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江北沙坪坝区治疗先兆流产多少钱重庆市中医院疏通输卵管堵塞Everyday Ways to Maintain Your Feel Great Weight保持使人感觉良好体重的日常方法Our diet expert clues you in on everyday things you can do to maintain your feel great weight.我们的饮食专家提供给你一些日常方法来保持使你感觉良好的体重。In the past, I lost weight by being super strict during my ;diet; phase, but when I reached my goal, I fell back into my old ways and gained the pounds back. When I finally decided to lose weight once and for all, I knew I didn#39;t want to torture myself with restrictive dieting, obsessive calorie counting, and constant hunger. I wanted to shed pounds (for good) by adopting healthy eating and exercise habits that were balanced and livable, so I started to make small changes to my current lifestyle. Those little things added up and helped me lose the weight and maintain it for nearly eight years. A key to my success was finding everyday ways to keep my weight in check.过去,我通过十分严格的控制自己的;节食;阶段来减肥,但当我实现目标时,我重又回到了以前的日子,体重又增了回来。最终当我决定一次性减肥时,我知道我不想用严格的节食,过度计算卡路里和不断的挨饿来折磨自己。我想要通过采用平衡适宜的健康饮食和锻炼习惯来减肥(一劳永逸的),所以我对我现在的生活方式做了一些小改变。这些小改变累计起来并帮助我得以减肥,效果保持了近8年。我成功的一个主要因素就是找到日常方法来约束体重。Eat often经常吃Eating frequently might sound counterintuitive if you#39;re trying to lose weight, but aiming for three healthy meals and two small snacks a day means you#39;re eating something every three hours or so, so you#39;ll never let yourself get too hungry. This prevents overeating later and keeps your metabolism humming along.如果你试图减肥,那么可能经常吃听起来违反直觉,但是一日三顿健康饮食再加上两顿小零食意味着你每三小时左右吃一顿,所以你就不会有太饥饿的感觉。这能预防之后的过度饮食并能使你的新陈代谢自行运转。Say no to extras (sometimes)不多吃(有时候)I love cheese, and I#39;d eat it everyday if I could. But, an easy way to cut calories from my diet is nixing the cheese (or other high-calorie ingredients, like sps and sauces) from my meals once or twice a week.我喜欢奶酪,如果可以的话我每天都会吃。但是,从我的饮食中减少卡路里的简单方法就是每周一次或两次不吃奶酪(或其它高卡路里的食物,例如涂抹酱和调味酱)Get cooking with your oven用烤炉做饭I love roasted vegetables, and I often keep them in the refrigerator as an easy snack or quick addition to a meal, so anytime I turn on the oven in my kitchen, I almost always add a baking sheet full of vegetable to roast along with whatever I am cooking. That way, I always have a nutritional option on hand.我喜欢烤蔬菜,我经常把它们放在冰箱里作为小零食或者餐饮的快速补充,这样无论我什么时候打开厨房的烤炉,我都能在我烤的东西上再加上全是蔬菜的烘焙单。这样子的话,我总会保留着营养选择。译文属 /201606/449993重庆市去那家医院精子检测 The World’s Unhealthiest – and Healthiest – National Dishes世界上最不健康和最健康的国菜It’s increasingly easy to try other countries’ national dishes without leaving your own nation, or even your own home. But which dishes are good for us?现在越来越容易不用离开自己的国家或甚至在家就能吃到别国国菜了。