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湖州市治疗痘痘多少钱湖州曙光整形医院韩式隆鼻多少钱As David Chaum had observed,正如大卫·乔姆所言the more anonymous people, the better the security.匿名的人越多 安全性就越高The Navy had what they believed海军研究实验室以一种was a smart way of achieving that...他们自认为聪明的方式实现了..Open the network out to everyone.网络面向所有人开放Its not enough for a government system只为政府系统to carry traffic just for the government.传送通讯信息还不够It also has to carry traffic for other people.还要为其他人传送通讯信息Part of anonymity is having a large number of people匿名的精髓在于有一大群人who are also anonymous这群人也是匿名的because you cant be anonymous on your own.因为你无法凭借一己之力实现匿名What Syverson and his team had done,赛福森和他团队所创建的building on the work of David Chaum,建立在大卫·乔姆成果之上的系统would begin to revolutionise the way将会掀起一场that people could operate online.网络操作的革命浪潮Over the coming years,在接下来的几年里the Tor network expanded as more people volunteered随着越来越多的志愿机加入to become relay computers,洋葱网络不断扩张the points through which the messages could be relayed.传递消息的志愿机不断成为中继点重点解释:1.Part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。2.a large number of 大量(后面跟可数名词的复数形式)例句:A large number of people have applied. 很多人都已申请。3.on ones own 独自地例句:I was able to finish the job on my own.我能独自地把工作做完。201702/492826湖州市中心医院去疤多少钱 【新闻精讲】Yet despite all the attention given to fake news, the other problems probably have Mr Zuckerberg just as worried. On November 18th, to the surprise of many, Facebook announced that it would buy back up to bn of its shares. That seemed to be in reaction to a 10% drop in its share price since it warned earlier this month that growth next year would be slower and margins lower, as ad space on its services gets tighter and it invests heavily in data centres. The buy-back signals that Facebook considers its shares undervalued, says Mark Mahaney of R Capital, an investment bank. 尽管假新闻已引起了广泛的关注,其他一些问题似乎也同样令扎克伯格担忧。11月18日,Facebook宣布将回购最高达60亿美元的公司股份,这令很多人甚为惊讶。11月早些时候,因广告投放量驱向饱和,以及公司对数据中心大手笔的投资,Facebook发出了下一年增长将放缓、利润会降低的预警。这之后,公司股价下跌了10%。回购股票之举看起来像是对这种局面的回应。投行R Capital的马克氠哈尼(Mark Mahaney)认为,Facebook此举也许表示,公司自认为其股价估值过低。A couple of days earlier, Facebook had to admit flaws in how it measures its traffic (for the second time in just a few weeks, after disclosing that it had overestimated the average viewing time for its ads). This time it said that other numbers, including the quantity of clicks from Facebook posts to apps or websites, were smaller than previously stated. Although this did not lead advertisers to overpay, they are likely to make new demands of Facebook, for instance to provide more data about exactly how its ads are viewed. 在这几天前,Facebook不得不承认其流量测算方法存在缺陷。这已是Facebook在几周内第二次承认存在这一问题,之前它曾披露自己高估了视频广告的平均观看时长。这一次它坦言,从Facebook帖子到应用或网站的点击量等其他数字也比先前声称的要小。尽管这并没有导致广告主多掏腰包,但他们之后很可能会向Facebook提出新的要求,例如提供更多关于广告观看情况究竟如何的数据。 It has also emerged that Facebook has “paused” the ongoing process of merging its data with those of WhatsApp, the messaging app it bought in 2014 for bn in shares. When the takeover was announced, Jan Koum, WhatsApp’s founder, promised users their data would stay apart. In August Facebook reneged on the pledge, which upset various privacy watchdogs in Europe. In September the city of Hamburg’s data-protection commissioner issued an order that stops Facebook collecting data from German users of WhatsApp. 此外,Facebook还已“暂停”将其数据与WhatsApp的数据合并。2014年,Facebook以190亿美元(包含股票)收购了通讯应用WhatsApp。当初这起收购被公布时,WhatsApp创始人简錠姆(Jan Koum)曾向用户许诺,该应用与Facebook的数据将保持分离。而在8月,Facebook却违背了这项承诺,并因此引起了欧洲各地隐私保护机构的不满。9月,汉堡市的数据保护专员命其停止收集WhatsApp德国用户的数据。takeover n.收购Renege v.毁约,食言- He promised to pay but later reneged.Pledge n.承诺 (promise)Watchdog n.检查者(机构)Whether all this will have a discernible impact on Facebook’s finances is a matter of debate among analysts. If advertisers have extra money to spend they do it where they get most bang for their buck, which, Google aside, is Facebook, says Peter Stabler of Wells Fargo Securities. In contrast, Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research recently wrote that the focus on fake news and the concerns over the measurement of advertising could well cut revenue growth by a couple of percentage points. 至于以上种种会不会对Facebook的财务状况产生明显的影响,分析人士们则莫衷一是。富国券(Wells Fargo Securities)的彼得斯塔普勒(Peter Stabler)认为,如果广告主有闲钱,他们会更愿意把钱花在能带来最大收益的地方,而这种地方除了谷歌,就是Facebook了。相比之下,Pivotal Research的布莱恩威瑟(Brian Wieser)近日则撰文指出,假新闻所引发的的关注以及广告效果测量引起的担忧很可能会令Facebook的营收增长率降低两三个百分点Discernible adj.可辨识的,明显的- discern v.识别- Im unable to discern his motives.bang for someones buck / bang for the buck 物有所值201701/487126栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201607/451732湖州隆胸医院哪家好

