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湖州那个医院隆胸好湖州有哪家医院可以治疗痘坑,痘印的Myths and legends have been around since the first humans sat around a campfire and spun tales of the things that lurk beyond the firelight. History has no shortage of malicious serial killers, demented madmen, and nightmarish creatures, and when legends and killers come together, you get some pretty creepy stories. We hear it from the day we#39;re born: Don#39;t trust strangers. And as humans, we instinctively fear the things that lurk in the dark, because we know that that#39;s where the predators hide.从人类第一次围坐篝火,轮流讲着隐于火光背后的神秘故事后,神话传说就遍布各地、深入人心。这些故事不乏连环杀手、恐怖疯人和可怕怪物,当传说遇上杀手,就成为令人毛骨悚然的恐怖故事了。我们出生就听人说:不要相信陌生人。当我们长大成人,便不自觉地害怕黑夜,因为怪物就藏在夜色里。10.Footprints In The Snow10.雪地里的脚印This urban legend involves a teenage girl who was home with her little sister while their parents were out on the town. After watching some television together, she sent her little sister to bed and then went back downstairs to watch more TV. Eventually, she got bored with what she was watching and turned it off, then curled up in a blanket on the couch and watched the snow fall through the large sliding-glass window in the living room. She had only been watching for a few minutes when she saw a man walking toward the sliding glass doors with deadly purpose. He started to pull something shiny out of his coat and she dove under her blanket in terror.这个故事开始了:父母外出,小女孩和她的就自在家。一起看了会儿电视后,小女孩照顾睡觉,然后返回楼下继续看电视。终于,她感到疲倦,于是关掉了电视机,然后裹着毛毯蜷缩在沙发上,透过客厅的滑动玻璃窗看飘落的雪花。仅仅几分钟之后,她看见一个男人不怀好意地走向滑动玻璃门。看见他从大衣里掏出亮晃晃的东西后,小女孩害怕得藏进毯子里。After a while, she pulled down the blanket and found that the man was gone. She called the police, who immediately rushed over to the scene to investigate. Upon examining the premises, one of the first things they noticed was that there were no footprints in the snow. And with the rate of snowfall, there was no way they could have been covered that quickly. Puzzled, the officers inspected the residence and noticed wet footprints on the carpet leading straight up to the couch where the girl had been sitting. The madman had been behind her the whole time and what she had seen had been his reflection in the window.过了一会儿,小女孩钻出毯子却发现男人不知所踪。报警后,立即就有警察去那儿进行调查。在调查前他们注意到雪地里根本就没有脚印。而且根据降雪的情况,脚印也不可能如此快地被掩盖掉。令人疑惑不解的是,他们检查了房子却发现地毯上的湿脚印一直延伸到小女孩正坐着的沙发那里。结果发现,是那个疯子一直跟在小女孩后面,而小女孩在窗户上看到的其实是那个疯子的影子。9.The Chilling Discovery9.让人不寒而栗的发现There are multiple versions of this story, and most of them start with a young college girl who was studying late, and thus was spending a lot of time in the library instead of her dorm room. During a late night of studying, she realized that she had forgotten something in her dorm room, so she decided to make a trip back to go get it. When she opened the door she found the room dark, but figured that her roommate was either asleep or out studying like her. Not wanting to disturb her in case she was asleep, she left the light off, grabbed what she needed, and went back to the library.这个故事有很多个版本,但大多数都是这样开始的:一个年轻的大学女生总是学习到很晚,因此她大部分时间都在图书馆而不是宿舍。一天晚上,她想起有些东西忘在了宿舍里,便决定回去拿。开门后,她发现宿舍里漆黑一片,她不知道她的室友是睡着了还是像她一样学习到很晚。考虑到室友可能正在睡觉,她没开灯,拿到需要的东西后就回到了图书馆。Upon returning to her room, she found her roommate lying on the floor with a slit throat. But the worst part was the message written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror that simply, ;Aren#39;t you glad you didn#39;t turn on the light?;In another version of the tale, there is a woman who lives alone in an apartment with her puppy. She was fast asleep one night when she was awoken by a strange noise. To reassure herself, she reached down to where the pup slept beside the bed and felt it lick her hand. Satisfied, she drifted peacefully back to sleep. The next morning she discovered that the dog had been hanged in the shower. On the floor beside her bed was a note that said, ;Humans can lick too.;再回到宿舍,她发现室友躺在地板上,喉咙初有一道口。但是,最令人恐惧的是那用口红写在浴室镜子上的留言,;你没有开灯,难道你不高兴?;还有另外一个故事版本。传说,有一个女人住在一所公寓里,和她的小相依为命。有一天夜里,她正睡得酣然,突然有一阵怪异的嘈杂声惊醒了她。她心理感到很恐惧,就靠近睡在床边的小。小舔了舔她的手,她感到很安然,就这样她又进入梦乡。可是,第二天一大早,她就发现小被挂在浴室喷头上,死了。而在靠近床边的地板上有一则留言:;人类也可以添手指。;8.The Unfortunate Coat Incident8.