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吴兴区鼻头缩小多少钱湖州中心医院做丰胸手术多少钱An Irishman blinded by an explosion two years ago has had his sight restored after doctors inserted his son's tooth in his eye, he said on Wednesday.Bob McNichol, 57, from County Mayo in the west of the country, lost his sight in a freak accident when red-hot liquid aluminium exploded at a re-cycling business in November 2005."I thought that I was going to be blind for the rest of my life," McNichol told RTE state radio.After doctors in Ireland said there was nothing more they could do, McNichol heard about a miracle operation called Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis (OOKP) being performed by Dr Christopher Liu at the Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton in England.The technique, pioneered in Italy in the 1960s, involves creating a support for an artificial cornea from the patient's own tooth and the surrounding bone.The procedure used on McNichol involved his son Robert, 23, donating a tooth, its root and part of the jaw.McNichol's right eye socket was rebuilt, part of the tooth inserted and a lens inserted in a hole drilled in the tooth.The first operation lasted ten hours and the second five hours."It is pretty heavy going," McNichol said. "There was a 65 percent chance of me getting any sight."Now I have enough sight for me to get around and I can watch television. I have come out from complete darkness to be able to do simple things," McNichol said. 本周三,在两年前的一次爆炸事故中失明的一名爱尔兰人称,医生将其儿子的牙齿植入他的眼睛后,他得以重见光明。57岁的鲍勃#8226;麦克尼克来自爱尔兰西部的梅奥郡。2005年11月,一个废品回收站内滚烫的铝水发生意外爆炸,导致他失明。麦克尼克在接受爱尔兰国家电台的采访时说:“我本以为自己再也看不见东西了。”可就在爱尔兰的医生们束手无策之时,麦克尼克听说英格兰布莱顿市的苏塞克斯眼科医院有一位Chiristopher Liu士,他能做一种名叫“骨齿人工角膜植入术”的神奇手术。该技术于上世纪60年代起源于意大利,它是用病人自己的牙齿和牙齿附近的骨头来撑人造角膜。麦克尼克23岁的儿子罗伯特参与了他的手术,他为父亲提供了一颗牙齿及其牙根,以及下巴的一部分。医生首先将部分牙齿植入麦克尼克重建后的右眼眶,然后将人造晶体嵌入牙齿上钻好的孔里。第一次手术持续了十个小时,第二次持续了五个小时。麦克尼克说:“这个手术相当复杂。我有65%的复明几率。”他说:“以我现在的视力,我能够四处走动,还能看电视。我的眼前不再是一片漆黑,可以做一些简单的事情了。” /200803/28878湖州市第一人民医院激光去斑多少钱 TERROR, stagnation, exile, hope and disillusion are the fabric of Russian history in the last century. These are also the backdrop for Owen Matthews’s poignant history of his family’s battle with Soviet bureaucracy at its most callous and Western officialdom at its most complacent.His father Mervyn was one of the earliest British graduates allowed to study in Russia in the 1950s. This changed his life. First, he fell in love with Lyudmila, the frail, brainy daughter of a senior communist purged in the 1930s. Second, he flirted with the KGB. They insisted that he work for them. When he refused, he was expelled, permanently, from the Soviet Union. Lyudmila’s repeated applications for an exit visa were denied.That could have been the end, among millions of other commonplace tragedies in the decades