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VANESSA AND HER SISTER. By Priya . (Ballantine, .) A novel of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell, constructed around an invented diary and letters.《凡妮莎与她的姊》(Vanessa And Her Sister),普莱娅·帕尔曼(Priya Parmar)著(Ballantine出版社,26美元)。这部小说讲述弗吉尼亚·伍尔芙(Virginia Woolf)与凡妮莎·贝尔(Vanessa Bell)的故事,建立在虚构的日记与信件基础上。THE VISITING PRIVILEGE: New and Collected Stories. By Joy Williams. (Knopf, .) These tales, spanning a period of nearly 50 years, are marked by queasy humor and a wry nihilism.《前来拜访的特权:新旧短篇小说集》(The Visiting Privilege: New and Collected Stories),乔伊·威廉姆斯(Joy Williams)著(Knopf出版社,30美元)。这些故事时间跨度将近50年,有着令人反胃的幽默感与扭曲的虚无主义。THE WHITES. By Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt. (Holt, .) Most ers will never come close to a New York homicide investigation, but they will instinctively know that Price’s insightful crime novel has this world down right.《白》(The Whites),理查德·普莱斯(Richard Price),以哈利·勃兰特(Harry Brandt)为笔名出版(Holt出版社,28美元)。大多数读者永远不可能接近一起纽约谋杀案调查,但他们可以从普莱斯充满洞察力的犯罪小说里一窥这个世界的究竟。NONFICTION非虚构AMERICA’S BITTER PILL: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System. By Steven Brill. (Random House, .) Brill’s fresh, curiosity makes him a superb guide to the maze of issues involved here.《美国的苦药:金钱、政治、后门交易,以及修复我们糟糕的医疗系统的斗争》(America’s Bitter Pill: Money, Politics, Backroom Deals, and the Fight to Fix Our Broken Healthcare System),史蒂文·布里尔(Steven Brill)著(Random House出版社,28美元)。布里尔清新的、局外人式的好奇心令他成为一个好导游,走进书名所涉及的题材所构成的迷宫。THE ARGONAUTS. By Maggie Nelson. (Graywolf, .) An exploration of the way our bodies define and limit us considers the author’s pregnancy and her partner’s own changes.《阿尔戈英雄》(The Argonauts),麦琪·尼尔逊(Maggie Nelson)(Graywolf出版社,23美元)。探索我们身体的构成,以及它如何限制我们,是在作者的怀经历与她伴侣自身的改变的基础之上写成。AUGUSTINE: Conversions to Confessions. By Robin Lane Fox. (Basic Books, .) This narrative of the first half of Augustine’s life conjures the intellectual and social milieu of the late Roman Empire with a Proustian relish for detail.《奥古斯汀:从皈依到忏悔》(Augustine: Conversions to Confessions),罗宾·莱恩·福克斯(Robin Lane Fox)著(Basic Books出版社,35美元)。这本书讲述了奥古斯汀的前半生,同时描绘了罗马帝国末期的智识与社会环境,有着普鲁斯特式的大量细节。BARBARIAN DAYS: A Surfing Life. By Finnegan. (Penguin Press, .95.) Generous yet unsparing portraits of competitive surf friendships are among the joys of Finnegan’s memoir.《野蛮的日子:冲浪生活》(Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life),威廉·芬尼根(William Fnnegan)著(Penguin出版社,27.95美元)。这本书毫不留情地详尽描写了冲浪界充满竞争的友谊关系,这是芬尼根回忆录带给读者的众多乐趣之一。BECOMING NICOLE: The Transformation of an American Family. By Amy Ellis Nutt. (Random House, .) A generous portrayal of a couple’s affirming response to their transgender child.《成为妮科尔:一个美国家庭的变形》(Becoming Nicole: The Transformation of an American Family),艾米·埃利斯·纳特(Amy Ellis Nutt)著(Random House出版社,27美元)。精地描写了一对伴侣如何坚定地持他们变性的孩子。BETWEEN THE WORLD AND ME. By Coates. (Spiegel amp; Grau, .) With brilliant insight, Coates warns his teenage son about the apparent permanence of racial injustice and the danger of believing one person can make a change.