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China appears to be building radar installations on contested reefs in the southern part of the South China Sea, according to satellite images released by a US think-tank, in a move that could significantly boost Beijing’s surveillance capabilities.一家美国智库公布的卫星图像显示,中国似乎正在位于南中国海南部的争议岛礁上布置雷达装置,此举可能显著提高北京方面的监视能力。The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies late on Monday published photographs that it said showed the development of high-frequency radar towers on Cuarteron Reef and several other Chinese-controlled features in the Spratly Islands.位于华盛顿的战略与国际问题研究中Center for Strategic and International Studies)周一晚间发布图片,称这些图片显示在位于斯普拉特利群岛(Spratly Islands,中国称南沙群岛)的华阳Cuarteron Reef)及其他几个中国控制的地物上,出现了高频雷达塔。It said that while Beijing’s recent construction of airstrips and deployment of anti-aircraft missiles in the South China Sea had caused concern, the apparent radar installations “will prove equally important to Beijing’s long-term strategybecause they “could significantly change the operational landscape in the South China Sea该中心表示虽然最近北京方面在南中国海建设简易机场、部署防空导弹已引起关注,但图片中的雷达装置“将明对于北京的长期战略同样重要”,因为它们“可能显著地改变南中国海的军事格局。”In its analysis of the images from Cuarteron Reef, CSIS said that “two probable radar towers have been built on the northern portion of the feature, and a number of 65ft (20m) poles have been erected across a large section of the southern portion战略与国际问题研究中心对华阳礁图像分析后表示,“在该地物的北部已建成两座貌似雷达塔,而在南部大片地区树立起了许多65英尺0米)高的杆子。”It continued: “These poles could be a high-frequency radar installation, which would significantly bolster China’s ability to monitor surface and air traffic across the southern portion of the South China Sea.”该中心还表示:“这些杆子可能是高频雷达装置。该装置将显著加强中国对南中国海南部水面及空中交通的监控能力。”Euan Graham, a security analyst at Sydney think-tank the Lowy Institute, said that as tensions grow between China and the US, as well as other claimants, the development of radar in the Spratlys would “change the balanceby giving Beijing a “surveillance capability in the southern part of the South China Sea悉尼智库洛伊国际政策研究所(Lowy Institute)的安全分析师尤安格雷厄姆(Euan Graham)表示,随着中国与美国和其他声索国之间紧张升级,在南沙群岛布置雷达将赋予北京“对南中国海南部的监视能力”,这会“改变平衡”。He said that from China’s perspective these islands would have a “natural function as listening posts to monitor air and surface traffic and that Beijing would consider the deployment of radar a “low-risk, non-provocative step他表示从中国角度来看,这些岛屿具备“监听站的天然功能,可以监视空中和海面交通”,北京方面会认为部署雷达是“低风险,没有挑衅性的一步”。News of the possible radar development comes as Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, travels to the US to meet John Kerry, the secretary of state.在中国可能部署雷达的新闻出现之时,中国外长王毅正前往美国会见美国国务卿约翰克John Kerry)。A spokesman for the state department said on Monday that the US government would continue to “press China to de-escalate and to stop its militarisation美国国务院发言人在周一表示,美国政府将继续“敦促中国逐步降级紧张局势,并停止军事化。”Beijing defended its recent activities in comments made before the images of the purported radar facilities were published.在雷达装置传闻发布以前,北京方面曾发表言论为近期自己的活动辩护。“China’s deployment of limited defence facilities on its own territory is its exercise of self-defence right to which a sovereign state is entitled under international law,said a foreign ministry spokesman. “It has nothing to do with militarisation.”中国外交部发言人表示:“中方在自己的领土上部署必要的国土防卫设施,是行使国际法赋予主权国家的自保权和自卫权。这与所谓的南海‘军事化’没有关系”。来 /201602/428246。

