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德清县第三人民医院激光祛痣多少钱湖州曙光整形美容医院治疗腋臭多少钱The list was created after consultations with vets, dog behaviour experts and owners from across the UK.这是一份向兽医、行为专家以及英国各地宠物主人咨询之后得出的清单。The bucket list was compiled by MORE THgt;N pet insurance and TV vet Marc Abraham.这张愿望清单是由MORE THgt;N宠物保险公司以及电视兽医马克·亚伯拉罕搜集制作的。A survey found that 8% of dogs had not experienced any of the 50 activities although 7% had completed it in its entirety.一项调查显示,8%的从来没做过这50件中的任何一件,而只有7%的完成了所有这些事。The figures showed that 20% had never had the pleasure of bounding through the forest while 26% had not attended a family picnic.数据显示20%的从未享受到没有穿越森林的乐趣,26%的也从来未和家人野餐过。But they did show that 46.5% had known the simple joy of ;going mad; in the snow, while 39% had gone swimming in the sea and 33% had done the ;Beethoven shake;, soaking everyone around them.不过有46.5%的喜欢在雪地里打滚,39%的曾在海里游泳,还有33%的曾展示过标志性的甩身动作,甩得周围人一身水。Mr Abraham said: “Make no mistake about it, we’re a nation of dog lovers, but it seems a lot of owners have become stuck in a rut. Taking our dogs on morning and evening walks during the week and out to a park at the weekend has become the norm.亚伯拉罕先生说:“毫无疑问,我们(英国)是一个爱的国度,不过似乎主人们都陷入一种固定模式。每天早晚带出去散步,周末去公园已经成了常态。”;Understanding and appreciating the many different things you can now do with your dog will greatly enrich the lives of both you and your four-legged friends.”“要充分理解并享受这些现在你可以和自己的一起做的事,它们会大大丰富你和你的动物朋友的生活。”50 things every dog should do before it dies汪星人死前必做的50件事1. Flop down in front of a morning fire1. 看日出2. Go for a swim in the sea2.去海里游泳3. Go mad in the snow3. 在雪地里撒欢4. Dig up a flower bed4. 在花坛里刨坑5. Do the #39;Beethoven#39; shake and soak everyone around you5. 做汪星人标志性的甩身动作,甩到周围每个人一身水6. Have your own spot on the sofa6. 在家中的沙发上拥有一个自己的专属位置7. Accompany your owner on a run/cycle ride7. 陪主人骑自行车8. Attend a family picnic8. 参加一次家庭野餐9. Help your owner bad a date9. 陪主人约会10. Cheer your owner up when they are down10. 在主人郁闷的时候逗他们开心11. Visit a different continent11. 出国12. Roll around in a really stinky, muddy puddle12. 在泥塘打滚13. Ruin a pair or slippers or shoes13. 毁掉一双鞋,拖鞋也行14. Sleep in your owners bed14. 睡主人的床15. Wake your owner with a big wet sloppy kiss15. 用舌头舔醒主人16. Chase a cat during a dream16. 在梦里追逐喵星人17. Learn the word for #39;sit#39; in another language17. 学习其他语言的“坐下”18. Join in a football game in the park18. 在公园里玩一场足球19. Meet a famous dog19. 拜访一只著名的汪星人20. Try your paws at dancing20. 舞动爪子试着跳舞21. Convince your owner you can howl English words21. 向主人表演说人话22. Get filthy within 30 minutes of a bath22. 在洗完澡30分钟内弄得脏兮兮的23. Howl along with your favourite song23. 跟着最爱的歌一起嚎24. Ride in an open top car24. 坐一次敞篷车25. Learn to skateboard25. 学滑板26. Have a personalised Christmas stocking26. 得到一双专用的圣诞袜27. Show the postman who#39;s boss27. 向邮递员示威28. Be a ring bearer at a wedding28. 在婚礼上当一回护戒使者29. Try to follow a squirrel up a tree29. 上树追松鼠30. Go to work with your owner30. 跟主人一块儿上班31. Have your own social media page31. 拥有自己的社交网站主页32. Bound through a forest32. 穿越森林33. Have a personalised kennel33. 有自己的专属窝34. Go on a boat and get your sea legs34. 坐船(不晕)35. Play frisbee on the beach35. 在海滩上玩飞盘36. Receive your own birthday card36. 收到生日贺卡37. Steal someone#39;s lunch when they#39;re not looking37. 趁人不注意偷吃某人的午餐38. Watch an entire episode of #39;The Washing Machine#39;38. 完整看一集《洗衣机》(英国电影)39. Eat doggy ice cream39. 吃汪星人冰淇淋40. Create a diversion and steal another dog#39;s dinner40. 