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重庆市妇科需要多少钱重庆市爱德华医院复通手术多少钱Wealth, poverty and fragile states 富国、穷国和弱国MIFFed by misrule 劣政生怨A new category of countries mixes modest affluence with miserable governance 有点钱却又不善管制的新型国家Jul 21st 2011 | from the print edition MOST people think they know what a failed state looks like. An obvious one is Somalia, where an outbreak of famine in the south was formally acknowledged by the ed Nations this week. Help has started to trickle in after the Shabab, an Islamist militia, lifted its ban on aid agencies that it once termed anti-Muslim. In most ways the afflicted region epitomises the collapse of authority: extremists control roads and markets; the government is powerless outside the capital; outsiders provide what little assistance exists.大多数人自以为懂得何谓失败的政权。索马里就是一个典型的例子。这个星期联合国正式承认索马里南部闹饥荒。伊斯兰民兵组织Shabab解除被它称为“反伊斯兰教”的援助机构入境的禁令之后,援助终于缓缓而来。这个备受磨难的地区很大程度上体现了这个国家政权的崩塌:极端主义者控制了道路和市场;政府在首都外无能为力;外援少之又少。But not all failed or fragile states look like Somalia. This month the World Bank issued its annual list of countries by income category: rich, middle, poor. Several African countries are faring rather better than Somalia; they have graduated from poor to middle-income status. Yet strikingly, some 15 of the 56 countries on the bank’s lower-middle income list (ie, over a quarter) also appear on the list of fragile and failed states maintained by the OECD, a rich-country club. They range from Cocirc;te d’Ivoire to Yemen; the most important of them are Pakistan and Nigeria. State failure, it appears, does not necessarily go hand in hand with other human woes, such as poverty.但并非失败或脆弱的政权就该这样。这个月世界发布了一份清单:它将国家分为富裕、中等、贫穷几个级别。好几个非洲国家的状况比索马里好:它们脱离贫穷了。然而令人惊讶的是,在56个收入属于中等偏低的国家(超过四分之一的国家属于这一行列)里,大约有15个被经合组织(一个富国俱乐部)列为政权不稳。从科特迪瓦到也门都属于这一行列,其中最重要的是巴基斯坦和尼日利亚。似乎政权衰败并不总是与人类其它灾难——例如贫穷——共进退。Why should it matter that a group of countries has crossed some arbitrary line separating poor from middle-income status? Perhaps, some may say, it shows that state failure is an extremely elastic term, embracing both countries in total collapse (Somalia, Chad) and those which merely contain large ungoverned spaces. In fact, the emergence of a group of middle-income but failed or fragile states is more than a curiosity. The group—call them MIFFs—includes countries crucial to the future of west Africa and South Asia. The new state of South Sudan , which combines oil wealth with instability and underdevelopment, will surely join its ranks.为什么一些不贫穷的国家也表现出贫穷国家的一些特征呢?有人也许会说,这反映了政权衰败是一个很灵活的用语,既包括哪些完全分崩瓦解的国家(如索马里和乍得),也包括那些有大半领地处于无政府管辖的国家。确实,这些不贫穷但政权衰弱的国家的存在显得很怪。这些国家(暂且叫做MIFFs)中,有些对西非和南亚的未来发展很关键。石油为苏丹南部的新政权带来财富,但那里依旧属于欠发达地区,并且不稳定。毫无疑问,它将会加入这一行列。201108/147320荣昌万州区去哪家医院复通手术好 Airlines pinch passengers Major air carriers are passing increased fuel costs on to passengers in the form of surcharges and feesIt really comes down to jet fuel prices,if you think about it just as we are paying more to fuel up our cars,and on much larger scale the airlines are paying more to fuel up their planes.Jet fuel prices are up a whopping 200% over last year and that's affecting everyone's bottomline. Talk about going up,up and away,jet fuel prices are sky high and climbing.A tough combination especially for low-cost airlines.Those low fares are just simply not enough to cover the high cost of fuel.Three airlines folded under the pressuring recent weeks,ATA,Aloha and Sky Bus,all closed up shop,leaving passengers holding their bags and looking for a way home. We decided to rent a car,that is our cheapest way to get back.Vigor carriers are also feeling the pain.American,the nation's biggest has stopped tiring.Delta is looking to cut 2000 jobs.Continental has hinted it could follow suit.North Western ed say they'll fly fewer planes.And then there are the extra fees,checking more than one bag,be y to pay up an extra 50 bucks on most airlines.Wanna talk to a real person on the phone or bring fight along on your flight you got it,pay up. Airlines have to become more creative about how they make money,we are now paying for things that once were included in the cost of an airline ticket.We