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湖州九八医院做隆鼻手术多少钱湖州眼圈发青是怎么回事Ken:Look at this list of customers who still owe us money.肯:看看这份还欠我们钱的客户名单How is this business supposed to survive if we keep extending credit?如果继续延长还钱日期的话那我们该如何是好呢?Marjorie:We started doing it because some of our best customers didnt have y cash.马莉莉:我们这样做是因为我们一些最好的客户还没有准备好现金Theyre good it.他们会还清债务的Ken:I know theyll eventually pay their outstanding debt, but what are we supposed to do in the meantime?肯:我知道他们最终会偿还债务,但与此同时我们该做些什么?We need that cash to buy stock.我们需要现金购买股票Marjorie:We can call in the debt and set a deadline repayment.马莉莉:我们可以给他们打电话,设定一个最后期限We can give those who are really hard up an extension on a case-by-case basis.我们可以为那些偿还困难的人在个案基础上提供拓展Ken:What if they still dont pay?肯:如果他们仍然不还怎么办呢?Wed have to turn it over to a collection agency.那我们就必须交给收款公司处理Wed only get 0 cents on the dollar, but well have to close our doors if we dont collect.我们只收回0美分,如果不继续收款的话我们就得停业了Marjorie:Using a collection agency would be a last resort.马莉莉:收款公司是最后的手段Ill call each of our major debtors and have a talk with them.我会打电话给我们的每个主要的债务人Im sure theyll come through.我肯定他们会通融的Ken:I hope youre right or we will be the ones asking credit!肯:我希望你是对的,否则我们就得找人借钱了! 93湖州疤痕修复多少钱 Acheng:Who that?Sophia: Saint Jude-he the saint of lost causes. Like my cousin, Anna, who cant stop getting pregnant. She a lost cause.Acheng:Is that your cousin in the back?Sophia: Yep. She always got a bun in the oven. She was pregnant bee marriage-a real sin in the Catholic Church.Acheng:What about birth control pills? Dont they work on Italians?Sophia: Ha-ha. Birth control and abortion are four-letter words in my family.Acheng:And I heard that Italian men have very active libidos.参考译文:阿 震:那是谁?苏菲亚:圣犹大——他是个守护无法自拔者的圣徒好比我表安娜一直在怀她根本无药可救了阿 震:后面那位是你表吗?苏菲亚:是啊她肚子里永远怀着一个她结婚前就怀了——天主教的大罪阿 震:那避药呢?对意大利人无效吗?苏菲亚:哈哈在我家不准讲节育跟堕胎这两个词阿 震:我还听说意大利男人性欲很强重点词汇:lost cause无成功希望的人Saint Jude是个没有自制能力的人,他的宿命正好也是专门帮助这种人而无法自拔由于意大利天主教徒不能避,安娜不得已只能不停怀,所以苏菲亚才以Saint Jude来比喻她的处境With the whole world going to war, peace seems like a lost cause.由于全世界都持战争,和平似乎已无望pregnant (a.)怀的a bun in the oven是「怀」的口语说法pregnancy (n.) 怀My girlfriend is pregnant again!我女朋友又怀了!sin (n.)道德上、宗教上的)罪Some say it a sin to have sex bee marriage.有人认为婚前性行为是一种罪恶birth control pill避药丸Birth control pills need to be taken regularly.堕胎药要时用abortion (n.)堕胎Abortion is still controversial in some places.堕胎在某些地方依然有争议four-letter word (n.)粗话,通常指由四个字母构成的脏字,如fuck、shit、damn…等A: Is he really mad at you?他真的对你发飙吗?B: Well, he called me a four-letter word.嗯,他还用脏话骂我libido (n.)性冲动,性欲He has a powerful libido.他有强烈的性欲 365Carlos:Now that your boyfriend has moved out, you need a roommate.卡洛斯:既然你男朋友已经搬出去了,你现在需要一个室友There no way you can afd this apartment on your own.你自己可负担不起这间公寓Inez:I know, but I really dont want to live with a stranger.伊内兹:我知道,但我真的不想和一个陌生人一起生活Id have to put up with all of their quirks.我得忍受他们所有的怪癖Carlos:I dont think you have a choice.卡洛斯:我觉得你是别无选择You need someone to split the rent and the cost of utilities, not to mention your cable bill.你需要有人分担租金和公用事业的费用,更不用说有线电视账单Inez:Id need someone who could keep the common areas neat and clean, and who can keep their hands off my stuff.