制造恶作剧,偷吃其他汪星人的晚餐41. Rug a doggy marathon41. 在地毯上跑马拉松42. Receive a doggy birthday cake42. 收到汪星人生日蛋糕43. Rip the stuffing out of a pillow or cushion43. 咬破枕头或靠垫44. Unwrap birthday presents44. 打开生日礼物45. Watch Lassie on TV45、在电视上看《神犬拉茜》46. Be in a family portrait46. 跟主人家一起拍全家福47. Have a stand off with your own reflection47. 在镜子前吓得跑掉48. Have a favourite local pub48. 有自己在当地最爱的酒吧49. Star in a YouTube 49. 有自己的YouTube视频50. Sleep in a boutique dog hotel50. 住一次高级的汪星人旅店 /201210/205388湖州吴兴区切割双眼皮哪家好 How to Spend Valentine#39;s Day?今年情人节怎么过?We hold love in our hearts rather than our hands, and we see it only when we give it to another. Simple, heartfelt gestures are the best way to offer the gift of love.爱是开在心中的花朵,只有当我们把它献给对方的时候,才能看见它的笑容。最好的礼物是用心准备的礼物。Things You#39;ll Need你需要这些:CD Players, Answering Machines, Printers, Candles, Flowers, Picnic Basket, Wrapping Paper, Hershey#39;s Kisses Candy, Sparkling Waters, Breakfast Tray, Romantic Music, Romantic Music, Construction Paper, Stationery, Computers, BalloonsCD机,答录机,打印机,蜡烛,花,野餐篮,包装纸,好时巧克力,苏打水,早餐盘,浪漫的音乐,色卡纸,文具,电脑,气球For boys:男生篇Show Her You Love Her向她表示你的爱Leave a note on her pillow, a note on her dressing table mirror, a note on the breakfast table, and a note on her car#39;s steering wheel.在她的枕头、梳妆镜、早餐桌、汽车的方向盘上统统留下爱的小便条。Find a classic love poem and write it on the bathroom mirror.找一首经典的情诗,写在浴室的镜子上。Bring her breakfast in bed - with a love note on the tray.为她准备床上的早餐;别忘了在餐盘上留下爱的小便条。Draw a heart on her makeup mirror.在她的化妆镜上画颗爱心。Use a can of water-soluble, non-toxic aerosol paint to write a message of love on the grass in your yard.使用水溶无毒的油漆喷雾在院子的玻璃上写下绵绵的情话。Call her favorite radio station and request a romantic song during the time she drives to home.打电话给她最爱的电台,并在她开车回家的时候点播一首浪漫的歌。Change the welcome message on your answering machine to an expression of love.把答录机上的欢迎词变成真爱的流露。Show up at her workplace, meet her as she takes her break, and whisk her away to a lovely park. Have a picnic lunch, complete with candle and rose.在她休息的时候,出现在她的公司,带她去一个美丽的小公园,享受一顿带烛光与玫瑰的浪漫野餐。Write her a long letter, one in which you recall the most emotional parts of your romantic history.为她写一首长诗,回忆爱情路上最感人的瞬间。Print out ;I Love You; posters on your computer, put them on your garage door and on light posts around the neighborhood.制作;我爱你;的海报,张贴在车库的门上以及社区的灯柱上。Ask her to watch the sunset with you - and promise her your love will burn longer than the sun.带她去看夕阳;告诉她你的爱将比太阳更长久。Open the windows, put her favorite romantic song on the CD player, and invite her to dance under the stars.打开窗,播放她最爱的歌曲,与她一起在繁星下起舞。 /201202/171146People who have been surfing the Internet for a long time may have dozens of avatars that they#39;ve created over the years, but more often than not, they say that the first avatar you create is the most like yourself. Itrsquo;s also common for people to create an avatar who is the opposite of them, a virtual alter ego. Either way, when we create a character instinctually, it reveals enormous amounts about our sensitivities, personality and priorities. That is called avatar personality.混迹网络许久的人们大概都会有过十几个头像,不过有人说,你选的第一个头像是最像你自己的。还有人喜欢用跟自己形象完全不同的头像,展现虚拟的另一个自己。不管怎么样,我们凭着直觉创建头像时,它就会反应出我们的敏感度、个性以及喜好。这就是;头像性格;。A micro blog post that defines aura fields for different types of avatars has gone viral. It goes like this: A woman with a weak aura field will most likely have an avatar of a mighty female, a woman with a strong aura field will use her own photo as avatar; a man with a strong aura field usually chooses comic figures as his avatar, while a weak man#39;s avatar often is a photo of himself.一则鉴定微头像气场的段子被疯狂转发:气场不强的女人,头像往往是个气场很强的洋妞;气场强大的女人,头像一般是真相;气场强大的男人,头像一般是动漫人物,气场不强的男人,头像是真相。词汇点津: 大家看到avatar会不会觉得有点儿眼熟呢?没错,它就是曾经的年度巨片《阿凡达》的大名。在英语中,avatar有;头像;的意思。 /201112/164916浙江省湖州奥美定取出多少钱

