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Chris. Thanks, Chris.克里斯。谢谢,克里斯From flutes to golf courses to same-sex marriage, that was a genius link.从分配笛子到高尔夫球场,再到同性婚姻,真是天才式的串连Now look, youre a pioneer of open education.您是开放式教育的先锋之一,Your lecture series was one of the first to do it big.您的系列讲座是这一领域最早的几个大项目Whats your vision for the next phase of this?请问您对下一阶段的预期是什么?Well, I think that it is possible.我想我的计划是可以实现的In the classroom, we have arguments on some of the most fiercely held在课堂上,我让学生就一些重大政治话题moral convictions that students have about big public questions.以及它们背后尖锐的道德理念展开辩论And I think we can do that in public life more generally.我想我们可以更广泛地开展这样的公开辩论And so my real dream would be我的最终梦想是,to take the public television series that weve created of the course把我们制作完毕放到网上的系列电视节目its available now, online, free for everyone anywhere in the world免费提供给全世界用户观看and to see whether we can partner with institutions, at universities in China, in India, in Africa, around the world,然后与中国、印度、非洲等的大学及教育机构合作to try to promote civic education and also a richer kind of democratic debate.以推广公民教育以及内容更加丰富的民主辩论So you picture, at some point, live, in real time,那么您的预见是,在将来的某一时刻you could have this kind of conversation, inviting questions,您可以跟来自中国和印度的人们展开类似这样的开放式对话?but with people from China and India joining in?您可以跟来自中国和印度的人们展开类似这样的开放式对话?Right. We did a little bit of it here with 1,500 people in Long Beach,是的,我们今天在长滩和1500名观众展开此类讨论and we do it in a classroom at Harvard with about 1,000 students.我们也在哈佛大学课堂上与1000名学生展开此类讨论Wouldnt it be interesting to take this way of thinking and arguing, engaging seriously with big moral questions,要是将这种思考辩论重大严肃问题,exploring cultural differences and connect through a live hookup,探索文化差异的方式通过实时视频直播,students in Beijing and Mumbai and in Cambridge, Massachusetts and create a global classroom.通过实时视频直播,让来自北京、孟买、剑桥、马萨诸塞的学生共同参与,大家齐坐与一个虚拟的国际大课堂中,Thats what I would love to do.这就是我想做的事So, I would imagine that there are a lot of people who would love to join you in that endeavor.我相信很多人会愿意加入到这一事业Michael Sandel. Thank you so much.迈克·桑德尔。非常感谢201607/453311Telephone interview with Michael Kosterlitz following the announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics, 4 October 2016. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Nobel Media. Michael Kosterlitz: Hello? Adam Smith: Oh, Hello, my name is Adam Smith. Im calling from Nobel Media, which is the media organisation of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm. We run the official website for the Nobel Prize. Have you aly heard the news of the announcement of the Physics...? MK: No, I havent heard anything. Im talking from an underground car park in Helsinki, Finland, right now so I can barely hear you. AS: It has just been announced in Stockholm that you are one of the recipients of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics. MK: Jesus. Thats incredible. Thats amazing. AS: So the Prize is given to yourself, Duncan Haldane and David Thouless for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter. MK: Oh, thats, yes, thank you, thats, this is quite amazing. Thank you very much, indeed.J. Michael KosterlitzAS: I must say you sound very calm. MK: Er, yes. It just feels a little bit odd getting this news in an underground car park outside Helsinki. AS: Actually, maybe remaining in the underground car park is a good option because youll be safe from the onslaught of press that will now descend. MK: Ah, true, yes, but I guess Ill have to face it eventually. AS: I actually was given your number by your son at home, and I have to say he was absolutely elated. MK: Im sure that he is elated, but not half as elated as I am. AS: Thats lovely. Oh, well, many congratulations from Nobelprize.org, and if you go to Nobelprize.org, you will of course see the announcement of the news there. MK: Thank you very much.201610/474352第38课What are your rates? 费用多少? 38.“打尖住店” Excuse me,Do you know where there''s a good hotel? 问哪里有合适的饭店适合你去住。 136. Do you know where there''s a good hotel. 你知道哪的饭店不错? 137. What are your rates? 费用多少?(多少钱一个房间?)(receptionist 接待员) 138. What does that include? 包括了哪些务? 139. When is check-out time? 什么时候必须结帐? 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2945

I can see Im losing you, Bob, but stay with me, because here is the really killer feature.我知道你开始听不懂了,鲍勃,但请听我说完,因为现在才是产品的杀手锏The product is completely adaptive.这种产品具有极强的适应力Its able to actually develop targeted antibodies to threats that its never even met before.它可以针对从未见过的病原制造出相应的抗体It actually also does this with incredible prudence, detecting and reacting to every tiny threat,它还十分精准,发现并对每种危机做出反应and furthermore, remembering every previous threat, in case they are ever encountered again.并且记住每一次外界入侵,以防再次遭遇同种危险What Im pitching you today is actually not a stand-alone product.我今天想和你们讲的其实不是一种独立运作的产品The product is embedded in the larger system of the human body,这种产品与整个人体相结合and it works in complete harmony with that system, to create this unprecedented level of biological protection.并且和整体和谐共处,创造出了史无前例的生物保护机制So Bob, just tell me honestly, what do you think of my product?鲍勃,请你诚实地告诉我,你觉得这款产品怎么样?And Bob may say something like,鲍勃可能会说I sincerely appreciate the effort and passion that have gone into your presentation, blah blah blah --我真挚地赞赏你在展示中所表现出的努力和热情,啦啦啦啦……But honestly, its total nonsense.但是讲实话,简直是胡说八道You seem to be saying that the key selling points of your product are that it is inefficient and complex.你似乎在讲你产品的买点是它的极其低效和冗杂Didnt they teach you 80-20? And furthermore, youre saying that this product is siloed.你难道没有学过80/20法则吗?而且你还似乎在说这种产品很浪费It overreacts, makes things up as it goes along and is actually designed for somebody elses benefit.它反应过激,制造出东西又无的放矢,效益明显不高Im sorry to break it to you, but I dont think this one is a winner.很抱歉让你遗憾了,但它肯定没有希望201612/483149

Thank you very much. Thank you Thank you so much. Thank you Thank you. Please, please have a seat. 非常感谢大家 谢谢非常感谢大家 谢谢谢谢大家 请入座Thank you Thank you, President Spar, trustees, President Bollinger Hello, Class of 2012. 谢谢大家谢谢你们 斯巴院长 各位校董 伯林格校长2012届毕业生 你们好Congratulations on reaching this day Thank you for the honor of being able to be a part of it There are so many people who are proud of you. 祝贺你们迎来了这一天感谢你们让我有幸来参加这个活动有很多人为你们感到骄傲Your parents, family, faculty, friends all who share in this achievement So please give them a big round of applause. 你们的父母 家人 师长和朋友都为取得这一成就出了力因此 请为他们热烈鼓掌To all the moms who are here today you could not ask for a better Mothers Day gift than to see all of these folks graduate. 今天在座的各位母亲们再也没有比看到所有这些孩子们毕业更好的母亲节礼物了I have to say, though whenever I come to these things I start thinking about Malia and Sasha graduating. 但是我得说每当我来到这种场合就会想到玛莉娅和萨夏将来毕业的情景And I start tearing up and its terrible I dont know how you guys are holding it together I will begin by telling a hard truth. 我就会热泪盈眶 真不好意思我不知道你们大家是怎么把持得住的我一开始就要说明一个确凿的事实201609/467370

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