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湖州交通医院丰胸多少钱湖州市妇幼保健院点痣多少钱亲情真的可以靠“探亲法”强制获得吗? -- :38:5 来源: 楼梯很陡,很陡从过道走下来,也要颤颤巍巍、小心翼翼还要护好自己的头,不撞上墙 Two floors up, you emerge into a small room with a big hospital bed, and in it is Yao Jainguo’s mother in law. She’s in her early 80s. She’s been confined to this space more than years after a nasty fall.二楼,一个窄间,姚江国(音)的岳母躺在一张大大的病号床上她今年80多岁了在一个烦人的秋后,她搬进了这里,自那以后已过了多年Mr Yao and his wife care her 7. One does the night shift, the other the day. They have help from a volunteer group who visit, and there is some government assistance too.老姚和他的妻子日夜不停、轮流照顾这位老人,一个白天来,一个晚上来经常还会有一个志愿者团队来拜访这位老人,老姚他们也得了不少帮助,当地政府也协助他们一起来赡养老人But it is them - and the porter they hire - that carry her down the steep stairs a few times a year a trip somewhere nice in Shanghai.但是还是要靠老姚他们(或者他们雇的人)来把老太太搬下楼来,一年里有那么几次到上海风光还不错的地方转转逛逛The Shanghai government fears that level of commitment is fading.上海政府担心儿女们逐渐地不再赡养老人It fears the demise of the proud Chinese tradition of filial piety. It fears that a richer generation of children, whose lives are dominated more by their work, will be less inclined to look after their ageing parents.他们担心令中国人引以为傲的传统孝道会逐渐消亡他们担心更加富裕了的子孙一代将更加不愿意照顾他们年迈的父母,因为他们的生活都被工作所主导了Shanghai is a vast metropolis. Among its million people is the highest proportion of pensioners of any city in China.上海是一个超级大城市,拥有00万人口但与此同时,和全国其他城市相比,上海市领取退休金的老人的比例也最高Officials here think part of the answer is to ce people to care.一些上海政府官员认为,也许可以用强制子女探望父母的办法,来解决目前这一难题It’s introduced a punishment that strikes at the heart of every Chinese consumer - their credit score.上海市政府引入了一项惩罚机制,直击中国消费者的内心--他们的信用评分It’s a tool the state uses to deal with a range of wrongdoing: even traffic offences can lead to a worsening credit score.中国使用这一手段来处置一系列不法行为:甚至交通违法也会导致信用评分下降New rules implemented this month extend a law which gave elderly parents the right to sue their neglectful children in the courts. Shanghai now has the power to punish the worst offenders by downgrading their credit score.年,上海市曾出台一项规定,允许父母起诉疏于探望的子女,而从本月开始实施的这项新规就是在年规定上的扩大通过下调信用评分,上海现在有能力来处罚最恶劣的罪犯"If the behaviour is harming old people, if it goes past the legal threshold, and if the old people sue and complain about it, then the behaviour will be punished under the law," said Ying Zhigao from the city’s Bureau of Civil Affairs.上海市民政局应志高(音)表示说:“如果子女的行为危害到老人,如果子女的行为没有履行法律规定的义务,如果老人抱怨子女的行为或者要求打官司,那么子女就会因自己的行为而依法受到处罚”He said this wasn’t a measure aimed at dealing with the ticking time bomb of social care provision in a country where the population is ageing fast.应志高表示,在目前中国老龄化人口快速增加的情况下,这一举措并不能解决日益尖锐的社会关爱问题"We are building on a very strong Chinese tradition of respecting and caring old people" he said.他说道:“我们的工作有一个强而有力的中国传统做基础,人们尊敬、关爱老年人”But there is the issue of who will pay.但是问题是,谁来为此买单呢?An ageing population is an issue that much of the world is trying to grapple with. But China has a unique contributory factor: the one-child policy.人口老龄化是世界上许多国家都在试图解决的一个问题但是中国的情况也许更严重,因为他们面临一个独一无二的因素:独生子女政策The decades old restriction, which has just been removed, means there are fewer children to do the caring.这一维持了几十年的旧制度(不久前才废除)使得能够赡养老人的子女更少了Ju Higun was quick to show us the black and white photograph of his son inside the folder where he keeps all his government documents.