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Those in a serious relationship have long been warned about the dangers of the seven-year itch. But research has found couples risk running into trouble far earlier - thanks to the seven-month slouch.已婚男女要警惕“七年之痒”说法由来已久。但一项调查发现,情侣之间出现问题的时间要远远早于七年,这就是“七月之懒”。This is the point at which we stop trying quite so hard to impress our new love and start revealing all the bad habits that have so far remained hidden.当两人在一起相处了七个月之后,双方不再像刚开始那样努力想给对方留下好印象,而开始“原形毕露”。These can include unsavoury bodily functions such as breaking wind in front of an other half, nose picking or letting armpits go unshaven. Before the milestone, most couples enjoy an extended honeymoon period where both go out of their way to keep well-groomed and observe good manners.比如,当着对方的面放屁、挖鼻子,或不刮腋毛。而在此之前,很多情侣都处于热恋期,两人都用心地装扮自己,努力在对方面前保持好的形象。However, it seems once a couple has been together for around seven months they decide they really do love each other and start to let go.然而,似乎两人在一起到了七个月左右时,他们就会觉得彼此的感情已经稳定,便开始放任自流。According to a survey of 1,000 adults, the seven-month point is when couples are most likely to think it acceptable to stop paying attention to details such as shaving regularly and keeping nails trimmed while also putting their bad habits on display.一项对1000名成年人开展的调查显示,情侣们在一起到了七个月时,便开始觉得可以不再注意定期刮毛和修指甲这样的细节问题,而且还会渐渐暴露出自己的坏习惯。More than nine in ten women and almost as many men admit that they let themselves go once they are in the full throes of a romance.90%以上的女性承认,一旦感情稳定下来,她们便开始放松自己。相同比例的男性也是如此。However it seems men are far happier to relax their standards while more women told researchers from Remington that they never allow themselves to be seen looking hairy or too unkempt.然而据雷明顿调查人员的调查,男性似乎更容易放松自己的标准,较多的女性称她们从不会让自己看起来头发凌乱或邋里邋遢。More than half of all adults said they make a special effort at the start of a relationship.超过一半的人说他们在刚开始谈恋爱时都特别注意这些问题。Once life with their other half becomes more routine, 48 per cent said they start breaking wind in front of their partner, 68 per cent will skip sexy clothes for unflattering outfits round the house and 58 per cent walk around naked.而一旦与另一半的感情稳定下来,48%的人会开始当着对方的面放屁,68%的人不再追求性感的衣着,而是穿得非常随便,58%的人会光着身子在屋里走来走去。Only 6 per cent said they would never let their partner see them be so uncouth.只有6%的人说他们永远不会在伴侣面前表现得如此放肆。There are also still some traditionalists out there, with 13 per cent saying they believe revealing bad habits is only acceptable after marriage.调查对象中不乏一些传统人士,13%的人认为只有在结婚之后才可以放松一点。 /201403/278028This Christmas looks like being a bumper one for online shopping but not everyone is filled with the festive spirit and some have aly set online traps they hope you will fall into. Here are twelve cyber-scams to watch out for this Christmas:据英国广播公司报道,圣诞节是很多人的购物盛宴,同时也是很多骗子活跃的高峰时期。如今网络骗局层出不穷,不过万变不离其宗,其中12种特别值得警惕。The first scam of Christmas is phishing网络钓鱼They#39;ve been around for years and we#39;ve all received a version.Fraudsters send you a message and attempt to make you click on a link to a fake site or open some malware that infects your machine.“网络钓鱼”盛行多年。骗子给你发送信息,让你点击一个虚假网站或者打开恶意软件。They may be old but they have evolved and some are very cleverly targeted (known as spear phishing). Imagine you are placing orders on a well-known website for gifts. Suddenly you receive an email - apparently from that very site - saying that there is a problem with your last order and can you please ;click here; to attend to the problem. Logos, email addresses, even the link might look genuine but you#39;ll get more than you bargained for if you do as the email asks. Check twice and click once.这种把戏并不新颖,但是骗子们也在“创新”,他们学会针对特定目标人群,这就是所谓的“鱼叉式网络钓鱼”。比如你在一个知名网站下订单,突然收到一封邮件,乍看是这个网站发送的,邮件称你的订单有问题,可以“点击这里”解决。The second scam of Christmas is the fake virus checker虚假病毒检查程序You search for that elusive gift, and finally you#39;re led to a site that appears to sell just what your nearest and dearest want.But wait, a message flashes up saying that your machine is infected… but don#39;t worry just download the free virus check shown and your problem will be solved.想象一下你上网给亲友挑选礼物,突然弹出一个消息框称你的电脑受到了病毒感染,需要下载一个免费的病毒检查程序解决问题。By downloading it you will actually be infecting your machine and your problems will only just have begun. Install a good virus checker before you go online.事实上,如果你下载了这个软件,电脑才会真正的受到感染。对此,我们应该在上网前安装好病毒检查程序。