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Being ;put on the spot; by a face-to-face question might NOT be the best way to get a truthful answer.面对面地审问某人也许不是得到真实的最佳方式。People tend to tell the truth more when asked questions via text message - because they have more time to think.用发短信的方式提问一般更能得到实情,因为人们有更多的时间思考。It also includes sensitive information that the person might not normally reveal - such as exactly how much they drink, or how much (or little) they exercise.通过发短信还能得知人通常不会透露的敏感信息,比如他们真实的饮酒量,或运动量的多少。While the police are unlikely to switch to interviewing suspects via iPhone, it#39;s a good way to elicit precise, true answers from friends.尽管警察不大可能转用iPhone来审问犯人,但这是从朋友那里获得准确真实回答的好办法。;The preliminary results of our study suggest that people are more likely to disclose sensitive information via text messages than in voice interviews,; says Fred Conrad, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Michigan.密歇根大学的认知心理学家弗雷德#8226;康拉德说:“我们研究的初步结果显示,相比语音访谈,人们在短信里更可能透露敏感信息。”;This is sort of surprising,; says Conrad, ;since many people thought that texting would decrease the likelihood of disclosing sensitive information because it creates a persistent, visual record of questions and answers that others might see on your phone.;康拉德说:“这有些令人惊讶。许多人以为发短信会降低透露敏感信息的可能性,因为这会产生问题和回答的持久的可视记录,其他人可能会在你手机上看到。”When texting, people are less likely to #39;round#39; figures up or down, and more likely to give precise answers.在发短信时,人们不大可能说个大概数字,更可能给出准确的。;We believe people give more precise answers via texting because there#39;s just not the time pressure in a largely asynchronous mode like text that there is in phone interviews,; says Conrad.康拉德说:“我认为人们通过短信能给出更准确的,因为短信很大程度上是一种非同步的通信方式,没有电话访谈的时间压力。”;As a result, respondents are able to take longer to arrive at more accurate answers.;“结果,应答者能有更多时间来想出更准确的。” /201205/182830

每个高喊着减肥的姑娘,都有一张管不住的嘴。但最新研究表明,胖纸不只是吃出来的,更是;坐;出来的!想甩掉腰间的救生圈?赶紧站起来;抖抖手来抖抖脚;吧!New research gives many of us yet another reason to get up off our desk chairs and get moving.一项新的研究,让我们又多了一个离开桌椅站起来活动活动的理由。The findings, published in Cell Physiology, suggest that the pressure placed in the buttocks and hips from sitting down for too long can generate up to 50 percent more fat in those areas.这项被刊登在《细胞生理学》上的调查结果表明,持久静坐施加于臀部和胯部的压力,会使这些部位生成50%以上的脂肪。Researchers from Tel Aviv University looked at MRI images of muscle tissue in people who had been paralyzed by spinal cord injuries and found that major amounts of fat cells stretched to surround the areas around the muscles that endured pressure from lying or sitting. The researchers then manipulated a group of fat cells to stretch and stay sedentary for long periods of time, representing the time spent sitting or lying down. After two weeks, they found that stretched cells produced nearly 50 percent more liquid fat than regular fat cells.特拉维夫大学的研究人员,观察了一些因脊髓损伤而瘫痪的病人的肌肉组织MRI(核磁共振成像)图像,发现大多数的脂肪细胞都聚集在因为躺或者坐而承受压力的肌肉附近。;These findings indicate that we need to take our cells#39; mechanical environment into account as well as pay attention to calories consumed and burned,; Amit Gefen, one of the Tel Aviv researchers, told the U.K.