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总是勉强在最后一分钟赶到公司?赴约时就算提前打出几小时的富余,最后还是会迟到?有人说这是拖延症的表现,可专家说,这种情况叫chronic lateness(惯常迟到)。Do any of the following sound familiar?下面这些描述,你觉得耳熟吗?You#39;re always rushing at the last minute, even though you#39;ve promised yourself countless times that you wouldn#39;t let this happen again.你总是在最后一分钟时冲向目的地,虽然之前你已经无数次告诉自己不会让这一幕再次发生。You#39;ve tried setting your watch several minutes ahead, but you#39;re still late.你已经把手表调快了几分钟,可你还是迟到了。You may be punctual for work (barely) but you#39;re usually at least 20 minutes late for meetings, appointments, class, church, theater or other non-work situations.可能上班的时候,你勉强能做到准时;但在会议、预约、上课、教堂、剧院及其他非工作场合,你通常都会迟到至少20分钟。You make excuses, such as: ;There was traffic,; or ;Something came up,; or ;I was going to call you but I didn#39;t want to be even more late.;你会找借口,比如“堵车了”,或者“临时有事”,又或者“我本来想给你打电话的,可我觉得太晚了。”People become impatient or angry at your tardiness.人们因为你的迟到而不耐烦或者生气。You believe that you are more motivated when in a time crunch, or that you move faster under pressure.你认为时间紧张的时候你更有动力,或者压力会让你动作更快。If you can identify with 2 or more of the above, you have a problem with punctuality, normally known as chronic lateness. Chronic lateness is related to procrastination. Latecomers and procrastinators have trouble NOT with time, but with self-discipline. They may also have underlying anxiety about the task they#39;re faced with.如果以上描述中,你有两项以上为肯定回答,那么你在遵守时间方面可能有问题,这种问题就是“惯常迟到(chronic lateness)”。“惯常迟到”跟拖延症相关。经常迟到的人和患有拖延症的人不是在应对时间方面有问题,而是不够自律。另外,也有可能是他们对面前的任务有焦虑情绪。If you have problems with being punctual, especially for things that are a bit threatening, such as doctor#39;s appointments, new social situations, or meeting with people you don#39;t like, then your lateness is anxiety-based. Putting off the inevitable is how your mind tries to cope with anxiety.如果你总是迟到,在诸如医生约见、新的社交场合或者与你不喜欢的人碰面等一些你害怕面对的事情上尤其明显的话,这种迟到多是焦虑引起的。就算不可避免,也要尽量延后,这就是大脑应对焦虑情绪时的做法。But if you are habitually late for routine business and for events that don#39;t cause you much discomfort, then the problem is mainly with self-discipline and your “inner brat,” the part of you that balks at exerting itself, and at being told what to do.但是,如果你已经习惯在任何常规工作和活动场合迟到,那就是自律问题了,还有你心里那个“顽劣的自己”,那个阻止你努力上进、不让你听从引导的自己。 /201206/186542Way before the sun peeks over the horizon, a few chosen people awaken from their slumber and dive head first into their day. These chosen few accomplish a ton before the rest of us would ever consider rising from our nice warm beds.每天早晨,太阳还没在地平线上露头,少数人已经从睡梦中醒来,投入到了一天的工作中。当我们还在纠结要不要从温暖的床上爬起来,他们已经完成了许多工作。Who are these juggernauts that have command over the morning hours?这些早起的鸟儿是何方神圣?In theory, your productivity level shouldn#39;t differ if you rise at 4am or 11am. What matters is the quality of sleep that#39;s giving your mind and body sufficient time to recover.理论上来说,早晨4点起床和中午11点起床,你的工作效率并没什么不同。关键是你是能否有高质量的睡眠,让你的头脑和身体有足够的时间恢复状态。These early rising juggernauts, these unstoppable agents of productivity, they see things differently. They see these early hours as their chance to lay claim to their share of the day. They rise with purpose, act with determination, and achieve ruthlessly.这些早起的鸟儿,这些一往无前追求工作效率的人,他们却不这么看。他们把早起几小时当做掌控一天时间的宣誓。他们目标明确,决心坚定,不达目的决不罢休。The world is in awe of these special people, so let#39;s take a look at what pops them out of bed like a toaster strudel and what gets them up, sometimes before the alarm!世界对这些早起的人们充满了敬畏之情。早晨起床时,他们像多士炉里的面包一样,从床上一跃而起,有时候都不需要闹钟催促;;他们是如何做到的呢? /201112/164008

