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on HowcastGet a leg up on the competition with these wardrobe tips.You Will NeedPetite and vintage clothes Visually interesting tops Small prints Wide-leg pants Empire or V-neck wrap dresses Backless shoes and high heels Step 1: Head to the petite department(去专门为娇小女人设计的专卖店淘)Head to the petite department, where clothing is tailored for women 5-foot-4 and under, regardless of their weight. Or shop in vintage stores; clothing from the ’40s and ’50s was often tailor-made for shorter woman.Step 2: Dress in one color(推荐上下身一色系)Dress all in one color; it will make you look taller.Step 3: Wear V-neck tops(V领的上衣)Wear tops that draw attention up and away from your legs: V-necks, halters, small shoulder pads, and necklines with beading or trim. Avoid tops that end at your hip bone; they can make legs look stubby.Never wear a pattern or print that is bigger than your fist.Step 4: Choose the right pants(穿阔腿的裤子,遮住你的腿长及高跟鞋底)Wear wide-leg trousers to elongate your frame. Pair heels with them, with the pants hem reaching almost to the bottom of your shoe. Avoid cropped pants, which make short legs look even shorter.Step 5: Wear certain dresses(选择裙子的时候,最好是高腰连衣裙,长度保持在膝盖以上)Choose dresses over skirts to create an unbroken vertical line. Flattering styles include Empire dresses and V-neck wrap dresses with a high waist; both lengthen your bottom half. Dresses should end either slightly above the knee or be ankle-length; anything in between will cut your silhouette in half.Step 6: Be a heel(用没有后跟的凉拖搭配裙子)Wear backless footwear with dresses; they create one long, unbroken leg line. Avoid shoes with ankle straps for the opposite reason; they’ll cut you off just where you need the illusion of length. And remember: Platform heels are your best friend.Fifty-four percent of American women are 5-foot-4 or under.201005/104454


  How To Re-Enter Work Mode After Vacation on HowcastStep 1: Take extra timeWhen planning your trip, set aside a day at the end of your vacation to decompress at home and prepare for your return to work. If possible, arrange for your first two days back to be half days to ease back into the workday.第一步:预留些时间当你计划旅行时,在假期结束时要留出一天时间从而在家中缓解压力,并准备开始工作,如果可能的话,重新开始工作的前两天可以安排工作半天,以便自然地回到工作状态。Step 2: Start prepping before you leaveIn the days leading up to your vacation remind others that you’ll be out, and tie up loose ends that will distract you or eat up time when you come back.第二步:在离开前开始准备在放假前期,提醒别人你将要休息了。把握好两头:既不要在放假前分心,也不要重返工作时浪费时间。Step 3: Readjust your sleep cycleGo to bed and wake up early a day or two before returning to work to just your sleep cycle.第三步:调整睡眠时间在开始工作时的前一、两天要早睡早起,重新调整睡眠时间。Step 4: Go through your e-mailsSpend an hour going through your e-mail and thinning out your inbox the day before you come back to work.第四步:浏览电子邮件花一小时来浏览电子邮件,在你开始工作的前一天要将所收的信件处理完。Tip:Ask for an update on special projects the day before you return so can hit the ground running.建议:申请特殊事件提醒,让它在你工作的前一天提醒你,这样你就能马上处理。Step 5: Show up earlyShow up early the first day back to prioritize your to-do list without the distraction of curious co-workers asking about your trip.第五步:早去公司第一天重返工作时要早去公司并将所要做的事排序,不要让好奇的同事打听你的旅行而让你分心。Tip:Take your boss out to lunch on your first day back to catch up and discuss work matters one-on-one.建议:在第一天重返工作时,和老板一起出去吃午餐,以便尽快重新拾起并一件件地讨论工作事宜。Step 6: Bring your vacay back with youKeep a few pictures with you at work as a reminder of how great your vacation was. Last but not least, start planning the next trip so you’ve always got something to look forward to!第六步:将休闲的乐趣带回来工作时可以可以随身带一些度假时的相片,来提醒你假期过得很愉快。最后也是最重要的一点,及早计划下一次旅行,这样你总会有期待的美事。201010/116187

