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Police in South Chinas Guangdong Province seized two tons of methamphetamine, or meth, in the latest crackdown on a cross-border drug trafficking ring.中国南方广东省的警方最近破获了一起跨境贩毒案,缴获冰毒多达两吨。Deng Jianwei, head of drug enforcement at Guangdongs Public Security Department, said that police in Jieyang, Shanwei, Shenzhen and Guangzhou arrested more than 10 people and closed two drug production sites in two police raids.据广东省公安厅禁毒局局长邓建伟表示,在两次突袭中,揭阳、汕尾、深圳和广州的警方逮捕了十多人,并且查获了两处毒品制造窝点。Police also seized two replica handguns and more than 10 bullets.此外,警方还查获了两把复制手以0多发子弹。In mid-September, local police received information that several people, including one from Hong Kong and another from Vietnam, were planning to traffic drugs to Hong Kong, Deng said.据邓建伟表示,今月中旬,当地警方接到消息称,包括一名香港人和一名越南人在内的好几个人计划往香港贩毒。Late last month, police stormed a drugs production site in Panyu, Guangzhou and seized one person and 1.1 tons of solid and liquid meth.警方于九月底突袭了广州番禺的一个毒品制造窝点,抓获一人,并且查获重达一吨的固体/液体冰毒。The remaining members of the drug ring then moved their production to Jieyang. This month, police stormed the second site and arrested more than 10 people and 0.9 tons of meth, Deng said.据邓建伟表示,贩毒团伙其余人员将毒品转移到了揭阳。本月,警方突袭了第二个制毒窝点,逮捕10多人,并查获0.9吨冰毒。In the first three quarters of the year, Guangdong police said they have uncovered 15,000 drug cases, arrested 19,000 people and seized 14.7 tons of drugs.据广东省警方表示,今年前三季度他们已经破获了1.5万起毒品案件,抓.9万人,查4.7吨毒品。来 /201610/475173

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has admitted that it should have been more forthright about her health after a pneumonia diagnosis forced the Democratic presidential candidate to cancel a string of events planned for this week.希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)竞选团队承认,他们本应该对她的健康问题更加坦诚。此前肺炎诊断迫使民主党总统候选人取消本周的一系列活动。The discovery that Mrs Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days before her sudden departure from a September 11 memorial ceremony prompted fresh questions about her candour.希拉里在9.11纪念仪式上突然离开的两天前被诊断患有肺炎,这个消息促使人们提出了有关她的坦诚的新问题。The incident comes as polls show a tightening race between the Democratic candidate and Donald Trump, whom she leads by only three points in head-to-head polls, according to an average compiled by RealClearPolitics.这一事件正值民调显示民主党总统候选人与唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)之间的差距日益缩小。RealClearPolitics汇编的平均持率显示,希拉里仅领个百分点。The Republican candidate declined to challenge Mrs Clinton’s fitness for office yesterday, having previously questioned her energy and stamina. 昨天,特朗普拒绝质疑希拉里是否胜任总统之位,他之前曾质疑过她的体力和精力。But he promised to release details soon from a recent medical check-up, putting pressure on his opponent to follow suit.但是他承诺将很快公布最近一次体检的详情,施压对手效仿他。Brian Fallon, Mrs Clinton’s campaign spokesman, reacted by saying the Democratic candidate would be releasing more detailed medical information.希拉里竞选发言人布赖恩#8226;法伦(Brian Fallon)回应称,希拉里将公布更多医疗信息详情。We have been in touch with her physician this morning to get the materials together. 我们今天早上一直在与她的医生接触,汇总资料。We’ll release that to further put to rest any lingering concerns, he told MSN.我们将公布信息,以进一步平息任何挥之不去的担忧,他向微软全国广播公MSN)表示。Mrs Clinton and her campaign staff were criticised by pundits who said she should have informed the public about her pneumonia diagnosis on Friday, the day she received it, and been more straightforward with reporters about why she had abruptly left Sunday’s memorial service.希拉里及其竞选工作人员受到了人士的指责,称她应该在上周五知晓病情时就应该把肺炎诊断告知公众、并对记者关于她在周日纪念仪式上为何突然离场的提问更加坦诚。David Axelrod, Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist for 2008 and 2012, said the candidate’s admission of pneumonia was less of a problem than the campaign’s secrecy. 奥巴008年和2012年竞选的首席策略师戴#8226;艾克斯罗David Axelrod)称,总统候选人承认患上肺炎不是问题,但竞选阵营的神神秘秘是一个问题。Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. 抗生素可以治肺炎。What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy? he asked on Twitter.对隐私的不良嗜好又该怎么治?他在Twitter上问道。