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Ling Ling, a 29-year-old living in Shanghai, has gone to great lengths to curate a picture-perfect life on social media. Her photos on micro-blogging site Weibo show her glamorous and leisurely life.玲玲是生活在上海的一个29岁女孩,她在社交媒体上精心营造了完美的生活。微上晒的都是自己光鲜亮丽的休闲生活照。Dressed in fashionable clothing and with immaculate make-up, Ling Ling is seen dining at fancy cafes and restaurants; attending parties and social events with her girlfriends; travelling to places like Boracay, Tokyo and Dubai.照片里,玲玲衣着时尚、妆容精致,或是出现在高级餐厅和咖啡厅,或是和闺蜜们参加聚会和社交活动,要么就是在菲律宾长滩岛、东京和迪拜四处旅游。But she does not cultivate her online image just to make herself feel good or her friends jealous. She is one of the new internet celebrities, known as Wang Hong.但是她苦心经营自己的网络形象并不是为了让自我感觉良好或是让朋友羡慕嫉妒。她只是一个新晋的网络红人,即网红。It#39;s a lucrative business, with Zhang Dayi, one of China#39;s best known Wang Hong, reportedly earning 300m yuan (£35m; m). This compares favourably to top Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, who according to Forbes, made about m last year.网红是个利润颇丰的行业。据报道,中国网红第一人张大奕收入已高达三亿元(合3500万英镑、4600万美元),已经完全超过中国的一线明星范冰冰了。据福布斯报道,去年范冰冰的收入约为2100万美元。Online fashionistas网络时尚达人There are two types of internet celebrities in China - those who create original content like Papi Jiang, who was once censured for excessive use of foul language in her s, and the ;fashionistas;.中国有两种网络红人。一是因自制原创内容出名的,比如曾因在视频中频繁使用粗俗语言而被勒令整改的Papi酱。第二种就是网络时尚达人。Ling Ling and Zhang Dayi fall into the second category, selling clothes and cosmetics on Taobao, China#39;s leading online shopping site.玲玲和张大奕则属于第二种类型,她们在中国某主要网购零售平台上售卖衣和化妆品。They work as their own shops#39; models by posting pictures of themselves wearing the clothes they sell, and some of their followers become their most loyal customers.她们穿着自家销售的衣拍照,为自己的网店充当模特,而一些粉丝也就成为了她们最忠实的买家。Ling Ling, who has been active online for 10 years and has more than 330,000 followers on Weibo, says she didn#39;t plan on becoming an internet celebrity.玲玲已经在网上活跃十年了,微拥有超过33万粉丝,但她说自己原本无意成为一名网红。;In the beginning, there were only online forums. I posted pictures and wrote online every day and a lot of people started paying attention to me.;“刚开始的时候只有论坛。我每天晒图配文,得到了许多人的关注。”When she was 18, Ling Ling started a bricks-and-mortar clothing shop in Shanghai, but she soon realised that her online fame would bring more business.玲玲18岁时在上海开了家实体装店,但是她很快意识到了网络名气能给她带来更多生意。;You will be able to reach to customers across the nation with an online store. I#39;ve got quite a lot of customers in Beijing and Guangzhou,; she says.她说:“开网店的话,你可以遇到全国各地的人。我的很多买家都是北京人和广州人。”Her Taobao shop generates around 300,000 yuan in sales every month and that figure can double during festivals.她的网店每月销售额约为三十万元,节假日时这个数字还会翻倍。But these numbers did not satiate her ambition, so she signed a contract with Tophot, an incubator aimed at nurturing top internet celebrities.但是她并没有满足于此,所以她和网红孵化公司Tophot签订了合同,这家公司旨在培养顶级网红。#39;Outperforming A-listers#39;比一线明星的表现更优异According to CBNData, a commercial data company affiliated with Alibaba, the ;internet celebrity economy; is set to be worth 58bn yuan in 2016, more than China#39;s box office in 2015.根据第一财经商业数据中心(CBNData,基于阿里巴巴的一家商业数据公司),2016年“网红经济”市值将达到580亿元,超过2015年中国的票房总收入。