但是,哪些菜是对我们有好处的呢?Here is a selection of some options, followed by calorie content. (As calorie content varies depending on the recipe, the nutritional content has been taken from MyFitnessPal.com unless indicated)本文精选了一些菜肴,菜肴后附注了卡路里含量(因为卡路里含量会随着食谱改变而改变,所以如非特别标注,本文的营养含量都来自于MyFitnessPal.com网站)High calorie: Poutine, Canada高卡路里:加拿大肉汁奶酪薯条Created in Quebec, a province in eastern Canada, poutine is the ultimate comfort food. French fries are topped with cheese curd, then drizzled in light gravy. Such is its popularity there are restaurants dedicated to it, and even McDonald’s sells it. Per serving: 984 cals, 54g fat (generic recipe)肉汁奶酪薯条发源于加拿大东部的魁北克省,是极佳的爽心食物。在法式薯条上淋上干酪凝块,然后浇上少量肉汁。这道菜十分受欢迎,有些餐馆的招牌菜就是肉汁奶酪薯条,甚至麦当劳也有售卖。每份含984卡路里和54克脂肪(一般食谱)。Low calorie: Biltong, South Africa低卡路里:南非干肉条South Africa’s version of beef jerky is called biltong after the Dutch ‘bil’ (rump) and ‘tong’ (strip). Fillets of meat, ranging from beef to ostrich, are cured and spiced. Biltong is an excellent protein-rich snack, which can now be bought all over the planet. Per 50g serving: 126 cals, 2g fat (generic beef recipe)在南非,牛肉干被称作Biltong,该名取自荷兰的‘bil’(牛臀肉)和‘tong’(条)。干肉条中肉的种类从牛肉到鸵鸟肉都有,都是辣辣的熏肉。Biltong是一种富含蛋白质的零食,现在世界各地都可买得到。每50克含126卡路里,2克脂肪(一般牛肉食谱)。High calorie: Pizza, Italy高卡路里:意大利披萨Delicious as it is, some Italian food isn’t known for being healthy: pizza, pasta and risotto are all calorie-laden, carb-heavy dishes. Pizza is the worst offender – one medium pizza can easily use up half a person’s daily calorie allowance.1 medium pizza: 1122 cals, 39g fat (generic recipe)尽管意大利食物十分美味,但有些食物却并非以健康而闻名:披萨、意大利面和意大利调味饭都是高热量、高碳水化合物的菜肴。披萨是危害健康的最大元凶——一份中号披萨可以很容易的占到个人每日卡路里限额的一半。一份中号披萨含1122卡路里,39克脂肪(一般食谱)。Low calorie: Gazpacho, Spain低卡路里:西班牙凉菜汤Like France, Spain’s dishes vary depending on the region. Paella is arguably Spain’s most famous dish but for a low-calorie option, eat this chilled vegetable soup from Andalusia. Usually made with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers and garlic, it’s as refreshing as it is healthy. Per serving: 113 cals, 0g fat (generic recipe with no b or oil)和法国一样,西班牙菜肴也随着地区的变化而变化。可以说西班牙海鲜饭是西班牙最著名的菜肴了,但是想要吃低卡路里食物的话,还是选择安达卢西亚的凉菜汤吧。通常凉菜汤选用新鲜西红柿、黄瓜、小辣椒和大蒜制成,十分清口健康。每份含113卡路里,不含脂肪(一般食谱,不含面包或油)。High calorie: Fish and chips, England高卡路里:英国炸鱼薯条Also popular in Australia and New Zealand, fish and chips is a British classic, but there’s a price to be paid for tucking into deep-fried batter – the calorie content of this takeaway can comfortably exceed 1000 calories, though at least the fish is healthy. Per serving: 1103 cals, 52g fat (average takeaway)炸鱼薯条是英国的经典菜肴,在澳大利亚和新西兰也十分风靡,但开怀大吃这种面粉油炸食物是要付出代价的——这类打包食物的卡路里含量很容易就会超过1000卡路里,虽然鱼是健康食品。每份含1103卡路里,52克脂肪(平均的打包量)译文属 /201607/453553九龙坡南岸区阴道宫颈炎哪家医院最好