In response, Jennifer Palmieri, Mrs Clinton’s communications director, admitted that the campaign had bungled the disclosure of Mrs Clinton’s illness. 作为回应,希拉里的沟通主管珍妮弗#8226;帕尔米耶里(Jennifer Palmieri)承认,竞选团队贻误了有关希拉里病情的公布。We could have done better yesterday, but it is a fact that [the] public knows more about HRC than any nominee in history, she said.我们昨天本可以做得更好,但事实是公众对希拉里的了解超过他们对史上任何一位总统提名人的了解,她表示。Mr Trump and Mrs Clinton, 70 and 68 respectively, have been criticised for not releasing the detailed medical histories that are customary for candidates.年龄分别70岁和68岁的特朗普和希拉里一直因不公布详细病历(美国总统候选人的惯例)而遭到批评。来 /201609/466519

  Why is America so alarmed by Brexit? Lest the er be in doubt, remind yourself of this. Never before has a sitting US president visited a fellow democracy in a bid to sway an election. Nor, until now, have 13 former US secretaries of state and defence risked addressing a letter to a foreign electorate with the same motive. Ditto eight former Treasury secretaries and five former supreme commanders of Nato. Not only has the US establishment broken its non-interference rule over Brexit, it is stamping on its smithereens. If we did not know better, it might seem the UK was uniquely important to the future of the world.美国为什么对英国退欧如此惊慌?为避免读者生疑,提醒你自己这一点。在此之前,从未有过在任美国总统为影响一场投票而出访兄弟民主国家,也从未有3名美国前国务卿和国防部长以同样动机冒险给外国选民写信。这样做的还名前财政部长以及5名北Nato)前最高指挥官。美国的体制内人士不仅在英国退欧问题上打破了不干涉原则,还在上面踩上一脚。如果我们不懂的话,我们还以为英国真的对世界的未来具有独特的重要性。Seductive though that thought may be particularly for a Brit living in Washington there is a domestic subtext that can be summarised in two words: Donald Trump. If the British are foolish enough to leave Europe, perhaps Americans are crazy enough to elect Mr Trump. Of course, no one would claim a causal link between what happens in Britain on June 23 and the US presidential election in November. Most American voters have never heard of Brexit. Nor would most feel strongly either way if they had.尽管这种想法或许诱人——尤其是对居住在华盛顿的英国人而言——但美国国内有个两个词的潜台词:唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)。如果英国人愚蠢到选择脱离欧洲,也许美国人真会疯狂到选举特朗普当总统。当然,没人会断言英国63日的退欧公投结果与11月的美国总统大选之间存在因果关系。多数美国选民从未听说过英国退欧。即使听说了,他们中多数人对公投结果也会无动于衷。Yet there are sufficient echoes to trouble America’s besieged elites. In much the same way US music companies test products in the British market, or TV production companies simply borrow what works, the Brexit referendum has become a trial balloon for the health of western democracy. Think of The Office, that dystopian Slough-set comedy that captivated British viewers. Not long after, the US Scranton-based version pulled off a similar hit. For decades, US and UK political trends have tracked each other. Margaret Thatcher swept to power in 1979, the year before Ronald Reagan was elected president. Bill Clinton’s New Democrats paved the way in 1992 for Tony Blair’s New Labour five years later.然而,两件事之间存在足够的回声,让已经被特朗普搞得焦头烂额的美国精英感到不安。就像美国音乐公司在英国市场测试产品,或是电视制作公司借用成功的节目模式一样,英国退欧公投已成为西方民主政体健康状况的试探气球。想想《办公室风云The Office),这部场景设在斯劳市(Slough)的反乌托邦喜剧迷住了英国观众。不久之后,美国以宾西法尼亚州斯克兰顿市(Scranton)为背景的翻拍版本同样掀起了收视热潮。几十年来,美英两国的政治趋势相互追随979年,玛格丽特#8226;撒切Margaret Thatcher)在英国上台执政,一年后,罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)当选美国总统。比#8226;克林Bill Clinton)的新民主党人(New Democrats)992年为5年后托尼#8226;布莱Tony Blair)的新工党(New Labour)开辟了道路。The demographic parallels between those backing Brexit and Mr Trump’s supporters are too close to ignore almost eerily so. Their motives are equally simplistic. Leaving Europe is to Brexiters what building a wall with Mexico is to Trumpians a guillotine on the cacophonous multiculturalism of 21st-century life. From an empirical point of view, Mr Trump’s beautiful wall is no different to the splendid isolation of Boris Johnson, the leading Brexit campaigner: both are reckless illusions. From a poetic standpoint, however, they offer a clean solution to the alienations of the postmodern society. Winston Churchill joked that Britain and America were divided by a common language. Today blue-collar whites on both sides of the Atlantic are speaking in the same idiom. They both yearn for the certainties of a lost age.