伊内兹:我需要有人保持公共区域整洁干净,而且别打我东西的主意Carlos:Im sure youll manage to find someone with those qualities.卡洛斯:我相信你会找到具有这样的人Inez:Theyd have to help with chores around the apartment, too, and pitch in with general upkeep.伊内兹:他们必须帮忙处理公寓周围的杂事,并且一般保养也要有他们的身影Carlos:No doubt there someone out there who wouldnt mind doing that.卡洛斯:毫无疑问肯定有人对此不介意Inez:Hey, arent you looking a place to live? You could move in here.伊内兹:嘿,你不是正在找一个住的地方吗?你可以搬来这里Carlos:You mean share an apartment with you? No thanks.卡洛斯:你的意思是和你同在一个屋檐下?不了,谢谢Inez:Why not?伊内兹:为什么不呢?Carlos:Id just rather not. I dont think wed suit.卡洛斯:我只是坚持己见我觉得我们彼此不适合Inez:Why wouldnt we?伊内兹:我们为什么不行呢?Carlos:Do you really want me to spell it out you?卡洛斯:你真的要我说吗?Inez:Yes, in fact, I insist.伊内兹:是的,事实上,我坚持Carlos:All right. Let just say that youre a little bit grouchy in the mornings.卡洛斯:好的那我们就聊点在早晨让你不高兴的You know that monster in the Alien movies?你知道在外星电影中的那个怪物吗?Inez:Yes.伊内兹:是的Carlos:Ouch! Ouch! Stop hitting me!卡洛斯:哎呀!哎呀!别打我!南浔区治疗咖啡斑价格

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湖州市中心医院祛疤多少钱Roberto: All right, let’s get started. I organized this faculty and staff meeting to talk about ideas to improve school security.罗伯托:好了,咱们开始吧我组织这个全体教职工校务会议的目的是为改善学校安全而征询大家意见Ginny: But we aly have controlled access to school buildings, and all of the staff and faculty wear ID badges.金尼:可是我们已经着手控制学校的外来访客了,而且所有的职工与教师都佩戴着身份牌Roberto: Those measures help to keep people out of our school who don’t belong here. But in light of what’s happened at other schools, we need to do more to keep students safe.罗伯托:这些措施只能保校外人员远离学校鉴于其他学校发生的案件,我们还需要采取其他的方案保学生的人身安全Ginny: You mean in the event of bomb threats and mass shootings?金尼:你是指炸弹袭击和大规模击事件?Roberto: Those are some of the threats we have to prepare .罗伯托:这些是我们需要预防的威胁之一Ginny: I don’t know how we can prepare those things.金尼:我不知道该如何预防这类威胁Roberto: Well, we might consider security cameras and armed guards to patrol the school.罗伯托:嗯,我们可能会加强监控和警卫巡逻力度Ginny: Really?金尼:真的么?Roberto: Really. We need to develop evacuation plans or procedures lockdown in the event of an imminent threat.罗伯托:是的我们需要制定疏散计划或程序来防范随时会发生的恐怖袭击Ginny: This is scary stuff.金尼:这真是一件可怕的事情Roberto: We live in scary times.罗伯托:我们就生活在一个可怕的时代Ginny: It’s starting to feel like we work in a prison, not a school!金尼:我开始觉得我们像是在监狱里工作而不是学校!译文属 99 If Life Were Like A Computer假如生活是一台电脑You could addremove someone in your life using the control panel. You could put your kids in the recycle bin and restore them when you feel like it! You could improve your appearance by adjusting the display settings. You could turn off the speakers when life gets too noisy. You could click on “find” (Ctrl, F) to recover your lost remote control and car keys. To get your daily exercise, just click on "run"! If you mess up your life, you could always press "Ctrl, Alt, Delete" and start all over! 你可以通过控制面板增加或者删除一些人;可以把孩子放进回收站,然后在你喜欢的时候再还原可以通过调整显示器的设置让外表更好看;可以在吵闹的时候关掉音箱;可以点击“搜索”找到丢失了的遥控器和车钥匙;锻炼身体的时候,点击“运行”要是你的生活一团糟,同时下“ctrl, alt, delete”键,一切重新开始 8889湖州解放军98医院打瘦脸针多少钱湖州瘦脸针团购



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