车海刚(音)向我们展示了他儿子的黑白照片,他把这些照片都保存得很好,和他的政府文件放在一起The couple see their son once or twice a month. The expansion of Shanghai’s metro network has made it easier he says.老车两口子每个月能见到他们的儿子一两次他说,上海地铁线路扩张使得他们团聚更方便了His son also sends money. Mr Ju whips out an envelope and fans out the handful of red 0 yuan ($; pound ) notes inside. It goes under the pillow in an instant.老车的儿子也会给他们寄钱来老车掏出一个信封,从里面倒出一把红灿灿的百元大钞(约合美元,英镑)随后,他又马上把钱藏在了枕头下面Does he miss his boy? Yes he does.他想儿子吗?是的,他想He said he wishes they lived together, as three generations of some Chinese families still do, so they could care each other, like families in this country used to.老车说他希望他们可以住在一起,像其他那些三代同堂的中国家庭一样那么他们就可以互相关心、照顾,就像中国的家庭以前那样湖州曙光整形美容医院治疗色素痣怎么样 生死相随 美国百岁夫妇天内相继离世 -- 01:00: 来源:   Helen and Joe Auer have been inseparable seven decades, and even death proved no match their unbreakable, one-in-a-million bond.  海伦·奥尔和乔·奥尔携手走过七十多年从未分开过,连死神都没能把这对生死相伴的伴侣分开  Helen Auer, from Cincinnati, Ohio, passed away peacefully at home last Wednesday at age 9.  妻子海伦来自美国俄亥俄州的辛辛那提市,上周三在家中去世,享年9岁  On the night of her death, Joe entered her room, gave her one final kiss goodbye and whispered to her, 'Helen, call me home.'  海伦去世的当天晚上,丈夫乔走进她的房间,给了她最后的道别之吻并轻声对她说:“海伦,喊我一起回家”  And just hours later, Helen did call him to her.  小时候之后,海伦的确喊乔一起“回家”了  Joe Auer died last Friday, five months after celebrating his 0th birthday. The couple's nine surviving children knew their dad could not make it without their mom more than a night, reported the Cincinnati Enquirer.  乔·奥尔于上周五去世,五个月之前他度过了0岁的生日奥尔夫妇的孩子们都知道,他们的父亲无法离开母亲,连一个晚上都不行  The Auers married at St. Lawrence Church in Cincinnati in 191.  海伦和乔191年在辛辛那提市的圣劳伦斯教堂喜结连理  On Wednesday, the couple who survived the Great Depression, lived through World War II, raised children and witnessed the births of their grandchildren, 9 great-grandkids and one great-great grandchild, will be back in front of the same alter where they had exchanged their vows 73 years earlier, only this time a funeral Mass.  奥尔夫妇都是生长在美国经济大萧条时期,两人一同经历了二战,养育有个孩子,有个孙辈,9个重孙辈和1个重重孙辈,本周三奥尔夫妇将重回到到两人73年前许下誓言的地方,只是这次是来举办葬礼  Helen Auer, had her first baby, Barry, soon after the wedding and was pregnant with their second child, Judy, by the time Joe shipped out to fight the Nazis in faraway Europe.  海伦结婚后不久生下了第一个孩子巴里,之后又怀了第二个孩子朱迪,此时乔正在去遥远的欧洲战场抵抗纳粹的路上  Eager to have Joe see their new baby, Helen sent him a photo of herself with their two young children.  乔非常想见孩子,于是海伦寄了一张她自己和两个孩子的照片给乔  Joe Auer had that precious black-and-white picture tucked in his pocket when he landed at Utah Beach on D-Day, and it did not leave his side the remainder of the war - and the rest of his life.  在预定日期登录犹他海滩之后,乔把这张珍贵的黑白照片放在衣口袋里,从此以后这张照片就没再离开过他  Jerry Auer, the couple's th and final child, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the thbare, yellowed photograph was still in his father's wallet when he drew his last breath last week.  奥尔夫妇的第十个孩子杰瑞·奥尔说直到上周父亲去世这张陈旧的、发黄的照片还放在父亲的钱包里  Helen Auer was described by her children as the outgoing and spirited one in the family - a woman who loved keeping busy and spending time with loved ones.  