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湖州祛痘医院哪个好湖州中心整形医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱Metal, heal thyself金属,自己愈合吧Materials science: Researchers have devised an ingenious way for the damaged surfaces of metals to repair themselves when they come to harm 材料科学:研究人员构想出了一种新颖独特的方法,使得金属在表面受损时可以自我修复。SADLY for engineers, inanimate objects cannot yet repair themselves. But work by Claudia dos Santos at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, and Christian Mayer at Duisburg-Essen University in Stuttgart, has brought the day when they will be able to do so a little nearer. They and their colleagues have invented a way for damaged metals to heal themselves.对工程师来说悲哀的一面是,没有生命的物体还无法实现自我修复。但是在德国弗劳恩霍夫制造工程和自动化学会的Claudia dos Santos和斯图加特杜伊斯堡—艾森大学的Christian Mayer的共同研究下,无生命物体实现自我修复那一天的到来被拉近了一点。他们与同事研发出了一种能让受损金属自我愈合的方法。The surfaces of many metal objects are coated with other metals for protection. Iron, for instance, is frequently galvanised with zinc. The basic idea of the new technology is to infiltrate this coating with tiny, fluid-filled capsules. When the metal coating is punctured or scratched, the capsules in the damaged area burst and ooze restorative liquids, in the form of compounds called trivalent chromates. These react with nearby metal atoms and form tough, protective films a few molecules thick to ameliorate the damage.许多金属物体的表面都覆盖着其他金属层来保护自己。例如,铁就通常会镀上锌。而这种新技术的基本构想就是在金属覆盖层中加入微小并且充满液体的胶囊。当金属的覆盖层受到扎刺或划损时,受损区域的胶囊将会破裂并渗出具有恢复性的液体---三价铬钝化化合物。这些液体将与周围金属原子发生反应,形成几个分子厚、坚固且具有保护性的膜,以修复表面的损害。The idea of doing this has been around for years, but it has proved difficult in practice because the capsules used were too big. Surface coatings tend to be about 20 microns (millionths of a metre) thick. The capsules were 10-15 microns across—large enough to disrupt the coatings, and thus do more harm than good. The trick worked out by Dr dos Santos and Dr Mayer is how to create capsules a few hundredths of this size. 这种构想已经现世好几年了,但是由于过去所使用的胶囊太大,在实践中应用起来难度很大。金属表面的覆盖层厚度趋近于20微米(微米为一米的百万分之一),而过去用的胶囊跨度为10到15微米,这种跨度足以打乱覆盖层的结构,因此对金属造成的弊大于利。dos Santos 士和Mayer士想出来的诀窍就是如何创造跨度仅为过去的百分之几的胶囊。The capsules the researchers have come up with are made by mixing butylcyanoacrylate, a chemical found in superglue, with an oil carrying the healing compounds. This mixture is then mixed with dilute hydrochloric acid. The result is an emulsion of droplets between 100 and 300 nanometres (billionths of a metre) across. Each droplet has an oil core surrounded by a thin layer of butylcyanoacrylate. To make the droplets stable, phosphate is added to the emulsion. This triggers the polymerisation of the butylcyanoacrylate into a tough plastic, which forms the outside of the capsule.如今研究人员创造的胶囊是通过把氰基丙烯酸正丁酯和有愈合功效的化合物悬浮其中的油类混合而制的。氰基丙烯酸正丁酯是在超强力胶中发现的一种化学物质。这种混合物再跟稀释的盐酸混合,结果会产生一种乳状液, 其微滴直径在100到300纳米(纳米为一米的10亿分之一)之间。每个微滴都有一颗油核,周围包裹着一层薄薄的氰基丙烯酸正丁酯。为了稳定这些微滴,研究人员在胶状液中添加了磷酸盐,这就促使氰基丙烯酸正丁酯进行聚合反应转变成一种坚固的塑料。这种塑料就形成了胶囊的外壳。The greatest challenge for the team, however, was not making the capsules in the first place, but stabilising them during the plating process. Though galvanisation is often done by dipping steel in liquid zinc, it is sometimes done by electrolysis—nickel and copper plating are normally done this way. The capsules, though, tend to stick together in the liquids used as electrolytes during electroplating, and are also destroyed by the extreme acidity or alkalinity that is often involved in the process. To overcome these problems, Dr dos Santos and Dr Mayer used special detergents that stick to the polymerised butylcyanoacrylate shell around each capsule, which stops them sticking together and protects them from the electrolytes.然而,对于这组研究人员来说,最大的挑战并不是开始时胶囊的制造过程,而是在电解过程中如何稳定这些胶囊。