that the Kremlin devoted to creating paradise on earth. But it wasn’t. Showing great reserves of determination, Mervyn Matthews spent the next five years running a thbare but relentless campaign to get Lyudmila to Britain. He buttonholed any public figure who could help, harassed the press and infuriated Foreign Office mandarins who regarded the whole affair as an irrelevant nuisance. He travelled round Europe to try to lobby visiting Soviet bigwigs, and even managed twice to slip into the Soviet Union on visa-free day trips from Finland to see her.In between he wrote daily to Lyudmila in spare but affectionate prose. He carefully kept copies of his own letters and of her replies, which are steeped with frustrated uxoriousness (love mixed with fussing about his diet and clothes). Through these extracts the er can almost smell the longing and the willpower. They also show how the couple’s unhappy families—Mervyn’s father is absent because he disliked his relations, Lyudmila’s because he died in the Gulag—made them seem to match each other so neatly.The campaign for Lyudmila cost Mervyn his academic career. He did not publish his work on Soviet sociology for fear of offending the Kremlin. After lobbying a visitor to his Oxford college too brusquely, he was eased out and took a job at another university which he despised. In Moscow, Lyudmila was hounded for her love affair with someone from the enemy camp.Astonishingly, the sacrifices were vindicated. In 1969 the Matthews case and that of two other couples were bundled up with an East-West spy swap. Lyudmila came to Britain. The marriage proved less than blissful, although it was saved by dogged loyalty on both sides. Lyudmila adapted poorly to English life; her shy, spartan husband’s grit in adversity proved greater than his husbandly capabilities.But the marriage did produce the author, a legendary hellraiser in Moscow in the 1990s, and now a respectable foreign correspondent. The crisp and admirably self-deprecating vignettes of his own life, both emotional and professional, give his parents’ story a fitting perspective. Few books say so much about Russia then and now, and its effect on those it touches. 恐怖、萧条、流放、希望和觉醒构成了20世纪俄罗斯历史的主旋律。在这段悲怆的历史背景下,作者欧文#8226;马修斯(Owen Matthews)描述了家人同最冷酷无情的苏联当局和最自鸣得意的西方官僚展开的一段争斗历史。在20世纪50年代,欧文的父亲茂文#8226;马修斯正是最早获准留学苏联的英国毕业生之一。不过,这一留学生涯却改变了父亲茂文的人生。首先,茂文爱上了身体娇弱但聪明伶俐的柳德米拉。柳德米拉是一位曾在30年代遭受清洗运动迫害的俄共高级官员的女儿。其次,茂文对苏联国家安全委员会举动轻率。苏联国家安全委员会坚持要求马修斯为他们工作,但遭到拒绝。随后,苏联永久地把欧文#8226;马修斯驱逐出境。柳德米拉屡次申请出国签却屡遭拒绝。在那几十年,克里姆林宫沉迷于创造世间天堂却引发了成千上万件司空见惯的人间悲剧。热恋情人分居两地可能就是最终结局。然而,事实并非如此。为使恋人能够来到英国,茂文#8226;马修斯表现出了巨大的决心,进行了五年微不足道但却不屈不挠的抗争。茂文求助了任何一位能提供帮助的公众人物,烦扰了新闻媒体并激怒了那些认为如此麻烦琐事同外交部毫不相关的官员。他还周游欧洲设法游说前来访问的苏联权贵,甚至有两次从芬兰通过免签入境旅行而悄悄溜入苏联与其相见。在此期间,茂文每天有空时都会给柳德米拉写信,文笔简练却爱意绵绵。他小心翼翼地保留了书信复件和恋人的所有回复,深深沉湎于深受挫折的爱妻情怀(对自己衣食的操心对自己情人的爱心交织不清)。