持退欧的群体在人口结构上与特朗普持者如此相近(这一点近乎诡异),令人无法忽视。他们的动机也同样简单化。脱离欧盟之于退欧派就像在美墨边境修筑隔离墙之于特朗普的持者——与21世纪喧闹多元文化的生活现实决裂。从实角度看,特朗普的壮丽隔离墙与退欧阵营灵魂人物鲍里斯#8226;约翰Boris Johnson)描绘的“光辉孤立”景象并无不同:两者都是鲁莽的痴想。然而,从诗意角度看,他们为后现代社会的疏远提供了一种干脆的解决办法。温斯顿#8226;丘吉Winston Churchill)曾开玩笑说,英美两国被共同的语言割裂。如今,大西洋两岸的蓝领白人操着同样的惯用语。他们都渴望另一个时代的确定性。Both also rely on the specious legalese of their plutocratic champions. Mr Johnson wants to liberate the UK from an often fictitious web of European regulations. Mr Trump insists he is opposed only to illegal Hispanics. Legal ones are apparently welcome. Their true appeal, however, is based on nationalist populism. Both can legitimately point to the hypocrisy of the elites they campaign against. Mr Cameron vowed to cap net UK immigration at 100,000 a year a promise he failed to keep. Successive US administrations have promised to enforce America’s borders before offering amnesty. As a test of market conditions, Britain’s contest between elite hypocrisy and populist sincerity could not be bettered.这两个群体也都依赖各自有钱有势的领导者口中似是而非的法律措辞。约翰逊希望将英国从欧洲法规的蛛网(大部分是虚构的)中解脱出来。特朗普坚称,他反对的只是非法的西语裔移民。依法移民美国的显然受欢迎。然而,他们真正的吸引力建立在民族主义和民粹主义基础上。他们指出精英阶层的虚伪,在这一点上他们是站得住脚的。卡梅伦曾誓言将每年流入英国的净移民人数控制0万人以内,但他未能兑现这一承诺。历届美国行政当局都承诺加强边境管控,但搞到最后都宣布大赦。就测试市场行情而言,英国在精英虚伪与民粹主义真诚之间的较量堪称一绝。Then there is the future of the west. On his UK visit in April, Barack Obama made an eloquent pitch for Britain’s role in Europe. He reminded Britons that the vision of a united Europe was conceived by Churchill as a means to prevent a recurrence of humanity’s two bloodiest wars. There was a grander context, even romance, to the President’s words that Mr Cameron could never emulate. Britain’s prime minister has spent too long denigrating Europe and validating the concerns of those against immigration to make a positive case, which is why he asked Mr Obama to do it for him. It is worth noting that Mr Cameron hired Jim Messina, the manager of Mr Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, to help make his fear-based economic case against Brexit; even the product managers are interchangeable.还有就是对西方未来的担忧。今月访问英国期间,巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)有力捍卫了英国在欧洲的作用。他提醒英国人,欧洲统一的愿景最初是丘吉尔想出来的,为的是防止人类历史上最血腥的两次大战重演。美国总统把自己的演讲放在宏大的背景下,甚至带有一丝浪漫,这是卡梅伦永远模仿不出来的。英国首相用了太长时间诋毁欧洲——并且肯定那些反移民人士的担忧——以至于他无法用“正能量”阐述留欧的逻辑,这就是他为什么请奥巴马出面为他说话。值得注意的是,卡梅伦聘请了奥巴马2012年连任竞选经理吉#8226;麦西Jim Messina),帮他策划反对退欧的基于恐慌的经济理由;美英之间就连“产品经理”也是可以互换的。Beyond doing a favour for a friend, Mr Obama had larger motives. Washington’s elites rightly fear that Brexit could spark a chain reaction that could lead to the disintegration of the EU. That, in turn, could trigger the collapse of the transatlantic alliance. US global power has always been magnified by the strength of its alliances. The self-inflicted isolation of America’s closest European ally could be the start of a great unravelling.除了为朋友帮忙,奥巴马还有更大的动机。华盛顿的精英阶层有理由担忧,英国退欧可能引发连锁反应,最终导致欧盟解体。这进而可能引发跨大西洋联盟的解体。美国的全球实力一直得到其强大同盟的放大。作为与美国关系最密切的欧洲盟友,英国自我强加的孤立可能意味着一场大解体的开始。Here, too, Mr Trump plays the ghost at the banquet. For the first time since Nato was formed, the US is fielding a presidential candidate who would be indifferent to the demise of the military alliance. Moreover, Mr Trump stands alone among US public figures in supporting Britain’s exit from the EU. “Oh yeah, I think they should leave,he said recently. He added that it would be Britain’s decision to make alone. The latter was true enough. But Mr Trump’s insouciance crystallised what troubles Washington. There are points in history when all that is solid melts into air. Will 2016 be one of those moments?在这方面,特朗普同样扮演了宴会上的幽灵的角色。特朗普是自北约成立以来首位对这一军事同盟的存亡漠不关心的总统候选人。此外,在美国的公众人物中,只有特朗普持英国退出欧盟。特朗普最近称:“噢,是的,我认为他们应该离开。”他补充说,那应该是英国自己的决定。后半句说的没错。但特朗普漫不经心的态度凸显了华盛顿的不安心情。历史上多次出现过貌似坚固的东西一下子烟消云散的时刻016年会成为那些时刻之一吗? /201606/449280



