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  • Interesting Facts About Girls: 10 Things You Should Know About GIrls女生的十个有趣事实:关于女生你应该知道的十件事This article is going to be a really interesting one. So I suggest you sit back, relax and get y to be entertained as I disclose to you the top 10 interesting facts and things that you never knew about girls and women.So without wasting any more time, let us proceed with the interesting facts that you never knew about girls and women in general:这篇文章将会很有意思。所以我建议你坐下来放松放松,随着我向你揭露十个有关女生的有趣事实,准备开心开心一下。话不多说,让我们开始介绍关于女生你不知道的有趣事实吧。1.Just like guys spend time thinking about a girl they have a crush on, girls also do likewise. Studies have shown that majority of girls spend about 15 percent to 20 percent of their time thinking about a specific boy or man that they have a crush on.1.就像男孩子们会花时间朝思暮想着他们迷恋的女生一样,女生也会如此。研究表明大多数女生会发大约15%到20%的时间相思她们心仪的男孩。2. Girls are more childish than guys. This is a plain fact! In as much as every person has some level of childishness in them, studies have shown that girls tend to be more childish than guys.2.女生比男生更加孩子气。这是一个明显事实!差不多每个人都有一定程度的童真,研究表明女生要比男生更孩子气。3.Girls are more caring than guys. Studies have shown that the proportion of girls and women that are caring far supersedes the proportion of guys who care. Girls are programmed to be more caring than guys are. Most guys might not want to agree with me on this but it is hundred percent true women are more caring than men. That is how come mothers are more caring than fathers.3。女生比男生更具爱心。研究表明,来自女生和妇女的关爱比例要远远大于男士。女生天生就比男生有爱心。在这点上可能很多男生可能不太赞同我,但事实百分之百如此。这就是为什么来自母亲的关爱要比父亲多。4. Most girls are under the impression that all what guys want is to sleep with them until the guys prove otherwise.4.在男生没有通过其它方式明前,大多数女生都会是这样的想法--男生想要的就是和她们睡觉。5.A lot of girls don’t like it when guys use profane words and say perverted things. Most girls find these kinds of guys as simply immature. And believe me girls do not like immature guys.5.很多女生不喜欢男生用一些不敬的词并且说一些歪门邪道的事。大部分女生认为这样的男生不成熟。相信我,女生们不喜欢不成熟的男生。6. Girls cannot keep a secret among their girl friends. You tell them a secret today and the next thing you know all their girl friends will know about it. Can you believe that? I find this very interesting. So if you want to keep a secret then try not to let her know.6.女生在她们的女性朋友圈里是保不住秘密的。你今天告诉她们一个秘密,接下来你会发现她们所有的女性朋友都会知道。你能相信这点吗?我觉得这非常有意思。所以如果你想保守秘密,试着不要让她知道。7.Girls remember things more than guys do. They remember even the smallest of events. They are just programmed that way.7.女生比男孩更好记事。即使是一件微不足道的小事她们都可能记得。她们只不过生来就这样。8.Females live longer than men. In a recent study in the ed States, it was found out that women live an average of 5 to 8 years longer than men.8。女性比男性长寿。美国最近的一项研究发现,女性的平均寿命要比男性长5到8年。9.Almost all girls flirt – especially if they want a particular guy. But the interesting fact here is that girls tend to hate other girls that flirt. Can you believe this? Crazy isn’t it?9.几乎所有的女生都会去调情——特别是如果她们着迷一个特定的男生时。但这里有趣的是,女孩一般都会讨厌其他打情骂俏的女孩。你能相信这点吗?太不可思议了,是吧?10. Girls are generally more complicated than guys are.10.通常,女生比男生更复杂。 /201206/188222
