德有一点说得很有道理Very hard to argue about justice如果不首先讨论社会组织的目的,without first arguing about the purpose of social institutions以及值得认可和称道的价值理念and about what qualities are worthy of honor and recognition.是很难讨论公平公正的So lets step back from these cases and see how they shed light现在让我们反思这些案例,看看能从中得到什么启发on the way we might improve, elevate, the terms of political discourse in the ed States, and for that matter, around the world.来帮助我们提升改进美国乃至世界的政治辩论状况There is a tendency to think现在有这样一种倾向,that if we engage too directly with moral questions in politics,认为如果我们直面政治方面的道德问题thats a recipe for disagreement,就很容易产生观点上的分歧,and for that matter, a recipe for intolerance and coercion.从而导致偏狭与排异,并相互强加观点给对方So better to shy away from, to ignore, the moral and the religious convictions that people bring to civic life.所以最好是避开那些宗教及道义方面的大命题It seems to me that our discussion reflects the opposite,我觉得我们的讨论明事实恰恰相反that a better way to mutual respect一个更好的互相尊重的方式是is to engage directly with the moral convictions citizens bring to public life,是直面日常生活中所涉及的伦理道德问题rather than to require that people leave their deepest moral convictions outside politics before they enter.而不是要求人们在讨论政治问题时回避他们最深层的道德信仰That, it seems to me, is a way to begin to restore the art of democratic argument.在我看来,这是复兴我们失落了的民主辩论艺术的一种方式Thank you very much.非常感谢大家201607/453046湖州哪种脱腋毛好

长兴县治疗黄褐斑要多少钱长兴县煤山地区医院做抽脂手术多少钱 2 Character Beginner A: do you like Barry? B: no, not very much. He’s too ambitious and dishonest. A: I agree. I like his brother, Paul. They are not alike. B: yes. They are completely different. Paul is very sociable and much more honest than his brother. A: what kind of person do you consider yourself to be? B: I think I’m polite, careful, relaxed and shy. A: oh, I don’t think you’re shy! You are always chatting with new people when we go to a party. B: well, yes, but those people always start talking to me. I never talk to them first. Perhaps I’m not as shy as I think. Anyway, you’re certainly not shy! A: You’re right. I love going out and making new friends. B: so, you’ll be at my birthday party on Friday? A: Of course! Intermediate A: How do you think people get their personalities? B: I think it’s mainly from the environment a person lives it. A: Don’t you think people get their personalities from their parents? B: no, but parents control a lot of the environment that kids grow up in, so they certainly influence their kid’s personalities a lot. A: So why do you think many kids have personalities that are so different to their parents. B: maybe when they become teenagers, they want to be completely different to their parents. A: You might be right. I guess most parents want their kids to be like them, but kids today grow up in a different environment. You know, they know much more about the world from the internet, newspapers, and tv. B: do you think that teenagers get a lot of their bad behaviour from tv and movies? A: Maybe some of it. I think a lot of people blame TV and movies when the real problem is that the parents aren’t bringing their child up correctly. B: Parents have a difficult job. They have to bring up their children and usually have to work too. A: Yes, that’s fine. Your son is doing well at school, isn’t he? B: yes, he is. He’s very hardworking when he’s at school. Then he comes home from school and does homework before dinner. After dinner, he goes out with his friends. A: So, he’s not a bookworm? It’s good that he has an outgoing personality. Some kids are very quiet and introverted. You wonder they’ll survive in the real world without their parents to support them. words Polite extrovert careless innocent impolite aggressive friendly frank kind ambitious unfriendly honest energetic serious relaxed shy quiet noisy outgoing careful thoughtful curious funny stubborn arrogant reliable jealous sociable phrases Look relaxed appear shy think of someone have a personality be considered pretend to be to be alike completely different /200704/12808湖州长兴哪里可以祛斑

湖州隆鼻专家At first, living in the van was great. I showered in campgrounds.一开始,住在车里是很不错的。我在露天洗澡,I ate out regularly. And I had time to relax and to grieve.正常的去外面吃东西。而且有时间去抒发情感。But then the anger and the depression about my fathers death set in.但是后来,因我父亲去世而带来的悲愤和痛沮开始加剧。My freelance job ended. And I had to get a full-time job to pay the bills.我自由作家的工作结束了。我就需要去找一件全职工作来付我的账单。What had been a really mild spring turned into a miserably hot summer.从一个非常温和的春天变到一个极其炎热的夏天会怎样呢。And it became impossible to park anywhere -- without being very obvious that I had a cat and a dog with me, and it was really hot.不管车停在哪都是难以忍受的--不用说也很明显我带着一只猫和一只,而且非常的热。The cat came and went through an open window in the van. The doggy went into doggy day care. And I sweated.猫从车窗来回的跑。跑到了护理中心。我则大汗淋漓。Whenever I could, I used employee showers in office buildings and truck stops.不管什么时候,只要可以,我就会去用在办公大楼和卡车车站里员工用的淋浴。Or I washed up in public rest rooms.或者在公共卫生间里洗洗。Nighttime temperatures in the van rarely dropped below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it difficult or impossible to sleep.在夜里车里的温度很少会降到华氏80度以下,这使我几乎无法入睡。Food rotted in the heat. Ice in my ice chest melted within hours, and it was pretty miserable.食物在高温下腐坏。冷藏柜里的冰几个小时就化完了,非常苦闷的时期。I couldnt afford to find an apartment, or couldnt afford an apartment that would allow me to have the Rottweiler and the cat.我没钱找公寓,或者找不到让我可以养和猫的地方。And I refused to give them up, so I stayed in the van.我不想把它们抛弃。所以我继续待在旅行车里。And when the heat made me too sick to walk the 50 feet to the public restroom outside my van at night,但炎热的天气使我饱受折磨以至于在夜里走50英尺到车外面的公共卫生间都懒的动。I used a bucket and a trash bag as a toilet.我用桶和垃圾袋当厕所。201706/515225 湖州整形医院湖州最好的抽脂医院



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