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Bush Calls for Action on Economic Challenges布什吁国会采取行动振兴经济 President George Bush says the ed States faces difficult economic times - a situation made worse by congressional inaction. 美国总统布什星期二在白宫举行的记者会上说,美国正面临经济困难时期,而国会缺乏行动则使目前的经济困难进一步恶化。President Bush says he does not know whether America's sagging economic performance meets the technical definition of a recession. But he says, without a doubt, conditions are "tough" for Americans struggling with high energy prices, soaring food costs, a plummeting housing market and tight credit."Across our country, many Americans are understandably anxious about issues affecting their pocketbook: from gas and food prices to mortgage and tuition bills," Mr. Bush said.  布什总统说,他不知道美国经济疲软是否满足了经济衰退的严格定义。但是他表示,毫无疑问,目前的状况对于美国人来说确实难以招架,因为他们正面对能源价格暴涨、食品价格飙升、房屋市场狂跌和信贷市场紧缩的局面而苦苦挣扎。布什总统说:“在全国各地,很多美国人都对影响他们钱包的问题忧心忡忡:从汽油和食品价格,到房屋按揭和学杂费,不一而足。”Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Bush said his administration has made a series of proposals to shield the American people from the worst effects of the economic turndown and to address long-term energy needs. But, he said Congress has refused to act on the proposals from extending tax cuts to expanding America's oil refinery capacity. 布什总统是在白宫玫瑰园向记者发表这番讲话的。他说,他领导的政府提出了一系列建议来保护美国人民,防止他们受到经济下滑的最恶劣的影响,解决他们长期的能源需求问题,比如,延长减税期限和扩大美国炼油厂的生产能力,然而国会却拒绝就这些建议采取行动。He was particularly critical of congressional resistance to authorizing oil exploration in a national wildlife refuge in Alaska, known as ANWAR. 他特别批评国会反对授权在阿拉斯加州的一个国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油。"Members of Congress have been vocal about foreign governments increasing their oil production, yet Congress has been just as vocal in opposition to efforts to expand our production here at home," Mr. Bush said. "They have repeatedly blocked environmentally safe exploration in ANWAR. The Department of Energy estimates that ANWAR could allow America to produce about a million additional barrels of oil every day."  布什说:“国会议员们口口声声地要求外国政府增加他们的石油产量,可是同时却又口口声声地反对在我们国内扩大石油生产。他们再三阻挠在阿拉斯加州的国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油,尽管这种勘探从环保角度来看是安全的。能源部估计,如果在阿拉斯加州的国家野生动植物保护区勘探石油,那将给美国每天增加大约一百万桶的石油。”Mr. Bush urged congressional leaders of both parties to work together and take concrete steps to address America's economic and energy needs. 布什总统敦促国会民主-共和两党的领导人相互合作,采取具体步骤,满足美国的经济和能源需求。His comments provoked a swift response from congressional Democrats, who control both legislative houses. New York Senator Charles Schumer says the president is out of touch with the American people, and late in leading the charge for action on the economy. 然而布什总统的这番话立即遭到国会民主党人的反驳。美国国会参众两院目前都在民主党的控制之下。来自纽约州的民主党参议员查尔斯.舒默说,布什总统完全脱离了美国人民,尤其是在振兴经济方面行动迟缓。"The president and the White House have repeatedly ignored repeated shots across the bow of our economy: rising foreclosures, falling home prices, withering consumer confidence, and record oil company profits," Schumer said. "None of them are being addressed." 舒默说:“总统和白宫一再忽视我国经济反复发出的信号:丧失抵押住房赎回权的人数增加,房屋价格大幅度下滑,消费者信心日益低落,石油公司的利润破记录地上升。这些问题全都没有得到处理。”On Alaskan oil drilling, Mr. Schumer said it would take years before new crude started flowing, and that the oil generated would have a negligible affect on gasoline prices. 