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ed Continental’s chief executive has promised the airline will never again eject a passenger who has paid for a ticket and is aly seated, as the company sought to draw a line under a public relations crisis that has damaged its reputation from the US to China.联合大陆(ed Continental)承诺美联航将永不再驱离付机票并已经就座的乘客,该公司力求告别这场已伤害到其在美国和中国声誉的公关危机。Oscar Munoz told A’s Good Morning America television programme on Wednesday: “This can, this will, never happen again on a ed Airlines flight. That’s my premise, that’s my promise.”周三,奥斯卡?穆诺兹(Oscar Munoz)对美国广播公司(A)《早安美国》(Good Morning America)节目表示:“美联航的航班上再也不能,不会发生这种事。这是我的前提,这是我的承诺。”He said the use of law enforcement on board an aircraft had to be looked at very carefully. But he said: “We’re not going to put a law enforcement official to take them off the aircraft. To remove a booked, paid, seating passenger? We can’t do that”.他说,在机上进行执法必须经过非常慎重的考虑。但他表示:“我们不会再让执法人员把他们带离飞机。驱离一个已经预订并付机票,且已经就座的乘客?我们不能这么做。”The comments follow earlier attempts by the company to defend the actions of staff over the incident, which went viral on social media, in which a screaming Asian-American doctor was injured as he was dragged off an overbooked flight.一名亚裔美国医生尖叫着被拖离一架超量预订的航班,还因此受伤,此事在社交媒体上引起热议。美联航早前曾试图捍卫此次事件中员工的行为。Mr Munoz told A he felt “shame and embarrassment” at the way the man had been treated. This was the fourth significant statement from the carrier since Sunday as ed has struggled to find the right tone to defuse anger over the incident, which has attracted comment from the White House.穆诺兹对美国广播公司表示,他为这位男士所受到的待遇感到“耻辱和尴尬”。这是美联航自上周日以来作出的第四份重大声明,该航空公司力求寻找合适基调来平息这起事件引发的愤怒,此事已引起白宫的。In the interview, Mr Munoz said he would not resign as chief executive. “I was hired to make ed better and we’ve been doing that and that’s what I’ll continue to do,” he said.穆诺兹在接受采访时表示不会辞去首席执行官职务。他说:“我受雇是为了让美联航变得更好,而且我们一直为此努力,这也是我要继续做的事情。”Mr Munoz blamed the incident on “system failure”. He explained that passengers are encouraged to take cash compensation for vacating their seats when planes are over-booked. He said: “There is an incentive programme that works really pretty well outside of the [boarding] gate. Clearly, when you get into an aeroplane, and you’re boarded, and luggaged and situated, your incentive model needs to change and I think that’s one of the policies we’ll look at.”穆诺兹将这起事件归咎于“系统故障”。他解释说当飞机超量预订时,乘客被鼓励收取现金补偿以让出他们的座位。他说:“有个激励计划在(登机)门外运行得很好。显然,当你进入一架飞机,而且你已经登机,放好行李并坐在座位上,你的激励模式需要改变,我认为这是我们要考虑的政策之一。”He added: “We do empower our frontline folks to a degree, but we need to expand and adjust those policies to allow a little bit more common sense.”他还表示:“我们赋予了一线工作人员一定权力,但我们需要扩大和调整这些政策,为常识留出更大空间。”When asked if the passenger, David Dao, was in any way to blame, Mr Munoz paused before saying: “No. He can’t be. He was a paying passenger sitting on our seat in our aircraft and no one should be treated that way. Period.”在被问及这位名叫David Dao的乘客对此事负有何种责任时,穆诺兹停顿了一下然后说:“不,他没有责任。他是坐在我们飞机座位上的一名付费乘客,没有人应该被这样对待。就是这样。” /201704/503832

China will increase pension allowances for disabled soldiers, families of fallen soldiers and Red Army veterans, authorities said last Friday.中国当局上周五表示,将提高对残疾军人、阵亡战士和红军老兵家庭的抚恤津贴。Disabled persons, including soldiers, police and civil servants, will see their pensions raised 10 percent.包括士兵,警察和公务员在内的残疾人的抚恤金将上调10%。The same increase will go to families of fallen soldiers in urban areas and veterans of the Red Army (the military forces of the Communist Party of China 1927-1937).同样,城市地区阵亡战士家属和红军老兵(1927-1937年中国共产党军队)的抚恤金也将上调10%。After the adjustment, a soldier disabled in conflict will be eligible for up to 66,230 yuan (about 9,930 U.S. dollars) per year.此次调整后,因战致残的军人将有资格每年获得66230元(约9930美元)抚恤金。For those disabled performing official duties or due to disease, the top pensions will rise to 64,140 and 62,040 yuan respectively, the statement said.该声明指出,对于因公和因病致残的军人,抚恤金将分别上升到64140和62040元。The adjustment, the 26th since 1978, has unified standards for the families of fallen soldiers in urban and rural areas for the first time.这是自1978年以来第26次调整,并且首次实现了阵亡战士家庭的抚恤金标准的城乡统一。 /201610/470196

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