尽管一般是通过液态锌蘸洗钢铁来镀锌,有时候也会用电解的方法,在电镀镍和铜时就通常使用电镀。在电镀过程中,不过,胶囊容易在使用的电解质液体中黏在一起,而且也会由于这一过程中通常出现的极酸性和极碱性而受到破坏。为了克这些问题, dos Santos士 和Mayer士使用了一种特殊的去污剂,这种去污剂可以粘附在每个胶囊周围聚合氰基丙烯酸正丁酯的外壳上,阻止这些胶囊黏在一起,并保护它们免受电解液的破坏。The researchers have now proved their techniques in electroplated layers of copper, nickel and zinc, and believe that self-repairing metals should commonly be available in the years ahead. Moreover, their nanocapsules may have other applications. Lubricants such as silicone oils can be included in them, to make the damaged surfaces of ball-bearings that have run out of oil more slippery, so that they are not scratched too rapidly. Anti-fouling compounds can be placed in capsules on the surfaces of metals intended for use in marine environments. And, in a nod to butylcyanoacrylate’s origins in superglue, capsules containing chemicals that will react to form adhesives when two surfaces are put together are also on the horizon. 研究人员现在已经在电镀铜层,镍层和锌层上实了这种技术,同时他们相信在未来的几年里将会普遍实现金属的自我修复技术。此外,他们所研发的纳米囊也可能应用到其他领域,比如硅系列油等润滑剂,可以使耗尽了油的滚珠轴承的受损表面更加光滑,避免过快擦。还可以在用于海洋环境的金属表面胶囊中植入防污化合物,以保护环境。而且,由于氰基丙烯酸正丁酯来自超强力胶水,当两种金属表面放在一起时,胶囊内含的化学物质能够反应生成粘合剂,这种新型胶囊的问世也将指日可待。201110/158951湖州交通医院激光点痣多少钱 Obama Urges Democrats To Keep Fighting for Their Causes奥巴马促民主党继续为其事业奋斗U.S. President Barack Obama is urging his Democratic Party to continue fighting for its causes, despite a hostile political climate. Mr. Obama has recently adopted a more combative tone.美国总统奥巴马敦促说,尽管政治环境敌对,民主党仍将继续为其事业奋斗。奥巴马总统近来采取了一种更有战斗性的语调。The high U.S. unemployment rate, a resurgent Republican opposition and President Obama's shrinking approval ratings are making Democrats nervous as they face the November elections for Congress and governors.美国的高失业率、复活的共和党的反对以及奥巴马总统不断下跌的持度,都使得民主党人在面对今年11月举行的国会和州长选举时感到惊慌。In this climate of unease, Mr. Obama addressed the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting near the White House, and reassured the party faithful that he will continue the fight.在这种不安的环境下,奥巴马总统星期六向在白宫附近举行的民主党全国委员会冬季会议发表讲话,对民主党的忠诚人士保,他将继续战斗下去。The president said Democrats can point to numerous accomplishments in this year's campaign.奥巴马总统表示,民主党人能够在今年的选举中指明取得的几项成果。He said his administration has calmed a troubled economy, made progress on many domestic issues, and strengthened America's standing in the world. "We are working with our partners to stop the sp of nuclear weapons and to seek a world free of nuclear weapons. We banned torture. We have begun to leave Iraq to its own people. We charted a new way forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and made good progress in taking the fight to al-Qaeda across the globe," he said.他说,他领导的政府使陷入困境的经济安稳下来,在许多国内问题上获得进展,加强了美国在全球的地位。奥巴马说:“我们在与我们的伙伴合作遏制核武器的扩散,并谋求一个没有核武器的世界。我们禁止了酷刑。我们已经开始将伊拉克转交给伊拉克人民。我们在阿富汗和巴基斯坦采取了新的前行方式,并在全球范围内主动打击基地组织方面取得良好进展。”201002/96381Most married Americans say they wed right personMarried Americans overwhelmingly believe they married the right person but not all of them believe in the idea of soul mates.A Marist poll showed that 97 percent of men and 94 percent of women are convinced they found the one, a finding which surprised researchers because of the country's high divorce rate."There are clearly people who think things are going very well, but it may not turn out that way," said Lee M. Miringoff, director of the Marist College Poll.About one third of marriages in the ed States end in divorce before the 10th anniversary, according to national data from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.Ninety seven percent of people in the Midwest and western regions of the country were confident they chose the right person, followed by 96 percent in the south and 90 percent in the northeast.One hundred percent