海伦的孩子们称海伦在家里很有活力、很外向友好,她总是忙忙碌碌的,把所有时间都花在她爱的人身上  By contrast, their daughter Mary Joe Reiners described her father as a stern and serious man – the disciplinarian in the family - who was guided by his Christian faith and his profound sense of responsibility.  而他们的女儿玛丽称父亲是一个严厉、严谨的人,是家里的纪律执行者,这种性格与他的基督教信仰还有责任心有关  After serving his country in Europe three years during the war, Auer returned home to Helen and found work as an engraver.  在欧洲战场上役三年之后,奥尔返回了家里,做起了一份雕刻师的工作  With their family growing from one year to the next money was always tight but the Auers, frugal, humble and hardworking, always managed somehow.  随着家庭成员不断的增加,家里的开也越来越大,但节俭、谦逊、努力的奥尔夫妇把这个大家庭打理得井井有条  After sending off their youngest child to third grade, Helen joined the workce to help Joe out.  最小的孩子上三年级之后,海伦也开始工作,和乔一起养家  In photos of Helen and Joe shared by their family on the website of Meyer Funeral Home, the two appear deeply in love, dancing at family celebrations, posing side by side pictures, or kissing on the couch like a pair of love-sick teens.  通过家人上传的奥尔夫妇的照片上,可以看出两人非常相爱照片上,两人在家庭聚会上一起跳舞、为拍照摆各种造型,或是像孩子一样在沙发上接吻  'They were simple, humble people. They wanted nothing and got everything in return,' Jerry Auer, 5, told the paper of his late parents.  “他们都是很简单、谦逊的人他们无欲无求,却得到了所有”5岁的杰瑞说个离奇的英语怪词,你造么? -- :: 来源:chinadaily English is a crazy language. 英语里有许多非常好玩的单词它们的词意和表明上看起来的完全没有关系都有哪些个怪词,让我们赶快来瞧一瞧 There is no egg in eggplant nor ham in hamburger, neither apple nor pine in pineapple 鸡蛋和茄子没什么血缘关系:苹果和凤梨的长相差距很大 English muffins weren't invented in England or French fries in France 英式松饼的家乡不是英国;炸土豆条的发源地也不是法国 Sweetmeats are candies while sweetbs, which aren't sweet, are meat 蜜饯 (sweetmeats) 不是肉,是甜的;杂碎 (sweetbs) 是肉,不是甜的 We find that quicksand can work slowly, boxing rings are square and aguinea pig is neither from Guinea nor is it a pig 流沙其实流得很慢;拳击台是方形的;实验用的小豚鼠的老家不是几内亚,长相和猪属于两种型 If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarianeat? 素食主义者吃蔬菜,人道主义者吃人(human)? How can a slim chance and a fat chance be the same, while a wise man and wise guy are opposites? 胖瘦截然相反,可后面跟着chance就都变成“机会渺茫”了;聪明人(wise man)改一个词,就沦落为自作聪明的人(wise guy) How can overlook and oversee be opposites, while quite a lot and quite a few are alike? Look和see是近义词,但oversee监视,overlook意思怎么就是忽视呢;A lot和a few是反义词,但与quite连用,怎么都表示很多的意思呢! When the stars are out, they are visible, but when the lights are out, they are invisible 星星出来了,我们能看到它们;灯灭了,我们就什么也看不见了 When you wind up your watch, you start it, but when you wind up an essay, you end it ! 给表上发条,表就开始走了;wind up一篇文章,哈哈,文章到此结束啦湖州哪家医院开眼角技术好

湖州冰点无痛脱腋毛哪家医院好中美领导人北京会晤,洽谈经济合作 -- :56:55 来源: 中美两国领导人在北京启动年度高级别会谈 The U.S. and China are the two largest economies in the world — and interdependent in a host of ways.中国和美国是世界上最大的两个经济体——而且在很多方面是相互依存的But as leaders from both countries start annual high-level talks in Beijing, disagreements over how China does business are creating some trust issues in the relationship.但是,随着两国领导人在北京启动年度高级别会谈,在中国如何开展业务的分歧正在制造两国关系间的信任问题 the U.S. side, Secretary of State John Kerry is handling security conversations, while U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew leads the economic track.美国方面,国务卿约翰·克里正处理安全对话,而美国财政部长雅各布·卢主导经济轨道"Having grown to be one of the two largest economies in the world it’s increasingly important China to accept the responsibilities of being a large and powerful economy," Lew said.