  In fact, he did face it, the last few days,事实上 在他生命的最后几天里with considerable courage.他确实非常勇敢He goes about dying他不停地说like a good Christian, like a good king,要像一个虔诚的基督教徒和好国王那样死去dying, in fact, like Louis XIV.像路易十四一样死去When the announcement came, no-one seemed to care.当宣布国王驾崩的消息时 无人在意When he actually dies, you can hear a stampede,当路易十五过世之际 可以听见人们almost a thunder of running feet,蜂拥逃离的巨响as everybody abandons the antechamber where hes lying.逃离路易十五去世的房间The death of every king, you had to have an autopsy,每个国王去世 都需要解剖and the Kings physician offers this to the ceremonial offices,御医向礼仪部门提议解剖and they dont want to know, at all.但他们根本就不想管They turned their back and run rather fast,他们捂着鼻子 转身clutching their noses,匆忙逃离as they do so, and the King is sealed into an iron coffin.路易十五就这样封存于钢铁棺木之中Once the news of his death was known,国王驾崩的消息一传开there was great celebration.举国欢庆There was a general sense of relief对于人民来说 这是一种解脱that the man who had once been那位曾经受人爱戴的Louis the Well-Beloved, had gone.路易国王去世了201206/186017。

  小猪麦兜是在香港诞生的著名卡通角色。尽管麦兜的首秀登场是作为辅助角色在麦兜漫画中出现,但麦兜已经成为一名核心人物,它吸引了在香港的大批粉丝。McDull is a famous cartoon pig character that was created in Hong Kong. Although McDull made his first appearance as a supporting character in the McMug comics, McDull has since become a central character in his own right, attracting a huge following in Hong Kong.Walking into Alice Maks office is like walking into a world of McDulls. The illustrators office is completely filled with McDull dolls and paintings.Although Mak has produced several comic books featuring the pink little pig, she herself has never seen a real pig.Alice Mak says, ;I have never seen a real pig because I grew up in the city. But to me, it is a very adorable animal. And out of curiosity, I started to draw pictures of it.;Alice Mak has liked drawing ever since she was a little kid. But she did not receive any formal training until she entered the former Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute to take a design courses. After graduation, Alice met Brian Tse Lap-man, a childrens literary author, who is now her husband.Mak has been producing the McDull cartoon stories with Tse since 1991. She draws pictures according to Tse’s script.The character first appeared in a childrens magazine. It was then gradually shown in different kinds of products, like dolls, stationery and even mobile phone games.Alice Mak says, ;Actually, the sales of McDull products are more than that of the comic books. But Im not sad. My concern is whether it can bring happiness to people, whatever means I use does not matter. For example, a kid may feel happier when he receives a McDull doll compared to ing a comic of it.;McDull, with a birthmark over his right eye, has starred in a series of animated movies, including ;My Life as McDull;, ;McDull, The Alumni; and ;McDull, Kung Fu Kindergarten.; The character harbors many dreams and perseveres to achieve them despite repeated failures. His positive attitude towards life has inspired many children and young people in Hong Kong.Alice Mak says shes happy that Mcdull inspires people in such a good way.201206/187744