  • US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump apologized last Sunday night during the second presidential debate for his lewd remarks about women, but reiterated that was ;locker room banter.;在当地时间上周日晚进行的第二场美国总统大选辩论中,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普就其有关女性的猥亵言论道歉,但重申这;更衣室玩;。The 90-minute contentious debate got off to a chilly start when the two candidates greeted each other without the traditional handshake.这场历时90分钟、火药味十足的辩论一开始便气氛冷淡,两位候选人彼此问候却未按惯例握手。It quickly turned into an acrimonious discussion of a 2005 that emerged last Friday in which Trump was heard using vulgar language and talking about groping women without consent.辩论很快便转到对上周五曝出的一005年视频的激烈讨论,视频中可以听到特朗普用粗俗的语言谈论未经女性同意就对其动手动脚的话题。Trump denied ever sexually assaulting women, but turned his fire on ex-president Bill Clinton.特朗普否认曾性侵任何女性,反而将矛头转向前总统比尔·克林顿。The defiant Trump attacked Bill Clinton for his treatment of women and vowed, if he won the White House, to put Hillary Clinton in jail for operating a private email server while serving as the US secretary of state.挑衅架势十足的特朗普攻击比尔·克林顿对待女性的方式,并许诺若他入主白宫,希拉里·克林顿将因出任该国国务卿期间使用私人电邮务器而锒铛入狱。Hillary responded that Trumps comments showed he was unfit for the White House.希拉里回应称,特朗普的显示出他不适合入主白宫。She also insisted there was ;no evidence; that her server had been hacked and that any classified information had ended up in the wrong hands.她还坚称;没有据;显示她的务器遭黑客入侵,也没有任何机密资料落到不法之徒手中。来 /201610/470474。
  • Iraqs foreign minister offered Wednesday to act as a mediator between its neighbors Iran and Saudi Arabia.伊拉克外长星期三提出愿意在其邻国伊朗和沙特之间充当调停员的角色。Those relations became further strained in the past week with the Saudi execution of a prominent Shiite cleric, angry protesters storming the Saudi embassy in Tehran and Saudi Arabias subsequent decision to cut off diplomatic ties with Iran.沙特上星期处决一名著名的什叶派穆斯林教士后,愤怒的示威者冲击了德黑兰的沙特使馆,沙特因此决定和伊朗断绝外交关系,这一系列事态发展加剧了两国间的紧张关系。Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said during a joint news conference with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif that Iraqs placement in the region brings a role in alleviating the tensions.伊拉克外长贾法里在与伊朗外长扎里夫举行的联合新闻发布会上表示,伊拉克在该地区所处的位置使它可以为缓解紧张局势助一臂之力。Russia has also offered to act as a mediator, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has been speaking with both Zarif and Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.俄罗斯也提出愿意充当调停员。美国国务卿克里一直在与伊朗外长扎里夫以及沙特外交大臣朱拜尔进行沟通。U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday that Kerry talked by phone with multiple Iranian and Saudi leaders to try to ;restore some sense of calm,; urge them to use dialogue and keep in mind there are other pressing issues in the region, including the situations in Syria and Yemen.美国国务院发言人柯比星期二表示,克里与伊朗及沙特领导人进行了多次电话交谈,力图“在某种程度上恢复平静”,他敦促双方进行对话,并牢记该地区还有其它紧迫问题需要应对,包括叙利亚和也门的局势等。来 /201601/422190。
  • A pivotal deal to staunch the flow ofmigrants from Turkey into the EU, masterminded by German chancellor AngelaMerkel, was thrown into doubt yesterday after the resignation of Turkey’spro-European prime minister.土耳其亲欧洲的总理昨日宣布辞职,此举给德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)打造的一项旨在阻止移民从土耳其流入欧盟的关键协议带来变数。Ahmet Davutoglu, who personally negotiatedthe deal with Ms Merkel, quit following a power struggle with President RecepTayyip Erdogan. The premier’s departure imperils an agreement credited withsharply reducing the influx of asylum-seekers into the EU and rescuing MsMerkel from a potentially fatal political backlash.曾当面与默克尔谈判达成这份协议的艾哈迈德#8226;达武特奥Ahmet Davutoglu,上,因为与总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)发生权斗而辞职。达武特奥卢的离去将危及这项被认为大幅减少涌入欧盟的难民——且拯救默克尔于一场潜在致命政治反弹——的协议。The deal enables the EU to send migrantsarriving illegally on the Greek islands back to Turkey in exchange for aneasing of visa requirements on Turkish visitors and financial aid. However, MrErdogan has responded coolly to the agreement and has shown increasinghostility towards the EU.