通过以上摘录,读者几乎可察觉到马修斯的相思之苦和毅力之坚。摘录还透露出这对鸳鸯的家人是如此的不幸——茂文的父亲因反对这一婚姻关系而疏远儿子,柳德米拉的父亲因客死古拉格 (劳动改造营总)而永别爱女——以致双方似乎可如此恰好地相偎相依。为情人柳德米拉而奔走呼告的活动却促使茂文的学术事业付之东流。茂文因担心得罪克里姆林宫没有出版自己的苏联社会学研究。他因过于冒然地游说一位访客前往牛津大学的一所学院被免去职务,随后茂文前往另一所其曾不屑一顾的大学执教。在莫斯科,柳德米拉因同敌对阵营的人员有段“风流韵事”而受人骚扰不断。令人惊讶的是,受害者所付出的牺牲最终得到了补偿。在1969,为和一位刺探东西方国家情报的间谍互换,马修斯案和其他二对夫妇的问题一块得以解决。柳德米拉因此来到了英国。尽管忠贞不渝的情深伉俪在勉强维系着婚姻关系,但双方的婚姻后来仍被明并不幸福。妻子柳德米拉并不适应英国式的生活,而羞涩、坚毅的茂文未能同那段艰苦岁月一样,表现出勇气和毅力来尽到作为丈夫的职责。不过,作为一名莫斯科90年代传奇的荒诞作家和一位在当前值得尊敬的驻外记者,本书作者正是这一悲剧爱情的结晶。作者以自我嘲讽的笔调描述了自己那段不同寻常的亲身经历,既富有情感而又颇为专业,从一个恰当的角度叙述了亲生父母的真实故事。极少有书籍会如此详细地介绍俄国的当年和现状,以及简略论述其深远影响。 /200807/45058湖州安吉县妙桃隆胸假体多少钱

湖州市中心医院激光祛痘多少钱Caffeine addiction is so commonplace that nobody will bat an eye if you say you need your daily dose of coffee.Though people claim that coffee benefits them, the efficacy of the brown liquid is often misconceived. For starters, studies have shown that although caffeine may give you more speed, you#39;ll be more prone to making mistakes. This means even if you have a larger output, it#39;ll be of lower quality. More negatives include feeling jittery when you drink too much coffee and withdrawal symptoms like headaches if you choose to stop drinking. Convinced? Here are some tips to kicking your caffeine habit to the curb for good this year:咖啡瘾太常见了,所以如果你说要每天喝杯咖啡,都没有人会在意。虽然人们声称咖啡对他们有益,但这种棕色液体的功效却被经常误解。对刚开始喝咖啡的人们来说,研究表明虽然咖啡因会让你做事速度更快,但也更容易犯错误。这意味着虽然你做了更多事,但质量却更低。负面影响还有:咖啡喝多后会焦躁不安,不喝时会有头痛的戒断症状。现在相信了吧?下面有些小建议可以让你今年永远摆脱喝咖啡的习惯:1. Figure out your quitting style. Everyone has their own way of kicking bad habits, and you can either choose to go cold turkey or ease off it slowly. Remember, if you go cold turkey and suffer withdrawal symptoms, don#39;t take any pain medication for your headaches since those have caffeine in it as well!1. 找到自己的“退出”方式。每个人都有戒掉坏习惯的方法,你可以痛定思痛下决心快速戒掉,也可以慢慢除去坏习惯。要记住的是,如果你决定快点戒掉并且出现戒断症状,别用吃药治疗头痛,因为这些也含有咖啡因!2. Find a replacement. When you find yourself craving coffee, try to replace it with caffeine-free tea. Chamomile and mint tea are always good options.2. 找替代品。当你很想喝咖啡时,试着喝茶代替,它们不含咖啡因。菊花茶和薄荷茶总是很好的选择。3. Try decaf. When you just miss the comfort of the taste of coffee, opt for decaf. Keep in mind that there#39;s actually a small amount of caffeine in a decaffeinated cup of joe, so drink a small cup.3. 试试看无咖啡因咖啡。当你想起沁人心脾的咖啡味时,就喝没有咖啡因的咖啡吧。要记得在一杯“不含咖啡因”的咖啡中,还是会有少量咖啡因的,所以喝一小杯即可。Of course, it#39;s up to each individual to decide if quitting coffee is right for them. I#39;d say you should truly consider it if you#39;re drinking excessive amounts (more than three or four cups a day) and if you#39;re feeling some of the negative effects of caffeine.当然,每个人要自己决定戒咖啡是否合适。如果你喝过量的咖啡(一天超过三四杯),而且感觉到咖啡因的一些副作用,我觉得你确实该考虑一下是否要戒了。 /201302/224072湖州市中心医院激光去痘多少钱 湖州医院冰点脱毛多少钱

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