  Spain: Parliament Protest As Jobless Rate Rises Around 1,000 demonstrators take to the streets of Madrid as the unemployment crisis in Spain accelerates. 受到财政紧缩政策影响,西班牙一季度失业率升至37年来最高。首都马德里爆发大规模示威游行,抗议失业率上升。游行最后发展为大规模冲突,造成约30人受伤。据悉,西班牙一季度失业率为27.2%,较上季度的26.02%继续攀升,也高于市场预期的26.5%。一季度岗位流失32.2万个、失业率排在欧元区第二位,仅次于希腊。It was a minority demonstration. Radical groups say they want to dissolve parliament and dissolve the government and everything. But they are a great, they are minority. I don’t think the anger is sping onto the streets, though the question of unemployment is so worrying, it’s a wonder that people are not angry. Yeah, let me ask you about that, because we now have two million households out of 17 million in Spain when no person has a job, what can the prime minister do with that? Because there is not a lot of fact that can be trimmed, is there?No, they can’t. In fact, trimming more fact may give rise to more unemployment. We don’t have the figures in the Europe status figure as we have. The figures for the reduction unemployment in the financial industry, those are coming. And then there will be reduction also in public jobs because it’s been the private sector that has shed from the year of 2007, something has shed, something like 3.2 million people while employment in the public sector has grown by 80,000, so I think there’s some more bad news come in on the unemployment front.So we’ve aly gone down unemployment at 27.2%, I mean, where do you think it is going to go later this year?Well, the summer is better for employment. Because of you and also the Holy Week’s out there as Easter because that increases employment notorious industry, so we might not have such a big increase immediately, but I think there will be more unemployment, especially worrying if the unemployment is young because there are something like 56-57% of the young in unemployed and they have been, many of them have been unemployed since they left school. /201305/238092It seems there are two rules,看起来有两条自然规律 one for these special centenarians一条是针对那些特别的百岁老人 and one for everyone else.一条是针对其他人For most of us,对于大部分人来说our health depends less on the genes we are born with我们的健康只有少部分是由基因决定and more on how we choose to live.大部分是由我们的生活方式决定Its commonly believed that普遍认为 人的寿命是由its 80% the environment and 20% genes.百分之八十的环境和百分之二十的基因决定In centenarians, its probably the opposite.对于这些百岁老人来说 或许正好相反Its probably 80% the genes或许是由百分之八十的基因and 20% the environment.和百分之二十的环境决定Because our centenarians have longevity genes,因为我们的这些百岁老人都很长寿they are protected against many of the effects of the environment.大多数环境都影响不到他们Thats why they do whatever they want to do所以他们可以想做什么就做什么and they get there anyhow.还能照样长寿Nir has seen this by watching one of his wifes relatives.尼尔从他妻子的亲戚那就见识过了这点This is my grandmother in law, Freda,这是我的祖母 弗雷and thats her 100th birthday party.那是在她百岁大寿的寿宴上At that time she was dating当时她在和an 85 year old guy that drove a car.一个85岁的老司机约会Look how she grabs the bottle and pouring herself and看看她是如何握住瓶子 给自己倒酒laughing all at the same time, right?还在哈哈大笑You can sense the type there, right?你有看到旁边的字吗201304/234499How To Wear Leggings on HowcastLearn how to wear leggings and look fashionable with these tips.You Will NeedAnkle length, opaque, dark-hued leggings Loose-fitting blouses, tops, and tees A tunic A dress A jacket A miniskirt Flats, sandals, boots, or platform shoes A belt (optional) Step 1: Choose shade(选择适合的黑丝)Choose ankle-length, opaque, black, or dark-hued leggings to avoid looking like a fashion victim. There are lots of great fabrics and pattern choices, like lace, “wet look,” or torn to personalize your look.Step 2: Create balance(最好搭配中性化的T恤或宽松的衬衫)Create balance by wearing loose fitting boyfriend-style t-shirts, flowing blouses, long sweaters, or roomy oxfords. Tight on top and tight on bottom looks trashy.Remember – leggings aren’t pants. Make sure your top is long enough to cover your hips.Step 3: Wear with tunics(配上一件休闲宽松外套)Wear leggings with tunics for a casual, bohemian look. A colorful, printed top becomes the focus with a pair of simple black leggings.Step 4: Pair with a dress(可以搭配一件长裙)Pair leggings with a dress, which can be fitted for a sleeker look, or with a voluminous skirt for a more casual vibe.Cinch your dress with a skinny belt to create an elegant silhouette while elongating your legs.Step 5: Top with a jacket(上面可以穿一件夹克)Top your leggings with a jacket. Hip-length jackets are flattering, as are embellished jackets, like a fashionable military jacket.Step 6: Slip on under a miniskirt(搭配一件超短裙)Slip them on under a miniskirt. This not only looks fashionable and current but comes in handy if your miniskirt is a bit too short for you to feel comfortable in.Step 7: Wear the right shoes(选择平底鞋,吊带凉拖,无带轻便舞鞋等)Complement your leggings with the right shoes. Flats, boots, sling backs, and pumps always look great. The more fashion forward can opt for funky, high-heeled platform shoes.Did you know? Spandex is a synthetic polymer introduced by DuPont in the late 1950s.201005/104283

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me.看看你能否识别我的身份。Im a process of giving off energy in waves or particles.我是一种以波或粒子的形式传播能量的过程。Im used in some medical treatments, and Im also transmitted by microwaves, TVs and radios.我被应用于医学治疗,同时我也通过微波炉、电视和广播传播。Im radiation. From a Latin word that means ;being of light;.我是辐射,来自一个表示“光的存在形式”的拉丁词语。AZUZ: Cell phones give off radiation as well.手机也会产生辐射。You might have heard some questions or maybe you have some of your own, about how safe it is to hold one of these things up next to your head when its giving off these energy waves, when its giving off radiation.你或许听过这样的质疑或者你本身也有这样的疑问,有关把手机放紧贴你头部是否安全,当手机在发射这样的能量波时,即产生辐射时。And so far, studies havent shown a consistent link between cell phones and cancer.至今,研究并没有表明手机和癌症之间有必然联系。 /201209/202423