The enormous earning potential has led to the rise of internet celebrity incubators in China, which race to discover and nurture the next Zhang Dayi.巨大的盈利空间带动了“网红孵化公司”的兴起,这些公司争先恐后地挖掘和培养下一个“张大奕”。Incubators like Tophot provide training for budding internet celebrities, with skills in photography, make-up and performance. They also represent internet celebrities and help them find jobs like product endorsements. In return, they take a cut from their earnings.诸如Tophot此类的网红孵化公司会培训崭露头角的网红,教授她们拍照、化妆以及表演技巧。公司也作为网红代表为她们寻求产品代言的工作,并收取网红收入的一定提成作为回报。Janet Chen, founder of Tophot, said internet celebrities had aly ;outperformed; showbiz A-listers and she attributes this to the fact that they are more down-to-earth and approachable.Tophot公司的创办者陈誉瑾表示,网红的表现已优于一线大腕了,这是因为网红更“接地气”,更平易近人。;Zhang Dayi is not an exceptional beauty, but she looks like someone you can be friends with. People think they can look like her if they put on some make-up,; Ms Chen says.陈女士说:“张大奕并不是一个大美人,但是她看起来是那种可以和你做朋友的人。人们觉得如果自己化点妆的话,也能像张大奕一样。” /201608/458390

1. It can lead to infertility1.肾上腺疲劳会导致不Your adrenal health is crucial for fertility, which is why it is vital to maintaining good adrenal health and keep your stress levels in check. Adrenal glands are part of the major endocrine glands. When they are overtaxed, this contributes to reproductive issues, including infertility, in women. If you have trouble conceiving, reduce your stress levels and visit your doctor to check your adrenal glands.肾上腺的健康状况对受至关重要,所以一定要保持肾上腺的健康,同时控制自己的压力。肾上腺是体内主要内分泌腺之一,如果肾上腺负担过重,可能会引起生殖系统的问题,比如女性不。如果你在受时遇到困难,可以尝试先减轻自己的压力,再找医生检查肾上腺的状况。2. Sleep deprivation stimulates the production of adrenal stress hormones2.睡眠不足会刺激肾上腺应激激素的分泌Sleeping is one of the most vital things every woman (actually every being) must do every night. Getting a healthy amount of sleep is key to a long life. Not getting enough sleep increases your risk of chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, sleep deprivation stimulates the production of adrenal stress hormones, which in turn can lead to mental health problems, obesity and heart disease.睡眠对于女性(实际上是每个人)来说,是每晚最重要的事情。保健康睡眠能够延年益寿,而睡眠不足不仅会增加慢性疲劳、焦虑症和抑郁症的患病风险,更会刺激肾上腺应激激素的分泌,导致心理健康问题、肥胖症及心脏病。3. Nutrient deficiencies decrease the production of adrenal hormones3.营养匮乏导致肾上腺激素分泌减少Monitoring your nutrient intake is a must because any deficiency can take a toll on your body and lead to serious disorders and diseases. If you are looking to promote the adrenal hormone production, make sure you consume a moderate amount of foods rich in B vitamins and all the minerals. The easiest way to do it is to munch on fresh, organic vegetables.合理管理营养摄入必不可少,任何营养素摄入不足都会对身体造成损害,导致体内严重失调或者其他疾病。现在的你如果正想提高肾上腺激素水平,那就多吃富含维生素B 的食物,补充矿物质,没有什么比新鲜有机的蔬菜来得简便实惠。4. Caffeine can worsen adrenal fatigue4.咖啡因让肾上腺疲劳的状况更糟Each drink that contains caffeine like coffee prompts your adrenals to release a surge of cortisol and epinephrine, the stress hormones that can be dangerous when ignored. Reduce your coffee intake and sip on lemon water or fresh juice instead. Chamomile tea is a healthy drink option as well, especially for women#39;s health.咖啡因饮料(比如咖啡)中的咖啡因会导致肾上腺释放出大量的皮质醇和肾上腺素。如果忽视这两种应激激素,身体会变得非常危险。所以,咖啡暂放一边,来点柠檬水或者鲜榨果汁吧。菊花茶也是非常健康的一款饮品,对女性好处颇多。5. Keeping your cholesterol levels as lower as you can is actually a bad habit5.