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盐城男科医院在那儿盐城哪家医院做包皮手术盐城协和女子医院地址 There is a brand new fashion in management circles. It doesn#39;t yet have a name so I#39;m calling it “White is the new black”, because it involves taking something we all think is bad and telling us that it#39;s good (or vice versa).在管理圈里,目前涌现出一股崭新的潮流。这股潮流还没有一个名称,所以,我打算称其为“黑即是白”潮流,因为它的特点是,把大家都认为不好的东西说成是好的(或反过来)。Everyone loves this latest fashion. It#39;s refreshing. It#39;s counter-intuitive. It#39;s liberating. And it#39;s so cool. On LinkedIn and the Harvard Business Review website, ers can#39;t get their fingers on the “like” button fast enough.每个人都喜欢这股最新的潮流。它让人耳目一新,出乎意料,解放了思路。并且它很酷。在LinkedIn和《哈佛商业》(Harvard Business Review)网站上,读者们迫不及待地对这股潮流点“赞”。In the past week alone I#39;ve come across four examples of it. The first and most popular case of white-is-the-new-black says that failure is not bad: it is good. Pushers of this theory, who first appeared a few years ago, have consistently said that mistakes are vital because you learn from them. This is fair enough. What isn#39;t fair enough is to say that since it#39;s hard to succeed without failing first, you must therefore aim to fail.仅上周一周,我就遇到了四个体现这股潮流的例子。第一个、同时也最受大家欢迎的“黑即是白”的例子是,认为失败不是坏事,而是好事。这个理论首次出现于几年前,鼓吹它的人一直坚称,犯错非常重要,因为可以让人学到东西。这倒不无道理。这个理论接着说,因为不经历失败很难成功,所以我们必须致力于让自己失败——这就有些令人匪夷所思了。A recent Harvard Business Review blog argues that failure is so fantastic that organisations ought to hold a regular “fail-fest” at which employees wear a pink feather boa and celebrate their cock-ups. This is not only silly and patronising, it is dangerous. It is true that a fear of failure can be paralysing, but in my experience it can also be galvanising. I#39;m currently working on a radio series and the dful and very real prospect of screwing it up is focusing my mind no end. If I thought the B would organise a party for me and give me a pink feather boa if I messed up, I would barely be moved to try at all.《哈佛商业》客上最近的一篇文章建议,因为失败是如此美妙的一件事情,各类组织都应定期举行“失败欢庆会”,让员工戴上粉色羽毛围巾,庆祝过去的种种失败。这个建议不仅愚蠢、傲慢,还非常危险。诚然,对失败的恐惧可能让人畏手畏脚,但从我自身的经验来看,这种恐惧也可能促人奋起。我最近在准备一个系列广播节目,搞砸的可能性真实存在,令我十分担心,反而让我全神贯注。如果我这样想:反正如果我搞砸,英国广播公司(B)会为我举办庆祝活动,给我戴上粉色羽毛围巾,那么我可能根本提不起努力的劲头。Failure is a bad thing and should not be celebrated. It shouldn#39;t be punished either, unless it is caused by laziness and sloppiness. In that case I can think of a better use of the pink boas – force offending employees to eat them.失败是坏事,不值得庆祝。失败也不应受到惩罚,除非是懒惰和马虎引起的。如果员工因为懒惰和马虎导致失败,那么我认为,可以用粉色羽毛围巾做一件更有用的事情:让这些懒惰鬼或马虎鬼吃掉它。This leads naturally to the second white-is-the-new-black theory, which says laziness can be a good thing in a boss. This idea is peddled in Richard Koch#39;s latest book, The 80/20 Manager, published last week. In it he writes: “Lazy managers achieve exceptional results. Only by being economical with your energy and attention can you make it count when it matters.” He goes on to say that sloth is such a gift that those managers not fortunate enough to have been born with it must work to acquire it.由此自然引出了第二个“黑即是白”理论。这个理论宣称,老板的懒惰可能是件好事。