在阿拉斯加的石油勘探问题上,舒默参议员说,新的油田投产需要很多年的时间,而那里生产的石油对于汽油价格的影响将是微乎其微的。The back-and-forth between the White House and Capitol Hill on economic matters came amid a mixed batch of U.S. financial indicators. U.S. consumer confidence now stands at a five-year low, a sign that consumer spending may slow in the months to come. Another report shows U.S. housing prices dropped in February at the fastest rate ever recorded.  就在白宫和国会就经济问题唇舌剑地相互指责的时候,新出炉的经济数据可以说是有好有坏。美国的消费者信心现在下降到五年来的最低水平,暗示在今后的几个月中,消费者出将会走缓。另外一份报告显示,美国的住房价格在2月份以前所未有的幅度下滑。On a more positive note for American consumers, oil prices receded amid reports of falling domestic demand for fossil fuels. 不过,对于美国消费者来说,也有一个积极的迹象:由于有报告说美国国内对化石燃料的需求有所减少,石油价格开始回落。 200804/37043。

spew ———— 喷出(不及物动词)英文释义 (Intransitive verb) To flow out with great force.例句 A great river of lava began to spew from the volcanos crater with a deep, trembling roar.一大股岩浆开始从火山口喷出,发生深沉而可怕的吼声。 /201607/455741。

Russian Leader Says Georgian Conflict Complicates Financial Markets南奥塞梯事件冲击俄罗斯金融市场  Russian President Dmitri Medvedev says recent events in South Ossetia have complicated the country's financial markets, but there is no economic crisis. 俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫说,最近发生在南奥塞梯的事件给俄罗斯的金融市场造成冲击,但是俄罗斯并没有面临经济危机。President Dmitri Medvedev told a Kremlin meeting of Russian entrepreneurs and industrialists that any war or political crisis inevitably creates economic problems and difficulties for business. He said the government will safeguard liquidity in the banking system and pledged his commitment to economic reforms. 梅德韦杰夫总统告诉到克里姆林宫出席会议的企业家和工业界人士说,任何战争和政治危机都不可避免地会造成经济问题,给工商企业带来困难。他表示,政府正在努力确保俄罗斯系统的流动性,并且致力于经济改革。Russia's RTS Index of leading stocks has fallen nearly 30 percent since hostilities broke out in Georgia on August 7 and 50 percent since June 1. The ruble is at a 13-month low, and according to Europe's BNP Paribas Bank, investors have pulled billion out of Russia since the conflict. 自从俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚在八月7日爆发武装冲突以来,以俄罗斯主要上市公司组成的俄罗斯交易系统指数暴跌了将近30%。如果从六月1日算起,这个指数已经下滑了50%。与此同时,俄罗斯货币卢布贬值到了13个月来的最低水平。根据法国巴黎的统计,自从俄格冲突爆发以来,投资人从俄罗斯撤走了350亿美元。Mr. Medvedev said the Russian government will do all it can to continue mutually beneficial foreign relations and to protect Russian business interests and properties abroad. He said possible foreign sanctions against his country would not work. He says sanctions will not have any catastrophic consequences for Russia, and to some extent may encourage development of the country's domestic market. 梅德韦杰夫说,俄罗斯政府将竭尽全力继续维持互惠互利的外交关系,保护俄罗斯在海外的商业利益和财产。他认为,可能发生的外国制裁对于俄罗斯来说不会起作用。他说:“制裁不会给俄罗斯造成灾难性后果,反而会从某种程度上鼓励俄罗斯国内市场的发展。”The head of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists, Alexander Shokhin, told the Kremlin business meeting the Russian economy is facing a number of serious challenges. He says the stock market is falling, capital is leaving Russia, there is a serious liquidity problem in the banking system, the price of hydrocarbons is dropping, and inflationary pressures are increasing.  俄罗斯企业家和工业家联盟主席亚历山大·朔金在克里姆林宫举行的这次工商会议上表示,俄罗斯经济目前正面临着很多严峻挑战。