  Show pearly whites to be proud of! Find out the correct brushing technique with VideoJug and look after your smile for an overall improvement in appearance. Learn how to brush your teeth properly in this helpful .想要自豪地展示自己珍珠般炫白的牙齿吗?VideoJug带你寻找正确的刷牙技巧,并教你怎样微笑来提升整体形象。在这段帮助性的视频中,我们带大家学习怎样正确刷牙。Step 1: You will need1.你需要1 toothbrush,some toothpaste,1 dispensing tablets (or disclosure tablets),some mouthwash,some dental floss1把牙刷,一些牙膏,1片配方药片,一些嗽口药水,一些洁齿用牙线Step 2: When to brush2.什么时候刷牙You should brush your teeth twice a day, to keep them and your gums healthy. This removes the plaque from your teeth,prevents bad breath, cavities, gum disease and keeps your mouth healthy.每天应该刷牙两次才能保牙齿和牙龈健康。可以去除牙菌,防止口腔异味,龋齿,牙龈疾病,保持口腔健康。Step 3: Rinse your toothbrush3.清洗牙刷Rinse your toothbrush thoroughly in case any bacteria has built up on it since the last time you used it.彻底清洗牙刷,防止上次使用过后有细菌在牙刷上滋生。Step 4: Put on the toothpaste4.挤牙膏For children put a smear of toothpaste on the toothbrush and adults a pea sized blob.儿童只挤上一点牙膏就可以了,成人可以挤豌豆粒大小的牙膏。Step 5: Brush the teeth5.刷牙Hold the brush at a slight angle to the gums.牙刷稍微倾斜,与牙龈保持一定的角度。Move the brush in small circular motions across the surface of the teeth. Dont press too hard on the teeth, or you could damage your gums.刷牙齿表面时牙刷轻轻的转圈,不要把牙刷太用力压在牙齿上,否则可能损伤牙龈。Make sure that you cover the front of the teeth and the back of the teeth.确保刷到牙齿的前后两面。Use the top of the brush in an up and down movement to clean the back of the front teeth.用牙刷的顶端上下移动来清洁门牙的背面。Step 6: Get round the back6.臼齿Its very important to make sure you clean the back teeth thoroughly. You might have to pull out your cheek a little to get a better angle.确保彻底刷干净臼齿是非常重要的。你可能需要稍微张开脸颊来形成一定的角度。Step 7: Bad breath7.口腔异味Use the brush to lightly sweep the tongue too. Bacteria can gather here and this is what causes bad breath.用牙刷轻轻刷一下舌头。细菌也可能在舌头上聚集,这是造成口腔异味的原因。Step 8: Dispensing tablet8.配方药片To check whether you have done a thorough job, use a dispensing tablet. Chew on it, until its fully dissolved. Then look at yourself in the mirror.用配方药片来检查刷牙是否彻底。咀嚼药片,直到完全溶解。然后在镜子里看一下。It attaches itself to bacteria and plaque so you can see if theres any left.这种药片可以吸附细菌和牙斑,所以你能够看到是否还有残留。Brush the areas where the plaque is now visible.If you do this over a few days you will see if you tend to miss certain areas.再刷一下还可以看到牙斑的地方。坚持几天之后看一下牙斑的范围是否会缩小。Step 9: Spit9.吐出牙膏沫When you have finished brushing your teeth, spit the toothpaste out. Dont rinse out your mouth. Its better to leave the residue on your teeth to protect them.刷完牙之后,把牙膏沫吐出来。不要漱口,把牙膏沫残留继续留在牙齿上提供保护作用,这样能够达到更好的效果。Step 10: Finish off10.完成Once a day you should also floss your teeth. If you like, use a mouth wash too, to really strengthen your teeth.每天一次用牙线清洁牙齿。如果你愿意的话,也可以每天使用漱口药水来加固牙齿。Step 11: WARNING11.警告If your gums bleed a lot when you brush your teeth, see your dentist right away. No matter how good your brushing is, you should visit your dentist for a check-up twice a year.如果刷牙的时候牙龈大量出血,立即去看牙医。无论你的刷牙技巧有多好,每两年也要去看牙医进行检查。Thanks for watching How To Brush Your Teeth感谢收看“怎样正确刷牙”视频节目。 /201209/201664

