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重庆输卵管检查费用璧山潼南区不孕不育医院排行榜Thai authorities are preparing to cope with a massive rally aimed at paralyzing the capital on Monday as anti-government protesters intensify an ongoing bid to oust Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.泰国政府正在准备应对下周一旨在令首都曼谷陷入瘫痪的大游行。目前反政府示威者加紧了推翻泰国总理英拉(Yingluck Shinawatra)的努力。The protesters, led by former opposition politician Suthep Thaugsuban, say they will block seven key intersections in the heart of Bangkok, creating a potential traffic nightmare in a city of at least six million residents.由前反对党政界人士素Suthep Thaugsuban)领导的示威者称,他们将封锁位于曼谷市中心的七个主要交叉路口,这可能会令这个至少00万居民的城市交通遭遇一场噩梦。Mr. Suthep and his mostly middle-class supporters accuse Ms. Yingluck of working to serve the interests of her elder brother, Thaksin Shinawatra, a former prime minister ousted in a military-led coup in 2006. They also say they are opposed to a snap election on Feb. 2, which Ms. Yinglucks Pheu Thai party is projected to win.素贴及其主要由中产阶级组成的持者指责英拉务于其兄长、前领导人他Thaksin Shinawatra)利益。他们还表示,反对在2日举行大选。英拉领导的为泰Pheu Thai party)有望在这次大选中获胜。Mr. Suthep, who had been leading anti-government protests since November, said the shutdown will kick off Monday morning but has not specified when his battle against Ms. Yingluck will end.自去1月份以来一直领导反政府抗议活动的素贴称,封锁主要交叉路口的大游行将于下周一开始,但未明确表示他针对英拉的斗争何时结束。Thai authorities predict that the protests will affect at least one million commuters and more than one hundred transit routes, especially in inner Bangkok.泰国政府预计,此次游行将影响到至00万的通勤者以及超00条交通路线,尤其是在曼谷内城。City officials have instructed about 140 government schools to close on Monday.曼谷市政府官员已经要求大40家公立学校下周一停课。The Ministry of Transport has urged Bangkok residents to use public transportation, including the citys elevated train, subway, buses and boats, to avoid getting stuck in gridlock caused by the rallies and blockades. To relieve traffic congestion, the ministry said it will provide free parking in at least 30 locations so commuters can connect to public transportation. The citys bus, boat, and train systems will also run more frequently to accommodate an increase in passenger numbers, which are expected to nearly double.泰国交通部呼吁曼谷居民乘坐轻轨、地铁、公共汽车和渡船等公共交通工具,避免被困于大游行和道路封锁引发的交通阻塞之中。为了缓解交通拥挤,交通部表示,将至少提供30个免费停车处,通勤者可以转而乘坐公共交通工具。曼谷市的公共汽车、轮渡和铁路系统也将增加班次以应对乘客数量的增加,预计大游行期间这些公共交通工具的乘客数量将增加近一倍。To aid travelers in a city that is also a major tourist destination, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports says it will set up hotline centers and five help desks to provide guides on how to avoid protest sites and recommend alternative routes visitors can take to get around. About 70 volunteers will be dispatched to help tourists at the help centers.曼谷也是重要的旅游目的地,为了帮助前来的游客,泰国旅游和体育Ministry of Tourism and Sports)表示将设置热线中心和五个咨询台,提供如何避免抗议地点的指南,并向游客推荐游览的替代线路。大0名志愿者将被派往咨询台帮助游客Well also provide vans and buses in case of an emergency to accommodate the commute of both incoming and outgoing tourists, said Weerawut Tapinta, director of the ministrys tourist help center.旅游部游客帮助中心负责人Weerawut Tapinta说,在紧急情况下,我们还将提供货车和大巴,为往来游客的交通务。