《在世界与我之间》(Between The World And ME),塔-奈西希·科特斯(Ta-Nehisi Coates)著(Spiegel amp; Grau出版社,24美元)。科特斯以绝佳的洞察力告诫自己十几岁的儿子,警惕明显的种族不公正现象,以及相信一个人可以改变的危险性。THE COMPLETE WORKS OF PRIMO LEVI. Edited by Ann Goldstein. (Liveright, three volumes, 0.) Twenty-eight years after Levi’s death, this collection of everything he published brings into focus the bth and coherence of his genius.《普里莫·莱维全集》(The Complete Works Of Primo Levi),安·戈德斯坦编辑(Liveright出版社,三卷本,100美元)。莱维去世38年后,这本他出版过的作品的全集让人们注意到他的才华有多么广泛,而且彼此关联。THE CRIME AND THE SILENCE: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Jedwabne. By Anna Bikont. Translated by Alissa Valles. (Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux, .) A beautifully written and devastating reconstruction of mass murder and its 《犯罪与沉默:直面战时犹太大屠杀――耶德瓦布内》(The Crime And The Silence: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Jedwabne),安娜·比科特(Anna Bikont)著,艾丽莎·瓦里斯(Alissa Valles)译(Farrar, Straus amp; Giroux出版社,30美元)。这本书可怕地重现了大屠杀时的情景,以及对它的否认,文笔优美。DAUGHTERS OF THE SAMURAI: A Journey From East to West and Back. By Janice P. Nimura. (Norton, .95.) In 1871, three clueless Japanese girls were sent to America, to learn how to educate their countrywomen in modern ways.《武士的女儿:从东到西,之后归来的旅行》(Daughters Of The Samurai: A Journey From East to West and Back),贾尼斯·P·尼姆拉(Janice P. Nimura)著,(Norton出版社,26.95美元)。1871年,三个毫无头绪的日本女孩被送到美国,学习如何以现代方式教育本国女性。DESTINY AND POWER: The American Odys of George Herbert Walker Bush. By Jon Meacham. (Random House, .) A judicious and balanced biography of the elder President Bush.《命运与权力:乔治·休伯特·沃尔克·布什的美国奥德赛之旅》(Destiny And Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush),琼恩·米查姆(Jon Meacham)著(Random House出版社,35美元)。关于老布什总统公正公平、不偏不倚的传记。 /201512/412972An Indonesian monkey that achieved Internet celebrity with a grinning selfie cannot own the photograph’s copyright, a federal judge said this week.本周(1月3日至9日),美国一位联邦法官称,因大笑自拍在网上走红的一只印尼猴子不拥有照片的版权。People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals had argued in ed States District Court in San Francisco that the rights to the photograph, which was snapped using a photographer’s unattended camera, rightfully belonged to the monkey, a crested macaque.善待动物组织(Ethical Treatment of Animals)在旧金山的美国地方法院为这只黑冠猕猴争取照片所有权。照片是这只猴子用摄影师故意放在那里的相机自拍的。In a tentative opinion on Wednesday, Judge William H. Orrick disagreed.周三(1月6日),威廉·H·奥里克法官(William H. Orrick)在一份初步意见书上对他们的主张表示反对。“While Congress and the president can extend the protection of law to animals as well as humans,” he wrote, “there is no indication that they did so in the copyright act.”他写道:“虽然国会和总统可以把法律保护的范围扩展到不同人群甚至动物身上,但是在版权方面他们没有这样做过。”The images were taken during a trip by the British photographer, David Slater, to the Tangkoko Reserve on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi in 2011. He put his camera on a tripod amid a troop of macaques, setting it so it would automatically focus and wind, and waited for the animals to get curious.