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重庆市不孕不育诊疗中心重庆爱德华妇科医院输卵管通液英语口语每天说上半小时0() -- ::51 来源: . Obligation1. You’re supposed to do your homework bee 5:00.. I have to finish my homework first.3. You must do it right now.. You ought to have your breakfast first.5. You should do it first.6. Are we required to work out the plan today?7. Is there any need us to get a visa?8. I think it is necessary.9. I don’t really think you want to.. I’m obliged to offer my resignation.Dialogue 1M1: Well, Peter, you have to do better than that next time, won’t you?M: Have I really got to do those exams again, Dad?M1: Of course, you have. You must try harder this time.M: And must I go back to school?M1: No, you needn’t do that. You’d better get a part-time job somewhere and go to evening classes.M: But Dad, I should be working full-time at my age. I’m nearly .M1: You ought to have worked harder then you wouldn’t have failed your exams. You have to take a job and study.M: What else I’ve got to do? Join the army?M1: Who knows! That might come to later.Dialogue W: Do I have to write the invitation cards?M: No, you don’t have to. But I think you ought to.W: Oh, well. If I must, I must.Dialogue 3W: You know, you really ought to get a new pair of jeans. Those are falling to pieces.M: But this is how I like them, Mum. They’re just beginning to look right.W: Well, you’d better get another pair work at least or your sacking on the sport.Dialogue M: How’re you today?W: Pretty good, thanks. And you?M: What’s the main idea in this essay?W: The ed Nations should have more authority.Dialogue 5W: What’re you doing now?M: I’m watching TV.W: You’re supposed to clean your teeth bee you go to bed.M: I will.W: And don’t ever get it.Dialogue 6M: Betty, something is burning. Can you smell it?W: You’re right.M: Look! The iron is still on.W: I should have turned it off. I’ll turn it off now.M: Look at my nice blue shirt, there’s a big hole in it.W: I’m sorry, Jim.M: Never mind, dear.I have some obligations today. I should copy these sentences, add this figures, but I don’t feel like it. Then my mother comes back. She complains she also has some obligations. She ought to tidy the room, dust the furniture, polish the floor and cook meal. My father is no exception either. He’s supposed to wash the car, repair the fence and post these letters. What a busy day! 小时 上半 每天 英语口语重庆治精索静脉曲张费用多少 有时候,挣扎正是我们生活中所需要的如果我们能得以毫无障碍地走过一生,这会使我们软弱我们就不可能变得强壮Once upon a time in a land far far away, there was a wonderful old man who loved everything. Animals, spiders, insects...One day while walking through the woods the nice old man found a cocoon of a butterfly. He took it home.A few days later, a small opening appeared; he sat and watched the butterfly several hours as it struggled to ce its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could go no farther.Then the man decided to help the butterfly, so he took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon.The butterfly then emerged easily.But it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings. The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand to be able to support the body, which would contract in time. Neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.What the man in his kindness and haste did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were Nature's way of cing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be y flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our life. If we were allowed to go through our life without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been.And we could never fly. 368英语自我介绍大全 -- 3:: 来源: 英语自我介绍大全很好的英语自我介绍 英语自我介绍 小学英语作文:自我介绍 Self-Introduction英语口语自我介绍范文 英文面试自我介绍针对性要强 英文自我介绍 英文自我介绍大全 英文面试:轻松自我介绍小学英语作文:自我介绍(Something about Myself) 自我介绍 Self-introduction 两分钟英语自我介绍范文 Something about Myself 自我介绍英文 用英语自我介绍 Introducing Introductions 自我介绍 自我介绍英语小作文 自我介绍Self Introduction me(小学英语作文-自我介绍) 自我介绍英语作文范文 英语自我介绍重庆治不孕不育需要多少钱