  North Korea has test-fired a ballistic missile which travelled 620 miles before landing in Japanese waters, according to South Korean and Japaese authorities.据韩国和日本两国当局表示,朝鲜于日前试射了一枚弹道导弹,它在日本海域坠落前已经飞行了620英里。The missile was launched off the Norths east coast and travelled about 1,000km (620 miles), one of the Norths longest launches to date. Japanese PM Shinzo Abe said it was a ;grave threat; to his country.这枚导弹于朝鲜东海岸发射,共航行1000公里(约20英里),是目前为止朝鲜导弹飞得最远的一次。日本首相安倍晋三表示,此举是对日本的“严重威胁”。The North is barred from developing nuclear and ballistic missile technology by UN resolution. But it had vowed a ;physical response; after the US and South Korea agreed plans to deploy an advanced US missile defence system in South Korea.按照联合国决议的规定,朝鲜被禁止研发核武器以及弹道导弹。但是在美国和韩国达成一致,计划在韩国部署美国先进导弹防御系统之后,朝鲜誓言要采取“物理性回击”。The North has carried out repeated missile tests in recent months.在最近几个月里,朝鲜方面已经进行了好几次导弹实验。The US Strategic Command said two missiles had been fired simultaneously from Hwanghae province, but one exploded immediately after launch. The Japanese defence ministry said the other missile landed inside its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) - the 200 nautical miles of ocean around a country over which it has jurisdiction.据美国战略司令部表示,朝鲜此次在黄海道省同时发射了两枚导弹,但是其中一枚导弹在升空后不久就爆炸了。据日本国防部表示,另一枚导弹落在了日本的专属经济区内。专属经济区是指某一国家周围200海里的海域,该国对这片海域拥有管辖权。An official at South Koreas Joint Chiefs of Staff said it appeared to have been a medium-range Rodong. The launch showed the Norths ;ambition to attack neighbouring countries;, he said. There were no reports of any damage.韩国联合参谋本部的一位官员表示,这似乎是一枚中程“劳动”导弹。他指出,此次导弹发射显示出了朝鲜“进攻邻国的野心”。关于此次导弹发射,目前并没有任何损害报告。Mr Abe said it posed a grave threat to Japans security, calling it an ;unforgiveable act of violence;. He said Tokyo had protested strongly against it.安倍晋三表示,此举对日本的安全构成了严重威胁,他将其称为“不可原谅的暴力行为”。安倍称日本对此表达强烈抗议。The US similarly condemned the launch.美国也同样谴责此次导弹发射行为;We remain prepared to work to respond to further DPRK provocations, as well as to defend ourselves and our allies from any attack or provocation,; said State Department spokeswoman Anna Richey-Allen.美国国务院发言人安娜·里艾伦表示:“我们时刻准备回应朝鲜进一步的挑衅行为,保卫我们自己和我们的盟友免受任何攻击或挑衅。”来 /201608/460293

  What were they thinking? It is extraordinary to a succession of official reports arguing, rightly, that a vote to leave the EU would impose long-term damage and a short-term shock. What sort of government would run such a risk, particularly when the economy has barely recovered from the financial crisis of less than a decade ago? The answer is one that has put the needs of short-term party management above its responsibility for the country’s welfare. David Cameron, prime minister, might soon be known as the man who left the UK in far-from-splendid isolation.他们在想什么?看着一系列的官方报告正确说明退出欧盟将对英国造成长期损害及短期冲击,令人感到非同寻常。什么样的政府甘冒公投的风险——特别是在经济刚刚从不到10年前的金融危机中复苏之际?是,一个把短期政党管理需要置于对国民福利的责任之上的政府。英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)或许很快就会因使英国陷入不光的孤立而闻名。The Treasury has aly argued that leaving the EU might lower real gross domestic product by between 3.4 and 9.5 per cent in the long term. This is broadly in line with estimates from other reputable forecasters. Patrick Minford of Cardiff University, a proponent of leaving, argues that the UK would enjoy a jump of 4 per cent in aggregate economic welfare after leaving the EU and adopting free trade (an unlikely choice). But this result is an outlier. It rests on implausible assumptions, not least on the impact of EU non-tariff barriers on domestic prices.英国财政部已表示,长远来看,退出欧盟或将使英国实际国内生产总GDP)下降3.4%.5%。这大致与其他受尊敬的预测者的估计相符。而持退欧的卡迪夫大Cardiff University)的帕特里#8226;明福Patrick Minford)则表示,退出欧盟并实行自由贸易(一个不大可能的选择)后,英国的总经济福利将激%。但这种结果是一种例外。其依据的是不合实际的假设,尤其是在欧盟非关税壁垒对国内物价的影响方面。The Treasury has now followed up with a report on the short-term consequences of a vote to leave. In summarising the results, George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, has stated that the UK would suffer a “do-it-yourselfrecession if it decided to leave. One might better call it a “do-it-himselfrecession. For it was the government’s decision to take this risk.