梁平城口丰都县去哪做复通手术好If you haven#39;t seen Alpaca meat on the yet, chances are you soon will.如果你还没有在菜单上看到过羊驼肉,那么我想你很快就会看到了。Alpaca meat is rising in popularity, with the Gold Coast Bulletin reporting about 70 restaurants across Australia feature the meat in their dishes.羊驼肉现在正变得越来越流行。据《黄金海岸公报》报道,全澳大利亚约有70家餐厅把羊驼肉纳入了菜单中。Among them is Melbourne restaurant Pastuso, whose head chef appeared in a by the Australian Alpaca Association to discuss how diners have embraced the cuisine.一家位于墨尔本、名叫帕斯图索的餐厅的主厨在澳大利亚羊驼协会的视频中亮相,为我们讲述了食客是怎样喜欢上羊驼肉的。Alejandro Saravia, who is a Peruvian chef at Pastuso, has cooked with alpaca meat for four years and described the taste as similar to beef or lamb.帕斯图索的秘鲁厨师亚历桑德罗·萨拉维亚已经有四年烹饪羊驼肉的经验了,他认为羊驼肉的味道和牛羊肉的味道很像。Alpaca has been very well embraced from the Australian public,#39; he said in the . #39;Flavour wise it#39;s very easy to understand, between beef and lamb, so it#39;s not so challenging, and also it#39;s very healthy meat. The future of breeding alpaca for human consumption will be just going better and better.#39;“澳洲民众都很喜欢羊驼肉,”他在视频中说。“羊驼肉的味道很容易被人们所接受,介于牛肉和羊肉之间,所以吃起来并没有太大的挑战性,并且这种肉也非常健康。养殖羊驼供人类消费的前景只会越来越广阔。”Renowned chef Matt Moran, who owns some of Sydney#39;s leading restaurants, previously wrote an article for The Daily Telegraph to discuss his experience cooking alpaca meat.著名厨师马特·莫兰在悉尼拥有好几家高档餐厅,他在之前给《每日电讯报》写过的一篇文章中讲述了他烹饪羊驼肉的经验。Moran said he had never tried the meat until he visited an alpaca farm, and described the flavour as #39;very tasty#39;, especially the meat from the neck.莫兰表示,他直到有一次参观了一个羊驼养殖场,才第一次尝试了羊驼肉。他形容羊驼肉 “非常美味”,特别是脖子上的肉。Alpaca has also starred in dishes at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, with the The Age reporting in 2013 about 20 Australian restaurants served the meat, a number which has grown considerably since.羊驼菜品也曾在2013年墨尔本美食佳酿节上亮相。据《时代报》当时的报道,约有20家澳大利亚餐厅供应羊驼肉。这个数字自那以后大幅增长。In Australian alpacas are primarily farmed for their fleece, but the Australian Alpaca Association website said farming alpacas for meat is a growing industry.在澳大利亚,人们养殖羊驼主要是为了获取羊毛,但澳大利亚羊驼协会网站表示,饲养羊驼供应肉类消费正逐渐成为一项新兴产业。Alpaca meat is a good source of protein with little saturated fat and cholesterol, it is also environmentally sustainable to produce. Alpacas are able to withstand dry conditions for longer than most livestock, and their soft feet cause minimal damage to the soil and ecosystem.羊驼肉是蛋白质的优质来源,几乎不含饱和脂肪和胆固醇,而且养殖过程也生态环保。羊驼比大多数牲畜的耐旱时间更长,而且它们蹄子柔软,对土地和生态系统的破坏很小。 /201605/441860重庆市看子宫小哪家医院最好的 Two runners have been praised after stopping to help each other after both women fell during the 5,000-metre race at the Rio Olympics.两名运动员在里约奥运会女子5000米的赛场上摔倒之后,互相帮助完成比赛,赛后赢得了人们的称赞。US runner Abbey D#39;Agostino encouraged New Zealand#39;s Nikki Hamblin as she lay dazed on the track after the two entangled and fell. ;Get up,; she told her. ;We have to finish this.;来自美国的选手艾比·达戈斯蒂诺碰到了新西兰选手尼基·汉布林,导致两人摔倒在地。随后汉布林倒在地上,艾比鼓励她起来跑完比赛。她说,“快站起来,我们要完成比赛。”Then Hamblin herself hung back to encourage the American, who if anything probably needed more help.之后,汉布林又反过来鼓励艾比,事实上,艾比确实需要更多的帮助。D#39;Agostino eventually hobbled over the line in last place. The two women embraced before D#39;Agostino left in a wheelchair with a hurt ankle.