“成长为世界上两大经济体之一,中国接受作为一个大国和强国的经济责任显得愈发重要,”卢说American companies want more unfettered access to Chinese markets and its hundreds of millions of consumers.美国公司希望更自由地访问中国市场和接触到其亿万消费者But China’s first priority is its own domestic economy and homegrown firms.但中国的首要任务是国内经济和本土公司It’s led to new rules and restrictions making it tougher non-Chinese companies to compete. Especially on the tech front.这带来了新规则和限制,非中国公司的竞争更困难尤其在技术领域Then there’s the issue of overcapacity. To prop up its own economy, China is keeping open dozens of industrial plants that pump out raw materials like steel and aluminum, stuff the world aly has enough of.再有就是产能过剩的问题为了撑自己的经济体,中国保持开放着几十个工厂,制造钢铁和铝等原材料,向供过于求的全球市场继续供给"It’s distorting their markets, it’s an impediment to medium and long-term growth. And it’s distorting global markets," said Lew.“它正在扭曲市场,这是对中期和长期发展的障碍而且它还会扭曲全球市场”卢说At the talks, the U.S. is encouraging China to let global markets act with less state intervention. But the Chinese have their own domestic pressures to worry about.在会谈中,美国鼓励中国减少对全球市场的干预但中国却担心自己的国内压力"It’s not the best time us," says Yienching Yang, of China’s E-Cai Economic Research Institute. "Because we don’t have very good economic growth. And we don’t have a very good political environment in the ed States."中国E财经济研究所的Yienching Yang说:“我们的时机还未到,因为我们没有非常好的经济发展我们没有美国那么好的政治环境”Echoing his Chinese counterparts, Lew says ongoing communication is far more effective than confrontation.回应中国,卢称继续沟通比对峙有效得多"The U.S. China economic relationship is the most important economic relationship in the world," Lew said.“中美关系是全球最重要的经济关系,”卢说Shared interests are keeping the lines of communication going, even if no specific outcomes are expected in this set of dialogues. Just working through the tough stuff can considered progress.共同利益是保持沟通的动力,即使在这组对话中没有具体的结果面对艰难的问题也是一种进展湖州医院激光祛斑哪个好 明星情侣新组合:Swiddleston -- ::8 来源:chinadaily 今天早上刷微,被霉霉和抖森PDA的一组照片刷屏了美国大长腿美女在与前男友分手两周以后,就和腐国大长腿直男开始了新的恋情这样傲人的明星组合,该给他们取个什么名字呢?Hiddleswift? T-Swifty-son? TNT(Taylor and Tom的缩写)?还是Swiddleston?最终,好像是Swiddleston胜出了我们来看看最先爆出这组照片的英国媒体《The Sun是如何描述现场情形的The pair – who had an instant spark after dancing during the Met Gala – locked lips during a romantic day out on a beach in the US state of Rhode Island.两人在美国罗德岛一处海滩浪漫出游,深情拥吻二人此前在 Met Gala上共舞时就已擦出火花An onlooker revealed: “They were all over each other – hugging and kissing – even though there were people coming and going on the beach.一位旁观人士表示:“他们两个如胶似漆,又亲又抱,沙滩上有多个人来来去去也不顾忌”“They looked like any young couple madly in love without a care in the world.”“他们就跟所有热恋中的年轻人一样,完全不在乎周遭的世界”A source close to Taylor revealed: “Tom has been courting Taylor since they met – he sent her flowers. She’s been won over.”接近Taylor的一位知情人士爆料称:“俩人上次见面之后,Tom就一直在追Taylor,他还给她送花她这是被追到了”这里关于两人在一起PDA(public display of affection,公开秀恩爱)的描述包括:lock lips:字面意思“嘴唇锁在一起”,实际意思“接吻”be all over each other:又抱又亲,两人粘在一起的感觉,用“如胶似漆”来表示应该比较恰当Tom has been courting Taylor:这里的court指“追求”,如果说Tom and Taylor are courting就表示“他们在恋爱”She’s been won over:win someone over表示“赢得某人的持”或者“把某人争取过来”,这里的意思是,Tom通过送花等攻势,终于赢得了Taylor的芳心外媒的报道中还用canoodling或者make out来形容二人的亲密行为canoodling的动词形式为canoodle,指“亲吻爱抚”,一般用法为A is canoodling with B或者they are canoodlingmake out在表达“爱抚、亲热”的基础上,有时候还表示更进一步的亲密行为媒体报道还提到两人在岛上一起摆pose自拍,take selfies together,像这种一对情侣一起的自拍英语里有个专门的词叫couplie,也就是couple和selfie的合成形式当然,媒体的报道中也少不了关于霉霉此前刚刚分手的前男友报道中提到的相关表达有:move on:分手以后开始新生活dump:(恋爱中)一方把另一方给“甩了”The 6-year-old superstar singer has moved on to The Night Manager actor, who is 35, just two weeks after dumping Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.