一味降低胆固醇实际是个坏习惯We tend to eat foods that help to reduce our cholesterol levels and for good reason. High cholesterol levels can lead to hypertension (high blood pressure), nutrient deficiency, and increase your risk of , heart attack, heart disease and stroke.出于对健康的考虑,我们倾向选择能降低胆固醇的食物。胆固醇过高,容易引起高血压、营养过剩等问题,从而增加心肌梗死、心脏病以及中风等患病风险。But too low levels of cholesterol can affect your health too. The problem is, the adrenal hormones are made from cholesterol. Keep your cholesterol in check to maintain the healthy production of adrenal hormones.但是,胆固醇过低同样会影响健康。因为肾上腺激素是由胆固醇合成而来。我们只要合理控制胆固醇水平,保肾上腺激素能够正常分泌就足够了。译文属 /201608/458568

  If Donald Trump is the world’s most colourful politician, Angela Merkel is probably the least. She is resolutely tedious even by the standards of German politics. The new German verb merkeln means “to do nothing, make no decisions or statement”. She never talks about a “German dream”, and you will not see her campaign under the slogan, “Make Germany great again”. 如果说唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)是世界上最多纷呈的政治人士,那么安格拉#8226;默克尔(Angela Merkel)很可能就是最单调乏味的那个。即使按照德国政坛的标准,她也是绝对乏味的。德文新动词“merkeln”的意思是“什么也不做、什么决定也不作出、什么声明也不发表”。她从不谈论“德国梦”,你也不会看到她的竞选活动喊出“让德国再次伟大起来”的口号。 Even when she suddenly opened Germany’s borders to more than one million people last summer, she phrased this quixotic act in pragmatic language: “Wir schaffen das,” “We can do this.” Germany’s centre has largely held since, despite big advances for the anti-immigrant Alternative für Deutschland in last Sunday’s regional elections. Even amid the migrant crisis, most mainstream German politicians have remained boring pragmatists. Their aim: very slowly improve most people’s lives a little, while averting disaster. 即使是在去年夏天她突然向100多万人开放德国国境的时候,她谈及这种唐吉坷德式行为所用的语言也是务实的:“我们可以做这个”(Wir schaffen das)。自那以来德国的中间立场主流大体上保持下来,尽管反移民的德国新选择党(Alternative für Deutschland)在最近的地区选举中取得重大进展。即使是在移民危机期间,大多数主流德国政治人士也依然是乏味的务实者。他们的目标是:非常缓慢地渐渐改善大多数人的生活,同时避免灾难。 That distinguishes Germany from other large countries. In the US, France and Russia, politics is couched in the language of dreams, greatness, heroes and utopia. There are pragmatic political cultures and utopian ones, and, oddly, it’s the pragmatists who get closer to utopia. 这把德国和其他大国区分开来。在美国、法国和俄罗斯,政治都是用有关梦想、伟大、英雄和乌托邦的语言来包装的。世界上有务实的政治文化、也有乌托邦主义的政治文化,吊诡的是,更接近乌托邦的是务实者。 Utopian politicians raise high expectations that they can only disappoint. Every American president campaigns as a great leader who will restore the American dream but then governs in prose. Pretty soon people start complaining that he hasn’t delivered the American dream, but of course he hasn’t: by definition, dreams are not reality. 乌托邦主义的政治人士提出了很高的期望,但他们只会让人们失望。每个美国总统在竞选时都将自己宣扬为能够重建美国梦的伟大领袖,然而施政时还得回归现实。很快人们开始抱怨他没有兑现美国梦——但他当然不会:顾名思义,梦想不是现实。 Utopians rarely improve people’s lives a little. That’s partly because they are guided by hallowed old documents rather than by modern best practice. A daft old document such as the Communist Manifesto is particularly damaging but even a wise one such as the American constitution often misleads. For instance, the main reason the US has more than 30,000 gun deaths a year is the second amendment, adopted in 1791. 乌托邦主义者鲜少能让人们的生活得到渐渐改善。部分原因是他们以被推上神坛的古老文献为指导,而不是依据现代的最佳实践。