根据该协议,欧盟可将通过非法途径抵达希腊诸岛的移民遣返回土耳其,作为交换,欧盟将放宽对土耳其游客的签要求,并向该国提供财政援助。然而,埃尔多安对该协议反应冷淡,而且对欧盟表现出越来越强烈的敌意。Without reforms to Turkey’s anti-terrorismand anti-corruption laws, which Mr Erdogan has angrily resisted, Brussels maybe unable to grant some of the most important concessions in the deal a movethat Ankara has aly warned would cancel its obligation to curtail refugeecrossings into Greece.如果土耳其不改革国内的反恐及反腐败法律(埃尔多安对此愤怒抵制),布鲁塞尔方面可能无法做出该协议中一些最重要的让步,而安卡拉方面已警告称,这进而将使其没有义务限制难民过境土耳其进入希腊。“We’ve made good progress on the agreement with Turkey,Ms Merkelsaid in Rome yesterday. “The European Union, or at least Germany and Italy, areprepared and stand by the commitments that we’ve agreed to. We hope that ismutual.To keep the pact on track, Ankara must still meet several benchmarks,including revisions to its anti-terrorism legislation to ensure civilliberties. But Mr Erdogan has been loath to support them. EU officials are nowconcerned that Ankara will backtrack on reform commitments.“我们与土耳其在落实该协议方面取得了良好进展,”默克尔昨日在罗马表示,“欧盟——至少德国和意大利——准备履行并坚守我们做出的承诺。我们希望对方也能做到。”要落实该协议,安卡拉方面还必须达到多项标杆,包括修订反恐法以保障公民自由。但埃尔多安不愿持这些修订。欧盟官员现在担忧安卡拉将放弃改革承诺。“It’s certainly not good news for us,”said one EUofficial. “Erdogan would be very ill-advised to throw this out of the windowand think this is now a matter of horse-trading. He thinks it’s 50 percent wriggle room, and the rest is all arm-wrestling.”“这对我们来说肯定不是好消息,”一名欧盟官员表示,“如果埃尔多安随随便便撕毁这一协议,并认为这是一个政治交易问题,那将是很不明智的。他现在以为这其中有50%的回旋余地,剩下的则靠掰手腕较劲。”Sinan Ulgen, a former Turkish diplomat atthe Carnegie Europe think-tank, said Mr Erdogan has been “much morecategoricalin resisting changes to the anti-terrorism law. He added that withthe ruling AK party and parliament in disarray, the chances of reform beingpassed in time for a June deadline was becoming ever more unlikely.土耳其前外交官、现在任职于卡内基欧洲智库的锡南#8226;于尔Sinan Ulgen)表示,埃尔多安一直“相当明确地”抵制修订反恐法。他补充说,随着执政的正义与发展AK Party)和议会陷入混乱,改革月的最后期限前获得通过的机会已变得越来越渺茫。Mr Davutoglu, in office less than twoyears, had sparred for months with Mr Erdogan on issues including the detentionof academics and journalists, talks with Kurdish separatists and theappointment of an independent central bank governor, as well as relations withthe EU. 上任不到两年的达武特奥卢几个月来与埃尔多安在多个问题上矛盾不断,包括拘留学者和记者、与库尔德分离主义势力进行谈判、任命独立的央行行长以及与欧盟的关系。His departure leaves Mr Erdogan in theunassailable position of Turkey’s most powerful politician . The AK party will now hold anextraordinary congress on May 22 to choose a new party leader.达武特奥卢的去职将进一步巩固埃尔多安作为土耳其最具实权政治人物的地位。正义与发展党将2日召开特别代表大会,选举新的党魁。来 /201605/441903。
  • European Union leaders said Tuesday they have reached a possible deal with Ankara to return thousands of migrants to Turkey, and that they are confident a full agreement can be reached at a summit next week.欧盟领导人星期二说,他们已就将数以千计的移民送回土耳其的问题跟安卡拉达成初步协议,并相信在下周举行的峰会上能达成全面协议。After months of disagreements and increasing bickering among the 28 EU nations, the leaders said they agreed to give Turkey more money to help refugees, swiftly ease visa requirements for Turks and speed up Ankaras accession talks in exchange for its help in stemming migration flows to Europe.欧盟28个成员国数月来围绕移民危机一直存在分歧,争执不断加剧。欧盟领导人说,他们同意向土耳其提供更多资金来帮助难民,迅速采取措施,放松对土耳其公民签的要求,加快土耳其加入欧盟的谈判,以此换取土耳其的帮助,制止涌向欧洲的移民潮。All eyes now are on March 17 and the start of a two-day summit to finalize the commitment and agree on a deal that the leaders hope will allow for a return to normalcy at their borders by the end of the year.目前的关注焦点是37日即将召开的两天峰会,会议期间将最后敲定有关协议,欧盟领导人希望,该协议能让他们的边境地区在今年年底之前恢复常态。Turkey, which is sheltering an estimated 2.7 million Syrians, was reported to be asking for an extra .3 billion from the EU, roughly twice the amount aly pledged by the 28-member bloc.土耳其业已接纳了约270万叙利亚难民。据报道,土耳其要求欧盟再提3亿美元,这个数额是欧盟已承诺提供援助的两倍。来 /201603/430086。