他说:“股市下滑,资本外逃,系统的流动性问题严重,石油天然气价格下跌,通货膨胀压力越来越大。”President Medvedev said the Russian government would ensure liquidity on the domestic market. He said capital flight and stock market losses highlight an extremely low-level of Russian domestic investment. He says Russian government financial entities, private insurance companies, and pension funds are among the institutions failing to adequately invest in Russia. He says such organizations stabilize national economies on markets around the world, adding that Russia must work actively to develop their own. 梅德韦杰夫总统告诉与会人士,俄罗斯政府将确保国内市场的流动性。他指出,资本外逃和股市暴跌恰恰显示俄罗斯的国内投资水平太低。他说:“俄罗斯政府的金融部门、私人保险公司以及社保基金都没有在俄罗斯国内进行足够的投资。这类机构在世界各地通过市场投资来稳定国民经济。因此,俄罗斯必需积极开发自己的投资市场。”A financial analyst with the Otkrytia Financial Corporation in Moscow, Khalil Shekhmametyev, told VOA one of the problems of raising domestic capital in Russia is that the country's elite appears to prefer investing abroad. He says the Russian elite is inclined to suddenly take off and land in a place like the Maldives instead of investing in the Vladimir Region near Moscow. 莫斯科奥特克里西亚金融公司的分析师什马米特耶夫告诉美国之音,俄罗斯在扩大国内资本市场方面所面临的问题之一是:俄罗斯的企业精英们似乎更热衷于到海外投资。他说:“俄罗斯的精英们总是出人意料地跑到国外,比如马尔代夫,去投资,而不愿意在莫斯科附近的弗拉基米尔地区投资。”Russia's economic problems come at a time of global market declines. President Medvedev reassured his country's entrepreneurs and industrialists, saying Russian market fundamentals remain sound and that the government will not change its economic policy or priorities. 俄罗斯的经济问题恰恰是在全球市场下滑的时候出现的。梅德韦杰夫总统向俄罗斯的企业家和工业人士保说,俄罗斯市场的基本面仍然是稳固的,而且他领导的政府不会改变既定的经济政策和首要任务。200809/48907。

Analysts Say ASEAN Trying to Bridge Burma's Trust Issue With West分析人士称东盟增添缅与西方互信   The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has long had a policy of engaging with Burma, even when many countries have criticized its military government. Now, some regional political analysts credit ASEAN with helping persuade Burma to allow in foreign aid to help victims of Cyclone Nargis. Others criticize the organization for responding too late.  东南亚国家联盟长期以来坚持与缅甸交往的政策,尽管许多国家对缅甸军政府持批评态度。现在,某些该地区的政治分析人士赞扬东盟帮助说缅甸接受外国援助,来帮助遭受“纳尔吉斯”强热带风暴的灾民,其他人则批评东盟反应过于迟缓。It took more than two weeks after Cyclone Nargis devastated the Irrawaddy Delta before ASEAN members could persuade Burma to meet to discuss aid for the storm's victims.  伊洛瓦底三角洲地区在遭受纳尔吉斯强热带风暴两个多星期后,东盟成员国才说缅甸来会面讨论为灾民们提供援助的问题。The isolated Burmese government up to then had allowed in just a trickle of assistance from neighbors Thailand, Singapore, China and India. It sharply restricted aid and aid workers from the ed Nations and Western countries.  在这之前,与世隔绝的缅甸政府只允许其邻国泰国、新加坡、中国和印度提供的少量援助进入缅甸。缅甸对来自联合国和西方国家的援助和救援人员实行了严格的限制。Mely Caballero-Anthony is an expert on ASEAN at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore.  安东尼是新加坡拉加拉特纳姆国际学院研究东盟问题的专家。"One would imagine it took a while for them [Burma's government] to open up and come to the meeting and meet the whole group," said Caballero-Anthony . "The reality on the ground is that Myanmar has been an unwilling player in the ASEAN context. And because of that it had to be take a while for ASEAN to persuade its member to open to international community for humanitarian help."  他说:“有人会这样想:缅甸政府需要一些时间才能开放并和东盟举行会晤。