财政部现已就退欧的短期后果发布了新的报告。在总结这些后果时,财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯George Osborne)表示,如果决定退欧的话,英国将遭受“自身造成的”衰退。人们或许会更形象地称之为“他自身造成的”衰退。因为是英国政府决定冒这种风险的。The new report’s main scenario predicts that GDP would be 3.6 per cent lower after two years than if the UK voted to remain, unemployment would be 520,000 higher and the pound would be 12 per cent lower. Under a worse scenario, GDP could be 6 per cent lower, unemployment 820,000 higher and sterling 15 per cent lower. The Institute for Fiscal Studies adds that, instead of an improvement of bn a year in the fiscal position, as the net contribution to the EU fell, the budget deficit might be between 0bn and 0bn higher in 2019-20 than otherwise, sharply slowing the planned fiscal consolidation.这份新报告在设想的主要情景中预测,比起留在欧盟,退欧两年后英国GDP将下.6%,失业人数将多出52万人,英镑将下跌12%。在更糟糕的情景下,GDP可能下降6%,失业人数多2万,英镑下跌15%。伦敦财政研究所(Institute for Fiscal Studies)补充表示,财政状况不但不会因省下向欧盟付的预算摊派款而得到每0亿英镑的改善019-20年的预算赤字还可能比留在欧盟高出200亿至400亿英镑,极大地拖累规划中的财政整固。Indeed, the Treasury argues, plausibly, that the very possibility of a vote to leave is aly having an impact on the economy. But an actual vote to do so in June’s referendum would crystallise this risk and create significant and immediate effects, via three channels.实际上,财政部似乎颇有道理地指出,退欧的可能性本身已对经济造成了影响。但假如6月公投结果真的持退欧的话,这种风险将变为现实,并且立即在三方面产生重大影响。The first of these would be the tendency of households and businesses to adjust at once to becoming permanently poorer. This would lead to significant cuts in consumption and investment.第一个影响将是,家庭、企业会立刻作出调整以适应长期变穷的状态。这将导致消费与投资的大幅缩减。The second effect would come from prolonged uncertainty about how the UK’s relations with the EU would work out. It is difficult to exaggerate the scale of this uncertainty. After a vote to leave, the country would not know the complexion of its new government, the UK’s desired approach to renegotiation of its relations with the EU, or the response of the other members, let alone any final outcome. The uncertainty could also be long-lasting. Even the formation of a new government and agreement on its new approach might prove difficult. The likely leaders of a new government have also said things in this campaign that must hinder the chances of reaching an amicable settlement with EU partners.第二个影响将来自英国与欧盟关系走向的长期不确定性。很难夸大这种不确定性。公投决定退出欧盟后,英国人将不知道新政府的倾向、英国重新谈判与欧盟的关系时希望采用的方式、或是欧盟其他成员国的反应,更不用说任何最终结果了。不确定性也会长期存在。甚至组建新政府以及就其处理与欧盟关系的新策略达成一致可能都有困难。可能成为新政府领导人的那些人还在这场运动中说了一些话,这些话肯定有损于英国与欧盟伙伴达成和解的机会。The third effect would be the shift in financial conditions. Markets would at once reassess the UK’s economic prospects. Asset prices, including the exchange rate (as the Bank of England has aly noted), are likely to adjust downwards immediately. An appreciable increase in the risk premia on UK assets could emerge. Asset price volatility would also increase. The BoE might face a difficult dilemma, since there is likely to be a simultaneous rise in expected inflation and a decline in expected output in the short term.第三个影响是金融环境的变化。市场会立刻重估英国的经济前景。正如英国央BoE)早已指出的,包括汇率在内的资产价格很可能立即下调。英国资产的风险溢价可能出现大幅上升。资产价格波动也将加剧。英国央行可能面临一种进退两难的境地,因为短期内可能同时出现预期通胀上升和预期产出下降并存的局面。Official sources have described, in painful and quite plausible detail, how far the referendum unleashed by this government is a risky and dangerous gamble with the health of a fragile post-crisis economy. This is apart from the risks to the future cohesion of the UK and, quite possibly, of the EU, too.官方消息人士曾以令人痛苦但似乎非常有道理的细节,描述本届政府发起的公投,是以后危机时代脆弱经济的健康为赌注进行的一场多么冒险和危险的。这还不包括对英国以及很有可能对欧盟未来凝聚力造成的风险。This referendum is, arguably, the most irresponsible act by a British government in my lifetime. To the objection that this is to deny democracy, one can respond that the country was a successful democracy well before it embarked upon such referendums. Furthermore, the right time for a referendum would be when the UK is asked to accept further treaty changes or some other significant alteration in its position in the bloc. Right now one can only hope that the country does not soon learn what it means to divorce in haste and repent at leisure.可以说,此次公投是我有生之年见过的英国政府最不负责任的行为。对于认为不进行公投就意味着拒绝民主的反对观点,我们可以回答,英国在开始进行此类公投很久前便已是成功的民主国家。此外,举行公投的合适时机应是英国被要求接受条约的进一步修订,或是接受英国在欧盟中地位的其他重大变化之时。现在,我们只能希望英国不会很快尝到匆忙退出的代价,不要事后追悔莫及。来 /201606/448011

