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This gives you instructions on how to make sure a fire that you started in the woods is completely extinguished. Use your hands to feel the fire after you pour water on it.这段视频指引你怎样确保点燃的火堆完全被熄灭。浇水之后要用双手感觉一下。Im going to show you how to put out a fire when youve been lighting one in the woodlands or anywhere in the world. You need to make sure its fully extinguished before you leave the area and the best thing for that is water. So, Ive got about five liters of water here.我现在向你展示怎样熄灭你在野外或任何地方点燃的火堆。离开之前你必须确保火堆完全熄灭,最好的灭火工具就是水。我这里有大约五升水。I want to make sure I sp it nice and evenly around the fire, like that, okay. So, Ive poured plenty of water on the fire. Im going to make sure everythings cool and out.要把水均匀地洒在火堆上,就像这样。现在,我已经在火堆上倒了足够的水。我要确保一切已经冷却,火苗已经熄灭。And the best way to do that is to get your hands in there so I know thats not on fire anymore. Its all nice and wet. Once youve done that, take your ashes and just scatter them like this.最好的方法就是把手放在火堆上,这样就能知道是否还有火苗在继续燃烧。现在已经完全湿了。之后,把灰分散开。Take the little pieces of wood left over and just scatter them off in general directions, making sure that all the ends are nicely extinguished. And then, finally, where theres a scorch on the ground, just bring some leaves back over so there is absolutely no trace that there was a fire here.把燃烧剩下的较小的木柴向不同的方向散开,确保所有木柴都熄灭。最后,在地面上火堆烧过的地方覆盖一些树叶,这样就绝对不可能死灰复燃。Thanks for watching How To Put Out A Fire.感谢收看“怎样熄灭火堆”视频节目。201211/209917After 50 days of gluttony在长达五十天的暴饮暴食之后theyve grown 10 thousand times heavier他们增重至幼虫体重的一万倍But this stage然而这个时期25 percent of their body mass is made up of silk glands丝腺占了体重的四分之一In the process of turning into adult moths在转化成蛾的过程中they spin a cocoon from a single strand of silk他们从一条丝开始吐丝成茧which can be over a thousand meters long丝长甚至超过千米It was the legendary strength and brightness of silk fibers丝质纤维因其超凡韧性和艳丽色泽that made it so sought-after而广受欢迎For over 5000 years,五千多年来people built great fortunes and mighty kingdoms人们在纤莹的丝线上编织出巨大的财富on these delicate ths.和强大的帝国And the desert routes those antient traders took古代商人在沙漠中留下的行商路线became the fabled Silk Road成就“丝绸之路”的伟大传说The principle of extracting raw silk hasnt changed从生丝中缫丝的原理自发现伊始since its discovered就一直未变Harvested cocoons are droped into boiling water将收获的茧倒入沸水中which unravels the long filaments使细长的丝茧散释开来These are then gathered and spun into raw silk th然后将之收集起来纺成生丝线 /201208/197155在罗伯斯金牌被组委会取消后,古巴代表团也提出了反申诉。国际田联仲裁委员会驳回了古巴队的申诉,维持取消罗伯斯金牌判罚,冠军仍是理查德森,亚军为刘翔。 At the World Atheltics Championships in South Korea -- A Cuban counter-appeal over the disqualification of Olympic champion Dayron Robles has been dismissed. Robles was disqualified for pulling rival Liu Xiang out of the hunt for gold in the 110-meter hurdles. This effectively handed over victory in one of the most anticipated races of the world championships to American Jason Richardson. Robles had crossed the line first, but Liu Xiang, who was running a close second, launched an appeal, claiming the Cuban disrupted him in the last two hurdles, pushing the Chinese runner into third place. Liu, now, holds silver. 词汇学习:1. counter-appeal 抗诉,抗告2. disqualification n. 取消资格;无资格;不合格 disqualify v. 取消资格3. dismiss vt. 不再考虑;解雇,开除;解散;驳回例句:The judge dismissed the case for lack of evidence. 法官因缺乏据而拒不受理这宗案件。4. appeal n. 呼吁;感染力;上诉 v. 呼吁;上诉常构成:appeal to sb. for sth.例句:She appealed to the high court against her sentence. 她不判决而向高等法院上诉.201108/151650

特别声明:该节目由可可原创。视频出处:出自与B纪录片《英国史》之《女王的诞生》(第7集)。精视觉: 精解说:Lord Henry Darnley, 亨利·达恩利the handsome poster boy of Scottish nobility,是英俊的苏格兰贵族代表人物seemed a much better prospect.看来像是更好的选择One look at Darnleys shapely calves一看到达恩利那好看的小腿and Mary decided she must have him.玛丽就下决心一定要得到他It helped that he too had Tudor blood flowing through his veins.他的身体里同样流淌着都铎王室的血液也是原因之一Unfortunately, a lot of whiskey ran through them too.不幸的是 同样流淌在他身体里还有太多威士忌Too late, Mary discovered she had married a lazy,dissolute drunk,玛丽发现自己嫁了一个懒惰的酒鬼时 为时已晚incapable of doing even the minimal things required of a co-sovereign.他根本没有能力与玛丽联合执政 /201212/214908

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