理查德科克(Richard Koch)在他上周出版的新书《80/20经理人》(The 80/20 Manager)中就宣扬了这个理论。他在书中写道:“懒惰的经理人能够实现卓越的业绩。只有节约精力和注意力,才能把好钢用在刀刃上。”他接着写道,懒惰是一种如此难得的天赋,那些不幸生而没有这项天赋的经理人,必须努力去获得它。Mr Koch is right to point out that most of our work is wasted effort; but the trouble is that we have to crunch through the wasted bits in order to get to the worthwhile ones. In real life there are few lazy bosses, since if you are an idle slug you tend not to get promoted. The few that I have met were incompetent, much disliked and generally sacked before long.科克说,我们的工作大多是无用功,这话没错。但问题在于,没有这些点滴的“无用功”,就没有后面的“有用功”。在实际生活中,很少有懒惰的老板,因为懒虫往往无法获得晋升。我认识的为数不多的懒虫老板,都是不称职和讨人嫌的,通常过不了多久就会被炒。The third idea is another new trend being pushed in an article by consultant Jordan Cohen on the HBR website. He argues that telling workers what to do – another essential principle underpinning organisational life – is a bad idea and we shouldn#39;t do it. He proceeds to “prove” this with a cute anecdote and then with neuroscience: when people are told what to do, he says, “the brain#39;s emotional response center can actually cause a decrease in cognitive functioning”.第三个“黑即是白”观点,见于咨询顾问乔丹科恩(Jordan Cohen)在《哈佛商业》网站上发表的一篇文章。该文章鼓吹的是另一股新潮流。科恩认为,给员工下指令(撑组织运作的另一个重要原则)是不好的,我们不应该这样做。接着,他先用一则有趣的轶事来“明”这一点,然后又搬出了神经科学。他说,当人们遵循指令行事的时候,“大脑情绪反射中枢事实上会促使人的认知机能下降”。I#39;m always suspicious of non-neuroscientist writers who use the science as a way of bullying me into submission. All they are saying is: here is something I don#39;t understand and neither do you, but I#39;m ordering you to accept it because a neuroscientist told me.我对非神经科学家使用神经科学为论据始终表示怀疑,在我看来,这不过是一种虚张声势。他们其实只不过是在说:这里有一个我不懂、你也不懂的理论,但我命令你接受这个理论,因为有一位神经科学家是这样告诉我的。Thanks, but I#39;d rather stick with what I have observed to be the case after decades of paying attention: that most employees need instruction, although what they don#39;t need is micromanaging. I also can#39;t help thinking that if Mr Cohen found himself in hospital having an operation on one of the “response centers” in his brain, he might not like it if the hospital staff were told: cut into this man#39;s brain in whatever way feels right for you.多谢了,但我还是宁愿坚守我经过多年观察得出的结论:大多数员工需要指令,不过他们确实不需要事无巨细的指导。我还忍不住设想,假如科恩发现自己躺在医院里,他大脑的某个“反射中枢”正在接受手术,而医院员工已得到指示,自己觉得怎么合适就怎么切开他的大脑,那么,科恩大概不会乐意。The final example is described in an article being plugged on LinkedIn, called: “How to Retain Talent? Teach Them to Leave, Says KBS+.” It tells how KBS+, a New York advertising agency, is teaching staff how to start their own businesses and – guess what? – some are taking the opportunity and quitting to do just that. But never mind: KBS+ insists this is a great way of keeping staff motivated. It sounds a pretty far-fetched way of keeping people to me. Making their jobs more interesting and saying the odd “thank you” might be a better – and cheaper – way of doing it.最后一个例子是LinkedIn上疯传的一篇文章。这篇文章名为:“KBS+说:留住人才的方法就是教他们自立门户”。这篇文章讲述纽约广告代理公司KBS+如何教员工创业。猜猜怎么着?有些员工利用这个机会真的辞职创业去了。但没关系:KBS+坚持认为,这是保持员工积极性的绝佳办法。在我看来,这种留住员工的方法实在莫名其妙。让员工的工作变得更有趣,和小小的一句“多谢”,可能是留住员工更好、也更便宜的方法。So white isn#39;t the new black, after all. Black is black, white is white, and any company that has a mathematical symbol as part of its name is sending a clear sign to the world that it dispensed with logic a long time ago.所以,说到底,黑仍然没有变成白。黑就是黑,白就是白,而任何在名称中加入数学符号的企业,都在向世人发出一个明确的信号:自己早已摒弃了逻辑。 /201305/238807盐城/治疗前列腺炎医院