are paying another price too.Customer complaint shot up 60% last year according to new numbers from the Airline Quality Survey.There were more delays with one out of every four fights showing up late. Airlines trying to fuel flight's take capacity men,more people got bunt,even though they had tickets. And luggage,good luck finding it,the number of bags lost also up for the year.The airlines as an industry just returned to profit ability last year after that rough period following 9.11,that makes what's happening now,all the more paniful and it's painful for the passenger too,those higher cost at the airlines are paying most certainly are being passed on to the flying public.Lina Chow,CNN,New York.01/60971India seems to excel at making things smaller and cheaper. The ,500 car and the computer are just two of the country's latest innovations. Now, India increasingly is focused on low-cost solar technology. The front lines of that effort are seen in a tiny village in the Indian state of Rajasthan called Tiloniya.印度的优势就是能将所有的东西做得又小又便宜。最新研制的2千5百美元的汽车和35美元的电脑就是明。现在印度逐渐将焦点聚集在低成本的太阳能技术上。这项技术的发源地是印度拉贾斯坦邦的一个名叫提洛尼亚的小村庄。In this sunlit workshop, Tenzing Chonzom solders parts onto a device that regulates electrical currents. It will eventually be connected to a solar panel, allowing it to power everything from lamps to laptops.在这个充满阳光的工作间里,肖赞正在焊接一些调节电流用的元器件。这些零件最终将被焊接到一个太阳能板上,为从电灯到电脑的一切电器供电。Make low-cost solar panelsChonzom says she was chosen by her community to come here to learn about solar technology. She says she will take the knowledge back to the villages where she lives. She says many people in her region, in the Himalayan foothills, still do not have access to electricity.肖赞说,她的社区推举她来这里接受太阳能技术的训练。她说,她将把这个技术带回她所居住的村庄。她说,她居住在喜马拉雅山脚下,那里很多地方还没有通电。Chonzom is 50 years old, and one of two dozen people being trained here as solar engineers. Most have had no formal education. It is all part of a program to help India's rural poor by teaching them to make and install low-cost solar panels. Then they teach others to do the same. It is called Barefoot College, and so far it has trained thousands. Sanjit Bunker Roy started the program 25 years ago.肖赞今年50岁,她与另外23个人一起参加太阳能技师的培训,其中很多人过去都没有接受过正规教育。这是印度正在推行的一项计划,通过教授印度农村贫困人口如何制造和安装低成本的太阳能板来帮助他们。之后这些人能够把技术传播给更多的人。这被称为“赤脚大学”,目前已经培训了数千人。罗伊在25年前开始了这个项目。"You have to see how you can demystify the technology and bring it down to the community level so that they can manage, control and own the technology," said Roy.罗伊说:“你能感觉到你解开了这项技术神秘的面纱,将它带入每一个社区。人们能够掌握、控制和拥有它。”Roy is among Time Magazine's Top 100 most influential people for 2010. He says grassroots solar technology is crucial for India. Nearly half the country's rural population – more than 300 million people – has either no electricity or just a few hours of it a day.罗伊是美国时代周刊评选出的2010年全球百大影像力人物之一。他说,普及太阳能技术对印度来说至关重要。该国3亿多人,也就是农村人口的近一半,居住在没有电力供应的地区,或者每天只能使用几个小时的电。201011/116978重庆第二医院取环多少钱

重庆市第一人民医院阴道宫颈炎The trouble with half and half这一半与那一半之间的苦恼The plan to fix California’s budget has run into problems 解决加州预算的方案陷入困境JERRY BROWN was being forced to contemplate plans B and C to save his governorship as The Economist went to press. He was sworn in this year (for the third time, having last been governor in 1983) as California confronted yet another budget deficit considerably larger (at more than billion) than the entire budget in most other states. And because California has aly made painful cuts in recent years, Mr Brown wanted to solve roughly half of the problem by cutting spending and half by extending a collection of temporary increases in income, sales and car taxes. The idea was to get a deal by making Democrats and Republicans share equally in the political discomfort.在本期《经济学人》出版时,为了保住自己的职位,杰里.布朗正被迫考虑备用方案二和方案三。他在今年初宣誓就职(这是他第三次任职,上次任职是在1983年),当时加州再次面临预算赤字,且和其他大多数州的整体预算相比,都多很多(至少250亿美元)。因为在近几年间,加州已经进行了痛苦的削减,布朗希望通过削减出方案大致解决一半的问题,再通过延长一系列在个人所得税,销售税和汽车税方面的临时加税措施解决另一半问题。布朗希望,通过让民主党和共和党共度政治困境来达成协议。