不幸的大衣事件This urban legend begins on a cold winter day with a young couple who were having a christening party in their home for their new baby. The guests started to arrive out of the cold, and as they were welcomed by their hosts, they tossed their coats onto a bed that was near the main living room. It just started with a coat or two, but once someone saw one coat, everyone began adding to the pile.故事是这样开始的,在一个寒冷的冬季夜晚,一对年轻夫妇为了给他们刚出生的孩子洗礼在家举行派对。客人们冒着严寒纷纷而至,受到主人的热烈欢迎。他们脱下大衣,放在靠近主卧室的一个床上。一开始床上只有一两件大衣,可客人们看见后都纷纷把大衣放在床上。Before long, all the guests had arrived and everything was in full swing. The parents decided that it was time to show off their new baby to the guests—after all, he was the guest of honor. So the mother walked over to the bed where she had left the baby—only to scream in horror when she found that her little bundle of joy had been accidentally smothered under the towering pile of coats.不久,高朋满座,晚会如火如荼。这对父母觉得展示他们宝宝的时机到了——毕竟,宝宝是今天的主角。于是,妈妈走近放宝宝的床边——却发出恐惧的尖叫,因为她看到,襁褓中的心肝宝贝已经在堆积如山的大衣中意外窒息死亡。7.The Gas Station Attendant7.加油站务员It was late and a young woman was driving through an unfamiliar area deep in the country. Her car was old and ureliable, and soon she realized that she#39;d have to stop for gas soon if she didn#39;t want to start walking. As luck would have it, she came across an old gas station a little farther down the road. It was an old-fashioned station, the kind with an attendant who comes out to pump the gas, and something about it set the alarm bells ringing in her head. But she knew that she couldn#39;t get much farther without refueling, so she reluctantly pulled into the gas station and asked the attendant to fill up the tank.深夜,一个年轻的女人开着车,行驶在一段陌生又偏僻的乡间小道上。她的车又破又旧,很快她意识到如果不想走路的话,就必须给车加油。幸运的是,在路上开了很远后,她找到一个老旧的加油站。这是个老式的加油站,有一个务员走出来泵油。周遭的一切让她非常警惕。但是,她知道,不加油的话,车走不了多远。无奈之下,她只好把车开进加油站让务员加油。The attendant seemed nervous as he filled up her gas tank, but eventually he finished the job and came over to the driver#39;s side to get the payment. She gave him a bill and he examined it carefully, then told her that it was counterfeit. At this point the alarm bells weren#39;t ringing any more—they were rioting. The attendant explained that he would have to take her back to his office and call his manager, because the counterfeit would have to be reported to the bank. Once he had convinced her to come with him, he explained that the bill wasn#39;t actually counterfeit—he#39;d gotten her out of the car because there was a man with a hatchet hiding in the backseat.这个务员加油时看起来很紧张,但最终他加完油,来到这个司机旁收钱。她拿出20美元给他,他仔细检查后说,这钱是假币。此时,她心里的警钟不再响起——心头却完全混乱。务员说,他必须带她到办公司并告之经理,因为假币必须要报告给。他成功地劝说她跟他走后,务员解释道,钱其实不是假的——之所以把她叫出车,是因为车后座有一男子,手持斧头藏匿在那里。6.The Wily Home Invader6.狡猾的民宅入侵者While the specific stories of this urban legend are just myths, there is a chilling undertone of truth to it, since home invaders have been documented using tactics similar to this to get into people#39;s homes. According to the stories that have circulated, someone is home alone late at night with very few lights on—just enough to indicate that someone is home and awake, but that there aren#39;t many people around. Someone comes up and, in the dead of night, just starts banging on the door and yelling to be let in. When the homeowner gets close to the door and calls out, the calls become even more insistent, yelling that someone is trying to hurt them.尽管都市传说大都是虚构的,但也不乏有令人毛骨悚然的真实故事,因为民宅入侵者使用相似的手段进入受害人家中。据有些广为流传的故事说道,有些人在夜晚独自待在家里并只开着几盏灯——这足以说明有人在家并且未眠,但是附近并没有太多人。在死寂般的夜晚,有人出现,敲着门,叫喊着让他进去。当主人靠近门,问谁在门外时,这叫喊声变得更加急切,囔着有人试图伤害他。In one story, a woman was at home by herself when she heard a woman banging on her door and shouting to be let inside the house. When she asked who it was, the woman outside began yelling that she was being attacked by a man and needed to get somewhere safe. When the homeowner listened closely, she indeed heard a male voice, but he was talking normally as if he was simply having a conversation with the woman. The woman outside was covering the peephole, so the homeowner peeked out the window beside the door. She could see a woman dressed in black, and from somewhere nearby, the man#39;s voice continued to talk softly to the woman. Eventually they both left, but it left the storyteller chilled to the bone. It#39;s hard to imagine what would have happened if she had let them in, but it probably wouldn#39;t have been pleasant.