长兴县中医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱The winds generated out at sea, sweep inland across the continents.风在外海形成,侵入大陆席卷内陆地区As they travel across the Sahara, they create the biggest of all sand storms它们穿越撒哈拉沙漠时,造成了世界上最大的沙尘暴blowing sand halfway round the world to fertilize the Amazon jungle.沙子被吹到地球的另一头,亚马逊丛林因此而变得肥沃Winds blowing across the Indian Ocean风掠过整个印度洋collect moisture and sweep northwards towards the Himalayas.一边收集水气,一边扑向北方的喜玛拉雅山脉As the air rises, so it cools.随着气流的上升,温度也逐渐下降The water it carries condenses into clouds携带的水气开始凝结,汇集成云and then falls as the life giving rains of the monsoon.然后变成季风雨落到地面,滋润大地万物So air currents powered by the sun, carry wet air to the middle of continents.至此,由太阳驱动的大气环流,将潮湿空气带到了大陆中部。201701/490115湖州眼部除皱方法 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201607/452208湖州二院做双眼皮多少钱

湖州市菱湖人民医院激光除皱多少钱栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201605/444955 Not all art necessarily makes an appeal to the visual senses, but lets say that most of it does.并非所有的艺术品都必须在视觉上吸引人但大多数是这样的So it might seem unnecessary or unnecessarily elementary to say so,这样说也许显得有些多余but sometimes its worth reminding ourselves that art is something meant to be seen primarily,但是有时这一点会提醒我们艺术首先是供人欣赏的that the appeal that makes to our intellect and emotions, our attention, is achieved through visual stimuli也就是说艺术对于我们智力 情绪和注意力等方面的影响是来自感官的刺激and thats a different animal than other things, than writing or music.这是一种完全不同的影响 相较于写作或者音乐The eyes are capable of incredibly subtle perceptual distinctions that happen at an unconscious level.不可思议的是我们的眼睛能够无意识地识别微妙的感知差异So the act of looking consciously is the really partly a matter of paying attention to what when we really look at something.所以有意识地看 这个动作其实是在某种程度上我们在分析我们所注视的东西Because the… Another way of putting it is to think about drawing,因为……换一种说法 想象一下绘画if youve ever taken a drawing class or youve ever even a book about how drawing is taught,如果你以前上过绘画课或者看过关于如何教人画画的书的话the first most elementary lesson is usually a demonstration of the difference between what you see in front of you and what you think you see.最基础的一课通常是描述一下摆在你面前你所看到的东西和你认为你看到了什么之间的不同之处The first attempts at drawing something from life, from perception, invariably involve distorting whats actually in front of you最开始尝试画一些生活中或认知中的东西 总是会将你实际上看到的东西画得失真because the brain intercedes with the eye and gives false information.因为大脑会干扰视觉判断给出错误的信息For example, we know that the head has two eyes a nose and a mouth so we will draw it that way比如说 我们知道人头上有两个眼睛一个鼻子一个嘴巴然后我们就那样画even if in fact we dont see both eyes equally or we dont see depending upon our point of view即使我们实际上没有同时看到两只眼睛 或者我们没有基于我们对人脸的认知well see a partial representation of what the brain thinks of as reality.结果画出来的是有代表性的局部 但大脑认为是那即是真实So this is a long way around of saying that the way to approach the visual world is to take in the information and let it work on your cortex, without, well its impossible to say without所以说来话长接近真实的视觉世界的方法是 收集信息 让其在脑皮层中发酵 不用(去深究) 好吧 那是不可能的but while trying to stay neutral in terms of what we think we know because part of the confusion surrounding contemporary art is但应试图让自己的认知保持中立 因为人们对当代艺术感到不解we know its laden with meaning and we go to it intent on ferreting out the meaning,which sometimes happens in advance of doing the actual looking.部分原因是我们知道它承载着意义 有时在我们认真观看艺术品之前 我们就怀着试图找出意义的心态When I say that ideally one should approach art with a visually neutral kind of screen that visual neutrality is, of course, a kind of cultural impossibility.理想情况是 人们应该带着视觉的中立去理解艺术品 视觉中立 当然 在现代的文化生活中是不可能的None of us are neutral nor could we ever be and probably nor should we be.没有人是中立的 或曾经可以中立 也许我们也不应该中立When I say one should approach art with a neutral eye what I mean is to try to log, in your brain to log whats there physically in terms of what was made in advance of reaching for what the thing might or might not mean.