最终,艾比·达戈斯蒂诺最后一个抵达终点,二人在终点线处拥抱。随后,因脚踝受伤,达戈斯蒂诺坐上轮椅被送去检查。The incident occurred about 3,000 metres (yards) into the race, when D#39;Agostino and Hamblin collided and both went down. Hamblin fell heavily and just lay there, appearing to be in tears.这起事件发生在比赛进行到3000米左右的时候,当时艾比·达戈斯蒂诺碰到了汉布林,两人都摔倒了。汉布林摔的很严重,趴在地上,看起来流下了眼泪。Instead of continuing the race in an attempt to catch up, the American put her hands under the New Zealander#39;s shoulders to help her up, telling her not to give up.美国选手达戈斯蒂诺并没有继续加入到比赛队伍,而是伸手去扶着汉布林的肩膀,并告诉她不要放弃。As they continued the race, it became clear that D#39;Agostino#39;s injury was the more serious and her ankle had been badly hurt. So it was Hamblin#39;s turn to be the helper, hanging back to encourage her rival.随着二人继续比赛,达戈斯蒂诺的伤势更加明显,她的脚踝之前曾严重受伤。所以,这次轮到汉布林来帮助她、鼓励她了。;She helped me first,; said Hamblin after the race. ;I tried to help her. She was pretty bad. That girl is the Olympic spirit right there.;汉布林赛后说道:“她先帮助我的。我也试图去帮助她。她的伤势真的很严重。她就像是奥林匹克精神的化身”The two runners have been reinstated as finalists by the organisers, if they are fit enough to race in the final.最终,奥组委同意,只要她们的身体条件没问题,两人都可以进入决赛。 /201608/461682重庆市肿瘤医院查激素六项多少钱

重庆市第三人民医院检查不孕不育多少钱German company Kaffeeform combines dried coffee grounds and biopolymer to create stylish-looking coffee cups and saucers that are not only durable and dishwasher-safe, but even smell a bit like coffee.一家名为Kaffeeform的德国公司通过混合咖啡渣和生物高聚物,发明了一种新潮时尚的咖啡杯和咖啡碟。这种咖啡杯套装不仅耐用,还可以用洗碗机清洗,闻起来甚至还带有淡淡的咖啡香。For every cup of coffee you brew, about two tablespoons of grounds wind up in the trash. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but just think about the millions of coffees consumed around the world every single day, and you’ll start to see the problem. Sure, some of those coffee grounds are recycled as fertilizer or beauty products like face masks, but most of it ends up at landfills. It was while contemplating this issue that German product designer Julian Lechner came up with a radical new and sustainable way of recycling coffee grounds – turning them into tableware.当你每泡一杯咖啡时,都会剩下两大匙的咖啡渣。虽然看似剩下的量很少,但是当每天全世界消费数百万杯咖啡时,带来的问题就不容小觑了。的确,一些咖啡渣被回收利用作为肥料或是面膜类的美容产品,但是大多数的咖啡渣都被丢进了垃圾堆。德国一位产品设计师朱利恩·理奇耐在考虑这个问题时,萌生了一个大胆新奇的、可持续回收咖啡渣的方法——将其变为咖啡杯具。Lechner first came up with the idea of using coffee grounds to create eco-friendly crockery while attending university in the Italian city of Bolzano. “We were always drinking coffee at university,” he remembers. “Before classes, after classes, meeting friends, hanging out at espresso bars—all the time. And that’s how I started to wonder, What happens to all that coffee? It was all just getting thrown away.” He began consulting with his professors about ways of using coffee grounds to create a solid material, but it took him years to actually come up with a viable solution.理奇耐在意大利波尔扎诺上大学时提出了一个设想——利用咖啡渣做环保陶器。