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Pampered, peeled and toned skin is the number one priority for image-conscious consumers around the world and they are going to adopt increasingly extreme measures to get it, a survey showed on Friday.A survey by research group AC Nielsen across 46 countries found that one in three people spend most of their beauty budget on skincare, with Asian and U.S. consumers leading the trend.Skin whitening is the most sought after treatment in Asia, the survey showed, with one in 10 Asian consumers buying bleachingproducts and 50 percent saying they would lighten their skin if money was no object.The survey also predicts a massive rise in the use of facial treatments such as masks,peels, serums and oils."Consumers tend to take a vested interest in their skincare regime in their 30s and 40s and at this life stage have more disposable income to invest in beauty extras," Patrick Dodd, president of AC Nielsen Europe said.L'Oreal, one of the world's largest cosmetics group, said its customers spent 3.85 million euros (.24 million) on skincare products in 2006, up nearly 12 percent on the previous year."The beauty industry shows no sign of slowing down as beauty and personal care products have become 'must have' items in every household," Dodd said.The survey found that 78 percent of people feel under increasing pressure to look good, and the desire to be beautiful is not just restricted to women.Nearly 80 percent of people welcome the arrival of the "metrosexual" male, a term used to describe men who use a myriad of beauty products to take care of their appearance, with American men the most enthusiastic about the trend.The ed States have just become the new home of British footballer David Beckham, the face of Procter amp; Gamble's Gillette skincare brand, who signed a 0 million soccer transfer deal earlier this year with U.S. team LA Galaxy.Beckham, famed for his fashionable hairstyles, diamond stud earrings and for wearing a sarong on the beach, is a metrosexual style icon par excellence.The survey also found that consumers were not just obsessed with flawless skin-- haircare products are among the most sought after treatments globally, especially in Latin America and Asia.L'Oreal customers spent 3.63 million euros on haircare products in 2006. 上周五的一项调查显示,保养、修护、滋润皮肤是全世界在意形象的消费者们的首要大事,而且他们将为此采取越来越“极端”的措施。AC尼尔森调查集团对46个国家开展的一项调查发现,三分之一的人在护肤上的花销占美容总花销的大头,这一潮流为亚洲和美国的消费者所引领。调查显示,皮肤美白在亚洲最为盛行,十分之一的亚洲消费者购买过皮肤漂白产品,50%的人称如果经济上不成问题,他们会去做美白护理。此外,调查预测,使用面膜、去角质用品、乳液和精油类等护肤品的人将大幅增加。AC尼尔森集团欧洲区总监帕特里克·多德说:“30岁至40岁之间的消费者对护肤很感兴趣,在这个年龄段,他们有更多的可配收入花在高级美容产品上。”据全球最大的化妆品集团之一欧莱雅公司介绍,他们的顾客2006年在护肤品上共花费了385万欧元,比上一年增长了近12%。多德说:“美容业的增长势头丝毫没有减缓,因为美容类和个人护理类产品已成为每家每户的‘必需品’。”调查发现,78%的受访者感到要变美的压力越来越大,而且这种想变得更美的愿望不仅限于女性。近80%的受访者欢迎“都市中性男”浪潮的到来,“都市中性男”指的是大量使用美容品护理皮肤的男性,美国男性对这一潮流的到来最为兴奋。不久前,美国迎来英国足球名将贝克汉姆,这位宝洁吉列特产品的代言人于今年初与美国洛杉矶队签了一份2.5亿美元的转会合同。以新潮发型、钻石耳钉和在海滩穿着布裙而著名的小贝就是“都市中性男”的典型代表。调查发现,消费者不仅向往拥有无暇的肌肤,护发产品也受到世界各地消费者的追捧,尤其在拉丁美洲和亚洲。欧莱雅2006年护发类产品的销售额达到363万欧元。 /200803/29465。

  • 导言:人生苦短,珍惜自己拥有,做自己喜欢做的事,尽情的享受一切。人生贵在糊涂。  We all, at one time or another, have pretended to be a rock star, singing and dancing along to our favorite song. Most of us have done this in the privacy of our own room when we were kids and as adults, in the privacy of our homes. Me? I love to do that when I drive! I turn on the radio, find a song that I can sing along too and pretty soon my arms are in the air and I am moving along to the rhythm. Most of the time, I do this on my way to work.  我们每个人,在不同时期,都曾经像一个摇滚歌星那样,伴着我们最爱的那首歌又唱又跳.很多人在小时候,甚至是已长大成人,都曾在我们自己房间和家里这样的隐秘空间里这样做过。我呢?我喜欢在开车的时候这样!打开收音机,找一首会唱的歌,很快我就会张开双臂,随着节奏起舞。大部分时候,我在上班的路上这么做。  Yes, that is true. I will be in my nice work clothes, jamming while driving or stopped at a traffic light. I get weird looks from some people and others laugh. Personally, I love to get lost in the rhythm of a song which leads me to share with you the importance of being silly!  是的,那是真的。我会穿上我漂亮的工作,在堵车和遇到交通灯时,有人就会用奇怪的眼神看着我,或者笑我。对我个人而言,我喜欢沉浸在一首歌的节奏中,由此我愿和你们分享:为人糊涂贵在何处。 /201009/113506。