像《共产党宣言》(Communist Manifesto)这样愚蠢的陈旧文献的破坏性尤其大,但即使是像《美国宪法》这样的明智文献,往往也会误导人。比如,美国每年死于的人超过3万,其主要原因就是1791年生效的第二修正案。 French politics, too, is packed with misleading old verities. One — derived from the French Revolution — is that “the people” should always be mounting the barricades to thwart the government. Another verity, treasured by the French left, is that “the workers” (imagined as figures in a socialist realist statue) must fight anything proposed by “the bosses” (imagined as top-hatted capitalists in a 19th-century cartoon). 法国政治也充斥着误导人的陈旧信念。其中一条来自法国大革命,“人民”永远都应该竖起路障阻挠政府。另一条信念被法国左翼视若珍宝,内容是“工人”(想象成社会主义写实雕像中的人物形象)必须反对“老板”(想象成19世纪漫画中戴着高帽的资本家形象)提议的任何事情。 Most utopians don’t even strive to improve people’s lives. They aim for something greater. Russia annexed the Crimea to regain imperial greatness, and no matter that western sanctions then made Russian lives worse. 大多数乌托邦主义者甚至不会费神去改善人民的生活。他们的目标是更加宏大的东西。俄罗斯吞并克里米亚是为了恢复帝国荣光,哪怕西方的制裁让俄罗斯人的生活更加艰难。 In Germany, by contrast, dreams of greatness have been taboo since 1945. The first postwar chancellor Konrad Adenauer campaigned under the slogan: “No Experiments”. A later successor, Helmut Schmidt, famously advised: “Anyone who has visions should go to the doctor.” 相比之下,在德国,关于伟大的梦想在1945年以后一直是禁忌。战后的第一任德国总理康拉德#8226;阿登纳(Konrad Adenauer)的竞选口号是:“不做实验”。后来的继任者赫尔穆特#8226;施密特(Helmut Schmidt)给出了著名的建议:“有想象力的人都应该去看医生。” Merkel got an additional anti-utopian inoculation: she spent her first 35 years in a failed utopia, East Germany. She rarely tells her own story, perhaps for fear of sounding inspirational, but she graduated from Karl Marx University in Leipzig, and later, for her physics PhD, had to write an additional “Marxist-Leninist” thesis. Her topic: the farmer-worker relationship in the farmer-worker state. She got a bad grade for overemphasising the farmers. 默克尔本人还得到了一剂额外的反乌托邦主义预防针:她人生的头35年是在东德,也就是一个失败的乌托邦里度过的。她很少诉说自己的生平故事,可能是担心听起来引人遐想,但她从莱比锡卡尔马克思大学(Karl Marx University)毕业,之后为了自己的物理学士学位,她还不得不额外撰写一篇“马列主义”论文。她的论文题目是“工农国家的工农关系”。因为过于强调农民,她的得分很低。 Freedom for Merkel means freedom from ideology, explains her German biographer Stefan Kornelius. She is the politician as wonk: facts and analyses rather than stirring rhetoric. Asked once on TV what the word “Germany” inspired in her, she replied: “Pretty, airtight windows.” 默克尔的德文传记作者斯蒂凡#8226;柯内琉斯(Stefan Kornelius)解释称,对默克尔来说,自由意味着不受意识形态桎梏的自由。她是关注政策细节类型的政治人士:比起令人心潮澎湃的言论,她更看重事实和分析。有一次,默克尔在电视节目上被问及“德国”这个词会让她想起什么,她回答:“精美、挡风的窗户。” Most northern European political cultures are similarly boring. I grew up in the Netherlands in the 1980s under another Christian Democratic leader, Ruud Lubbers, of whom it was said that when he from the Bible at party meetings it sounded like a cookbook. After 10 years in office he boasted: “I have made the Netherlands duller.” 类似的,欧洲北部多数国家的政治文化都很乏味。我在上世纪80年代的荷兰长大,当时另一位基督教民主党人鲁德#8226;吕贝尔斯(Ruud Lubbers)任荷兰首相。据说,这位领袖在党内会议上朗读《圣经》的时候,听起来就像在读一本烹饪书。在任10年后他自豪地说:“我让荷兰更乏味了。” Britain has shuffled towards this boring pragmatic tradition. Quietly and gradually, the country has dropped “Great” from its name. Even Brexit campaigners aren’t selling imperial dreams; instead, they depict a plucky little England signing trade deals alone. Luckily, the UK has an escape valve that American politics lacks: all British fairytale fantasies can be projected on to the royals. That allows the prime minister to be just a functionary. 