当我说一个人应该在看艺术品时保持视觉中立 我是指试着去观察 用心地观察 看看这些艺术品的本身 在想它有什么或没有什么意义之前So if youre looking at a portrait, lets say what is a portrait?所以如果你看着一副肖像画 先说说什么是肖像画A portrait is a painting of a face.一副肖像画是指一副画了人脸的画Of course the face is the subject but the way the face is painted,当然 人脸是一个客观物体 但是它被画下来的方式the way the portrait is presented to us in its specificity is more important as art than who its a portrait of.肖像画独特的呈现方式 从艺术层面来讲比画中人更重要Its probably not possible to view art without the filter of 17 different kinds of cultural filters.不带文化偏见地观看艺术也许是不可能的文化偏见有17种I dont think that that would be - probably that would require the equanimity of a Buddha,我不认为那是也许那需要佛祖的镇定however what Im suggesting and what Im advocating in the book is simply to devote some of ones attention to the physical fact of what is in front of us, the physical fact of what was made;然而 我在书中所建议和提倡的 仅仅是对眼前物体的物理性质给予一定的关注 它是什么做的how it was made; what materials we used; how was it done kind of question as opposed to what its a representation of.怎么做的 用了什么材料 它是怎么创造出来的 而不是想它象征着什么This kind of attention is what used to be called formalism, which I think is a little bit of a misnomer这种关注常常被称作形式主义 我认为这有点用词不当and it has been I think unfairly or unusefully demonized as something either culturally aloof or simply not interesting.它被妖魔化成与文化不相关或无趣的东西 我认为那是不公正且徒劳的But the first principles of in any field on any art form, music, architecture, literature,但是我认为任何领域任何形式的艺术例如音乐 建筑 文学等都具有其首要准则the first principles being how is it constructed, what is it construct of, those are the kinds of perceptual questions,即如何构建以及构建的材料是什么 这些都是感知层次的问题which anyone can ask themselves and be aware of without any cultural training.任何人都会想到而且无需任何文化训练就能知道The impulse to make art is a mysterious one. It still remains mysterious after many millennia.总有一种神秘的力量驱使人们去创造艺术 即便过去了千万年它仍然存在What is that impulse that compels someone to make an image of something on a two-dimensional surface or a three-dimensional form for that matter?到底是一种什么样的力量驱使人们将某物用三维或者二维平面的方式描绘出来呢I often think that the way to approach art is to imagine doing it for ones self, imagine what are the steps involved to make that thing that youre looking at.我认为走进艺术的方式是想象这件艺术品是为自己而制作的 想象描绘你看到的事需要哪些步骤What would you have to do if you were going to make that, whatever that is?如果你要做成那个还必须要做什么 无论那是什么Even things as banal as getting on the subway to go to the art supply store what do you have to buy?也许是像坐地铁去艺廊这样平常的事 你必须要买什么?What are the materials you have to buy?你必须要买什么材料?What kind of space do you need to be able to make that thing in?你需要什么样的空间将那件事呈现?In other words, one way to think about art is to imagine yourself as the artist;imagine yourself as the maker;也就是说欣赏艺术的方式之一就是把自己当做那个艺术家或者制作者put yourself in the artists shoes so to speak and imagine the steps that one would have to go through.把自己想象成是那个艺术家 也就是说想象一下你完成一件艺术品需要做哪些工作Very much like when you a cookbook and theres an illustrated step-by-step recipe that you follow,这很像看食谱书里有详解的步骤 你可以照着做first you have to put these ingredients in and then you have to preheat the oven.首先你要将这些调料放进去 然后加热平底锅Sometimes imagining the banal task like steps involved in the making something helps us to appreciate what it is that was made有时将平常的工作想象成制作什么东西的步骤可以帮助我们去欣赏它是由哪些部分构成的instead of looking at the results in a completely meaning laden kind of way.而不是以一种全然承载意义的方式看待结果I mean not to strain it to the breaking point我是指不要强求到极限but if the cooking analogy has any use at all,但如果食谱的比喻有什么用we dont ask a pie what does it mean we just ask does it taste good.那就是 我们不会问一个派它有什么意义 我们只会问它好吃吗And then if youre interested in how it stacks up next to other pies then you might ask yourself如果你想知道为什么它跟其他的派的味道不一样 然后你可能问你自己what was the recipe and why were there ingredients and whats different about those from some other ingredients?秘密配方是什么 为什么用这些调料 这些调料与其它派的调料有什么不同All of this is another way of saying that art is something that someone made and the human aspect of the making part of it is所以这些只是以另一种方式说明艺术是人做出来的 正因为它们是人为的I think the place where one can reliably go to both find a connection to the art and also to get closer to whatever the artists emotional field might be.我认为从这里人们可以可靠地 找到与艺术的关联 也可以更进一步地理解艺术家的可能出现的情感世界201706/512939湖州去眉间纹哪里疗效好湖州哪里整容最好




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