of people aged 18 to 29 said they married the right person.Although most people think they made the right choice, only 66 percent of those who are married said they believed in soul mates, the idea that two people are destined to be together.Young adults 29 years old or younger, people in households earning less than ,000, and those living in the south were most likely to believe in the concept."Although two thirds buy into the notion of destiny, a third does not. The idyllic view of marriage doesn't hold for everyone," Miringoff said.The findings are based on a telephone survey of 1,004 adults, including 530 people who were married.Vocabulary:soul mates: 心心相印的异性伙伴buy into:相信背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111072湖州医院激光祛斑手术多少钱

长兴县妇幼保健院做去眼袋手术多少钱Business education商业教育Field of dreams梦想之地Harvard Business School reinvents its MBA course哈佛商学院改良其工商管理硕士 (MBA) 课程YOUNG mums shopping in the Copley Mall in downtown Boston last month found themselves being questioned about their use of soap by students from Harvard Business School. The students were not doing odd jobs to earn beer money. They were preparing to help a firm in Brazil launch an antibacterial cleanser.上月,年轻的妈妈们在波士顿市区的科普利商场 (Copley Mall) 购物时,发现有来自哈佛商学院的学生询问她们使用肥皂的情况。这些学生并不在打临时工赚取啤酒钱。他们在帮助一家巴西公司发布一款抗病菌洁面乳做准备工作。Fieldwork;ie, going out and talking to people;is a big change for HBS. Its students used to sit in a classroom and discuss case studies written by professors. Now they may also work in a developing country and launch a start-up. ;Learning by doing; will become the norm, if a radical overhaul of the MBA curriculum succeeds.实地工作;;走出教室,与人交谈;;是哈佛商学院的一项大变革。哈佛商学院的学生过去常常坐在教室里讨论教授们写的研究案例。现在,他们也可能在一个发展中国家工作,并且建立一家新兴企业。如果这项对 MBA 课程的重大改革成功,那么,;做中学;将变为常规。The 900 students arriving in Boston this summer for their two-year course were told they would be guinea pigs. The new practical addition to HBSrsquo;s curriculum is known as ;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development). Not all the staff and students are overjoyed to be experimented on. But the man responsible, Nitin Nohria, who became dean of HBS in July 2010, says that ;if it works, the FIELD method could become an equal partner to the case method.;今年夏季哈佛商学院通知接受其两年制课程的 900 名新生:他们将是试验对象。哈佛商学院实际新增课程称为;FIELD; (Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development)(实地浸入式体验的领导力开发)。并非所有的员工和学生都对成为这次实验的对象而感到欣喜若狂。但于2010 年 7 月就任哈佛商学院院长的项目负责人尼廷bull;诺里亚 (Nitin Nohria) 称,;如果成功,实地教学法(FIELD 法)将与案例教学法并驾齐驱。;Long before he became dean, Mr Nohria lamented the failure of business schools to fulfil their mission of turning management into a profession similar to law or medicine. Asked what should be expected from someone with an MBA, he replies that ;obviously, they should master a body of knowledge. But we should also expect them to apply that knowledge with some measure of judgment.; MBA students have long been sent on summer internships with prospective employers, but HBS, like most business schools, did little else to help them with the practical application of management studies.早在担任院长以前,诺利亚就曾抱怨,商学院未能实现自身使命,将管理转变为类似于法律或医学的一门职业。当问及应当对工商管理硕士抱以怎样的期望时,他回答说;很显然,他们应该拥有大量知识。但是,我们也应期望他们能在应用知识的时候运用一些判断力。;长久以来,工商管理硕士专业学生都会派到潜在雇主那里参加暑期实习,但是,与大多数商学院一样,哈佛商学院很少再采取措施,来帮助他们将管理学运用于实践。What happens in the second year of the new course is still being worked out. But the first year has three elements. First, team-building exercises. Students take turns to lead a group engaged in a project such as designing an ;eco-friendly sculpture;. They learn to collaborate and to give and take feedback. These exercises are loosely based on ones used in the US army.新课程第二学年的安排仍在制订中。但第一学年有三个要素。第一,团队建设训练。学生轮流领导一个组织。这个组织参与一个项目,比如;生态友好型雕刻;。他们学习相互合作、给予并接受反馈。