英国也在缓慢地转向这种乏味的务实传统。这个国家悄然之间渐渐把“大”字从国名中去掉了。甚至连退欧运动的活动人士也不兜售帝国美梦;相反,他们描绘了一个英勇的小英格兰独立签署贸易协定的前景。幸运的是,英国有一个美国政治缺乏的安全阀:所有的英国童话幻想都可以投射到皇室成员身上。这让首相可以只做公职人员。 Boring pragmatic functionaries often make people’s lives better. Northern European countries lead the world’s happiness rankings. Germany has cut unemployment to a historic low of 6.2 per cent without trashing its welfare state. 乏味务实的官员往往会让人们的生活更好。欧洲北方国家在全世界的幸福指数排名中名列前茅。德国在没有放弃福利国家体制的情况下,已将失业率降至6.2%的历史低点。 But the pragmatists’ greatest achievement goes unseen: averting disaster. In John le Carré’s novel A Small Town in Germany, a British diplomat calls this his lifetime mission. He says, “Every night, as I go to sleep, I say to myself: another day achieved. Another day added to the unnatural life of a world on its deathbed. And if I never relax, if I never lift my eye, we may run on for another hundred years.” 但人们还忽略了务实者的最大成就:避祸。在约翰#8226;勒卡雷(John Le Carre)的小说《德国小镇》(A Small Town in Germany)中,一名英国外交官把这称为他毕生的使命。他说,“每天夜里,在我入睡之前,我对自己说:我又完成了一天。为这个迈向灭亡的世界违背自然的寿命延长了一天。如果我永远不放松,永远不抬起双眼,我们可能继续存续100年。” Germans understand the sentiment. They experienced complete collapse in 1945, and then again under Merkel’s eyes in East Germany in 1989. She once said she possessed “competence in the early detection of collapsing systems”. When it looked as if the euro would collapse she told Bulgaria’s prime minister Boyko Borisov that the “Maya and other civilisations” had disappeared. In other words, today’s Europe could too. Her heroic task: keep politics boring. 德国人理解这样的情感。他们在1945年经历了彻底崩溃,在1989年的东德又经历了一次,后一次是默克尔本人亲眼所见。她曾说,她拥有“在早期发现系统崩溃的胜任能力”。在欧元区看起来即将解体的时候,她曾告诉保加利亚总理伊科#8226;鲍里索夫(Boyko Borisov),“玛雅和其他文明”消失了。换句话说,今天的欧洲也可能重蹈覆辙。她的英雄使命:让政治继续乏味下去。 /201603/434364


  Ren Qingtai (1850 ~ 1932)任庆泰(1850?1932)Ren Qingtai, also known as Ren Jingfeng, was born in Faku County, Liaoning Province in 1850 and died of disease in Beijing 1932. He was the first Chinese filmmaker, so he was called the “Father of Chinese Film”.庆泰,字景丰,又字觐风,1850年出生于辽宁省法库县,1932年病逝于北京。任庆泰是中国电影第一人,因此被称为“中国电影之父”。Ren Qingtai went to Japan to learn photography when he was young and then launched the first photograph studio,“Fengtai Photo Studio” in Beijing, 1892. Although Ren Qingtai did not learnphotography in China, the motivation for him to learn the skill and to open his own photograph studio in China was drawn from the environment in north China where he grew up. Another factor was related to the development of Japan which became an e-conomical and military empire in the following two decades since the Meiji Reform began in 1874. Therefore, Ren Qingtai traveled to Japan to learn Western photography.任庆泰青年时在日本学习过照相技术,1892年在北京开设第一家照相馆——丰泰照相 馆。尽管当时任庆泰在中国不是学照相的,但由于受他成长的中国北方环境的影 响下,他决定学习照相技术,在中国开设自己的照相馆。另一个原因与当时日本的发展有关。在1874年明治维新后的20多年里,日本成为经济和军事强国,因此, 任庆泰便到日本学习西方照相技术。Around the beginning of the twentieth century, foreign films gathered in China attracted a great number of Chinese audiences. But only foreigners were entitled to show and make films then. With the rise of foreign film business from Italy, France and the USA, etc. which undoubtedly stimulated directly the first Chinese filmmaker very few Chinese people went to see the traditional Chinese “shadow play”(Ying Zi Xi). Ren#39;s motivation to make films was related to make Chinese films which cater to the enjoyment of Chinese viewers. Another reason attributed to a commercial wave that was stimulated by the new medium of film which accelerated the birth of Chinese film.20世纪初前后,汇集在中国的外国电影吸引了大批的中国观众,那时,放电影和拍摄电影也只是外国人的权利。