其中一个故事是这样的。一个女人夜晚独自在家,听到有一个女人敲着门,囔着让她进去。当她询问是谁时,门外的女人叫喊着,有一个男人要伤害她,她需要安全的地方躲避。房主靠近听时,的确听到有男人的声音,但是他语调正常,就像和这个女人只是简单的交流一般。门外的女人遮住了猫眼,所以房主只好从门旁边的窗口窥探。她看到一女子,身着黑色衣,靠近的某个地方,依然传来那个男人温和的声音。最终,他们都离开了,但是这让讲故事的人毛骨悚然。很难想象,如果让他们进门会发生什么。但总之不会是让人高兴的事。翻译:夏久梅 来源:前十网 /201509/398934湖州南浔区开韩式双眼皮多少钱 There are few cities in the world that transform themselves as profoundly from season to season as Berlin. The purgatorial winter, with its lightless days and frigid nights, gives way to four months of balmy intoxication. Cafe and gallery culture spills out into graffitied alleyways; the parks fill with techno D.J.s, nudists and picnicking families; and young people arrive by the planeload from Brooklyn, Copenhagen and East London to take part in an open-air night-life scene that is equal parts “Paris Is Burning” and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” But even as the hype of the last decade has made the city a magnet for tourists, Berlin remains a place for the strange and libertine, where the radical left still nips at the heels of neoliberalism, where snapping photos in public is often more taboo than smoking a joint, and where people seldom ask what it is you “do.”世上很少有城市会像柏林那样,在不同的季节中,出现如此巨大的转变。炼狱般的严冬,以及昏暗的白日与寒冷的夜晚,为芳香宜人令人沉醉的四个月让开了道路。咖啡馆与画廊文化蔓延到一条条遍布涂鸦的小巷中;公园内到处都是电音DJ、裸体主义者和野餐的家庭;年轻人搭乘飞机,从布鲁克林、哥本哈根和东伦敦远道而来,加入到这里的露天夜生活中,场面堪比《巴黎在燃烧》(Paris Is Burning)与《仲夏夜之梦》(A Midsummer Night’s Dream)。但是,尽管过去十年里的大肆炒作让柏林对游客产生了莫大的吸引力,这里依然是一座属于怪人与浪子的城市,激进左派仍在紧咬着新自由主义的痛脚不放,在公共场合拍照常常会比抽大麻更加忌讳,人们也很少会过问你是干什么的。Friday周五1. Volk on the Water | 3 p.m. 1. 活在水上的德国人:下午3:00Come summer, Berlin’s 122 miles of inner-city waterways turn into a thoroughfare thronged with kayaks, tourist vessels and the occasional party raft. A one-hour boat tour starting and ending at the Hauptbahnhof pier, offered by Reederei Riedel for 12 euros a person (about .75 at .07 to the euro), allows you to take in the city’s historic center while relaxing with brezel and bier. You’ll pass the Reichstag, Germany’s Norman Foster-redesigned house of Parliament, once burned down by the Nazis as part of Hitler’s government takeover and later bombed by the Allies; the old border crossing at Friedrichstrasse station known as the (Palace of Tears) where East Germans once bid doleful goodbye to their Western visitors; and Museum Island, which houses the city’s great collection of antiquities. Check out progress on the Stadtschloss, or City Palace, the massive, controversial project to resurrect Berlin’s imperial palace, scheduled for completion by 2019.夏日在即,柏林共计122英里长的城市水道变成了一条通路,挤满了橡皮船、观光船和偶尔出没的救生筏。里德尔游船公司(Reederei Riedel)提供从中央码头出发,航行一小时后再回到中央码头的航船路线,每人收费12欧元(按1.07美元兑换1欧元计算,约合12.75美元),让你可以一边惬意地享用扭结面包和啤酒,一边游览柏林的历史中心。你会途经由诺曼·福斯特(Norman Foster)重新设计的议会大厦——德意志国民议会(Reichstag),这栋大厦曾在被希特勒政府占领时惨遭纳粹焚毁,后来又遭到了同盟国的轰炸;东西两德的旧边界则位于弗里德里希(Friedrichstrasse)车站处,这里有一栋名为“泪宫”()的建筑,当年东德就是在这里与西德的来访者哀痛道别的;还有物馆岛(Museum Island),这里存放着这座城市里大量的宝贵古董。再去看看城市宫殿(Stadtschloss)的修建进度,这是一项引起诸多争议的大型建设工程,旨在重现柏林的帝国皇宫的往昔风采,预计将于2019年竣工。2. Orient on the Canal | 5 p.m.2. 运河上的市集:下午5:00Every Tuesday and Friday, the Turkish Market sps out along a stretch of the Landwehr Canal in the fast-gentrifying “Kreuzk” neighborhood, where the old leftist-bohemian district of Kreuzberg meets Neuk, an area long populated by Turkish, Kurdish and Arab immigrants. Residents descend on market days, as louche Australian graphic designers and matriarchs in headscarves haggle with men hawking their wares in a loud Turkish-German patois. Tucked among the produce, spices and textiles are unexpected delights: artisanal Dutch licorice; quark, a fermented dairy product, flavored with rhubarb or dark chocolate; and locally designed jewelry. Afterward, cross the Kottbusser Bridge for a drop-in at Hard Wax, a revered record store in a canalside courtyard that’s still a haunt for the D.J.s and audio geeks who fuel the city’s electronic music scene.在迅速实现“绅士化”的时尚地标克罗伊茨克尔恩(Kreuzk)附近,每逢星期二和星期五,土耳其市集(Turkish Market)都会沿着兰德维尔运河(Landwehr Canal)一字排开,古老的左派波希米亚区克罗伊茨贝格(Kreuzberg),与长期居住着土耳其、库尔德和阿拉伯移民的地区新克尔恩(Neuk),就在这里发生了交集。居民在市集开张的日子里蜂拥而至,品行不端的澳大利亚平面设计师和裹着头巾的女家长,在一片嘈杂的土耳其口音德语方言中,与摆摊的商贩们讨价还价。在一堆农产品、香料和纺织品之间,藏着教人意想不到的收获:手工荷兰甘草糖,奶渣(经过大黄或黑巧克力调味的发酵乳制品),还有本土设计的珠宝首饰。随后,穿过Kottbusser Bridge,去逛一下Hard Wax,这间备受推崇的唱片店就坐落在运河岸边的庭院里,依然是DJ和音频发烧友的必去之地,为这座城市的电子音乐加油。