盐城协和预约A woman got a dent in her car and took it in to the repair shop.The repairman decided to have a wee bit of fun. So he told her all she had to do was to take it home and blow in the tailpipe until the dent popped itself out.一位女士把车撞了一个坑,于是就去修车。修理工决定幽她一默。他告诉她,她只需把车开回家,然后从排气管里往车里吹气,直到凹陷处自己鼓起来。After 15 minutes of this, a lady - one of the woman#39;s friends came over and asked what she was doing.;I#39;m trying to pop out this dent, but it#39;s not really working.;;Duh you have to roll up the windows first!;这位女士如法操作了15分钟。这时,她的一位女性朋友来拜访她,并问她在做什么。“我正在试着让那个坑鼓起来,但这个办法似乎并不管用。”“嗯……你必须先把车窗摇上去!” /201309/255805响水县肛肠医院哪家好 阜宁县中西医结合医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱

盐城协和医院看乳腺检查多少钱你想戒烟吗?教你简法七则A couple of days ago I met a friend of mine at a local cafeteria for a chat. At one point we started talking about habits. My friend confessed that he smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has tried several times to quit smoking but every time he failed. I shared with him the tips that helped me quit smoking. Like him I had tried several times to quit smoking and finally I succeeded.We agreed that since I have first hand experience I will be his coach to quit smoking. The following are the tips that I shared with my friend.1. Believe that you can do itSaying things like “I will try to quit smoking” will never make you quit. You first of all have to decide with yourself that you really want to quit. I believe that 90% of the people who try to quit smoking and fail is because they in the first place did not mean to quit.2. Get to know how harmful cigarettes areSpend a week browsing the internet and gather some content about how harmful cigarettes are. Find pictures of lungs of people who smoke. Get to know what effects cigarettes have on you and the people around you. This will help you convince yourself that quitting the bad habit of smoking makes real sense.3. Make a planPlan how you are going to quit over a period of time. Be aware don’t make it easy for yourself. If you smoke 30 cigarettes a day, you can completely quit smoking in less than a month. Yes, I am not joking.4. Make it publicDon’t keep the news for yourself. Make other people pressure you. If you say to your family, friends and colleagues that you are quitting, then you have no chance of smoking at least when you are in their presence. Also by making it public, you will stop being offered cigarettes by friends who still think that you are a smoker. This was the most difficult part for me.5. Replace cigarettesOne of the most difficult things at first when you quit smoking is what to do to replace smoking. I used to find myself mimicking the movement I used to do while smoking, even though it had been months since I quitted. The only solution to this is to replace a cigarette with a non alcoholic drink. Every now and then instead of taking a