毋庸置疑,来自意大利、法国和美国等外国电影 业的兴起直接刺激了中国第一位电影摄制者,而很少有中国观众去光顾中国传统的“影戏”。所以,任庆泰初拍中国电影是为了迎合中国观众的享受。另外一个原 因归于加速中国电影诞生的西方电影新事物刺激下的一股商业浪潮。In 1905, Ren mounted a sheet against a wall outside his studio as a backdrop ,and filmed several excerpts from traditional Beijing Operas acted by famous Beijing Opera artist Tan Xinpei. Thus the first film, The Battle of Mount Dingjun, was successfully made in China.1905年,庆泰在他照相馆外墙上裱出一片空白作为背景,拍摄了由著名京剧表演艺术家谭鑫培表演的原于传统京剧的几个片段。就这样,由中国人拍摄的第一部中国电影《定军山》成功地诞生了。Following the success of the first film of Beijing Opera, Fengtai Studio continued to make seven films of Beijing Opera, including Chang Ban Po (1905), Green Rocky Mountain (Qing Shi Shan) (1906), Leopard (Jin Qian Bao) 1906, The Sunny Mansion ( Yan Yang Lou) 1906, White Water Shoal (Bai Shui Tan) (1907) , Capture Guan Sheng (Shou Guan Sheng) (1907) , Spinning Cotton (1908) , etc. These films were characterized by acrobatic fighting, dance movements and facial expressions.随着第一部京剧电影的成功,丰泰照相馆又继续拍摄《长坂坡》(1905)、《青石山》(1906)、《金钱豹》(1906)、《艳阳楼》(1906)、《白水滩》(1907)、《收关胜》 (1907)和《纺棉花》(1908)等七部电影。这些电影都以武打格斗、戏曲舞步和面部表情为特点。During this period, the filmmaker Ren Qingtai changed his department store into a cinema named Daguanlou Theatre which became the first Chinese cinema only showing films. The theatre promoted his film business to be more flourishing and prosperous. Fengtai Studio produced a total of eight films based on Beijing Opera from 1905 to 1909. All of them were made in Beijing and were warmly received by the public. The fad indicated that not only were Chinese films a success, but also that the aesthetic and cultural psychology of Chinese filmmaker and audience were in accordance with each other.在此期间,电影导演任庆泰也把他的百货公司改建成了大观楼影戏园,后来成为仅放电影的第一个中国电影院。大观楼影戏园促使他的电影业蓬勃发展一片生机。1905至1909年间,丰泰照相馆共拍摄了八部京剧电影,所有电影均在北京拍摄并获得公众的热烈欢迎。事实表明,不但中国电影成功了,而且中国电影导演的审美和文化心理是符合中国观众的。In 1909, a fire ruined Daguanlou Theatre and also ended all film activities of Ren Qingtai.1909年,一场大火烧毁大观楼影戏园,同时也结束了任庆泰电影生涯的所有活动。 /201605/443502

  Prime Minister David Cameron is to step down by October after the UK voted to leave the European Union.英国首相卡梅伦在英国公投决定脱欧后将于十月辞去首相职务。Mr Cameron made the announcement in a statement outside Downing Street after the final result was announced.在公投结果被宣布后,卡梅伦在唐宁街外的演讲中发布了该声明。In a speech outside 10 Downing Street he said:在这场演讲中他说道:;The British people have voted to leave the EU and their will must be respected.“英国人民已经投票选择离开欧盟,他们的选择应该受到尊重。The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered.英国人民的意愿是必须得到遵从的指令。There can be no doubt about the result.这样的结果毋庸置疑。Across the world people have been watching the choice that Britain has made.全世界人民都在关注着英国人民的选择。This will require strong, determined and committed leadership.这样的选择需要强大的、决断的、坚定的领导人。I am very proud to have been Prime Minister of this country for six years.能够担任六年英国首相我深感荣幸。I have held nothing back.我毫无保留。The british people have made a very clear decision to英国人民已经做出了明确的选择。