那些照片是英国摄影师大卫·斯莱特(David Slater)2011年在印度尼西亚苏拉威岛的Tangkoko保护区(Tangkoko Reserve)拍摄的。他把相机放在三脚架上,设为自动对焦,置于一群猕猴中间,等待它们产生好奇心。The results included the charming mug of the monkey, identified by PETA as a 6-year-old male, Naruto, grinning broadly and bucktoothed into the lens.拍出的照片包括这只猴子迷人的笑脸。善待动物组织认出他是一只6岁大的公猴,绰号火影忍者(Naruto)。他对着镜头大笑,露出门牙。Mr. Slater published a book, “Wildlife Personalities,” that included the pictures, and the images were widely shared online, including without permission by Wikipedia. When Mr. Slater asked the crowd-sourced website to remove the image, it refused under much the same rationale as PETA: Mr. Slater didn’t press the shutter release, so the image was not his.斯莱特出了一本名为《野生动物的个性》(Wildlife Personalities)的书,收录了这些照片。这些照片在网上广为流传,维基百科(Wikipedia)也未经授权用了照片。斯莱特要求这家由众人编辑的网站撤掉这张照片,该网站以与善待动物组织相似的理由拒绝了他:照片不是斯莱特拍的,所以不归他所有。In September, PETA filed its lawsuit against Mr. Slater, his company, and Blurb, the company that published his book, asking the judge to allow it to represent Naruto and distribute the image’s proceeds for the benefit of the Indonesian reserve’s crested macaques, a critically endangered species.去年9月,善待动物组织起诉斯莱特以及他的公司及其出版商Blurb,要求法官允许该组织代表火影忍者将照片的收益用于保护印度尼西亚保护区的严重濒危物种黑冠猕猴。The photographer’s lawyers asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit on the grounds that a monkey lacks legal standing. Its motion, at times, struck a mocking tone.这位摄影师的律师们请求法官撤回起诉,理由是猴子没有法律地位。这份动议书不时带有揶揄口吻。“A monkey, an animal-rights organization and a primatologist walk into federal court to sue for infringement of the monkey’s claimed copyright. What seems like the setup for a punch line is really happening.”“一只猴子、一个动物权利保护组织和一位灵长类动物学家走进联邦法院,起诉这只猴子所谓的版权遭到侵犯。这听起来像是一则笑话的开头,没想到还真发生了。”Judge Orrick explained from the bench on Wednesday that he had no authority to extend such rights to animals.周三(1月6日),奥里克法官在法庭上解释说,他无权将这样的权利赋予动物。“This is an issue for Congress and the president,” he said, according to Ars Technica. “If they think animals should have the right of copyright, they’re free, I think, under the Constitution, to do that.”据Ars Technica网站称,奥里克法官说:“这是国会和总统的事。如果他们认为动物应该拥有版权,那么我觉得按照宪法,他们有权这样做。”Last July, another legal effort to reinterpret the rights of other primates failed to persuade a judge. The Nonhuman Rights Project argued in a State Supreme Court in Manhattan that two apes being held by a university for research were “legal persons,” highly intelligent and self-aware, and should be removed to a sanctuary. The judge took the case seriously, but ultimately decided that under the law, Hercules and Leo were property, not people.去年7月,另一次重新阐释其他灵长类动物权利的法律行动也没有赢得法官的持。非人类权利计划(Nonhuman Rights Project)在曼哈顿的州最高法院要求释放一所大学拘禁的两只用作研究的类人猿,称它们是“法人”,具有很高的智商和自我意识,应该被送往保护区。那位法官认真对待这一案件,但是最终判定,依照法律,赫尔克里士(Hercules)和利奥(Leo)是财产,不是人。Despite PETA’s setback this week, the group cast its unorthodox legal battle as a crucial step toward enlarging the rights of animals.