puff, you take a sip.6. Start exercisingThis is the best tip. I was going to put it the first one but I know that if I had done that, most of the people would not have the rest of the article. Even when I was giving tips to my friend, I didn’t tell him this tip as the first one. But I am a strong believer that exercises helped me to quit. I went to a gym and subscribed for 6 months. Then I started to do some basic cardio. It was then when I realized how harmful smoking is.I challenged myself to improve my stamina by completely quitting smoking and exercise daily. The challenge to increase my stamina made it easier to throw away all the packets of cigarettes that I had in my office desk.7. Be rootlessUnfortunately there are people (I don’t call them friends) who even though you tell them that you are trying very hard to quit smoking, they still insist that you should take a cigarette. They start this nonsense that one cigarette will not harm you. The point is not harm; the point is that you start smoking again by taking a single puff. Be rootless, be y to even avoid the company of such people since they will make it extremely hard for you to quit. Spare me some words:A true friends respects your opinion and if you tell him that you are trying to quit smoking, he will help you achieve that goal rather than making your challenge more difficult. 几天前, 我在本地的一家自助餐馆里和我的一个朋友见了面并聊了会. 不知怎地, 我们聊起了关于习惯的话题. 我的那位朋友承认, 他一天要抽30根烟, 虽然他也曾几次尝试戒烟, 但每次都是以失败而告终. 我和他一样, 也曾几次试过戒烟, 但是最后, 我终于成功了.我们都同意, 正因为我有关于戒烟第一手的经验, 所以我会教他如何戒烟. 下面是我和朋友分享的几条关于如何戒烟的小贴示.1.相信你可以做到告诉你自己诸如"我会试着戒烟"这样的话,将让你永不会中途放弃. 首先, 你必须自己下定决心, 你自己是真的想要戒烟. 我相信, 90%尝试戒烟却中途放弃而致失败的人是因为他们一开始就不是真的想去戒烟.2.了解到香烟危害之大花一周时间浏览下英特网, 收集些关于香烟危害之大的相关内容. 找些烟民们肺部的图片. 了解下香烟对你和你周身的人会有怎样的危害. 这会帮助你说自己, 告别吸烟这个坏习惯是确有其益.3.制定计划计划下你打算用多久来戒烟. 要意识到, 那不会那么轻松. 如果你每天收30根烟, 你能在不到一个月的时间里彻底戒掉抽烟的恶习. 是的, 我不是在开玩笑.4.把你要戒烟的消息公之于众不要自己一个人偷偷的戒烟. 把你要戒烟的消息公之于众, 让其他人给你施压. 如果你告诉你的家庭成员, 朋友抑或你的同事你要戒烟的消息, 那么至少在他们面前你就没机会抽上一口了. 把你要戒烟的消息公之于众, 你那些原以为你还抽的朋友也就不会再给你烟了. 这对你来说是最为困难的一步.5.用别的东西代替香烟当你开始戒烟最困难的步骤之一, 莫过于用什么来代替香烟. 我曾发现自己会去模仿吸烟时的动作, 甚至是在我戒烟几月后也会如是. 唯一可以用来代替香烟的就是不含酒精的饮品. 每每你想要抽上一口的时候, 啜上一小口吧.6.开始锻炼这是最好的一条帖示. 我本想把它放在第一条的, 但我知道, 如果我如是做了, 大多的人就不会读完这篇文章了. 就算是告诉我朋友这几条帖示的时候, 我也没把这条当作第一条先告诉他. 但是, 我深信锻炼能帮助我戒烟. 我戒烟的那段时间, 我去家了健身房, 并续了为期半年的约. 那之后, 我开始做一些扩充心肺功能的运动. 从那时候我才知道, 戒烟的危害有多么大.我为了能彻底戒掉烟瘾,我每天都做运动来挑战自己以此来增加自己的耐力. 而增加耐力的挑战让我能更轻松的把我办公桌里的那些整包整包的烟丢在脑后.7.不要受别人的影响不幸的是, 仍有些人(这些人我不愿把他们称为朋友)即使你告诉他们你正在努力的戒烟, 他们还是坚持说你该来一根. 他们会说一根烟不会对你有害的鬼话. 关键并不在是不是有害, 而在一旦你抽了那根你就会又开始抽了. 不要受别人的影响, 做好躲开你公司那么人的准备, 因为他们会让戒烟变的非常困难. 记住我一些话:一个真正的朋友会尊重你的选择, 而且如果你告诉他你开始戒烟, 他会帮你达成戒烟的目标而非让戒烟变的更难. /200803/31402 One winter morning, an employee explained why he had shown up for work 45 minutes late.一个冬天的早晨,一名雇员解释他为什么迟到了四十五分钟才起来上班。 ;It was so slippery out that for every step I took ahead, I slipped back two.;The boss eyed him suspiciously. ;Oh, yeah? Then how did you ever get here?;;I finally gave up,; he said, ;and started for home.;“外面太滑了,我每向前迈一步,就要向后退两步。”老板狐疑地看着他,“噢,是吗?那你是怎样到这里来的?”“后来我决定放弃,”他说,“然后我就往家里走。” /201304/235968盐城人工流产多久时间盐城/不孕不育检查费用



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