I think the country requires fresh leadership.我想英国需要新的领导人。I do not think I can be the captain to take the country to its next destination.我认为我不再有能力领导英国进入下一个目的地了。In my view I think we should have a new prime minister in place by the start of the Conservative conference in October.;依我看来,我认为我们应该在十月的保守党会议开始之际选出一名新首相。” /201606/451071Wedding Reception in Chinese Society中式婚宴In Chinese society, the wedding reception is known as xi-jiu, (literally joyful wine),and is far more important than the wedding itself which tends to be a brief civil ceremony.在中国社会,中式婚宴即喜酒,(字面上说是高兴的酒),比婚礼本身更重要,因为这相当于小型的民间仪式。The timing and the characteristics of the reception vary strongly from local to local.婚宴的时间和特征在地域上有明显的不同。They are typically extremely elaborate and expensive,often costing several years salary of the groom’s family.典型的婚宴是精心布置而且非常昂贵的,通常需要花费新郎家几年的薪水。However, because cash in the form of red envelopes and jewelry (particulariy gold) are given as wedding presents, and because the wedding hosts keep very careful track of the cost of the gifts (jewelry is given wth a receipt which indicates the actual cost of the gift),the cost of the reception is effectively split among the wedding guests.然而,因为有红包和珠宝(特别是金子)作为婚礼礼物,还有因为婚礼主持会对礼物价值作记录(珠宝的收据即使礼物的实际花费),婚宴的成本就被有效地分摊到每个婚礼客人上。Wedding receptions also build local community solidarity.婚宴还能培养团体凝聚力。As each couple weds, their wedding reception is in effect financed with gifts from the other members of the community with the expectation that the new couple and their family will give gifts in future wedding receptions within the village.当每对夫妇结婚时,他们的婚宴实际上是由团体中的其他成员以礼物形式资助,而团体中的其他成员则希望这对新婚夫妇和他们的家族能在将来的(其他成员的)婚宴时也送礼。 /201605/445055



  That#39;s exhilarating if you#39;re doing well, and very crushing if you#39;re not. It leads, in the worst cases -- in the analysis of a sociologist like Emil Durkheim -- it leads to increased rates of suicide. There are more suicides in developed, individualistic countries than in any other part of the world. And some of the reason for that is that people take what happens to them extremely personally -- they own their success, but they also own their failure.如果你做的很好,这是件令人愉快的事 相反的情况,就很令人沮丧 社会学家Emil Durkheim 分析发现 这提高了自杀率 追求个人主义的已发展国家的自杀率 高过于世界上其它地方 原因是人们把发生在自己身上的事情 全当作自己的责任 人们拥有成功,也拥有失败。Is there any relief from some of these pressures that I#39;ve been outlining? I think there is. I just want to turn to a few of them. Let#39;s take meritocracy. This idea that everybody deserves to get where they get to, I think it#39;s a crazy idea, completely crazy. I will support any politician of Left and Right, with any halfway-decent meritocratic idea; I am a meritocrat in that sense. But I think it#39;s insane to believe that we will ever make a society that is genuinely meritocratic; it#39;s an impossible dream.有什么方法可以解决刚才提到的 这些焦虑呢? 是有的。我想提出几项 先说“功绩主义” 也就是相信每个人的地位忠实呈现他的能力 我认为这种想法太疯狂了 我可以持所有相信这个想法的 无论是左倾还是右倾的政治家 我同样相信功绩主义 但我认为一个完全彻底以能力取决地位的社会 是个不可能的梦想。The idea that we will make a society where literally everybody is graded, the good at the top, bad at the bottom, exactly done as it should be, is impossible. There are simply too many random factors: accidents, accidents of birth, accidents of things dropping on people#39;s heads, illnesses, etc. We will never get to grade them, never get to grade people as they should.