尽管本周善待动物组织遇到了挫折,但是该组织认为自己的非正统法律诉讼是扩大动物权利的重要一步。“We will continue to fight for Naruto and his fellow macaques,” Jeff Kerr, an attorney for PETA, said in a statement, adding “As my legal mentor used to say, ‘In social-cause cases, historically, you lose, you lose, you lose, and then you win.’”善待动物组织的律师杰夫·克尔(Jeff Kerr)在声明中说:“我们将继续为火影忍者和他的同伴争取权利。”他还说,“就像我的法律导师过去常说的,‘从历史角度看,社会事业方面的案子,总是败诉、败诉、败诉,坚持到最后就是胜利。’” /201601/422693Mao Sui Recommending Himself毛遂自荐Historical Record Volume 76 Prince Ping Yuan Biographies:《史记》卷七十六《平原君虞卿列传》记载:Qin’s troops laid siege to Handan, the capital of the State of Zhao.春秋时,秦军在长平一线,大胜赵军。秦军主将白起,领兵乘胜追击,包围了赵国都城邯郸。Therefore, Prince Ping Yuan was to be sent on a mission to the State of Chu to form an alliance against Qin.大敌当前,赵国形势万分危急。平原君奉赵王之命,去楚国求兵解围。Among the guests fed by Ping Yuan was a man called Mao Sui who went up to his host and recommended himself as a member of the Prince’s suite.平原君把门客召集起来,想挑选20个文武全才一起去。他挑了又挑,选了又选,最后还缺一个人。这时,门客毛遂自我推荐,说:“我算一个吧!”The negotiations between the Prince and the King of Chu proceeded without substantial results.到了楚国,楚王只接见平原君一个人。两人坐在殿上,从早晨谈到中午,还没有结果。Seeing this, Mao Sui mounted bravely the platform where the negotiations were being held and stated the advantages and disadvantages.毛遂大步跨上台阶,把出兵援赵有利楚国的道理,作了非常精辟的分析。The King of Chu was at last convinced and decided to dispatch his troops for saving the State of Zhao.毛遂的一番话,说得楚王心悦诚,答应马上出兵。Now, this allusion is used to refer to those who volunteer to offer one’s services for a task or a job.成语“毛遂自荐”由此而来, 比喻不经别人介绍,自我推荐担任某一项工作。 /201509/395383

While Hong Kong film director Stephen Chow#39;s latest movie Mermaid has topped the box office with takings of 2.7 billion yuan (4 million) on Sunday, a Stephen Chow movie-themed restaurant opened recently has also became a hit among residents of Shanghai.在香港电影导演周星驰最近的电影《美人鱼》于周日以27亿人民币(4.14亿美元)登顶票房冠军的同时,一家周星驰电影主题餐厅也随之开张,在上海市民中间反响强烈。Everything in the restaurant is related to Chow#39;s movies. Interior decoration includes posters while wall paintings reflect Chow#39;s on-screen persona. The and tableware also reminds people of scenes in Chow#39;s films.餐厅的所有东西都和周星驰的电影有关。包括海报在内的市内装饰以及壁画都反映了周星驰在屏幕上的个性。菜单和餐具也使人们想到周星驰的电影场景。Dishes are named after characters or terms appearing in his work, sparking customers#39; imaginations as to what they may be served.菜名以他作品中的人物或术语来命名,激发了顾客对菜品样子的想象力。Inside the Stephen Chow movie-themed restaurant.周星驰电影主题餐厅的内部Placards movie titles and lines from Stephen Chow#39;s movies.标语上写着周星驰电影中的片名和台词。A statue of martial artist Bruce Lee. Stephen Chow starred the lead role in the 2004 martial arts action comedy Kung Fu Hustle.武术家李小龙的雕像。周星驰在2004年的武术动作喜剧《功夫》当中出演主角。On the glass, a line s, ;In fact, I am an actor;. Chow used to encourage himself with the line while he was little known.玻璃上有一行字“其实我是一个演员”。在周星驰还未火的时候,他曾用这句话来鼓励自己。 /201602/428058

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