该地区的实际情况是缅甸不愿在东盟成员国中表现出积极的态度。正是出于这个原因,东盟只得花费时间说缅甸接受国际社会提供的人道主义援助。”Cyclone Nargis left more than 100,000 people dead or missing, and the ed Nations warns that many more could perish from disease and hunger if help remains restricted. At an ASEAN meeting on May 19, Burma agreed to let the group coordinate international relief efforts.  纳尔吉斯强热带风暴造成10万多人死亡或者失踪,联合国警告说,如果缅甸仍然限制援助的话,可能会有更多的人死于疾病和饥饿。缅甸在5月19日召开的一次东盟会议上,同意让东盟配合国际社会的赈灾工作。That led to a donor's conference Sunday in Rangoon, at which countries pledged 0 million in relief and recovery aid. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who met with Burma's leaders last week, said he believed they would allow in foreign aid workers.  这次东盟会议又促成星期天在仰光召开的一次捐赠国大会。在这次捐助大会上,与会国保为缅甸赈灾和恢复提供1亿美元的援助资金。联合国秘书长潘基文在上星期会晤了缅甸领导人。他说,他相信,缅甸领导人将会允许外国救援工作者进入缅甸。While critics hit at its slow response, regional political analysts say ASEAN as a group does not have the capacity to respond to large disasters the way the ed Nations does. The organization functions primarily for economic cooperation. Only in 2005, following the Indian Ocean tsunami, did it adopt an agreement obliging members to help one another in natural calamities.  尽管批评人士批评东盟的反应缓慢,但是,一些地方政治分析人士说,东盟作为一个组织,不像联合国那样具备对大规模的自然灾害作出反应的能力。东盟的主要职能是促进经济合作。只是在2005年发生印度洋海啸后,东盟才达成了一项让该组织的成员国在遭受自然灾害侵袭时彼此帮助的协议。But what ASEAN seems to have, that the West and the ed Nations do not, is the ear of Burma's rulers, however reluctantly they listen.  但是,东盟似乎拥有西方国家和联合国所没有的东西,那就是能让缅甸统治者听它的意见,尽管缅甸统治者并不乐意听取东盟的意见。"Perhaps it's easier for Burma to accept the opinion or to be persuaded by its neighbors rather than the international community," added Caballero-Anthony.  安东尼说:“也许对于缅甸来说,接受其邻国的看法或被其邻国说,要比让它接受国际社会的看法来得容易。”Despite tough economic sanctions, Burma has ignored Western pressure for political reforms and the release of detained opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. 尽管西方国家对缅甸采取了严格的经济制裁措施,缅甸对它们施加的压力依然是置之不理, 西方社会要求缅甸进行政治改革,并释放被软禁的反对党领导人昂山素季。 The military maintains it needs to keep tight control over most segments of society to keep the country from being fractured by ethnic division. Some experts have said the government apparently fears that foreign aid workers might undermine its rule.  缅甸军政府坚持认为,他们必须对缅甸社会的大部分严加管制,以防缅甸因为族裔分歧而分崩离析。一些分析人士认为,缅甸政府显然是担心外国救援工作者可能会瓦解它的统治。Rodolfo Severino, a former ASEAN secretary-general, the group has played a role in bridging the gap between Burma and Western nations.  前东南亚国家联盟秘书长鲁道夫.塞韦里诺说,东盟在弥合缅甸和西方国家的分歧方面发挥了作用。"The main outcome of that meeting [in Singapore] was to generate a bit more mutual confidence between Myanmar, its government and the countries are most capable of large-scale assistance," said Severino.  他说:“(在新加坡)的那次会议的主要成果就是在缅甸及其政府和最有能力施行大规模援助的国家之间加添了一些互信。”Severino says the focus now should be on helping the people of Burma. 1"I think the fact that ASEAN and the ed Nations have jointly assumed the lead in this effort would deflate a bit the political content of these exchanges between the Myanmar government and the major donors, indirectly [though] these exchanges may be," added Severino.  塞韦里诺说,现在的工作重点应该是帮助缅甸人民。他说:“我认为东盟和联合国共同主导这次救援努力的事实或多或少会减少缅甸政府和主要救援国之间的政治攻击,尽管这些攻击可能都是间接的。”