  David Cameron will come under pressure at this week’s G7 summit as fellow leaders take the British prime minister to task over his role in relations with China and a global fiscal stimulus.在本周七国集G7)峰会上,戴维#8226;卡梅David Cameron)将承受压力,因为其他几个国家的领导人将会批评这位英国首相在对华关系和全球财经刺激中扮演的角色。Mr Cameron will face opposition from Barack Obama, the US President, and Shinzo Abe, Japan’s prime minister, Britain’s stance as China’s “best partner in the westand its refusal to ease austerity at a time of weak global demand.鉴于英国秉持的作中国“在西方最佳伙伴”的立场、以及其在全球需求疲弱之际拒绝放松紧缩,卡梅伦将遭遇美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)和日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)的反对。European diplomats have also criticised Britain’s approach to China, although Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, will lead a large delegation there next month and France also has big commercial interests in the country.欧洲外交官也对英国的对华政策持批评态度,尽管德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)下月将率庞大代表团访华、而法国在中国也有着巨大的商业利益。Mr Abe is set to make relations with China one of the main topics of the G7 summit, which will be held on the island resort of Kashikojima in central Japan on Thursday and Friday. The subject of “international politicswill cover Beijing’s increasingly assertive role in the region.安倍将把对华关系设定为此次G7峰会的主要议题之一。此次会议将于周四、周五两天在日本中部贤岛(Kashikojima)度假村举行。会议的“国际政治”主题将讨论中国在该地区扮演的日益强硬的角色。Japan’s premier, recognising that the summit comes as Mr Cameron seeks international support ahead of Britain’s EU referendum, is unlikely to single out his UK counterpart. But the Pacific powers of Japan and the US want to stiffen European spines when it comes to relations with Beijing.安倍明白,此次峰会是在卡梅伦于英国脱欧公投前寻求国际持之际召开的,他不大可能将矛头专门指向卡梅伦。但日本和美国这两个太平洋强国希望,欧洲在面对对华关系问题时脊梁能硬起来。According to one of his aides, MrAbe wants to build a consensus on defending the rule of law at sea, especially in regard to China’s island-building in the South China Sea. Beijing has said it will not abide by a UN tribunal’s forthcoming decision on 15 islands, reefs and shoals claimed by China, arguing that the tribunal has no jurisdiction to rule on the case.安倍的一名助手称,安倍想构建在海上捍卫法治的共识,尤其是涉及中国在南中国海的造岛行为时。中国已表示,其不会遵守联合国一仲裁庭即将对中国声称拥有主权5座岛、礁和浅滩作出的仲裁。中方辩称,该仲裁庭对此案无管辖权。Mr Abe wants world leaders to oppose attempts to change the status quo by force, such as Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea or a Chinese seizure of islands.安倍希望,世界领导人能反对以武力改变现状的努力,比014年俄罗斯吞并克里米亚,或者中国夺取某些岛屿。There will also be a push to increase transparency about infrastructure investment in developing countries, where Japan often competes with China.安倍还将要求提高在发展中国家搞基础设施投资的透明度。在这方面,日本往往与中国存在竞争关系。However, according to several people involved in preparing the summit, the South China Sea may have a low profile in the G7 communiqué. Tokyo wants to win western support, rather than antagonise Beijing publicly.然而,据几名参与峰会筹备工作的人士表示,南中国海问题或许会低调地出现在G7峰会的公报中。日本想要的是赢得西方的持,而不是公开与中国为敌。Britain’s courtship of Beijing has caused irritation in Washington last year the Obama administration warned of a “constant accommodationof China by London.英国讨好中国的举动已惹恼了美国——去年,奥巴马政府曾对英国“不断迁就”中国发出警告。George Osborne, the UK chancellor, has led Britain’s China policy, including jumping the gun to become the first main western backer of Beijing’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. The US and Japan have not joined.英国财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯George Osborne)主导了英国对华政策,包括抢先一步成为西方主要国家中首个加入亚洲基础设施投资(AIIB,简称:亚投行)的国家。美国和日本并未加入中国发起的亚投行。