#39;s Telegraph.;那些调查结果表明,我们不仅要注意消耗和燃烧的卡路里,更要考虑下细胞的机械环境。;一位名叫Amit Gefen的特拉维夫研究人员,这样告诉英国《每日电讯报》。Previous research found that those who were bound to wheelchairs or were bedridden developed abnormal muscle and fat growth in areas of the body where more pressure was placed. But Gefen said this research could also translate to the not so extreme sedentary lifestyle.先前的研究发现,那些受轮椅束缚或者卧病不起的人,会在身体受压更大的部位,出现肌肉发育不良的情况,并且增长脂肪。但Gefen说,即使没那么极端的久坐生活方式同样会造成研究得出的结果。Even those who eat well and exercise can suffer the consequences of a bigger butt and waistline if they stay seated for longer periods of time, according to this research. But forgo the exercise and become a couch potato and the results could be worse, Gefen told The Telegraph.研究表明,如果久坐不动,甚至那些吃得很营养也锻炼身体的人也会变成粗腰肥臀。不过,成天躺在沙发上看电视又不锻炼的话,一定会变得更糟糕,Gefen对《每日电讯报》如是说。 /201112/163690Many have heard of Warren Buffet#39;s famous lunches. Guests can ask the billionaire investor any questions about business and philanthropy over a fine meal in a restaurant.很多人听说过著名的;沃伦#8226;巴菲特午餐;。 在餐厅享用大餐的过程中,来宾们可以向这位身价亿万的投资家请教任何关于生意和慈善方面的问题。Recently, Qi Lin, 23, a finance major from Nanjing University and 19 fellow students had the chance to quiz CEOs over dinner.近日,在南京大学攻读金融专业、23岁的齐林(音译)及其他19名学生,便得到机会与CEO们共进晚餐,讨教问题。They asked the CEOs of Bertelsmann China companies about careers and innovative ideas at a French restaurant in Beijing.在北京的一家法式餐厅里,他们向贝塔斯曼集团中国区各家公司的CEO们询问了职业和创新理念的问题。Qi asked how to deal with obstacles or frustrations at work.齐林讨教了如何去处理工作中的障碍或挫折的问题。Dennis Hu, CEO of avarto Systems China, a global IT full service provider replied: ;It#39;s important to have ownership of your own position. Instead of passively regarding your job as tasks, try to think of it in a more creative way.;全球IT全方位务供应商——欧唯特信息系统中国公司的首席执行官丹尼斯#8226;胡回答说:;对自己的工作拥有自主权这点很重要的。尽量以一种更具创造性的方式来思考你的工作,而不是被动地将工作视为任务。;Unlike Buffet#39;s lunches, the 20 students didn#39;t bid in an auction for places at the meal.与;巴菲特午餐;不同,这20名学生并没有在拍卖会上为获得餐桌上的一席之位而竞标。The group got their invites by displaying entrepreneurship in the Talents Meets Bertelsmann (TMB) China workshop 2012 to enter the final. They stood out from hundreds of applicants around the country. At dinner they were encouraged to fire questions at the CEOs and produce creative reports based on the information collected during the dinner.这组学生凭借在2012;贝塔斯曼校园达人; (Talent Meets Bertelsmann,以下简称TMB)商业策划大赛中的创业展示,最终晋级决赛,从而获得了邀请。他们从来自全国各地的数百名参赛者中脱颖而出。在晚餐过程中,主办方鼓励他们向CEO们发出一连串的提问,并根据晚宴上收集到的信息撰写一份创新报告。They divided into five groups and each team sat at a table with a CEO from one of the companies of the Bertelsmann group, a transnational media corporation.他们分成五个小组,每组与一位CEO坐在一起。这些CEO都是来自跨国传媒公司贝塔斯曼集团旗下的各个公司。;This gave students the opportunity to have face-to-face, in-depth talks with senior bosses, to share not only their business insights but also their career and life experiences and advice,; said Elyn Hu, a senior HR manager of Bertelsmann China Corporate Center.;这使得学生们能够有机会与高层管理者面对面深度交流,这不单单只是分享他们的商业见解,更是听取他们有关职场和人生的经验和建议。