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盐城协和医院做妇科检查好吗响水县中医院做人流多少钱When it comes to the wireless networks of the future, speed won#39;t be everything.一提到未来的无线网络,速度并不能代表全部。The advent of so-called 5G, or fifth-generation, wireless technology will bring incredible speed, for sure, with the industry aiming to see your network connection jump by 100 times. (Yes, 100.) More importantly, the network will be smart enough to act differently depending on how it#39;s accessed, whether from a heart monitor when you#39;re relaxing at home or from a self-driving car zipping down a crowded highway.5G,或者说第五代无线技术的到来,无疑会带来难以置信的速度体验,目标是让你的网络连接速度快100倍。(是的,100倍)。更重要的是,网络将变得十分只能,以至于可以在不同的场合运作。无论你在家中放松,还是沿着拥挤的街道开车,都可以通过中心操控器接入。That#39;s according to Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, one of the world#39;s largest suppliers of telecommunications equipment.世界最大的电子通讯设备提供商之一Ericsson的总裁Hans Vestberg说。His comments provide a glimpse into what tomorrow#39;s wireless network will look like. While carriers around the world are still deploying 4G networks, which have brought broadband speeds over the air, there#39;s increasing chatter about what#39;s next. In the US, Verizon Wireless has aly said it plans to field-test its own take on 5G next year, and the industry is starting to talk about the new kinds of devices and connected services that will spring from the technology.他的言论让我们一睹未来的无线网络是怎样的。当世界各地的务商还在部署宽带速度超过光速的4G网络的时,关于下一步是什么的呼声已经在增长。在美国,Verizon无限公司已经宣称,计划在明年实验自己研发的5G,这一产业技术将引发新种类装置和连接务的探讨。;Many industries will look at how 5G will transform their business,; Vestberg said in an interview on Friday. ;It#39;s my job to build a network to handle that.;Vestberg在周五的见面会上说,“很多产业将会目睹5G怎样改变他们的商业。我的工作就是建立一个可以处理这一个问题的网络”。As fast as Verizon is moving, the industry isn#39;t expected to invest in the technology in earnest until 2020. The speed and capacity 5G brings could offer a legitimate alternative to the physical connection available via Internet service providers and companies such as Google, which use fiber optics to deliver super-high speeds. 5G is supposed to be even faster.尽管Verizon正以最快的速度开发5G网络,但是正式的技术投资直到2020年才有望实现。5G的速度和容量可以提供一种合法的选择,要不通过互联网务提供商进行物理连接,要不通过像谷歌一样使用光纤来实现高速的公司。5G预计速度更快。Depending on the device, 5G may have a range of behaviors, he said. The network has to be responsive enough to tell a self-driving car where to go and how to react to situations that require a split-second reaction. It has to be consistent enough to maintain a connection with a hypothetical chipset in your body that can monitor your vitals, but know to instantly ping emergency services in case something goes wrong. It also has to operate efficiently enough that farms can use sensors that can ping the network for 10 years on a single charge.依靠设备,5G可能拥有很多性能。互联网必须反应足够灵敏,可以高速自驾车去哪里以及怎么样对需要瞬间反应的情况作出应对。它必须拥有足够的连贯性,可以和监控你生死攸关事项的体内假想芯片保持联系,但是也懂得万一出现紧急情况时,立即开启紧急务。它同样必须有效地运转,农民可以在十年内使用可以连接互联网的传感器并且不更换电池。In other cases, 5G wireless technology may replace the broadband service coming into your home via wires or cables, Vestberg said. It#39;s aly happening with 4G in some parts of the world, but 5G adds higher speed and capacity. With 5G, carriers could also deliver super-sharp 4K to the home.Vestberg说,在其他情况下,5G无线技术可以替代通过电线进入你家的宽带务。这一务已经在部分使用4G的地区实现,但是5G的速度更快,容量更大。通过5G,运营商可以向住户家提供高清4K视频。One of the reasons Verizon is holding its test so early is to figure out what kinds of applications can take advantage of 5G, the New York-based telecommunications company said in September.九月,美国电讯公司称,Verizon提早开始试验的原因之一是为了找出哪些途径可以利用5G。Vestberg declined to comment on the plans of his carrier customers, but noted that there was a cost to building out these networks, with players such as ATT projected to spend roughly billion this year. He also warned that as capacity and speeds have increased, so too has usage.Vestberg拒绝他们重要客户的计划,但是强调,建设这些网络需要花费很多钱,像ATamp;T这样的合作商今年预计要花费大约100亿美金。它同样提醒,一旦速度和容量提升了,使用量也会提升。 /201510/406820盐城哪里切包皮好 Inner peace may seem like a mythical peak. Almost unachievable, far away, maybe even unreal for many. In fact, for almost every single one of us. Indeed, very few can rightly claim ;I feel calm right now; in a midst of stressful situations, worries or problems requiring immediate attention. However, there is a secret. The only way to achieve the fabled inner peace is to embrace the fact that it is only marginally defined by outer circumstances. Mainly, it is a choice you must make for yourself. You can be calm and peaceful in any situation by surprisingly, simply choosing to. This requires constant practice, but with practice your inner peace can become a habit, and then, a reality. So, these are the steps you may start with. Even by following these few suggestions, and constantly reminding yourself about them, you can make, eventually, inner peace your normal state of mind.内心的平和好像神话中的巅峰之境,几乎难以企及,对很多人来说可能子虚乌有。实际上,对于每一个个体而言,鲜有人做到在紧张、烦恼、有问题急需解决的情况下依然可以说;我现在觉得很平静;。不过,这也是有秘诀的。唯一一个达到传说的内心平和的方法就是去接受那些仅仅由外界环境塑造的事实。首先,这是你为自己做的一个选择。你可以出乎意料地在任何情境下保持平和,只要你选择这么做。这就需要持续的练习,只要通过练习,内心的平和会成为一种习惯,然后,成为你的常态。所以呢,有一些方法你可以尝试一下。事实上,通过不断遵循这些建议,持续提醒自己,最终,你也可以保持平和的常态!10.Simplify10.简单化Simplicity contributes to inner peace because it allows you to direct your energy and effort into one single point. Get rid of everything that hinders you, including acquaintances and friends who may only drain you while giving you nothing in return. Remember that the key is always quality over quantity. Throw out or give away everything that you don#39;t really need. Every time you buy something new, ask yourself whether you can do without it, whether it#39;s really necessary to you. Don#39;t let unnecessary information like TV news or gossip into your life. Keep it simple and at all times stay focused on one or two tasks that matter.简单化,可以帮助追寻内心的平和,因为它帮助你将精力和时间集中在同一个点上。丢弃那些阻碍你的一切,包括那些只会消耗你却不予回报的泛泛之交以及朋友。记住,秘诀就是质量永远胜于数量。每一次你想买新东西的时候,问问自己你是不是没有也可以,它是不是真是必需品。不要让电视新闻、流言蜚语等一些无关信息干扰你的生活。保持简单化并且始终只关注一两个重要的任务。9.Direct your mind on the present moment9.关注当下The only time that truly exists is this present moment. Past was, once, the present and future will once too, become the present. For all that matters, you should not obsess yourself by things gone. Or by the unpredictable future, which is in fact nothing more than your fantasy. So be focused on the present. Give all your best to it, and simply live. Don#39;t let the real, present moment go by because you live in the past or in the future.过去的已经过去,未来藏于现在。只有现在真实存在。最重要的是,永远不要沉浸在过去的事情中。或者是不可预测的未来,那只不过是你的幻想而已。所以关注当下吧。倾尽所有,简单生活。不要因为你活在过去、活在未来而让真实存在的今天流逝。8.Express gratitude8.表达感恩Stop and think about how fortunate you really are. Your mind may constantly wander off in the future, and desire something new. Yet if you are ing this article, you probably are relatively well off. Just think about the fact that 80% of the world population lives on less than a day. Or that 20% can not even or write.停下来想想自己有多么幸运。你的思绪可能会常常天马行空思索未来,渴望新生活。不过,如果你在读这篇文章,你可能相对来说生活宽裕。想想,世界上还有80%的人每一天只靠10美元度日。还有20%的人不会读书写字。Try to think about all the things you have, there sure are plenty. Then realize that your mind is, at times, your worst enemy. Remember that even if you get what you hope for at this instant, your mind will very soon find some new object of desire. This is a vicious circle you can only break by expressing gratitude for what you aly have or achieved, more and often. Even for the simplest things we otherwise take for granted.尝试着想想你所拥有的东西,肯定也是数之不尽的。那么请意识到你的大脑有时可能是你最大的敌人。记住即使你现在能拿到你想要的东西,你的大脑也会很快找到新欢。这就是一个恶性循坏,只有通过经常地表达感恩,对你所拥有的东西和实现的事情满怀感恩之情,你才能打破这个循环。7.Try it someone else#39;s way7.接受新观点Your point of view should not be a law. Do not hold to it and be quick to let it go whenever it gets shaken by a better logic or opinion. When you find yourself in an argument, do not make a battle out of it. Remember that argument should be a synonym to discussion. If you find yourself on a losing side, be strong enough to accept a flaw in your opinion and thank a person for enriching your perspective. At all costs, keep your mind open. Life is a constant growth and motion, and whoever clings to his fixed ways, is eventually left alone behind.你的观点并非真理。当一种更好的思想颠覆你的观点的时候,不要固执己见,让那些不快快速逝去。当你发现自己身陷争论之中时,不要将其变成战争。记住争辩是讨论的同义词。如果你意识到自己站在失败的一方,勇敢地接受你观点中的漏洞,并去感谢那些让你的思想更丰满的人。无论如何,保持开放的心态。人生是一个不断成长不断变化地过程,那些墨守成规的人最终会与社会脱节。6.Remember that everything will pass6.