他回忆说:“我们在大学每天都喝咖啡,上课前,下课后,跟朋友聚会时,泡咖啡吧时……无时无刻不在喝咖啡。所以我就开始思考,这些剩下的咖啡渣就只能被丢掉吗?”他开始和他的教授们讨论如何把这些咖啡渣变成坚固的材料,但是他们花了几年才找到一个可行的办法。“We tried binding with a lot of different things,” Julian Lechner told VICE Munchies. “We even tried sugar. That was close, but basically it was a candy cup. It just kept dissolving after being used three times.” The whole point was to make the material durable, so it was back to the drawing board for him and his partners at a German research institute. Finally, after many failed experiments, long nights and liters of coffee, they came up with a mix of coffee grounds wood grains and a biopolymer of cellulose, lignin, and natural resins that seemed to behave the way Julian had envisioned it when he first embarked on his quest.“我们试着用不同的粘着剂,甚至尝试过用糖。”朱利恩·理奇耐在Vice Munchines(一档美食节目)上称,“虽然材料很接近咖啡渣,但是做出来基本上是一只‘糖杯’,而且用了三次之后就融化了。” 让原料变得更坚固耐用是最核心的问题,所以他和他的伙伴们又在德国一所研究所从头开始钻研。他们做了无数个失败的试验,熬了无数个漫漫长夜,在试验中用掉了无数升咖啡渣后,最后终于创造了梦寐以求的材料,这种材料由咖啡渣、木料、纤维素和木质素等生物高聚物材料以及天然树脂混合而成。“The moment of knowing the cup would actually stand was super-exciting,” he recalls. “After such a long time, you have to really believe in an idea and that it can eventually work. It was overwhelming to drink that first coffee out of the cup. It proved to be totally worth the wait.” And the fact that his creation has proven commercially successful is just the icing on the cake. Kaffeeform coffee cups and saucers are now present in ten shops across Europe, and the company can hardly keep up with demand, regularly selling out of its stock online. And they’ve only been in business for a year.理奇耐回忆说,当得知这种杯子不会融化,可以坚挺地放置时,他欣喜若狂。“研究了这么长时间,你就必须得相信这个想法是可行的,而且它最终可以实现。当我喝到用这种杯子泡出来的第一杯咖啡时,心情百感交集。这么久的等待没有白费。”锦上添花的是,他的发明还取得了商业成功,带来了经济效益。现在欧洲有十家实体店出售Kaffeeform 咖啡杯具,但是仍然供不应求,公司的网店隔一段时间就会卖断货,而他们才刚营业一年。“It basically all happened through word of mouth,” Lechner says about the success of his company. “It’s amazing to think of some of the places where orders have come from. A lot of individuals, but also a café in Saudi Arabia, Ritz Carlton Toronto, and the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo to sell in their museum [gift shop].”理奇耐谈到公司的成功时说道:“咖啡杯具的销售基本上是靠口碑的。”订单来自不同的地方,有的地方真的太出人意外了。有许多单独的客户购买,也有来自沙特阿拉伯的咖啡店和多伦多丽嘉酒店的订单,甚至连诺贝尔和平奖的颁发地奥斯陆的物馆都在出售Kaffeeform咖啡杯具。Kaffeeform will soon launch a larger line of coffee grounds cups for cappuccino, and is also working on a travel mug. But those are just short-term plans, as Lechner hopes to one day use recycled coffee grounds to create all sort of useful stuff. “What’s next? I’d love to see if we could one day create sheets,” he says. “Perhaps they could later be used for furniture in cafés and restaurants.”Kaffeeform公司很快将大量生产一款专门泡卡布奇诺的咖啡杯,同时它也可以作为旅行杯。但是这些都是短期计划,理奇耐希望未来能够用可循环咖啡渣创造出各种实用物品。“下一个是什么呢?我想试试看用它能不能做床单。”