;贝塔斯曼中国控股有限公司高级人事经理艾琳#8226;胡说道。The students#39; questions ranged from how the bosses see themselves in the workplace to even how often they cook for themselves at home. ;I was struck by all the odd questions the students raised,; said Hong Kong native Ricky Ng, General Manager from iClick China, a leading online performance marketing provider in Asia.学生的问题可谓五花八门,从老板们如何看待工作中的自己,到他们多久自己在家做一次饭吃。作为一位土生土长的香港人,亚洲领先的在线效果营销公司爱点击(中国)总经理Ricky Ng表示:;我被学生们提出的各种古怪问题雷到了。;;I realized that students have lively and *unconfined minds. I#39;m also glad that they seem to put an emphasis on work and life balance,; Ng said.;我意识到学生们思维很活跃,很发散。他们似乎很注重工作与生活的平衡,这点也让我感到很开心。;Ricky Ng说道。Some students wanted to know how the CEOs started their in-house careers as entrepreneurs from an entry-level position directly after graduation.一些学生想知道这些CEO是如何从刚毕业时的初级职位变身为独立创业者的。Kevin Xu, CEO of arvato China, a leading third party outsourcing provider, told them how he once spent several nights working on an electronic version of his company#39;s invoice to provide a standardized version.作为第三方外包供应商中的翘楚——欧维特中国的首席执行官凯文#8226;徐向他们讲述了自己的经历。有一次,自己是花费了好几个晚上的时间来钻研公司发票的电子版,以便做出一个标准版。He reckoned the most valuable employees were those who are willing to do the basic hands-on work.他认为最有价值的员工是那些愿意亲手去做最基础工作的人。Career planning upon graduation was another area of students#39; interest.毕业之后的职业规划则是另一个令学生们感兴趣的方面。Wang Zeyuan, 24, an automation major from Tsinghua University, quizzed Annabelle Long, chief executive of Bertelsmann China Corporate Center.就读于清华大学自动化专业、24岁的王泽源(音译)向贝塔斯曼中国控股有限公司总经理安娜贝拉#8226;龙讨教了一番。;She advised me to keep all options open before deciding on what I really want to do,; Wang said.王泽源说:;她建议,在我决定自己真正想做的事情之前,保留所有选项。;;I also learn about the career path in the consulting industry.;;同时,我也了解了咨询行业的职业发展道路。;Gao Tingfan, 20, a junior economic major from Renmin University asked Long: ;When was the last time you cooked for yourself?; He was happy to know that it was just a week ago and this CEO would not put life after work, and he even learnt a tofu recipe from her.来自中国人民大学经济学专业的大三学生、20岁的高廷帆(音译)向安娜贝拉#8226;龙提问道:;你最后一次为自己做饭是什么时候?;当得知是在一周前时,他很开心。这位CEO并不会将生活放于工作之后,他甚至还从她那里学到了一道豆腐菜谱。Owen Shi, China CEO of Gruner+Jahr Advertising Co Ltd, says that it was a conversation of win-win situation. ;The students#39; questions made me think in different ways.;古纳亚尔广告公司的华人首席执行官欧文#8226;史称这是一次双赢的对话。;学生们的问题让我以不同的角度思考。;Winners will fly to Germany to visit HQ这次大赛的获胜者将会飞往贝塔斯曼德国总部参观。The final of this year#39;s TMB China workshop, organized by Bertelsmann , the transnational media giant, was held from July 11 to 12 in Beijing.今年由跨国传媒大鳄——贝塔斯曼集团组织的;TMB(中国)商业策划大赛;的决赛,于7月11日到12日期间在北京举办。A total of 20 participants with an entrepreneurial spirit worked in five groups to present their business proposals to the company#39;s top executives.20名极富创业精神的参赛选手被分为五组,他们向公司的高管团队提交了自己的商业计划书。This year, Zhu Hongxuan from Peking University, Tang Luqiao from Wuhan University, Zhou Yue from Columbia University and Zhong Mingxuan from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology were the winners. They will fly to Germany to visit Bertelsmann#39;s headquarters and take part in the ;Student Challenge; event in December.今年的获胜者是来自北京大学的朱虹璇(音译)、武汉大学的唐璐桥(音译),哥伦比亚大学的周悦(音译)以及来自香港科技大学的钟明轩(音译)。他们将会飞往德国参观贝塔斯曼总部,并参加于12月举行的;学生挑战赛;。 /201208/195022