  • The Two Different Ways of British leisure life摘要:英国人素来以保守闻名。不过,尽管这样,他们仍旧会以有趣的方式享受生活。British people are always famous for their conservative nature. Nevertheless,they also have some interesting ways to enjoy themselves.Club life started with coffee drinking which began around 1650.Limited to fifty,list of membership of this club includes prominent members of the Commons and the Lords and other distinguished people.However, one of the famous clubs is a non-political club and was given the name the Other Club because its aims always to hear the other man's point of view.In contrast with club,there is the popular Pancake Day.It is on the first day of Lent, and usually occurs between February 2 and March 8. It is believed to remind that butter and eggs were forbidden during Lent and housewives were anxious to use up all they had left before the start of the frugal period. /200904/68171。
  • 1. Discrimination in an employment situation职场歧视 /201005/103380。
  • To be a bridesmaid there is no age limit. Even though in the past, in ancient times from where this tradition borns Celebrity Dresses the bridesmaids had to be young girls, unmarred and appropriate as age with the bride, nowadays this is not a strict rule; in fact is a totally skipped part. 当伴娘是没有年龄限制的。古时候的传统是半年必须是年轻、未婚、和新娘年龄相仿的女性,但是现如今已经不在严格遵守这些规矩了。事实上这些规矩已经被完全忽略了。So, we get to see as bridesmaids even little girls in their 5's until 10 years old. They are juniors and they make the guests delight Little Black Dresses when appearing in the decor: innocent, dressed as how a bridesmaid has to be, they just bring a smile on everyone's face and admiration as well. 因此我们现在看到的伴娘甚至有5到10岁的小女孩,她们年轻,当她们穿着黑色的小礼裙出现在大厅时使客人们感到愉快:她们天真,打扮成伴娘的样子,每个人脸上都洋溢着微笑和赞美之情。First of all, if possible make them look all alike with the grown up ones. This will come as a surprisingly view and mostly will fulfill your requests as all the maids of honors matching in outfit, in a harmony of styles. But, as not all the patterns White Junior Bridesmaid Dresses can be available and suitable for little girls and grown ups at the same time you have a much more restrained list. One can choose among A-line dresses, long or short, no matter the length, dresses with straps, empire waist or princess style. The length can be whatever but better to choose the tea length as the girls can be excited and in order to avoid them to step on the bottom side of the dress and fall. 首先,如果可能的话她们穿着打扮看起来应该像成年的伴娘。这是一个令人惊讶的观点,但是只要伴娘和装还有婚礼的风格很匹配和谐,还是可以大体满足你的要求。但是并不是所有的白礼裙能同时适合小女孩和大人,你得有一个严格限制的清单。比如,可以选A型的礼裙,或长或短,或者不考虑长短,用皮带扎腰,或者是公主的式样。长度可以随意,但是为了避免女孩们踩到裙子底边跌倒和让她们高兴,最好是裙长至胫骨。 /201102/126402。
  • You've probably heard of hot yoga and power yoga, but now there's another form of the physical and mental activity that's gaining in popularity in India -- water yoga. 你可能听说过高温瑜伽和力量瑜伽,但现在有一种新的瑜伽在印度日渐流行,这就是水中瑜伽。 In the city of Agra, famed for the Taj Mahal, legions of locals perform their "asanas," or postures, in a pool, which makes them more challenging than on land, and also boosts buoyancy and flexibility. 在以泰姬陵而闻名的亚格拉城,很多当地人热衷在水池中做瑜伽,在水中做瑜伽比在陆地上做难度更大,但同时可以提高身体的浮力和灵活性。 Harish Chaturvedi, a trained lawyer, teaches the unusual form of yoga free of charge. He says water yoga can be performed for much longer than other forms, as the body does not get tired as quickly. 职业律师出身的哈里希?查图尔维迪免费教授这种特别瑜伽。他说,相比于其它形式的瑜伽,在水中做瑜伽不会让身体很快感到疲劳,所以能坚持得更久。 "Everybody can learn swimming, but if they also learn yoga alongside it, they will never feel tired," he said."The level of oxygen is very high in water, and you will not have any breathing problems." 他说:“每个人都能学习游泳,但如果他们在学游泳的同时学习瑜伽,那么永远也不会觉得累。” Chaturvedi believes water yoga really boosts energy and helps ward off disease. He focuses on children, and runs regular classes at the swimming pool of a local sports stadium. 查图尔维迪认为水中瑜伽的确能提高体能,祛除疾病。他以孩子为主要教学对象,并在当地一家体育馆的游泳池定期授课。 The response to this unusual form of yoga has been positive. 大家对这种特殊瑜伽反应不错。 "Pandit Harish Chaturvediji is a lawyer by profession but he is very good at performing yoga in water," said Sudhir Narayan, a water yoga student. "He is teaching children free of cost and that is a very good thing." 一个名叫苏迪尔#8226;纳拉延的水中瑜伽学员说:“哈里希#8226;查图尔维迪老师的职业是律师,但他的水中瑜伽做得很棒。他免费教孩子们练水中瑜伽,这真是一件好事。” Yoga, which involves meditation as well as physical activities, has become a mainstream form of exercise around the world, with millions of followers. 融身体活动和冥想为一体的瑜伽已成为风靡全世界的一种主流健身形式,拥有数百万的爱好者。 /201109/153094。
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