The first half has proved relatively easy. The legislature, controlled by Democrats and newly empowered by voters to pass budgets by a simple majority rather than one of two-thirds, has aly adopted most of the necessary cuts, sparing only schools among the main spending items. Democrats made the sacrifice knowing that the alternative—an “all-cuts” budget—would double the pain.事实明,前一半完成得比较轻松。由于州议院受民主党控制,最近又获得选民授权以绝对优势通过预算方案,而不是以仅仅三分之二的微弱优势,所以大多数必要削减已被批准,在主要出中只有教育出被宽免。民主党之所以做出这个牺牲,是因为他们知道另一种选择——“全面削减”方案——加使痛苦加倍。It is the other half, the tax extensions, that is proving intractable. Mr Brown won his election in part by promising no new taxes without “a vote of the people”. So his plan, and his fate as governor, requires getting the tax extension onto the ballot.结果是另一半,即延长税收让人伤脑筋。布朗竞选胜利,在某种程度上,是由于他承诺没有进行“选民投票”就不征收新税。所以他的方案,连同他作为州长的命运,要求采用无记名投票来决定是否采取延长税收方案。He was hoping to do this in June, just before the start of the new fiscal year in July, when the temporary taxes are set to expire. That way the vote would still be about “extending” (rather than “raising”) taxes. In the latest polling, a majority of voters do, in fact, favour putting the decision on a ballot, although their support has been declining. More worrying, only 46% now say they would vote for the proposed tax extensions.他希望在今年六月前进行投票,这样正好赶在七月新的财政年度开始之前,届时临时税收将到期。这样,投票内容将还是关于“延长”(而不是“提高”)税收。事实上,最近的一次民意调查显示,虽然选民持度一直在下降,他们大多数还是赞成采用无记名投票来做出决定。更令人担忧的是,目前只有46%的选民称他们会对提出的延长税收方案投赞成票。But if Republican legislators have their way, the voters will never make that decision. To put the vote on the ballot the traditional way, Mr Brown needs a supermajority (two-thirds) in the legislature. That means winning over at least two Republicans in each chamber. So Mr Brown has been negotiating with five who seemed amenable. These five apparently demanded huge cuts in public pensions and red tape, and a spending cap for future years. It might seem to be a Republican dream: a wish list of goodies that make the Democratic governor (backed by public-sector unions) squirm.但如果共和党议员从中作梗,参选者将连投票的机会都没有。采用传统方式以不记名形式投票,布朗需要在议会有绝对多数(至少三分之二)的持率。这意味着在参、众两院中,都至少要争取两位共和党员。所以布朗一直在同五位较为温和的共和党员协商。很明显,这五位要求大幅度削减公共养老金和政府出,并且为未来出做出限定。这似乎是个共和党梦想:一列美好的愿望名单,使这位民主党州长(受公共事业联盟持)坐立不安。201104/132747重庆妇科医生咨询 In 1983, trailblazing astronaut Sally Ride blasted out of Earth's orbit, opening the world of space travel for women. Watch the stories of other pioneers who have followed her path to the stars.Since the US space program began in 1958, NASA has achieved much in the realm of space exploration. From lunar landings to voyages into the depth of our solar system, NASA has built a storied history.In the early days, space was a men's world. All that changed on June 18, 1983, when Sally Ride became the first American woman to rocket toward the heavens aboard the space shuttle Challenger. A Doctor of Physics, she was recruited by NASA as one of six female astronaut candidates for the shuttle program. While her first job was as a mission control communicator to orbiting shuttles, Sally Ride soon found herself in orbit during 1983's STS-7 mission. And although the Russian space program had sent women into space as early as 1963, Ride's journey into space was a first ever for the US. Aboard the shuttle Challenger, she served as a mission specialist, helping deploy two satellites and perform scientific experiments over six days. Shortly after her return, Ride reflected on what her journey into space meant.“That I was asked at a press conference just before our flight what I thought about being the first US woman astronaut, I was ed to say that it was no big deal. What the astronaut meant to say was that, technically, as far as NASA's concerned it, was no big deal. On another level, the ed States' sending a woman into space was a very important event for at least 53% of the population and I'm very proud of that.”Sally Ride re-adventured into space once more in 1984. And since that time others have become trailblazers as well. Physician-turned astronaut, Mae Jemison became the first African American woman in space during shuttle Endeavour's 1992 mission. During orbit, she performed experiments involving life sciences, material sciences, and bone cell research. In 1990, Astronaut Eileen Collins became the first female shuttle pilot aboard Discovery. Collins commanded two space shuttle missions including the important return to flight mission in July 2005, the first after the 2003 Columbia disaster. Since Sally Ride’s momentous flight into space, the ranks of female astronauts have grown. And in a male-dominated field, they hold a special position as role models for young women everywhere who dream of reaching the stars. 200810/53309酉阳土家族苗族自治县看无精症哪家医院最好的