乐山市人民医院做复通手术日常英语:昨晚我失眠了 -01-7 18:5:51 来源: 1. I couldn't fall asleep last night. 我昨晚睡不着 . I passed a wakeful night. 我彻夜未眠 3. I was up all night. 我一整晚都没睡 . I had a sleepless night worrying about my exams. 我因为担心考试一整晚没睡 5. I've been suffering from insomnia. 我近来饱受失眠之苦 6. I didn't close my eyes until early morning. 我一直到凌晨才阖眼(入睡) 7. I tossed and turned in bed all night. I tossed about in bed all night. 我一整晚辗转难眠 8. Sleeping pills somehow didn't work me last night. 安眠药昨晚不知怎么搞的好象对我没用 9. I was counting sheep all night. 我一整晚都在数羊 . I guess I drank too much coffee, I was wide awake all night. 我猜我可能是喝了太多咖啡,一整晚都很清醒 失眠 英语 日常 night.重庆不孕不育价格 英语口语每天说上半小时0() -- :59:7 来源: . reluctance1. I didn't really want to give up my job.. I don't think I can't actually.3. I wish I could, but I have an appointment this afternoon.. I’d like to be able to, but I don’t have enough money.5.I’m afraid I can’t.6. Well, I think I prefer not to work home.7. I’d like to , but it’s too far away.8. I wouldn’t be willing.9. I’m not really willing to spend the evening there.. Well, I’ll be rather reluctant to go dancing.Dialogue 1W: John, why don’t you go and do some gardening ? The lawn needs weeding.M: Because I’m not in the mood, that’s why.W: Well, don’t just sit there, do something. Come and help me in the kitchen.M: Help you in the kitchen, I don’t feel like it.W: Would you like to clear the table then?M: Really? Do I have to do it?W: Not, if you don’t want to.M:Well, isn’t there anything you want?W: Yes, I want to go out. Would you like to come?M:No, why should I? I don’t feel like it. Besides,I’m in such a bad mood.Dialogue W: Do you love me?M: I’m very fond of you.W:Yes, but do you love me ?M: why? You mean a lot to me.W: why didn’t you answer my question?M:what question?W: Do you love me ? come on, I’m eager to hear.M: you know that I care you.I---I’m proud of you.W: Don’t cherish your words, dear.M: I---I don’t feel like saying itDialogue 3W: OK. Come back into the classroom,class.M: Does the class start again,Mam?W: Yes, but to the heath, this break has long enough.M:Oh, breaktime flies.W: come on,baby. It’s time now.M: Mam, another minute ,could I?W: Hurry up, little boy.This morning, I met Alice. She looked sad and miserable. I just invited her to look me up this weekend, so we can have a chat, but she refused the idea , and would like to be alone .So I just asked her to go with me to the beach and enjoy. But she is reluctant to go and just answer me that she is tired, exhausted and even couldn’t move, then she added that she ’s got much work to fulfill and had to look after her mother-in-law. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语重医大附一院不孕不育检查项目

重庆市第三军医大学大坪医院宫腔镜手术多少每一个时刻所能捕捉的东西是有限的甚至每一段记忆所能缅怀的一切也是有限的DuskLooking into the sunset I can't help but notice that despite her beauty,a sense of struggle and hopeless surround the sky .Deep inside you realize that this day is gone,and everything that It had brought is lost ever.Every thought,every action,every dream,every hope,every sight,every sound is gone.There is no chance of every being returned the same,exactly the same. every moment has a limit to what it can capture,Every memory has a limit to what it had retrieve.And the colours in the sky try to entertain us.one last act with painted smiles, they too know that nothing can be done to save the day.So futile their attempt to comt our fear of the night.our horror as we try to find our way,like children who wander into a est and never return.I am ingratiated by the sunset because of her sensitivity as she tries to push the darknessback just a moment more.But like so many times bee....to no avail! 958 会给你打很高分的英语口语集锦 -01-7 ::01 来源: God works. 上帝的安排Not so bad. 不错No way! 不可能!Don't flatter me. 过奖了Hope so. 希望如此Go down to business. 言归正传I'm not going. 