两周前刚刚甩了苏格兰DJ男友CH,6岁的超级歌星就已经开始与(出演《夜班经理的)抖森开始了新恋情break-up:分手,动词形式break up, A broke up with Bthey broke upsplit:分手, they split last monththe relationship was called off:恋爱关系取消,分手(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)湖州曙光做去眼袋手术多少钱

南浔区去眼角纹多少钱四川彝族自治州:孩子爬藤梯上学! --7 19::6 来源: 近日,一张四川彝族自治州的照片在全引起了剧烈反响,照片中年幼的孩子不得不攀爬藤梯上学此事一出,当地政府立刻采取了行动本周三,一工作组抵达了该村 A public outcry over photos of young school children clambering up a sheer 800-meter cliff face on rickety wooden ladders, the only way they can get from their village homes to school, has prompted swift action from local authorities.近日,一张照片引起了中国民众的强烈反响在这张照片上有一条800米长的陡峭山崖,而一群小学生正在攀爬一条摇晃的木梯,那是他们从家里到学校的唯一道路此照片一出,当地政府迅速采取了行动Atuleer, home to people from the Yi ethnic group in the southwest of Sichuan Province, has no road connection and the residents depend on subsistence farming of potatoes, walnuts and chili peppers.阿土勒儿村是四川彝族人聚居的地方,那里与外界没有道路连接,当地居民依靠种植土豆、核桃和辣椒为生While many urban residents have expressed shock and disbelief that there are still people struggling a basic living and education in the world’s second-largest economy, experts said that there is still a long way to go to lift those left behind by China’s modernization out of poverty.尽管许多城市居民都表示震惊,不相信在世界第二大经济体内居然仍有许多人为了最基本的生活和教育而挣扎,但是专家们表示要解决这些落后于中国现代化的人们的脱贫问题,仍然有很长一段路要走A work team of 50 from Zhaojue county’s transport, education and environment departments arrived in Atuleer Wednesday to look into the situation after photos of the children’s struggle caught the nation’s attention in the past two days, The Beijing News reported on Thursday.过去的两天里,这张孩子们奋力挣扎的照片让全国人民都揪起了心据《新京报周四的报道,周三的时候,一只来自昭觉县运输、教育和环境部门的50人工作小组已经抵达了阿土勒儿村,查看当地环境Lin Shucheng, Party secretary of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, said that authorities would build a set of steel stairs as a temporary solution to ensure the security of the village residents, while more permanent solutions were sought, the report said.《新京报的报道指出,据凉山彝族自治州党委书记林书成(音)透露,政府会修建一批钢制阶梯作为临时解决措施,以保障当地村民的安全,同时寻求更长久的解决办法Home to 7 families, the only way residents can reach the outside world is to risk the climb down a series of ladders made from tree branches and vines precariously fixed to the cliff, The Beijing News reported Tuesday.据《新京报在周二的报道,阿土勒儿村共有7户村民,为和外界相连,当地村民只能冒险攀爬一条由个梯子组成的“道路”这些梯子全由树枝和藤蔓固定到山崖上,极度不安全The village children, aged from 6 to , board at their school and are only able to return home twice a month, when their parents take turns escorting them up and down the mountain.村里6到岁的孩子们寄宿在学校里,两个月才能回一次家,每次都要他们的父母轮流护送上下山Yu Shaoxiang, an expert on social security and poverty relief legislation at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Global Times on Thursday that the news went viral because it shows the sharp contrast between the relatively comtable lives of China’s urban majority, and the harsh life in villages like these.