巫溪黔江区武隆县闭经痛经多少钱The president has been choosing his words carefully, calibrating his response as events unfold in Iran.奥巴马总统一直在谨慎地措辞,并根据伊朗事态的发展调整他的回应。His comments on the right of dissent and peaceful protest have grown stronger over the last few days. But there has been no change in his view that the Iranian people must choose their own leaders, without any outside interference.在过去的几天中,他关于人们持有不同意见和举行和平抗议的权利方面的言论逐渐加强。但他的观点并没有改变,即伊朗人民必须在没有外界干涉的情况下,自己选出该国的领导人。In his latest statement, issued Saturday, Mr. Obama called the Iranian government's crackdown on protesters violent and unjust. And he warned once again that the world is watching what is happening in Tehran. Some leading Republicans in the U.S. Congress are urging the president to do more.美国国会中一些居领导地位的共和党人士敦促总统采取更多行动。Senator John McCain, Mr. Obama's opponent in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, told the CBS television program Face the Nation the White House must exert - what he called - moral leadership. 奥巴马在2008年总统大选中的对手麦凯恩参议员,在哥伦比亚广播公司的“面向全国”电视节目上说,白宫必须发挥更多的他所谓的“道义上的领导作用”。"I don't consider it meddling when you stand on the side of the principles that made our nation the greatest nation in history," he said.他说:“当你坚持使我们的国家成为历史上最伟大的国家的原则时,我不认为这是一种干涉。”On A's This Week, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said the president's initial response was timid and passive. 共和党参议员格雷厄姆在美国广播公司“本周”节目上说,总统起初的回应是胆怯和被动的。"The young men and women taking to the streets in Tehran need our support. The signs are in English. They are basically asking for us to speak up on their behalf," he said.他说:“那些走上德黑兰街头的年轻男女们需要我们的持。他们的牌子上写的是英文。基本上他们是在请求我们代表他们大声疾呼。”But there are divisions in the Republican ranks. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, for example, has said President Obama has taken the right approach.但共和党人士中也存在着分歧。例如前国务卿基辛格说,奥巴马总统采取的方式是正确的。Mr. Obama is also getting support, as expected, from senior congressional Democrats. They agree that the ed States should not give the Iranian government cause to label the protesters pawns of America. Iranian leaders have accused the ed States and Britain of meddling.奥巴马也不出所料地得到了国会中资深民主党人的持。他们一致认为,美国不应该给伊朗政府理由将那些示威者称为美国的走卒。伊朗领导人已经指责美国和英国进行干涉。Senator Christopher Dodd says the president is striking the correct balance. Dodd also appeared on A's This Week.参议员克里斯托弗.多德说,奥巴马总统正确地保持了平衡。多德也出现在美国广播公司的“本周”节目上。"The worst thing that we could do at this moment for these reformers, these protesters, these courageous people in Tehran, is allow the government there to claim this is a U.S.-led opposition," he said.他说:“在目前这个时候,对于这些改革者、抗议者和德黑兰这些勇敢的人民来说,我们所能做的最糟的事就是允许当地政府宣称这是一场美国领导的反抗。”One of the leading voices in the U.S. Senate on Iran - Democrat Evan Bayh - told the Fox News Sunday television program that the Iranian government is losing legitimacy at home. He said Iran's leaders want to shift the focus elsewhere. 美国参议院在伊朗方面的一个主要声音来自民主党议员埃文.贝赫。他在福克斯周日新闻电视节目中说,伊朗政府在国内正在失去合法性。他说,伊朗领导人想要将注意力转移到其他地方。"We should not let them change the narrative to one of meddling Americans, American and western imperialism and that sort of thing, because, historically, that sort of narrative has resonated, and we might allow them to change the subject within Iran and within the rest of the Islamic world. Let's not let them do that," he said.他说:“我们不应该让他们把事情说成是美国人多管闲事,美国和西方帝国主义,或诸如此类论调。因为在历史上,这种说法曾引起共鸣。这样我们就有可能让他们在伊朗和伊斯兰世界的其它地方改变主题。我们不能让他们这么做。”Bayh said the demonstrations in Iran are now about far more than a disputed election. He said the protesters are seeking a better future for themselves and their country.贝赫说,伊朗的示威活动现在已经远远超出了有争议的选举。他说,抗议者正在为他们自己和他们的国家寻求一个更加美好的未来。06/75290 重庆重医附一院治疗月经不调重庆检查男性精子需要多少钱



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