3. Neue Deutsche Küche | 7 p.m. 3. 德国新美食:晚上7:00Only in recent years has Berlin’s food culture begun to catch up with its other creative outpourings. The current bellwether is Nobelhart amp; Schmutzig, opened by the sommelier Billy Wagner, who previously helmed the Michelin-starred Rutz Wine Bar. Diners fill 26 counter seats that wrap around an elegant open kitchen, where the staff prepares a prix fixe 10-course meal of Nordic-inflected new-German cuisine (80 euros). Surprising, delectable dishes — like raw char filled with brown butter-braised b crumbs or celeriac soup poured over lamb fat jelly and green peas — uproot all notions of pork and sauerkraut. Reservations essential.直到最近几年,柏林的饮食文化才终于开始追赶其他那些创意泉涌之地。当前的业内佼佼者是品酒师比利·瓦格纳(Billy Wagne)开的Nobelhart amp; Schmutzig,他以前是米其林级餐厅Rutz Wine Bar的掌门人。餐厅内共有26个吧台坐席,绕着一间格调高雅的开放式厨房排成一圈,餐厅的工作人员就在这间厨房里,为客人准备一客共含10道菜的北欧风味新式德国美食(80欧元)。教人惊喜的是,这些美味佳肴,比如用生鲑鱼做馅的黑黄油焖面包渣,或者是羊脂冻配青豌豆浇芹菜汤,彻底抛弃了用猪肉和德国泡菜制成的所有传统菜式。一定要提前订位。4. Beau Monde Booze | 10 p.m.4. 上流社会的酒宴:晚上10:00Grab an exotic nightcap at Le Croco Bleu, a rakish cocktail bar that opened in 2013 in the cavernous former engine room of the 19th-century Brewery building in Prenzlauer Berg. The newest venture by Gregor Scholl, the man behind the cultish Westend bar Rum Trader, Le Croco Bleu has the feel of a postindustrial curiosity cabinet: teardrop crystal chandeliers, exposed pipes, disused machinery, taxidermied beasts and glass vitrines of aged liquors. But the cocktails are the main event. Mixed with alchemical precision, the monthly rotating selection features rare extravagances like the Prince of Wales, a heady mix of Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac, Dry Orange , DOM Benedictine and Champagne.普伦茨劳贝格(Prenzlauer Berg)有一栋建于19世纪的文创中心大楼B琀稀漀眀 Brewery,当中有一间洞穴状的轮机房,在2013年时被改建成了一间风格俏皮的鸡尾酒吧Le Croco Bleu,可以来这里要一杯充满异域风情的睡前酒。吸引了一群狂热信徒的西区酒吧Rum Trader,背后的男人名叫格雷戈尔·舍尔(Gregor Scholl),Le Croco Bleu正是他的最新产业,这里的气氛仿佛后工业时期的古玩店:泪状水晶枝形吊灯,暴露在外的管道,废旧的机械,用剥制法制作的野兽标本,还有陈列着陈年烈酒的玻璃橱窗。但是鸡尾酒才是这里的主角。这里对勾兑精确度的讲究堪比炼金术,酒单每月轮换一次,为客人呈献难得的奢侈调酒“威尔斯亲王”(Prince of Wales),这杯令人醺醺然的佳酿用皮埃尔费朗干邑1840(Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac)、干橙力娇酒(Dry Orange Cura愀漀)、法国廊酒(DOM Benedictine)和香槟酒勾兑而成。5. Modern Times | 10 a.m.5. 艺术的登时代:上午10:00What city experienced the 20th century with more ferocity than Berlin? See that history refracted in two starkly different art collections. Reopened in 2015, the refurbished public Berlinische Galerie houses works by 20th-century artists of the Berlin Secession, Expressionist, Dada and New Objectivity movements: the haunting Weimar-era oil portraiture of Otto Dix, George Grosz’s pen-and-ink prostitutes and automatons and Hannah radical photomontages, among other gems (entrance, 8 euros). Then, if you’ve wrangled a spot on the monthlong waiting list, fast-forward to the 1990s and beyond with a visit to the Sammlung Boros, a stunning private collection housed in a former Nazi bunker, which includes vivid installations by Olafur Eliasson and Ai Weiwei, the photographer Wolfgang Tillmans’ intimate portraits of ’90s club kids (and Kate Moss) and works by the Welsh conceptual artist Cerith Wyn Evans (entrance, 12 euros).还有哪座城市在20世纪经历过的暴行比柏林还多?这里有两组完全不同的艺术品,可从中一窥历史的痕迹。翻修后于2015年重新开张的柏林画廊(Berlinische Galerie),存放着在20世纪的柏林分离派、表现派、达达主义和新客观主义运动中涌现的艺术家的作品:在诸多珍品当中尤为值得一提的,有奥托·迪克斯(Otto Dix)令人过目难忘的魏玛时期肖像油画,乔治·格罗兹(George Grosz)的水墨作品与机器人,还有汉娜·霍克(Hannah H挀栀)那些先锋的蒙太奇摄影作品(门票:8欧元)。然后,如果你能想办法在长达一个月的等待名单上争得一席之地,不妨参观一下波洛斯私人收藏馆(Sammlung Boros),去往20世纪90年代以及更现代的时期。这是一间令人惊艳的私人收藏馆,坐落在一座战争时期的纳粹掩体内,馆内既有奥拉维尔·埃利亚松(Olafur Eliasson)和艾未未创作的个性鲜明的装置艺术作品,也有摄影师沃尔夫冈·提尔曼斯(Wolfgang Tillmans)为90年代的俱乐部儿童(还有凯特·斯[Kate Moss])拍摄的私人摄影,以及威尔士的概念派艺术家塞里斯·怀恩·埃文斯(Cerith Wyn Evans)的作品(门票:12欧元)。6. Stone Age Brunch | 1 p.m.6. 旧石器时代早午餐:下午1:00The paleo diet has taken hold in Berlin thanks largely to Sauvage. The restaurant serves up dishes like roasted bone marrow on rosemary-and-cassava-flour toast and paleo pancakes made with tiger nut, chestnut and cassava. Brunch is about 15 euros.旧石器时代的饮食已在柏林生根发芽,这在很大程度上都要归功于Sauvage餐厅。这家餐厅供应的都是迷迭香木薯粉吐司烤骨髓,或者用油莎豆、板栗与木薯制成的原始煎饼这类菜肴。早午餐价格约为15欧元。7. Artful Lots | 2 p.m.7. 