It#39;s most people#39;s biggest health fear. But whether you get dementia, scientists now believe, is mostly a matter of lifestyle; it hinges on what you eat every single day. Here#39;s a guide to making the choices that will preserve a healthy mind;starting right now!痴呆症是人们十分惧怕的疾病。不管你是否有痴呆,科学家们认为,它的出现与人的生活方式紧密相关;它取决于我们每天吃什么。早年选择合理饮食,有利于保护我们健康大脑,避免大脑受损。我们应该予以重视了!When it comes to aging, life can be cruel. There#39;s plenty to...well...let#39;s come right out and say it: think about. What will happen to my looks? What will happen to my body?许多人步入老年之后,随着年龄增加,生活会遇到各种不便、困难与痛苦。如何应对这些变化,有许多事情值得我们思考。如何看待这个问题?首先我们得从注意自己身体变化做起。Will I still be able to pursue my interests? What will happen to my mind?生活能不能有自己嗜好?每天饮食对我们大脑会有什么影响?That last question is now the second leading health concern (after cancer) among adults in at least four Western countries;France, Germany, and Spain, as well as the ed States;according to a recent survey by the Harvard University School of Public Health and the Alzheimer Europe consortium. Fear of developing dementia would likely stir even more concern if Americans didn#39;t mistakenly believe a cure for Alzheimer#39;s disease exists (more than 45 percent of U.S. respondents think there is an effective treatment). Despite the lack of a cure, great progress has been made in the past three decades in understanding the disease.哈佛大学公共卫生学院和欧洲阿尔茨海默疾病联盟最近一份调查称,大脑痴呆症已成为仅次于癌症第二大健康问题,在西方国家如法国、德国、西班牙和美国等的成年人中尤其如此。美国人对痴呆症的担忧引发的焦虑,似乎对老年痴呆症治疗丧失了信心:问卷调查发现,只有百分之四十五多美国人认为,老年痴呆症有希望找到医治方法。虽然治愈目前尚无取得成功,但三十年来对该病的理解已取得巨大进步。The most common cause of dementia, or severe cognitive decline, and the sixth leading cause of death in the U. S., Alzheimer#39;s disease is marked by difficulty storing new memories and recalling recent events, loss of ability to track day-to-day information, a disrupted sense of time and space, social withdrawal, irritability, and mood swings. The neurodegenerative condition typically manifests after age 60. Life expectancy in the U.S. is currently about 78 years and rising. The 5.4 million Americans who suffer from the illness include 13 percent of those over age 65.据调查,老年痴呆症已成为美国第六大杀手。痴呆症最常见症状是,认知能力急速下降,存储记忆困难,难以回忆发生事情,不能跟踪记住发生信息,没有时间与空间感觉,离群孤僻,个性暴躁和情绪极端不稳。特别是年龄超过60岁之后,这种神经衰退症状尤其突出。美国现在人口平均寿命大约为78岁,并有增加趋势。但是,美国患有痴呆症病的人数却有540万,其中有13%的痴呆病人年龄超过65岁;中国老年痴呆的患者数也呈显著上升趋势,据统计,目前患者总数约有600万,10%的病人年龄超过65岁。Scientists attribute the debilitating disorder to the gradual accumulation between brain cells of a toxic protein, beta-amyloid, that blocks the transmission of information from cell to cell, wipes out synapses, and disrupts basic neuron function, leading to cell death. Inflammatory processes are also involved in memory loss.科学家们认为,造成大脑失调不断恶化主要原因是,脑细胞毒蛋白与beta;(贝它)淀粉样蛋白逐渐沉淀积聚,阻碍细胞间信息传递,使神经突触消失,神经功能下降,从而导致细胞死亡。