他说道,”或许有一天咖啡渣能够用来做咖啡馆和餐馆的家具呢。” /201607/454299 Are you an avid selfie-taker? You are at risk of developing ;selfie elbow; which is slowly becoming a real medical condition. Like tennis elbow or golfer#39;s elbow, an addiction to selfie-taking can cause a pain in your primary pic-snapping elbow, according to a report. 你是个狂热的自拍爱好者吗?那么你就面临着患上“自拍肘”的风险,而这一风险正逐渐地成为一项真正的医学问题。一项报告表明,就像“网球肘”或“高尔夫肘”,对自拍的高度着迷会导致你主要用于拍照的肘关节疼痛。In a recent case, award-winning journalist and N#39;s Today show host Hoda Kotb went to a doctor complaining of pain in her elbow, elle.com reported. 最近elle.com上报道了一个案例,曾斩获奖项的记者兼N今日秀的主持人霍达#8226;科特普对医生抱怨肘部疼痛。;I went to the orthopaedist and he said, #39;are you playing tennis or ping-pong?#39; I told him I was taking selfies,; Kotb was ed as saying. 科特普说:“我去看了整形外科医师,他说‘你最近在打网球还是乒乓球?’我告诉他我在自拍。”;When you take the picture, your arm is up, bent in a weird way and you just click, click, click -- think about how many you take: 20, 30, or 40. Selfie elbow, everyone has it,; added Kotb, who is also a well-documented figure on photo-sharing website Instagram. “当你在拍照的时候,你的胳膊抬起,很奇怪地弯曲着,而你却在咔嚓、咔嚓、咔嚓——想着你拍了多少照片:20,30还是40。自拍肘,每个人都深受其害,”作为一位早已在Instagram网站上分享过各种照片的名人,科特普这样补充道。Her doctor recommended icing her elbow and certain exercises to help relieve the soreness. 她的医生建议给她的胳膊肘部敷冰块并且通过适当的锻炼来缓解酸痛。;Basically, the interface between technology and the human body sometimes causes injuries of over-exuberance,; Jordan Metzl, sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery in the US, was ed as saying in a Cosmopolitan report. 乔丹#8226;梅茨尔曾在接受Cosmopolitan杂志采访时说:“其实有时候过度使用科技产品会给人体带来伤害。”他是一位美国特色外科医院的医疗运动外科医师。The problem is simply overuse. 这个问题相当普遍。;You get selfie elbow from taking too many selfies, as you put too much stress on the muscle and it irritates the area where the muscle comes off the bone and you get this inflammatory response,; Metzl added. “拍太多的自拍会让你形成一只‘自拍肘’,因为这只臂肘的肌肉承受太大压力,这些压力会刺激肌肉和骨骼连接的部分,因此你会感受到一种炎症性反应。”梅茨尔补充道。The condition can be treated by taking pain relievers like Advil or Motrin for the inflammation and putting on some ice as well as stretching the muscles. 使用一些像埃德维尔、布洛芬等止痛药来治疗炎性反应,或者是冰敷,伸展肌肉,这些方法都可以治疗“自拍肘”。;Maybe, people should alternate their arms -- start sping the load,; Metzl pointed out. “或许人们应该换着臂膀自拍——分担一些压力,”梅茨尔指出。From gaming and chatting to selfie-taking, texting and tweeting, there has been a significant rise in injuries in teenagers than before. 从打游戏到聊天再到自拍、发短信和发推文,相较于以前,青少年受到的伤害大大增加。;For those who are dedicated selfie-takers, using a selfie stick can work like an arm extender and takes the pressure off the elbow,; suggested Charles Kim, musculoskeletal rehab specialist at Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone Medical Center in the US. “对于那些狂热的自拍爱好者来说,不妨使用自拍杆,它就像胳膊伸展器,能够减轻肘部压力,”查尔斯#8226;金,一位来自美国纽约大学朗格尼医学中心鲁斯科康复医院的肌肉骨骼修复专家这样建议道。 /201607/454078石柱土家族自治县看活动力低下症哪家医院最好的重庆市输卵管复通治疗医院



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