惬意的绿化地:下午2:00In 2009, a group of ambitious gardeners took over a vacant lot in Kreuzberg and began its transformation into a social-urban-agricultural venture, Prinzessinnengarten, that is now one of the city’s loveliest green spaces. Compost beds burst with organic herbs and vegetables. There’s a wooded garden restaurant and cafe, a recycling center and spaces for workshops and community events, such as a recent collaboration with a refugee organization whose protests against German asylum policy have thrust the issue into the public eye. The creatively inclined should cross the street for a browse through Germanic art supply heaven. Planet Modulor, a multistory “creative department store,” includes a bookstore, a cafe and a 3-D printing studio that will transform your snapshot into a photorealistic sculpture.2009年,一批心怀壮志的园丁接手了克罗伊茨贝格的一块空地,开始将它改造成一处社会化城市农业的试验田“王子花园”(Prinzessinnengarten),如今则已成为这座城市里最为可爱的绿化环境之一。堆肥田上长满了有机香草和蔬菜。园内有一间藏身于树林花园的餐厅与咖啡厅,一处回收中心也可用于开展工作坊与社区活动,他们最近就与一个抗议德国难民政策的难民组织组织了一场联合活动,将这个问题推入了公众的视野。喜欢创造性事物的人,应该走到街道对面,浏览一下日耳曼艺术的摇篮。Planet Modulor是一间跨越数个楼层的“创意百货商店”,内有书店、咖啡厅和3D打印工作室,能将你的图纸转化为栩栩如生的实物模型。8. Fame on the Spree | 9 p.m.8. 河上餐厅:晚上9:00Fame, a restaurant inside a repurposed railroad storage facility that juts over the Spree, is the newest venture from the collective behind the techno club Bar25, which anchored the after-hours scene of the 2000s. Bar25 was shuttered as part of the controversial Mediaspree project, a city initiative to develop property once part of the “death strip” between East and West Berlin. The group wrested the site back from developers and opened Fame last May, along with a nightclub next door called Kater Blau. The electric-kool-aid-carnival-shack aesthetic prevails, and the restaurant’s Spree-side terrace alone makes it worth a visit. The rotating features dishes like mascarpone polenta with raw marinated Beelitz asparagus, and Argentine beef fillet in red wine reduction. Dinner for two with drinks is around 100 euros. Afterward, have a go at Kater Blau or any of the other clubs that line the riverbanks of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.Fame餐厅位于一间架空在施普雷河(Spree)之上,翻修自铁路仓库的建筑,是电子音乐俱乐部Bar25的经营团队最新开拓的又一项产业,目标瞄准了晚上8点以后的下班时间。Bar25在备受争议的施普雷媒体工程(Mediaspree)中关门大吉,该工程倡议在东西柏林之间原有的这块“死亡带”上兴建物业。这团队从开发商手中争回了这块土地,于去年5月开了这家餐厅Fame,同时还在隔壁开了一间夜总会Kater Blau。这间配备了各种酷炫电子设备的狂欢小屋所呈现的美学大受顾客欢迎,光是架空在施普雷河畔之上的露台就让这间餐厅值得一游。定期轮换的菜单提供的菜肴有马斯卡普尼干酪玉米粥配生卤贝利兹芦笋,还有阿根廷牛柳配红酒。两人份晚餐加酒水约为100欧元。其后,可以去Kater Blau或弗里德里希斯海因和克罗伊茨贝格的河畔上的任何一家俱乐部。9. Honor your Elders | 10 a.m.9. 向画廊中的长者致敬:上午10:00They may lack the grandeur of old masters collections in other cities, but the medieval and Renaissance European paintings at the must be some of the world’s most alluring. Organized geographically and chronologically, the collection includes works by Caravaggio, Rubens and Raphael, but it’s the eastern half of the museum holding the 13th- to 17th-century German, Dutch and Flemish works that will take your breath away. Inscrutable beauties gaze out from religious works by Lucas Cranach the Elder. The sideways glance of a Hanseatic merchant seems to one-up his detractors across five centuries in a portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger, and Petrus Christus’s eerie Netherlandish maidens and demons evoke Bach, heavy metal and Alexander McQueen. Admission, 10 euros.这里或许缺少其他城市有的那种壮观华丽的老一辈大师作品,但是柏林画廊(Gem氀搀攀最愀氀攀爀椀攀)里的中世纪油画和文艺复兴时期的欧洲油画,一定是世界上最有魅力的收藏之一。这些藏品按创作地点和时间顺序排列,其中不乏卡拉瓦乔(Caravaggio)、鲁本斯(Rubens)和拉斐尔(Raphael)的佳作,然而它还只是这座物馆的东半翼而已,整座物馆里收藏着13世纪至17世纪的德国、荷兰和佛兰芒的作品,足以教你叹为观止。老卢卡斯·克拉纳赫(Lucas Cranach the Elder)的宗教画中,高深莫测的美女眺望着画外的地方。在路边对汉萨商人的匆匆一瞥,就让小汉斯·霍尔拜因(Hans Holbein the Younger)画出了一幅肖像画,在整整五个世纪里都遥遥领先于他的批评者们。而彼得鲁斯·克里斯蒂(Petrus Christus)笔下怪异的荷兰少女与恶魔,则教人想起了巴赫(Bach)、重金属和亚历山大·麦昆(Alexander McQueen)。门票:10欧元。10. Bangkok in Berlin | Noon10. 柏林里的泰国公园:正午Every Sunday, in the sleepy western district of Wilmersdorf, a giant open-air Southeast Asian food market known as Thai Park unfurls across leafy Prussian Park. Thai women stir-fry over hot plates, pour milky, pumpkin-colored Ceylon tea over crushed ice, and huddle over great wooden bowls whipping up spicy papaya salad. Nothing costs more than 10 euros, but like many of Berlin’s best local hangouts, Thai Park is plagued by rumors of imminent shutdown, so visit while you can.