在这病变过程中,同时也引起记忆损失。The vast majority of Alzheimer#39;s cases;over 99 percent;occur spontaneously; they are not linked to genetic factors. But they are linked to obesity. Researchers find that the same lifestyle choices that lead people to become obese or develop heart disease also increase the risk of developing dementia.绝大多数老年痴呆症病患者(99%以上)是自然而然形成的,与遗传基因并无关系,但与肥胖有关。研究人员已经实,肥胖和引发心脏病的生活方式给痴呆症疾病带来重大风险。It comes down to this: Choices we make throughout life about what we put in our bodies may protect against Alzheimer#39;s, or delay its onset. At the very least, says neuroscientist Gary Wenk, ;We can slow down the time that it takes for someone to get symptoms.; Professor of psychology, neuroscience, and molecular virology, immunology, and medical genetics at The Ohio State University, Wenk is author of the book Your Brain on Food.研究得出结论:在我们整个人生中,选择正确的生活方式,每天吃些什么,能有效地预防老年痴呆症,或推迟它的发生。神经科学家加里 温克(Gary Wenk )说,至少;可延迟痴呆症状出现。; 加里 温克是美国俄亥俄州州立大学心理学、神经科学、分子病毒学、免疫学和医学遗传学教授,是《大脑与饮食(Your Brain on Food)》一书作者。Heading off dementia, he insists, starts with what we eat. Food should be thought of the same way as the drugs we put in our body. They#39;re all made up of chemicals. Everything we consume prompts a reaction in the brain. Picking the right foods can minimize damage to neurons and preserve a healthy mind as you age.他认为,我们预防痴呆症应从日常饮食开始。食物如同进入我们体内的药品一样,全是化学物质构成的。我们吃下所有食物都会在我们大脑产生反应。选择正确食物对我们年迈之后有助于降低大脑神经细胞的损坏,保护好我们大脑健康。 /201203/173188

1. You jump, I jump.1. 你跳我就跳。2. We#39;re women. Our choices are never easy.2. 我们是女人,我们的选择从来就不易。3. All life is a game of luck.3. 生活本来就全靠运气。4. I#39;d rather be his whore than your wife.4. 我宁愿当他的婊子也不愿做你的妻子。5. You are going to get out of there.You#39;re going to on and you#39;re going to make lots of babies and you#39;re going to watch them grow and you#39;re going to die and old, an old lady, warm in your bed. Not there, Not this night, Not like this .5. 你一定会脱险的,你要活下去,生很多孩子,看着他们长大,你会安享晚年,安息在温暖的床上,而不是今晚在这里,不是象这样的死去。6. Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me... it brought me to you. And I#39;m thankful for that, Rose. I#39;m thankful. You must do me this honor, Rose. Promise me you#39;ll survive. That you won#39;t give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise.6. 赢得船票……是我一生最幸运的事,让我可认识你,认识你真荣幸,万分荣幸,你一定要帮我,答应我活下去,答应我,你不会放弃……无论发生什么事,无论环境怎样……Rose,答应我,千万别忘了。7. I figure life is a gift and I don#39;t intend on wasting it. You never know what hand you#39;re going to get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you….7. 我觉得生命是一份礼物,我不想浪费它,你不会知道下一手牌会是什么,要学会接受生活。8. Don#39;t you do that, don#39;t say your good-byes.8. 别那样,不说再见,坚持下去,你明白吗?9. I#39;ll never let go. I#39;ll never let go, Jack.9. 我永不食言,永不食言,Jack。10. God shall wipe away all the tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death. Neither shall there be sorrow or dying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former world has passed away.10. 上帝擦去他们所有的眼泪,死亡不再有,也不再有悲伤和生死离别,不再有痛苦,因往事已矣。 /201204/177197

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