  小编摘要:当下,流行文化中最赚钱的话题是僵尸、吸血鬼和世界末日;;这也合情合理。本文在向玛雅预言致敬的同时,也为你揭示2012世界末日来临的9个另类征兆。.5 billion ain#39;t what it used to beBack in June, it looked like Bank of America had a rare win on its hands: a proposed settlement with trustee Bank of New York to the tune of .5 billion, meant to restore the damage done by faulty mortgage-backed securities financed by BofA#39;s Countrywide division. Come October, the settlement fell apart because investors (among many other vocal groups, too) didn#39;t feel the figure was high enough. .5 billion, not enough money? Yikes. That#39;s a scary indicator for banking in general, but also for BofA considering it is more than the institution made in the last four years combined. The collapsed deal is another low-point in a rough year for the bank and CEO Brian Moynihan. At least he axed those debit card fees.85亿美元都不够花了2011年6月,美国(Bank of America)眼看就要取得一场罕见的胜利:它计划以大约85亿美元的资金,与受托人美国纽约(Bank of New York)达成和解,旨在挽回由美国子公司Countrywide提供资金的不良抵押券所造成的损失。然而到10月份,因为投资人(以及其他众多意见团体)认为85亿美元不足以解决问题,导致和解最终破裂。难道85亿美元还不够多吗?没错!总的看来,85亿美元对业来说是一个惊人的数字,而考虑到85亿美元超过了美国过去四年盈利的总和,这一数字着实令人吃惊。美国和CEO布赖恩;莫伊尼汉2011年流年不利,而这次和解破裂则意味着又一低谷,但至少布赖恩还是做出了取消5美元借记卡费用的决定。 /201201/167826

  Often, there is really only one thing standing between your sensitive information and criminals ; your password. If they get it, they can get into banks accounts and private files, and wreak havoc.For this reason, it#39;s important to know what makes a password strong and secure.通常,个人敏感信息和犯罪分子之间仅有一墙之隔;;密码。如果密码泄漏,他们就能肆无忌惮地入侵你的账户和私人文件。因此,密码的设置就有讲究了。This is Secure Passwords Explained by Common Craft. Chances are, you use passwords everyday. To open your computer, to log into your favorite websites, to get work done. The easy route is to have a simple password that works everywhere. Unfortunately, this can be a problem.本期介绍如何设置安全密码。密码天天都用。开电脑要密码、登录网站要密码、处理工作还要密码。你可以图方便,设置统一的密码。但这么干,准会出事。Criminals are very good at guessing passwords. Some have computer programs that can make millions of guesses until something works. And if they aly know information about you, it#39;s even easier. Your job is to create a password that is very hard to guess. Here#39;s how:犯罪分子的特长就是破解密码。有些甚至利用电脑程序来破解密码。如果知道你的个人信息,密码破解起来就更简单了。所以你需要设置一个难破解的密码:Your first thought may be to use a pet#39;s name, a birthdate, an address or parts of a phone number. These things are too easy for criminals to discover, so don#39;t use them.通常宠物的名字、生日、地址或电话号码都是密码的首选。但这类信息太容易泄漏,所以这种密码想都不要想。Your password should not include info about you. Thankfully, there are ways to have memorable, but hard-to-guess passwords. Consider this: In addition to single words, phrases can also be easy to remember. Maybe it#39;s a favorite song lyric, or e.密码不应包含个人信息,有些办法可以让密码又好记,又不易破解,短语是个不错的选择。可以选喜欢的歌词或者名言。An example is ;Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill; That#39;s easy to remember, right? Well, your password is there ; it#39;s the first letter of each word. In this example, this would be your password. That#39;s not something that is easily guessed.比如 Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill. 好记吧?把每个单词的首字母组合起来得到一个词,用这个词当密码,就不容易被破解了。Here#39;s why. First ; it#39;s not in the dictionary. This makes guessing it harder. There are about 60,000 words in English. A computer can test out those words pretty quickly, so don#39;t use them.首先,词典里没这词,破解的难度就增加了。英语单词大概6万个,计算机可以将它们很快试个遍,千万别用这种密码。