Tourism accounts for more than 7% of Thailands gross domestic product, and the prolonged protests are starting to have an impact on the sector. The Tourism Ministrys permanent secretary told reporters on Thursday that hotel occupancy in Bangkok is expected to fall by 30-40% in the first quarter of the year.旅游业占泰国国内生产总GDP)的比例超%,持续的抗议活动开始影响这一领域。泰国旅游部常务秘书周四对记者们说,今年第一季度曼谷酒店入住率预计将下降30%0%。Over the past nine weeks of protests, eight people, including a police officer, have been killed in mostly violent clashes. The confrontations have been between both protesters and groups in opposition to them, as well between protesters and police. Fifteen people are still being treated in hospitals from injuries inflicted during previous rallies, according to Bangkoks emergency medical center.在过去九周的抗议活动中,包括一名警察在内的八人在暴力冲突中丧生。冲突出现在抗议者和与其对立的组织团体之间,以及抗议者和警察之间。据曼谷紧急医疗中心的消息,仍5人因在此前集会期间的冲突中受伤而住院治疗。Police say they will deploy around 15,000 officers and soldiers to prevent the rallies on Monday from turning violent. Ms. Yingluck told local media on Thursday that all sides would be held responsible if any violence occurs.警方说,他们将部署约1.5万名警察和士兵,防止下周一的集会活动转向暴力。英拉周四对当地媒体说,如果发生暴力事件,所有各方都将被追究责任。National and local medical teams have also come up with plans to provide immediate response in the event of an incident, while mobile emergency units and ambulances provided by the city will be on standby in about 25 locations. A press release on the city governments website said there would be patient pick-up locations at three elevated train stations to shuttle anyone in need of assistance to the hospital in case traffic came to a standstill.全国和地方医疗团队也已经制定计划,在一旦发生事故的情况下立即做出响应,机动应急小组和曼谷市提供的救护车也将在大约25个地点待呀?曼谷市政府网站上的一份新闻稿说,三个轻轨车站将设置病患搭车点,在交通停顿的情况下将需要帮助的人送往医院。Thailands Public Health Ministry has also instructed hospitals in provinces surrounding Bangkok to prepare extra rooms and personnel in case of an emergency. The ministrys permanent secretary told local Thai media that the ministry will work with Thailands Air Force to arrange air lifts for critical patients in a worst-case scenario.泰国卫生部也指示曼谷周边省份的医院为应对紧急情况准备额外的病房和人手。卫生部常务秘书对当地泰国媒体说,在事态最严重的情况下,卫生部将与泰国空军合作,安排空运危重病患。来 /201401/272907重庆市第六人民医院双侧输卵管堵塞 Routine Inspection例行检查May I have your ticket and passport, please?请出示您的机票和护照Here are your ticket and passport, and here are your boarding pass and baggage checks.这是您的机票和护照,这是您的登机牌和行李牌Please show your passport at the counter.请到柜台出示您的护照Which is the security check counter?哪个是安全检查的柜台?Here is my ticket.这是我的机票Please go upstairs and proceed through security check and immigration.请上楼通过安全检查并办理出境手续I have to checks your bag bee you go on board.在您登机前我得检查一下您的包Your luggage checks are attached to the ticket cover.您的行李牌贴在机票的背面了 3861巫溪黔江区武隆县封闭抗体阴性治疗

重庆第一医院割包皮多少钱1. Do you have any experience in the translating field?你有翻译方面的经验吗?. How are your Chinese and English?你的中英文水平如何?3. How would you consider your salary if you succeed in becoming a translator in our company?如果你成功应聘上我公司的翻译,你会怎样考虑薪水?. I have to translate any documents I receive and I’ve been there 5 years.我负责翻译所有收到的文件,而且我已经工作5年了5. I can confidently say that my Chinese and English are pretty good.我可以很自信地说,我的中英文都很不错6. And you will give me a satisfying salary according to my abilities and permances.你们会根据我的能力和表现给出令人满意的薪水的7. This job is more challenging and I have longed to be a translator.