  • On TV, in film, and in ;Save the Date; cards tacked to fridges everywhere, we are steeped in the cultural white noise of wedding voyeurism and schadenfreude. A new study threatens to change the conversation: The number of married Americans is at a record low. The Pew Research Center has crunched the Census data and discovered that only 51 percent of adults are married. That number plunges to 20 percent for 18-to-29-year-olds. In 2010, weddings dropped by 5 percent from the previous year.电视里,电影里,各家各户冰箱上贴着的;婚礼日期提醒卡;(婚礼请柬)上,我们摆脱不了某种文化白噪音;;我们曝露在窥探他人私密的八卦人群之间,我们浸透在幸灾乐祸的看客之中。而最近的一项调查却转变了我们的话题:美国结婚人数创历史最低纪录。美国调查机构皮尤研究中心对人口普查资料进行了分析,发现美国只有51%的成年夫妇已婚,其中18-29岁的青年中已婚人数比例跌至20%。2010年,结婚人数比2009年降低了5%。This study is just the latest one to track a broadening of relationship choices for the youngest generation. Cohabitation is on the rise. Last year#39;s Pew research on marriage unearths the ambivalence behind the numbers: 44 percent of Millennials feel that marriage is ;becoming obsolete.; So is marriage on its way out?青年人的婚恋关系选择面在不断拓宽,这次即是对最年轻的一代进行的跟踪调查。我们发现,年轻人同居的现象日益增多。去年皮尤研究中心对婚姻的研究揭露了隐藏在数字背后的矛盾心态:44%的新千年一代认为婚姻;越来越过时了;。那么婚姻真的过时了吗?Hardly. Scholars and sociologists say that younger generations are probably delaying marriage, but that doesn#39;t mean we won#39;t eventually tie the knot. ;The age of marriage has reached an all-time high,; says the Council on Contemporary Families#39; director of research, Stephanie Coontz;26.5 for brides, 28.7 for grooms. Some people may stay single forever. But Coontz warns that the number won#39;t be as dramatic as we might think. ;My guess would be that a slightly lower, but still fairly high amount of people will get married in their lifetimes;say, 84 percent as opposed to 90 percent a few years ago, or the 95 percent abberration in the 1950s.;不尽然。一些学者与社会学家表示,年轻一代很可能在延迟结婚,但并不意味永远不结婚。;平均结婚年龄已经创下空前最高纪录;;新娘26.5岁,新郎28.7岁。;当代家庭协会的研究主任斯蒂芬妮;昆兹这样说道。还有一些人可能永远保持单身。但昆兹提醒我们,这个人数不会像我们想象的那么多。;我猜想,虽然结婚人数可能会减少,但依然有相当多的人会在一生中选择结婚;;相对于几年前成年人中已婚人数为90%,目前则只有85%,早而在上个世纪50年代,这个比例是95%。;Indeed, a majority of singles are hoping to walk down an aisle one day;even those in cohabiting couples;regardless of marriage#39;s obsolescence. Therein lies the paradox: Why do we want to join an institution that, according to us, is passing its expiration date? Privately, we#39;re choosing to live in sin or by our lonesomes. But publicly, we profess our interest in joining the oldest of romantic institutions. Or is it the other way around?事实上,大多数单身贵族还是很希望有一天;;可以像其他同居男女一样;;走在林荫道上;;先不考虑婚姻的。其中存在一个悖论:为什么我们都想遵循,在我们看来,是一种即将过时的制度呢?背地里,我们选择罪恶地姘居或过着独居生活;却公开宣称自己对加入那种最过时 但具有浪漫情调的制度多么有兴趣。或者又多么没兴趣?Here#39;s one possibility: The word ;marriage; means different things in different contexts. On a societal level, marriage dredges up images of antiquated gender roles, social pressures, and institutional control. But individually, we see the opportunity to mold the institution to fit our own values;even more now that it#39;s not obligatory.这里有一种可能的解释:;婚姻;这个词在不同的语境中意义不同。在社会层面上,婚姻让人想起那种过时的性别角色形象、社会压力以及制度上的约束。但个人看来,我们有机会改进这种制度让其符合我们的价值观;;更多是因为婚姻不是强制的。;As marriage has become less necessary to support yourself, to gain respectability, to have a rewarding life and a successful life, we#39;ve raised our expectations of what kind of a relationship we want,; says Coontz. ;Because it#39;s not essential, we#39;re no longer willing to enter a marriage that we don#39;t see as being really, really good.;;我们能够自力更生、获取社会地位、过上有意义而又成功的生活,在这个过程中,婚姻变得越来越不必要,我们对自己想要的那种婚恋关系的期望值抬高了,;昆兹表示,;因为婚姻不重要了,我们不再心甘情愿地踏入我们认为真的真的那么好的婚姻殿堂了。;That logic may mean that our generation waits to get hitched for the ;right; reasons;love, compatibility, financial stability (which, given the state of the economy, is inevitably delayed). That explains the rise of cohabitation as much as it does the fall of marriage. Most of us who choose to live together see it as a test drive for marriage, not a real alternative. But because we recognize that we do have options, marriage seems more ;ours.;那样的逻辑可能意味着,我们这一代就是在等;对;的结婚理由;;爱情、合得来以及经济基础稳定(考虑到经济状况,结婚就不可避免地延迟了。)这也很容易解释随着结婚人数的下降,同居人数却在上升。多数选择生活在一起的人都将同居看做;试婚;,而不是一个婚姻备选项。