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CCTV9英语新闻:罗德曼为金正恩唱生日快乐歌 01 ::9 CCTV9英语新闻:罗德曼为金正恩唱生日快乐歌mer NBA star sings Happy Birthday to Kim Jong Unmer NBA star Dennis Rodman has sung Happy Birthday to DPRK leader Kim Jong Un in front of a crowd of thousands in the capital, Pyongyang. This is Rodman’s fourth trip to the DPRK. On this visit, he and his team of retired basketball players held an exhibition match against a team of DPRK players to mark Kim Jong Un’s birthday. Rodman has angrily defended his visit after criticism from rights groups. The US says he does not represent the country. A crowd of about ,000 at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium clapped and waved as Rodman sang Happy Birthday. The mer NBA star said DPRK leader, Kim Jong Un, who was in the audience with his wife and other senior officials, was his "best friend"." border"0" alt"\" width"550" src"http:www.58en.comuploadfile010135.jpg" >ExNBA star Rodman marks Kim Jong Un's birthday with basketball matchThis is Rodman’s fourth visit to the DPRK. He says he is on a basketball diplomacy mission and has defended his latest visit, saying it will help "open the door" to the reclusive state. He claims his trip is a "great idea the world.""It is a historical day. Everyone in this world can see that We can live together." said Dennis Rodman, mer NBA Basketball Player.Rodman arrived in the DPRK on Monday along with a team of retired NBA players an exhibition game to mark Kim Jong Un’s birthday. Rodman played in the first quarter of the friendship game bee changing clothes and joining Kim Jong Un on the stadium platm. The second half was played between two mixed teams. It ended 635.After the match, the DPRK’s sports minister and Rodman presented trophies and souvenir medals to the players. Pyongyang citizens and sportsmen, as well as eign diplomats and representatives from international organizations, were invited to watch the game.Rodman’s latest visit comes just weeks after Kim Jong Un’s powerful uncle was executed. It also comes as the ed States government is trying to secure the release of Kenneth Bae.Bae is a KoreanAmerican who worked as a Christian missionary bee his arrest and conviction by the DPRK in May on charges of crimes against the state. Earlier, a White House spokesman declined to comment on Rodman’s visit, but reiterated a call the DPRK to release Bae on humanitarian grounds.“What’s sure is that the world has a great need and China has a grand plan. The Belt and Road Initiative is one of the biggest stories of the early 1st Century,” said Kuhn.And the palace's ancient electrics and plumbing systems both need a toptotoe overhaul.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said there was no indication that the pilots had sent a distress signal, suggesting that whatever happened to the plane occurred quickly and possibly catastrophically.

WUHAN, China Hosts China overcame Japan 858 to stay unbeaten at FIBA Asia Men's Basketball Championship on Wednesday and will play against Lebanon in Friday's quarterfinals.去年在一名男子从白宫前门闯入后,国土安全部长杰?约翰逊曾组建一个评审小组提议过加高白宫外墙,但《纽约时报的报道指出,目前“已经暴露出的安保问题不是只加高外墙就能解决得了的”评审组成员表示,特勤局应当增加训练时间,同时应该找一个类似白宫的地方进行实地训练特勤局想要的不只是一个仿真白宫,他们还想要“真人实训射击室”和配备城市街道的“微型作战基地”(埃及可以建设一个新首都,为何我们不能打造一座新白宫呢?)In , Tang Fuzhen, 7, from Sichuan Province set herself on fire over the ced demolition of her house. Such violent and deadly protests against land seizures got people's attention. In , "administrative ced demolition" was banned.

According to a standard set in , China categorizes those with an annual income lower than ,300 yuan () as povertystricken. The CPC has made a solemn promise to lift all those still living in poverty out of that status by the end of .Our goal is to reopen the runway commercial use by the end of Sunday, Yakel said.Liu said China is a country under rule of law, and its citizens\' legitimate rights and interests are protected by the Constitution and laws.

习近平年新年致辞 01 18:3: 习近平年新年致辞On the eve of the Lunar New Year, Chinese President Xi Jinping has visited the Xilin Gol Grassland in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. He met with locals as they also celebrated the winter Naadam festival, a major Mongolian holiday. President Xi wished the local herdsmen good tune in the Year of the Horse and offered holiday greetings to Chinese people in the country and all over the world. President Xi wished the local herdsmen good tune in the Year of the Horse and offered holiday greetings to Chinese people in the country and all over the world."The Lunar New Year is a traditional Chinese festival, a festival all the Chinese people around the world. I want to send my new year greetings to Chinese people of all ethnic groups, and compatriots in the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, as well as Taiwan, and all overseas Chinese commies living in different countries and regions of the world. I wish you good health, a happy family reunion , and good luck in the new year. I hope in the Year of the Horse, we will continue our hardworking spirit. And that people around China will continue to work together with one heart. I look ward to China’s continued prosperity and development in the new year. I wish Chinese people of all ethnic groups will live a better, happier life." Xi Jinping said.周五,一架FA18D式美国海军用战斗机起飞后撞入弗吉尼亚州一栋公寓大楼,霎时火球在空中喷发,五六栋建筑物严重被毁,9人受伤Anthony Weiner, a mer New York congressman and Abedin estranged

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