湖州双眼皮开眼角价格湖州曙光整形美容医院开个眼角怎么样 讲述清朝后宫(the imperial harem)明争暗斗的电视剧《甄嬛传》在荧屏上大获成功,“甄嬛效应”无处不在,“甄嬛体”、“华妃体”火爆网络,有人甚至将其视为职场新人指南。《甄嬛传》成功背后究竟有着什么秘密?;I pity the empress. Poor empress.;“我很同情皇后,她很可怜。”;Do you think Zhen Huan really loves the emperor?;“你认为甄嬛真的爱皇帝吗?”From campuses to offices, from shopping malls to the streets, talk about Legend of Zhen Huan is everywhere.从校园到写字楼,从购物中心到街头巷尾,到处都在谈论《甄嬛传》。Unlike other long TV series, Legend of Zhen Huan, the 76-episode Qing dynasty drama series, has kept attracting new audiences along the way. It has enjoyed widesp popularity on the Chinese mainland over the past months.不同于其他的长篇剧集,这部76集的清代古装剧《甄嬛传》自播出以来一路火爆,不断有新观众加入追剧阵营。。在过去几个月中,该剧集在国内大受欢迎。The story is seemingly the same as those dramas which look into the lives of women in the imperial palace: it focuses on plots and intrigues within the Inner Palace during Emperor Yongzheng#39;s reign.该剧看起来似乎同那些讲述后宫女人生活的古装剧并无两样:它主要讲述了雍正在位期间,后宫中发生的一系列阴谋诡计。The heroine, Zhen Huan (Sun Li), initially a kind and innocent young lady, enters the emperor#39;s harem of concubines. Discovering that the palace is a cruel and harsh place, Zhen learns how to survive on her own.主人公甄嬛(孙俪饰演)起初是位单纯善良的少女,进入后宫成为皇帝的妃嫔。当意识到在残酷无情的后宫中举步维艰时,甄嬛学会了自己的生存之道。However, Legend of Zhen Huan seems to arouse more discussion than any drama series. Why? Some experts say it#39;s because it#39;s a well-made series from inside out.而相比其他任何一部电视剧,《甄嬛传》似乎更能引发热议。原因是什么呢?一些专家表示,《甄嬛传》之所以如此受到关注,是因为它是部从内到外制作精良的剧集。Niu Hanting, deputy editor-in-chief of Art Panorama magazine, told Xinhua News Agency that the sets, props and costumes are elaborate. And the screenplay and dialogue are well-written.《艺术广角》杂志副主编牛寒婷在接受新华社采访时称,布景、装和道具都很精致。剧本和人物对白都也十分出。;The series takes care of every detail a good period drama should have,; Niu said. ;From that aspect, it#39;s no coincidence that Zhen Huan could be big.;“这部电视剧照顾到了一部好剧应具备的所有细节,“牛寒婷表示。“从这点来看,《甄嬛传》成为大热门就绝非巧合了。”More importantly, Niu added, the TV series strikes a chord among audiences in different ways.牛寒婷还表示,更为重要的是,这部电视剧从多种不同的角度引起了观众的共鸣。;For example, as a woman, Zhen is hurt by the man she once loved. And as a newcomer to the palace, she finds herself caught in the fierce infighting and she has to survive,” Niu said.“例如,作为一名女子,甄嬛被自己曾经的爱人深深伤害。初到宫中,她便发现自己卷入了一系列残酷的明争暗斗之中,她必须要生存下去。”;Everyone may find themselves in Zhen#39;s position at a certain point.;“从某种程度上来讲,或许每个人都能在甄嬛的处境中找到自己的影子。”Then it#39;s not hard to understand why the story of Zhen Huan is even seen as a survival guide for newcomers in the workplace.这样一来,就不难理解为何人们甚至将《甄嬛传》视为职场新人生存指南了。Its director, Zheng Xiaolong, once admitted that in terms of society today, the ;promotion; of Zhen Huan reflects a person#39;s career path in some way.该剧导演郑晓龙曾承认,用现今社会的话来讲,甄嬛的步步高升在某些方面也反映出一个人的职业生涯。;Whether the principles can be applied in today#39;s society, or not, I want to make the story as real as possible,; Zheng told Sina.com.“不管这些法则适用当今社会与否,我想尽可能地让故事更加真实。”郑晓龙在接受新浪网采访时称。;There are many fairytale-like series that make audiences ignore or avoid reality, and the complexity of humanity.;“有许多童话式的电视剧,令观众选择忽视、逃避现实和人心的复杂。”;But Legend of Zhen Huan, is a series that makes you think.;“但电视剧《甄嬛传》却令你去思考这些问题。” /201205/182228湖州祛斑哪家医院好