本周四,中国社科院社会保障和扶贫立法专家余少祥(音)告诉《环球时报,说之所以这份新闻能够引起如此大的反响,是因为它展示了在中国城市大众相对舒适生活和农村残酷人生之间存在的的鲜明对比"It warned the public that even though some people have a good life, China is still in the initial stages of socialism and so development is uneven," said Hu Xingdou, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology and expert on China’s social problems.北京理工大学教授、中国社会问题专家胡星斗(音)表示说:“这起事件是对公众的一个警醒,尽管目前一些人有一个很好的生活,但是中国仍然处于社会主义初级阶段,我国的发展还很不平衡” 印尼海军在有争议海域向中国渔船开火 --1 3:00: 来源: 上周五,印尼海军在有纳土纳群岛附近海域对中国渔船开火,并扣押了部分船员对此,中国外交部在上周日表示严厉谴责,敦促印尼保持克制,不要采取威胁地区和平与稳定的行为 China has accused the Indonesian navy of opening fire on a Chinese fishing boat in disputed fishing grounds.近日,印尼海军在有争议海域向中国渔船开火,对此中方表示强烈谴责China’s eign ministry said on Sunday that one fisherman was injured and several detained.上周日,中国外交部表示说,在此次事件中一名中方渔民受伤,另有多人被扣留The incident happened on Friday near the Natuna islands, off the coast of Borneo in the South China Sea.这起事件发生于上周五,地点在纳土纳群岛附近的一处海域,在中国南海婆罗洲海岸附近Indonesian Vice-President Jusuf Kalla said on Monday that China would be asked to respect his country’s sovereignty around the islands.本周一,印尼副总统尤索夫·卡拉表示,中国应该学会尊重印尼在该群岛附近的主权"This is not a clash, but we are protecting the area," Mr Kalla told Reuters news agency.卡拉对路透社说道:“这不是一起冲突事件,而是印尼方面在行使守卫该海域的权利”Indonesian Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti tweeted that the navy "made the right move by maintaining the sovereignty of our seas".印尼渔业部长苏西在推特上说道,印尼海军“做出了正确的行为,捍卫了我们的海洋主权”"Stealing fish is a crime," she said.她说道:“偷鱼是一种犯罪”A spokeswoman the Chinese eign ministry described Indonesia’s actions as an "indiscriminate use of ce", adding: "We urge the Indonesian side to refrain from any action that complicates or magnifies the dispute, or impacts the peace and stability of the region."中国外交部一位发言人将印尼的举动描述为“滥用武力”,并补充说道:“我们敦促印尼保持克制,不要采取任何使得争议复杂和扩大的举动,也不要采取任何影响该地区和平与稳定的行为”The ministry said the incident had happened in a "traditional Chinese fishing ground".中国外交部称,这起事件发生的地点在一处“中国传统渔场”It is unclear whether the fishermen are still being detained by Indonesian authorities.目前尚不清楚渔民是否仍然被印尼政府扣押China claims most of the South China Sea, where it is building islands and extending its infrastructure, and there are often flare-ups with regional neighbours with competing claims.中国对南海大部分海域都宣示拥有主权,他们在该海域建设岛屿、扩充基础设施建设,而且经常和那些对该地区有相同主权声明的邻国发生冲突Unlike other South East Asian countries, Indonesia is not involved in the territorial disputes in the South China Sea.和其他东南亚国家不同,印尼并不涉及中国南海领土争端问题China accepts the Natuna islands and the seas around them belong to Indonesia, but the two sides have confronted one another there bee, typically over illegal fishing.中国认同纳土纳群岛及周围海域属于印尼的事实,但即使如此双方依然面临许多问题,例如经常发生的非法捕捞事件Friday’s incident was the third altercation between Indonesia and China in waters near Natuna this year.周五的事件是印尼和中国今年在纳土纳附近海域发生的第三起擦In March, Indonesia lodged an official protest after an Indonesian patrol ship tried to detain a Chinese fishing boat in the Natuna Sea, but was prevented from doing so by the Chinese coastguard.今年三月,印尼提出了一份正式抗议,在那之前印尼巡逻船曾试图扣留一艘出现在纳土纳海域的中国渔船,但是却被中国海岸警卫队阻止了湖州曙光整形美容医院治疗短鼻整形手术怎么样湖州女子激光祛斑毁容吓人



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