But there#39;s more. This password could still be stronger by adding upper case letters, numbers or special characters. So this is a very strong password ; but there#39;s still a risk.但还不保险。可以在密码里加入大写字母、数字或特殊字符。这密码就碉堡了,但还是存在风险。If you write it down, be careful where you keep it. And be aware that someone can look over your shoulder or find it in your trash.如果把密码写在纸上,千万要小心。保不齐别人偷窥或从垃圾桶里翻出来。Giving it to loved-ones is also risky ; they may not be as cautious as you are. Only you should know your password.把密码告诉亲友也有风险,没准他们比你还马虎。自己保存密码才靠谱。Criminals may also try to fool you into handing it over via phone calls. Never tell anyone your password over the phone. And be careful when you get an email that asks for a password ; it could be a scam.罪犯分子可能会打电话骗你说出密码。千万不要在电话里面告诉别人。收到要求输入密码的电子邮件时一定要小心,可能是陷阱。To help avoid problems, don#39;t use the same password everywhere ; that#39;s like having one key that unlocks everything you own. The stakes are high if you lose it.也不要在所有地方使用相同密码,就像不要给锁配万能钥匙一样。否则密码丢了就惨了。Also, be careful if you use a computer that is not yours. Let#39;s say you check email using a computer in a store, library or computer lab. You login, check email and walk away.此外 在用别人的计算机时要特别小心,比如用商店、图书馆或网吧的电脑收邮件。登录了账号,查完邮件没退出就走了。The next person to use that computer now has access to your email account and all the information in it. Always remember to log out of each site you visit on a computer that isn#39;t yours.下一个用电脑的人就能进入你的账户,所以一定要记得 用完要退出账户。Passwords are an essential part of life online. And if we#39;re not careful about keeping them secret, they can cause big problems. By understanding the risks and making passwords stronger, we can feel a little more secure.网络离不开密码。密码保存不注意,很可能吃大亏。提高防范意识,设置强大的密码能省心不少。 /201201/168036。


  An elderly man lay dying in his bed. In death#39;s agony, he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favorite chocolate chip cookies wafting up the stairs. He gathered his remaining strength, and lifted himself from the bed. Leaning against the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom, and with even greater effort forced himself down the stairs, gripping the railing with both hands. With labored breath, he leaned against the door frame, gazing into the kitchen.  一位濒临死亡的老人正躺在他的床上,承受着死亡的煎熬。突然一股香味顺着楼下飘了上来,那正是他最喜欢的巧克力小薄饼的味道。他用尽吃奶的力气挣扎着从床上爬了起来,倚着墙,慢慢地走出了卧室,并且用最后的力量用双手抓住扶手走下了楼梯。老人靠在门框上,嘴里喘着气,眼睛凝神着厨房。Were it not for death#39;s agony, he would have thought himself aly in heaven: there, sp out upon newspapers on the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favorite chocolate chip cookies. Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of heroic love from his devoted wife, seeing to it that he left this world a happy man?  如果不是因为承受着临死的痛苦,老人会认为自己到了天堂。那里,在厨房铺着报纸的桌子上,确切地说有数百个他最喜欢吃的巧克力小薄饼。真在天堂吗?还是他那离婚妻子的最后一次英雄般的爱心显示,以便让他开心地离开这个世界?Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself toward the table, landing on his knees in a rumpled posture. His parched lips parted; the wondrous taste of the cookie was aly in his mouth; seemingly bringing him back to life. The aged and withered hand, shockingly made its way to a cookie at the edge of the table, when it was suddenly smacked with a spatula by his wife.  集中最后的力量,老人跪着双膝挣扎着移向桌子。他口干舌燥,嘴巴张开。他感受到了美妙的甜饼味道,仿佛要将他带回人世。他的一只年迈干瘪的手颤颤悠悠地伸向桌子边缘的一只小甜饼。突然,他妻子扔过一把铲子,砸在他的手上。Stay out of those, she said, they#39;re for the funeral.“离远点”,他妻子说。“这是为你的葬礼准备的。” /201206/185843