记住时间会治愈一切Look around yourself and ponder for a while about the fact that everything – EVERYTHING – will once pass. Time can be generous, but ultimately, it is indifferent. However dark it may sound, everything and everybody will eventually perish. Nothing is forever, so how senseless it is to wage little personal wars with people you happen to dislike, or to give into sorrow over a break-up? Time will heal even the deepest wounds, but it will work faster if you don#39;t scratch them… So, quite often, the best option is to simply let time resolve the problem. Because it inevitably will, eventually.环顾四周,思索一下这个事实,一切——万事万物——终究会消逝。时间是最慷慨的,不过,它也是冷漠的。无论这听起来多冷酷,每一个人、每一个事物最终都会消逝。没有什么是永恒的,所以与那些你讨厌的人发生争执,为分手而伤心难过,这些都毫无意义。时间会治愈一切,即使是最深的伤口,如果你不去触碰,它会更快地治愈。所以,通常最好的选择就是把问题留给时间解决。因为这些终究不可避免会消逝。翻译:杉杉 来源:前十网 /201512/417750兴化市肛肠医院

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盐城/协和包皮环切手术 By the end of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Chinese had experienced north-south separation for a long time.南北朝末年,中国经历了长期的南北分裂后,人民普遍渴望统一。People looked forward to a unified country but no emperor either in the Northern Zhou or the Southern Chen was able to accomplish this. It was not until Yang Jian usurped the throne and founded the Sui Dynasty that the reunification occurred.但北周和南陈的皇帝都没有统一南北的能力;到了杨坚夺取了北周政权、建立 隋朝以后,这一任务才由隋文帝杨坚完成。Yang Jian, a born aristocrat of the Northern Zhou, was Emperor Xuan^ Chancellor of Military Affairs.杨坚出身北周贵族,周宣帝时拜上柱国、大司马。Later when the infant Emperor Jing ascended the throne, Yang was made the chief Minister and took charge of both military and civil affairs. After his suppression of the separatist forces in Henan,Hubei and Sichuan,he cleared away the Yuwen’s families, overthrew the Northern Zhou, declared himself the emperor in the first year of Dading (581) and named his empire the Sui.后来周静帝年幼即位,坚为大丞相,总揽军政大权,在平定了河南、湖北、四川的割据势力后,又剪除了宇文氏诸王室,于大定元年(581)代周称帝,建国号隋,是为隋文帝。As Emperor Wen of the Sui, he immediately carried out his military plans for unification. He first made peace with the Western Turks through marriage and resettled the Eastern Turks; hence trouble was free in the north. Then he attacked the Chen in the south by appointing Yang Guang as marshal.接着,他开始了统一的军事部署,先与突厥和亲,使东突厥归顺,解除了后顾之忧,然后便安排南下伐陈。Yang Guang collected the vanguards forces in Anhui to make preparations for crossing the Yangtze River.文帝以晋王杨广为行军元帅,在安徽前线集结兵力,准备渡江。In the 9th year of Kaihuang (589),the vanguards Han Qinhu and He Ruobi,s forces advanced crossing the Yangtze River from Caishi and Guangling respectively; then they quickly attacked and captured Jiankang. The Chen forces collapsed and its emperor surrendered.开皇九年(589)正月,先锋韩擒虎、贺若弼分别从采石、广陵渡江,直取建康,陈军崩溃,陈后主投降。All forces in the south successively pledged allegiance to the Sui. It took Emperor Wen less than four months to unify the North and the South.南方各地纷纷归附,文帝出兵后不到四个月,便实现了南北统一。Emperor Wen undertook a series of measures to develop the economy, recover production and consolidate the unification.隋文帝实行了一系列发展经济、恢复生产、巩固统一成果的措施。He strengthened the power of the central government by dividing it into six departments under three ministries. Local administrative divisions were also changed from the three-level system (prefectures, sub-prefectures, and counties) to a two-level system ( prefectures and counties). He also reformed the military enlistment system, issued new orders to implement the land equalization system and to mint the five- zhu coins, and standardized weights and measures.他加强中央行政机构的领导,设立三省六部;又改地方州郡县三级制为郡县二级制;改革府兵制;重颁均田令;制定新刑律;新铸五铢钱;统一度量衡等。He entrusted able men like Gao Ying, Yang Su, Niu Hong and Su Wei alike with important positions N Emperor Wen also engaged in developing agriculture and constructing water conservancy as well as irrigation systems, which helped reviving handicraft industry and commerce.他使用得力的大臣高颖、杨素、牛弘、苏威等,坚持以农为本,兴修水利,使手工业和商业得到恢复发展。The completion of the Guangtong Channel made it more convenient for water transportation. The imperial examination system was improved, allowing candidates to enter government offices through examination.文帝又开通广通渠,以便漕运交通,并完善科举制,通过考试选拔人材。During the Renshou years, the number of families in the country reached seven million, the granaries were full and the society was tranquil and economy prosperous.仁寿年间, 全国户口增到700万户,仓廪充实,社会安定,出现欣欣向荣的景象。 /201601/421839亭湖区割包皮手术盐城/最好的做包皮手术医院是哪家



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