这些训练大致建立在美军的训练方法之上。Second, students will be sent to work for a week with one of more than 140 firms in 11 countries. Aly the new intake have had conference calls with these companies, ranging from the Brazilian soapmaker to a Chinese property firm, and gone off-campus to conduct product-development ;dashes; like the one in Copley Mall. This sort of structured learning-by-doing is a world away from HBSrsquo;s traditional encouragement of students to ;go on an adventure; outside of classes.第二,把学生派往 11 国家里逾 140 家公司之一工作一周。这些新生已经同这些公司(范围涉及巴西的肥皂厂到中国的房地产公司)举行了电话会议,走出学校,为产品开发在附近;四处奔波;,例如去科普利超市。此类有组织的;做中学;不同于哈佛商学院鼓励学生到教室外;去冒险;的传统做法。In the third novel part of the course, students will be given eight weeks, and seed money of ,000 each, to launch a small company. The most successful, as voted by their fellow students, will get more funding. It remains to be seen if this amounts to much more than a souped-up business-plan competition, though Mr Nohria says he hopes some real businesses will be created. (If only HBS had thought of this when Bill Gates was thinking of starting Microsoft, or Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook;perhaps the school would have received shares in those firms.)此门课程的第三个创新之处是,给予学生八周时间以及每人 3,000 美元基金来创办一家小型公司。按照同学投票,最成功的公司将给予更丰厚的资金。仅管诺利亚称,他希望创造出一些真正的企业,但是,它是否不仅仅是一个花哨的商业计划比赛尚待观察。(当比尔bull;盖茨 (Bill Gates) 开始创办微软,马克bull;扎克伯格 (Mark Zuckerberg) 打造脸谱 (Facebook) 时,哈佛商学院就已想到这个主意该多好;;或许哈佛商学院可能已经收到了这两家公司的股份。)It is unclear how much the one-week working assignments will achieve. Pankaj Ghemawat, a management guru, says ;the literature suggests that an immersion experience needs to be at least 2-3 weeks and be backed up with time in the classroom.; The HBS studentsrsquo; classroom preparation will have to be pretty thorough, then, to make up for the brevity of their field trips. Moreover, some of the HBS alumni who have agreed to offer work experience at their firms say they are unsure what meaningful work they can offer the students.一周的工作任务有多大成效还不得而知。管理大师潘卡基bull;格玛沃特(Pankaj Ghemawat)称;文献资料显示,浸入式体验至少需要 2-3 周的时间且需要课堂时间的配合。;这样,哈佛商学院学生的课堂准备将必须非常充分,以弥补他们实地体验期的短暂。还有,已经同意提供工作经历的哈佛商学院校友们称,对提供给学生们何种有意义的工作他们并不确定。Privately, some faculty members are sceptical that all this change will be worthwhile. In January, the vote in favour of trying the field method was ;as enthusiastic as you could get from a faculty,; says Mr Nohria, wryly. He wisely ensured that ownership of the idea was widely sp by delegating design of the new curriculum to several faculty committees. The vote gave the go-ahead to run a ;delicate experiment for 3-5 years to see if we can move the needle;, he says, compared with the 13 years it took to develop the case method into more or less what it is today.私下里,某些教职员工对是否值得进行所有这些变革持怀疑态度。1 月份,;你能从教职员工那里得到的顶多;也就是持实地教学法的投票而已,诺利亚嘲讽地说道。通过将设计新课程的权力下放到几个教职员工委员会,他明智地确保了更广泛的教职员工能参与到这项变革中来。教职工投票同意进行;3-5 年的谨慎试验,看下能否产生显著影响;,诺利亚称。而案例教学法整整用了13年才走到今天这一步。The experiment does not come cheap, adding 10-15% to the coursersquo;s cost (students pay at least ,000 a year), which HBS will bear while it figures out what works. A lot is at stake. For where Harvard leads, other universities may follow.这试验并不便宜,课程成本由此增加了10-15%(学生一年至少付 84,000 美元)。在弄清弄什么是有效的之前,这笔费用将由哈佛商学院承担。太多吉凶未卜。因为哈佛领先之处,可能就是他校追随的地方。downtown n. 城市商业区, 闹市区practical adj.实际的fulfill vt. 履行,实现collaborate v. 合作assignment n. 作业; 工作enthusiastic adj. 热烈的, 热心的164067湖州脸部毛孔粗大怎么办 韩国总统府、国防部、外交通商部等政府部门和主要、媒体网站7日晚同时遭分布式拒绝务(DDoS)攻击,瘫痪时间长达4小时。大部分在7日晚遭到黑客攻击的网站8日都已恢复正常,不过也有部分网站到8日晚仍然不稳定或不能正常链接。一名调查人员表示,由于DDoS攻击是由多台计算机同时进行的,而且通常黑客绕经很多国家进行攻击,因此要追踪并终止此类攻击较为困难。韩国国家情报院官员称,怀疑此次黑客攻击事件幕后可能有朝鲜或持朝鲜的力量。