  The human body, like every other living thing on this planet, was designed to survive. However, how much can our bodies take before survival becomes impossible? 人类的身体就像在这个星球上的其他生物一样,是为了生存而存在。然而,我们的身体在什么程度下就不可能在生存? We sometimes hear news of people who have survived extreme conditions. This news is often a learning tool for medical science of how much our body can handle. This is the current list on the extremes of human endurance in certain circumstances. 我们有时会听到有人在极端条件下幸存。这些消息通常是医疗科学人员对我们身体的承受力研究的参考依据。以下是目前已知人类在某些特殊情况下的忍受力。1.Body Heat 体温: Heatstroke can't be reversed and will prove fatal when our core body temperature reaches 107.6°F (42°C). 当我们的核心体温达到107.6°F(42°C)时,体温不会下降而且中暑将会越发严重。 /201111/160223

  1.Having A Job Where You Sit All DayA study last month found that sitting for long periods of time can actually expand your ass. ;Fat cells seemed to thrive on the inactivity, infiltrating the muscle, and creating thick #39;stripes#39; of fat,; the Daily Mail reported. The safest course is to quit your office job and become employed as an aerobics instructor. 1、成天端坐身材走样上个月,一份新研究出炉,实了长期坐在位子上会使屁股变大。《每日邮报》的报道称,;肥胖细胞在不常运动的人身上尤其活跃,赘肉挤掉肌肉,造成浑身横肉的囧样。;最好的变身办法可能就是辞去坐办公室的工作,去应聘当个健身教练了。 2.NegotiatingWomen who negotiate aggressively for higher salaries are socially penalized more than men who do the same, according to research by the author of the important book ;Women Don#39;t Ask。; ;People are less likely to like them,; Linda Babcock told NPR. ;if they negotiate in a job interview, they are less likely to hire them. There are real social sanctions that occur when women initiate negotiations.; 2、女人谈判人人厌如果女人气势冲冲地跑去谈判要求加薪,那么大家就会对她另眼相看。反之,如果男人这么做的话,社会反倒比较宽容。畅销书《女人不问》的作者琳达-巴布科克告诉美国公共广播电台(NPR)说,;人们不喜欢谈判的女人。如果在求职面试中,女人和面试官谈判的话,那么她们大概就不会被录用了。如果女人谈判的话,的确很难得到社会的认可。; 3.Getting A RaiseIn most major cities, young single women now out-earn men by about 8%. No wonder they#39;re single! Ladies, men are too insecure to handle it if you earn more than them. If you want to catch a guy, keep that salary low, low, low. 3、加薪工资赚得多在大多数主要的大城市中,现在,年轻的单身女性的薪水要比男性高出8%。这就难怪她们嫁不出去了。女人比男人赚得多,男人就会很没有安全感。如果你真想找个人嫁了,那就赚得少一点,再少一点吧。 4.Wearing PantsDress pants may look appropriate at that conference or department meeting, but they#39;re not very sexy. A study last year found that skirts give a better first impression than pants, and we all know skirts are much sexier. This year, burn your work pants to land a man! 4、偏爱裤装在公司大会或部门会议上,身穿裤装也许会看起来很得体很合适,但是穿裤装却与性感不搭边。去年的一项调查发现,穿裙子比穿裤子能给人留下更好的第一印象。原因嘛,就是因为穿裙子更性感一点。今年,找男人就从终结你的裤子开始! 5.Being Confident In Your WorkHey, good for you, you#39;re doing a great job at work! Just make sure you don#39;t display any signs of being proud of yourself. A researcher who asked men to rate the sexual attractiveness of hundreds of photos of women last year found that women displaying pride and confidence were the least attractive. To snare a man instead of scaring him off, you should always be either smiling or displaying shame by lowering your eyes and head. 5、自信满满神采飞扬如果你在工作中充满自信,那的确很好!但不要把这种骄傲自豪给表现出来。去年,研究者曾给接受调查的男性看几百张女士的照片,让他们按照吸引人的指数排列顺序。结果发现,在照片中表现得自信满满的女性吸引力最低。所以,要抓住男人,而不是震住他们,你就要低头浅笑,表现得腼腆害羞。 6.Cracking JokesMen are frightened of funny women, according to research published a few years ago. ;Men see being funny as a male thing,; researcher Rod Martin explained. Play it safe by never, ever making a joke. But don#39;t forget to smile (see above)! 6、幽默机智笑话多几年前有研究公布说,男人害怕有趣的女人。调查者罗德-马丁解释说,;男人认为有趣是男人的分内事。;所以,要想安全过关,那就永远不要讲笑话。也别忘了要微笑哦(前面说过的,要低眉浅笑)! /201203/175057

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