Mr Osborne followed that up with a high-profile visit to China last September, including a trip to Xinjiang, where Beijing is accused of repressing alleged Uighur Muslim “separatists随后,奥斯本于去月高调访华,包括访问了新疆。有些人谴责中国政府在新疆压迫所谓的维吾尔族穆斯林“分离主义分子”。In an interview with the FT during that visit, Mr Osborne said he wanted “to take a bit of a risk with the China relationship, pushing it so it really brings jobs and growth to our country奥斯本在那次访问中接受英囀?金融时报》采访时称,他想“在对华关系上冒点险,促使其给我们的国家带来实实在在的就业和增长”。The British government has worked hard to try to allay US concerns. Hugo Swire, minister of state at the Foreign Office, gave a speech in Washington last month in which he praised the US role in pushing back against Beijing in the South China Sea.英国政府费了很大力气来化解美国的担忧。上月,英国外交部国务大臣雨#8226;斯怀Hugo Swire)在华盛顿发表演说,赞扬了美国在南中国海对抗中国方面发挥的作用。He said that, forBritain, freedom of navigation and overflight were “non-negotiableand added that “we recognise and support the US role in defending those principles in Asia Pacific他说,对英国来说,航行与飞越自由是“没有商量余地的”。他接着说,“我们认识到并持美国在亚太捍卫这些原则方面发挥的作用”。Mr Abe’s main goal for the summit is making the G7 more open to fiscal stimulus, which would give him international cover for a delay in raising Japan’s consumption tax from 8 to 10 per cent.安倍为此次峰会设定的主要目标是,让G7成员国以更开放的态度对待财政刺激,这将为他拖延把日本消费税率%上调0%制造一个国际借口。The US, Canada, France and Italy support this, but Germany is strongly against and Mr Cameron’s aides said he believed that “every country should design its economic policies according to its own situation美国、加拿大、法国和意大利持这一目标,但德国强烈反对。卡梅伦的助手们表示,卡梅伦认为“各国应根据本国国情设计自己的经济政策”。Mr Cameron’s support for Berlin ensures that Ms Merkel will not be isolated on the issue. Mr Cameron called on the German chancellor’s support for his recent EU renegotiation.卡梅伦对德国的持确保了默克尔不会在这个问题上受到孤立。卡梅伦呼吁这位德国总理持他近来与欧盟(EU)之间的重新谈判。At the G7 finance ministers meeting in Sendai on Friday and Saturday, Mr Osborne lined up with Wolfgang Sch#228;uble of Germany to oppose fiscal stimulus, according to people present at the discussions. Mr Osborne wants to run a budget surplus by 2020.出席有关讨论的人士表示,在上周五、周六于仙台(Sendai)举行的G7财长会议上,奥斯本与德国财长沃尔夫冈#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble)一道反对财政刺激。奥斯本希望英国020年时预算为盈余状态。Following the summit, Mr Obama will make a historic trip to Hiroshima with Mr Abe, becoming the first sitting US president to visit the site of the atomic bombing.G7峰会后,奥巴马将在安倍陪同下对广岛进行历史性访问。他将成为首位访问这一核爆地的在任美国总统。来 /201605/445610


  Thor comic cover which hung on girls bedroom wall for 30 years sold for 44,000 pounds.锤哥漫画封面4,000英镑A comic book cover that hung on a schoolgirl’s bedroom wall for 30 years has sold at auction for a staggering 44,000 pounds.最近,一副曾在小女孩卧室挂了30年多年的漫画封面4,000英镑的价格拍卖成功。The original art work for Marvel Comic superhero Thor had been valued at 5,000 pounds after the owner decided she wanted to sell it. However, the unnamed woman, now 42, was left stunned when it attracted worldwide interest from serious comic collectors. It went under the hammer for 36,000 pounds and was bought by an American bidder for 44,000 pounds, with fees added on.漫画的原型是漫威超级英雄雷神索尔。起初就被估,000英镑。当年的小女孩,如今已经42岁。她从没想到,这幅画能引起全世界漫画死忠粉这么大的兴趣。最终,该漫画封面竞买价叫到36,000英镑,最后加上其他费用以总价44,000英镑成交。The art work was for Thor comic issue 158 dated December 1968, which is said to be a significant edition as it was when Thor realised he was a superhero. The adventures of Thor have since inspired a movie franchise starring Chris Hemsworth.这幅漫画9682月发行,索尔在本专辑首次成为超级英雄。这在漫威史上有很重要的地位。随后,克里斯·海姆斯沃斯扮演的《雷神》电影大热。The cover was the work of celebrated comic artist Jack Kirby , who helped to create Hulk, Captain America and X-Men.漫画作者是著名漫画艺术家Jack Kirby,他还参与过绿巨人、美国队长和X战警等超级英雄的创作。The owner was given the comic book cover as a gift by her late father when she was a child. He was a leading art director and is likely to have acquired the cover via a contact. He gave it to his daughter, who pinned it up in her bedroom in the mid 1970s.该漫画是这位女士小时候,父亲送她的礼物。她父亲曾经是著名布景师,可能通过内部渠道获得此封面。随后,他把封面送给女儿。在她卧室一挂就0多年。