South Korea's Yonhap news agency ed parliamentary intelligence committee lawmakers as saying North Korea may be behind the apparent cyber attack.Wednesday marks the 15th anniversary of the death of the North's revered first leader, Kim Il Sung. In past years, North Korea has used the occasion to show defiance or superiority toward the South.South Korean authorities began to notice the Internet disruption Tuesday evening. By Wednesday, Korea Communication Commission official Lee Myung-su said the attack program had sp far and wide.He says 18,000 personal computers have been infected by a malicious code.At least 11 South Korean government sites have been either greatly slowed or made unavailable, including the sites for the presidential Blue House, the Defense Ministry, and the lawmaking National Assembly. Several major South Korean banks and the leading Internet portal, Naver, were also affected.U.S. sites have also been affected, including the Treasury Department, Secret Service, and Federal Trade Commission. The Web site of Voice of America news has been unavailable in South Korea for two days.Computer experts describe this kind of attack as a "distributed denial of service." A computer virus sps from one personal computer to another, directing data traffic from those computers to the targeted Web sites.Shin Hwa-su, of the Korea Information Security Agency in Seoul, says the increased traffic overloads the target sites.He says it is like 16-lanes worth of vehicles onto a four-lane highway. The road gets completely jammed and there is no movement.Shin explains that any ordinary computer can turn into what programmers call a "zombie PC," if it does not have the proper software to protect it from viral attacks.Kim Jae-gyu, chief of South Korea's Police Cyber Terror Center says a special task force has been formed to investigate the attack.He says police have seized one computer that was sending out the malicious software, and have confirmed the program has targeted a total of 25 Web sites.So far, South Korean authorities say the attack has been more of an inconvenience than a genuine security threat. They say no sensitive data appears to have been extracted from the targeted sites.South Korea is one of the most wired nations in the world. Major governmental agencies like the Ministry of Defense find themselves under attack by hackers thousands of times on any given day. Parliamentary hearings on this particular round of attacks are scheduled for Thursday. 07/77369湖州杭州哪家做眼袋做得好

湖州塌鼻整形价格Health-care reform医疗改革Looking to Uncle Sam瞧瞧山姆大叔As lawmakers squabble, spending on health care continues to grow由于立法议员争执不下,医疗保健出继续增加Jul 30th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition POLITICIANS want to lower spending, or at least they say they do. But in all the to-and-fro over raising the debt ceiling, little sensible has been said about lowering spending in the long term. Nothing illuminates this more clearly than health care.政客们想要减少出,或者至少他们嘴上是这么说的。然而在总体上,债务限额一次又一次的争论增加了债务限额,而没有意识到减少出这一长期要求。没有比医疗保健更能清楚地解释这。A new report, published in Health Affairs on July 28th, paints a daunting picture. Health spending will rise by 5.8% each year from 2010 to the end of 2020, according to actuaries at the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In 2020 health care will account for one-fifth of America’s economy. The federal government will pay for a greater share than ever before.发表在7月28日《卫生事务》上的一个最新报告,描绘了一个令人望而生畏的画面。根据医疗保险和医疗补助务(CMS)中心的精算师的预测,从2010年到2020年,医疗出每年都将增加5.8%。到2020年,医疗保健将会占到美国经济的五分之一。联邦政府将会付比以往更多的份额。Hawks have long warned that it would be impossible to curb government spending without curtailing spending on health. Democrats claimed that their health law would lower costs. Barack Obama assembled grey-haired sages to recommend changes to entitlement programmes. Paul Ryan, the Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee, offered his own reforms. And yet spending on health care continues to climb.