这种我们能创造一个 每个人的能力都忠实地被分级 好的就到顶端,坏的就到底部 而且保过程毫无差错,这是不可能的 这世上有太多偶然的契机 不同的机运,出身 疾病,从天而降的意外等等 我们却无法将这些因素分级 无法完全忠实的将人分级。I#39;m drawn to a lovely e by St. Augustine in ;The City of God,; where he says, ;It#39;s a sin to judge any man by his post.; In modern English that would mean it#39;s a sin to come to any view of who you should talk to, dependent on their business card. It#39;s not the post that should count. According to St. Augustine, only God can really put everybody in their place; he#39;s going to do that on the Day of Judgment, with angels and trumpets, and the skies will open. Insane idea, if you#39;re a secularist person, like me. But something very valuable in that idea, nevertheless.我很喜欢圣奥古斯丁在“上帝之城”里的一句话 他说“以社会地位评价人是一种罪” 用现在的口吻说 看一个人的名片来决定你是否要和他交谈 是罪 对圣奥古斯丁来说 人的价值不在他的社会地位 只有神可以决定一个人的价值 他将在天使围绕、小号奏鸣 天空破开的世界末日给于最后审判 如果你是像我一样的世俗论者,这想法太疯狂了 但这想法有它的价值。In other words, hold your horses when you#39;re coming to judge people. You don#39;t necessarily know what someone#39;s true value is. That is an unknown part of them, and we shouldn#39;t behave as though it is known. There is another source of solace and comfort for all this. When we think about failing in life, when we think about failure, one of the reasons why we fear failing is not just a loss of income, a loss of status. What we fear is the judgment and ridicule of others. And it exists.换句话说,最好在你开口他人之前悬崖勒马 你很有可能不知道他人的真正价值 这是不可测的 于是我们不该为人下定论 还有另一种慰藉 当我们想象人生中的失败 我们恐惧的原因并不只是 失去收入,失去地位 我们害怕的是他人的和嘲笑,它的确存在。 /201607/454544。



  The graft case of a popular former news anchor of China Central Television (CCTV) will soon be heard, reports said.近日,一则报道指出,中国中央电视台前新闻主播芮成钢涉嫌贪腐一案即将进入审理程序。Rui Chenggang#39;s case is among 34 corruption-related cases at CCTV, and 29 of them have been assigned to judicial organs in Northeast China#39;s Jilin Province, Beijing-based weekly newspaper China Business Journal reported last Tuesday, citing an anonymous source close to the provincial judicial agencies.总部位于北京的《中国商报》上周二援引一位省级司法机构匿名人士报道称,芮成钢一案是中央电视台34起与贪腐有关的案件中的一例,其中29起已经交送给中国东北吉林省的司法机关审理。Rui, a popular host of financial and news programs on CCTV, was taken away by prosecutors on July 11, 2014 together with Li Yong, deputy director of the business channel and another unnamed producer, following the detention of Guo Zhenxi, director of CCTV#39;s business channel, for allegedly receiving bribes in June 2014.芮成钢是央视财经和新闻节目备受欢迎的主持人,于2014年7月11日被检察机关带走,被带走的还有业务部的副总监李勇以及另一位没有透露姓名的制片人。这是在央视财经频道主任郭振玺涉嫌收受贿赂于2014年6月被带走之后发生的。Rui, 36, joined CCTV#39;s English Channel in 2003 and has been no stranger to controversy. He published two books on his successful life and made the rounds of the university speaking circuit.芮成钢今年36岁,于2003年进入中央电视台英语频道,是个颇具争议的人物。他出版了关于他成功人生的两本书,并在大学巡回演讲。He became a household name in China for his nationalistic stance, describing the opening of a Starbucks inside Beijing#39;s Forbidden City as an ;erosion to Chinese culture; in 2007, and later caused a stir when he claimed to ;represent the entire Asia; when trying to raise a question with US President Barack Obama during a G20 summit in 2010.他因自己的民族主义立场而在中国家喻户晓,曾于2007年评价星巴克进驻故宫为 “侵蚀中国文化”,此后,在2010年G20峰会上因向奥巴马总统提问时声称自己“代表整个亚洲”而引起了轰动。 /201604/437908

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