Political analysts say persuading Burma on the aid issue is not likely to elicit the same response on political reform. They say ASEAN's engagement policy with Burma has failed to produce credible steps toward democracy.  政治分析人士说,说缅甸政府在救灾问题上改变立场并不意味着就有可能让缅甸政府在政治改革上作出同样的回应。他们说,东盟对缅甸的交往接触政策并没有产生导致缅甸迈向民主的可信效果。Days after the cyclone, the government pushed through a referendum on its new constitution, which will continue military control.  在强热带风暴发生后的几天里,缅甸政府依然进行了新宪法的全民公投,新宪法将继续维护军政府的统治。"It's precisely because of this ineffective constructive engagement that ASEAN proposes, that's why to some extent the government of Burma is playing with them," said William Case, the director of the Southeast Asia Research Center in Hong Kong. "So if you're looking for political change, that's somehow initiated by ASEAN, I think we can forget that."  威廉.凯西是香港东南亚研究中心主任。他说:“正因为东盟提出这种没有建设性效果的接触政策,缅甸政府从某种程度来说,才愿意和他们继续交往。因此,如果你希望能找到似乎是东盟提议的政治变革,我认为我们不必枉费心机。”Burma joined ASEAN in 1997 - a step that many in Asia hoped would help open up the reclusive country. But since then, military had done little to ease its grip. It continues to imprison hundreds of dissidents and opposition members. And last September, the military crushed large protests over rising fuel prices, imprisoning hundreds more people. 缅甸在1997年加入东盟,很多亚洲人希望,这个举动将有助于闭关自守的缅甸政府开放这个国家。但是,自那以后,军政府几乎没有采取任何行动放宽管制。他们继续将数百名异议人士和反对党成员关押在狱中。去年9月,军政府还镇压了民众为了抗议油价上涨而举行的大规模的示威活动,又有数百人因此被关押。 200805/40230。

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Top Afghan Diplomat Abducted in Pakistan万豪酒店爆炸后巴国安全继续恶化   A senior government official says Pakistan's top civilian and military leaders had planned to dine at Islamabad's Marriot Hotel when a suicide car bombing struck it, killing 53 people. While an investigation is under way into the country's deadliest suicide bombing, unknown gunmen kidnapped Afghanistan's ambassador-designate in the northwest Pakistan city of Peshawar. 巴基斯坦政府的一位高级官员说,巴基斯坦文职和军界的高级领导人曾经计划在自杀式汽车炸弹袭击伊斯兰堡的万豪酒店的时候在那里用餐。这次袭击造成53人死亡,是巴基斯坦死亡人数最多的一次自杀炸弹袭击。就在当局对这起事件进行调查的同时,不明身份的武装分子在巴基斯坦西北部的白沙瓦市绑架了即将上任的阿富汗大使,导致巴基斯坦安全局势进一步恶化。Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, Interior Ministry head Rehman Malik disclosed that Pakistan's President, Prime Minister, and Army chief were planning to attend a dinner party at the Marriott Hotel when it was bombed.  巴基斯坦内政部长马利克在伊斯兰堡对记者们透露,巴基斯坦总统、总理和陆军总参谋长曾计划在万豪酒店被炸的时间在那里出席一个晚餐会。Malik says perhaps the terrorists knew that the Marriott was the venue of the dinner and the entire leadership of the country would be present there. But he says the dinner was moved to the Prime Minister's official residence at the 11th hour on the instructions of the president and the prime minister. The interior ministry chief did not explain why the two leaders decided to change the venue of the dinner party.  马利克说,也许恐怖分子知道晚餐会将在万豪酒店举行,而且整个巴基斯坦领导层成员将聚集在那里。不过他说,在11点时,总统和总理指示将宴会的地点改在总理的官邸。他没有解释这两位领导人为什么会改变餐会地点。Officials say that nearly 270 people were wounded in the bombing, while the dead included the Czech ambassador to Pakistan and American nationals.  有关官员说,有近270人在爆炸中受伤。而死者中包括捷克驻巴基斯坦大使和一些美国人。A U.S Embassy spokesman Lou Fintor gave details of the American casualties in the weekend bombing. 美国大使馆发言人芬托尔透露了美国死者的详情。"