吴兴区去疤痕多少钱 Who will pay the bill?一会儿谁来买单 Women start stressing about this as soon as you both sit down at the table. Will you be offended if she doesn't offer to pay or will you be offended if she does do the slow-motion "let me get my wallet" move? Put her fears to rest by telling her to order anything she wants because this meal is on you. 从你俩一坐下,女人就开始紧张兮兮的了。如果她不付帐的话,你会不会不高兴?如果她"掏钱包"的动作做慢了你会不会不爽?别让她紧张兮兮的了,直接告诉她点自己喜欢吃的东西吧,因为这一餐你买单。What happens next?吃完饭去做什么 Everything is going super great on the date. However, she's debating if you expect to come home with her or if you think she's a giant slut for even thinking that. Make your intentions clear from the outset by subtly sliding a handful of condoms across the table and mouthing "later." 这场约会一切都进行得如此完美。然而她脑子里却在就接你会不会想和她回家?或者如果知道她在想这些会不会觉得她是色女一枚?这个时候你就需要运用合适的行为动作来暗示她一会儿要去干什么了。Do I actually like him?我到底喜不喜欢他 You're funny, charming, and good-looking in the candle light. She's trying to decide if she wants to date you. Solve this problem by making her fall in love with you immediately. Instant love can generally be created by making sure she has endless drink refills. 约会的烛光下,帅气的你表现得既幽默又迷人。她心里在想的是以后要不要和你继续交往。让她放下这个疑虑的最好方法就是让她立马爱上你。她看没看上你?看看她是不是猛灌自己酒就知道啦。Am I making sense?我在说什么 As she rambles on about co-worker drama and its relationship to problems with her mother, she's simultaneously asking herself what the fuck she is talking about. She wants to make a good impression — and in an attempt to do so continually finds herself telling stories with no end. Save her the embarrassment by constantly interrupting with your own semi-related stories. 当她在和你狂侃海谈自己同事和老妈关系的时候,她自己心里肯定在臭骂自己我到底在跟他说什么呀。她想给你留下一个好印象,却发现自己说起话来没完没了。这个时候你就该用你的糗事来给她解围喽。What is he looking for?他找的是女朋友还是一夜情 Whether you went on this date looking for a girlfriend or looking for a one-night stand, you know exactly what you want. Now she's attempting to interpret what you want by over analyzing everything you say. Stop making her between the lines by spelling it out for her — "my friends dared my 0 to ask you on a date, after this I will never see you again." 不管你和她约会的目的是真心找女朋友还是只想一夜情,你对自己的目的相当清楚。而她则要通过你的言行举止来分析你此次约会的目的到底是什么。不要让她从你的言行举止中得出"我朋友跟我打赌100美元你会跟我约会,这次之后我们就不要见面了"的结论。What will my friends think?和他谈恋爱朋友们会怎么看 Women get off on judging each other, especially their very own friends. Even if she is falling madly in love with you, she's still thinking about what her friends will say. Assure her that her friends will love you by being extra-good-looking, extra-funny, extra-nice, and extra-rich. 女人天性喜欢品论别人,特别是自己的好朋友。不论她爱你爱得有多深,她还是会考虑自己闺蜜们对你们这段感情怎么看。用你超迷人的外表,超强的幽默感,超绅士的举止和非一般的财力告诉她,她的朋友们会喜欢你的。Do I still look okay?我看起来还好吧 She left her house with perfectly straight hair and smudge-free make-up. However you're now halfway done with your ribs dinner and she's stressing about what's in her teeth and how to get that lump of sauce out of her hair without you noticing. Make her feel more comfortable by smearing sauce all over yourself to the point that you're asked to leave the restaurant for indecent behavior. 她出门的时候把头发梳得倍直垂顺,打扮干净清新。但是你们的排骨餐吃到一半,她肯定在纠结牙齿里卡进去的东西,怎么在你不注意的情况下把不小心弄到头发上的小残渣弄掉。这个时候你就可以多弄点食物残渣到自己身上,然后说要去洗手间整理仪容来帮她结尾。 /201110/158462湖州吴兴区提眉手术多少钱湖州曙光整形医院口腔科



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