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湖州纹眼线湖州隆下巴手术的价格come into play发挥效应,产生影响Personal feelings should not come into play when one has to make business decisions个人感受不应影响商务决策All your faculties have come into play in your work. 在你的工作中, 你的全部才能都得到了发挥。in a row排成一列;连续They will have three exams in a row他们接连有3场考试I beat you 3 times in a row.我已经连胜你三局了 歌曲:cry me a river by justin timberlak /201007/110011湖州鼻唇沟填充多少钱 Subject:Those boys like to hit on me all the time. 迷你对话A: Someone greeted you just now, why didn’t you say hello to him?刚才有人跟你打招呼,你怎么不和他们打招呼了。B: Those boys like to hit on me all the time. I hate them.那些男生老是来找我搭讪,我讨厌他们。 地道表达 hit on sb. 1. 解词释义此语的意思是“与......搭讪”。其英文解释为:to flirt with someone; to make a pass at someone。 2. 拓展例句e.g. He looks so hot, all the girls hit on him at the summer camp.他看起来太炙手了,夏令营的女孩子都喜欢跟他打情骂俏。e.g. The women were all hitting on George, but he didnt complain.女人们都是与乔治打情骂俏,但是他没有怨言。e.g. I thought he was going to hit on me—but he didnt.我认为他会跟我搭讪,但是他没有。 /201404/287402湖州妇保院隆鼻多少钱

湖州皮肤美白最快的方法一只猫跳进鸽群里的场景很容易让人想到《猫和老鼠》里Tom会制造的种种混乱。不管是不是打算弄一只解馋,有这么多会动的温顺玩具在身边,小猫想不兴奋都难。不过,小猫是高兴了,鸽子们可就该扑棱棱乱飞做一团了。英语当中就有一个形容这样场景的短语Put the cat among the pigeons。故意将一只猫放进鸽群,目的就是要;挑起纠纷;引起麻烦;了。我们来看看下面这个对话:A:The rich old lady told her sons and daughters that she would leave everything to her gardener and nothing to them. 这个有钱的老太太告诉她的儿女们,她将会把全部遗产留给园丁,而她的儿女们将一无所得。B:She is really putting the cat among the pigeons. 这真是在制造混乱。A:Yeah. Her sons and daughters donrsquo;t leave her house and they believe the gardener played some tricks on their mother. 是啊。他的孩子们都不肯离开她的房子。并且他们认为那个园丁一定是使了什么鬼计策。再来看看另外一次混乱。A:Arthur and his wife are in a big quarrel. Arthur和他妻子大打了一架。B:What happened? 发生什么事儿了?A:Julia told Arthurrsquo;s wife where he was on Monday night. Julia把Arthur星期一晚上去哪里告诉了他的妻子。B:That really put the cat among the pigeons. 那像把猫放进鸽棚一样,一定会引起大麻烦。这则习惯用法非常形象,也比较容易记,希望大家能在适当的时候正确运用,让自己的英语听起来更地道,生动。好了,我们下期再见吧。 /201202/169663湖州九八医院激光去痘手术多少钱 5.译作某些介词短语。Its time for lunch.该吃午饭了。Please sit down at table.请坐下吃饭吧。6.某些引申意义的“吃”,可根据具体意义用适当的词或词组表示。Youd better not ask for trouble.你最好不要自讨苦吃。Hes always the first to bear hardships.他总是吃苦在前。The enemy troops suffered one defeat after another.敌军连吃败仗。This is a hard way to earn a living.这碗饭不容易吃。A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him.好汉不吃眼前亏。Such a style is unpopular anywhere.这种作风到哪儿都吃不开。It may be too much for you to walk such a long way.走这么长的路恐怕你吃不消。A fall into the pit,a gain in your wit.吃一堑,长一智。回顾:1.译作take或have。2.译作dine,feed,taste,touch,graze等词。3.译作like,love,prefer,enjoy,care for, be fond of等。4.译作feed on,live on等短语动词。5.译作某些介词短语。6.某些引申意义的“吃”,可根据具体意义用适当的词或词组表示。 /201302/225864湖州曙光整形美容医院丰唇好吗

湖州隆鼻Subject:You should have your mind of your own. 迷你对话A: Every one of my friends has given me suggestion on whether to change a job or not. But I feel it harder to decide. 我的每个朋友都给了我是否换工作的意见,但是我感觉太难决定了。B: Wake up, Shirley. You should have your mind of your own. 醒醒吧,Shirley,你应该有自己的主见。地道表达 have a mind of one’s own1. 解词释义Have a mind of one’s own的意思是“自有主张,有自己的看法”。2. 拓展例句e.g. You wont persuade Jeremy to do anything he doesnt want to because he has a mind of his own.你将无法说杰里米去干他不愿干的事,他有他自己的主见。e.g. She has to have long hair, good-looking, fit, and has a mind of her own.她要长发飘逸,长得漂亮秀气,身材均衡,还得有自己的想法。Ps 1:wake up是“睡觉醒来”的意思,引申为“清醒”之意。例如:They should wake up to realize the danger they are in.他们应该清醒地意识到自己处境的危险。Its time for you to wake up and attend to your business. 现在该是你清醒意识到自己奋发立业的时候了。Ps 2:give sb suggestion on:给某人什么建议Shall I give you a written suggestion on how to improve your school system?需要我给您一份关于提高学校体制的书面建议吗?Ps 3:feel it harder to decide中的it是形式宾语,真实宾语是“to decide”,harder是形式宾语“it”的补足语。 /201410/333953 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):A new survey finds a majority of Americans (54%) lean toward regulations as the best way to increase our use of renewable energy versus relying on economic markets alone.Cary Funk is the associate director of research at the Pew Research Center. She says a majority of Americans say that increasing the use of renewable energy sources should be a top priority for the country’s energy policies.“But there’s a closer divide on whether or not government regulations are necessary or whether the private marketplace can ensure that businesses and consumers increase more reliance on renewables even without regulations,” she says.Unsurprisingly, that divide is largely based on political affiliation.“So what we see is a strong partisan divide with 65% of Democrats saying that government regulations are needed in order to have people rely more on renewable energy resources and 55% of Republicans say otherwise: that the private marketplace can do this even without regulations,” says Funk.The question of whether it’s possible to cut back on environmental regulations and still protect air and water quality also drew a sharp divide among Americans. Funk says 49% think that it is possible, while 47% disagree and say regulations are necessary to maintaining environmental quality.Funk says that although there are closely partisan divides when it comes to the environment, there are some things that Americans tend to agree on.“We see much closer agreement on things like whether creating jobs within the energy sector should be a top priority. About half of Republicans and half of Democrats say that should be a top priority,” she says.201705/510888湖州市第一人民医院祛疤手术多少钱湖州人民医院胎记多少钱



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