Two American citizens died of injuries sustained during the September 20th bombing of the Islamabad Marriot Hotel. Those individuals were Department of Defense employees. In addition, a State Department contractor, an American citizen, is unaccounted for at this time. However, we are continuing efforts to determine this employee's status," said Fintor. 他说:“在九月20号发生在伊斯兰堡万豪酒店的爆炸中,两名美国公民在受伤后不治身亡。他们是美国国防部的工作人员。此外,一名美国籍的国务院合同工目前失踪。不过,我们在尽力确定他的状况。”There are no claims of responsibility, but Pakistani authorities suspect militants linked to the Taliban and Al-Qaida terror network for the bombing. The attack prompted the British Airways to temporarily suspend flights to Pakistan.  目前还没有人出面对袭击承担负责,但是巴基斯坦有关当局怀疑塔利班和基地恐怖组织同爆炸有关。这起袭击使英国航空公司暂停飞往巴基斯坦的航班。In a further sign of the worsening security situation in the country, unknown gunmen have kidnapped Afghanistan's ambassador-designate, Abdul Khaliq Farahi in the northwestern Pakistan city of Peshawar. The kidnappers ambushed the diplomat's car in a residential area of the troubled city and killed his Afghan driver.  另一起事件更加突出了巴基斯坦安全局势的恶化。不明身份的武装分子在巴基斯坦西北部的白沙瓦市绑架了即将上任的阿富汗驻巴基斯坦大使法拉希。绑匪在白沙瓦市一个居民区里突袭了法拉希乘坐的汽车,并杀死了他的阿富汗司机。Speaking to VOA by telephone from Peshawar, an Afghan official, Noor Mohammad Takal, says that the kidnapped diplomat was still serving as the consul general at the Afghan consulate in Peshawawr.  阿富汗官员塔卡尔在白沙瓦通过电话告诉美国之音,法拉希当时依然担任阿富汗驻白沙瓦市领馆总领事的职位。He says that the top Afghan diplomat was going back to his residence in the city from work, but was intercepted by armed men.  他说,法拉希当时正在从办公室回家的路上,但是遭到了武装分子的拦截。The kidnapping took place in an area that borders one of Pakistan's semi-autonoumos tribal areas, the Khyber Agency, where Taliban and al-Qaida militants are believed to have their hideouts. Pakistani security forces recently have conducted major military operations to eliminate the militants.  发生绑架的地区同巴基斯坦半自治的部落地区开伯尔相邻。开伯尔地区有塔利班和基地组织激进分子的藏匿点。巴基斯坦安全部队最近对这个地区展开了大规模军事行动,以消灭这些激进分子。The latest incidents of violence in Pakistan underscore the extremist threat facing the country, a vital U.S. ally in the war against terrorism. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari is set to meet President Bush in New York this week to discuss, among other things, efforts to tackle the rising militant threat. 巴基斯坦最近发生的几起暴力袭击显示,这个美国反恐战争的重要盟国面临来自极端分子的威胁。巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里定于本周在纽约同布什会晤,双方将讨论如何解决不断增加的激进分子威胁等问题。200809/49972。

US Pressure Deepens Divide Between Pakistan's Military and Civilian Leadership美国压力使巴政府和军方关系紧张  Analysts and U.S. officials say American pressure on Pakistan over counterterrorism policy has strained the relationship between that country's government and its military. The two camps differ over how much approval and assistance Pakistan should give to stepped-up U.S. anti-terrorist operations.分析人士和美国官员说,美国在反恐政策上对巴基斯坦施加的压力导致巴基斯坦政府和军方的关系紧张。这两个阵营在巴基斯坦应当对美国加强反恐行动给予多少许可和持这个问题上出现分歧。The honeymoon between Pakistan's powerful military establishment and the newly elected civilian government appears to be short-lived. Analysts say an increase in U.S. unmanned drone attacks and covert operations against suspected terrorist sanctuaries have inflamed public opinion in Pakistan and driven a wedge between the generals and the politicians.