赤字鹰派早已警告说,不缩减医疗出而抑制住政府出将是不可能的。民主党声称他们的卫生法会减少花费。奥巴马综合了灰白头发的专家们的意见,建议改变福利计划。众议院预算委员会主席共和党人保罗#8226;瑞安提出了他自己的改革。可是医疗保健出继续攀升。201108/147094 Businesses and insurance商业与保险How to become politics-proof政治风险,如何能抗Businesses can get cover against some, but not all, political upheavals 某些政治动乱引起的商业损失能够得到补偿,但非全部REGIME change has an awkward way of turning useful political contacts into liabilities. Just ask Ahmed Ezz, an Egyptian steel magnate and friend of Gamal Mubarak, son of the country’s ousted president, when you next visit his jail cell. But businesses face political risk even in the absence of the kind of turmoil rocking the Middle East. Governments nationalise assets: in recent years, Congo has taken several mines from their private owners. They change the rules unexpectedly, making it harder to do business, as Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry, found when some governments demanded access to users’ messages. They can enforce the law in the most draconian fashion against firms that displease them, as Russia’s Yukos found.政权的更迭会让一桩有利的政府合同变成包袱。不信的话,你可以去问问艾哈迈德伊斯。此人是埃及的钢铁巨头,前总统的儿子贾迈德穆巴拉赫的朋友。但此时,他正身陷囹圄。但是,即使在那些有别于中东的动荡政局的地方,商业活动同样要面临政治风险。政府不断的对私人资产实行公有化:近年来,刚果政府收购了好几家私人煤矿。RIM(黑莓生产商)遭遇一些国家的政府希望获得手机用户的信息的情况时就意识到,政府对游戏规则出人意料的改变,使得生意越来越难做。俄罗斯的尤科斯也意识到,政府对于那些惹恼了他们的企业,采取的最严厉的方式,甚至是强制改变国家的法律。A survey last year by the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) found that political risk was the biggest deterrent for investors in developing countries over the longer term, ranked ahead of economic instability and bad infrastructure. What can they do about it?去年,由世界多变投资担保机构(MIGA)的研究表明,政治风险超过了经济不稳定以及基础设施恶劣,成为投资者们在发展中国家进行长期投资的最大顾虑。对此,他们能够做些什么呢?Private insurers, national export-credit agencies and multilateral bodies like MIGA offer businesses cover against political shocks. But which firms they will insure, and on what terms, varies. National agencies, such as America’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation, tend to sell cover only to companies from their home country. Private insurers can be more risk-averse than multilateral agencies. 私营保险公司,国家出口信用机构以像MIGA一样的多边机构都为企业提供应对政治风险的保障。但是对被担保公司的种类以及保险条款上各有不同。国家机构,例如美国海外私人保险公司只为本国的公司提供保险。而私人保险公司相较于多边机构来说,对风险更为厌恶。Not all risks are insurable. Cover is available for the sudden imposition of currency controls, expropriations, conflicts and terrorism, and for governments failing to keep their part of an investment deal, such as supplying a new factory with electricity. But legitimate policy changes (tax rises, say, or stricter environmental rules) cannot be covered, because of the insurer’s slim chances of recovering anything from the government concerned. 并非所有的风险都能投保。保险只针对突发的汇率管制,公司被征收,地区冲突恐怖袭击,以及政府无法保持的投资活动,例如对一家新工厂的持续供电。但是政策的变化(税收增加,或者更加严厉的环境保护措施等)不再保险范围之内。因为保险公司从相关政府得到补偿的机会是相当渺茫的。The demand for political-risk insurance slumped during the financial crisis, as companies made fewer investments. Members of the Berne Union, the largest group of providers of such cover, wrote only billion of new policies in , down 38% on the previous year. But business rebounded sharply in 2010 when foreign investment into developing countries recovered. As regimes totter across the Middle East, those who offer cover against nasty political surprises look set to be even busier this year. 金融危机期间,由于各个公司投资的减少,政治风险保险的需求量有所下滑。全球最大的保险提供联盟——伯尔尼联盟的成员,在年的新政策保险业务额只有360亿美元,较2008年下降38%。但是在2010年,由于发展中国家的外资投资增加,保险额大幅反弹。随着中东地区的政权动荡,那些提供政治风险保险的公司将迎来忙碌的一年。201104/133626湖州治疗痤疮多少钱长兴县人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱



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