我觉得翻译更有挑战性,它是我渴望已久的职业8. I think one needs common knowledge, specific knowledge,and professional codes to be a successful translator.我认为一个成功的翻译需要具备常识、专业知识和职业操守9. I am interpreting the speeches of officials in business fields.我主要是给商界领导人做会议口译. You are a big translation company with awesome quality of translation and high-level service.你们是一家大型翻译公司,质量好、务周到Dialogue 1对话1A: How are your Chinese and English?A:你的中英文水平如何?B: I can confidently say that my Chinese and English are pretty good. I won prizes in many speech contests in both Chinese and English.B:我可以很自信地说,我的中英 文都很不错我曾经参加过很 多汉语和英语的演讲比赛并获 得奖项A: How would you consider your salary if you succeed in becoming a translator in our company?A:如果你成功应聘上我公司的翻译,你会怎样考虑薪水?B: I believe every company has its own salary criterion. And you will give me a satisfying salary according to my abilities and permances.B:我相信每个公司都有自己的工资标准,你们会根据我的能力 和表现给出令人满意的薪水的Dialogue 对话A: Why do you change your job and apply a translator?A:你为什么要换工作来做翻译呢?B: This job is more challenging and I have longed to be a translator. That’s why I came here an interview.B:我觉得这份工作更有挑战性, 它是我渴望已久的职业,这就 是我今天来面试的原因A: What do you think are the capacities a success as a translator?A:你认为具备怎样的能力才能称 得上一个成功的翻译?B: I think one needs common knowledge, specific knowledge, and professional codes to be a successful translator.B:我认为一个成功的翻译需要具 备常识、专业知识和职业操守 376680彭水苗族土家族自治县看习惯性流产哪家医院最好的 A World War II bomb or mine exploded in a western German town on Friday, killing the driver of a bulldozer and wounding 13 other people, police said.警方报告,上周五,一枚二战时遗留的炸弹在德国西部城市爆炸,挖掘机司机当场死亡,另3人受伤。The explosion happened in an industrial area of Euskirchen, near Bonn, at a property used by a construction firm to sort and dispose of rubble. It wasnt immediately clear whether the explosives had long been buried in the ground or had inadvertently been brought to the site in a delivery of demolition waste.这次爆炸发生在奥伊斯基兴的工业区,靠近波恩,受害的建筑公司当时正在现场处理建筑垃圾,现在还不能确定炸药是早已埋在地下还是临时和建筑废料一起被带到了现场。The bulldozer driver was fatally injured after his vehicle hit the device and two people who were close by suffered serious injuries. Another 11 people who were in the area were lightly injured.挖掘机撞到炸药时司机当场死亡,距离他最近的两名工作人员受伤严重,现场另1人受轻伤。Windows, roofs and doors as far as 400 meters away were damaged in the blast, police said. Explosives experts were working to determine exactly what the device was.方圆四百米内均遭到破坏,窗户、屋顶和门框被爆炸的气浪掀翻,警察称,炸弹专家正在现场工作,以确定炸弹型号。Unexploded World War II-era bombs are still discovered frequently in Germany, though it is rare for those finds to result in death or injury.德国经常发生二战遗留炸弹爆炸事件,但几乎从未导致人员伤亡。来 /201401/272512重庆治疗自然流产多少钱

重庆市第三人民医院检查输卵管 第69期:Shopping 商店购物Y:How much will it be all together?Y:总共多少钱呢?X:<牛人_句子>,please.X:0美元Y:Can I pay by check?Y:可以用票付吗?X:I’m afraid you can’t,maam.We accept only traveler’s checks and credit cards.X:女士,恐怕不行我们只收旅行票和信用卡Y:OK.How about this card then?Y:好的,那么这种信用卡可以吗?X:We can take it.Just a moment.…Please sign here.X:我们接受这种卡您等一下……请在这儿签名其他出国旅游英语句型:How much will it be all together?共是多少钱呢?例:A:I guess that’s all.How much will it be all together?B:That $.7.甲:我想就买这些了,总共是多少钱呢?乙:.7美元 3601巫溪黔江区武隆县看子宫肌瘤哪家医院最好的重庆人民医院取环手术



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