我不去了Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗?I don't care. 我不在乎None of my business. 不关我事It doesn't work. 不管用Your are welcome. 你太客气了It is a long story. 一言难尽Between us. 你知,我知Sure thin! 當然!Talk truly. 有话直说I'm going to go. 我這就去Never mind. 不要緊Why are you so sure? 怎么这样肯定?Is that so? 是这样吗?Come on, be reasonable. 嗨,你怎么不讲道理When are you leaving? 你什么时候走?You don't say so. 未必吧,不至于这样吧Don't get me wrong. 别误会我You bet! 一定,当然!It's up to you. 由你决定The line is engaged. 占线My hands are full right now. 我现在很忙Can you dig it? 你搞明白了吗?I'm afraid I can't. 我恐怕不能How big of you! 你真棒!Poor thing! 真可怜!How about eating out? 外面吃饭怎样?Don't over do it. 别太过分了You want a bet? 你想打赌吗?What if I go you? 我替你去怎么样?Who wants? 谁稀罕?Follow my nose. 凭直觉做某事Cheap skate! 小气鬼!Come seat here. 来这边坐Dinner is on me. 晚饭我请You ask it! 活该!You don't say! 真想不到!Get out of here! 滚出去!How come… 怎么回事,怎么搞的Don't mention it. 没关系,别客气It is not a big deal! 没什么了不起!thousand times no! 绝对办不到!Who knows! 天晓得!Have a good of it.玩的很高兴Don't let me down. 别让我失望It is urgent. 有急事Can I have this. 可以给我这个吗?It doesn't take much of you time. 这不花你好多时间Drop it! 停止!Bottle it! 閉嘴!There is nobody by that name working here.這裡沒有這個人Easy does it. 慢慢来Don't push me. 别逼我Come on! 快点,振作起来!What is the fuss? 吵什么?Still up? 还没睡呀?It doesn't make any differences. 没关系It is a deal! 一言为定!Take a seat! 请坐!Here ye! 说得对!It can be a killer. 这是个伤脑筋的问题Don't take ill of me. 别生我气It's up in the air. 尚未确定I am all ears. 我洗耳恭听Right over there. 就在那里Get an eyeful. 看个够Here we are! 我们到了!I lost my way. 我迷路了Say hello to everybody me. 替我向大家问好Not precisely! 不见得,不一定!That is unfair. 这不公平!We have no way out. 我们没办法That is great! 太棒了!You are welcome! 别客气!I'm bored to death. 我无聊死了Bottoms up! 干杯!Big mouth! 多嘴驴!Can-do. 能人Don't play possum! 別裝蒜!He neither drinks nor smokes. 他既不喝酒也不抽煙Make it up! 不记前嫌!Watch you mouth. 注意言辞Any urgent thing? 有急事吗?Good luck! 祝你好运!Make it. 达到目的,获得成功I'll be seeing you. 再见I wonder if you can give me a lift? 能让我搭一程吗?It is raining. 要下雨了I might hear a pin drop. 非常寂静Don't get loaded. 别喝醉了Stay away from him. 别*近他Don't get high hat. 别摆架子That rings a bell. 听起来耳熟Play hooky. 旷工、旷课I am the one wearing pants in the house. 我当家Get cold feet. 害怕做某事Good you! 好得很!Go ahead. 继续Help me out. 帮帮我Let's bag it. 先把它搁一边Lose head. 丧失理智He is the pain on neck. 他真让人讨厌Do you have straw? 你有吸管吗?Don't make up a story. 不要捏造事实Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 小别胜新婚She make a mess of things. 她把事情搞得一塌糊涂He has a quick eye. 他的眼睛很锐利Shoot the breeze. 闲谈Tell me when! 随时奉陪!It is a small world! 世界真是小!Not at all. 根本就不(用)Let's play it by ear. 让我们随兴所至Wait and see. 等着瞧Why so blue? 怎么垂头丧气?What brought you here? 什么风把你吹来了?Hang on! 抓紧(别挂电话)!Leave me alone. 别理我Chin up. 不气 ,振作些You never know. 世事难料I stay at home a lot. 我多半在家里She'll be along in a few minutes. 他马上会过来I'm not in a good mood. 没有心情(做某事)He is a fast talker. 他是个吹牛大王Daring! 亲爱的!She is still mad at me. 她还在生我的气I'll get even with him one day. 我总有一天跟他扯平Hit the ceiling. 大发雷霆She's got quite a wad. 她身怀巨款I don't have anywhere to be. 没地方可去I'm dying to see you. 我很想见你I swear by the god. 我对天发誓Nothing tricky. 别耍花招You might at least apologize. 你顶多道个歉就得了Price is soaring, if it goes on like this, we shall not be able to keep the pot boiling. 物价直线上升,这样子下去,我们锅里可没什么东西煮饭None of you keyhole. 不准偷看You don't seem to be quite yourself today. 你今天看起来不大对劲Do you have any money on you? 你身上带钱了吗?What is your major? 你学什么专业?My girlfriend and I broke up. 我和我的女朋友吹了It was something that happens once in the blue moon. 这是千载难逢的事I'll kick you out. 我将炒你鱿鱼I have to be late and keep my date waiting. 我不喜欢迟到而让别人久等There is nobody by that name working here. 这里没有这个人He neither drinks nor smokes. 他既不喝酒也不抽烟He pushes his luck. 他太贪心了Nuts! 呸;胡说;混蛋!I can't make both ends meet. 我上个月接不到下个月,缺钱It is of high quality. 它质量上乘Dead end. 死胡同Would you mind making less noise. 能不能小 声点 集锦 英语口语 高分 have重庆省妇幼保健院疏通输卵管堵塞重庆处女膜修复三甲医院



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