每逢星期日,在懒洋洋的维尔默斯多夫(Wilmersdorf),规模巨大的东南亚露天食品市场“泰国公园”(Thai Park),会在枝繁叶茂的普鲁士公园(Prussian Park)内徐徐展开。泰国女人们在热铁板上煎煎炒炒,往碎冰块上浇上牛乳状的南瓜色锡兰茶,从堆放的大木碗里盛起辣木瓜沙拉。泰国公园里的任何消费都不超过10欧元,但就像柏林当地许多最好的游玩场所一样,这里也同样为各种即将关闭的传闻所扰,所以趁着还有机会赶快去吧。11. By Field and by Sky | 2 p.m.11. 田野旁,青空下:下午2:00In a city known for its unorthodox use of public space, two recent repurposings still surprise. Tempelhofer Feld, the grounds of the megalithic, bullet-pocked Nazi airport where American servicemen once airlifted goods to West Berlin during the Soviet blockade, is now a park. In summer, it transforms into a Teutonic sports-scape where locals engage in activities you didn’t know existed (inline-skate-hang-gliding, anyone?). Then, for a Narnia-like experience, take an elevator to the top of a parking garage in a shopping mall in Neuk. Follow the international cool kids, local families and graying ravers to Klunkerkranich, which sprawls across the roof like a slightly debauched summer camp, replete with bar, club, cafe, sandbox, arts space and a 360-degree view of Berlin.在一座以对公共空间的使用不循常规而著称的城市里,最近的两项改造工程依然令人意外。藤珀尔霍夫区(Tempelhofer Feld)是一座石头砌成、弹孔遍布的纳粹机场,美国军人曾经在苏联封锁期间,从这里将货物空运到西柏林,现在这里则成了一座公园。每逢夏日,这里便会化身为日耳曼人的运动乐园,供本地人开展各类你连听都没听过的活动。(单排轮悬挂式滑翔,有人听过吗?)然后,如果想要感受一下纳尼亚传奇般的体验,可以搭乘电梯登上新克尔恩(Neuk)一间购物中心的停车场顶层。跟着来自不同国家地区的新潮儿童、本地家庭和老年舞者们,走入Klunkerkranich,这所建筑横卧在天台上,就像一座略嫌骄奢的夏令营,里面建有酒吧、俱乐部、咖啡厅、沙坑、艺术空间,还可以观赏到柏林的360度风光。The newest addition to the Turkish luxury hotel chain, Titanic Deluxe Berlin (49-30-2014-3700; http://www.titanic.com.tr/titanicdeluxeberlin/default-en.html) opened this March in a newly renovated landmarked 19th-century building that once housed the costumes of the Berlin State Opera. Amenities include a 1,000-sqare-meter spa with a hamam and a restaurant run by popular local Turkish restaurant Hasir. Doubles in September start at 190 euros.土耳其豪华连锁酒店的最新成员Titanic Deluxe Berlin (49-30-2014-3700;http://www.titanic.com.tr/titanicdeluxeberlin/default-en.html)于今年3月份开业,坐落在刚刚经过装修的一栋19世纪的地标性建筑,曾经用来保存柏林国家歌剧院的装。酒店设施包括一座1000平米的水疗中心,内有一间公共澡堂,还有一间餐厅,由当地倍受欢迎的土耳其餐厅Hasir经营。9月份的双人间价格为190欧元起。Almodovar Hotel, a 60-room eco boutique property that opened three years ago in the Friedrichshain district, combines smart, pared-down design with a focus on environmental sustainability that stretches from the textiles to the lighting to the organic, vegetarian breakfast sp. Double rooms in September start around 100 euros.阿莫多瓦酒店(Almodovar Hotel)是一间共有60间客房的生态精品酒店,已在弗里德里希斯海因区开业三年,采用智能精简设计的同时,也将焦点放在环境的可持续性上,从纺织品到照明再到有机素食早餐。9月份的双人间价格为100欧元起。 /201510/402720A tiny saltshaker symbol that warns certain meals are high in sodium will start to appear on Tuesday on s in chain restaurants in New York City, the first US city to take the step in an effort to combat heart disease and stroke.12月1日起,纽约市所有连锁餐厅的菜单上,高钠食物都要附上一个小盐瓶的标志。纽约是全美第一个实行这项规定的城市,目的在于与心脏病和中风作斗争。Any item containing more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium, the daily limit many nutritionists recommend and which equals about one teaspoon of salt, must display the emblem of a salt shaker in a black triangle.菜单上钠含量超过2300毫克的食物必须加上一个带有盐瓶的黑色三角形警告标志。营养学家认为,人均每日纳摄取量应控制在2300毫克,差不多相当于一勺盐。The measure unanimously approved by the New York City Board of Health in September applies only to restaurants with at least 15 establishments across the US, and concession stands at some movie theaters and sports stadiums.今年9月,纽约市卫生局全体一致通过此项规定。在全美各地拥有15家以上分店的餐厅以及一些影院和体育场馆的小餐厅都将适用该规定。;It#39;s not hard to get 2.3 grams of sodium into your face,; said Dr Howard Weintraub, co-director of NYU Langone Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease.纽约大学心血管疾病预防中心主任霍华德·温特劳布士说:“人们在不知不觉中就摄入了超过2.3克的纳元素。”An eye-opener食物含盐量惊呆食客The new labels may be an eye-opener for customers who flock to chains such as Chipotle and Subway, which are perceived to be more healthy. Until Tuesday, they may have been blissfully unaware of the sodium content of a Chipotle loaded chicken burrito (2,790 mg), Subway#39;s foot-long (30.5 cm) spicy Italian sub (2,980 mg), TGI Friday#39;s classic Buffalo wings (3,030 mg) or Applebee#39;s grilled shrimp and spinach salad (2,990 mg).在美国人眼中,“小辣椒”和“赛百味”连锁餐厅相对于其它餐厅来说似乎更为健康。对于常去这些餐厅的人来说,新的菜单警告标志令人震惊。12月1日之前,他们还沉浸在美食的喜悦中,并没有意识到:一份墨西哥双层鸡肉卷的钠含量达2790毫克;赛百味1英尺(30.5厘米)长的意大利香辣三明治钠含量为2980毫克;“星期五餐厅”的经典烤鸡翅钠含量为3030毫克;“阿普尔比”连锁餐厅的烤虾菠菜沙拉钠含量为2990毫克。Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in New York City, claiming nearly 17,000 lives in 2013, the Health Department said. It noted a ;well-established connection; between sodium intake and high blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart attack and stroke.纽约市卫生部门表示,心血管疾病是导致纽约人死亡的最主要原因,2013年夺走了近1.7万人的生命。卫生部还指出,纳摄取量和高血压之间“确定有联系”,高血压是造成心脏病和中风的主要危险因素。A 2010 study found New Yorkers consume more than 3,200 mg of sodium each day on average, with higher intake among blacks and Hispanics, the health department said.卫生部门表示,2010年的一项研究发现,纽约人日均纳摄取量超过3200毫克。其中,黑人和西班牙裔纳摄取量更高。Getting New Yorkers to start watching their sodium intake is a first step that health advocates hope will prompt other behavioral changes.健康倡导者认为,让纽约人自觉控制自己的纳摄取量还只是开始,他们希望以此促使人们出现其它的行为变化。;Things are not going to work out great if all you do is just not eat salt,; Weintraub said. ;But maybe, just maybe, they#39;ll start to watch how much they eat, maybe they will get off the subway a stop earlier and walk, instead of taking the elevator, they will walk two flights, there will be some weight loss.;温特劳布说:“如果只是不吃盐的话,根本起不了什么作用。但是也许,仅仅是也许,他们会开始关注自身对食盐的摄取量;也许会在地铁前一站下车,步行至目的地;也许会放弃搭乘电梯,自己爬两层楼,减轻一点体重。”The sodium warning label pressed by Mayor Bill de Blasio echoed a series of efforts by his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, including banning smoking in public places and requiring fast food joints to post calorie counts.纽约现任市长为比尔·白思豪,他颁布高纳食物警告标志的规定与上一任纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格的部分举措有相似之处。布隆伯格曾下令禁止在公共场合吸烟,并要求快餐店标明食物的卡路里含量。 /201512/413961湖州比基尼冰点脱毛价格

湖州绣眉哪里好If you only got six hours#39; shut eye last night, there is no need to lose sleep over it.如果昨天晚上你睡够了六个小时,那么你真的没有必要再继续睡下去了。Scientists say that despite the widely held belief that we need eight hours of sleep a night, six to seven hours is the natural amount.尽管大多科学家都坚信一天需要睡八个小时,但是六个小时就已经是自然睡眠的足够时间了。Advising short-sleepers to rest easy, the US researchers said: #39;This has important implications for the idea that we need to take sleeping pills because sleep has been reduced from its natural level by the widesp use of electricity, TV, the internet and so on.#39;快速入睡者往往能得到更好的休息。美国的研究者称:这个结论暗示很多人都需要用安眠药,因为大量的使用像电视,网络这样的电器,会让人们的睡眠质量降到自然水平之下。The lead author of a study Ghandi said: #39;There#39;s this expectation that we should all be sleeping for eight or nine hours a night, and if you took away modern technology, people would be sleeping more.一项调查研究的第一作者甘地称:“人们期望每晚应有八至九小时的睡眠时间,且要是撇除现代科技,他们应睡更长时间。#39;But now, for the first time, we are showing that#39;s not true.#39;“然而如今我们是第一次展示这一观念不正确。”Most of those studied slept for less than seven hours a night, with the average amount just six hours and 25 minutes. This is much less than the eight hours often recommended in western societies.大多数被试者一晚的睡眠时间少于七小时,而平均睡眠时间只有六小时二十五分。这比西方社会经常倡导的八小时睡眠少多了。Despite this, the peoples studied were in good health, with lower rates of obesity, better blood pressure and healthier hearts than people in industrialised societies. They were also fitter.除此之外,这些被试身体状态良好。较之身处工业化社会的被试者,这些被试则享有更低的肥胖率、更优的血压状况以及更为健康的心脏。非工业化社会的被试者要更强壮。 /201510/404848湖州中医治疗狐臭能根治吗 南浔区激光祛胎记多少钱

湖州市菱湖人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱Du Fu (712~770), whose courtesy name was Zimei, was born at Gong County, Henan. His ancestral home town was located in Xiangyang (now Xiangyang, Hubei Province).杜甫(712~770),字子美,自称少陵野老,世称杜工部。原籍襄阳(今湖北襄阳),生于河南巩县。Revered as the ;Poet Historian;, he composed poems which extensively and profoundly reflected the social conflicts and historical events of his time. 杜甫的诗,广泛深刻地反映了现实社会的矛盾和历史内容,被称为“诗史”。His awareness of the devastation of the country and the suffering of the common people is the theme of most of his poems, which reached an unprecedented height in portraying real life and political issues.忧国忧民的思想贯穿着他的诗歌创作,现实性和政治性都达到了空前的高度。The realistic motif of Du Fu#39;s poems is presented by the following aspects: the timely depiction of historical events and major social conflicts and reproach to the ruling class for the calamity they brought to the country and the people; sympathy toward the suffering of the common people; deep concern about the fate of his country which was in constant unrest.