The third scam of Christmas is the fake upgrade虚假升级软件As the Christmas spirit gets going we all send each other links to jokes and s, on Facebook, by email and via Twitter.Now imagine you arrive at one of these sites and it tells you that you don#39;t have the latest Flash Player so you can#39;t watch that funny , but not to worry click here and you can get your upgraded player immediately.我们习惯在圣诞节给亲朋友好友发送笑话和视频链接。想象一下,你登录一个社交网站,它提示你没有最新的Flash播放器,无法观看搞笑视频,“点击这里”就可以升级播放器。Not only will this ;upgrade; be malware but that malware will go on to send messages to all your friends telling them to go see the ;funny; .而这里的“升级软件”本身就是恶意软件,它还会发送信息给你的朋友,让他们也来看这个有“埋伏”的搞笑视频。The fourth scam of Christmas is the ;current news scam;慈善骗局People will use major world events to scam you out of money, regardless of how sad the event may have been. We saw it with Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.Difficult to believe in a season of goodwill but before the aid agencies had reached the poor people affected there were aly scam emails and associated websites asking you to donate.骗子们还会用一些大的灾难来骗你的钱。很难想象,在台风“海燕”肆虐菲律宾后,竟有诈骗邮件和相关网站骗取人们的捐款。They look genuine but don#39;t be fooled. The money goes nowhere but to the scammers.它们看上去很真实,但实际上这些钱只会流进骗子的口袋里。The fifth scam of Christmas is the illegal ;cracked; download非法的“破解”软件下载Many will be buying laptops or other computing devices for under the tree.They are expensive and there are many tempting offers to buy incredibly cheap operating systems, office products or other tasty goodies. There are even more tempting opportunities to download ;free; copies of ;cracked; pirated software.笔记本电脑及其相关设备都比较昂贵,骗子们就会提议你去购买便宜的操作系统软件、office办公产品等,并称你可以下载“破解”的盗版软件的“免费”副本。However, not only are you likely to find that the download is an illegal copy - and may not actually run or has an invalid key - but also that it comes with a hidden present: malware.然而,不仅该软件是非法的副本,而且可能隐藏有恶意软件。Buy from reputable sites and remember if it#39;s too good to be true then it probably is.因此,我们应该从有信誉的网站购买相关产品。 /201312/270432

A giant isopod, a crustacean known as the #39;scavenger of the deep,#39; has been found dead in its tank by keepers at an aquarium in Japan, after the creature refused to eat for more than five years.日本一水族馆的一只大王具足虫在绝食5年多以后死亡,饲养员在水族箱里发现了它的尸体。大王具足虫是一种甲壳类动物,被称为“深海清道夫”。The animal, which looks like an oversized pill-bug, was declared dead at a feeding event at the Toba Aquarium in Japan on Friday February 14.2月14日星期五,日本鸟羽水族馆在尝试喂养后,宣布这只外形好似超大号球潮虫的大王具足虫死亡。The giant male isopod, called No. 1 to distinguish it from the nine other giant isopods kept at the Japanese aquarium, has not eaten since January 2009, when it ate a whole horse mackerel.为了区分水族馆的另外9只巨型等足目动物,这只雄性大王具足虫被命名为“1号”。2009年1月它吃了一条鲹鱼,自那以后,这只大王具足虫一直拒绝进食。No. 1#39;s keeper Takeya Moritaki has been dumbfounded by the crustacean#39;s hunger strike, claiming the deep-sea creature would at times pretend to eat by moving its mouth and front legs around the food to appease aquarium staff, however it never actually swallowed.“1号”的绝食行为让饲养员则武竹谷十分不解,他说“1号” 有时候会动动嘴巴和前腿假装在吃东西,糊弄水族馆的饲养员,但实际上它从来没有将食物吞下。Mr Moritaki, was preparing the mackerel for No. 1#39;s feed, however the giant isopod sat motionless as the bait was lowered in to the tank, according to Rocket News.新闻网站Rocket News报道称,在“1号” 死亡之前,则武竹谷正在为它准备鲭鱼肉,然而当鲭鱼肉被放入水族箱后,“1号”却一动不动。Realising something was wrong, the aquarium staff lifted No. 1 out of the tank and declared it dead. At that point, the creature had starved itself for five years and 43 days.意识到情况不妙之后,工作人员将“1号”捞出水族箱。随后工作人员宣布了它的死亡。至此 “1号”已经绝食了5年零43天。It has been widely reported as the longest time any animal under observation has gone without food.“1号”的绝食身亡被大量媒体报道,因为这是迄今为止有人类观察的动物创造的时间最长绝食记录。The death of the giant isopod, has been confirmed by the aquarium and a dissection was performed, however no cause of death was found.在宣布“1号”死亡之后,鸟羽水族馆对这只巨型等足目动物进行了尸检,但未能查明死亡原因。Giant isopod No. 1 was taken to Toba Aquarium from the Gulf of Mexico in September 2007, measuring 29 cm and weighing 1 kg.2007年9月,工作人员将“1号”从墨西哥湾带到鸟羽水族馆,当时它身长29厘米,体重1公斤。A giant isopod is a crustacean related to prawns and crabs, which are thought to be abundant in cold, deep waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.巨型等足目动物是一种甲壳类动物,与明虾和螃蟹存在血缘关系。据悉,这种动物大量存在于大西洋、太平洋以及印度洋的冷深水区。 /201402/277094

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