  • China and Russia began eight days of naval drills in the South China Sea on Monday, a sign of increasingly tight links between the world’s second and third largest militaries as they seek to counter US influence in the region.中国和俄罗斯本周一开始在南中国海举行为期8天的海上军事演习。两国寻求抗衡美国在该地区的影响力,此次演习标志着世界第二大和第三大军事力量之间的联系日益紧密。The latest Chinese-Russian exercises, dubbed Joint Sea-2016, are the largest joint operations ever by the two navies, according to Chinese navy spokesman Liang Yang. 中国海军新闻发言人梁阳表示,此次中俄军演名为海上联合-2016,是两国海军迄今最大的一次联合军演。Island seizing activities, including anti-submarine operations, will feature alongside live fire drills and island defence.其亮点除了实弹演习、岛屿防御以外,还有包含反潜作战的夺控岛礁演练。The manoeuvres the fifth Sino-Russian joint naval exercises in various regions since 2012 come at a time of increasing tension in the South China Sea. 这是中俄两国012年以来在不同地区举行的第五次联合海上演习。China claims 85 per cent of the contested waters as sovereign territory, while Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan have competing claims.此次演习举行之际,正值南中国海形势日益紧张。中国主张这一争议海域5%为其主权领土,越南、菲律宾、马来西亚、文莱和台湾也提出了竞争性主张。In July, an arbitration court in The Hague criticised China’s efforts to build man-made islands in the waterway and said there was no historical basis for its sovereignty claims. 今年7月,海牙一仲裁庭批评了中国在这一水道建设人工岛的行为,并表示中国的主权主张没有历史依据。Chinas government rejected the ruling. 中国政府拒绝接受这一裁决。By holding the exercise with China regardless of the sensitivity of the issue, Russia is effectively showing its support for China, said Wang Haiyun, a retired major general previously stationed in Russia who is now a senior adviser to the China Institute for International Strategic Studies, while cautioning against over-interpretation. 中国国际战略学会(China Institute for International Strategic Studies)高级顾问、前中国驻俄罗斯陆海空武官、退役少将王海运表示,俄罗斯不顾该问题的敏感性而与中国举行联合军演,有效地展示了对中国的持。他同时告诫不要过度解读此次演习。The latest exercises feature naval surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, marine corps, and amphibious armoured equipment from both navies. 最新军演的参演兵力包括来自两国海军的水面舰艇、潜艇、固定翼飞机、舰载直升机、海军陆战队以及两栖装甲装备。Last year the two countries held joint exercises in both the Sea of Japan and the Mediterranean. 去年,中俄两国曾在日本海和地中海开展联合军演。This year they will occur off the southern coast of Guangdong province, near the city of Zhanjiang, where the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s Nanhai fleet is based. 今年,两国将在广东省南海岸外靠近湛江市的海上开展演习,中国人民解放军南海舰队的基地就设在湛江。At the Group of 20 summit in the Chinese city of Hangzhou earlier this month, Russian president Vladimir Putin told reporters that Russia supports China’s stance on The Hague court’s ruling. 在本月早些时候于杭州举办0国集G20)峰会上,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)告诉记者,俄罗斯持中国对海牙仲裁庭南中国海裁决的立场。Echoing China’s stance, he said non-regional powers should not interfere in the South China See issue, calling it counterproductive. 他呼应了中国的立场,表示域外大国不应干预南中国海问题,称那样做会产生反效果。When the exercises were announced in July, China defence ministry spokesman Yang Yujin called them routine and said they were not directed against third parties. 在今月两国联合军演的消息公布时,中国国防部发言人杨宇军称这是例行性演习,并表示演习不针对第三方。Li Xing, director of the Eurasian Studies Center at Beijing Normal University, said the timing and sensitivity of the naval exercise exemplify the high degree of co-operation between China and Russia. 北京师范大学亚欧研究中心主任李兴表示,海上演习的时间选择和敏感性表明中俄之间有着高度的合作。The fact that China and Russia are hosting military exercises jointly shows that the two countries have a very high level of mutual trust.中国和俄罗斯联合举行军演的事实说明,两国有着高度的互信。来 /201609/466008。
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