巴基斯坦强大的军方系统和新上台的文职政府之间的蜜月期似乎很短。分析人士说,美国无人驾驶飞机对涉嫌为恐怖分子藏身地发动的袭击和采取的秘密行动,激怒了巴基斯坦民众,并造成了军界和政界的不和。Larry Goodson, a professor at the U.S. Army War College, says that crack could widen as Pakistan faces more lethal pressure internally from militant attacks and political pressure externally from the ed States.美国陆军战争学院教授古德森说,巴基斯坦在内部面临激进分子袭击带来的致命压力,在外部面临来自美国的政治压力,而且这两股压力都在增加,这可能导致军界和政界间分歧的进一步扩大。"It really does reflect a split, and maybe a split that could widen and deepen and become a real fissure within Pakistani policymaking and strategy," he said.他说:“这的确反映了一种分歧,而且这种分歧可能会加大、加深,并成为巴基斯坦决策过程和战略之间的一条真正的裂痕。”Many people in Pakistan criticized the former military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf, for being too close to the ed States. Analysts say there is deep suspicion in the army that the new president, Asif Ali Zardari - Pakistan's first civilian leader in nearly nine years - is embarked on the same path.在巴基斯坦,许多人批评前军方领导人穆沙拉夫将军和美国过于亲近。分析人士说,巴基斯坦军方非常怀疑新当选的总统扎尔达里,也是巴基斯坦近9年来的第一位文职领导人正在走上和穆沙拉夫同样的道路。Larry Goodson says the deepening suspicion, along with a growing internal terrorist threat, could hasten a return to military rule in Pakistan, which has vacillated between military and civilian governance since independence from Britain in 1947.古德森教授说,这种怀疑的加深,以及国内恐怖分子威胁的加剧可能使巴基斯坦加速回到军人统治的局面。自从巴基斯坦1947年脱离英国统治获得独立以来,这个国家一直在军人和文人的统治间摇摆不定。"The pendulum is swinging more quickly now between military and civilian rule," he said. "I think the military has so much at stake that I don't think that they can afford these sort of long bouts of being off center stage while the civilian politicians sort of screw everything up and go through their rather inept wrangling with each other. So I think, based on that, that the honeymoon, such as it was, was very limited and is aly over."古德森说:“钟摆在军人和文人统治间摇摆地更快了。我认为,这里面牵涉了军方的很多利益,因此他们不能忍受被长期边缘化,让文职政客把事情搞得一团糟并笨拙地争吵不休。出于这些原因,我认为,军方和政界之间的蜜月期很有限,而且已经结束了。”President Zardari, the husband of assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, has pledged to cooperate with the ed States in eradicating terrorist sanctuaries in the tribal areas. But such cooperation is politically unpopular in Pakistan. Mr. Zardari has also tried to initiate peace talks with militant groups in the tribal areas - a move that has been sharply criticized in the ed States.扎尔达里总统是巴基斯坦遇刺身亡的前总理布托女士的丈夫。他承诺要和美国展开合作,在部落地区根除恐怖分子的藏身处。不过,这种合作在巴基斯坦政界并不受欢迎。扎尔达里还试图同部落地区的激进组织开始进行和平谈判,这一举措受到了美国的强烈批评。But the recent bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad that killed more than 50 people also sparked revulsion in Pakistan. Islamic militants sympathetic to the Taliban and al-Qaida have been blamed for the attack.不过,最近在伊斯兰堡万豪酒店发生的造成50多人死亡的爆炸事件同样在巴基斯坦引起了强烈的反响。人们指责同情塔利班和基地组织的伊斯兰激进分子发动了袭击。Official sources say Mr. Zardari met secretly with CIA chief Michael Hayden to discuss terrorism and U.S.-Pakistani cooperation during the Pakistani leader's recent visit to the ed States. 官方的消息人士说,扎尔达里在最近访问美国时秘密会见了中央情报局局长海登,讨论了恐怖主义问题和美巴两国间的合作。