Richard Bromell, of Charterhouse Auctioneers in Sherborne, Dorset, said: “The cover is the original art work and I think the owner realised it could be valuable and so decided to sell it, rather than keep it hanging up on the wall. We estimated it would sell for between 5,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds, but we were very proactive in finding bidders and had nine of them on the telephones as well as those in the room. It ended up selling for 36,000 pounds to a collector from Ohio in America. The owner was obviously over the moon. We are also delighted with it.”拍卖行工作人员Richard Bromell表示:“该封面是原作,我想收藏者正是意识到它的价值,才决定卖出,而不是让它静静的挂在墙上。我们起初给它估,000英镑,000英镑,没想到电话中和在场的竞价者给它的价值翻倍。这让我们着实激动。最后以36,000英镑的价格成交,买主来自美国俄亥俄州。原主人估计高兴坏了,我们也替她开心。”译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。来 /201606/451730

  MISAWA British fighter planes will take on Japanese aircraft for the first time since World War Two in aerial combat drills following the arrival in Japan on Saturday of four Royal Air Force Typhoon Eurofighters.三沢——随着四架皇家空军台风欧洲战斗机于周六抵达日本参加空战演习,这将是英国战斗机自第二次世界大战后首次与日本战斗机见面。The joint practice at Japan’s northern Misawa Air Base starts on Sunday and will be the first time Japan’s air force train at home with a foreign force other than that of the ed States.日本北部的三沢空军基地的联合训练将于周日开始,这将是第一次日本空军在国内与美国以外的其它部队一起训练。The jets along with a C-17 support plane touched down early in the evening under overcast skies, their high-pitched screams prompting some onlookers to cover their ears.这些喷气式飞机和C-17运输机在阴暗的天空下于当晚早些时分降落,它们高调的尖叫声促使一些旁观者遮住了他们的耳朵。The Typhoons will face off against and fly with Japanese F-15s and domestically built Mitsubishi F-2s in an exercise dubbed Guardian North 16.台风战斗机将在一场名为北方守卫6的演习中面对日本的F-15和国产三菱F-2战斗机。“We will learn from each other, and ultimately we will make friendships that will tie us together more closely in the future,RAF Lieutenant Colonel Roger Elliot, said in introductory remarks to 100 Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF) personnel.RAF中尉罗杰埃利奥特上校在对日本空军自卫队(JASDF)人员进行介绍时说:“我们将相互学习,最终我们将建立友谊,这将在未来把我们更密切地联系在一起”。Both countries want to hone scramble techniques to counter foreign military aircraft approaching their air spaces. Both regularly shadow Russian planes and the JASDF scrambles when Chinese jets approaching its southwestern border.两国都想磨练战斗机的战斗技术以对抗接近其领空的外国军用飞机。当中国喷气式飞机接近其西南边界时,通常就是影射指俄罗斯飞机与中国双方和JASDF进行对抗。As China’s control of the neighboring South China Sea tightens, Japan worries that Beijing’s attention is turning toward the East China Sea where Japan controls a chain of islands stretching 1,400 km toward Taiwan.随着中国对邻近南中国海的控制收紧,日本担心北京的注意力转向东中国海,在那里日本控制着面向台湾方向延伸1400公里的一系列岛屿。In the six months to the end of September, Japanese fighters took off to chase Chinese planes 407 times compared with 231 times a year earlier, according to the JASDF. Encounters with Russian bombers and surveillance planes, which fly in from the north rose 67 percent to 180 incidents.据JASDF称,月底为止个月中,日本战机起飞追逐中国飞07架次,而前一年则31架次而遇到来自北方俄罗斯的轰炸机和侦察机的频率上升了67%,到了180架次。The Typhoon visit is also an opportunity for Japan’s air force see Europe’s most advanced jet as it looks at proposals for developing a new fighter to replace its F-2s at a cost of as much as billion.这次台风战斗机访问也是日本空军借机观察欧洲最先进的喷气式飞机,因为它希望研发一款新型战斗机,以取代其成本高00亿美元的F-2战斗机。In 2011 Japan considered a bid by BAE Systems to sell it the Typhoon in a competition ultimately won by Lockheed Martin Corp with its F-35 stealth fighter.011年的一场竞标中,日本曾经考虑过最终赢过洛克希德马丁公司(Lockheed Martin Corp)F-35隐形战斗机的BAE系统公司出售台风战斗机的竞标价。Japan has yet to decide what kind of aircraft its new fighter, dubbed the F-3, will be, but the choice is between a cheaper non-stealth superiority fighter based on an existing design, such as the Eurofighter, or a more expensive program to build a stealth fighter like the U.S. F-22 Raptor. 日本还没有决定研发什么样的新型战斗机,虽然将会被称为F-3,但基于现有的设计其选择会产生于一架更便宜而没有隐身优势的战斗机,就如欧洲战斗机,或者是由一个更昂贵的程序来建造一架隐形战斗机,就像美国的F-22猛禽这两者之间。来 /201610/474771


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