杜诗现实主义主题表现在以下几个方面:及时反映重大政治事件和尖锐的社会矛盾,对统治阶级祸国殃民的罪行痛加诛伐;以深刻的同情描写民生疾苦,体现“民胞物与”的仁爱胸怀;热爱祖国,为国家的盛衰而感奋忧虑。Du Fu was an expert in epitomizing the typical elements of real life and infusing personal emotions and criticism into the portrayal of realities. His poems are notable for their range and depth, but they do not lack delicateness due to the poet#39;s careful observations.杜甫善于提取生活中的典型素材,对现实生活作高度的艺术概括,善于将主观感情和评价融化在对现实生活的客观描写中。Du Fu was also good at mingling emotions with settings in his poems.杜诗思想内容大精深,但在具体描写上,却以体物察情的细致入微见长。其律诗善于描写情景,以情景交融见长。;Gloom and density; is the most prominent feature of Du Fu#39;s poetry.艺术风格多种多样,“沉郁顿挫”是其最突出的特点。This style is attributed to the hard time Du Fu was in, his drifting experiences, his melancholy personality and his worship of the grandeur and the grim.这种风格的形成,是多难的时代、困苦潦倒的阅历、忧愤抑郁的思想性格以及崇尚壮美和苍劲凝练的审美情趣等因素在杜诗中的统一。Du Fu inherited the spirit of ;spontaneity over reality; tradition dating back from the folk lyrics of the Han Dynasty and pushed the realistic strain of ancient Chinese poetry to a new height.杜甫继承了汉乐府民歌“缘事而发”的精神,把现实主义传统推上一个新的高峰。Du Fu#39;s style is complementary to that of Li Bai#39;s and they are often made comparable in significance in the history of Chinese poetry.这种风格与李白的飘逸豪放迥然不同,后人把他与李白并称为“李杜”。Also revered as the ;Poet Sage;, Du Fu left some 1,400 poems, which have been collected in The Anthology of Du Gongbu.杜甫享有“诗圣”之美称,著有《杜工部集》,收集了诗歌1400余首。 /201601/420557 The World Economic Forum (WEF) believes it will take another 118 years - or until 2133 - until the global pay gap between men and women is finally closed.世界经济论坛认为,再过118年,也就是到2133年时,全球男性和女性之间的薪酬差距才能持平。The WEF#39;s Global Gender Gap report assesses 145 countries across the four pillars of health, education, economic opportunity and political empowerment.世界经济论坛的《全球性别差距报告》从健康、教育、经济机会和政治参与四个方面进行调查,对145个国家做了评估。It found that, respectively, women have 96 per cent, 95 per cent, 59 per cent and 23 per cent of the opportunities and access that are available to men in those four categories.调查发现,女性在这四个方面所获得的机会分别是男性的96%、95%、59%和23%。Surprisingly, the wage gap between male and female did not narrow after the financial crisis in 2008. Women are now earning the amount that men did in 2006, data from the report says.出人意料的是,2008年金融危机之后,男性和女性之间的工资差距并未缩小。报告中数据显示,女性现在的收入相当于男性2006年的收入水平。According to the report, in 2015, the global average annual salary of a full-time female staff member is USD 11,100 while that of a male is USD 20,600, 50 per cent more than that of a female employee. A full-time male employee#39;s average annual salary was USD 11,400 in 2006, fair to that of current full-time female employee.报告显示,全球全职女性职工的平均年薪为11,100美元,而全职男性职工的平均年薪为20,600美元,比女职工多50%。2006年时,全职男性职工的平均年薪为11,400美元,与全职女职工现在的平均年薪持平。The report says the gap between the economic opportunities available to men and women narrowed by 3 percent in the last decade, according to the annual Global Gender Gap Report. At that rate of improvement, women will not achieve financial parity with men for another 118 years.《全球性别差距报告》称,过去10年里,男女在经济机会方面的差距仅缩小了3%,按照此提升速度,实现男女收入平等还要再等118年。In the WEF#39;s annual rankings North European countries still top the index, with Iceland ranking first for the seventh year, followed by Norway and Finland. Rwanda, the Philippines and New Zealand are the only non-European countries in the top 10.在世界经济论坛的年度排名中,北欧国家仍高居榜首,冰岛连续七年排名第一,挪威和芬兰紧随其后。卢旺达、菲律宾和新西兰是仅有的跻身前10名的非欧洲国家。Gender gap in Sri Lanka in Asia, Mali in Africa, Croatia and the Slovak Republic in Europe, Jordan and Iran in the Middle East is in a widening process.在亚洲的斯里兰卡、非洲的马里、欧洲的克罗地亚和斯洛伐克共和国、中东的约旦和伊朗,性别差距还在不断扩大。;The current inequalities risk being exacerbated in the future,; warned Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF.世界经济论坛的创始人和执行主席克劳斯·施瓦布警示说,“当前的不平等在未来还会有加重的风险。”;Increased levels of automation ushered in by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are likely to affect not only the economy but also humanity,; Schwab said, explaining that technological disruption to business models and labour markets could kill jobs traditionally held by women.“第四次工业革命提高了自动化程度,这不仅会对经济产生影响,也会对人类产生影响,” 克劳斯·施瓦布解释说,技术对于商业模式和劳动力市场的影响,可能会使一些传统上由女性来做的工作消失。 /201511/411829湖州做隆鼻多少钱湖州曙光整形医院去眼袋多少钱



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