A controversial component of the issue is the true role of the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate, which is often labeled the "secret government" of Pakistan. The ISI was responsible in large part for creating the Taliban in the 1990s in order to influence events in neighboring Afghanistan. There is wide perception in U.S. policy and intelligence circles that there is still deep ISI support, if not at the top level in at least some elements, for the Islamic militants in the tribal areas.这一问题的一个引发争议的部分是经常被人称为巴基斯坦“秘密政府”的巴基斯坦三军情报局真正在发挥的作用。从一定意义上说,三军情报局在上个世纪90年代创立了塔利班组织以影响邻国阿富汗的局势。美国政策和情报界的许多人认为,三军情报局依然相当持部落地区的伊斯兰激进分子,这种持甚至可能来自该机构几个部门的领导层。Shuja Nawaz, an analyst of Pakistani army affairs, says ISI officers who created the Taliban are retired and gone from headquarters, but that Taliban sympathizers are probably still on the payroll as contractors in the field.巴基斯坦陆军事务分析人士纳瓦兹说,创立塔利班的三军情报局官员已经退休,并离开了总部,但是同情塔利班的人可能还在以合同工的身份在实地工作。"They may still have relationships with the Afghan mujahedin and with the Taliban, and that's really where the problem may arise, where you may have people who have either strong ambivalence or certainly divided loyalties," Nawaz said.他说:“他们可能还和阿富汗圣战者及塔利班保持联系,而这正是产生问题的地方,因为这些人可能举棋不定,或者想效忠双方。”Army chief General Ashfaq Kayani has promised to keep the army out of politics. But Shuja Nawaz points out that that pledge has been made and broken before in Pakistan.巴基斯坦陆军总参谋长基亚尼承诺,不会让军方干预政治。不过,纳瓦兹指出,巴基斯坦以前也做过这样的承诺,但没有兑现。"That's what he said, and that's what a number of army chiefs have said before him," said Nawaz. "Sometimes things happen and then they change their minds. So I wouldn't take that to the bank."他说:“在他之前的许多军事领导人都这么说过。有时,因为某些事情的发生,他们会改变想法。所以我并不完全信任这种说法。”On Tuesday, General Kayani named General Ahmed Shujaa Pasha as the new ISI chief. In his former post as Director of Military Operations, General Pasha oversaw army operations in the tribal areas. Privately, U.S. officials say they are skeptical about whether the appointment will translate into tougher action against the militants.星期二,基亚尼任命帕夏将军为三军情报局局长。帕夏曾担任军事行动主任,监督在部落地区的军事行动。美国有关官员私下表示,他们对帕夏上台后将对激进分子采取更强硬行动表示怀疑。200810/51522。

Yes, we have plenty in stock.是的,我们有很多存货。Theyre £4 per unit… They are good quality ones…每套4英镑,质量很好。The company in France that Anna called earlier has called her back.安娜之前致电的法国公司给她回电话了。Lets hope theyre making an order.希望他们下订单了。…laser technology isnt cheap… hmm, I see… Well, thanks for calling back. Bye.激光技术不便宜,我懂了,谢谢回电,再见。Everything OK Anna?一切都好吗,安娜?Not really. One of the companies I cold called has rung back…不太好,我之前打调查电话的一个公司回电了。Good, good…很好很好。…but they dont want to place an order.但是他们不想下订单。They say were too expensive.他们说我们太贵了。So you let them go? Didnt you negotiate with them?所以你放他们走了?你和他们协商了吗?Oh, was I meant to? I wasnt sure what to say.我该这么做吗?我不确定说什么。Having trouble Anna?安娜,你遇到困难了吗?Dont worry, Im sure that I can help.别担心,我肯定可以帮你。Negotiating is my thing!协商我最拿手。;Negotiating is my thing;! What is he like?“协商我最拿手”!他以为自己是谁?Mind you, he has won a Pear Salesman of the Year award so he must be doing something right.注意,他曾获得过年度最佳梨子销售员,他肯定有点本事。Are you sure Tom?你肯定吗,汤姆?Dont you want to negotiate your own deals?你不要协商一下你自己的订单吗?I owe you one Anna after you saved my bacon with Mr Socrates the other night.安娜,我欠你的。和苏格拉底先生的那晚,你救了我。And besides you and me…而且,你和我……Come on you two. Get a move on.拜托你俩,赶快工作。Europe is waiting for us! Custard cream anyone?欧洲市场正等着我们呢!来点蛋奶饼干吗? /201703/497214。