但原因是我们认识到了自己有选择权,这样看来,婚姻更是;我们自己的事儿;。By agreeing that marriage is ;obsolete,; we#39;re saying good riddance to our parents#39; idea of what the word means. But so many of us feel this way that we have created a new social compact around the institution#39;s redefinition. We#39;re signing the certificates on the premise that we#39;re ambivalent about marriage but too chicken to start from scratch. Pretty soon our friends will pair up and fall in line. And so it begins again.我们赞同婚姻;过时;这种说法,就已经摆脱了父母眼中这个词的概念,这的确可喜可贺。许多人都有这种感觉,感觉自己已经围着这个制度的再定义创造了一种新的社会契约。在婚书上签字的那一刻,心中依然充满矛盾、胆怯,没有白手起家的勇气。但是很快,我们的朋友们就成双成对地加入结婚大军。那么结婚就又流行了。 /201201/167516
  • Japanese researchers on Friday unveiled a population clock that showed the nation#39;s people could theoretically become extinct in 1,000 years because of declining birth rates.日本研究人员上周五发布了一个人口倒计时钟,该时钟显示,由于出生率持续下降,理论上日本人将于1000年后灭绝。Academics in the northern city of Sendai said that Japan#39;s population of children aged up to 14, which now stands at 16.6 million, is shrinking at the rate of one every 100 seconds.日本北部城市仙台的学者称,日本14岁以下儿童人口目前为1660万,正在以每100秒1个的速度减少。Their extrapolations pointed to a Japan with no children left within a millennium.学者们的推断指出,日本在1000年后将没有儿童。;If the rate of decline continues, we will be able to celebrate the Children#39;s Day public holiday on May 5, 3011 as there will be one child,; said Hiroshi Yoshida, an economics professor at Tohoku University.日本东北大学的经济学教授吉田浩说:“按这种下降速度,到3011年5月5日我们将剩下一名儿童,仍能庆祝儿童节。”;But 100 seconds later there will be no children left,; he said. ;The overall trend is towards extinction, which started in 1975 when Japan#39;s fertility rate fell below two.;他说:“但再过100秒,日本将没有儿童。自从1975年日本生育率降到每名育龄妇女两个孩子以内,走向灭绝便成了总体趋势。”Yoshida said he created the population clock to encourage ;urgent; discussion of the issue.吉田说他创立这一人口钟是为了鼓励人们“紧急”开展关于这一问题的讨论。Another study released earlier this year showed Japan#39;s population is expected to shrink to a third of its current 127.7 million over the next century.今年早些时候发布的另一项研究显示,下世纪日本人口将缩减到现有人口(1.277亿)的三分之一。Government projections show the birth rate will hit just 1.35 children per woman within 50 years, well below the replacement rate.政府预测显示,50年内日本生育率将降至每名妇女1.35个小孩,大大低于人口替换率。Meanwhile, life expectancy — aly one of the highest in the world — is expected to rise from 86.39 years in 2010 to 90.93 years in 2060 for women and from 79.64 years to 84.19 years for men.与此同时,日本已然是世界第一的人口寿命将进一步延长。日本女性的平均寿命将从2010年的86.39岁增加到2060年的90.93岁,而日本男性的寿命将从2010年的79.64岁增加到2060年的84.19岁。More than 20 percent of Japan#39;s people are aged 65 or over, one of the highest proportions of elderly in the world.超过20%的日本人年龄在65岁以上(含65岁),是世界上老年人口比例最大的国家之一。Japan has very little immigration and any suggestion of opening the borders to young workers who could help plug the population gap provokes strong reactions among the public.日本的外来移民很少,向外国年轻工人开放边境能帮助填补人口差距,但这种提议总是会激起民众的强烈反应。The greying population is a headache for policymakers who are faced with trying to ensure an ever-dwindling pool of workers can pay for a growing number of pensioners.老龄化人口是让决策者头疼的事情,他们面临着如何用不断减少的劳动人口付的养老金来养活越来越多的退休老人的问题。But for some Japanese companies the inverting of the traditional ageing pyramid provides commercial opportunities.然而,对一些日本公司而言,传统老龄化金字塔结构的这一倒转提供了商机。Unicharm said Friday that sales of its adult diapers had ;slightly surpassed; those for babies in the financial year to March, for the first time since the company moved into the seniors market.日本尤妮佳公司上周五称,在截止到三月的上一个财政年度中,成人尿布的销量“略微超过了”婴儿尿布的销量,这在该公司进军老年人市场后是首次。 /201205/182009
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