  Step 1: Make yourself comfortable (放松自己)You can do these techniques in almost any setting but the effects will be more profound if the mind is calm and the body relaxed. Try to find a quiet place where you can sit comfortably. Place your hands on your stomach and take a few deep breathes, feel your hands rise with every inhale, and sink back down as you exhale.Step 2: Stomach massage (胃部)With your hands over your bellybutton, begin making small circles in a clockwise direction. This should be done slowly with moderate pressure for about a minute, then gradually increase the size of the circling until you are rubbing the entire abdomen.Now bring the hands to either side of the bellybutton with the thumbs touching and fingers pointing down. With the index fingers of both hands you are going to draw a “heart” by first pulling up towards the bellybutton, then moving about a hands width to either side and finally down again bringing the fingers back to together. Repeat this for about a minute.Step 3: Back massage (背部)Next, bring the hands around to the back just below the ribs with the finger tips on either side of the spine. With a steady pressure, slide the hands down slowly towards the top of the hips. When you reach the hips, use the fingertips to make small circles along the waist, starting at the centre and working your way outwards. Bring the hands back up below the ribs and repeat this cycle 3 times.Bring the hands back to centre and turn the fingers downward. Let the hands slide down so that the fingers are on the middle of the sacrum, or tailbone. Once again make small circles with the fingertips using moderate pressure. Continue this for about a minute.Step 4: Pressure point (压痛点)Sit back and bring one leg up, resting the ankle on the other leg. With the opposite hand, place the fingers just above the ankle. Find where the second knuckle of the index finger is resting, and apply firm thumb pressure for 30 seconds. Release for about 10 seconds, then repeat. This may be sensitive at first so let the pressure build slowly. Repeat the cycle 3 times on this side, then again on the other leg.Place both feet back on the floor and the hands on the knees so that the middle fingers are resting on the knee cap. The thumbs should now be in the correct position on the inner leg just above the knee. Without moving the hands, begin applying pressure with both thumbs at the same time. Hold for about 30 seconds and then release. Repeat this cycle 3 times.Finally, bring one hand to just below the bellybutton with fingers together. Turn the hand so the fingers are pointing toward the spine and gradually apply pressure with the finger tips. Hold for about 30 seconds, then release the pressure. Repeat this 3 times.And that's how to massage away menstrual pain the Videojug way.If you are interested in learning other types of massage and pain relief techniques check out our other films here on Videojug.And that is one way to massage away menstrual pain.201002/96599。

  全球网友热捧最可爱的婚礼视频 - 最有创意的集体婚礼 可爱的婚礼,婚礼的歌曲是Chris Brown 克里斯布朗 - -永恒 Forever。201003/99641


  2012年欧洲杯决赛阶段B组的第二轮展开一场焦点大战,由荷兰队与德国队进行“火星撞地球”般的巅峰对决,由于荷兰队首战出人意料地不敌丹麦,因此本场比赛他们不容有失。比赛中德国队中场大将厄齐尔击中了立柱,而饱受质疑的中锋戈麦斯则打入两球,荷兰队只是由范佩西打入一球,最终德国队2-1击败荷兰队,这样一来德国队晋级前景一片光明,而荷兰队要想出线,则需要在下一场比赛中大比分战胜葡萄牙,同时还要指望德国队击败丹麦。Two superb first-half goals by red-hot striker Mario Gomez earned Germany a 2-1 victory over a disappointing Netherlands in the Euro 2012’s Group B. The win put Germany in sight of the quarter-finals.Gomez produced a neat turn and shot after a clever Bastian Schwein-steiger pass in the 24th minute and, fed by the same player, fired in a fierce second after the 38th minute. The Dutch, beaten 1-0 by Denmark in their opener, were poor for long spells but hit back with a superb 20-metre shot by forward Robin van Persie in the 73rd minute.Germany tops the standings with six points but are still not yet sure of qualifying ahead of their final game against Denmark. Portugal and Denmark have three points each after Portugal’s 3-2 victory over the Danes earlier on Wednesday. The Netherlands have no points but could still qualify.201206/186881

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